Hannah “He was quick to throw you guys under the bus. Calling you the head of the snake. A snake in the grass.”

HOH: Kyland
SAFE: Claire and Tiffany
HAVENOTS: Brent, Derek X, Whitney, Hannah
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Sarah Beth (didn’t take it nobody safe)
Nominations: Frenchie and Britini
Power of Veto Players: ???????
Power of Veto: ?
Power of Veto Ceremony: WILDCARD Winner: The winner is safe for the week but in order to be safe they must switch teams.

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8:45pm Kyland and Azah.
Azah – The thing is I am not even mad at you, I am mad at Frenchie. I am pissed at Frenchie because his sh*t last week is what has us in this position. He didn’t listen to me. Kyland – and it didn’t stop till today.. in my room. Azah – I know he has been doing this. The only thing that I want to say is this, I don’t want to put out names or anything.. there are people that work outward and people that work in secret. Just be careful with the people that are speaking and talking to you because there is so much more to this. Kyland – I am putting zero faith in anything that is not said by one of us. When I make a decision I use information from others to justify it but I don’t put any stock in it if it isn’t said by one of us. My goal is for the noms to stay the same. As far as names I have no intention of thinking about names until the veto.

8:50pm Havenot room. Hannah, Brent and Whitney.
Hannah – Frenchie is essentially using you guys. Whitney – well and I thought that I was f**king close to him. I thought we were friends. I considered him one of my friends in the house. Brent – it is kind of flattering I guess… Hannah – that he is throwing you under the bus.. repeatedly. Brent – that he thinks we’re that much of a threat. Whitney – well it is kind of funny considering I haven’t done anything other than win one competition. Brent – I haven’t done anything but lose every competition. Whitney – I don’t think I would be a threat. Brent – I am so annoyed. Hannah – he was so quick to throw you guys under the bus. Calling you the head of the snake. A snake in the grass. Brent – he is such an idiot! He really is. Whitney – it is going to be really hard to hold my tongue. Brent – Frenchie was HOH, how am I the head of the snake!? Hannah – he said he isn’t the head of the snake because he is the only truthful one.. is what I was told. Whitney laughs – I really can’t wait to see what this house is like when he is gone.

8:55pm Bathroom. Christian and Brent.
Brent – my name, your name and X’s name. Telling Hannah. Hannah is loyal to me. Telling Hannah like watch out for them. He’s the head of the snake. Dude, you were the HOH. You’re the one that did everything. Don’t say or do anything.. let him blow up his own game. What really annoys me is that he is making up all these lies to get the target off his back. Telling Hannah of all people!? Hannah is my teammate! Christian – he says he is accepting his fate.. He is calling a meeting tonight called the fireworks. Brent – he is trying to blow it all up on me. I am the only one that has been telling the truth to everyone. My stores match up with people is the only reason why I have not been nominated yet. Christian – he wants you to blow up.

9:05pm Living room. Big D, Xavier, Brent and Frenchie.
Brent – American is entertained. Frenchie – America is f**king pissed. Big D – we’re all going into the week shaky as hell. What the hell are we supposed to do now. Frenchie – Y’all better make some big moves! That is all I’ve got to say. Y’all better make some big moves the rest of the season. Brent – Everyone just needs to f**king shut up and do what we need to do till we get to the top 8. I say it every f**King day. Don’t bring attention to it. Frenchie – we would have cruised. Me sitting next to anybody .. I am going home because I am the biggest target. If I wasn’t loyal.. the second that key turned I would have been blowing peoples games up .. LOUD! Publicly! I told two people there is a snake in the grass that you need to watch. He did it to me, he will do it to you. That is exactly what I am talking about (points to the HOH room). Big D – Ky? Frenchie – yeah, if he did it to me.. what makes you think he won’t do it to you. Or you, or you? That is just being honest. Brent – who was it? Big D – Ky. Frenchie – he blatantly looked me in the face and said you’re the target. I said we were in an alliance. He said I still want to get the slaughter house together and talk about it. He said I was on the block last week. I said you knew why you were on the block. I wanted someone on there that I trusted that could help fight for it. Brent – it is week two and this sh*t is a mess! Frenchie – right!? This is a sh*t show. Big D – I am tired of people walking around here like they’re untouchable! That’s what’s bothering me. Frenchie – who is untouchable? Derek x? Big D – yeah Derek. Him over there. Him! I am over it.

9:33pm – 9:40pm Havenot room – Brent and Xavier
Brent – we need to be able to trust the alliance because it is going to get messy …but he is going around just trashing everyone’s name making himself look like a little saint. And I have to bite my tongue when I am sitting on that couch because I know what he is actually saying. Xavier – I know, I need to hear it. I need to hear exactly what is going on in his head. If I can’t hear it, I can’t prepare for it. Brent – and he is over there asking me why Whitney is upset.. are you kidding me?! I kind of snapped on him .. I was like we had this guaranteed 8 … and all we had to do is shut up, look pretty and keep it f**king tight. And now he is upset that he has a target on his back!? He nominated himself to be a pawn and he nominated the person that is the HOH. Xavier – he is talking about fireworks. But my thing is .. who started all this sh*t. It started with you (Frenchie). Brent – and he is trying to pin it on us. Brent – he asked me to be in a final two. He asked Whitney too and I am pretty sure he asked others. What do you say to that? You can’t say no because then you’re a target. Its so easy if everyone would just shut up.

10:05pm Bedroom. Frenchie, Big D
Frenchie – I am not giving up and going .. I am just looking at the positives. If its my time to go, I’ve accomplished a lot in here. Was I a Dan Gheesling.. no! I kind of would have been offended if I wasn’t on the block this week. Just being honest. I was expecting it. Britini joins them. Britini – the reason I was put up next to you is because if I got picked and won the veto, I was pulling you off. Frenchie – America I need your help! You get me though this and I promise you I am going after every jock in here. Every single one of them. I’ve done it once and I’ll do it again. You want a show, I started with a show and I will finish you with a show. Frenchie – he is doing someone else’s work. There are four. You name them. Britini – Brent, Derek X, Xavier, Ky, Christian. Frenchie – X, I don’t think so. Britini – They’re together so thats why I affiliate them. So why are you on the block. Frenchie – you are telling me girl!

10:25pm – 10:45pm Bathroom. Brent, Alyssa, Hannah and Sarah.
Brent – its sad because I really did trust him. He was starting off as a trustworthy person and I was loyal and everything. Hannah – day one. Brent – then he just betrays me like that. Like you try to pin everything on me even though you just got the HOH. And I was his first target. I was just trying to make sure I wasn’t his first target. Alyssa – I trusted him too. Brent – if I had it my way I wouldn’t have gone after 7 different people. Sarah – I didn’t think he would go this week but he just acted crazy. Hannah – I knew something was off when day two he told all the women they were safe. You won’t even see the block and then you (Alyssa) went up on the block. Alyssa – and not only are you making me not trust you, you’re making every woman not trust you. If you could do it to me, you could do it to any of them. Brent – and if the HOH approaches you with anything you say yes because you don’t want to be a target.

10:52pm – 11:18pm Bedroom. Big D, Tiffany, Claire, Britini.
Frenchie – I don’t care who gets pissed off at this.. you can do what you want with the information. I don’t care but you guys need to know to before you get picked off too. There is an alliance in the house and its a damn good one. I was in it. Just being completely honest with you. I was it it, Ky was it in, Bent was in it, Christian is in it, Alyssa is in it, Whitney, and me. The majority of the house.. watch your a$$. Do what you want with this. Its called the slaughter house. Britini – they took your name? Frenchie – I names it. That is just me being 100% honest and real with you. And I don’t give a f**k about who gets pissed off about it. If you guys don’t watch out your a$$ is gone. You see how quick they turned on me. What do you think they’ll do to y’all. Its just me being real. I am ready to go. Britini – so who else isn’t in that? Tiffany – everyone he didn’t name. Frenchie – the people that aren’t in it but are working with them. Derek X.. and other people I might not know about. They mind f**ked Ky into putting us both up. Obviously I did something last week that they didn’t like. You have got to do something about it. If not these jocks are going to steel $750K from you. I know this blows up my game but I just don’t give a f**k. I can’t stand being in a house with a bunch of fake mother f**kers. I want that stage now. They’re about to get “G Frenchie” Tiffany – I don’t want “G Frenchie” either. Britini and Tiffany leave. Azah – are you telling everyone? Frenchie – yeah, F**K YA! Its a f**k me, F**k you situation. They f**ked me so I am f**king them. All up in them.. long d**k style! Azah leaves. Frenchie – I got one more f**k you and then I am done. I am going to Ky. I am tried of the jocks always getting away with this sh*t. I was not going to tell sh*t until Tiffany said everyone threw me under the bus. Big D – if you win the veto .. you use it on yourself! DO NOT use it on someone else. I will flip the f**k out! Big D – you were the captain of the ship.. your soldiers did not listen and now they’re all going to pay. If you go home, trust me I am going to pick them off one by one. Frenchie – watch one of them jocks find out I blew up the alliance and then get in my face. Big D – they’re not going to. Frenchie – I wish they would. Sarah joins them. Frenchie tells her about the slaughter house alliance. It is Whitney, Alyssa, Christian, Brent, Ky and me. Be careful. Sarah – I’ll be super careful. I don’t need to use that information until I’m in power.

11:30pm – 12am Living room. The house guests are playing the narrator game again..

12am Storage room. The house guests have a birthday surprise for Alyssa. The all sing to her and give her a hug.

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Just curious.. How come the links to the next page are after all the comments this year? But always appreciate all the updates.


It’s only been a few hours since the noms & man this is popcorn worthy.

True to form Frenchie is throwing virtually everyone UTB but placing a priority on Brent, Christian, Ky & Derek X.

Fry & Brit pulled Tiff/Claire to talk & GC outed the Slaughterhouse & the members (umm – they figured it out last night). But of course he left out it was HIM who created it.

While Fry rants about how he promised to not send home a woman or a minority & was honorable b/c he was true to his word (actually you promised not to nominate a female & several others and went back on those promises — in fact you also told Travis/Ky they were 100% not going on the block).

In the midst of this Britini goes on a rant about how someone told Ky she created an All-Girls alliance. — Now it was Brent who told Ky this BUT it was Frenchie would told Brent that Britini started it.

I mean – I can’t


“True to form Frenchie is throwing virtually everyone UTB”

they threw him under the bus to Ky before noms, can you blame him? i cant blame them for doing it, theyre over him as much as i am.


Brent is the real snake!

Miss Impression

I’m really liking that there is no dominating group running the house or a house divided by two sides.It gives skilled players the opportunity to move through shifting alliances.Casting finally did a great job,overall this is the best cast I can remember,especially the women who I love except two. Ironically it might be beneficial to keep that crazy clown if they could get Brent or Whitney on the block so he can go after everyone he allied himself with. After all how crazy is it to form an alliance with your #1 target #2 target and the 2 people you nominated!And somehow BigD stays loyal to that.


Here we go. The fireworks we were expecting. Will Brent let him (Frenchie) have it?

The Beef

It’s only a matter of time before one or more of these house guests calls Frenchie out on his bullsh@t! I’m thinking it may be Brent or Whitney who may be the first ones to do it, but surely they won’t be the last, as he will continue to attack the “jock/meatheads”, and they will fight back!


Glue Clown has to go…

Just Sayin'

Seriously what happened in frenchies past with a “jock”? He had some serious ptsd about something from high school clearly lol, and yet he still formed an alliance with pretty much every “jock” in the house.
Also I’m not minding Brent lately? I’m not sure why he gets so much hate on here. He seems to be playing a decent game so far, and has a good handle on the house.


How many of the house guests still believe Frenchie when he says something. It looks like maybe only one person still does