Anthony “We’re taking Dane out.” Mark “I know. Good! I’ve always wanted since week f**king two.”

10:04pm Storage room. Anthony and Kyra.
Anthony gives Kyra an emotional hug. Anthony – be strong. Kyra – I knew I felt like an outside for a reason. I’m not.. I knew since week two. Its fine. Anthony – I felt great with them. I was close with them. We talked about everything. One thing we did not talk about was my relationship with you. I never once said to take Kyra out. I have my way with words. I have my way with the truth. I’ve kept my honesty with every scenario in this game. Truth and honesty .. I started to see things in these guys. They’re not truth & honest. Kyra – things change .. you have to adapt. I respect that. I watched and observed. Not just the other people and the house guests but the people that were also on my side. They were not strong, they were not truthful, they were not honest. Kyra – I know! I know they weren’t truthful and honest. I saw right through it. We knew early on that this was a thing. I had to play dumb because that’s what kept me here. I had to pretend to believe that it didn’t actually exist. So if people want to tell me that I got here by luck.. by all means yeah. I got here because I played to my strengths. I wasn’t going to win comps. I had to fly as much under the radar and look stupid and weak. As much as I had to even though it bruised my ego. I was never stupid. I saw through it. Why do you think when I heard Dane and Adam talk about Cory .. I jumped at the opportunity to crack a foundation at this huge a$$ alliance. I knew there was an alliance .. and they said her name. You’ll watch the tapes. Anthony – I know. Adam came to me … you’ll have Anthony closer to you if you get out Cory. You want that. I knew I couldn’t trust them. So to call me weak and to say that I got here by luck disgusts me! I was serious when I said I wanted to go final two with you. I feel like you lied to me. Anthony – no I didn’t. I never once lied to you. You’re going to let that convince you? Kyra – apparently he is going to convince everyone. Anthony – apparently nothing and no he is not. We talked about this .. you are a fighter. Dane joins them. Kyra – was Damien apart of it? Anthony – no. You are a fighter .. it doesn’t matter what anyone says. I earned my place here! No one can say it was because of luck! It wasn’t a easy decision (nominations). I do love all of you guys.

10:10pm Adam joins them in the storage room. Anthony and Dane leave. Adam – come here. I’m sorry. That was really uncalled for. I’m not used to someone barking at me like that. I’m a hot head. Kyra – I’m sorry. Adam – its fine. It was a game move. Best move of the season. It will be a hell of a campaign. There was a big plan to go two four with the boys. It never worked out. Kyra – I knew it since week 3. Adam – I am sorry. I actually am. that’s not the person I am. It was a really good game move and I can appreciate that. Kyra – it was the hardest decision for me to make. we’re still in this game. Kyra – one of you might be. Adam – two of us might. We’re not stupid f**king people .. if I pull myself down .. that’s one vote there. Adam – I am really really sorry. You deserve to be here just as much as anybody. I will keep it calm. I will keep it cool. I just wasn’t expecting it. Kyra – all season long we haven’t had one shocking nomination .. I did it for tv. Adam – its good. Kyra leaves. Adam – f**king kyra. I was not expecting that today.

10:33pm Storage room. Mark and Anthony.
Anthony – We’re taking Dane out. Mark – I know. Good! Like I’ve always wanted since week f**king two. Anthony – this is what you’re going to do…for me. You’re going to go to Adam.. You’re going to tell Adam – I am loyal to you. I’ve seen things happening with Dane. You’re going to vote for Adam to stay. I’m going to vote for Dane to stay. Kyra is going to send Dane home. Mark – okay. And what if Dane pulls himself off the block and I go up? Anthony – if Dane pulls himself off the block.. then Adam leaves. Mark – cool. Anthony – you know what time it is. Mark – its time to wake the f**k up!

HOH room. Kyra talking to the camera.
Kyra – I believe i just made the biggest move of the season. It was scary and I knew there would be backlash. Whatever maybe I won’t win 100,000 but I had to better my odds. Mark joins Kyra. Kyra – I would like to get Dane out and I think there’s more of a chance that Adam wins the POV, than Dane.

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Tom is a Canuck

Is Anthony lying about not saying Kyra’s name in the hot tub?


YUP – all you need to do when it comes to Anthony is watch to see who he re-adjusts to each week. Last week he went ape sh*t on Kyra PUBLICLY about being a follower, weak etc BECAUSE he thought she was getting nominated. The minute she wasn’t he backtracked to pull her back in as his loyal puppet.

Ditto for Adam, he trashed him initially this week to Kyra in order to get him nominated but upon learning both Mark/Kyra wanted to take out Dane (and knowing Adam has a good shot to win POV) he immediately went to Adam to make a F2, spill everything he knew about Dane including as many lies as he could throw on Dane.

Maybe one day before BBCan hand delivers a win for Anthony he didn’t need to do anything to win these idiots will all sit down & recognize how dirty Anthony is playing, what a f*cking hypocrite he is, how demeaning he is & all call his *ss out. At best it would be nice if BBCan figured out no one AND I MEAN NO ONE likes Anthony – check the polls idiots – I’ve yet to find one that places him above bottom 2 or 3 (a position he frequently fights with Mark & his puppet to not finish last for). One site routinely runs a weekly poll where Anthony regularly gets 15 likes THATS IT (15) so after his friends & Mom vote for him, no one else does.


I’m totally with you! Not to mention he is a BULLY! I hate that shows let players get away with the bullying. There should be ZERO TOLERENCE with bullying. We are trying to eliminate bullying with kids these days. These games just call bullying “masterminding” the game. It’s BS. I want anyone BUT Anthony to win!


Kyra is so unlikeable.

Jeff K

She is. She should probably delete all her social media accounts when she gets out. She is going to get a lot of hate for being another Anthony puppet.


You know it’s a terrible season when you look at all the remaining hamsters as who do I despise the least? Of the 5 remaining the only two, I can stomach are Dane/Adam who coincidentally are also two of only three I think deserve to reach a F2 chair. But unless something big happens post POV one will leave.

So– a few takeaways from today’s joke of production fueled game play:

*The one person who has called for Kyra to be OTB the most screamed at her publicly how useless she is and yet that is who “they” are allowing to dictate HOH
*Anthony spent an extremely long time in DR after Kyra won HOH (getting his plotline) & was called to DR first & more than Kyra all day
* Mark has now become Anthony’s b*tch & subsequently is playing for $20k likely even against Kyra now
* So many BLATANT mess ups by production today. You can’t have Ant call out Kyra (and also AIR THAT) then have storyline shift today to being “Kyra/I have been working together & aligned since week 2” WTF?
* Anthony is a pathological liar – lies spill off his tongue so easily I think he’s able to convince himself they are true
* Ant is typical “Do as I say, not as I do” player (another reason I don’t like his game style. For example, Adam could not have Sam or fight for her (knowing she was ride or die with him to the end) but Ant could have Cory. Dane was put on blast for multiple F2s (that is a dumb move) but Ant could have them with Dane/Mark/Adam/Cory/Kyra & I know I’m forgetting another one. But hey, who’s counting.
* If someone magically forces POV re-nom I’m praying for Anthony to hit block just so Kyra puts up a second person who she PROMISED she would never put OTB
*If Dane leaves it is his own fault for not fighting harder to keep one of Damian or Este. Odd he worked so hard early this season to develop his side allies only to let them go without a fight. Maybe b/c of how much Ant made a big deal about Adam fighting for Sam or how Ant screamed about Cory’s loyalty he felt obliged to do what Ant wanted.
*Kyra has always been a rat this isn’t new. Remember when Chelsea left Anthony’s puppet trashed her that week & wouldn’t even allow her space to campaign.
*Dane POV could prove fruitful for fans IF PRODUCTION IDIOTS WOULD CATCH A CLUE & RECOGNIZE THEY’RE PROMOTING THE MOST DISLIKED PLAYER ON SHOW, In that event — Dane/Adam could force Kyra to put up Anthony saying we’ll take out Mark next week if you do – if not whoever stays is gunning for YOU. Then knowing Mark would vote to keep Ant, Dane would keep Adam & FORCE Kyra to make the decision live. Now THAT would be good TV b/c I’m not sure Kyra could take down Adam on her HOH whereas the audience would explode if she evicted Anthony (and I’m pretty sure they might even boo during his speech on why he should stay lol)

Suffice to say – Anthony continues to grate on my brain like fingernails on a chalkboard or someone taking a rasp to my flesh. I haven’t figured out if he believes his own lies & is like this in normal everyday life or is just a great BB liar/manipulator. I do know I’m not fond of his game style or need to belittle people while never taking ownership for doing the exact same sh*t he blames them for (but yes he is a good player).

I mean this season sucks anyway so I don’t really give a crap but that doesn’t mean I’m not hoping for a Dane POV win & somehow Anthony hits the block. I just want to see him squirm just ONCE this season.


Exactly!! I can’t stop lmao at that!! He calls her WEAK and useless and she is now up his a$$ like a loyal solider from day 1?? Haha wtf is seriously going on??????????? Does big brother see how insanely stupid this looks?????? Lol lol I just can’t with kyra and mark anymore, too delusional and stupid to handle!


Funniest line of the day Kyra to live feeders (about ADAM) “you freaking god complex misogynistic pig!” Guess when DR told her the plotline she misinterpreted the cast characters (as she names Adam for Anthony’s character traits. Too much

another name

if kyra wanted to increase the odds of winning from hell froze over to not in a month of sundays:
Kyra would have put up one from each pair, then waited to see which side won veto before declaring which side kyra was on when making a replacement nom. kyra would never have named a target until the veto meeting.
That would have been the smart move for someone that had final three deals with both pairs.
Side note: Did anyone explain final four hoh / veto and components of the final hoh to Anthony? Serious question.


What the f*ck is going on??????? She put up adam???????? Lol lol this girl is beyond dumb!!! Haha oh Anthony must be nice to have production rig the game for you OR be cast with such MINDLESS followers.. what a pathetic season!!! Wow!!


Lmao at mark trying to sound like Jon pardy with the it’s time to “ wake up” haha him and kyra are the most delusional losers I’ve ever seen!


Lmfao omg at that pic!! Wow Kyra, Anthony has you mind screwed worse than a thot in the club…


Might build Bro Shrine for Adam today.

Guy From Canada

Bro shrine? You mean a pile of empty kraken bottles in the corner of your house?


LOL a pile of kraken bottles for sure

another name

silly question about this season:
do all of these house guests go through life never verifying anything they are told?
No, seriously. The only way a game like Anthony’s works is if the others never, ever independently check and verify information.
All season i’ve been waiting for someone to listen to some schmaltz Anthony is spouting, then observe and have discreet conversations for themselves to make sure it’s on the up an up.
How naive to simply take everything said as a given and honest. Especially when they’ve each listened to Anthony promote lying, come up with lies each of them should tell, and watched him lie to people. They’ve watched him twist other house guests with false interpretations, and never verify anything when he speaks to them.
That makes zero sense.
Still holding the opinion (since dane won the double) that dane was more likely in terms of probability to be the next one out. If dane wins the veto… I’ll have misread the signs completely.
With Anthony’s boost Adam trash Dane talks: what happens if Dane does actually win veto? The whole you aren’t going anywhere, trust the process ruse is blown. Look how easy it is to twist Adam. Wonder if the other jurors (cough cough Sam) could rile up his righteous indignation? I don’t believe we’ll find out. but it’s a nice what if to contemplate.
Then again…. I’m the idiot that asked himself “I wonder who got chosen to play for veto,” with five people left. facepalm.


If three of the most rude, didn’t do anything, unlikeable people make it to the end (Anthony, kyra and mark) I swear I’m done with bbcanada

Dumbest BB Canada

This is the stupidest cast I have ever seen, thought this was going to be a good season…. Kyra you are a fucking moron double crossing Dane and Adam, you are soo fucked next week’s HOH, thought you knew this is a numbers game.


Only thing that can save this season is a special Veto that Adam or Dane find that can remove them both from the block.


So here is Anthony calling out Dane for ALL is F2’s and he currently has F2’s with every single person in the house probably even with the cameramen. What a f*cking snake telling Adam all this shi*t. I sure hope Dane wins POV so he can try to save Adam & then they go to that other genius up in the HOH & tell her how Anthony made F2s with each of them & only fed them lies about each other.

THAT would make me the happiest I’ve been this season.

To anyone who’ll be in the audience this coming Thursday – please make sure to show BBCan producers just how beloved their self proclaimed “honest” mastermind is by BOOING him loudly whether it’s when he gives a speech (fingers crossed) or when he votes. Make it loud enough so everyone – Producers, hamsters & Anthony himself recognize his double-dealing, misogynistic, demeaning, disloyal play that he seems to believe is great gameplay isn’t viewed by anyone outside the BB Can house as anything other than disgusting and pathetic!


The other reason I want Dane to win POV is b/c that will likely lead to Adam who tends to REACT instead of thinking will let loose with all the crap Ant fed him about Dane which will MAYBE (slaps forehead) get these dufuses to recognize what’s REALLY going on. At that point HOPEFULLY this will lead to ALL of them & maybe even Mark who’ll be looking to avoid hitting the block ganging up on the self-proclaimed winner, BB God, honest Anthony to blow up his game & ALL the lies he’s told each of them about each other.

And for what it’s worth at least we also found out Anthony isn’t just a misogynist he is an equal opportunist who took great joy in hurting Adam over Dane. Adam is probably the most loyal in the house but to say Dane was anything but loyal to the PBs and Adam would also be a lie. Dane really felt he could beat Adam I think & the fact Anthony is suggesting he never was going to take Adam is cruel. (especially when he’s implying his (Anthony) only F2 is with Adam! Dane’s loyalty will be proven especially if he wins POV & immediately goes to Adam and says OKAY so now how do we ensure you stay (that alone will show Adam Ant is full of sh*t)

So yeah, Dane can you PLEASE WIN POV


Another note: Dane has read & adjusted better than anyone this season. Even his choice to let Este & Damian go without a fight was based more on loyalty bc he didn’t want to incur the wrath of Anthony (who was his F3 option or secondary F2). So if you’re watching the feeds you can see Dane is keenly aware of how everyone is treating him. All season everyone has joked around with him & sought him out to hang out and talk to – today HE is the pariah. He sees Anthony interacting with Adam so he knows Ant threw him UTB & that HE isn’t just Kyra’s target he is the HOUSE’s target. Anthony who thinks he’s the best to ever play BB is acting very, very different with Dane in terms of his quick exchanges with him & even in how he’s looking at him in discussions (when he isn’t going out of his way to avoid speaking to him at all). Dane isn’t Kyra – he knows wtf is up.

Also worth noting/asking— ALL game Mark has been EXTREMELY selective with what he says/shares so WHY all of a sudden is he Anthony’s b*tch where he is constantly running to him to share every little thing? It makes ZERO sense!

Although Adam is psyched to win after Ant’s spilling of Dane BS don’t think for one second Dane won’t be going 100 percent to win b/c he KNOWS if he doesn’t he’s (likely – without production interference) gone.


Mark: “I don’t forget things” meanwhile Dane saved his ass repeatedly while Adam put him on the block! Right Mark


truth and honesty with Anthony? where? when? He has lied about everything and even screamed at Kyra for being a weak player – as if he is this strong player himself. Didn’t Kyra claim to be a superfan, shouldn’t she know better than to fall for that crap? from her play, superfan is not something I would get from Kyra! I hope they keep Adam, will be great if he wins HOH and we get to watch Kyra get paranoid and whine about how ‘they/them’ will be OTB. As well as watching Kyra climb up Adams A$$. I look forward to Kyra going out but I think they will keep Kyra for final 2 knowing they will beat ‘them’ for sure. IMO Kyra isn’t worth 2nd place … you know Kyra will think ‘they’ got 2nd because ‘they’ played a great game. pfft. I love the ‘we knew about the PB alliance but I had to play dumb” BS Kyra you weren’t playing dumb, you all talked yourselves out of believing the alliance was real, no playing dumb for you. look stupid and weak? yeah so you aren’t really dumb and weak?? more BS. bruised ego? OMG Kyra really is dumb. more she speaks the more she proves it. saying I got here by luck disgusts me? Kyra really thinks she is this smart person about what was going on yet whines about not knowing anything that is going on?? which is it? did you know it all along or were you left out of everything? I am really looking forward to seeing her gone with the next HOH, not like she will win POV. I am really hoping that Dane or Adam win POV and whoever gets put up in their spot goes right out.

Tom the bom

I hate when a weak player get to the end and make a weak player move like that.


Well, that SUCKS – Adam won POV.


OMG, bunch of looser players in the BBC. They should of got Adam out along time ago. He will probably win it all. Kyra too, another player just floating and will probably go to the end with Adam. But they all made it this far and all the other players I was rooting for is out 🙁