Haleigh “These are not my underwear!! Who’s pant!es are in your shower FESSIE?!”

POV: ? Next POV: Aug 18th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 20th
HOH: FES Next HOH: Aug 23th
Noms: Brett & Scottie Have Nots

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9pm HOH room. Haleigh and Fes. Fes – she loves Scottie to though. Its going to be a bloody week. Haleigh – these are not my underwear!! Who’s panties are in your shower FESSIE?!! Fes – Rockstar. Fes – what have you been doing all day. You’ve been doing laps around the kitchen island. Haleigh – Why haven’t you come down. Fes – I am chilling right now and enjoying my privacy. Haleigh – I didn’t get any privacy on my HOH. Fes – not my problem. Haleigh – why are you being rude. Fes – I feel like people are scared to come up here.

9:13pm Haleigh – Kaycee has been really nice to me today. Fes – Kaycee and Angela both hugged me today and thanked me very much. Haleigh – but that doesn’t mean they have to be nice to me. Fes – they know you’re close to me. We need to figure out when to talk to them to make sure we’re good next week. Haleigh – I need to talk to Angela because I was 100% convinced she was coming after me. Fes – do I pick you or JC tomorrow. Haleigh – I don’t care. JC. Fes – why do you say that? Haleigh – because JC will be excited to play. Fes – then pick me. Haleigh gets out of the shower an joins Fes. Fes – you look like a wash cloth. Haleigh – did Scottie come say to you? Fes – he didn’t come up here. Haleigh – he asked me ..there’s no chance Fes is putting me up right. I said I don’t think so. Fes – he came and talked to me and for a second I felt good about him. I feel like he is trustworthy and then I was like just because you talk to somebody and you feel good in that moment .. it doesn’t dictate the past 59 days. Basically he (Scottie) was throwing Brett all the way under the bus. He made a point that it took awhile for Brett to start talking. Haleigh – I wish I could find out if Tyler and Angela were in a showmance. Haleigh – so if someone comes down who are putting up. Fes – I don’t know. Maybe we go after the middle… the people that are skating on by.

9:15pm Bedroom. JC, Kaycee, Tyler, Angela and JC are chatting about the veto competition and other random things.

9:55pm – 10:10pm Havenot room. Brett and Tyler. Brett – If you won it he might have to take Scottie off and backdoor you. I think that is why he wanted to do it this way .. he wanted you to feel comfortable. Telling you that you’re good so that you’re comfortable. Tyler – I do too. Like he told me I’m not going up but Haleigh said that last week. And I know she was going to try and backdoor me. There is not a f**king planet that you could convince me that she wasn’t going to do that. Brett – 200%! Brett – I would much rather not stay up there. Tyler – I will make sure. Brett – how are you doing with the numbers and days. Brett starts rattling off the days/events.

10:30pm Scottie watching and talking to the fish..

10:42pm Kitchen. Angela and Fes. Angela – what you did today was very admirable. Its about time someone put their foot down and said enough with the bullsh*t. Fes – its hard being left in the dark and people getting away with playing both sides.

11:10pm Bedroom. Kaycee, Angela, JC, Tyler and Sam are all sleeping.

11:13pm – 11:40pm Scottie and Haliegh. Scottie – if you don’t win the veto tomorrow, I am gone. Haleigh – what if Tyler won? Scottie – he said he had my back but he didn’t say definitively that he had my back. If he is picked to play he is going to try and win because he’s afraid he could be backdoored… but why would he use it on me if he is working with that team because then one of them would go up. If I get players choice it would be a test of loyalty. Literally it would be a test of loyalty no matter where I put it. Scottie – for the next 72 hours I will be walking around here like I’ve got the plague having awkward conversations with who ever will have me. Haleigh – I will always have you Scottie, our conversations are the best. Scottie – I am thinking the votes are going to be 5 -1 .. maybe 6 – 0. You guys might see how weird I actually am..

11:56pm Scottie and Haleigh chit chatting.. mostly nonsense about past seasons. Haleigh says she’s like the Nicole. Scottie says he’s like Zach.
They talk about past halloween costumes.
Haleihg says she was a boxer one hear
Scottie – like a dog
haleigh – no

they chit chat … everyone else is sleeping..

12:14am Haleigh heads to the HOH to be with fes.

12:26am fes and Haleigh
fes says Scottie wants him out

Haleigh says she thinks putting Scottie up was the wrong move
Fes – every week something wrong happens .. we play it safe every week and where does that get us..
Haleigh – play it safe?
haleigh – they are actively coming after me.. they are in a 3 person alliance that will take us out..
Fes – they will take each one of us out
F – they don’t sound so scary .. play the game man..
H – this is how you play the game fes there’s clear group of people working together.. all they need is three to break a tie
FEs – It doesn’t get them no where I break the tie..
Fes – like I said I don’t have a target this week I’m tired of people lieing..

Fes says Scottie and Brett are close that’s a red flag to Fes because Scottie put Brett up.
Fes says Haleigh is closer to Scottie than Fes, “why is he not comfortable talking game.. he gets all nervous when I win HOH without me saying anything .. why” (cause we were all scared of you doing something stupid

Fes – they all got to go Haleigh.. I know you like the kid I do to.. the guy’s a good player..

8:00am Houseguests are getting up early today.

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Yikes, this granny is still somewhat speechless. I just can’t get over these incredibly idiotic nominations. There’s no way I could have expected less, I suppose. Faysal is playing to understand rather than to dominate. Poor Faysal.

#1 Tyler is a genius in this game. It’s very surprising that he’s just 23 years old. Is his attraction to Angela more than a mutual respect for one another? I believe there is a mutual physical attraction, for sure. I’m not sure either is open to seeing how that plays out, because they both came into BB wanting to win the game…that’s where their minds are at, for the most part. I do admit, though, that I could see them becoming a couple on the outside if Angela can settle for him being younger. Or, perhaps they will have more of a sibling type relationship. I’m interested in seeing what happens with them in that department. Should Tyler win veto, he wouldn’t use it and risk a different or another L6 player going up as the replacement. This gives him one more week with his Cloud power app as long as someone else doesn’t win the veto making him a possible renom.

#2 Brett has impressed me during the past several weeks beyond what I ever expected from him. Brett’s ability to successfully use a charismatic approach in his social game, even with his #1 enemy, is beyond magnificent. I do wish he had maintained his act for Rockstar and not revealed his role-play in his goodbye message. He had her convinced then blew his cover. Brett has earned this spot, IMHO.

#3 JC remains in my top 5 because he has craftily worked his way through this BB labyrinth. He is comical, often raunchy, but I do believe he is a good person. I would trust him with my friendship because he seems to be a real person capable of owning his mistakes.

#4 Kaycee is someone whose personality and character I prefer to Angela, and that’s what moves her above Angela, for me. She has not been beasting any comps, other than the tree wall, which she obviously threw once Kaitlyn fell. I love that she won the final Hacker comp, but I really want to see her win a physical comp.

#5 Angela continues to do well in this game, but her HOH mistakes are hard to forget. She is definitely a physical threat, in more ways than one. LOL

#6 Sam is the ultimate mystery in this game. She’s not a chameleon, but she’s definitely capable of confusing all predators. I’m anticipating a startling display of deimatic behaviour from this one. She is definitely a character to watch. Sometimes I feel like I’m watching Sam playing that old game show “To Tell The Truth.” Will the real Sam Bledsoe please stand up?

#7 is Scottie. I think his physical potential has been slighted by his social game. I definitely think Haleigh sees Scottie making it further than Faysal, which may explain why she remains so close to Scottie.

#8 Haleigh comes off as superficial to me, and I do not see her relationships with Faysal and Scottie as genuine….they are more self-serving. There’s nothing wrong with that in the game of Big Brother, but Haleigh stood with the wrong group way too early….that has determined her position when she would have been better served by listening to intellect over Swaggy.

#9 is Faysal. What a joke this guy has been to Big Brother 20. Don’t get me wrong, he inserts enough ridiculous conversation and, now, game play to keep the season that much more entertaining. Faysal’s doofus approach is not tactic. It’s completely careless and quite humiliating. SMH Good thing he is easy on the eyes, though.

I don’t see having much to say this week given Faysal’s HOH. I’ll be waiting see how the veto comp goes. Faysal’s only salvation will be if Tyler is not picked to play. Yet, the odds of that happening are as strong as Faysal catching on to the reality of L6 in that BB house.

As it stands now, the votes would be: (Faysal, Scottie and Brett can’t vote.)

voting to evict Scottie: Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, JC, Sam
voting to evict Brett: Haleigh


Granny, how many of the “very important, I don’t ever break” pinky swears does Sam have? It just hit me that she may be weaving her web much like Tyler weaves his. I’m not as good at the breakdown of it all as you are, my memory is terrible… what do you think?
Thank you!


I honestly stopped counting, Mama.

I’m not much of a drinker, but watching Sam makes me feel like I’ve had one too many fireballs.

I wouldn’t put it past Sam for her “act” to be her strategy, but she hasn’t told us (viewers) anything in DR messages to support that theory. I have a little hope for Sam, but it’s been waning since ehr HOH reign.

I absolutely love her as a person, though (minus that drunk sailor mouth of hers…LOL).

edited to add: I have determined the following veto players have been picked:
Faysal, Scottie, Brett, Haleigh, Tyler
Hosting = Kaycee

Hi my name is Scott

Maybe she is afraid diary convos will somehow still get back to the others.


You could be right! Actually, she mentioned that to Bayleigh.


I have always felt that this is Sam’s game. And that if it truly is. She’s going to play it all the way through. She won’t own it to America or any houseguest until it’s over. If then. She may be unsure exactly what the jurors will see. And we have all heard her mention to others about being careful of jury votes. Not sure that it’s all an act. But I do believe a lot of it is.


And if it is, I will be a Sam fan for life.


Sam baffles me. I’m just not sure what to think about her. She definitely keeps me guessing and I can’t help but llike her.

I was thinking the same about her using wacky behavior as game strategy but fans are usually clued in through DR’s so I have doubts about that. If so, would this be a first?


Well, no one has played this game like Sam before. I really wish she would tell us more in her DR sessions.


Ones I recall :
Tyler – F2
Tyler/Kaycee: F3
Scottie: one early in the game just before or after Steve left & again another (maybe the Tyler/Scottie F3 – can’t remember but thee were two)
RockHound – possibly on safety or F4
JC: F2
Brett: F2
Angela – to never put each other up on the block & never vote against each other

I don’t recall her having any with Haleigh or Fessy directly but I could be wrong b/c 6 of 8 houseguests speaks to the validity of her pinkie swears.


LMAO. #9 is Faysal?! When he’s guaranteed to be in the Top 8 he’s 9th on you’re list lmfao. Please, he’s won 3 competitions and hasn’t lied to anybody’s face, you people on these boards just fucking hate the guy and don’t deny it either. Yes he’s an idiot and doesn’t really know what he’s doing, but that’s because Brett, Kaycee, and Tyler are REALLY good too. Fes can make it to the final five simply off of winning competitions, and that’s what you guys are failing to realize. There’s no possible way he can be 9th lmao he’s already guaranteed top 8 and the way this game has been going, L6 can’t buy an HOH win so he’ll probably be in top 7 also. Fes hasn’t been on the block all season, if that’s not a plus i don’t know what is. Dislike my comment all you want because I know you people hate Fessy but what i said is true. And everybody knows that.


I don’t think most people hate Fessje. I sure don’t. I think he’s clueless about the game. He doesn’t have much insight at all. And I do believe he’s playing emotionally by going after the boys that Haleigh flirts with. It’s very obvious that drives him crazy. And I don’t blame him. But he has won some comps and never been on the block. Some people may just be upset with his move because they want to root for him. But ranking players has more to do with the game than personal feelings. And he isn’t playing the entire game well.


No need to get so defensive. Many of us, like u, like him as a person, but his game play warrants him being ranked near the bottom of all the hg’s. The only reason he has not been on the block yet, is because everyone sees how poor his game play is, therefore making him not a threat. Yes, he can win comps and make it very far…but when it comes time to people analyzing his game play and whether or not he deserves to win 500 G’s, he doesn’t stand a chance. People will look for someone who has shaped the direction of the game, made bold moves, and played a factor in how people vote. Don’t take this as a personal insult mike…it’s just one person’s opinion of his game play.


ok i can agree with that. but when you have world class actors like brett and kaycee and tyler that lie to his face every week it’s very difficult to know who’s telling him the truth. that goes along to him being clueless in the house, maybe because all of his friends were sent out the door (Swaggy, Kaitlyn, Bayleigh, Rockstar) He literally ONLY has Haleigh left, and he cares about her.
Cut the man a break for once is all I’m saying. He’s trying the best he can to make some deals with stronger players.


Yea this is the first time I see him trying to play the game. I never attack him the way I did rocknado, because fuzzball is a good dude. From the get go…I was like, why does he have to be on the team I don’t like lol. I agree that brett is doin some phenom acting, might be why he’s my fave.


Also, I don’t look at it as them lying to his face…they’re protecting themselves, however they can…against whoever is in power that is trying to evict them. I think brett was real when he’s tried talkin game to fuzz and tryin to build a relationship. And I think fuzz likes him but then he gets blinded with rage cause he sees hay flirting with brett


I am by no means personally attacking Faysal, and it’s sad that you see it that way! My commentary on OBB is strictly related to the game. Who am I to judge what he is like in real life?

I love Faysal as a person, based on what I’ve seen….seems sweet and tender…a genuine good guy. But, this game is just NOT for Faysal (he has even said so, himself). He is too trusting…maybe he is led by his heart much more than his brain. That’s suicide in a game like Big Brother, where the ultimate goal is to get rid of everyone else.

His mama did a good job raising him because he seems like a stand up guy (you’re right, Mike, Brett certainly is not a stand-up type of guy) who cares about people. I imagine Faysal will be very successful in life. I mean, he has been already.


If i were level 6 id keep dumbo till the end. You really cant lose with someone so stupid

Angela's Shaved VaJayjay

Geez, you have a point!

Doc B.

They are Fessy’s panties! Duh…..

Hillary's Lies Mattered


I was thinking things have changed and the Hive still has life but we might see The Hive lose another member this week on their HOH. This is priceless.


2 hivesters gone in a row…during 2 hive hoh reigns…it would be the most impressive display of incompetence ever


Can’t. The jury is full of dumbos acquaintances.


Lmao was just gonna say..the jury is filled with dumbos long lost relatives so taking a big risk

Botox Pelosi

That is a good point. The jury will probably have five Hive members in it.

On a side note it is a lot more fun to read the updates now that half of them are not about Rocks hating on Angela and Kaycee.


agreed….so much more game related now that the queen of hate and jelly is gone


Re: Fessy’s Nominations

Fessy’s nominations make perfect sense. He’s not playing Big Brother. He never was. He’s on the Bachelor (or to be more precise THE BACHELORETTE) AND HE GETS A CHANCE to send what he sees as a rival for Hayleigh’s attention and affection home.
Fessy has certain priorities like: get more bookings as a model, get more famous, come across as a lovable oaf, and get on another tv show. He’s not here to play Big Brother.


Can you clarify “dumbo”? I need to know which one.


Silly, no way that they are going to trust idiocy over players that have shown little capacity to compete well in competitions. They will keep Sam and JC until Scottie, Fes, and Hay are gone. They are not dumb like the hive and won’t switch to playing a similar game to the hive.


scared to come up? more like no reason to come up. they already tricked you into making pretty much the worst move possible and you can’t play in next week’s veto. everyone but hayleigh is putting you on the block.


I hope he evicts Scottie and Haleigh goes next week. Fess will self evict


He’s still “in love” with Angela, too, he just knows it’s not mutual.


Brett needs to win HoH to do it. That way Ty, Ang and KC haven’t broken any promises they made to Fes this week. I want her gone too!


I think you mean HOH, ’cause it’s very likely Faysal will play in next week’s veto as a nomination.


That’s what I was thinking. ugh


At this point, the only thing that might help the hive is to bring back an evicted houseguest… I’m thinking bb13’s Lawon finally comes back with the “super powers” and saves the alliance.


Scottie’s going round the bend….say “Hi” to Sam for me Scottie. Poor guy, he can’t figure out how he got here. I think he’s chewing his nails right up to his elbows!

And speaking of Sam…I’m glad she’s ok. Allergic reactions can be scary, I know.

As always, everything depends on the veto. I think if Tyler isn’t picked to play…he’ll use his cloud app. But I guess it depends on who wins. It would be a riot if Fes wins veto, takes either Scottie or Brett down & tries to put up Tyler……only to find out he can’t! I think Sam would be in trouble in that case.

I think Scottie is going this week.


Scottie this week, Haleigh next. And Fess will go bonkers knowing they are in the jury house together




Reply to Yikes…I hope Scottie goesthis week just so the Hive lose another vote for their side! That would be hilarious! They are their own worst enemy 🙂

Botox Pelosi

You’re right the eviction this week will be controled by the veto. If Level 6 wins the veto we can stick another fork in The Hive.


If Fes puts up Sam he is a total moron. I know that seems to have been established, but I just can’t believe it. I don’t usually like to call anyone dumb, but what is wrong with Fes? I mean if with Haleigh spelling it out he can’t seem to understand it. It’s simple math!


Sam is probably more dangerous than Scottie. She’s certainly more manipulative. I’m hoping Tyler wins the veto so it can be an option.

Busta Fooligan

Pretty sure those fish can come up with a better plan than the hive.


I thought that’s where Fez was getting his plans from, the fish. Except that blue fish that has been eyeing Hayleigh with a lustful look.

Fessi is Green With Envy

Sounds fishy.


Poor Scottie, Is he going to spend all night talking to the fish? He reminds me of the old movie “The Incredible Mr. Limpit.”

Hi my name is Scott

Scottie could use a Lady Fish!



I guess that makes Haleigh “Ladyfish”, Tyler “George” and JC “Crusty”.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Wonder if the down votes are from someone who is to young to know about this movie and thinks we are making it up

I wish I were a fish……. Das Limpet!


I knew when I said that most people wouldn’t get it but I couldn’t help myself. I’m old but at least I own it!

Darrell G Irick

I’m hoping Scottie wins veto…. i want to see drama……

I would love to see who gets put up beside Brett 🙂


As someone said above, he’d probably put Sam! Can you imagine. I am cringing at the thought. I hope Scottie wins veto, too. I wish Kaycee would go home. She was one of my favorites until her mean streak came out.


Her mean streak? You mean standing up for herself when she gets attacked by a dumbass making dumbass accusations towards her.


I think you mean the lie she dog piled on that Brett started. She knew that Brett didn’t vote for her to be evicted. She just wanted to help paint a target on Scottie. Don’t get me wrong….she did it so seamlessly and superbly that you have to stand in awe.


No I am talking about how Rockstar accused Kaycee correctly of being the Hacker, but Kaycee wasn’t going to admit it, because unlike Hay, she knew it wouldn’t benefit her at all.


We already knew brett was playin bb…it was nice to see kc playin the game.


Making Kaycee a liar and mean. Those “accusations” we’re accurate. Kaycee was the one lying and is now being rude to cover it up.

tre bien

Wait a minute somebody who lies in Big Brother is mean? Have you ever seen this show before?


You’re not allowed to lie or be mean if you’re not a hivester


That’s how this game is played…or you don’t know the game either?


Are you suggesting that because Kaycee didn’t tell everyone that she won a secret power she’s mean to deny it when accused of being the hacker? This is a game of deceit. She hasn’t been mean. Bayleigh was mean, Angela was mean, Angie was mean, Haleigh was mean, Brett and Winston were mean…

Really Kaycee is probably the least mean person in the house.


omgggg these people are playing big brother for the love of God. True or not, the hate spewing rocknado had to learn that people are goin to talk back when you come at them


She’s playing the game! Much like Scottie was during Angela’s Reign. He was crying to L6 about being bullied.

Fezzy's Confused Penis

So scottie has no problem playing both sides. So why the hell isn’t he working Hay and Fezzy? Why isnt he pointing out their alliance? Why isn’t he reminding them that the L4 has the votes? If he is a good player, why isn’t he making a case that Fezzy just blew his Hoh? Is he clueless too????

Gimmie a Break!!!

Scottie did tell Hayleigh abt Tyler n them all working together and how he wld get voted out 5-1 or 6-0… Hay asked him if he picked Tyler wld he take Scottie down n he said he doesnt trust Tyler like he does Hayleigh…


I honk he’s waiting until after the veto ceremony in hopes he gets saved. Why “out” the house and have everyone gunning for you if you don’t have to

Clueless but Happy

Yes, he is clueless. L4 has not trusted Scottie enough to tell him much.

Picture on the wall

Because he sees how clueless Fessy is and knows that…… well, what do you say to that amount of stupidity??????


He’s just a weasel floater. He’s not playing anybody. If he was smart, he realizes that Fez (and Haleigh) are powerless. The noms were his play and now his power over Scottie’s game this week is done. The path to staying is not convincing him you’re loyal, it’s blowing him up. Brett is campaigning with the electorate, Scottie is campaigning with two people who’ve lost every vote, one of whom only votes if you can get 2 votes.

That’s the difference in this game: The hive is playing the boring BB game of the HOH dictatorship, while L6 has gone back to the fun old school BB game where the HOH just picks nominees, but the HG’s control who wins/loses.


I think that’s why I am loving this season and L6 so much. They have gone back to the good ole days of bb. Rat, fuzzball and hay cannot wrap their heads around it.


I was reading Fez’s BB twitter feed yesterday and before noms, Scotty was doing exactly that in a way that any normal human being would understand. Fez is abnormal.


Scottie’s comments to Fessy made perfect sense. Fess is just dense. If someone from L6 had explained the same things to Fessy then he would believe them. I don’t get the constant doubting of their own alliance members.

Kaitlyn betrayed the alliance and made them mistrustful, I get that, but it made them mistrustful of just only their team and not everyone in general, makes no sense.

Scottie the Bespeckled Rat

Fezzy’s dong is not confused. It likes JC.


Part of the reason why Scottie can’t go hard to drive it home (yet – wait to see how POV shakes out) is b/c the minute he says something negative about L6 they can bury him.

Lest we forget Scottie was the one who told one or all of Angela/KC/Ty:
* HIVE alliance & who was in it
* Bayleigh’s forced bible promise to nom evict Angela/KC
*Bays F2 with Fes & F3 with Fes/him
* Declaration to win HOH last week, put up Hal/Fes with nomination speech “I wanted to make a LEGENDARY move” (Re: Hal pushing for Scottie POV re-nom/back door
** All of the above helped make Bay a target

* Formuation of F3 with Hal/Brett which she AGREED to.
* That Hal wasn’t “into Fes” & was closer Scottie
* How he wanted to put up two pawns & backdoor Fes

* anything he can think of remembering as well as a few lies about JC/Sam to put targets on them since they were playing (at least partially & esp JC) the type of game Scottie wanted to
* EVERYTHING from Angela’s HOH week mixed in with some lies to cover up a few things he said

Tyler specifically:
* Prior to Hal even Scottie shared a ton with Ty (could be all kinds of bombs he could tell)

Basically he’s outed pretty much every secret he’s ever heard with both sides. At times he was smart about it, but he needed to be more discerning in his fact sharing b/c many of the Angela HOH week secrets got back to L6. Scottie knows the minute he says anything publicly he risks at least two giant facts coming out that would bury him:

1) the HIVE outing. This because Bay/RS are gone so given just the 3 original members remain they would know he was the one who told & they have major dirt on it like the fact they made Scottie name it

2) the F3 with Brett/Hal. He has to know if Brett outs that info even if she lies about it Fessy will be furious & she won’t be able to help him b/c it will make her complicit.

Fezzy's Shaved Taint

Good points

Fezzy's Confused Penis

If you are L4 do you really want to boot Hay and Fezzy out of this game???? So so clueless! You could make a case they should target Sam and JC at this point. take out scottie this week and then get Sam and JC next week.

Scottie Pilgrim vs L6&Hive

It would be smart for L6 to start evicting their own like JC & leave the dumbos who cant play the game….but i get the feeling they’re too loyal to their own alliance and are scared to make the first strike against each other…. Brett has got to be tired (& paranoid) for being on the block this many times and should be cautious about being L6’s meatshield

Picture on the wall

Hay, yes. Get rid of her.
Fessy, HELL TO THE NO!!!!! Keep him until final 4 at least.

Hillary's Lies Mattered

Tyler and Brett can control Sam and JC doesn’t win anything. Fes and Hay have to go because they win comps and the jury is going to have tons of Hive voters in it.

Butters Mom

Fezzy asked Angela if they were hers and she said ,”no, I dont wear underwear.” lol

Fezzy's Confused Penis

I like a woman who does not believe in underwear…


I swear I was rooting for the goof troop especially since they got Rockstar out of the house because I couldn’t stand her, but dumb*** Fessy as usual listens to his daddy JC and JC runs back to his alliance clowning them because they can’t believe they are falling for the okey doke. He needs the award for dumb*** player in the history of big brother!!!Can’t wait to see Fess and Hay’s faces when they learned they got played bigtime!

Cali Girl

RalphAngel… I wanna watch them watching this season. Seriously. Sign me up CBS.


I won’t pay for live feeds, but I would pay for that!

The Hive is Melting


They will be too busy talking about how good they look and how much airtime they got.

who me?

Plain and simple, Fez has been playing with his d**k the whole game. From last night: Haleigh says this is not about me and Scottie. This is not about me and Scottie. Do not use me to justify putting up Scottie.
08/18/18 12:55 AM

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Haleigh’s been real good for their game. Maybe they should throw the next HOH to her, & she can get Fez out for them.


LOL, no one is even interested in talking to Fessy. I think it’s actually locking in Sam/JC tighter with L6. With Haleigh mainly sticking upstairs they pretty much have the whole bedroom.

Sidenote: I’m pretty sure there were no have-nots this week. Has Brett been still sleeping in there by himself?

Scottie Pilgrim vs L6&Hive

Brett is playing along and pretending to be the outcast for voting for RS to stay (he didnt).


I never understood why peeps would keep on running up their and kow-towing to the hoh once noms were made. Never made sense to me

Cali Girl

Too bad being stupid isn’t painful for the stupid. It sure is for everyone else around. Wow.


1 person votes with you. 2 people claim the vote. Target 1 for lying and target the other for telling the truth. You can’t make this stuff up!!


Split the baby cannot work in Big Brother. Unless he was just trying to determine which one Hayleigh actually likes more, so he knows which is more of a threat to him for her attention.


that sounds more like it to me


Like alzheimers….my Nana has it…and I always say, I don’t feel bad for her, cause she doesn’t know…I feel for all the rest of us

another name

If it’s true that tomorrow is hide and go veto (and coincidentally fes was looking for a hiding spot right after the hoh), here is what i see happening on the episode:
when they are down to the final two veto cards hidden in the house there will be an edit cut.
we will not actually see the last veto being found. it will cut from someone running into the house, edit split to an outside reaction shot, then the house guest coming out with the final card. we’ll never see them finding it.
this has been one of the most production manipulated comps of seasons past for a long time.
bank on it.

Hillary's Lies Mattered

Allison Grodner will probably let Fes hide his in the Diary room. Too bad Rocks is gone because she would of told Tyler it was in there.

BB20 is awesome!

I think the veto will be a puzzle cause they said zingbot was this week and zingbot is always a puzzle veto


Are Tyler and Angela holding hands?


scared to come up? Why? If Hayleigh or Fes had a decent IQ they would be thinking why isn’t anybody coming up here to making deals?? Why are they all down there together? Everybody seems comfortable? What’s going on? Fes and Hay are in heat and perhaps it’s affecting their brains because they’re not thinking logically. Fes keep telling JC everything. Brett and Tyler downstairs for a moment thought is this some kind of plan (Fes) to backdoor someone and Brett says no, I don’t think so. His target is Scottie. Both laugh. Fes telling Hay in the bed a lot of floaters who haven’t won anything. ummmm Why have they been able to float? How come they all know how to vote the same way on the eviction of your Fouette alliance? Never occurred to any Hive members of a competing alliance? It is really quite remarkable


All true..but I think that Hayleigh is just floating from guy to guy (as a flirt). I dony think that she cares about Fes at all.


Duh, what’s a IQ?

another name

just spit balling here. be kind. lol.
are fes’ noms the worst noms for fes’ game.
they aren’t the best. are they the worst. for HIS game.
scottie was throwing fes under the bus to brett last week. a lot.
brett is (to fes mind) the wildcard.
both are, in his mind, a threat to his place in his final two with haleigh.
Those noms: they are really bad for HIVE; they are bad for Haleigh.
Are they actually bad for Fes?
not really.
but they are not good by annnnnny stretch of the imagination.

BB Fan

BB better give Sam a double dose of meds tomorrow if it’s going to be the Hide The Veto comp. When she goes back into the house after the comp and sees the mess she’ll probably get so pissed off that she completely short circuits


OMG where is the mute button for her hours long self righteous speech! I’ll wait for Simon and Dawg to post the hilarious screenshots of her crazy eyes LOL


She’ll spend her time cleaning up instead of looking for the veto things. She’ll probably find them too.

Clueless but Happy

Production finally called Faysal for the nomination ceremony once Scottie had his chance to talk to Faysal. Scottie in his infinite wisdom told Faysal that he and Tyler had not been as close since he told Tyler that he was smitten with Haleigh. I am sure that all Faysal heard was that Scottie wanted Haleigh.

The more time Haleigh spends with Scottie the more that Faysal wants him gone.

Fezzy's Confused Penis

Scottie has now jumped the shark. He too is an idiot.


Worse cast ever, dumbest bunch of clucks vs most obvious villians.. simply put, boring.


It sure beats the boredom of EVERYONE voting WITH the house!!

JC Panties in Fes Shower

The more I read about Fes the dumber I get. Fes can’t figure out that JC’s is playing him week after frigging week. I’m so over watching this Hive train derailment and wreck. He listens to JC over Haleigh’s advice. He says he wants to get to the bottom of who flipped but isolate himself in the HOH room and stop talking game. Next week he will be on the block with Haleigh


In all fairness, Haleigh has been protecting herself the whole way rather than protecting Fes. But yeah, Fes is still a moron regardless.

Low IQ

Tyler needs Sam and JC to turn on his L4 alliance once the hive are all picked off


If the panties fit you must evict

Curb on Sam’s Street

Just a late thought..

Notice how the feeds cut after Sam mentioned she smoked a lot of weed after she had an allergic reaction to the hemp seed bread ? They don’t want America to have a certain image of her. They want us to think more Donny less Vanessa. Could explain the schizophrenia if she smokes THAT much and is jonezing hard… hmmm…

who me?

REEFER MADNESS! lmfao. You don’t do that with weed


No one jonezes for weed. More like alcohol and stronger drugs. Sometimes she appears to be on some meds though.


Ridiculous correlation, I smoked way too much for a single person from the time I was 16 to 30, and I have zero mental incompetence at all. These scientific studies that make such claims are as the results of science trying to manipulate public opinion, that is all.

Dazed & Confused?

“I have zero mental incompetence at all. ”

You mean besides your Tyler fetish?


Marijuana doesn’t cause schizophrenia. Flawed DNA might. Trauma might. There’s lots and lots of theories out there but THC isn’t one of them. 🙂 I believe Sam might self medicate whatever mental illness she clearly seems to have, with lots of weed which might not be good. After terrifying JC and Tyler with her face stomping stories, I now see Sam as a complete low life. I wouldn’t doubt she’s a regular at the local bar either. Remember her profile video they played took place at the local bar. She gives me the creeps with her sermons and tantrums and Raven like medical issues.

Curb on Sam’s Street

Either that or she’s missing the HOH shower head and can’t find a private spot to diddle


The only ones that know the showerhead trick are doing it too.

Curb on Sam’s Street

Maybe I’ll stop trying to finding rationale in Sams behaviour… it’s like finding rationale in this HOH… oh Fessie you fool.

Also…. I am very curious to see how Angela, Brett, and Kaycee react if Tyler has to use his cloud app.tbey won’t be happy he kept it from them.


I think they would accept it pretty easy…for one, it is an app that can only be used on himself. Secondly, they would probably have kept it to themselves as well. And they get that if he had made it known, it could have easily been a reason to target him…ask Bay! So in effect, he has not done anything that has negatively affected their games, and the more likely impact would have possibly led to Tyler getting evicted, which would have hurt their game.


Plus he has put in the work to keep each of them safe every week. I imagine it coming up if say Kaycee/Angela were to win the veto and were afraid Tyler would be the renom and thus a bigger target than Scottie.


I thought about that as well. But the thing I love most about this alliance is their trust in each other. They even have one member that spent most of his time with the other side, but not once did they question his loyalty to them. Even when Rachel started doubting him and tried to spread that through the alliance, she was cut and fast !! Plus he has hinted to them a couple of times and they never bite !! The loyalty has been unwavering through so much I think they will actually listen to his reasoning and understand it.

Swaggy's Missing Brow

When they first came into the house Swaggy and Tyler went to opposite sides of the room. Swaggy shouted out, “Hey you all, come admire Swaggy’s magnificence” and the SMART people edged quietly over to Tyler.


That was one of the best comments I’ve read this season. So true. I actually think if Tyler had not won the first HOH though that they may have not included him in their alliance. Tyler was in power so they wanted him included. I think L6 knows now that including Tyler in their alliance was the smartest thing they have done. We all know surfer dudes usually go out quick. Tyler has masterminded this game AND has been the comp beast.


Let’s face it, we’re watching the cast from Winnie the Pooh….
Fes = Pooh, just looking for a little honey
Tyler = Tigger, fun loving and thinks everything Tiggers do is best
Scottie = Eeyore, Nobody loves me
Brett = Owl, intelligent, pulls facts out of thin air and often rambles
Sam = Kanga, the mother of the group
JC = Roo, playful, energetic and looks up to Tigger
KC = Rabbit, friendly and reliable
Hay = Piglet, small, helpless and is reliant on the security of others
Angela = Jessica Rabbit (yes I know wrong cartoon, but there’s no smokin’ hot chick in Winnie the Pooh!)

Fezzy's Confused Penis

I would like to take that honey and smear it all over angela.


Too, too adorably funny trix! Tyler = Tigger = TRUTH


Watching Fes & Haleigh and listening to what they talk about is mindnumbing. Seriously. Someone needs to slap the stupid out of both of them. It’s annoying.

Hi my name is Scott

Thinking yout arms will get sore trying to slap the stupid out but the still have a bunch of stupid still in there to slap out.


When BB 20 is all said and done, I need to know that Fez knows what a terrible player he was. Please tell me that will happen. I can’t live my life thinking he is living his life thinking he was a BB grand master.

Angela is Hot

Please refer to Fez as Dr. Fez from now on.

Angela is Hot

Somwhere Dr. Will got a chuckle out of that.


Fes is so dumb.Its almost hard to watch.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Wonder if Haleigh planted the undies just to be able to accuse Fes of something. Piece of evidence to use to end the showmance when she chooses too….Not that it would be smart game play but why try to get smart now?

who me?

And it’s official. Fez has broken the dumb barrier. Dude wouldn’t know “the truth” if it came up and slapped him in the face. And Hayleighs not far behind. Wished she would get into his head and get some real players on the block, but noooooo, she hits that barrier and loses her brains. Hate to say it, but think Rockstar was the brains of the Hive.


His nominations are based on who he thinks is trying to get a piece of his muffin.

Angela is Hot

I hope Tyler wins the veto because you know Hayleigh wanys Fez to backdoor him.


The problem with Fez doing that is he made deals with KC, Ang and Tyler to keep them safe if they did what he wanted with the veto if they won it. They don’t have the votes to evict Tyler over Brett anyway. It would just nullify the safety they think they have going through next week.

Hi My Name Is Scott

Raven and Matt from BB19 had to be the dumbest duo up until that season of BB. Who would have thunk it that an entire alliance of 7 people who were all Raven’s and Matt’s? Amazed that so many people could be so blind to the game in front of them considering most of them profess to be fans of the show.


I really can’t stand Scottie= Ratso! It has been building for some time. Just about every week I develop a real distaste for a particular HG and then when they are voted out: Swaggy, Kaitlin, Winston, Rachel, Baleigh, RS. This week I hope Ratso goes home.

I think the way it will happen is if Tyler (or any L4- yeah, right) wins Veto and then leaves noms the same. Poss not a bad plan for Fez if he thinks he has a chance to win- no blood and in the end Ratso will vote the way he is told… unless he flips again and votes for someone else.


To a degree, I think they should honor Brett if he requests they use the veto to take him off the block. But he may even change his mind and stay as to ensure that it continues to sale his independent act for a couple more weeks for Fez and Hay (whichever is left longer).


He also knows he has the votes to stay!! He’s even got Sams vote locked in. Even Tyler doesn’t really have that.


Yes Haleigh, you are exactly like Nicole. Riding coat tails to the end.


So Fez is getting daily handies?

LA in LA

How are Rockslobster’s gross panties in Fez’s shower when she was evicted prior to him winning HOH?


cause hay had the room last week


Once again it’s like watching lambs go off to the slaughter. I was so happy when fex won now I’m mortified, how can someone be that clueless and if Scottie does manage to get off the block he’ll probably but up Sam.


I can’t even look at fes anymore.
FF when his idiot face hits the screen.

BB20 is awesome!

Veto should be a puzzle since zingbot is coming….might bode well for Scottie


veto is hide and seek

Swaggy's Missing Brow

Well if they try to seek some semblance of intelligent thought from The Hive the game will never end.


The hive hides theirs together on the counter?


Hahaaaaaha Fes will tell everyone where he hid his



Edit: I put around six laughing emojis here, I don’t know why they showed up as question marks. I just thought it was funny when “Hmm” said the Hives hid theirs together on the counter.


I think Scottie is a little too frenetic to be good at this comp. I can see he’d be good at going crazy ripping things apart but not notice the envelope sitting in front of him.


Fes freaking ruined the rest of the season for me. I had a little hope left when I saw he
won HOH. Then he pulled that stupid idiotic move out of his ass.
I would love if Scottie managed to stay and win next HOH just to knock fes out of the game. But it’s probably wishful thinking.
Just hand the designated winner the cheque already. Tyler. Or whomever.
The rest of this game is going to be predictable af.

Finally a good season

Scottie please win the veto

Kid Donny 07

who is playing in the Veto?

Botox Pelosi

Angela, Tyler, Hayleigh, Fes, Brett, Scottie


guess who is coming today for veto ……..ZING

Fezzy's Confused Penis

haleigh – they are actively coming after me.. they are in a 3 person alliance that will take us out..
Fes – they will take each one of us out

So the Fezzy plan to counter the alliance is to allow “them” to take the Hive out.

Reality Show Junkee

Loving BB20. Best one in years. Off topic here. Did everyone see Dr. Will on Shahs of Sunset the other night. It was great seeing how successful he is in life. Just as he was on Big Brother.

Hillary Fezzy Clinton

The stupidity is strong with this manchild

Hillary Fezzy Clinton

Has Fezzy gotten close to boning Hayleigh? If not do you think she secretly planted the used panties to dump this loser?


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Panties panties panties panties…

Botox Pelosi

You guys are the best! Heading to Amazon thru your link now.

Like literally

Hi Simon I use this site for 5 years now and I buy all my stuff in amazon i really spend a lot of money there thing is i tried to use the links posted but gives me error maybe because i’m in the UK? if you can arrange that i will defo make my shopping with your link guys let me know what you can do


I’ll have to contact amazon on this to see how to set it up. thanks! for the support 🙂

Like literally

yeah next time i comment and you know anything just drop the link

Fezzy's Shaved Taint

I am buying panties and boxers thru your link.


LOL awesome idea! haha thanks 🙂

Hi my name is Scott

Panties, panties, panties, panties panties!!!!!!!!


Hey it should generate brand new advertisers lol. I’m heading to Amazon to buy…panties. Too bad nobody is advertising them here wink wink. Thanks Simon for everything you and Dawg do!!

Swaggy's Missing Brow

They must be Hive fans.


There was a time when thigh was a taboo word…


Wow I googled it.. ouch..

Butters Mom

buying college books for my son next week through this site

Hillary Fezzy Clinton

It looks like Hay does a tight tuck of the sheets in bed with Fezzy. You can see she is tight like a mummy with the covers wrapping her up like King Tut. She is locking her coochie down and Fezzy aint getting at it. It almost seems like she wants no part of him. Like a last minute prom date that she has to be with. instead of the young well endowed surfer boy she fantasizes about when she works that shower head. Thoughts???


Rock Lobster

Well endowed? How do you know this?

Butters Mom

The night Fezzy got his hoh room, haleigh took one look at his pictures from home and said outloud that Fezzy’s brother was better looking than he is. lol His brother will have to be evicted from the house if Haleigh ever visits now.