Nomination Results! Brent “I am not pawn material. I am not dumb at all! I am highly intelligent.”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, ?, ? , ?
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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4:43pm – 5:55pm The live feeds were blocked for the nomination ceremony. As HOH Xavier nominated Brent and Britini for eviction.

Bedroom. Xavier is talking to Britini who is crying. Xavier – I hate that you have to be put through hell twice. Feeds cut. Xavier – I understand. I am not going to let you down. I won’t. I am so sorry Britini. Britini – I’ve got a veto to play tomorrow. If I win the veto, she (Azah) isn’t the replacement? Please! Xavier – no she is not. Britini – okay. Xavier – no one else on your team is going up. I can assure you of that. People need to view you as a target right now but everyone else knows whats going on. No one views you as a target. Britini – is there still potential if you win the veto, I come down? Xavier – yes. Britini – okay, okay. Did I play along okay? Xavier – you did. Britini – I understand why you did it .. it just sucks. Thank you for not putting her (Azah) up. Britini – who would be your house guest choice? Xavier – it would be someone from my team because I know they would do what I need them to do. It will be alright. Britini – I know. I will be hell but I did it the first time. That was good you had me convinced there. Damn!

HOH room. Alyssa, Sarah and Christian.
Alyssa – he is going to tell Britini that she is not the threat right?! Sarah – that’s what he told me. Alyssa – okay. He just had to do that. It sucks but she is going to have to accept that. Christian – so when I gave I can’t guarantee what he said ..he either said I know you’re one of them. Or I’ll win one of them. I couldn’t make it out and I thought it was a little dig at me. Alyssa – why would he dig you? He looked at me and said we will talk later. Alyssa – that was smart of X to say that .. he kind of messed up but said that Britini was the target. It was good that he said that so that Brent doesn’t freak out. Sara – I thought he was convincing. Alyssa – very convincing.

6pm Bedroom. Xavier and Brent.
Xavier – sorry man. Brent – its okay. Brent – like I said logistically it doesn’t really make any sense. Xavier – I think I’ve made it clear that you’re not someone I am gunning for. Brent – I understand that, but its up to the house. Xavier – so what do we do at this point. We go to work. Brent – absolutely. Xavier – everyone that we’ve wanted to get out, we’ve gotten out. We will do it again this week. Brent – absolutely. You gave me your reasoning, I gave you mine. Did your team know? Xavier – no. No one knew. Brent – so Alyssa didn’t know? Christian didn’t know? Xavier – no, nobody knew. She (Britini) showed today that she can compete hard! It took two people to get her out. If for some reason the script does flip and people do decide to target you, you have a chance to compete now. Brent – absolutely. Xavier – but I don’t think that is going to happen. Brent – I am not pawn material. And I think everyone knows that! As far as loyalty .. the votes will show. It should be by a lot! If it is the slightest bit close.. We just have to make sure your team and my team don’t know that we talked. We had something beautiful.. and we could still.. Xavier – we could still have something beautiful.. I don’t think that is going anywhere. Brent – but I am not dumb at all! I am highly intelligent. Xavier – I know that and you’re a competitor and strategically you’re here with it. Brent – and you had me on your side. Whole heartedly. Xavier – I know this is going to damage our relationship but.. Brent – I don’t want it to. Xavier – I don’t think it will but it is going to take a lot of communication between you and me. Brent – it is going to take a lot more than that. Who is your replacement nominee if I win? Xavier – We brought up two people earlier. You brought up the other.

Brent – if you want to guarantee a woman out of the house .. logistically, logically, strategically.. two women up there guarantees a woman goes home. Hear me out .. You put me up there who has been nothing but truthful to you, nothing but loyal, would vote your way, a four man person to your doorstep…. You are willing to risk all that?! To just solidify one girl out? That to me logistically .. and we are both intelligent men doesn’t make much sense. If you wanted to solidify our odds it would be two women up there not aligned with us. Xavier – And if you win the veto what do you think happens? Brent – I take myself down and you put another woman up. Xavier – and I hear what you’re saying up front, why not just start with that? Brent – MMmhhmmm. Xavier – I do trust you and I told everyone out there that. If things do go sideways .. if people think that there is tension between us because you’re on the block.. Brent – there won’t be. Xavier – if there some reason it doesn’t they are going to think that the slaughterhouse doesn’t exist. Why would a member of the radicals put up another member of the radicals? Brent – there are 4 people in the house that aren’t a part of the two alliances that we have .. like I said you are willing to risk two alliances for four people. Numbers don’t lie my friend, people do. I am a numbers guy. I understand your reasoning.. logistically it makes no sense. Obviously I am glad you pulled me aside. But the way the numbers run it looks like I’m the target and I have to pursue like I am the target. The only thing that proves to me that I am not a target is that .. votes come from your alliance with me. The three votes from your team plus mine.. if it doesn’t add up ..then a lot of things are going to come crumbling down. Xavier – proceed like you are the target so that it throws people off the sent. I am not as dumb as my body perceives. They hug. Brent – Actions speak louder than words..

Gym. Derek X, Hannah, Whitney and Brent.
Brent – I am the target, not Britini. I am not dumb. I think he thinks my body perceives my intelligence. He is willing to risk our alliance for me to be a pawn. Right before we got called he calls me in. He was like so I need you to compete. I am not not pawn caliber .. I scream target. I’ve had a target on my back the moment I walked in. I said if you do this you’re basically painting a war. You’re going against something thats a sure thing to try to eliminate Britini? He tried to make counter arguments that didn’t make any sense. You’re willing to risk an 8 person alliance to get rid of someone that only has two other people with them. Whitney – why are you the target though? Brent – because you don’t put me up as the pawn. Derek – why risk our 8 person alliance? Hannah – yeah why this early in the game? Brent – yeah exactly he is playing the pawn narrative. I said if you’re worried about an all girls alliance you put up two women. You don’t put up a guy and one that is actually a pawn which is Britini. He is willing to risk numbers to get rid of one girl. His story is bullsh*t. This is how we proceed because we have the numbers. He doesn’t know about the mafia. So its logit 6 – 5. We need Ky, Cliare and Tiffany. He doesn’t know about that. If I win the veto I will take myself down. If you win the veto you have to take me down. There is no way I am not the target. Alyssa wouldn’t look at me. I feel like they do know. She is just lying to me. Christian wouldn’t look at me too. Two people that usually will look at me. I had to play it off as if I was unaware ..then I saw Alyssa bend over to SB covering her mouth .. because she knows I can read lips. And I think she was saying do you think he knows. Then she was counting votes with her fingers. We can beat this and then take their whole team down. Derek – do you think they know that we know that you’re the target. Brent – I said I know I’m the target. Hannah – how should we proceed.. Brent – I think act normal.

HOH room. Xavier, Christian, Alyssa and Sarah.
Alyssa – are you okay? Xavier – yeah. I just don’t like seeing Britini upset. I am not coming for her. Everyone in the house I think knows who the intended target is. Alyssa – did Brent know he was going up? You made it very believable. Xavier – he is going to proceed as if he is the target. Alyssa did you talk to Brent. Xavier – yes. He said he knows hes the target and that he isn’t dumb. Alyssa – even if Hannah, Whitney or Derek win the veto they won’t use it on him. People are going to be pissed at me and that is fine. Sarah – what do you want us to do. Xavier – you’re not lying if you say that you didn’t know. He will be doing damage control. Christian – we know that Brent can read lips across the room so no whispering. He is going to be following you (Alyssa) around. Christian – just play dumb. Xavier – let him do the talking.

6:30pm Bathroom. Brent and Alyssa.
Brent talks about his conversations with Xavier. I said if you don’t put me on the block I won’t tell my team about this discussion, if you put me on the block you’re risking the 8 person alliance. Alyssa – Do you think its because he trust Big D and Azah? He just said to us that what he said in his speech is what he is doing. He said of the four with the 8 person alliance he would rather have Brent play because Derek has won too many (vetos) and if Brent plays he would be able to get himself off the block. Then it could be Azah or Big D. That’s what he said. Brent – but do you really believe that?! Alyssa – yeah, but am I really going to tell him that?! So we’re like okay. Brent – we can still recover from this. The votes won’t lie. Alyssa – even if you’re up with Britini you have the votes to stay. Brent – I don’t know that. Alyssa – its fixable. What did your team say? Brent – my team is shocked. I am telling you he is probably going to try to persuade you to vote for me not to stay. I just need you to vote for me to stay. Alyssa – yes of course. Brent – I will protect you. I have a final two with you. I even said if you put me on its war. If you don’t put me on no one needs to know about it. I need you to promise me your vote. Alyssa pinky swears. Brent – I didn’t think he was stupid enough to do it.

7pm HOH room. Alyssa, Brent and Xavier.
Alyssa – he said I know I’m the target. I’m not an idiot. He said he came in here and was like if you don’t put me up no one needs to know about it. If you put me up its war. Is that what he told you? Xavier – is that what he told you? Alyssa – yeah. His team is shocked and pissed and that they have his back. HE really believe it. He said I told my team to trust you and you only. If I stay because I win the veto or because its not unanimous he is going to be pissed because he will know he was the threat. And he asked me to promise him that I would vote for him. And that you are being a Frenchie and pulling a Frenchie move because we could have smooth sailed to final 8 but you want to make this move too soon. He said it makes no sense to him that he is the pawn. Alyssa leaves. Christian – this is great! It was just a matter of time before he came at us. Dude I know our alliance but 3 guys are gone after this week. If the girls wanted to do something we would be f**ked! Whitney has got to go next! Whitney or Britini. Alyssa returns. Christian – I want to play veto so damn bad!

7:08pm Havenot room. Hannah, Claire, Tiffany, Kyland, Whitney.
Hannah – we thought his arrogance was at maybe 74% .. his arrogance .. oh my god! He knows he’s the target but he feel so comfortable and so safe. Whitney – he said Alyssa is so upset over this. She knows that I will protect her no matter what. Hannah – he was like this is one of the stupidest game moves in big brother history. He said if I leave the house that would be a good thing because otherwise I would be stuck in the house with a bunch of f**king idiots! They all laugh. Hannah – he said that he was flattered that he was put up on the block because he was the target week one. he said the only person that hasn’t targeted me is Big D because he is sleeping all the time.

7:30pm HOH room. Big D and Xavier.
Xavier – truthfully this week I knew I had to make a big move. Big D – I know that but a bigger mover would have been putting Whitney next to him but I know you can’t do that right now. But if that motherf**ker comes down.. Xavier – you know what it is. I will do what I have to do. Big D – Yeah you have no choice is what it is at the end of the day … and we’ll just pick up the pieces and keep going. I will just keep telling Britini I am here for you. I am trying to comfort her. Azah is okay.

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Wanda Willis

This season was setup to check off a certain box

Feeds Gold

exactly, and its very obvious

j w

100 percent correct!

The Foosa

I said the same thing in June when the bios were released. Don’t forget its the same production team managing BBUS and BBCAN. BBCAN was easily the worst season of all BB’s….You had to suspend your disbelief over all the ridiculousness and random player decisions during the game….Honestly, it’s quite insulting to the viewers, but let them cater to a certain sector and watch their ratings continue in circle the drain.

I say this sincerely, but why not just move BB over to BET and everyone will be happy. Maybe one of the other networks can rebrand BB and get back to it’s earlier day roots, and maybe call it something creative like “A Bunch of People Living Together for 80 Days”…..


Yea they want someone from the cookout to win to fulfill their narrative!

I wonder if the cookout has something against Lisa Donahue….. oh wait that’s right if your not the same race your getting voted out that’s all they made it about was race- for race to be the reason you get voted out because your not black African American is ridiculous!
If the shoe was on the other foot and someone said I’m voting them out because they are African American – you know darn well there would be outrage, disclaimers from CBS or Julie Chen jumping down their throat!


They’ve been voting out people based on race and gender for years. It’s only a problem for those who object to the loss of white privilege.

Zachary Chenault

Because black ppl aren’t going home and are winning comps the first time it’s been EVEN, this season is rigged? You ppl on this site exude white privilege.

You will see a black winner this year. Not because it’s rigged, but because it’s fair.


Yup. Even without the cookout the chances of a nonpoc winning are slim.

The Beef

And really, why is that? Let’s evaluate the non minority/POC players this season, based on their game play thus far, and see if any of them have a realistic chance at winning the game.

Travis and Frenchie already out of the game – Travis pretty much did nothing during the game, even when he was on the block. We all know what Frenchie did. Lied to pretty much everybody every time he opened his mouth.

That leaves six players to evaluate.

Britini – While Britini appears to have some athletic ability, she has yet to win any competitions, and hasn’t shown herself to be a great social player of the game, although she’s obviously “close” to her teammate Azah. Britini is more of a threat to be a weekly pawn than she is a threat to win the game in my opinion.

Whitney – Like Britini, Whitney has also failed to win so far this year, except for the very first “captaincy” competition, in which there were four winners. Her social skills are better than Brit’s, but even with those, she used them to get too close to Frenchie during the first week, which ended up hurting her with the other house guests, so her standing in the house right now would seem to be she’s most likely to be number 2 on the hit list behind the target this week. That means her chances of winning the game is slightly greater than nil.

Brent – The egomaniac who thought he was the #1 man in the house even during the glue clowns reign and also aligned himself closely with what turned out to be a “dead man walking”, now finds himself on the block, and it would seem everyone in the house against him! Not a single comp win yet to his name and the social skills of a manure fly, even if he manages to save himself by way of a veto win, his days in the house are surely numbered. No way this guy could EVER win this game.

Christian – Christian seems like a nice guy, but as Foghorn Leghorn sez “The boy is about as sharp as a bowling ball!”. He seems much more concerned with how far he can get with Alyssa, than he is with winning this game, but he does have one Wildcard win to his credit so far. Does anybody really think he’s a serious contender for winning this thing, because I surely don’t!

Claire – Claire is intelligent, has positioned herself well in the game socially, and like Whitney has the one “captaincy” competition win to her credit so far. She seems athletic and smart enough that she should be able to compete in any and all types of future competitions, and depending on how things shake out, I actually do believe she has a chance to win it all in the end, although things will have to change within The Cookout alliance for that to happen. It’s still early enough for all manner of changes though, so she does have a legitimate shot!

Sarah Beth – Playing what I think is the best social game in the house, SB is the 2nd “pale face” player I think actually has a chance to win the game. Everybody in there seems to love this woman, and what’s better than that, nobody seems to dislike her or seems to be targeting her! She won a Wildcard competition (although she declined to accept the safety that came with the win), and she’s doing such a good job of “holding her cards close to her chest”, I’m not really sure how strong she may or may not be in mental competitions going forward, but she is positioned so strongly in the house, I’m not even sure that’s important anyway.

So to me only 2 out of the 8 even have a chance of winning, based on the level of their physical and social skills anyway. Does that mean production went out and recruited a bunch of weak white players to help ensure a POC will win this season? I doubt that, as they probably had no idea that Frenchie would french things up the way he did, that Brent would be a certified egomaniac, or that any of them would end up being the exact way that they are. It just so happens that Kyland, Xavier, Tiffany, Derek X and Hannah ended up being strong players, and as of now it looks like The Cookout is going to end up being the strong alliance this season. Things do have a way of changing though, so we shall see.


Dawg or Simon, at the 4:43-5:55 you said Xavier nominated Brent and Whitney. It should be Brent and Britini



Feeds Gold

my prediction for end of sunday episode after they do the whole fake mafia alliance sequence and his own team mates plotting the brent downfall by throwing hoh and after noms shown will be something like this…

brent diary room(michael corleone godfather style voice): “xavier, i knew you would betray me, and you broke my heart…i know im the target…loyalty and trust is everything for me and you just lost mine…i could see the hit coming from a mile away…this is war”

bb announcer clayton halsey: “will the don brent get whacked? find out if he can save himself from a blood bath with the veeeto wednesday night 8 oclock eastern on bigggg bruthaaaaaa”


Watching Brent spiral is very entertaining. The feeds have been great tonight. You know a guy is a douchecanoe to live with when his own team is plotting with the HOH to ensure his eviction.

I changed my mind on Azah’s offering herself up as a pawn in place of Britni (Well, thanks to Robert for reminding me what a little whiner Cody was about not being a pawn in BB16). Azah has proven herself to be fiercely loyal and trusts her alliances. I respect that.


Lol. Douche canoe? That is the 1st time I have heard that ever used


Glad that my linguistic prowess could provide some entertainment! LOL. And Brent fully deserves that description.

As predictable as the sun rising from the East

Said this yesterday

“Next up Brent, then Christian, then Whitney, then Claire, then Britini, then Sarah, and finally BrentXfactor. After that, well, who knows as production will be confused as f……”

It will be interesting to see once there is “no more diversity” left in the house or in other words, the house has been “white washed”, which of the 8 will production pull to the finish line? BBCAN showed the way(halfway through the season there were no straight white males left in the house)…..When does BBAUS VIP start? Sheesh……

Wanda Willis

It’s just sad because it is an exciting cast but because of the obvious script being pushed this year (750k prize), teams, a cookout alliance it leaves you feeling like whoever does win will have a big asterisk next to their name. I want good gameplay, alliances not based on race, backstabbing and back doors, not this scripted season so a person of color wins

As predictable as the sun rising from the East

I couldn’t agree more Wanda. I really USED to enjoy the summers watching BB, the live feeds and drinking alot of beer. It’s just simply been ruined and like many other shows that I used to love, I have turned off. What I’ve done (thanks to IPTV) is start watching shows from everywhere other than the US/ CAN.


Do you really think there has been a season of BB in the last 10 years that hasn’t been scripted? You’re being a bit naive. The sad part is it took this long for the script to say that a POC is going to win.


No one seemed to have a problem with it when the white males were scripted to win………


We shall see tomorrow but what if Brent manages to do what Frankie did on his season when he won the Battle of the Block Competition on his own when others were trying to get him to lose it

No Name

Given what we’ve seen from the people behind the BB curtain, who’s to even say if all the names are “put in the bag” when picking for the POV…..I’ve always thought production should have the HOH show all chips by name being put into the bag before choosing….


Obviously not all names are put in there: The names of both nominees wouldn’t be in the bag. Also, there’s at least one chip put in there that says “Houseguest’s choice” so I don’t think production messes with that part of the game

No Name

Ffs, obviously not all names are in there. How would you know what’s inside the bag or not??? Transparency is not a bad thing is it “Robert”? Oh yeah, “I don’t think production messes with that part of the game”. Ok Willis, I trust you, trusting them.


The house guests are able to see the contents of the bag after the ceremony. Frankie, during season 16, was pissed his name wasn’t getting drawn but mentioned about how they dumped the bag on the table afterwards for the players to see all the tokens.

Ares 124

Everyone in here wants to be a victim so bad lol it’s sad … I’m calling it now x will turn on the cookout for Alyssa and Christian … Tiffany will ride with Claire and kyland ..Derek f and azah will be the odd ones out


LMFAO – Tiff just impersonated Brent to a flipping “T” – all things he’s said in his accent. I was dying b/c she was so spot on.


What Brent is unaware of:

1) His entire team plotted against him & THREW both the HOH & WC
2) Whitney relayed his BS story (about Azah) to everyone that he was lying
3) Whitney/Hannah told Ally everything he’s said about how he has her wrapped
4) Kings told Queens about their fake alliance with Aces & vice versa
5) Aces minus Brent are telling Kings/Queens everything Brent says
6) Ally is telling her Kings/Queens everything Brent is saying to her & offering her F2
7) Jokers knew the whole plan – they just are mad TWO Aces aren’t OTB

Brent is naively not recognizing if his team has tried to forge the Aces with another team it’s logical the other teams have done the same thing.

The manner in which he plays the game by speaking bluntly about females plus Big D needing to go, & boldly stating targets out loud (Big D, Azah, Britini, Claire, SB) is coming back to haunt him.

As soon as Frenchie left he tried to make a play to take over the house having a terrible read on the house dynamics. He thinks his team is just blindly following him & he has control but meanwhile his game is more exposed than anyone in the house.

Factor in how he talks about the hamsters implying Christian is using Ally (while he’s telling his team she’s wrapped around his finger & likes him). Or saying X’s voice was shaking while he talked or couldn’t look him in the eye implying he was afraid of Brent — um, I think X could smoke you Brent lol.

Yeah, I mean I’d love to say I feel bad for him but I don’t really b/c I abhor his type of bravado. I’d have a hard time biting my lip not calling out his delusional ego. It was why I was hoping Ally would win HOH so she could deliver a speech like “I understand I want to date you & you have me wrapped around your finger — so here (snap fingers) let me pinch you & wake you up!”