Brent “I am not an idiot!”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, ?, ? , ?
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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7:40pm Havenot room Brent, Whitney, Tiffany, Claire, Hannah.
Brent – what way are you voting? Get me off the block. Operation keep the numbers. Hannah – we’re all on the same page about that. Brent – perfect. We control the vote. It would be 6 – 5. I just need your guaranteed votes. There is no way in hell I’m not the target. You know what I mean!? In what world do you put those two up and then … we don’t need to secure a veto. Everyone thought about an all girl alliance and obviously we know that is not a thing but if you’re trying to take out an all girl alliance you put up two girls from the same team so that they can’t vote for each other. Claire – yeah. Brent – and then one of them will go home. It makes no sense. Tiffany – I get it now. Brent – she is the head of the all girls alliance and I need to take her out .. then put up the other girl with her?! Tiffany – MMmmhhmmm. Brent – take away a vote. I take away a vote in your favour. I really think that I am the target. I am not an idiot. Like in what world!? In what world!? You put up the one person that had a target on his back from day one with Frenchie. Its going to become a non-team game and then all the girls are going to pick everyone off. Tiffany – MMMMhhmmm… so you know what you have to do. I mean you have the votes regardless. Brent – I know and I hope I do but 6 – 5 is close.. one person turns and then everyone goes bananas. I am just as surprised. I think everyone is shocked. Anything can happen. Tiffany – us being down a team member already we can’t afford for you guys to lose anyone from your team because that puts us at 6. Brent – we will always control the votes as long as I am still in here. Its a no brainer. Tiffany – it doesn’t benefit us to lose you. Tiffany – so do you think the kings are working with the jokers? Brent – the votes will tell. You’ll get your answer. You can’t lie with the numbers. Brent – I trust you guys. Tiffany – no only do we play mafia .. we are the mafia. I will never touch your n!pples again. Brent – If I make it past this week you can touch anything. Brent leaves. Claire – I was so bad in that convo. You (Tiffany) shined. Hannah – he said its the new season of lying to Brent .. he said that should be the new theme. Hannah to Tiffany – Obviously we have a plan for the week and I would like to keep this going along with Ky, Claire and Derek X. Whitney – we love your team so much. Hannah – I really want to work with your team moving forward after the teams twist is dissolved. Whitney – we don’t need to make a name or solidify anything. Hannah – we don’t need to put a title on anything. Tiffany – so you (Hannah), Little D, Whitney, Claire, Ky, me. That sounds good to me. I am down.

8:05pm Chess room. Kyland, Brent, Derek X
Brent – clear as day I am the target. How could I not. He doesn’t realize we have the numbers. Kyland – I don’t have more information than you to give you a promise. What I do know from your perception of the first week that you ..with me, Travis and Derek X.. you have not felt 100% with me and I don’t know. And the reason why I am telling you that is because that is hard to play with and its difficult because the reality is.. even without you trusting me 100% ..despite last week me proving I wouldn’t come after you if given the shot. I know no matter what as far as strong guys Christian and X are still going to be closer with each other than with me, or him (Derek X) or you. I know that on a game level with you and I not having 100% trust it is better for me to have you here than not here. Brent – here is the thing you guys have proved I can trust you. It went from a shaky start to proof. Actions speak louder than words. The other two haven’t really proved anything to me. Kyland – they did the opposite. Brent asks Derek X to leave so Kyland and him can talk. Brent – Alyssa is upset. Kyland – at who? Brent – at X>

8:13pm – 8:35pm Bedroom. Derek X and Britini.
Britini – I am so upset! I hate being expendable. Maybe I am not but I feel like it. Derek X – you’re not at all. The narrative that was getting painted last week by Brent.. Britini – was that I created an all girls alliance. Derek nods. Britini – you know that’s not right, right?! You know I wasn’t even in the room. Derek – I know what Brent is trying to do .. he is trying to create a house target before the week starts so when someone is HOH he has already planted the seed. Britini – I really hope you don’t think that I did that. Derek – I told Azah .. I need your team to gun for this one (HOH). You guys needed it more than anyone and needed safety. Derek – if X knows that the veto is a possibility .. if I win it, you already know I am taking you down. Britini – I know. I know that X told me the plan, but that speech made me sound like I am an a$$. Derek – no one in this house thinks that .. no one at all. If he (Brent) wins that veto, I am going home. I am so scared! I want that veto so bad! Because then I could finally feel safe for the first time in 11 days. Derek – you’ll get it. I saw how hard you competed today. You’ll get that veto. Britini – I am sick of being the pawn. I am done! I can’t! They leave the room.

8:35pm HOH room. Xavier catches Alyssa and Christian kissing under the covers.
Xavier comes into the HOH room and catches them. Alyssa – f**K f**k! I am embarrassed. I am embarrassed. I feel like my dad just caught me. Dad we were just playing got it. Xavier – dinner is done. Alyssa – you didn’t see anything. Xavier – I am just saying your dinner is done. Christian – all he said was dinner is done what are you acting all weird for? Xavier leaves. Christian puts a gun to his head. Alyssa – we’re f**ked! We’re f**ked! I f**king told you that was going to happen! She slaps him. They head downstairs.

8:43pm Alyssa to Xavier – please don’t say anything. Xavier – Its all good. Alyssa – I’m sorry it was in your bed. I’m so sorry. I feel rude. Xavier – its all good.

8:50pm Alyssa – F**k man my parents are going to kill me. And now they’re (Production) going to ask me about it. Alyssa goes and tells Christian – dad wants to talk to us later upstairs. I think we might be grounded. I’m so embarrassed.

9:10pm Bedroom. Azah and Britini.
Azah – I suck at this game! Britini – you don’t suck, we’re just getting the short end of the stick. We just need one week when we are on top and we are fine! But don’t think if I get HOH next week and I end up staying in this damn house .. I have every reason to go after anyone I damn well choose! Azah – its true. Britini – Lie literally anyone .. I don’t care if I have told you, you were safe in the past I can go for whoever I want. Azah – that’s what I am thinking. Britini – Apparently we don’t care about hurting people’s feelings. Because my feelings are pretty damn expendable now. No one cares except for you and Big D. No one case that I spent an entire week on the block and now I have to go another week.

Living room discussion on whether or not Whitney’s top is a workout top or not. Whitney says it is. Big D strongly disagrees.

9:20pm – 9:30pm Bathroom. Xavier, Alyssa and Christian.
They laugh about Xavier catching them kissing. Xavier jokes that they didn’t come up for a breath. Xavier – look at least it was me because now we can have fun with it. I kind of already knew but I wanted you guys to think that I didn’t so this is now fun for all of us. I just saw you guys playing got it .. and GIRL YOU GOT IT! Christian – its the brother sister thing. Xavier – that makes it so much worse!! My own children. Christian – I think dad is going to ground us. Xavier – how often do you play got it? Alyssa – that was the first time playing the silent library got it. Xavier – you didn’t think I already knew!? Xavier re-enacts how Christian sneaks over to Alyssa’s bed at night. Alyssa – we thought we were so slick!

10:10pm HOH room. Hannah and Derek X
They’re watching the other house guests on the HOH tv. They talk about Azah. Hannah – I think she would go after Kyland. Derek – I wonder if X would take out Big D? Hannah – I don’t know, I think they’re close. If Christian wins HOH how would you feel? Derek – I’d feel safe. Hannah – yeah I would feel good about that too. And you’re right you couldn’t be the one to take the shot at the kings. I wouldn’t want to take that shot either. Whitney might.

Storage room. Kyland and Britini.
Kyland – it seems like no one really has the full picture. Britini – no I get it, no one knows the full story and the person that keeps throwing my name out there didn’t have the balls to come talk to me about it myself and just ask me himself. There is one person out there that has been throwing my name out there for over a week. For what we talked about .. the all girls whatever. Kyland – just another reason to get him out. Britini – I am sick and tired of him throwing my name out there and he hasn’t come up and asked me once. If you seriously have a problem with me and keep throwing my name out there… just come talk to me. Kyland – he does associate himself as the target. Britini – I know he does so that means this whole thing didn’t work. Brent is a smart dude. He was going to figure it out. I am not going to pretend with him. If you get picked for veto and you win .. if he gives you the green light to use it .. will you use it on me? Kyland – if he gives me the green light, yes. Britini – I have one thing to do tomorrow and that is to kicka$$ in the veto.

11:15pm Living room. Derek X and Azah.
Derek – were you able to talk to Brit about who they’re going for? Azah – yeah. I don’t understand why you were throwing the wildcard . So I was confused about that. Derek – I was throwing it. Azah – ok, you didn’t look like you were throwing it. You looked like you were targeting Britini first and making sure Tiffany won …so that was confusing. The other thing that was confusing was it felt like everyone kind of knew this plan except us. That is confusing. Derek – I didn’t know who the pawn was going to be. And the pawn very likely could have been another person on my team. I think it came down to someone on my team or the jokers team. So the reason I wanted to target Britini in that comp was because I wanted to keep her as an option so he wouldn’t be forced to choose another person on my team to put up. Big Brother blocks the feeds. Azah – you guys know he is smart. I don’t think an elaborate plan needed to happen. If that is the target to get out .. he has figured it out already. Derek – true. Are you okay with that being the target? Azah – I don’t feel any type a way right now. I would appreciate people being more up front with me and Britini would appreciate it too. Derek – I’m sorry. Azah – its how this game is so..

11:20pm – 12am Big Brother blocks the feeds..
11:42pm Havenot room. Tiffany and Claire
Claire – Whitney is still feeding information to Alyssa. Whitney told Alyssa about the mafia. She told Alyssa last night. Tiffany – why would she tell Alyssa? Just think about if we had not mentioned that to them.. Claire – what? Tiffany – If we had never mentioned to the kings that the Aces presented the Mafia alliance to us and we specifically did not mention the name.. I remember hearing Ky say after he is gone I will give you the name but he didn’t tell them. But she did. I like that he did that. That is something I would have done because if it comes out I know it didn’t come from us. Claire – yup. Tiffany – okay .. we need the chess board. Claire – I think we stick with the kings. Tiffany – I think we stick with the kings. Whitney is next to go. I think she knows that she is close enough to Brent to follow him out the door. Claire – I think she is smart. Tiffany – who is more dangerous. Claire – In the short term.. Whitney. Tiffany – in the long term. Claire – in the long term the kings will have to be dismantled at some point. What else is there .. the three? The Jokers? Are we going to go after the jokers next week? Tiffany – no. Claire – no. Tiffany – if the kings or the queens win next week who is going on the block to go home? That only leaves Whitney to go home and the pawns would have to be Hannah, Azah, Derek F. I can’t win next week. Kyland joins them. Claire – I do believe that Hannah doesn’t have anyone. I think Whit is still playing some with the kings because we know that Whit told Alyssa about the mafia. Shoutout Alyssa for telling us. Tiffany – right. Claire – but I would want to know who she is going after next week. Big Brother calls them out for moving the furniture in the havenot room and then cuts the feeds.

12:50 am Tiffany, Kyland, and Claire
The girls want to pick up Hannah for their group. Kyland says he has DerekF.
Talking about Azah, BRit, and DerekF being bitter jury members.
Tiffany – they were drinking Frenchie’s koolaid
Kyland – Brit can convince people to vote with her the other two can’t. that is just my thought.
Claire – DerekF will never convince anyone to work with him
Tiffany – tomorrow sometime we need to get that chessboard out
Claire – we need to have a conversation with Hannah (they want to bring her in)
Tiffany says Brit is picking Azah to play in the Veto.
Kyland – she should be under the impression if Brit comes down DerekF goes up.
Tiffany brings up Azah wanting to go up on the block, “You’re playing Big sister”
feeds cut

12:57 am Claire in the have nots talking to the camera.
Claire – Brent needs to go. I would like Whitney to go. I want to work with Hannah.
Claire – I would love to keep Britini. I would love to keep Azah. They’re shooting themselves in the foot but Azah moreso.
Claire – I don’t really trust Ky still I am working on it though. HE’s the best player in the house by far.
Claire – Tiff is good I would rid to the end with her. She would beat me easily. I’m in a tricky spot. It’s only week three
Claire – I’m still purposely acting goofy, Silly, and dumb. Which I am
Claire – I need to play my intelligence down and keep throwing comps I never want to throw a comp I need to win and this comp I may need to win. I will continue to play goofy than post jury I’ll start going against that identity. A lot of these people are very charming I knew going into this game that would be my weakness. It’s just fitting in all the time. I am worried I am at the bottom. Tiffany’s temper and jokes might get the best of her then maybe not.

Feeds flip to Tiffany and Kyland trying to figure out a name for their final 2

1:16 am DX and Tiff
Tiffany whispering about Azah being “mad as hell” at Tiffany for not throwing the safety competition.
Tiff – the one that should be mad is BRit and if BRit is mad then she’s playing a good game and Azah needs to take a page outta Britini’s book
DX – I don’t think BRit is mad.
Tiff – that is what you are supposed to do this is the game of Big Brother you have to do a good job of hiding everything
Tiff – X told me to play to win..
Tiff – who do I need to be worried about, someone who sits in that backroom or someone that sits in the HOH.
DX – this game is getting really crazy
Tiff – it hasn’t even begun it’s going to get harder and harder..
DX says if he wins this Veto brent is going to be pissed. They laugh about Brent being in the mafia.

2:00 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Warning – long post, avoid if you prefer shorter reads.

It’s understandable no one wants to lose a team member. Here’s the issue with the Jokers… they are by far the weakest of the four teams.

All three of them put their feet up during Frenchie’s HOH. It’s fine to chill or lay low (Hannah & X conducted a perfect under the radar first week). The issue is Brit tends to share too much without the savvy to build true allies, Azah likes her quiet time & subsequently didn’t put in effort with most of the other hamsters & Big D spends 50 percent of his time (or more) horizontal and the other 50 percent trying to cause conflict.

All three seem to have expectations –

Brit showed her true colors last week first overreacting about being nominated (and sitting beside the one person everyone would’ve picked to be OTB with), begging to be taken off the block, complaining others outmaneuvered in “her comp to win” WC, was willing to let her BFF go OTB if it meant she wouldn’t, is once again bartering to be guaranteed safety if someone other than her wins POV & expects to not go OTB again for the next 3 weeks. As San Diego Gal says – what game did she think she signed up to play?

Azah knows she has the safety of the Cookout, was safe W1 (Frenchie) W2 (Ky) & again W3 (X). During that time how many conversations outside her team did she initiate? Most of the ones she had were with people approaching her while she camped out on the couch b/c she is the one hamster who has to get her own personal time every day. I really liked her initially & I respect her offering to go OTB instead of Brit but I also see the other side of the coin – X, Ky, & Tiff have all put in work to build relationships in order to ensure the Cookout is safe. Big D is working (to cover his own ass) & Hannah is also busy building relationships. What has Azah done? If she was keeping in touch with the group or working the game I’d give her more leeway. But she’s serving up a very similar game to Big D in so much as they both expect to be dragged to F6 but also want to dictate who else comes with them.

They want the three (Ky/X/Tiff) to do the heavy lifting & then also take out their targets & keep their shields. I enjoy her humor & hot takes but if she doesn’t like the direction of the game or feels blindsided — sorry but — whose fault is that?

I’ve spouted repeatedly about Big D but I’ll point to back-to-back convos tonight offering up his weak ass predictable game:

Big D (to Tiff): “When I talked to X earlier today, I said if I’m HOH, I am going after Claire. Everybody gotta go.

Tiff: I would not be mad about it — this is a game. I’m never going to take any move you make against anyone else personally, and I’m not going to make it personal to you. That’s how I choose to play the game.

Not getting the reaction he wants – he moves on & 15 minutes later we get the same song & dance heard 100 times a day as he says to Ky…

Big D: I’m still worried about all of these girls being in the house. (Ky says we all are) & DF continues … They could turn on us

This is why conversations are increasing between the trio regarding Big & Azah. They knows Big D isn’t winning shit & Azah not being understanding or making an effort is also going to grow thin very quickly.

As for Big D trying to bait Tiff, like him jokingly calling her out during the WC – it’s blatant. I personally don’t buy 100 percent that Tiff will offer up Claire that easily but she’s certainly not dumb enough to feed into Big D’s nonsense.

The fact is Tiff didn’t make a stink about losing teammate Travis & she is the one who stepped up this week to ensure one of X’s THREE options to nominate (Brent, Whit, Brit) remained vulnerable. In contrast, Big D didn’t even offer to play to block Brit from having a shot at safety b/c he wants to make sure he has the best shot at winning safety next week. That choice forced Tiff to have to win. DX actually threw the comp & helped Tiff win so he’s a more reliable ally than Big D.

Tiff could point this out but it’s not necessary b/c I’m sure Ky & X see it — ACTIONS speak louder than words.

Azah & Big D are still bitching as the night progresses & the tension is obvious. What is funny is both of them seem to be pinning more blame on Tiff than X & the reality is she thought Whit would be OTB beside Brent. We’ll see if Tiff/Azah can resolve this situation but (again) if Azah wants to know what’s going on then she needs to make an effort to be more involved. Prior to this HOH she waited for people to come & tell her and b/c she didn’t win the HOH she doesn’t believe the trio of Aces threw the comp (not sure about Whit but DX/Hannah definitely did).

Azah/Big D are stating they’ll put up Claire & DX next week “b/c it’s for the team right?”. I mean that’s fine you two – but you actually have to win to do it – although they probably expect Brit to do that for them. Problem is the odds are much better Brit would put up DX/Ky & if DX came down replace him with X b/c she has a crush on Christian. So while they are angry about Brit going up – the fact they aren’t doing anything to make her feel calm/safe & instead are fueling her anger is why Tiff likely doesn’t entertain these conversations (the tension between her & Azah & her & Big D was palpable).

There are three more evictions until jury starts. With the way Brent responded to X’s nomination barring him winning POV he’s gone this week (and if not will continue to be the target until he is gone). To quell the guys angst over the gender split two of the next three exits will either be Whitney, Britini, or Ally (maybe Chris). After X caught A/C kissing it could move one of them up the hit list (let’s see if he tells Ky). Although X didn’t seem to like Big D suggesting ANYONE on his team be targeted/evicted.

Let’s just see how invested Ky & X are to keep Big D around ahead of more trusted allies. IMHO Ky would prefer to take SB deeper in the game ditto for Tiff with Claire & X will likely want one of Ally or Chris.

I think the original Cookout plan was to get them all to F6. But if Big D/Azah continue in their current fashion let’s see if the above trio is pushed ahead of them. I’d say they would also bring DX/Hannah further but they’re aware of how strong they are mentally & physically so might bite the bullet to drag along Azah/Big D for easier competition.

Bottom line – I’m not convinced the Cookout will reach it’s goal particularly when two of the members expect to do less but have their agenda prioritized.


Well put, i do not see Azah and Big D being left behind, “there is strength in unity”,
nothing will get burned in this Cookout.

Sir Kirby Williams

They would also be nice options to sit beside during final two, especially if they keep playing the way they are.


It’s only gonna be a couple more weeks until the cookout becomes obvious and I feel sorry for the non poc who makes any attempt at going after that side of the house and being called racist, etc…

Nicole F4Lyfe

This guy in the last page had a good overview of what’s going on and it totally makes sense..:

Said this yesterday

“Next up Brent, then Christian, then Whitney, then Claire, then Britini, then Sarah, and finally BrentXfactor. After that, well, who knows as production will be confused as f……”

It will be interesting to see once there is “no more diversity” left in the house or in other words, the house has been “white washed”, which of the 8 will production pull to the finish line?


Britni – “Apparently we don’t care about hurting people’s feelings… No one cares that I spent an entire week on the block and now I have to go another week.” What show did she think she signed-up for?

Britni keeps talking about wanting a 21-day stay-off-the-block guarantee because she’s done her due diligence as a pawn two weeks in a row. Once again, what show did she think she signed-up for?

Miss Impression

Could someone please tell Britini and Azah that it was Frenchy that pinned the girls alliance on Brit to hopefully break the spell he cast over them.The Jokers are living up to their name.


I agree. The coincidence of their team being named the Jokers with Frenchie at the helm is too perfect.


Claire live feed chat is another hit for Tiff unbeknownst to her.

Claire still doesn’t trust Kyland (fair) & called him “by far” the best player in the game (I have him in a trio or quartet at the top). She also says Tiff would beat her easily at the end. Is this a precursor to Claire being willing to cut Tiff?

She wants to bring Brit & Hannah deep in the game (interesting she’s not recognizing how strong Hannah is.

With everything that went down today & how Big D/Azah blamed Tiff more than X for nominating Brit I wonder if Hannah closed the gap for top of the ladder?

Side note: Ky is fond of Derek X but he also purposely is being demonstrative about thier alignment in order to have people use Lil D as someone OTB against him instead of SB and his own Cookout ally (Azah) had bought into that positioning so maybe Claire is right lol.


Where’s “another name” been this season? Do they only comment on bbcan?

Sir Kirby Williams

Maybe just using another name…


Another Name made a couple of comments in the last few days. They posted a hilarious graphic with BigD’s photo sideways because he’s always horizontal.


Thanks for your reply’s!!


I saw a couple of post from Another name has TV problems and is not watching but reading post and posting

Just Sayin'

One of my biggest disappointments this season is Azah, why is she letting other people sink her game? She had the potential to go really far in this game but is making enemies getting overly upset for frenchie and brit….? Why? I get protecting your team, but that only goes so far, she is actually angry and willing to go home instead of brit? This is BB, play for yourself only.
Side note: Alyssa and Christian are barf worthy