Nomination Results! “I think it would be very foolish for someone to use the veto to save Reilly on day 12, right!?”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Hisam
Nominees: Reilly & Cameron
POV Players:
POV Winner:
Veto Ceremony:

Lock your ranks in before midnight

The Situation Jared is back in the house.

5:06pm The Live Feeds return from being blocked for the Nomination Ceremony where Hisam nominated Reilly & Cameron for eviction.

HOH room – Hisam and Jared.
Hisam – His (Cameron) heart is huge, right?! And I was a little afraid that he might save her (Reilly) which would jeopardize his game .. and also I think he would have a hard time separating from her. And its up to him to share move about that. Jared – no I get that. I think I got somewhat of an idea about it because I talked to Izzy. I don’t want to get mistaken for me being friendly apposed to me working with someone. Hisam – okay, because you have concerns? Jared – no, no.. Hisam – here is what I will tell you .. I firmly think you’re working with me. And I firmly think you’re working with our side. I don’t have any doubt you’re working with us. Jared – obviously.. I would say that as far as Cameron. Hisam – yeah, I mean its the same way I feel about Reilly and Cameron. They have a very close relationship .. and I understand there is friendship and gameplay.. and they’re different.. so I don’t think that would get misconstrued by anyone to be honest with you and I don’t think anyone is misconstruing that. Its just like when you’re close to someone and you’re friends with them .. its just harder. Its harder to watch someone on the memory wall .. it just sucks right!? Jared – I think Cameron is rubbing people the wrong way.. and I don’t think that will change because of the kind of the person he is. I just wanted to pick your brain because I know we were thinking Matt at first… because I am super scared she (Reilly) is going to pull herself down. Hisam – yeah and then Matt would be the replacement. Jared – but then she is going to be GUNNIN’! Hisam – she is going to be gunnin’ for us anyway, right. The problem is she chose her side and she chose her side early. And the truth of the matter is she created shots first. And the problem is if we don’t respond to those shots then people can take shots at us any time they want. Once you allow something.. once it is permissible .. people are really good at doing it over. I just wanted to send a message. You can’t just do something and then everything is all better. The worst thing I could do is she said my name and then I did nothing about it. Jared – yeah you would regret it more than anything. Hisam – and I don’t believe in backdooring someone.. that is a sh*tty way of going about things. I respect her as a player and if she wins, she wins and we figure out where to go from there. I think it would be very foolish for someone to use the veto to save Reilly on day 12, right!? Reilly has made some significant mistakes in the beginning of this game and she has to pay the consequences. You have to be very careful of the names you throw out because that could come back to bite you.

Backyard Hammock – Reilly and Blue.
Blue – I think either way the connections you’ve made in this house are strong. Reilly – yeah. Blue – I do believe if Hisam is thinking about this in a strategic way he probably noticed that Cameron is coming around his side of the teritory becoming buddy buddy while still sleeping in our bedroom. Still talking to the people you know that we talk to .. so strategically you know I think if I were in his shoes I would also put Cameron up. I didn’t tell him that obvisously Hisam is not dumb .. his is so smart. Reilly – no it makes sense. Blue – it makes sense.. but obviously it will be really beneficial for you to win veto. Either way you’re not going to go home. I can promise you that. Reilly – you don’t think so?! Blue – no dude. Reilly – I am so scared. Blue – either way, you’re not going home BRO! Not! Not in a million years .. there is no way you are leaving me too. I promise you. I promise you. Reilly – I just don’t know dude. Like no one would want to go against.. like I don’t know who Hisam’s real target is. I have a feeling its me but.. Blue – there is no way the relationship you built with Cirie and Felicia.. Reilly – I don’t think they would go against him. Blue – I don’t think they would go against you though. I think they might stay buddy buddy for their personal game because they also need their personal game .. you know? I think if the noms stay the same after the veto and Cameron is the one to go .. I think that is the way it is going to go but clearly aside from taking you off the block I think from keeping our handful alliance safe too once you are off the block he is probably going to put up either Matt or Cory. Reilly – I don’t want Matt to leave. Blue – me neither. Big Brother switches the feeds. Reilly – he said that he would look stupid if he didn’t respond to this. Blue – you’re not going home. Reilly – dude I cannot go home this early! I feel like he is going to tell people not to use it and people are going to listen to him. Blue – If I play and win it, I will use it on you. Reilly – thank you. They hug. Reilly – this is not what I planned for my big brother experience. Cry-eilly is coming out.

Hammock – Cirie and Reilly
Cirie – my vote is going on Cameron and not you. I promise you that. I told you that from the beginning. Reilly – I know you did. Cirie – nothing has changed for me and how I feel about you. I don’t care about that bullsh*t downstairs. I really don’t care. What we had and the conversation we had and how you made me feel safe. I want to give that back to you. And I promise you, you’ve got my vote! Reilly – Thank you. Cirie – you have my vote to stay in this house. Rielly – thank you. Cirie – They painted the picture of I want Hisam. Reilly – I said his name because I feel like we did all that way too fast.

5:37pm Bumper Pool – Cameron and Jared.
Cameron – you know what side I want to be on in this house. But the issue is there .. I am no stranger to hard work. I know I’ve got an uphill battle to show them that they can trust me. I know my role and what I am supposed to do and what Hisam has done is basically saved me. Jared – put you in a position so that you can integrate a little easier. Cameron – that and so that I won’t be in the predicament of whether or not I will would have to decide to use it or not on her. I was not going to but now he saved me face and I don’t even have to think about it. And if you say I am good, I feel good and I will go along with whatever we need to do.

Bedroom – Reilly and Matt.
Matt – Jag, I trust. Reilly – me too. Matt – I think us three and Blue.. that’s four then. Reilly – honestly America, I do trust America. She’s been very … she’s proven. After, Jared whispered in my ear that he was f**king pissed. Matt – yeah he said that to me too. Reilly – I was like please use it on me .. the f**king nether region. I was like I am going up .. I am literally going up if you don’t use it. And he was like, you’re not going up I promise you. I know you’re not going up. And I was like Okay. I was like Bro I am going up. I don’t think he knew I was going up. I love Cameron but .. I wish he didn’t do that. If he didn’t do that we would have both been fine. Matt – playing both sides? Reilly – yeah. I think if I come down, you’re going up. Matt – I am “making promises” with Hisam by saying I am with them.. and if I am with you I’ll just say that I am comforting you. Reilly – I am clearly sh*ting the bed right now in this game. I think I played it was at not being mad at him. Jared feels like he got played by Hisam. Cuz I am pretty sure from what I am hearing that Hisam made it seem like he wasn’t going to put me up to Jared. Because he probably didn’t want Jared to send me to nether region.

6:11pm Backyard – Hisam and Izzy.
Hisam – I like Cameron right.. like .. I am sort of thinking as we build our army. If Cameron comes out of this and does what he is supposed to, he would be a good number to have. Izzy – absolutely. I agree. And I feel that in our conversation, walls were down. Hisam – yeah, and there are a lot of people that are trying to figure out where they’re playing. I think really everything is going to fall apart. Izzy – will you pick Jared if you get House Guest choice? Hisam – yeah because I trust Jared and I think he is a strong competitor. I talked to him and I think he is agreeable. I don’t know what the challenge will be.. Izzy – I think he is well rounded. Hisam – I tried to instil the sense of real dread if what’s his name Matt tries to save her. The only think that could go awry is if Reilly wins the veto. As long as that doesn’t happen… smooth sailing all week. Izzy – absolutely. Hisam – 1 in 6 chance that she wins it .. but even if she wins it.. we will figure something else out.

Backyard – Red and Cameron
Red – are you feeling pretty good about all this? Cameron – as good as I can. I trust you. Red – yeah, you’re good. Cameron – the only thing that I am concerned with is if she wins. Red – but if I can get out there, then you know I am going to play to win. Cameron – you know I am going to pick you .. now that I know he is going to pick Jared if it comes to it .. I will pick you.

6:37pm Bathroom – Cirie and Reilly
Cirie – make sure you got your people. Reilly – only in fun conversations have I ever really talked to MeMe. I don’t really normally talk to MeMe. I don’t know if I would get her vote. Cirie – well I would try. I think with your people you probably don’t need MeMe.. but you go to everybody. Don’t let anyone feel like oh she feel like she don’t need to talk to me.. I’ll fix that. No, go talk to everyone equally. Like their vote counts just as much as anyone else. Check with Cory.. I don’t know if you need to check with Jared. I already checked with him. Talk to Miss Felicia. And then that’s it you got Blue, America.. Reilly – Jag. Cicie – you don’t need talk to Jag. You got the numbers. I know you got the numbers. Cameron screwed himself.

6:54pm Hammock – Cirie and Izzy.
Izzy – good job on the pictures. Cirie – I thought about it.. let me just start fixing that now. Izzy – what a mess. Cirie – it can’t be any worse than Cory telling them I’m a survivor legend. Izzy – if you want to work with someone why are you going to blow up their spot. Cory was freaking out. Cirie – Like you said he gave you my resume. I am sure he gave them my resume.

7:05pm Kitchen – Hisam and Cameron
Hisam – I don’t want to backdoor anybody. I feel like that is cowardly. Like everyone should get their shot to redeem themselves. You know like that’s how I feel like I play. Cameron – Absolutely, I see that in you and I believe it. I trust in you and I am ready to ride. I don’t know what we’re going to do tomorrow or where we are going to go but sh*t should be exciting at least. Cameron – I think there is a really good chance that she is in deep deep trouble. And I think she knows that. I haven’t talked to her.. I think she is going to believe in herself and do her very best and that is all that can be asked, right!? I am very optimistic but I don’t have a plan if things go South. Cameron – I feel very good, I do. Hisam – I really believe that if you believe it will happen and you manifest that it will happen.. then it will happen. Cameron – thats how I got here. Take away here is I am along for the ride. Love you buddy.

Bedroom – Jared and Reilly.
Jared – the other part of you that was good was in the beginning you had a position that everyone was willing to tell you whatever the f**k you wanted to hear.. and I was not blind to that. I was like I am not going to come here and promise you sh*t. If you telling me that you want to work with me, then I want to work with you.. and that is what’s up! Like lets make this sh*t happen from here. I know for a fact that I could sway two people and that’s the only people that I could guarantee. Reilly – Cirie and Felicia? I already have Cirie. Jared – I already know you got those two people and I got Felicia. You got me, Mama Felicia, Mama Cirie.. that leaves Cory .. like you are my mans right now. When I talk to Cory he is like Yo I feel indebted to Reilly. Like he is going to go your way. Obviously Matt. Reilly – Blue… Blue is going to vote for me right? Jared – I believe so. I am really trying to figure her out. I am really trying. Reilly – I know. Jared – I am really trying not to break trust in this house. Reilly – I know. Jared – Blue said if she wins the veto she is taking you down. I don’t know how I feel about America. I don’t trust her girl at the f**k all. Reilly – she is going to follow whatever Blue does. Jared – I don’t think so.. Reilly – really!? Jared – I don’t think she is working with anyone .. that is the problem but I think she willing to work with the other side.. 110% and considering that’s where the power is.. I think power is going to do way more than loyalty.. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Reilly – so I have you, Felicia, Cirie, Matt, Blue… I wonder if Jag can vote. Jared – I am almost positive they said Jag can’t vote and is immune to being voted out. Lets just hope he can. The thing is if you come down and Matt goes up.. how are we voting? Reilly – to keep Cameron or Matt? Jared – yes. I think I already know your answer and its my answer too. Lets say it at the same time ..1, 2, 3… Jared – Matt. Reilly pauses then nods and says Matt. Reilly – Matt is so friggin’ loyal. Jared – I know. When he heard you were up the first thing he said was that we have to save you. He is so in love with you. If Matt does play, wins and takes you down … who is Hisam putting up? Reilly – Cory. He is not putting you up.

8:03pm Comic bedroom – Jared, Izzy and Cirie
Jared – I like Meme a lot .. Meme is smart as hell. Even if we wasn’t cool I am getting rid of him first too. Izzy – when it comes down to it that is the first person we got to deal with. It is going to get funky if Matt plays and takes you down there is a good possibility that if Matt wins and takes you down.. there is a good possibility that Cory and or I are going up. Reilly – you know you have me. Jared – I hope so.. I know so.

8:05pm – 8:37pmThe live feeds switch to the kitten cams..

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BB Rejects

What happen to the casting process? These people seem like they would be the ones who got rejected.


Remember back to a time when 75% of the house guests were the most beautiful people in the world and they knew nothing about Big Brother? Now it’s all about filling quotas. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s definitely a new way of doing it.


I hated when the show was 80% Barbies and Kens. It was terrible and full of bullying and bad game play.


By filling “quotas” do you mean having a diverse and inclusive cast? Asking for a friend…


To add to what you are saying, influencers suck ass. They have no backbone because all they want at social-media hits.

Team Taylor

Between the two, I prefer Cameron out this week. As long as Matt doesn’t get Veto, everything should turn out well.

Hisam is giving off an aggression vibe with HOH and it’s going to come back to bite him if the other side of the house win HOH next week. Plus, he’s won Veto and came in second place in the rest of the comps.

un autre nom

Why is the Cameron / Reilly conversation where he revealed that he, Jared and Cory jumped sides not being acknowledged?
Because it’s bad for Cirie junior’s storyline?
ANY-one give me a 100% valid reason other than production manipulation.
The convo happened. We saw it.


Is Cirie actually going to vote to keep Reilly?! I shockingly don’t remember Cirie from survivor so I don’t know if she was trustworthy or not. Sounds like she won a game called “traitors” though so that gives me an idea…
Off topic- why does Red insist on wearing that tie-dyed midriff?! Ish-da!

un autre nom

Cirie will try to get Cameron out before Reilly if she can.


Cirie will always be looking out for herself number one at all times. She won’t ever let anything like an alliance get in her way of advancing. I don’t remember exactly, but on Survivor it seemed like she was always there until about final four and the others knew if she got to the jury choosing she would win.

un autre nom

4th, 3rd, 17th and 6th in her survivor seasons.
Split 1st place with Janelle and Rachel Reilly Snake in the grass.
1st place Traitors.

The Beef

Her Survivor career/resume’ is admirable, but she never once made it to the final tribal counsel, nor did she ever win a single individual immunity competition on the show in four seasons (she did win 1 individual reward competition during her first season). Her entire game is based on social skills, and manipulating others to get what she wants done (which is a great skill to have). The problem is not being a “well rounded” competitor often comes back to bite you at some point in a long game, and a 100 day BB season is a particularly long one.


Thanks for the rundown Beef. I know very little about her. At first I thought she had won 4 time and was like Holy shit.

Right now she has so many people as shields and worshipers it’ll take a bit util her competition deficiencies are factored in.


Plus consider the types of comps played on Survivor … there aren’t individual comps that feature chance & rarely just memory (even then it’s tougher on Survivor b/c they aren’t eating which impacts them physically & mentally).

My point is she could win on BB in a chance, skill or memory game. We’ll see.


Totally. There’s an entire slew of BB comps she can win.


Yes Cirie won Traitors. The show had other Reality stars on it like Cory,Rachel from BB, Stephanie from survivor, a girl from below the deck, Bachelor, a Real house wife of Beverly Hills and other none reality stars. Not sure how the were picked. This was filmed in Scotland. There were two other Traitors shows Australia and England. The England show and the US show were both filmed at the same Scotland castle. But different times.

Cirie was in another show called Snake in the Grass. On this show there was Janelle, Rachel from BB, Stephanie from Survivor.


Did Reilly just say she had an ear piece? At 710pm?? Then it cut to “well be right back” ?????


Oohhhhh… ok, thank you!


Damn I hope the two lookers don’t get bounces b2b weeks. Plus Reilly got a raw deal as I think if there were no pre game loyalty maybe an 8 person alliance would have held up. Shitty. Maybe production will throw her a bone if she doesn’t win Veto.

Team Taylor

I think she will be fine. It looks like “Bye Bye Bitches” are the 2.0 version of the “Black Widow Brigade”!


Same /\ Reilly got a raw deal to start this. Mother son twist unfair advantage to begin with on top of it leaking the entire alliance.
It sucks Reilly couldn’t even nominate who she wanted. Cirie wasn’t there = Jared would be loyal to Reilly/side. Need to get the Reilly shrine out hoping she survives another week.


I’m sure Matt is ready to throw her a bone. Remember, Matt reads lips.


Hisam and izzy are so annoying young side needs to not implode and win the next hoh