Derek “If we can actually get Christian out this week, the path looks very, very good!”

HOH: Derek X
HAVENOTS: Christian, Xavier, Alyssa
Nominations: Britini and Sarah
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

FYI – Teams are done, Wildcard comps are done, Twist next week with Fan involvement

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7:43pm HOH room. Tiffany, Derek X, Claire and Hannah.
Tiffany – Tell me what y’all think? Derek – wait what do you mean? Tiffany – I don’t no nothing. I am offended. You haven’t talked to me in 24 hours. Derek – I’m scared to talk to anyone. Tiffany – I’m scared you’re going to put me on the block. Derek – Good! Okay ..Christian! Obviously I want to backdoor Christian basically right now I think I have set it up so that if either of them draw HG choice, Christian will not be selected. Okay so basically the Kings are sold that Britini is the target. I am telling them that all the queens are all on the same page that Britini is the target. Tiffany – and that you had to put a king up to keep the house happy with the Jokers. Derek – exactly. That’s all that really matters. I think Christian knows though. Claire – he will be suspicious until after veto. I think Alyssa is sold that she is not on. SB is nervous but she thinks she has the votes so it doesn’t matter. Tiffany – why is Ky in here crying for 37 minutes at a time? Claire – yeah Britini is mad at Ky. Derek – Brit is mad at Ky? Tiffany – yeah because every time she’s done talking to you he runs in here and locks you in the room for an hour and seven minutes. Claire – I think she will be fine. I think she was just annoyed that Ky was so upset for Sb and not upset for her at all. Derek – yeah. Tiff – Okay fine! I came all the way up here for nothing! Derek – if we can actually get Christian out this week, the path looks very, very good! Tiff – Oh the kings don’t know anything about that. Derek shakes his head no. Tiff – okay. How is your relationship with X? Derek – I don’t know that is going to be the biggest question mark for me. Everything else I feel okay with. I know Alyssa is going to be pissed but I am not too worried about that. X I would actually feel threatened by. Tiff – so SB is not coming for Hannah. And she is not coming for me. She is not coming for Claire. She is not coming for you. Hannah – how convenient… sorry. Tiff – she is not coming for you. Go on Frenchie with a big heart. Claire – look this week is going to play out how this week is going to play out.. Tiff – oh yes, I am fine with her (SB) staying. I just wanted to understand the dynamics. Derek – yeah. Claire – and if she stays we have to keep playing with her. Tiff – yeah.. for how long. I am just going to be mad as hell if she (SB) wins and me and Hannah go up on the block together.. because I don’t know why taking out a joker would benefit her over taking out me or Hannah. Hannah leaves.

Derek – okay I am telling you guys this.. do not tell Hannah ..and do not tell anyone else outside of this room. Sb knows there is a backdoor. Ky knows there is a backdoor. I had to tell SB so that she would calm down and also I needed her to not pick Christian for the veto. She is cool with it. That is why I had Ky in here for like 2 hours.. because I had to make sure he was on board with it. He fully bought it. He is on board with the worst case scenario .. if SB is on he already knows she is going home. He is on board. I think he honestly doesn’t want to hurt her feelings. Tiff – what about X? I think if you tell Ky then X will know.. so you might as well tell X yourself. You don’t want to? Derek – no. Claire – I mean maybe you can tell him after the veto is won. Derek – I can’t because right now X is incentivized to keep Christian. Claire – yeah for sure. Derek – Ky has no incentive to keep Christian. Claire – Can SB know that we know? Derek – no. Tiff – we don’t know anything. I like that. Derek – you don’t know that Ky knows. You don’t know that SB knows. All they know is that I was going to tell you guys that Brit is the target. Brit said my name. In the one on ones people said Brit’s name and of all the jokers Brit was the highest on my list. I am closer to Azah and Big D is not a threat to me. Tiff – good game ..I like it. You did a really good job at the ceremony. Derek – I wish I had kept my speech more vague. Claire – everyone gets mad at the speech. What is SB thinking?

Derek – She (SB) said I don’t get why you think I was targeting you. I never said I was coming for you or the queens, I was never coming for Hannah. It was also way more sincere. Claire – you can’t forget that she literally told me your name two days ago. Tiff – and she literally yelled at me and Claire. Derek – what was the context? Claire – me and her were sitting up, it felt out of the blue because we hadn’t talked game in a week or two .. she was like look I am not sure if the other kings are going to want to make a shot against DX but one of us have to take a shot. He is the biggest threat amongst us and she was like everyone else wants to like Christian will want to keep him. X will want to keep him. Alyssa would want to keep him. Tiff – and don’t forget she does acting… voice acting .. but she is still an actress. And don’t forget she spent a whole hour in there with the kings before she came in here. She was groomed and prepped on how to handle this meeting with you. If Ky hadn’t barged in here you probably could have talked to her before she got prepped so well but he monopolized that time and gave her time to get her story and script together. Claire – she literally told me it two days ago. Tiff – she is a HUGE fan of the game and she came in the door playing the game. SB has been playing the game since the very beginning. She is very tight with her words and who she talks to. Derek – obviously I believe she said my name but why didn’t she tell Ky. Tiff – why would she tell him. She is a girl and she trust her. Derek – SB feels good with the queens.

8:23pm HOH room – Brit and Derek X.
Brit – everyone is buying it hook and sinker. They fist bump. Derek – I think we are doing a really good job. Derek – you need to stop singing though. Brit – oh .. I will. Everyone has been seeing me pissed as sh*t. Don’t you worry. Everyone has been asking me if I am okay. I just sing because that is my release and then I get back to it. You are never going to believe the conversation I just had with Ky. Derek – good or bad? Brit – BAD! Derek – what did he say? Brit – So I am chopping onions and I keep getting corrected on how I am not chopping them small enough but that is fine .. that is beyond the point. So then he starts going how are you feeling about this week? And I was like Ky how do you think I am feeling?! This is my third time up on the block and he goes well have you started thinking about the veto? And I was like besides the fact that I need to win the veto no Ky. And he goes.. have you thought about people using the veto or not using the veto? And I was like Ky what are you talking about? And he goes you have to think about do you want people to use the veto on you, do you want the veto to be used, or do you want the veto not to be used? And I was like Ky the first one! I was like I obviously want the veto used on me. And he was like what if that can’t happen? Because I know a lot of people that are going to be gunning for it and playing for it and what if it doesn’t get used on you. He goes is it better for the veto to be used or not be used? And I was like what the hell!??! Derek – I am so confused. Brit – and he goes I am really motivated and I really want to win the veto. And I was like I am guessing you’re taking SB down? And he goes yeah absolutely. Derek – what the f**k. So what the is verbatim what he said? Brit – yeah. Derek – that is out of character for Ky. That is antagonizing almost. Brit – yeah. He doesn’t really do stuff.. like I don’t know.. Brit – he acts different with SB. That is a different guy.

8:47pm Chess room. Christian and Brit.
Christian – you do what you think is best for you to stay because that benefits me. Brit – okay. Let me ask you the question, if your name gets pulled and you win it are you using it or keeping things the same? Christian – I am using it. You put up someone from my team without any warning that you were going to do it. I hope he doesn’t put up another person from my team. So if I am playing and I win he is expecting me to use it. And then he doesn’t know about me and you working together. I have to use it. It doesn’t benefit me because you’re not even going to jury. This person won’t even be going to jury. Brit – I know. Here is the thing.. everyone loves SB .. why the hell am I up against SB? Like I am nervous.. every other time its been a pawn scenario .. this is not that. Christian – right. Brit – I need my perfect line up for this comp tomorrow. Christian – I am going to bed at f**king 10 o’clock. I am resting.. No f**king games tomorrow. Brit – I am just so surprised Ky had that conversation with me. Christian – I think Ky is in on all this SH*T! Ky is PISSING ME OFF! PISSING ME OFF! I can’t stand KY right now!! Brit – he literally asked me if I would rather the veto be used.. Christian – he asked Alyssa the same f**King thing! They start studying the days / events of the season.

9:27pm Living room – Christian and Alyssa.
Alyssa – what did she (Brit) say? Christian – she would pick Azah. She was saying how badly Azah wanted to play. And I said its important to not pick someone because they want to play but someone who is mostly likely to play. We went over the days together just to make her feel more comfortable about picking me. She said she is going to sleep on it. She asked who SB is going to pick if she gets HG choice and I said X because he proved himself in a memory comp already.

9:40pm Living room – Xavier and Sarah.
Sarah – I am thinking I would pick Ky because he is really really good at memory and I feel good with memory and puzzle. Xavier – okay. That works. Sarah – and I feel like he will take me down. Xavier – yeah he would take you down. That works, cool! Sarah – if he does anything sketchy though, let me know. Xavier – if he does we’re coming for his a$$! Right Christian? Christian – I am already coming .. I am already down! Xavier – see what happens .. two attack dogs ready to go.

9:42pm Kyland and Claire bring out a cake for Tiffany. When they come out all the house guests sing happy birthday.

9:45pm Bathroom. Sarah, Xavier and Christian.

Sarah – I might try to convince her (Brit) to throw it to me. Christian – BRITINI? Xavier – I doubt that. Christian – how could you convince her to do that? Sarah – If I tell her that I have the votes to stay .. which I do. And I tell her that I have the votes to stay against you and teammates… If you come down Azah or Big D are just going to go up and whoever is sitting by me is just going to go home on Thursday but if I come off the block I am Derek’s target … he is going to put up someone close to me.. which means one of you and if y’all are on the block they stay safe. Xavier – I see what you’re saying.

10:05pm HOH room. Tiffany, Sarah, Xavier, Claire, Christian, Derek X. (Alyssa is in the Gym, Ky is in the diary room)

They planned earlier to use Alyssa to distract Hannah (with cycling) so the Royal Flush could have a meeting without Hannah thinking anything was up. Derek – so basically I talked to everyone about what is going down this week and no matter what happens with the veto we will have the votes to control what .. who goes home this week. Right now the plan is to take Britini out and everyone is on board, even Hannah is on board. The only people that would be voting against it would be the jokers. Sarah – so you told Hannah that Brit is the target? Derek – yeah. Everyone is on the same page… Ky knows, Alyssa knows… I do feel bad though because I was not aware that we weren’t going to reveal the Flush this week. Xavier – we can postpone it another week. Claire – the votes will reveal it anyways with the exception of two jokers up there. I think now might be a little early but we could start thinking about next week and what that looks like. Sarah tells them about her plan to try to get Brit to throw the comp. They don’t believe that Brit would actually throw it. Sarah – if you don’t think she would throw it, then I won’t do it. Xavier and Ky – it doesn’t hurt to try it.

10:34pm HOH room. Sarah and Derek X.
Sarah – I think the kings have any idea. Derek – no idea. Sarah – the fact that you genuinely didn’t know about .. I think that completely convinced them. Because now they feel like it was just a mistake.. that you thought this would be smart. They get it. They aren’t mad. They just want Brit to go home. They actually came to me and said we really think this is going to be a mental comp and none of us are feeling great about it.. and I was like why don’t I pick Ky? Derek – what?! Sarah – that literally fell into my lap. She just can’t win it. I will try to get her frazzled. I appreciate you being honest about your plan. Derek – I am sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner. Sarah – its okay. They talk about what the veto comp might be.

10:55pm Havenot room showmancing..

11:40am – 11:55pm HOH room. Derek X and Alyssa.
Derek – I felt really sad afterward, as soon as I had done it I regretted it and just felt sad when I turned the key. It just felt so wrong … I was like this can’t be the right thing to do right now. Alyssa – oh like you second guessed it? Derek – exactly. Alyssa – I could tell in your face. I feel bad that we did not communicate that we were not showing our cards yet… not knowing that you made the right decision. But now that you know its something that we all fine with and we realize it. Its not like SB is leaving and you said if Brit or SB comes off another Joker is going up.. and from the talks I’ve had everyone believes you. The conversation turns to talking about the HOH comp.

6:37 am Houseguests sleeping.

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Minor question how did Tiffany fall so low on ranking and top three are guys? America’s Twist could be interesting ?

Miss Impression

Because the rankings have nothing to do with who’s playing the best game.

Christime Ahrens

I cant stand tiff shes nothing but weisel and big mouth. Shescnot one nothing way would she be at top

Christime Ahrens

No one likes Tiffani. Big mouth and sneak cuz guys r better players shes not one nothing riding gravy train.

BB fan

Derek X is dumber than I thought to put up SB then with the possibility of backdooring Christian is just further proving that he is a tool for the cookout and just cementing his eviction to be sooner rather than later! Congratulations Pal you made the target that much fatter on your head once this week ends.
Derek X literally needs to write the cookout a check after his HOH reign just ridiculous how much of a puppet DX has proved himself to be!

Derek X does not deserve to be AFP people!
When he deserves to be largely to blame for this season becoming a runaway to the cookout!


Just because you watch them on TV and know all of the alliances doesn’t mean that people INSIDE the house are supposed to magically know everything going on with everyone at all times. You are acting like Derek X knows that the cookout exists., which he doesn’t. Backdooring Christian is actually a big ballsy move.

Tre Billis

It is not a big ballsy move it is a stupid move anyway you look at it. Christian is in his alliance and WAS NOT going after him. Christian was the biggest target in the game and now DX becomes the biggest target. A big ballsy move is not putting two people from your alliance up. Your definition of a Big Ballsy move is Christian putting Alyssa up. There is a difference between a big ballsy move and a big stupid move. It doesn’t matter if he knows the other alliances in his house or not. Although if he wasn’t so clueless he would notice something fishy going on with the african-americans. None have gone home and when the one was nominated they all pushed for the non-african-american. ANy way you look at it DX is a stupid puppet.

Nicole Bouthot

Agree. He pussed out this week. It should have been Alyssa and Christian OTB to guarantee one of them went home. He could just easily told her that she’s the pawn. Or even Christian and SB (just to get a king). I knew he would suck as HOH.

Sir Kirby Williams

Dude, if you played, you’d probably be worse than Frenchie and gone quicker than Jodi.

BB fan

You’re a complete dumdass and further proving the point of how stupid this guy is.
I would smoke you FOOL anytime in this game ! Obviously you don’t know first thing about making stupid moves!

One I could actually jump across three beds that are moving and bring a stuffed teddy bear back so I wouldn’t be last!!
Two Frenchie he made deals and went back on people and made no sense with who he wanted the target to be- thus making himself look wreckless and untrustworthy to the house. Not to mention frenchie would call people he was supposedly close with out in front of people that they weren’t aligned about their loyalties which made him look even more untrustworthy. That is classic case of week 1 HOH-itus that is completely avoidable and just further proving the point that you’re completely INEPT when it comes to this game!

PLEASE YOU ARE literally Jacob from season 9 – A complete BONEHEAD and THEE WORST PLAYER IN BB HISTORY

You’re so pathetic that you get off seeing DX BEING used as puppet by Tiffany and Hannah! If you notice DX only wears shorts because Tiffany and Hannah wear his pants for him and make his moves without getting their hands dirty! You obviously are completely blind and dumb and not seeing the point that he is just giving the cookout what they want and making it that much easier for them to steamroll and take over this game!

People you have to realize that backdooring Christian is a dumb move because it makes DX target that much bigger! You keep big targets in the house in order to keep yours smaller when you were a competition beast with 12 people left in a house really full of floaters which is what the overwhelming majority of the cookout is- floaters and a couple of coasters!
Keeping Alyssa and Christian they can target the other side of the house for you!
You use them to target the REST OF THE JOKERS! Thus allowing yourself to go further if the cookout is dismantled. If the cookout is intact and they have a handful of people Derek X will be so low on totem pole that he’s not getting anywhere close to the final five! He is literally doing what Tiffany and Hannah want being used like a tool!


Good point! Dx is the next physical threat if Christian is backdoored this week!

BB fan

Exactly and when there’s 11 people left
7 which are women and the other three males left are black and in the cookout
Derek X is making an awful decision for his long game! How can other people not see this as bad strategy and that DX is so tunnel vision with his short game!


DX just has not caught on that there’s a cookout alliance “yet”


When does Zingbot shows up maybe soon I hope. Wonder what Tiffany or the showmance’s zingers. I love his comp.


Can’t wait to hear what Zingbot has to say to DF aka The Blob!


Problem with Britni is she can’t just stfu and take being on block always a drama scene with her?

Christian’s body odor

I can’t take another week of Britini’s rapping and loud-mouthed DRs….. take us out of our misery…..Tiffany has become the female Derrick this year and although impressive as she may be, I’m still fkn bored

another name

Random thoughts.

It’s week five. By now every houseguest should know that if Tiffany comes up to them and starts being supportive and affectionate and motherly and touchy feely after noms… their ass is in trouble because she’s like the archangel of eviction or some shit. Even if they aren’t on the block…. they see Mama Grim Reaper Medusa coming… run. Throw everyone they ever knew under the bus, and make up what EVER lie they need to feed to the HOH, because they are screwed. It’s not even jury management at this point. It’s playing with her food before she unhinges her jaw and devours them whole.

I’m guessing they’re warming up the D/Ream room for another session of conditioning for Tiff by the way. She told Hannah that if the 6 plan fails in any way, she’s keeping Dx and maybe Claire and the cookout are just going to have to be mad. She’s having another one of THOSE nights.
My impression of Tiff’s internal monologue tonight:
grr grumble heavy sigh grrr… my own damn game not letting Ky take credit for all my hard work while I’m piggybacking a couch like he’s Cleopatra or some shit AND dragging Azah’s wagon behind my ass like i’m her workhorse and she’s giving me the whip instead of the damn carrot … and still X is pissy he can’t have all 3 of his minions in jury… well damn then i’m keeping mine too how you like that, hell get to six? You got to jury on my tails, why i gotta carry y’all the way to six? grrrr grumble gripe.

The way the houseguests are talking about Veto picks… so… they’re filling the bag with 12 houseguest choice chips…. and 3 Df chip just for shits and giggles?
Just going to sideye a minute. Still haven’t forgotten the bbcan7 friday night labelled costumes for veto delivery BEFORE they chose who’d play on Saturday incident. So. i’m going to put out a guess: alyssa, Df/hannah, kyland? If i’m wrong I’m wrong.

What I’d prefer… hmmm. If there was any possible way that a cookout member would go on the block and somehow become the target… I’d like to see what the cookout would do. It would cause a house division that would give the viewer vote starting next week more dramatic importance to story. If i were in one of Grod’s flying monkey cages, that’s the angle I’d be pushing. I’m not saying this out of any desire to help or hurt cookout or the rubes that still haven’t put the puzzle together. I’m saying this from a storyline to heighten ratings in prep for the lull in viewers that usually happens around week 7 perspective.

It took hours for my eyes to stop rolling yesterday. Between the couch’s Mentor Program comment, and Britoria volunteering to put the ass in asst. assassin…. i think my eyeballs almost paid out.

Last thought. The kings going as a crowd of angry villagers to storm the castle. Ummm. So, that wouldn’t have played well with me… and i’m a little annoyed with how Dx was conciliatory. Dx has enough dirt to at least show them they’re being entitled little assholes.
Dx knows SB was saying his name as of 2 days ago, and none of the kings gave him a warning, so royal flush communication is pretty one sided and needs improvement… and if I’m not mistaken, he knows that all three of the kings that are so pissy named SB as a nominee to him if he needed a king. So, what’s up with the indignation? Didn’t each of Ky, Al and Ch say SB if a king had to go up? That was my why are they so mad face..

End Random Thoughts.

another name

In my veto guess i got the Alyssa Kyland part right, but Claire got the third position. Hmm. Scratching my head wondering how Claire makes sense to the storyline as third position.

Crybaby Kings

I can’t believe how entitled the kings are acting. Even though the teams are done they are a strong group of 4 that has been safe 2 out of the 4 weeks, with Christian being safe 3 of the 4. To not expect someone to take a shot at their group when they finally have a chance is ridiculous. I think SB is only ok with it because it can possibly save her and she knows that she is the on the bottom of that group.


No matter how things play out today & Thursday look for it to cause drama throughout the rest of the game


DerekX thinks if he gets Christian out this week the path forward looks very good. He will be next to go—Tiffany will have no use for him anymore and Alyssa, SB and Xavier will be looking for revenge.

Christime Ahrens

If that creep x puts or backdoor Christian I’m all done watching this season. These ppl have no clue what tgere doing there bunch of puppets, tiff needs to go and be put up.
I dont like Derek x at all. He cheats and has no clue who cares what anyone thinks. That’s way I liked frenchie he didn’t play guessing games or ask for advice from other hkuseguests.

Christime Ahrens

If that Derek evicts Christian I’m all done watching this ridiculous season. He’s a puke these ppl r not smart, ones they should keep they don’t let’s put him on the block him and big mouth tiff. Don’t like no one on this season.

Roisin Dubh

I knew this guy was gonna get caught up. He had that watch me do some dumb shit vibe from the jump. His POV win confirmed it for me.

Christime Ahrens

What is Tiffani and that direction x doing. I hope it comes back to bite them both in the butt. Hes a sneak and creep in my book. Way hint anyone put him up. Can’t stand this season…worst.
Hope they choose Christians name to play.. hope someone puts x and Tiffani up… I’m gonna laugh.

mad max

I totally agree about Tiff. I would think people would see right thru her sooner than later. She will be a bitter juror.


Lmaooo bb23 duo “Tiffany and Claire”

Tre Billis

Kyland will never get rid of Tiffany because if he goes against the Cookout the Cookout will target him. Kyland will wait until there are only Cookout members left before he targets her. Tiffany will not go after Kyland until it is just the Cookout. I thought I saw on TV that Kyland was comforting Tiffany in his arms. They are closer than you think.