Nomination Results! Frenchie “I’m going to blow some sh*t up. If I get the veto I am using it on you.”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: ???????
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: WILDCARD Winner: The winner is safe for the week but in order to be safe they must switch teams.

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6:35pm The live feeds return from the nomination ceremony. As HOH, Kyland nominated Frenchie and Britini for eviction.

Bedroom. Britini and Azah are crying. Frenchie – keep the focus on me. You (Britini) lay low. I am serious, keep the focus on my. You lay low. Britini – I don’t you to leave. We got to find a way for both of us to stay. Frenchie points at his kids – see that girl right there, I get to go see her. Britini – I had a weird feeling as soon as he won HOH. Frenchie – hey you start ruffling feathers …let the focus stay on me. Let me do what I’ve got to do because I am going to blow some sh*t up. Britini – Okay. Frenchie – let me do it. Let me go home. Britini – I don’t want either one of us to go home. I am telling you right now if I get the veto I am using it on you. So you’re not going no where. Hey, I miss my family. I am okay. I get to go see my family. I am okay. I am good. I just need you to stay quite, stay low and stay off people’s radar. Let the target stay on my back. Promise me you will lay low and keep that target off of your back. Big D – I don’t get why we got two. (Two people from their team nominated) Frenchie – just promise me that you will let the target stay on my and then when I am gone you stick together like hell. Since day 1 I have missed this! (picture of his kids) so if I get to go home and spend time with them.. that’s not bad. Life is too short. No matter what you have to smile. Find the sunshine in the rain. Big D – these motherf**kers.. Azah – this whole game they’ve been untouched. Britini is crying. Britini – I literally comforted the guy last week and made sure he was okay. Its like come on! Come on! What is that “one of the best competitors in the house” I haven’t done anything to prove that!! I’ve played in two comps and lost both.. so what does that mean?! Its an excuse to put me up. Big D – I don’t know why we got two shots! Unless he has another plan .. a backdoor plan or something. Frenchie – You’ll be laughing in a little bit. There is going to be fireworks in a little bit .. just sit back and watch the show. I am going to make that target on my back so big SO BIG ..they’re not even going to see you. I am completely happy going home to see my babies. Whitney – lets not make it hard for everybody. Britini – I had a feeling .. he would not even look at me during that meeting. Big D – maybe there is a back door plan that we don’t know about. Frenchie – when I say fireworks I am just going to make sure people see me and not you. Big D – can we just make sure there isn’t a backdoor plan first? Frenchie – I will go talk to him.

Kitchen – Xavier hugs Kyland.
Xavier – You did good man. I am proud of you. A storm is coming. You know that right?! I got your back. The kings got your back. I am not going to let anything happen to you. I’ll make sure you’re protected.

HOH room. Kyland, Claire and Tiffany.
Tiffany – I personally believe that you made the best move. Your nominations where very aligned with your speech. It was very logical. It made a lot of sense and anyone playing this game understands why you did what you did. Claire – you gave such clear explanations. It made sense and it wasn’t personal. I think its the best moves for your game. Tiffany – you handled these last two days like a boss! Claire – the CEO! Kyland – till now. Tiffany – no no no, you’ve put everyone in check. This move had to be made. And what you are saying is ist either you or me. Tiffany – he has been going around saying he doesn’t trust you. You had to make your move. He made it first. I am proud of you. Claire – its a justifiable move. Tiffany – its a game. If you didn’t come in here to play what did you come in here for. And using his closest opponent… smart. And you transparently detailed why. Claire – no one can be mad at that speech. Tiffany – I want to thank you! Really! Kyland – I have to talk to Derek X and Azah. Tiffany – Azah is NOT team Frenchie.

Bathroom. Britini and Frenchie wash their faces.
Frenchie – This is a game. You’ve got to have fun. Lets wash our faces. Pump ourselves up. Britini – kick some damn a$$ in the veto. I am F**KING READY FOR TOMORROW B***HES! Frenchie – there is no sense in being mean to anybody. This is just a game first and foremost. This is just a game. Our respect and dignity is worth more to us. We hold ourselves to a higher standard.

7pm HOH room. Frenchie and Kyland.
Frenchie – I am going to make this real quick and simple. I am not mad at you. They hug. I ain’t mad at you one bit. Kyland is crying. Frenchie – I told you this job was hard, huh!? I am not mad at you one bit. Alright?! Kyland – I hope so. Frenchie – because at the end of the day if I get to leave I get to see my babies. If I want anyone to take me out of this game I want it to be on yours. Kyland – I appreciate it. I really thank you so much. Frenchie – Life is way to short to be mad, sad or any of that. Birtini’s feelings are a little hurt but I know why you did it. Its okay. If she is the target, reverse it to me. Okay?! Kyland – I would say .. Frenchie – I am just going to say if I get the veto I am using it on her. Unless you had another plan. Kyland – as of this moment there is not. The game is still on and I am still processing conversations. This is a sucky job.. I am going to squeeze out the power and ask questions. If you don’t want to answer, you don’t have to. There was not a team that was as stacked as the slaughter house. I have an idea to get the team.. our full team together tonight if possible. Frenchie – I was upset about something person. It wasn’t about game.. it was something that was said that was personal. Kyland – from me? Frenchie – no. That is why I was upset. So if someone came up to you and said I was upset and going to blow up the slaughter house. I wouldn’t do that. I had no intentions of blowing up anything.

7:20pm Bedroom. Frenchie and Big D.
Frenchie – Worst case scenarios .. that is it. I am good with either. Would money be good… that would help save a lot of lives. We just have to hope for the best. Big D – we want to have a meeting and I hope that brings light .. because right now I am trying to figure out why two .. not one. Frenchie – I want you to calm down a little bit. If you cause ruffles that is going to cause chaos up here and that will put the nail in my casket. And worst case America comes through with something because if I leave .. this season is going to get boring REAL QUICK! Big D – I f**king know that! I can’t do it all! This is not a one man show.

7:36pm – 7:50pm HOH room. Kyland, Whitney, Brent, Derek X and Hannah
Brent – separate yourself from you and the first HOH reign. Actions speak louder than words. One was words, the other is actions. Respect is always given to those who act before they speak. Kyland – my hope it that everyone is still good. I feel good. If you see me stressed stop me. Derek X – good job today Kyland. Everyone but Whitney leaves. Kyland – What I am .. Ummm.. Ahhh.. the point is.. I would like.. ah.. I also want him to keep him like if he wants to.. to think that ..eerrr.. and who knows this game changes so much.. maybe some other sh*t will happen.. and we all decide ..I don’t know .. I can’t image but expect the unexpected. (Kyland is painful to listen to. He can’t complete a single thought.) So what I am saying is .. it would be ahh.. kind of like keep him calm and also like just because we don’t know what happens. That was the language of my speech. Ah you know .. the only people we can trust are our individual teams.. that was deliberate because our alliance is made up of other teams. Like I want to work with my team first and not the alliance. I wanted to leave the door .. the possibility open. And if next week anyone proves to be a liability we can make the decision at that point. Does that make sense? Whitney – no completely. The only person I don’t trust is Frenchie.

7:50pm HOH room. Christian, Sarah, Alyssa, Xavier, Kyland.
Alyssa – you did really good. Really good on your speech. Christian – very spot on. Alyssa – honestly like, really good. Like it sucks but you didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings. Christian – you kept it game and not personal. Alyssa – it was really good. You did good. Kyland – One of the things that Travis said on his way out was that Britini is his (Frenchie) eye’s and ears. She was reporting back to him all the things she sees and hears. Whether or not that part is true.. then we have the team thing.. Britini comes to talk so everyone but kyland leaves.

HOH room. Kyland and Britini.
Britini – talk to me. Kyland – this is challenging.. this game .. this role. On the surface, I hope that my speech gave the clarity that there not being anything personal for either of you and just game stuff. Two people have to go on the block and I have to put them there. It is the sh*tty part of the game. People told me that I am too nice for the game.. casting told me that. Since I feel that there is no one here that doesn’t deserve to win.. but that is not how the game works. I asked everyone if they had concerns about anyone and everyone said Frenchie but you. Britini – if I had said I had a concern about Frenchie would I have still been on the block? Kyland – I would say yes because of the other part of that. Britini – if I win and I pull down .. who goes up? Kyland – I have decided not to think about that to not come up with an answer. That is how you go crazy for me .. with my brain capacity.

8pm Bedroom. Frenchie, Big D, Hannah, Alyssa, Sarah.
Frenchie – If I am okay with it, you should be okay with it. Big D – I understand why the shot was thrown at you. Frenchie – I knew that if I did not win this competition (wildcard) today, I knew I was going home. I knew it, I’m a home run! Whoever takes me out, that’s a home run. There is something on the resume for the end of the game. Big D – I guess, I guess. Frenchie – She is up because if I am sitting next to her there is no way anyone in the house is voting to keep me over her. There is no way. That is a guaranteed home run. That is why if I win the veto I am putting it on her neck. And hopefully by then he sees that there are some snakes in the grass. And if sees them, maybe by the time the veto comes ..maybe one of those snakes are sitting next to me. And then I might have a chance. Either way I am a HUGE target and if I am in this house there is no way any of you are going home over me. Period! Big D – but wouldn’t it be smart for a lot of us to keep you? Frenchie – it would. Everything I said I was going to do I’ve done it. I’ve backed it up. It scares people. He says it scare him and I don’t get it .. because you can see it a mile away. Knowing what we know.. do you think she (Sarah) has a chance? Do you think she (Hannah) has a chance? Frenchie shakes his head. No, not with what we know. Sarah – the guys are working together .. that’s why he’s saying that. Frenchie – I didn’t say that. Sarah – that is the way I am going to interpret what you just said. Hannah – is there an all guys alliance. Big D – no, I am not apart of an all guys alliance. Hannah – so there is .. good to know. Hannah – so are you not going to cause fireworks? Frenchie – no, that was a joke. My fireworks was going to be going around to everyone and saying nice things about them. Hannah – got cha. Frenchie – All I am saying is that there are some powerful individuals in this house that are playing some mind tricks. And it just happened. If anyone would have his back 100% it was me. Did I put him on the veto, yeah but it was because I trusted him.

8:22pm – 8:30pm Havenot room. Hannah, Derek X, Whitney and Brent.
Hannah – I just had a whole conversation with Frenchie and he just lied to me. Derek – he’s been lying to me all day. Brent – he is trying to pin it on me. What did he say? Hannah – Watch you, watch X, watch Christian. Derek – Mmhhmm he basically told me the same thing. He didn’t tell me to watch Christian but he told me to watch you. Brent – what an idiot! I am on your team! What does he not get about this!? Whitney – I want to give him a big f**k you. Brent – no, dont! Let him do it to himself because I am feeling the same exact way because I was really 100% honest with Frenchie like from the beginning to today. And now seeing his true colours .. if he wants to go around to everyone’s team because he just names people from everyone’s team. Hannah – he also implied that you may or may not have wanted him to throw the comp to you. Brent – why would I.. he asked me in the bathroom to throw the comp to him. Whitney – he told me that he threw it. Hannah – he also said to watch you (Brent), watch you (Whitney), watch Christian, watch X because you guys are some powerful individuals and with you four in the house I have no chance at winning this game. Brent – so this is going to be a problem. What do I gain from having him throw the comp to me. Brent – should I go confront him and give America what they want? Derek, Hannah, Whitney – no, no! Hannah – wait till after the veto. You guys can easily wait till Monday. Whitney – he is such an attention wh*re! He likes to be the hero. Brent – and he’s not. Whitney – he is so obsessed with himself.

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Big Jim

Let the games begin!!


This will be a crazy week. I almost want Frenchie to win the veto just to see him use it on himself.




Me too, I like drama and would love to see Brent up as a replacement. Ky is impressive, Tiffany and Claire too. This season is so promising so far!


Fries has told Brit he will use veto on her, I do not believe it.

I think at the end of the day he would save himself, and let Ky get more blood on his hands by a forced second nom. That would probably be Brent, and then Brent would go home but Fries would be dead in his own team.

then unless he wins HOH he would be back up on block or back door then I think you would really see a girls alliance form and the guys would be on short list.

just my opinion take with a grain of salt.

The Beef

I don’t know about the rest of it, but I guarandamntee you, if Frenchie wins the veto, he’s using it on nobody but HIMSELF! He’s lied so many times in this game, and it’s only 9 days old! He’s really impressed with himself and does see himself as the hero of the game, so how better to “save” the game than to win the veto and take himself off the block? Hell, I almost hope he does it, due to the drama it’ll continue to provide to the game, even though he is most definitely a #1 chickenshitdeluxe type player!!


WTF is up with Big D? He threw a hinky vote to try to pin on Derek X (& ultimately also Ky). He had ZERO empathy for Ky going OTB or being told he might stay OTB last week even though he is in 3 different alliances with him.

He KNOWS Frenchie has lied, double-crossed & has other F2s besides with him. Maybe he doesn’t know how Fry or Brent threw him UTB but I thought he was made aware by X or others.

His lack of awareness is SHOCKING —asking if he is the backdoor plan & then saying it’s BS two Jokers are up — funny he sure didn’t have a problem that Travis/Ky went OTB last week (2 Queens).

And now when Frenchie tells SB & Hannah they have NO CHANCE of winning the game (insert eye roll emoji) – Big D is a total dick & agrees with him. I mean is he (Big D) even playing the game? B/c from what I can discern he was on the bottom of the total pole with the majority of the Slaughterhouse & his name was always left out of convos with Tiff/Ky/Claire but they’d include Azah, X & Hannah so he’s definitely on the bottom of the Cookout & never considered for off shoot side alliances.

Initially, I thought Big D would be a strong social player who would be fun & a good game player but he’s not impressing me with his self centered view & lack of empathy. DX saved Ky last week but he expected Ky to take him out — why? Just b/c that’s what Big D wanted?


Derek F. was one of my favorites preseason, but that stock has cratered. It’s like he’s drank too much of Frenchie’s kool-aid. He’ll be out soon.


He’s an obese hater.

I can’t wait for him to go become a have not.

Reinforce that jetski Production!

The Beef

Hahahahaha – Sub out the jetski and bring in a pontoon boat! Smoking Joe’s progeny needs the extra support!

MDW-Gilbert AZ

i’m confused with DerekF, i only see him sitting around, or laying on the bed all week. I really don’t see him winning any physical comps, from what I can see, DerekF just wants to be on TV. At first I thought he was going to be interesting, but now I see that he does not really have a clear understanding of what’s happening in the house.

Maybe he should get up, mingle, talk with people, start playing the game. Do something more than lounging around or sitting around watching everyone else.

The Beef

Maybe he just doesn’t have that “stick and move” style, with the “shuffle” thrown in there, that polished boxers seem to have. He seems to have inherited the plodding, left hook throwing, face in your chest style of his father, which works if you’re strong enough to make it work. Smoking Joe was. It remains to be seen if BigD is.


Do you really expect him to exercise lol?

He is super annoying and such a failed member of the cast.


If it ain’t the race card it’s the weight card Shut yo mouth!!


NOBODY brought up his race so please have several seats and STFU!

He is very annoying and pointless just like yourself.

You probably feel some type of way about me mentioning the elephant in the room.

Oh well.

You’ll get over it sweetie.


I wonder if Big D is just observing knowing he has no real target or reason to bring attention to himself.

granted agreeing with Fries ? is not helping his game in the least but his name has not been thrown around like Brent, Chris, Claire, or Whitney.

so only time will tell where his strength will be in this game.


Frenchie not going yet!
The PTB LOLing.
Red Rover, Red Rover
Let Brent be Over.


Is it bad of me to feel just a little bit sorry for Frenchie? I really don’t want to see him go. He’s right, the house and the season will become very boring without him.