Nomination Results! “I don’t have a target, I just need some truth!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett & Scottie Have Nots

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5:05pm HOH room. Scottie and Fes. They talk about the past votes and evictions. Fes – Kaitlyn got played that first week. Scottie – I literally thought it was JC who flipped the vote. At first I thought it was Rockstar. That’s two weeks in a row where I though his (JC) vote was locked and then in the last millisecond he flips. And those are just the two I know of. Fes – they only thing is that JC has told me every time. I know he runs around but it can’t be JC because he’s told me every time. It can’t be JC because JC voted to evict Brett the first time and JC gets paranoid. So if JC voted to evict Brett he knows he’s coming after him and then when has another chance to evict him, why would he not do it? Scottie – I don’t think Brett is going after JC. I think if Brett were to win, he would put up you and me. I am by far the easiest for him to put put because I put him and his best friend and voted to evict him. And then you because he know he can’t beat you in competitions. I put him and his best friend up. I talked to them like they were children. Told them I was going to beat their a$$ in the veto and then did it. Left them on the block. They tried to make a secret deal with me and I blew it up immediately because I knew it was bullsh*t. And now he is doing this flippy vote thing.

5:15pm -6:20pmBig Brother blocks the feeds for the nomination ceremony.

Fes Nominated: Brett & Scottie

Fes – Someone is lying, if I find out who.. I will take the other off the block. Scottie – its the very last thing that I’m worried about. You said the Kaitlyn vote I tried to pin that on Tyler. Fes – no I said that people thought that it was you. Scottie – oh. Fes – they thought it was you because you did it. Scottie – well you guys are also saying that week one I flipped on Steve. Fes – and then another thing was that you came out and said that you were the flip vote. Scottie – yes. Fes – but you never told me and you and me are supposed to be close. I never heard it from you. I heard it from someone else. So you see what I am saying. If I find out then cool and I find out who is telling the truth. I don’t have a target right now, I just need some truth! This whole game I’ve been left in the dark. When I won HOH I had no idea who I was going to put up. Two people (Scottie and Brett) raising their hand, I need to figure out who is lying. So hopefully y’all being on the block will realize how serious it is. A couple people think he was the one vote and a couple people think you were the one vote. Scottie – you said every HOH keeps you in the dark. When I was HOH did I keep you in the dark? Fes – Votes. I am talking about votes. Every week everyone knows what my vote is. I have no beef with no one in this game. But one little thing is an excuse to put someone on the block. I have no beef with Brett.. I like the kid. But someone was lying.
Fes – If I find out the truth and I will the veto I will pull you off. Scottie – I would just like to say that one (Brett) ran away and the other (Scottie) confronts things head on like he always does.

Bathroom. Angela and Brett. Brett – I am staying out of this.

6:40pm Bedroom. Sam and Angela. Angela – we just hope that whoever win it (Veto) doesn’t use it.

7:04pm Bedroom. Sam – did you know that was going to happen? Brett – no. Sam – did you talk to Fessie? Brett – no. Sam – do you think he’s after him (Tyler). Brett – it would make sense. We are still guarantee to be up there. Sam – just hope he doesn’t play in the veto. Well you have my vote. Brett – I know. Sam – you’re my fake husband. Brett – I know. Sam – there was a big fake fight after too. Brett – I heard that. You think it was a fake fight? Sam – yeah. Except it might not be for Tyler, it might be for Angela. Brett – I think its for me and in reality I’m the target. Sam – its not for you. If Tyler plays and wins he would take you down. Brett – if it wasn’t me I feel like he would reach out and say something to me. Scottie comes into the bedroom. Brett leaves. Scottie – if I don’t wen the veto I am going.. Sam – you’re so full of it.

7:39pm Brett had made Sam a tuna fish sandwich with hemp seed and she has an allergic reaction to it. Her lips start swelling up. Tyler – go get an epipen. Haleigh – its probably the hemp. Sam – oh my god they’re getting bigger!! Tyler – open the door! Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:57pm The feeds are still blocked..

8:24pm The feeds return and then get blocked again..
8:30pm The feeds return .. Bedroom. Sam, Kaycee and Tyler. Sam is back and 100% okay. Tyler – they made us put the hemp seed in the storage room. Sam – the hemp seeds are no more. Hemp seeds almost took me out. Now I know I’m allergic to hemp seeds. Tyler – the organic ones. Sam – yeah not the dirty ones… I’ve smoked a lot of weed .. big brother blocks the feeds.

8:45pm Scottie vs Scottie in the greatest chess battle in bb history. (Yes he is actually playing himself.) Scottie – you dumb f**king piece of sh*t this is easy for me now.

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For F*&$k’s Sake!!! Fes you are dumb AF!

I can’t even...

I am sick of the damn swaggy c shirts! They are literally still playing his horribly stupid played game!

Dazed and Confused

Fes is a jealous boyfriend

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

I prefer the term “dumb fuck”

Fraggle Rockbottom

Just decided to take a peek at the spoilers as I made a couple of side bets with friends that PezFez would be actually dumb enough to nominate Scottie. Honestly, I really didnt think he was this stupid but wow. Those Swaggy C t’s that production continues to throw at the Hive are really are working to continue channeling Swaggy Stupid. Good grief Fez.

Charles Bronson

I’m glad Sam is ok


Chris left all his shirts, my guess is to promote his “brand”. I’m not sure it’s been a great investment.

Roll Tide

JC has way too much power over Fessie. Fes is going to feel really stupid when he gets out and watches the show, hears from family and friends what a sucker JC played him for. Bay, Rockstar and Hay have figured JC out. Fessie has a fault, trust in JC. Tyler’s snake follower.

JC is going to have a giant hissy fit when Tyler gets ride of him!


Yes and no. Clearly he’s a goof, but this move is all about Haleigh. Clearly Scottie is infatuated with Haleigh, while Haleigh clearly digs Brett…so rather than kidnap her and climb the Empire State building, Fez is evicting one.

Haleigh is his sole motive, so whatever keeps him nearer to her is “smart”.


Yep…I put that comment up above before I saw yours


Exactly…he didn’t put them up cause someone’s lying….he put them up cause hay enjoys their company. Fuzzball…you froot loop dingus


Exactly, Fessieboy is doing this all because he is insecure and jealous of them both. I honestly don’t see Haileigh with Fessieboy when they are outside of the house, she is using him right now. When he is gone she will latch on to Brett and then Sam will be jealous and lose her mind (AGAIN). lol I have never seen such a dense alliance as the hive. It’s really sad that they are so clueless and refuse to trust their own alliance members. It’s due to haileigh being all over the guys and making fessieboy see red with jealousy. IT’s unreal that she thinks she is hiding her showmance with fessieboy from everyone, yet, they all know it. I can’t wait to see fessieboy and Haileigh on the block together.


As of today, I am officially rooting for L6. I hope Scotty takes himself off the block, wins HOH and puts Fes up. The only way to describe the insane irritation I have with HIVE, would be to quote Brett himself.. WHAT AN IDIOOOOTTTTTTT!


Yes!! I hope Scottie wins the veto and then tells everybody to suck it. I can’t believe this crap, it’s freaking ridiculous!


Agreed. Fes is such an idiot. I had hope for Haleigh but she is proving to be just as dumb. Would love to see Scottie get himself off the block. Fes or Haleigh are gone in the double eviction and I can’t wait.. so pissed I spent half the season rooting for them.


Because Kaitlyn couldn’t put a 5 piece puzzle together in 3 minutes, I don’t think there will be a double eviction. That puzzle was so easy because she was meant to stay in the game. I bet no one ever thought she wouldn’t be able to do it.

Cray Cray

There will be a double eviction, 9 people left and final is Sept 19th.


No it’s September 26th


It was 6 pieces and she had 2 and a half minutes…still about 2 minutes longer than she should have needed considering the puzzle was as complicated as a number puzzle for toddlers.


OMG I know, I couldn’t believe that she couldn’t put the puzzle together. Hell they showed her exactly how it went. lol

Who said that!

As if there is a choice in who to root for when everyone in the house is working to advance Level 6 except Scottie.


Hey now…even rat works for them sometimes


Glad to see ya come around Hope. :p Go Brett!!


Houka Inumuta (aka the resident deluded Scottie fan) on su1c1de watch. Looks like Tyler is safe another week. How will Houka ever recover?

Hi my name is Scott

Wonder if anyone has done a welfare check on Houka?


I was thinking the same thing earlier!


You mean Scottie’s mom? Probably in breakdown mode about now. I for one am looking forward to Scottie’s eviction.

He was a rat like Andy floating back and fourth and spilling the info to the other sides up until Haleigh won and his obsession with her finally made him choose their side. He’s a weasel and annoying to listen to


Unlike Andy the Rat, Scottie could win the veto.


What are you talking about? Andy won HOH and POV twice. And if I remember correctly, Andy won that final POV that got McCrae out of the house and got him and The Exterminators into the Final 3.


I disagree. Scottie never really had a chance to be a full fledged member of either alliance. He was obviously at the bottom on L6 (even lower than Brett, JC, and Sam) and he tried to be with Hive but only Haleigh really trusted him. Andy was using it as a calculated move. Scottie just really didn’t have any options.


Me too…I’ve wanted him out for weeks


He’s locked in a padded room…in a straight jacket…with scooby doo playing on repeat


Hahahahaha Fes put up Scottie! Maybe he’ll backdoor Haleigh this week too! Lol


Fes is a total moron heres praying scottie wins veto


Wow….I wish I could give L6 credit for this. But I have to give all the credit to the genius Fes LOL. TEAM TYLER!


And JC. Don’t forget his part in this LOL


I thought Brett lying to Fes about the vote is what ultimately influenced Fes? And JC as well. And if that’s so once again L6 (Brett).

Who said that!

It was JC.


JC is the MVP this week

Double Ds

Actually I believe the credit goes to Brett for saying he was the one who voted for Rockstar and Kaycee for backing him. It confused Fes so he threw them both up.


He “used that as an excuse”. The real reason is that Haleigh is close to Scotty and Brett and he wants to be her only savior. Lol SMH

Roll Tide

Fes is playing with the wrong head. Needs to think with the one on his shoulders.

I apologize for the comment, just really frustrated.


He wants to learn the “truth” & thinks that putting them on the block is going to make the liar confess. Because he thinks they’re as dumb as he is. Admits he’s been in the dark the whole game but this power move is going to enlighten him. He gives a whole new meaning to clueless, tossing up one of the only people on his side. Great job JC & Brett!


yes….or else it would’ve been 2 L6 members

Nay Fes

Yesterday I was happy for Fes and today I hate him.


Me too, I mean they are burning their own house down. Even Haleigh was ok with this crap. The HIVE are cancelled for me. How can they be this dumb?!?!


give them a chance I’m sure they can be dumber

Who said that!

How?The rules prohibit the HOH from nominating himself.


When it comes to creating new levels of stupidity the hive are geniuses!


You are correct! Fessy just asked Haleigh who he should pick for veto competition if he gets the choice and she replies……” JC”…… let’s see what they do next to top that!


I think Haleigh may be hoping Scottie will win it.


rat or brett…she wants both of them to stay


HAHAHAHA…I love ya Simon


Give Fez a chance. He may make an even dumber move by winning veto, taking Brett down and backdooring Hayleigh.




What??!! That would be a terrific move

I Am Fessy’s Engorged Jealousy

With latest interference from production, aka Hacker, being done, I thought there was no way Fes could mess the bed this week. I thought, “hey, we have a game again, L6 definitely losses someone this week”. Did not see this new level of stupidity on the flowchart I’d potential outcomes this week. We are blessed to be witnessing history. Generations of BB fans yet unborn will speak of the Hive as the worst alliance ever.


Yesterday I hated Fes. Today I love him!!


Hahaha I said almost the same thing in a post up there


Yesterday I was crushed that he won…and today I’m fine


You cannot make this stuff up

No Longer Literally, But FIguratively

If they can keep the noms the same, Haleigh has to choose between Brett and Scottie, but Brett has KC Tyler JC & Angela votes to keep him. Operation Win the Veto.


He also has Sam ! Scottie has to win veto , or he is walking out the door.


Brett tells Angela that he is staying out of it. That’s because he has bigger worries, such as his bat-shit crazy stalker. Hahahahaha!


you mean, future woman of his dreams……….


You mean the one he accidentally almost just killed? Poor Sammy ?????

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

That was no accident!

Buh Bye

Beast Mode Sammy!


hahaha and I love him sayin he’s gonna stay out of what he created lol


I have this to say about Faysal…Body by Nautilas, Brain by Mattel!!!! Faysal, you’ve handed your HOH to L6 and that makes you THE dumbest, stupidest, idiotic buffoon in the History of Dumb Mother F’ers that played Big Brother!!!! Scottie, win that POV and get Mr. No Pain, No Brain out when you win the next HOH Comp!!!!!


Marcellas must be laughing his a$$ off now.


Marcellas can now say that he is NOT the dumbest player ever. Fez has taken his spot. I really hope L6 wins veto.


No, it makes him brilliant. lmao


I fear it is a classic case of jock picking on geek

Dazed and Confused

Wait… So everyone that voted Rockstar out is safe. But Fes is willing to go after one of the person who voted to keep Rockstar. What is going on? Am I missing the logic?

Cray Cray

Nope, Fez is the one missing the logic!


Stupid is what stupid does


You’ve touched upon the genius of the hive. It is not for us to understand the depths of their thoughts but just to enjoy the fruits of their bounteous stupidity.


This comment literally made me spit my coffee out. Spot on.


Two guys claimed that vote so he’s putting both up. Even more logical.

Hi my name is Scott

Fes wants some truth??? He would not know the truth if it walked up and smacked him in the face. Come to think of it, it has……several times…….and he of course never recognized it. If Fes ever does recognize the truth, of course he could never handle it.


At this point, out of everyone else so far, I see the first bitter juror when dumb@$$ Fes finds out the truth.

Hillary's Lies Mattered

You don’t think Bayleigh and Rocks are going to be bitter? Hopefully Scottie goes this week and they can have a Hive party at the Jury House.

Hi My Name Is Scott

You assume that he will figure out the truth. He could be told the truth but still not believe it. It will always be Scotties fault for all of his problems in his eyes.


Production, please come up with a twist to put Haleigh up and let her get evicted on Fessies HOH……This would be AWESOME!!!!!


After being a hive member for so long, i can say I would be stupid to keep rooting for them, im with level 6

Scottie Pilgrim

Same…I was happy Fessy won HOH; but sooooo upset that he got misted by JC & Brett’s performance; thus putting Scottie up on the block. I’m done with Hive, I hope L6 tears him a new one next week. I also hope he gets backlash from the gay community as JC has so eloquently stated about RS’ vote!!!

I Am Fessy’s Engorged Jealousy

Fes, oh my. Way to think with your dink. All you care about is putting up the two guys who talk to Haleigh and eschew common sense. Should have let Haleigh be brains of this week to avoid another trainwreck. Instead, unless Scottie wins veto, another one of your team is leaving on your HOH genius. You don’t have votes dumbass. Wow. Just wow.

Who said that!

Tyler needs to peel himself away from Angela long enough to realize JC is taking over his game.


Stupid stupid stupid!
I was happy for fes when he won,
Now I feel nothing but contempt. Idiot!
My only hope is Scottie wins the veto. I can’t believe this shit!

Darrell G Irick

hahaha i can’t wait for next week when they see themselves on the block; stupid game move….

Tyler, Kaycee, Angela, Brett, JC & Sam going to be the top 6.


I don’t believe it. The only thing that Fes has said during his time in the B.B. house that has been insightful is that “it’s a numbers game”. In her eviction speech, Rockbottom pointed out who was on the other side…Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee. Ergo you eliminate numbers from the other side. That mental midget put up Brett & Scottie? I hope someone from L4 wins, but The Hive is making it too easy. For L4 this is like winning a foot race against a fish.


If Fessy likes Hayleigh so much, why wouldn’t he target Tyler who is absolutely coming for his girl? See this shows not only Fessy’s stupidity, but selfishness. The DR should point that out to Hayleigh. Or someone should.


Because Tyler maybe going after Haleigh in the game but not romantically.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Yep! tyler saw that and cut off all contact with Hay and now he is safe. Brett is not so smart

BB Fan

I haven’t seen Tyler show one bit of interest in Haliegh. I think he likes intelligent women.

Who said that!

Poor Scottie – not cool enough for the cool kids and too smart for the short bus.


Just when I thought Fessy couldn’t get ANY dumber he goes out and does this all under the guise that he wants to know who’s lying when alliances were revealed right in his face and he’s completely ignoring them because he’s so infatuated with being the only man Hayleigh can show attention to.

At this point I’m done with the mismatched alliances. I’m simply rooting for the most comedic outcomes. I want to see just how many cringey awkward situations Sam can put the boys in for the next several weeks. She put the full court press on Brett today and he couldn’t handle it at all, hope she traps him again


So the bar was sitting on the ground and Fez goes looking for a shovel…



Scottie’s Fan

Nooo I like Scottie 🙁 wtf fessi :/


I know! Damn Fes

Who said that!

He’s doomed.


So it seems L6/5/4 have quite a few paths to staying intact. Tyler needs to be aware he could very well be a backdoor target. Angela/Kaycee could be replacement nominees. One of the girls can win and Take Brett down. Worse case the other girl goes up but L6/5/4 should be able to secure the votes. Even if the noms remain the same Brett should be safe. They have 4 votes. Sam will curb stomp Haleigh and then stomp a mudhole in sweet Fessie’s chest if he thinks her man is going anywhere.


I’m pretty sure Tyler is 100% aware he could be a backdoor target.


Think Brett chooses Sam to play in veto? she will probably mow through the competition to save her man!


I believe there are 2 things Sam is doing. 1) She HAS been a fan of Big Brother and this is her strategy. Being a victim…attaching herself to whomever is in power.
Saying to Tyler, Kaycee and now Brett she wants to help them win.
NO. She wants to win.
2) She is nuts. Just to think of this kind of strategy is weird. question she wants a showmance. VERY badly.
Hates Hayleigh..jealous of Angela.
That’s real. I really think she’s schitzo.
And I don’t think ANY of the guys should encourage this. Because reality and fantasy is a ery blurred line for Sam.
The same way Fess is messing up his game..and Scottie and Hay also involved….it creates this kind of weirdness.
It started with Kaitlyn being jealous of Fess and Hay. Tyler had a narrow escape.
Soon….if Brett..Tyler don’t give Sam the *love* and attention she craves….watch out.
Her way to the finals may just be to make people around her as crazy as she is.
I’m uncomfortable with Sam. And have been for quite awhile.
When I first posted about Sam this way…there were thumbs down.
That’s fine. I don’t care about that sort of thing.
I just post my observations.
It’s not going to get better either. you were.


I was a fan of San early on, now it’s sort of cringe-worthy but also fascinating to watch her. I like her, but I’m concerned about her mental health.


I’m still a fan of Sam the person (not the game player). I think she’s a very “lovey” type of person and she feels a bit isolated in the house. I also think she wants to win, but knows she has little chance of achieving that, so she’s playing the victim, hoping to get dragged along. I also think she highly values peace, honesty, and harmony, and was not prepared mentally for the Big Brother House. She wants unity and warm feelings.


OMG. Watching the live feeds right now. Brett made Sam a sandwich and she had an allergic reaction. Feeds switched off. Looks like our villain is Brett in the kitchen with a spoon!

No Longer Literally But Figuratively

Well played, Brett; well played. (Sleep with one eye opened, muscle bound Bro.)

Butters Mom

At this point Im looking forward to Sam making Brett get the heeby jeebies with her over the top flirtation and clinginess. I dont want Brett to leave the house yet.. this could be very entertaining. KC can go.. her attitude makes me like her less than I used to. I liked her better when she was nice all the time but, she doesnt bring much to the entertainment value . Haleigh can go.. on Fessys HOH… that would be great to watch. This season has been great so far. Best season in a very long time.


I’m still rooting for the Hive but boy why ? i’m pissed i need Scottie to win that veto on Monday. Brett is actually getting on y nerves and Tyler better watch out for Brett. I feel like Brett will get far if someone can gent Tyler out it’s Brett i just don’t know why i feel like the Hive (Hay and Fay) wants to be friend with Tyler even though a part of Hay is telling her to put Tyler up but i feel life the other part is looking for friendship. Someone needs to tell Faysal big brother is about lying backstabbing. Can someone send a banner over the BB house im getting tired everytime im excited something goes wrong thanks to JC. JC is the one doing them DIRTY.

BB Fan

JC seems to really be playing Fessy. Why? Just to be mean? I can’t figure it out.

Just my opinion

Brett and his two showmances lol…I can’t wait to hear his reaction to sam…I think that weather or not fessy believed Scottie he is to prideful to go back on his word to tyler and nominate him….I have a feeling he will regret his decision to put up scottie

another name

The guy that held the veto ransom for the recipient’s undying loyalty and promise that no other guy would mean anything to her nominated two guys she has flirted with.
how is anybody shocked by this?


Congratulations Fessy on being the dumbest player this season that’s a huge accomplishment in Big Brother!


Duh, who? Me? Really? Wow thawks Jayne! That feel good. Whoooo!


Brett makes Sam a sandwich. Sam’s lips swell. ( Hope she’s OK)…Sam heard rattlesnake sounds in Tylers chest.
What omen will she place at brett’s door? Or does he now owe her life long love for what happened?
I thought most of the drama would end with Kaitlyn gone.

Who said that!

I thought that poisoning would go the other way.




Really she has an allergic reaction and you’re going to talk about her “drama” which Tyler clearly fixed


Fessie wins the Lawon (B.B. 13) award for dumbest move of the season.


Simon or Dawg

If the allergic reaction is bad enough that she has to exit the game do you think they will reset the week?

another name

under their standard of care practice, treatment would most likely be otc allergy pill and /or an anti-inflammatory or if required, epi pen. if the case were severe enough for epi, the doctor in consult with the show medic staff would place her under 12 hour observation off site for post aniphylactic reaction. Considering how long Christmas was gone with her injury (she voted over the phone), i think they would be able to keep going for a regular week. heck, they’d just plug back in the robot for a few hours.


I love this line that they would just plug back in the robot, lol. I actually liked Sam as the robot. It’s so different from her as a person, but so like her, too. I love how its eyes mimicked hers, lol.

The 2010 United States Census

I’d wager that Faysal is the kind of Sub who takes roll, sits down at the desk and plays with his phone all day while the kids run amok. The teacher’s come back the next day and their shit is missing and/or broken. He is probably an assistant coach for the football team, so the admin looks the other way.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

He probably “bros it up” with the jocks, is sweet on the hottest school girls. But plays it straight, an honest game, loyal, doesn’t understand the game, but he’s there to play.


Hive should have been called ALL THE WRONG STUFF. Brett is a known liar in the game when he said Rockstar came to him. She got all upset. RED FLAG. Kaycee I’m not the hacker!!! After the heated exchange Rockstar says you’re a damn liar. Kaycee says Welcome to Big Brother. Confirming she was the hacker. She put up Rockstar. Brett says I voted for Rockstar to stay. Kaycee says i’m not close with Brett. Both been caught lying and Fes thinks it is Scotty. JC did a good job saying Scottie is after Kayleigh. He’s interested her. Fes is only thinking with his other head right now. After the show when he’s thinking with the head on his shoulders, he’s going to say I WAS A DUMB Azz. Hayleigh who I thought had the best brains in the group went along with putting Scott on the block?????? When they get out of the house and perhaps watch it together? They already feel dumb but they have no idea how dumb they really are


When Rachel was still in the house, she said she wanted Scottie gone and I was hoping someone would listen to her. No one did. Well now is the chance to get rid of him and I hope it happens.
L6 !!

Who said that!

Sam can’t stand the smell of tuna then ate a tuna sandwich made by Brett?Must be love.


Angela told Sam that she can’t stand the smell of canned tuna.

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Hay is a dirty filthy tomboy who smells like tuna


I feel so bad for Scottie. The only people who gave him the time of day in the house were all idiots, and now the idiots are putting him on the block.

I hope there is a battle back from the jury house and Scottie wins it, if only to give him a break from these people and still give him a chance to win the game. I just hate to see them toy with him all the time. Hayleigh and Fes were more then happy to use him when they thought they had a chance at the getting numbers on their side, but now that they see that is happening they want to cut him loose.

Maybe Fes is just trying to position himself as the underdog now that he doesn’t have an alliance. After all, production loves an underdog story. Or maybe he really is just still trying to make himself a part of the cool kids alliance and thinks that getting Scottie out for them will suddenly make Angela and Kaycee like him.


Can’t have a battleback. Evicted jurors saw their good bye messages.

Cray Cray

There’s no battle back. Julie would have told Bay and Rock they had a chance to get back in and they wouldn’t have seen the GB messages.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Not true. Hive girls “literally” gushed over Scottie. Tyler has talked to him, played pool with him since the beginning. Rockout considered him an evil genius. Brett started hanging out with him a bunch. He’s laid in almost every HOH room. Kaitlyn SPOONED him for Pete sakes.

Too old for this

Ok, after today, it’s clear. We’re being punked. There simply is no other explanation.


I cannot wait until they are sitting at home watching HOW INCREDIBLY STUPID THEY WERE!!!! The Hive rocks…stupidity!!!


I just had a flash as to when Sam will self evict/ lose it.
She has been tidying the bedroom for HOURS today.
G-D help ANYONE who goes through her stuff………

Big Survivor Brother

Anybody remember the Survivor when the girls convinced Erik to give up immunity? Erik was a genius compared to Fes.


Scotty playing chess by himself. I am a Tyler fan..but that’s just wrong.
Someone go chat to him. Geeze 🙁

BB Fan

Heartbreaking. Guys like him always get treated poorly.


Glad that Sam is back and reasonably healthy. Having had 2 allergic episodes,, it can be scary and downright tragic.

People keep posting about a possible battle back. Don’t think it’s gonna happen since Julie told both BayLeaf and RockHead about the votes and then showed the goodbye messages. Just as well, I’ve seen enough of those two.

BB Fan

Do not want them to come back please


Agree. Also think there are already too many in the house.
Season finale is scheduled for 9/19. With only four eviction nights remaining and six HGs to be ousted, my count says two double evictions are required to meet that date.

Deep dive

Lol. The hive is their own worst enemy. Blockstar went home on Haleighs hoh, now scotty will go home on Fessys. Just highlights Haleighs flawed game of flirting with a bunch a guys, so they go at eachother for her attention.

Fess has said he doesn’t care about the game just her. And Scotty says he will do watchever she wants and throws Fes under the bus at any opportunity. Terrible way to run an alliance. Haleigh should just give one of them a rose then the house evict all 3 of them.

Who said that!

It’s a stupidity competition,Haleigh was winning so Fes had to make a move.

Sam is either an evil genius or completely mad

I know that Hayleigh plays the “I am so pure and angelic so my incessant flirting with all the guys is completely innocent” act but I can’t figure out if she is totally lying when JC told her how much Scottie likes her. For crying out loud, the guy told you everything you did/said/and how you looked during the auditions. That would creep me out to find out a stranger was watching me that closely. It would definitely be a red flag that he was interested….along with the fact that he told her he liked her. He tries to flirt with her. He is always longingly, staring at her when they play chess. Either she is really clueless as f@#$ or she is a cold hearted biotch to lead him on like she does. Poor guy!