Nomination Results! “I don’t get why the f**k he would do this! Its not a good look! He f**ked up so bad!”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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4:30pm – 5:35pmBig Brother blocked the feeds for the nomination ceremony. As Head of Household, Derek X nominated Britini and Sarah Beth for eviction.

Bedroom. Tiffany, Hannah, Big D, Azah and Britini.
Britini – I just have to get it out first and then I’ll be fine. Its like the initial frustration. Tiffany – Remain calm. Whatever happens you don’t become somebody else. Remain calm. You got this. Brit – I know. Tiffany – they went up to the havenot room to have a little team meeting … even though we’re not in teams anymore. Brit – its fine. They’ve been doing it all day. Tiffany – you remain calm. Lets see how she acts. If anybody cracks, let her crack. You just remain calm. You go out there and hug Derek and tell him you know its a game. Wipe your face and remain calm. Big D – you’ve already been through this. Tiffany – don’t become emotional. Brit – I know, I just have to let it out. Brit leaves the room to go find Derek X to talk to him about his nominations. Big D – My gut is telling me there is a backdoor plan.

Havenot room. Alyssa, Sarah, Xavier and Christian
Sarah – I talked with her before nominations and said that I wanted to clear the air and she (Hannah) genuinely wouldn’t have been my target .. and like none of that was a lie. Unless he just thinks I am lying and that’s why he put me up. Alyssa – Did anyone look at Ky’s face?! Why did he do that? Is he like doing an act? (See photo below of what Alyssa says Ky was doing) Christian – I literally .. he is in on f**king everything! Its like he is thinking .. and I’m like what the f**k are you thinking about .. we’re in an alliance. I don’t know if he is making an act for the cameras because I could see him doing that… but its like WHY?! What the f**k are you doing?! Christian – I would say I guarantee Kyland knew. Xavier – I just don’t see why long term Baby D could see how putting us up would benefit him. Christian – what he thinks we will just for get it. That we won’t go after him next week. Alyssa – so we can just use him as a pawn. They compare how Derek X asked them all if they would be okay being a pawn. Sarah – I don’t see why he would even need a pawn. Christian – this makes no sense. Sarah – it just makes me think people were throwing me under the bus. Christian – it makes no sense putting up anyone in the alliance. Alyssa – do you think Hannah had anything to do with it? Christian – Hannah definitely had a hand in it. Sarah – this whole dishonesty, trust thing.. I don’t get it at all.. Christian – he didn’t make any sense. I don’t get why the f**k he would do this! Its not a good look! If we do use it, he would throw up another King. Alyssa – but he said that he would not put you (Christian) or I up. He made a promise to him and I about not touching the block. Christian – he f**ked up so bad! How does he not see.. three of us are.. Alyssa – do you think he has another motive with it. Sarah – it doesn’t matter what the motive is .. what could possibly be the motive? Alyssa – backdooring. Xavier – who? Alyssa points at Christian. Xavier – but you want to take a shot like that?! Alyssa – I am not agreeing with it .. it just doesn’t make sense. Xavier – I really thought he was going to put up two jokers. Christian – if anyone is the backdoor plan, its me. Alyssa – I think Brit is the target and he put you (Sarah) up to make Hannah happy. We are going to have to act like we are chill. Christian – we are going to have to take her off.. f**k his plan.. whatever it is. I feel like Ky is running this HOH. He had to have known.. Alyssa – we shouldn’t have given it to him. Because if we had won it this week would have been easy sending a joker home. Sarah – I don’t want to go home before jury! I’m going to go home on my birthday week. Christian – yeah he put you up on your birthday week .. What the F**K! I am going to fight for you to stay.

5:40pm HOH room – Derek X and Britini
Britini walks into the HOH room with Derek to talk to him about his nominations. Derek starts crying. They hug. Brit – Don’t cry, you’re going to make me cry. They go sit on the couch. Brit consoles him. Brit – Its fine, its fine, remember that I’ve been here before. You needed someone to do this for you. That was the hardest part of your week right there. Its okay! I’m not going home. It will be done before you know it. Derek – I made sure you’re sitting next to a King so no matter what, you get taken off another King goes up. She gets taken off and another King goes up. Brit – Is SB your target? Derek – I would rather not say right now. Brit – okay but she is a potential because she is up. Derek – what I will say is I would only put you up against someone that I would want you to stay over. Brit – okay, that makes sense. Its okay, its okay. Cry it out. Its fine. We just have to win that veto tomorrow .. like bad! Derek – I am going to fight my heart out. Brit – SB is the wildcard in this veto ..she’s never played in one. Derek – I know you are 100% staying.. I just don’t want you on the block after veto. But no matter what you are 100% staying! Brit – okay then lets focus on getting me off the block. That is all we can focus on right now. Lets win the veto and get me off and then we can plan the rest of the week. Is there anyone you don’t want me picking for house guest choice? Derek – Christian. Brit – okay, I was going to pick Azah anyways. Who is your HG choice? Derek – I am going to pick Ky. Brit – will Ky use it how you want him to though because Ky and Sarah Beth are like this (fingers crossed). Derek – F**K! Brit – can I be honest with you .. you should pick Hannah. She has a good shot at winning it if it is mental and she will use it how you want. Derek – yeah I probably will pick Hannah. Brit – we got this.

HOH room. Derek X and Sarah.
Derek – okay I can’t do this .. I am just going to say it! You are not my target this week. I do not want you to go home. The problem is .. When I was asking the questions of would people be willing to go up as a pawn .. I was asking the Jokers and if I had put up two of them. I would have none of their votes. I had made a deal with Alyssa and X on the wall that neither of them would hit the block.. so you were the only choice I had to put you on the block. I just told Ky that you are not my target this week. Unless what I want to happen isn’t a 100% success rate .. I know there is risk of you being up. I do feel completely horrible of having to do this nomination. Its only week 5, I’m a huge target and I know I am going to hit the block. There is just no way that I don’t and if I can’t use this week to secure votes .. I am going home. Sarah – but don’t you think the jokers will still be mad having put one of them up? Don’t you think in most situations they’re going to vote to evict you? Especially Big D saying all this time that he wants to get rid of big player? I know you are a smart guy .. which is why this seems fishy at the moment. It doesn’t make sense to me just putting one of them (Jokers) up, wouldnt tick them off about you .. just as much as putting two of them up. If I am really not your target and you want Brit out .. but if I come off the block you put up two of them anyway. Derek – if you come off the block? Sarah – you’re not going to put up a joker? Derek shakes his head no. Sarah – oh my gosh okay. Okay. Is that more what your plan is? Derek nods yes. Sarah – okay, I see what you’re doing because I am not even in a position where I can tell the kings that because if I tell them that .. they are not going to take me off and I wouldn’t come off the block… so I can’t even tell them that. Derek – I had to put you up because I know you would pick Kyland instead of someone else (Christian). Sarah – you think I would pick Ky? I think that would be suspect… I have to pick a king. If I get HG choice I am probably picking Christian. Because Christian said he would take me down. I know he would take me down. I feel like Ky would give me the you’ll be safe stuff and maybe wouldn’t take me down. Derek – if Christian takes you down .. who do you think I would put up? Sarah – well you don’t want to put up the jokes and you promised both Alyssa and X that you wouldn’t put them up.. I don’t see you going after the Queens or Ky. I don’t know who you would put up. If you win the veto are you going to take me down? Derek – Yes! Sarah – you promise? Derek – either take you down or take Brit down. Sarah – do you know you have the votes to send one of the kings home? Derek – that is why I couldn’t put up two jokers. Sarah – I am not completely against this plan. I know when we get down to the 8 .. I know you are at the bottom of the totem pole.. but I am right next to you. It makes more sense for me to work with the jokers who I have better odds of beating. I get that. Derek – exactly.

Sarah – I am willing to do whatever I have to, to get off the block. I do not want to be there Thursday. Derek – okay. Sarah – if that means I shouldn’t pick Christian… its just.. Derek – if you pick Christian and he wins it, I am going to tell him straight up if he uses it I am putting up Alyssa… and he won’t use the veto. Sarah – right. Derek – I am sorry but that is why I had to put you up because I knew if I told Christian that he wouldn’t use the veto. Or actually maybe it is good if he uses it and puts up Alyssa. Sarah – is that your main targets .. either Christian or Alyssa? Derek – the thing is I can’t target Alyssa because I don’t want to break that promise. Sarah – right. Derek – so it has to be Christian. I can’t have him play in this veto. And I think I am the only one that can take the shot at him and that is why I have to do it on my HOH. Sarah – this is what I think I can do.. I can talk.. I just think it will set the kings against me if I go and pick Kyland as HG choice. But I can talk to X privately and say that I am worried if Christian gets it he might not actually take me off because he will be worried for Alyssa but I feel like you will take me off. Derek – but will X take you off? Sarah – he told me he would. Derek – would he want you or Christian in this game? Sarah – I think he is smart enough to know he can’t go that far with Christian. Its kind of hard because odds are I won’t pick HG choice anyway. But odds are you draw Christians name, Brit draws Alyssa’s name and I draw X’s name. Derek – holy sh*t! Big Brother blocks the feeds. Sarah – I want to come off the block. Derek – Christian is a no go. Sarah – you think Ky would take me off. Derek – I don’t know I didn’t talk to him… but why wouldn’t he. Sarah – I guess if you asked him to. Derek – if we explain the target .. he will get it. Sarah – and you think Tiff and Claire are good to go? Derek – on votes? Yes. Yes. And I am almost positive the jokes are. Sarah – that doesn’t shock me. The kings are really shocked. The think you did it because you didn’t want Hannah to find out about the alliance and you were afraid she would be suspicious if you put up two jokers and didn’t take a shot at the kings. Derek – that is kind of the storyline I want to go with for the rest of the house of why you are up. Sarah – so if Christian wins it and doesn’t use it, is Brit going home? Derek – I lose the jokers but I think everyone else would vote her out. Kyland joins them. Derek – do they think Brit is the target? Ky – yes, they think one of these two (Brit or Sarah) are the targets. They don’t think theres a backdoor. Derek – I want to tell the kings that Brit is the target. Kyland tells them that he would use the veto if he won it. Sarah – I can tell them that I couldn’t pick Christian because he might not use it for fear of another king going up.

6:47pm Havenot room. Kyland and Sarah.
They hug. Sarah – I am REALLY going to need your help this week? If I get evicted and find out that you betrayed me I will die! They all think and based on your facial expressions and how you talked to Derek for an hour .. they all think you knew. Kyland – I talked to X for 10 minutes and Derek for 10 minutes… and who in the house would think that at this point. Sarah – I know.. I think they are just really shocked and confused. I don’t think they don’t trust you completely .. they are questioning it. I would just be careful around them.

6:40pm HOH room. Derek X and Xavier, Alyssa and Christian
Alyssa – how are you? Derek – definitely not doing well.. I am falling a part. How was SB in the havenot room. Alyssa – she is very confused. Derek – okay, yeah. Alyssa – this is before she talked to you so I don’t know what you guys said. Derek – I think she is feeling a little bit better but I am not even sure if this was the right thing to have done. Basically I didn’t want to nominate two jokers this week because I am scared if there is a double its going to be a game of chance. Like next week if there is a double .. I know Big D and Azah can’t normally beat me but in a game of chance they could. If I nominated two of them when I was asking them questions about would you be willing to be a pawn .. they made it clear that they did not want two people from their team being put up this week so they made it clear if two people were put up, I was going to be their target. Christian – so they threatened you? Derek – yeah. And in a game of chance I didn’t want that happening. So for me I thought that would be a bad move for my personal game because that puts a target on my back. So it was a compromise .. I didn’t tell them but I was willing to put up one of them. Obviously I told you both that you were safe on the wall. And then it came down to whether or not I was going to do SB or Christian but people know that Christian is my shield so it didn’t make sense for me to put him up .. and SB kind of gave me a reason.. she was saying Hannah’s name last week. And then I wanted to throw any sus.. off of the alliance because Hannah is already suspicious about. She is smart and if I didn’t nominate one of the kings .. she would realize something is going on. Alyssa – so the house was saying the kings still this week? Derek – I will not answer that question. I told SB that she will have the votes to stay. Alyssa – okay. Derek – I understand if you don’t want the royal flush to be a thing anymore but I think the queens will vote with SB. Ky will vote with SB. So she easily has the votes to stay and only the jokers will vote with Brit. Xavier – so to be clear Brit is your target? Derek nods yes. Xavier – if one of the nominees come off the block who would go up? Derek – it would just have to be another joker. Alyssa – so you’re planning even if something happens .. a joker is going. Derek – yeah. Brit is just my first choice of the jokers. Xavier – what narrative should we be playing? Alyssa – should we just act pissed? Derek – yeah I think the easiest is to just act pissed. We just have to hide it from the jokers. Alyssa – we just have to act annoyed. Derek – yeah. Alyssa – I just feel like if any of us win .. I don’t know how SB would feel if we didn’t take her off. Derek – yeah, if you win just take her off. Alyssa – okay. Xavier – up to this point you haven’t given us a reason not to trust you so we will just have to roll with that. They talk about bring the Royal Flush together without being suspicious. Xavier – if one of us can just talk with Hannah so the others can meet.

They hear Britini singing in the kitchen and wonder why she is so happy. Derek – I guess I really convinced her. Derek – I feel bad when SB went up when she didn’t have to. Alyssa – its a miscommunication thing. Christian – we will not hold it against you as long as she stays. Derek – I want her to stay.

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Britni being the calm voice of reason and comforting DX after the nom ceremony … now THAT was an unexpected twist this season!


I would say that Derek X was faking it but having seen it take place on the live cams he is not that good of an actor to have faked it


I HOPE he was faking it! AND it totally pre-empted her effing dramatic self-serving delusional meltdown. So, either way – BRILLIANT!

This annoys the eff outta me from SB – Please read this using your best whiny baby girl voice:

“I don’t want to go home before jury! I’m going to go home on my birthday week. Christian – yeah he put you up on your birthday week”

Waaa waaa waaa. Like an HOH has to plan their noms around someone’s B-DAY? When was that ever a think? As if. [smh]

Julie Chen

I cannot. On her mother’s daughter’s birthday. Disgusting. That’s cute. Real cute.


It was after his talk to Ky that DX decided to definitely to put up SB. I would love DX, KY, and SB to be in an alliance hope it can still work out that way. I just hope the Veto is used

another name

Christian goes to see wtf is going on with Britoria. We join the thinktank in the bathroom now:
Christian: It makes no sense.
Brit: I’m as clueless as you.

then i muted.
20 million sarcastic comments erupted in my brain all at the same time.
I’m going to lie down now.
Someone keep Dx away from the backhoe before he Frenches up his HOH.




Did DX tell Allysa that Christian and her are safe, or just her? She thinks it’s both of them.


Just her

Big Jim

Christian better get picked for the veto and win or he is in serious trouble

Paul Sucks

This week already blows and to add insult to injury, Brit doesn’t even go into a full meltdown. It should have been Big D.


Both Big D and Brittini were very calm during their 1-on-1 and surprisingly answered that they would be ok with being pawns


I still kinda wished we could see another Brit meltdown or a BigD meltdown.
Just for the LOLS.

BUT, do you think if Brit doesn’t at least FAKE a meldown people might become more SUS about these noms?


Why do I have a feeling it will turn into a particular episode of Friends this week with a version of “They don’t know that we know they know”, lol


Finally, they are playing Big Brother. I really hope this whole plan doesn’t blow up on DX’s face. I think his intended target being SB or Christian will stay over Britini. We’ll have to see how the veto goes.


I think these hgs have evolved without a gut check. My picks (as my fee faves are fading into house mist)
Tiff playing the dervish game
X playing the long game one day at a time
Ky- just because I think he’s a closet nerd like a high school band member kinda cool thing going on


I would LOVE another Ky HOH reign.
He played it brilliantly, IMHO.
Coolly didn’t answer ANY questions.
Didn’t give up much info on his plans.
Limited the negotiations to both time and number of HG’s.

OR a Claire HOH. She’s a sleeper in this game – I wonder what she would do? Anyone know of her possible targets or game play moves?

Kid Rock

DX started out good but he just really messed up telling SB is back door plan! He gave her wayyy to much information! He didn’t need to do that! This plan will get exposed real soon! Plus Christian is already thinking the moms are fishy….. Should be a Kraken week


I agree!

He could have just said something like this: “you are not my target but make sure you have your votes.” Then, I would have added with a mock fierce tone and a grin: “This is a game and this week I get to play it my way. (extra points if he could try a Frank Sinatra tune)

…Then add in a conciliating manner: “Be cool and everything should be fine. [with mock ferocity adding] That is all I can and WILL say for now!” …then I would add a Muuwaaaa and rub my hands together. Straight face, “Now get out of here, look upset, you’re good, I have other people to deal with who may be a lot less safe than you, missy” (that last bit is because of her annoying baby girl voice that is grating.




nobody else is gonna call out the fact that the only people being targeted are white?. every other season as soon as a poc gets targeted all i ever hear is oh thats racist, not this year though huh hmmm

Fraggle Rock Bottom

Please check out all my posts which many I see were posted then later purged, by whom, I really don’t know. Truths are cleansed as we see each and every day on social media, MSM etc. Why would this site be any different. Purge the obvious.

I 100% predicted what would happen for 5 weeks now regarding the order of eviction. POWC out the door and then the non full POC stragglers would be picked off leaving purebred POC in the top 6. BBCAN led the way for the US BB, same producers.