Azah – “if you need to put someone up Put me up.. Put me up next to Brent”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: ?
Nominations: ??
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, ?, ? , ?
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – – Brent and Brit going up. If veto is played Whitney goes up.

1:48 pm Brit with her fellow Jokers..
Brit is Freaking out.. I’m so confused.. My heart sank..
Azah – don’t let anyone see you are upset.
Brit – I was by myself.. I was by myself and that sucks.. that was my comp to win..
Brit – my worry right now is seeing my face on that memory wall again.. I need to stay calm..
Brit – I’m so confused
DF – I was confused..
Brit – I never had a chance
DF – talk to X first
Brit – Derekx came up to me and said I’m so sorry I had to do you first.. me being a wildcard wouldn’t have wrecked anything.. Me winning the wildcard would have been my first win.
Brit – I almost cried sitting there..
DF – washed your face off with some cold water lets do out one on ones.

1:50 pm Xavier and Brent HOH
X – Tiffany won the wildcard comp she’s not going to use it. Cool we can get down to business
X – I’ll let you do some talking what you got
Brent – you have RADICAL so you have all the votes in the house whoever you target is they go home.
Brent mentions that BIGD has voted against the majority twice so who knows what he’s going to do.
Brent – Slaughterhouse is still in effect I don’t see that lasting too long
X asks him how he feels about 2 guys being evicted in a row “from a numbers perspective”
Brent – let’s say all the women go rogue.. that is why the narrative that the all-girls alliance was brewing
X – do you think it’s still brewing
Brent – Frenchie was running. The silence was broken when Hannah told me about it.
Hannah told Brent – “why would I join an all-girls alliance run by a man.. it was called French Kisses”
X – the man was working
Xavier says Whitney and Alyssa weren’t in it and Hannah denied it.
They go through the name of the girls in French kisses.
Brent – BIGD could be playing both sides he was close to Frenchie.
Brent says when they were talking about the all-girls alliance Frenchie kept saying to them BRitini’s name.
X – she might be better at this game than we believe
Brent – that’s what I am saying she’s really passionate she’s a beautiful person inside and out
X- yeah she’s wonderful
Brent – when she was talking about gymnastics look how passionate she was. She’s super athletic.. jumps split.. she’s a super fan she knows this game.
Brent – I had a conversation outside. Azah has been very different with a lot of people in the house. I made a mistake the conversation of floaters came up.. I misunderstood the definition of a floater I was talking about a coaster.. she was her bubbly self. As soon as I said Floaters usually don’t win this game.. she went 0 to 100 on defense mode she’s like Floaters that’s a great strategy that’s a strategy that wins this wins this game. . She gave me the definition of a floater it’s someone that works the whole house and stays neutral with everyone
Brent – everyone in that conversation noticed it I was like crap I hit a nerve. She gave away her gameplay. Frenchie pulled me aside and said and said three people are coming for you, Christian, me, and Derekx. granted we’re all in an alliance.
Brent – the only people I think that would talk game with Frenchie after what he did was the three people on his team “Azah, Brit, and BIGD. Who would talk game to him when after he was lying to eeveryone”
Brent thinks those three have reasons to go after their alliance.
Xavier says he thinks this Veto is going to be a physical competition “I know here you stand and I like that”
Xavier – I hope I can get it where we are competing together. I also don’t want it to be obvious if I picked you. there’s a name you said that is playing the game well and hasn’t been noticed.. I don’t think it’s Azah I think you know the name.
Brent – yes
Xavier – Alright I think I have an idea
Brent – whatever you decide to do we have the numbers. we’re a powerhouse and nobody even knows it.
Brent says his plan if he was HOH was to put up Azah and Rbit because if there was a girls alliance that would take away one of their votes and takes away a team vote.
Xavier says he can’t put two members up from BIGD’s team he might not take it well and explode “that could be bad for all of us”
They hug it out
X – nobody knows how tight we are

1:57 pm Xavier and DerekX
Xavier thinks he can put Brent up so he doesn’t flip out. “I’ve framed it where he doesn’t feel he’s the target”
X is making Brent think Brit is the target.
X – the impression Britini is running an all-girls alliance.
DerekX has concerned that Brent will get nervous and catch on.

2:12 pm Whitney and Xavier
Xavier says the narrative is everything this week.
X – to make him feel comfortable through the week we have to make it seem like he got to me.. He influenced me that this person needs to go up and that she is the target to him. IN order for everyone else to feel calm I kinda want everyone to have a general knowledge of what is going on.
X – do you think she will be able to keep a secret
Whitney – I think she will keep s secrete if she knows she’s safe without a doubt.

X – I didn’t tell him I would put him up but I structured it in a way we had an understanding.
Xavier mentions he’ll add to Brent it’ll keep people from suspecting they have an alliance.
X – everyone needs to act like the other person is the target. Stroke his ego.

2:20 pm Alyssa and Xavier
Xavier fills him in on the plan “You got to stroke his ego.. ”

2:42 pm Tiffany and Xavier
Tiff – she’s f***ing pissed at me
X – Azah?
Tiff – YES
X – I’ll talk to her next. Why is she pissed?
Tiff – this makes me uncomfortable. Azah is an emotional player.. and she can’t hide anything.
X – I know
Tiff – she feels on a personal level she feels like we should be close in this house.
Tiff – I understand that but on a game level I play differently than her I can’t play an emotional game.. I can’t allow an emotional person to affect my thinking. There are things I separate from her. That being said she’s close to Britini.
Tiff – I knew she was mad I asked her are you upset.. I said you know she’s good (Brit)
Tiff – she’s not playing on a personal level
X – This is my plan I constructed and the people I’ll piss off are likely the jokers, unfortunately.. here’s my thing with the jokers you all want to mad but I’m doing everything for 1 (himself) 2 (Tiff)3…4…5…6 (the Cookout)
Tiff – even if she is the target so what’s your long-term game.. Then DerekF calling me out when I came into the house. That’s not cool
Tiff – his f**Ing around is F***ing..
feeds cut
When we’re back Xavier is running through his plan to put Brent and Brit up and keep Brent calm. They’ll make brent think Brit is the target. If the veto is played Whitney goes up.
X – everyone knows she’s not the target (Brit)
Tiffany warns him that Azah is not going to like Brit going up.

X – the key to this working people have to do .. (See Image)

2:53 pm Azah and Xavier
Xavier fills her in on the plan.
Xavier says the aces don’t have a cookout member his plan is they lose their main member Brent.
Azah wants Whitney and Brent up .
Azah – do not get two teams involved to hit them from the same team. Last week it was cut and dry two people one team.
Azah – if you need to put someone up put me up.. Put me up next to brent
X – Azah I can’t do that
Azah – I don’t want Britini to go up again.. That’s the plea I don’t want her to go through that again. If you gonna put somebody up PUT ME UP (DAMN)
Azah – if you have to put someone up against BRent put me up

Azah – I’m asking you to do that instead.. you don’t have any other pawn to use?
X – do you understand what I’m trying to do.. I care about Britini but care about you way more I’m not putting you up.. I’m not
Azah – I saw what that girl went through last week being the scapegoat. Is saw what happens today her being targeted
Azah – If you gonna put people up put me up..
X – can I saw this.. can I talk to the rest of your team.
Azah – Put them both up if you’re not scared.. if there needs to be this big o’ plan just put me up

X – we’re all playing for something more than this friendship. We’re all playing for something that means more than just this game. She doesn’t know that.. we all knwo what we are playing for it’s not just money
Azah – Put me up I know what I’m playing for put me up ..
X – what are you playing for
Azah – I want all of us to make it to Jury. I don’t want Britini to go up against. If I go home I go home I did my best.
Azah – I can’t deal with her crying again..
Azah gets up to leave. “I’ll talk to you later”

3:25 pm Xavier and Brit
Xavier fills her in on the plan. “It’ll keep him calm”
The narrative of the week is that Brit was the mastermind behind the girl’s alliance and she is the target. Brent is on the block to ensure she doesn’t win the veto. everyone knows the plan except for Brent. Xavier hopes this stays quiet.
Brit says her honest fear is if Brent wins Veto then she goes home.
Xavier says someone else from the Aces would go up.
Brit suggests putting up Brent and Whitney.
Xavier says Azah would prefer she goes up over Brit.
Brit – she’s incredible

Brit asks if he wins Veto will he use it on her.
X – I’m not going to make a promise I will have to consider it at the time. I don’t want to say something and something changes.

Brit says if she was pulled off after veto she would feel better about the situation
Brit – “Speeches are fun.. speeches are great” (Yikes)
Brit – are you taking into consideration, Claire?
X – I mentioned the two Jokers because those are the people he is “targeting

Brit says last week she knew if Frenchie won he was putting the veto around her neck so she was safe. But this week if BRent wins she’s screwed.

3:48 pm Xavier and Kyland
X – everyone knows who my main target is it’s not a secret only to him.
Xavier runs through his reasoning to put up Brit, “Someone he has discussed with me who he believes is a real target. that gives him a level of comfort”
Kyland – who is he saying
X – two names both on the jokers and it’s not DerekF
Kyland – oh girls..
X – he brought up Azah’s name.. I looked Azah’s in her face I said I’m not putting you up.
X – she said Put me up put me up (Azah)
Kyland – ohh man
X – the emotions.. I’m struggling.. I’m struggling.
Xavier says he told Azah he cares about Britini but he cares about her WAY more. “I’m doing this for the 6”
Xavier – we’re all playing for something bigger. Sooner or later they all have to go.
Kyland – Derek is like..
X – I an deal with Derek.. Azah..
Xavier brings up telling Azah that Brent needs to feel comfortable and she snapped bac that he is sacred of Brent.
X- Don’t get sh1t twisted, I don’t fear no damn man alright I wasn’t raised that way He’s not going to feel like he’s getting voted out of this house until his a$$ is next to Julie Chen
Kyland says his preference for noms is Britni/Brent over Brent/Whitney
X- where Frnehcie messed up with his plan he didn’t let anybody know. Here everybody knows what is going on except..
X – she feels safe and he thinks we’re all targeting her
X- I have no other option I’m not touching the cookout

4:00 pm Brit and Azah
The Brit implosion continues
Brit – I am so frustrated right now.. I can’t even.. and they are asking me out there how do you feel
Azah – they asked Azah who you want to talk NO I don’t want to talk to you. You had some inkling about this.. BIGD is going to FLIP
Azah – this house is fake as fu**. Sorry for cussing.. this house is so f**ing fake.. sorry .. this house is so fake. I’ve really seen everyone’s true colours today.
Brit – CAN I punch something.. WHAT IN THE WORLD.. he told me you offered to go up for me.
Brit – I told him if you put me up there I’m Gunning hard for the veto
Azah says they put up Frnehcie POP POP but with Xavier he has to do this HUGE PLOY

4:15 pm Tiffany and Hannah (hard to hear this convo)
Tiffany – I knew when I got out there and saw the game. I’ll have to show my cards. she (Azah) is so mad at me and I don’t like that. If you don’t know how to play the game then don’t come into this house. This isn’t a personal game. Maybe I’m wrong ..
Hannah – you are right.
Tiffany – you sat up there and drank all Frenchie’s Koolaid that’s why you feel that way they couldn’t separate from the lies.. there was some truth to what he was saying they are still playing how Frenchie groomed them.

Tiff – Britni is still not going home
Tiffany – I don’t know, Play this as a game. Some people play this peronal. I don’t play it like that.. which is cool
Tiffany says either way they can’t keep Brit forever “If six matter you know what I’m saying”
Tiffany – she can’t hide her emotions. that won’t get you far in this game.
Hannah – today it is what it is
Hannah says hopefully they can figure it out for the sake of the six.
Hannah tells her it’s not like she has to work with Azah on a super tight level. Just focus on the 6.
Tiffany – that’s why the attitude and the shift in the attitude concern me.
Tiffany – at the end of the day it is what it is. You are not dead to me in this game unless I know you are coming after me. We’re working together I got you. I understand some moves you have to make. As long as I feel like we’re still working together I am not a cutthroat person.

4:23 pm Brent and Xavier
X – How good do you feel about competing
Brent – about what
X – as houseguest choice or a nomieee
Brent – I can’t be a nominee too many people want me out of here .. I can’t If you pick me as houseguest choice yes.
Brent – if you put me up everything blows up I’m a threat to everyone in house they’ll take me out
X – everyone in the house is looking at brit
Brent – I know for a fact the three jokers want me out.
Brent – I’m not pawn material. If I go up everything crumbles
X- if you win the veto you’re good
Brent – I can’t risk that.. we have the number right now
Brent – the best play is to go with the girls alliance theory then you don’t lose another man.
X – I agree
Brent – wholeheartedly if I go up ai Go home
Brent – if you are going to use a pawn you have to use an actual pawn.
Brent explains guys like them can’t go up as pawns they’ll be taken out.
Brent suggests he use DerekX.
Xavier agrees he would feel uncomfortable going up as well.
X – do you feel you can trust me?
Brent – I do.. my team is going to get offended and upset.

4:37 pm BIGD and Azah
Azah – with Frenchie it was out in the open with Brent it’s hidden.
DF – the fact that X has that relationship with Whitney he probably don’t want to split that up
DF – this is what I’m getting at..
Azah – it makes sense me being upset.. it’s cool it doesn’t blow the cover of the cookout
DF – looks like we’re upset with X doesn’t reveal any suspicions
Azah – so I can be as upset as I want.
DF – at the end of the day it wasn’t us
DF – we need to do what we need to do because we have a final six

Azah – I’m not going to let this team be the punching bag.. lets put Brit up .. oh let’s put Brit up. .that’s the sh1t that makes me pissed.

4:43 pm Feeds cut for nominations.

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Azah is the total opposite of Cody. I respect her for offering herself as a substitute for Britt


OMG Azah is seriously volunteering herself to go on the block because she doesn’t want for Britni to go through another emotional week as a pawn. Did she forget that she’s playing for $750,000?


It may be foolish but I can’t help but respect her because my mind keeps on going to Cody from Derrick’s season whining his way out of being a pawn (which annoyed the hell out of me each time he did it) multiple times.

The Beef

Just goes to show Tiffany is right about Azah – she’s too emotional, especially when you consider SHE’S not the one X is trying to convince to go on the block! I just haven’t seen a lot of good game play out of her yet. She hasn’t won anything that I remember. She gladly lapped up almost every lie Frenchie spoon fed to her, even after there was copious amounts of evidence that if his lips were moving, the guy was lying. And while I understand her friendship for Britini, emotionally volunteering to go up on the block when you know the block pool is very limited is a dangerous thing to do, and people do react to people doing emotional things like this, and could very well decide it just might be a good time to get rid of a “loose cannon” type of player, although that’s highly unlikely against Brent. But what if Brent wins the veto, and all of a sudden it’s Azah against Whitney or Azah against Britini? What happens then?

She should have taken a deep breath and maybe said “Can you and I talk about his in maybe an hour or two?”, taken some time and collected her thoughts. Emotionally throwing yourself UTB is never a good idea, and she’s lucky X is protecting “one of his own”, in this particular case.


It seems Britini is the Kevin from last season, not cool using the girl like that. I like Azah standing up for her team member, some people do have a heart.


I would put Britni up as a pawn JUST BECAUSE she’s annoying, needy, & whining. I was SO annoyed by Kevin last year for that reason. He should have been put up & axed earlier.

Love Azah and her generous heart, but this is a game – never volunteer yourself as a pawn this early. Also Briini & her raps are lame & tiresome. Just stop.

Thanks Simon & Online BB for always taking one for the team. Will be donating as usual to express this – hopefully watching the feeds will be easier now that Frenchie the Clown is gone back to the farm. Cheers dears!


Why does it have to be about race? I can’t even imagine if six white people had an alliance because they were all white and said so! I wish life could just be about the person and the player in this regard.



I completely agree. Season after season we have seen all white alliances and no one has a problem with it.

Now we have more african americans being showcased people are complaining

Damned if you do damned if you dont

Why cant people just enjoy the gameplay smh


I think the difference is no one has ever said in the “white” alliances that it’s because they are white. I am happy there is more diversity for sure but there is definite targeting of the white people in the house and alliances based solely on skin color right now and they make no bones about it. The white alliances were more based on how attractive someone was or their gender…equally as disgusting but again not spoken.