Nomination results “Anthony has nothing to do with my decision”

Big Brother Canada Spoilers – Kyra nominated Adam and Dane because they’re playing their own game not Anthony’s.

9:37pm Feeds start up on the HOH Adam, Kyra and Anthony
They’re arguing if Anthony said “put Kyra up on the block”
Anthony saying he’s never said that
Adam said both Anthony and Mark said that.
Kyra – Anthony has nothing to do with my decision

Mark joins them says Anthony never said “put Kyra up”
Adam goes on about Anthony and Mark having a plan for Este and Kyra to go on the block last week.
Mark – I don’t know what you are talking about man
Adam laughs
Anthony says Adam can’t look him in the face
Adam – you are going to watch this
Kyra chimes in that the reason why Mark went up is they thought their was a guys alliance so “they” thought “they” would take out the weakest link

Adam brings up another conversation he had with Anthony in the blue room where Anthony was wanting Kyra on the block last week.

Anthony denies it.

Adam retells the moment .. A lot of detail (see images) , “you are going to watch this I promise it”

Kyra – I believe you but I don’t care what they said
Kyra – I didn’t put you up because I want you out I put you up for the same reason he put me up beside Chelsea you will take him down. I have zero chance of winning if both of you stay in this house

Kyra going on about how it was Adam that convince them to put Adam and Dane on the block ..
Kyra – you’re not up there because I want you to go home, I am loyal to you I am grateful to you, you are up there because I am scared if the both of you stay I have zero chance of winning
Kyra – Yes, maybe I have 5, 10, 15 percent chance winning with the rest of them but that is higher than zero and I cannot take that chance
Adam – than two of these boy (Mark and Anthony) will win, I promise you that. If I leave this week
Kyra – I can not try
Mark chimes in “you just said if you leave all of us have a chance of winning but if I leave all of you have a chance of winning.. it’s obvious bro. (you are so forgettable bro)
Adam – if they sit in finals with either you, you or Dane
Anthony – that’s not for you to decide that’s for the jury to decide
Kyra raises their voice about being alone and a target since day one “I have survived alone”
Adam – I’m going to vote for one of the boys 100%
Anthony goes back to claiming he never said “put Kyra on the block” Specifies that’s “number 1”

Adam again brings up the conversation in the hot tub where Anthony wanted Kyra on the block. Anthony is adamant he never said “put kyra on the block” (but he may have said it another way 😉 )
Adam – you’re lying bro, you’ll watch it
Kyra – I don’t even care
Kyra is pissed at Adam for saying she has zero chance of winning. Calls it disrespect
Kyra – I made the biggest move this season if that doesn’t earn me some respect from the jury than that is f*ed
Adam – alright for sure, Congratz
Adam leaves…

Anthony hugs Kyra.

Mark hugs Kyra

Kyra takes a swig says they feel alone.

9:44pm Adam, Mark and Anthony Arguing more …
Mark says everything they said was “discussion”

Storage room Adam and Dane. They hug. Adam asks him wasn’t it Mark and Anthony’s idea to put up Este and Kyra last week.

Adam goes on retelling his conversation in the HOH. Bring up Mark lying to his face about what happened in the blue room. (when Mark got heated at him for not putting Kyra up)
Adam – two of them up there telling me I never had these conversations

9:50pm Adam, Anthony and Mark
Adam asking them now that Kyra isn’t around can they please fess up about the hot tub.
Anthony – no
Mark – not me
Adam – mane the f* up mark
Mark – I’m not the one stomping around when someone get accidentally nominated (you are you again?)
Mark – you were nominated ONE time this season and you were stomping around this place
Mark – place
Adam – whose plan was that
Mark – yeah whatever
Adam – yeah … it doesn’t matter you guys are both f*ing safe just man up I didn’t want to put them up last week I didn’t put them up
Adam – I should have put them up but I wanted to go with Damien and Este the whole time

Getting heated

BUT…. They hug it out to cool down…. (the emotion)

“I love you I love you… it’s all good”
Both Anthony and Adam have a long hug and Cry.

Adam hugs mark but it’s a short hug (and no one liked it)

Adam tells them no matter what a PB member is going to win Big Brother 7 it’s not going to be him it’ll “One of you guys”

Adam – I’ll make sure the Jury house knows every single move we’ve done this season.. we ran this game we planned it out
Adam – it sh1t the bed right now.. it is what it is we should not be fighting we loved each other this whole game I’m sorry for throwing you guys under the bus I was heated shouldn’t have done that It is what it is.

Adam – It’s all good.. no more fighting.. I’m sorry Kyra.

Kyra – It’s a game
Adam – I got caught up, I trusted you and I wasn’t expecting that. I love these guys like brothers I do
Kyra- I trusted you Adam
Adam – it’s OK it’s a game move I understand.. What we’ve done this season is unreal.. it’s what I wanted coming into this House. I Shouldn’t have blown up
Kyra – I was an outsider all season

Adam – it’s ok. You’re here.. you are probably going to the finale. I’m sorry (you’re here good for you)
Adam goes on about how the PB ran the season and he’s proud to be part of it.
Kyra – happy to be left out of it.. makes me feel like more of an outsider.
Adam – I don’t want to go out of this house bitching and balling the whole time it’s still a long week anythign can happen.

10:00am Cam 1 Kyra and Mark
Kyra crying saying they deserve to be here
Kyra – it say I’m here for luck I didn’t play any game
Kyra says she beat the odds she played the game
Kyra calls Adam an A$$hole “the plan was to get Dane out now I’ll have to rethink it” (you mean Anthony and Mark the ones with 2 outta 3 votes)
Kyra – I’m not stupid I don’t let people play my game for me I never have I let people THINK they are playing my game because that’s what got me here
mark – Right
Kyra – nobody has played my game for me
Mark – I know
Kyra – I’ve had to play to my strengths because I wasn’t winning competitions. People think I’m weak and emotional that’s fine I have never played emotionally I have always thought everything out I’ve known about this since week f*ing two (Lol.. what a ZOMG)

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So sick….can’t believe she did that to Adam…yes Anthony is a golden talker he definitely pulled this off. I’m lite. Because of the way, Anthony n Mark lied nsync about not saying they wanted ie Anthony wanted him to put Kiera up last week. That’s why Adam was so heated n said things he may or should of. im glad Adam called them out. Kiera that was ur finale three???? How can u blame them n say they r on the block cuz of scenarios they gave u about pov if used. Oh boy did she mess up. Am I ?no. But plz don’t say no one controls u! Anthony’s strings are up ur rear. Hohitis a bit much!!!! Unbelievable. … On another note Adam n Dane did all the work getting houseguest out they at least deserve 2nd place if not the win.


Lmfao was this not the girl that JUST called out Anthony??? Saying he controls the weak ones and he said yes you are weak?!? Lmfao now she’s putting up her #1 for him??? Hahaha what a dummy! She just let a man straight up humiliate her on national television as his little b*tch!!! You are a joke kyra! Worst thing I’ve seen someone due to their alliance in a long time


I hope one of them wins POV and Kyra puts Anthony up, he really has to go. How Kyra can let him blow smoke up her A$$ is beyond me due to what you said about Kyra calling him out. Kyra should know by now that Adam isn’t lying yet Kyra will keep playing victim. Sorry putting Adam up when he has protected you over and over is NOT going to get you respect from the jury…they don’t like you. Loved her saying I didn’t rely on anyone, I played my own game, is just funny as hell, considering Kyra has done nothing but run to power. Kyra is clueless if ‘they’ think ‘they’ have any chance of winning against the boys. just stupid logic with Kyra. I honestly hope Adam win POV and either of the arrogant twits go up and out..then Adam can call Kyra on the BS. knowing he doesn’t have to protect Kyra anymore and gets put on the block. Kyra saying I am a strong player is also funny as hell, all Kyra has done is cry over and over and over, it wears thin. I don’t like any of them that are left. But of them all, I have less dislike for Adam of them all followed by Dane, the other 3 pfft they are crappy people from what I have seen on the feeds… as we;; as crappy players.


They has played a good game.

another name

the entire kyra upset part had me thinking “gee it’s not the ceremony they wanted, but at least the britney (more like victoria and sabrina’s demonic lovechild) knows they’ll never get the votes to win.”
what votes did they think they’d get: didn’t vote to keep sam. lectured cory before voting cory out. didn’t have a close tie to either damien or este.. won’t get the vote of the guy that leaves this week. that’s five out of seven right there. would any of those five, by the way they played the game, respect the big move? or would they attribute it to Anthony?
The only possible person Kyra ever had a chance of winning against is Mark: even that was chance not sure thing by any stretch.
kyra’s revisionist history about the blood veto was weird. kyra kept mark knowing there was a boy’s alliance because kiki was closer to the boy’s alliance then mark, who was a member of the alliance. reality check: it was for petty reasons. kiki wouldn’t (in kyra’s own words) “man up” and showmance of cuddle or kiss kyra, because kyra believed (as stated by kyra on feeds) that kiki was only cast to be kyra’s showmance.
If i wasn’t a bad person i’d feel something other than giddiness when a toxic goat has delusions of grandeur shattered. Never been happier to be a bad person.
The jury discussions that get released: they aren’t candid conversations caught on tape. they are production set ups / storyline spoilers.
My read of the Sam Cory discussion doesn’t dissuade me from the belief that Dane is the more likely to leave.


If it stays Dane/Adam, I hope it is Dane to leave. ONLY because I would love for Adam to win the HOH and have Kyra panic and be up his a$$ saying how that was their plan all along. Adam could call her on it being BS. Kyra needs to stop playing victim and crying all the time. Kyra also needs to know that Kiki wouldn’t go anywhere near ‘them’. I’m sure Kiki can do better than a whiney twit like Kyra.


I want Adam to win Pov , take himself off the block and Mark goes up Kyra breaks the tie and send Marl out the door .


Yep- “Kyra nominated Adam and Dane because they’re playing their own game not Anthony’s.” I’m still hoping Dane survives. Dane and Adam are the only two deserving to win this BBCan. (IMO)


This is as bad or worst than bb usa 12, so boring, and incredibly clueless people.


Please someone please open another bottle of Kraken.

Club H.O.H

I stopped watching the feeds once Damien left. Come to OBB because I’m still a BB Addict and Dddddaaaaaammmnnnnn! All hell broke loose. Lol Adam is the deserving winner but we know in past seasons the most deserving never wins. Thank you OBB for updating us this season and for the side eye comments that I love to read. Bring me AllStar BB21!

P.S- Kyra is so annoying!!!!!! Like she gives Raven a run for her money! Should’ve kept Damien! All 4 of the peanut butters would’ve been in finale. #Karma glad Adam told Kyra you’re not winning no matter what! Lol


STFU Anthony and Kyra…sick of them talking about how great they are. Kyra is an idiot, she basically told all the boys every point she is going to use to try to win so that they now how lots of time to come up with counter arguments at the final if Kyra happens to be sitting there. Anthony is a snake oil sales man. I don’t think there is any way he will be able to keep his final speech on why he should win to the allotted time. I only hope he’s at the end so he gets told times up!

Guy From Canada

Adam go out played socially by Anthony. Props to Anthony and Mark. However, I find mark and Anthony annoying to watch, horrible even on the show edit. I hope that Adam or Dane come off, Mark goes up and they are able to sell that Mark will win the game because of mental memory comps f4 onwards…..but I guess we’ll have to wait for what Production has scripted….

Long time bb fan

If one of them wins veto, Anthony will be up Kyra’s ass until the other one is evicted.

another name

Out of twenty comps played this season:
adam has won 6 and dane has won 4. Adam has been ineligible to play in five comps (due to being hoh ineligible for veto or next hoh comp) dane has been ineligible to play in six comps (due to being hoh ineligible to play for veto or next hoh comp). so. adam has a minimum 40% success rate in comps he was eligible to play in (vetoes he wasn’t chosen to play in are not factored). dane as a minimum 28.6% success rate given the same variables and excluding the factor of vetoes he wasn’t chosen to play.
Everyone else in the house has won one comp.
Statistically, Trevor Boris is going to have to come up with some bizarroverse veto crapola crapshoot comp in order for one of the nominees not to win.

I'm livid

I need Adam or Dane to pull themselves off


Evel Dick probably likes him for the win!

Thea Pierrot

Kera, the last player not a member of the pretty boys. You come into the game with strengths and weaknesses. For someone like Kera it was a tough game to survive. They got attached to strong players in Sam and Adam which is a means of survival if you are not a comp beast. Mark was just lucky. Anthony is a smooth talker but he tries to take credit for all the PB moves. Dane did a lot of the planning on who to target.

You could say it was easy for the PBs to float through the game. Sure they won comps but that was much easier for Adam and Dane due to advantages they were born with and athletic backgrounds.

Kera won THE key HoH for her to get to the end. She beat 4 very strong players to do it. They ran the game from day 1. She put the two strongest players on the block which no other player dared to do. Adam didn’t want to put Kera up because he wanted her jury vote not because he was loyal.


It’s name is Kyra not Kera,
show some respect,


What the hell Is happening??? She put up adam!? What a complete joke, talk about letting a man completely humiliate your intelligence on national tv!!!!! Must be nice right Anthony? To be on a show with a bunch of sissy’s and brain dead scared followers! I hope she goes home next week but unfortunately they will probably bring her loser a$$ to the end because she sucks at everything! What a flop of a season!!! ? ?

LongTime BB Fan

Kyra wasn’t loyal to anyone. That’s fine…it’s big brother. But FFS own it and stop playing the victim! Them putting Adam and Dane up will be seen as a brilliant game move…BY ANTHONY. And Kyra true to form stabs her friends in the back and then cries about being alone! You wouldn’t be alone if you didn’t make yourself alone by repeatedly turning on your allies. As a longtime fan of BB, I would gladly give you credit for a bold new strategy…play victim…get someone’s sympathy and then stab them in the back. Ok fine…might even get them a vote in jury. But If they actually think they were unfairly persecuted in the house and no one accepted who they were or included then in anything, then it’s not strategy it’s delusion and they don’t deserve a single vote to win this game! They should put the second place prize money toward therapy!


This is sooooo much WTF!?!?!?!? Hahaha omg!!!!! Kyra – I got here on my own???? Lol lol I can’t even comment on that stupidity of a statement. And adam hugging them and saying sorry!?!?! Lol lol wow this season keeps shocking me of how weak minded and pathetic they all are! I can’t believe she put up adam? Lmfao lol didn’t she just call out Anthony as trying to control the weak people and he said yes you are weak?? Haha now she is up his a$$ (another a$$, remember she’s been in how many this season) and she’s putting up her #1 for him?? Girl BYE!! You are the worst ever!!! And mark!!! Both equally as delusional!!!!!!!!!!


If kyra wins there definitely is something wrong with this game, they are delusional