“America, quack quack! Are you with the sitting ducks or not? We’re the underdogs!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Aug 13th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 15th
HOH Victor Next HOH Aug 11th
Original Nomi1nations: Paulie AND Corey
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 20-40-50-238

8:40pm Bedroom – Paulie tells Corey if we are up against each other I will never campaign against you. Corey says likewise. Paulie says we do have to beat him. He is the only one we have to worry about. Paul said he would use it on somebody just to make sure Michelle is up there. And he would be the deciding vote and if that is the case we have 2 going one way. I don’t trust him. Corey says one of us has to win it. James threw us under the bus. Corey brings up how James said we were in an alliance. Paulie says I told him that James was the one that came to us about it. Nicole says did you guys include me in it? Paulie says I denied you (Nicole) being in it but I didn’t deny us. Paulie leaves. Nicole says crap I think he just threw me under the bus. I’m going to probably go home next week. Vic and Paul gave me a ugly look when they came out. I can tell Paulie confirmed I was in it. I denied it. I’m thinking Paulie included me in it. Now I’m going to look like a liar and you’re going to look like a liar.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 20-44-08-067

8:50pm Bathroom – Nicole talks to Paulie. Nicole says they asked me about you, James and Corey. They never said me. Paulie says I was like James came to me and Corey about a final 3 and I was like at that point it was all I had. And I brought Paul with me. James confirmed me, Corey and him. Nicole ask so they didn’t say anything about me. Paulie says no. Nicole heads back to the bed with Corey. Paulie said he confirmed you three so now you’re the only one that denied. Corey says I don’t care.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 21-01-31-292
9pm Natalie talks to Paulie. She sasy she wanted to make sure he was okay. Paulie says I get what happened was a strategy and people wanted to blow up my game. If I am being honest when you went to James and Z about that stuff I don’t think you did that on your own. Paulie brings up how he doesn’t understand Bridgette being mad about it when she was best friends with Frank who was smacking girls on the butt and calling them sl*ts. And she was cuddling in bed with him when she has a boyfriend and he has a girlfriend. Nat asks was she cuddling with him? Paulie says I don’t know, sleeping in the same bed. You wouldn’t like it if your man was in bed with a girl. Nat says I never meant to hurt your feelings. That kills me. Paulie says it was a lot. I never like to kick people when they’re down but if you open up the vault then I’ll go all day with you. Nat says what you said really hurt my feelings. Paulie says I can see how when both people are going off different information. I can have a sharp tongue when people get into it with me. Nat asks so you haven’t made fun of my breasts and stuff? Paulie says well when you denied it for ever. Nat say but its about my body. Paulie says we all had a joke about it because you wouldn’t admit it. Every single person in the house joked about FT’s and would say it right in front of you. Nat asks was James apart of it? Paulie says he knew what it meant. Nat says if you do have an issue with me I hope you do come and talk to me. Pualie says the only issue I had was what you and James did with Z. Paulie says sorry if I hurt your feelings.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 21-47-50-588
HOH room – Victor talks to the camera. Vic says fool get evicted. Wins battle back 1, battle back 2, battle back 3 and then survives 2 evictions, survives the double evict and wins HOH. Who may or may not be final 7 if there isn’t a round trip ticket. I feel so great. I really hope Paulie goes home this week. I am sad the executives didn’t work out. He can try and say all these things about loyalty but the only person I have loyalty with is Paul. The sitting duck! At the end of the day if he wins I would be happy. America put your hands together by your face and quack quack .. are you with the sitting ducks or not? We’re the underdogs.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 21-14-06-519

9:50pm Paul asks Nicole if they can chat? They head into the safari room to talk. Paul says I like to think you and I have a pretty good connection.. People keep bring up this 5 person alliance .. how is your reaction to that? Like why do you not give a sh*t? Nicole says I am kind of thinking its obvious. Paul says do you just roll over and accept the situation? Nicole says I don’t think he would come after me but I think I would be the replacement nom. Paul says I tried to talk to Corey about it but be was a bit cold. Paul says Corey told me that… I told her that she was probably next to go. Nicole says I was just thinking that if that’s what they want to do. I am not going to roll over and die. Corey joins them. Paul leaves. Nicole tells Corey that Paul thinks you’re being cold with him. She tells him to be nicer with him.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 21-51-23-763

9:55pm – 10:10pm Havenot room – Paulie tells James and Nat that he wanted to ride to the end with the five. Maybe it was viewed as selfish putting people on the table as to why they needed to go. I’m used to making the decisions. Natalie leaves. I am not even mad that Vic put me up. Even that its a game it felt like a gut shot. If you wanted Z out you could have just talked to me. I did what I needed to for the team. I put things out there for the team and assumed that everyone wanted it because no one questioned it. I just wanted you to know outside of this house you’re still my boy and I’d protect the f**k out of you. I told Vic if I pull myself off. I squashed my stuff with Natalie. I literally did trust you with my game and thought I was doing the right thing by bring you information. Like how Cody did with Derrick. The girls have a right to be mad at me because I manipulated everything with them. Michelle has every right to be pissed because I manipulated the f**k out of her. Manipulated the f**k out of DaVonne. James says no matter what outside of the game we’re going to hang out because Derrick’s Dad is my boy and we hang out all the time.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 21-54-46-853

10:15pm Natalie tells Meech about her conversation with Paulie. He said the house wanted to know if they were real or not (her breasts). Meech asks why does it matter?! That’s a compliment though, that no one knew. Natalie says what a douche! Douche Douche! I am so happy you called him out. Nat says I need to ask Paul if Nicole was really gunning after James or not. Meech says I don’t even know what a Jersey girl is. Nat says a Jersey girl is cool a$$ b***h! I’m not even born and raised in Jersey.

10:35pm – 10:45pm Natalie asks did you know about FT’s? James says I didn’t know about it. Natalie asks did you know people were making fun of me? James says no. Meech says they wouldn’t make fun of you in front of James. James never knew about FT’s. James says I would have had your back if that was the case. Nat says Paulie’s called me fake. James says you’re not fake and you know it. Nat says f**k people are f**ked in this f**king place. Natalie starts crying and says the fake t!ts one was rude. Meech says it was rude. Nat says Bridgette stuck up for me. Meech says America knows what he did. Nat says Thank you for putting him on blast. I hope I win that veto. It just makes sense why I got a care package because this whole time people have been making fun of me.

Vic joins them. Natalie says I’m not going to lie, if he stays in this house I am going to put everyone on blast for talking about my t!ts. ….I’m not going to put anyone on blast, I’m just heated. Nat asks did Bridgette really wants James out? Vic says she was in the room. Nat asks did she say it? Vic says I can’t remember there were four other people in the room and I’m bad at remembering conversations.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-12 22-39-36-198

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Reality Check

Best three nights of BBAD in a long long time.

Paulie has lost his mind
Nicole still does not understand anything. Corey thinks America loves them. Three idiots for the entire world to see


smh @ Paulie’s pity me conversations and his crying game. this dude was all tough with his NJ goombah all summer and tonight he is on the live feeds acting like a Jersey girl.


What goes around comes around. Type thing.


Really, if you don’t like Nicole, there are many ways to express yourself. You, however have taken a very nasty and offensive route with that horrendous user name of yours. Not funny. Tasteless and disrespectful.


They were doing Z and Michelle the same way in the beginning so she’s not special

Paul's Beard

Agreed. One can’t be offended by Paulie’s comments toward Natalie and the whole FT situation and be fine with teasing Nicole’s body as well. There’s no reason to resort to sexist attacks just because you don’t like someone. There’s enough to dislike about her.


I’m not a Nic fan but your “name” is disgusting. What kind of person makes those statements?


Oh my gosh This pity party Paulie is on is Pathetic! He is so delusional He owns nothing he has done nor taking any responsibility for his actions! He is deflecting everything onto other people especially James. His loyalty talk is all BS. Cry me a river!


Omg Paulie stop talking!!!! I can’t even stand his voice anymore. He talks in circles and actually believes his own bull crap. He is absolutely convinced he has the golden tongue and everything he spews should be blindly believed. It might have taken longer then it should have but they have FINALLY FIGURED HIM OUT and lets hope he gets “CLIPPED”!


So this certainly isn’t the original final 8 is it now? Close, but with a couple of different and very strong faces (Victor and Paul instead of Frank and Tiffany). So now I’m just wondering how long it will take Paul and Victor to figure out that they CAN’T take a girl into the final two together. With all these girls in the jury house, ANY GIRL at this point who makes it to final 2 will take home $500,000. Hmmmmmmmm, and the DRAMA definitely continues. <3


I don’t think a majority women jury will necessarily vote for a woman to win. No woman has ever won going up against a man in BB history. Nicole and Michelle will not win against anyone, Natalie has some charms but I think she will always be seen as the “pretty girl” instead of the mastermind even if she does make it to the end, though she can win against Michelle.


Yes, Jerry, but there’s never been a cast of men quite like these either, though I do think Paul is being the most mindful of his “male” manners in relation to future jury votes. Paulie and Victor have seriously scorned MOST of these women in some way and this particular group of women will look VERY HIGHLY on Bridgette and Natalie’s move to get Paulie out. I think THIS YEAR might see a change in that particular way of thinking. I could be wrong, but I’ve got a feeling that hell will have no fury like THIS GROUP of women scorned. <3

Paul's Pelican Float

If it were an all male jury thus far, would you be referring to them as “this group of men scorned?” I don’t think you would. It’s a sexist way of thinking that a group of women will vote bitterly and out of spite rather than using their minds to decide who played a better game. It’s different to say that a jury may be bitter, but to say they are bitter because they are scorned women, doesn’t seem right to me. Call me feminist or whatever, but I personally think that women have a brain of their own to use and don’t simply respond out of anger at males.


Ok so I’m all about girl power etc but I hate how people bring up the argument that a girl has never won against a guy in BB…
The only time girls have been against guys are (, season 2 (Dr. Will & Nicole), season 7 (Boogie & Erika), season 8 (Dick and Daniele), season 15 (Andy & GM), and season 17 (Steve & Liz).
Name on of those instances that a girl should have won against a guy and she didn’t win because of sexism…
I think guys winning against girls has more to do with that guys in the house can easily latch on to weak-minded females (like Erika and GM), while most weak-minded male players (think Corey and Victor of this season) latch on to guys because they like to bro it out.
I think if Vanessa,

2 Way Ticket

Does anyone know the rules concerning the 2 way ticket. Can you give your envelope to another player? I don’t think it was ever stated you cant give a player your envelope?


You can’t switch tickets or give your ticket away. I don’t think it matters if another person touches your envelope, you just can’t give it away.


“I will never campaign against you”. Seriously? First thing Corey and Nicole did is to try to target Paulie and weasel back with James!

The Roach Coach

This veto better be an athletic comp and not luxury!!
I want Paulie gone just as much as the next guy, but this veto coming up…. Vic Paulie Corey should make for such an amazing veto ep on Wed!!!


Michelle for care package!! I love victory and Paul but they’re do wishy washy, Michelle will stick to her guns and get Corey out of the house and then we’ll have a likeable cast left =D


Honey,THAT ship has done sailed!!! There is NO LIKABLE CAST LEFT!!!! Michelle? ROFLMBO!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!


You are right, there are NO LIKEABLE CAST LEFT! How quickly everyone here forgets how you all b#^ched about Meech and how nasty she was or how mean Bridgette was at one point or how RUDE Paul was, how demeaning to women Vic has been. You have forgotten all of it and focused your hate on Paulie suddenly – they ALL have been rude, bad mouthed others, etc. Even Nat talking about her conversation with Paulie to James she says Paulie was lying to her face as she admits she was lying to his as well! The pot calling the kettle black has been going on forever in this game and not a single one of them has played with integrity, honesty, etc. As they shouldn’t – it’s BB!


So true. As soon as Bridgette walked, likability became the lesser the lesser of evils. James is the cowardly lion, talks big but is a wimps wimp. And Natalie crying about he cans is maddening. You bought them! They defy gravity and don’t match your body! Oh yeah, and you wear close that accentuate them.

I’m just imagining if I had my privates enhanced because it was that important to me, nothing about it looks natural, and I walk around in spandex 24/7….how on earth can I get upset when people notice and comment on the obvious, that it’s clearly not natural, especially when in I refuse to admit I had work? Nat is beyond childish, demanding her cake and eating it too. Not to mention her selective offense at flirtation.

Michelle is still that mean girl, Vic’s dumb, Corey too, Paul’s an obnoxious a**hole, Nicole’s annoying, and Paulie is Napoleon after Waterloo.

An Apple A Day

I was not a Michelle fan, she was a petty little Meech. But I think she sees the error of her ways and she DID have the guts to blow that little creep’s game up. I DO believe she’ll do the right thing, and in the past, you COULD look past hard feelings and usually the person who played the game best, got the reward. That’s the point, though … all the comps in the world do not make up for the despicable behavior we’ve seen on feeds and After Dark. He and Cory both are disgusting! In this case exclusively, I’d give the money to Nat or Michelle if they were standing against Paulie. For the sheer fact they’ve stood up to this egomaniac, and Nat has no idea how nasty he’s been behind all their backs! Z is the only fool that doesn’t get a pass – she crawled back after the Paris Room confrontation, she crawled back after he didn’t take her off the block, she crawled back after the girls told her how he really talks about her. And she’ll crawl back after she sees what a fool he made of her on TV. She’s probably the only fool that would vote to give him $500K at the end. And then… he dumps her.

An Apple A Day

I was not a Michelle fan, she was a petty little Meech. But I think she sees the error of her ways and she DID have the guts to blow that little creep’s game up. I DO believe she’ll do the right thing, and in the past, you COULD look past hard feelings and usually the person who played the game best, got the reward. That’s the point, though … all the comps in the world do not make up for the despicable behavior we’ve seen on feeds and After Dark. He and Cory both are disgusting! In this case exclusively, I’d give the money to Nat or Michelle if they were standing against Paulie. For the sheer fact they’ve stood up to this egomaniac, and Nat has no idea how nasty he’s been behind all their backs! Z is the only fool that doesn’t get a pass – she crawled back after the Paris Room confrontation, she crawled back after he didn’t take her off the block, she crawled back after the girls told her how he really talks about her. And she’ll crawl back after she sees what a fool he made of her on TV. She’s probably the only fool that would vote to give him the $500K … and then, he dumps her.


All I can say is we better picked someone and vote like heck. Especially if Paulie wins veto because you know Cory will use his fanbase to get the Co-Host for Paulie, keeping him on off the block the next week.


Corey’s fantasy? lol

Min O'Pause

Corey has a fanbase? Really? Where at?


Michelle actions last week were typical mean girl actions not game. She just needed to be mean.
And she won’t put up Cory cause I think deep down she likes him and he’s always been nice to her.

TX rar

VICTOR for ACP4 Co-hoh! He put them up and has handled all the backlash from Paulie/Corie. Victor can NOT play for the HOH next week so this will protect him from the block AND give him a vote in case Paulie/Cory/Nicole win HOH next week. Meech can be manipulated too easily.


Please stop talking. Why is everybody talking to Paulie. STOP TALKING. OMG it is such a long time till eviction. Some of them might not make it. I dont think I will either. It may end up too good to be true. ……..AARRGGGHHHH!!!!!

Mr Sketch Marker

Holy house flip Batman! That’s awesome to see Paulie sweat a little bit. I love how Paul seems like hes distancing himself but he is still playing close I guess just in case. Nicole was lucky this week.

Care Package Bullsh%t

This is the epitome of how Production can inadvertantly mess up fair gameplay, by throwing in popularity contests as twists. I bet 100 to 1 , that Bridgette had the votes, but they were forced to go to the next with the care package.. America didn’t strategize, they just voted popularity each week. The Nicole issue may very well have put the nail in the coffin of a fair flip depending on how veto works out


Nicole having safety doesn’t matter. Worst case is she someone uses the veto and the replacement is one of James, Meech or Natalie. The other two vote Paulie, Nicole and Corey vote out the replacement. Paul chooses who goes and he’s done with Paulie and Corey. The only wrinkle is if James isn’t on the block he might be swayed.

The Ugly Look

Good for you Victor. Im glad he did what he wanted and basically told Paulie to quit whining because he didnt when he was there. Hahaha that was Great!

Franks fumes

Did Paulie really cry……lol I wish Bridge could have been there to get her ACP and have a ringside seat for the sqirming this week……I’m really pissed Bridge got f#cked out of her chance to show douches Paulie Corey and coin nostrils how popular she really was…It would have been delicious karma.


Paulie cried when his sharp Scorpio tongue cut him.

I have not seen Paulie (or Corey) cry. If Paulie is crying it is becaue Paulie is upset for Paulie. Paulie is not sorry (as he should be) for his verbal attack.

My Two Cents

I was seriously on the verge of throwing in the towel on this season and cancelling the live feeds. SO glad I stuck around. Today was the best day YET!!!

Team Jozea

Paul and Victor in the final two would be the ultimate victory for the most hated people from week one. That would be fantastic.


I am totally rooting for the Sitting Ducks! Paul and Victor have grown on me so much. I’m very impressed with them they both came from the very bottom and gotten the top. Also for coming in not knowing the game and no playing it well,. That’s my final 2

BB Fan

Have to agree with you.Paul and Victor bettered their game Paulie showed his true douche bag self

Love it!

Oh, how I LOVE watching Nicole squirm!! She sees the writing on the wall now. Full blown Panic Mode in 3…2….

Rotten Tomato Rankings for BB 18 HG's

Interesting what someone (Paulie) would do when their back is against the wall. Should be interesting to see what other tactics he will use throughout the week, although I doubt it will work. Here is too hoping he goes home.

I would literally wear a super safety costume for a week if that means I don’t have to see Nicole’s sad puppy face.

Who’s Corey again?


Like I loved NAT in the beginning and now she’s just so effing annoying! Everyone knew your boobs were fake! You can tell from a mile away…. Just be quite already.


So you really don’t think she has a right to be upset about people making fun of her? That’s messed up.


Nat never denied having breasts implants. When BB18 first started, Nat talked about:
1. I worked here, I worked there, I busted my butt to save two thousand dollars because for my entire life I had a very flat chest.
2. When I was a young I was made fun of because of my flat chest
3. I went to a plastic surgeon that is supposed to be one of the best and told him my story. I really wanted this plastic surgeon because I was afraid of changing my body. There are botched jobs and I did not want that. A botched job would have been worse than what I already had.

Many of the HGs knew the above.

The issue is that Paulie for some unknown reason around day 50 started acting like a two year old child saying “FTs” when talking about Nat. It was as if Paulie wanted The House to start calling Nat “FT.” James had to ask “what does FTs mean?.” When Paulie said, “FTs,” James immediately said “oh because she (Nat) implants.” Paulie manically interrupted James.

Paulie then tried to say “for 50 days Nat tried to say her t i t s are real but I got the truth out of her.”

Paulie kept going on and on until Paulie started a complete verbal assault towards Nat. Paulie was trying very hard to make Nat feel horrible about herself. Paulie wanted to break Nat’s heart, mind, spirit, and soul.

Paulie had no right or reason to talk about a female’s breasts.

Why did Paulie care if Nat’s breasts were implants or natural? Why has Paulie been thinking about Nat’s breasts for 50 days?

Men in general do not care about such matters. Men may have a preference. However, men do not sit around and put thought into a female may or may not having implants.

Men do not verbally attack a female — especially over something so insignificant as implants.

Imagine Dan verbally attacking Britney Haynes implants – Janelle Pierzina implants. A female HG has never endured the verbal assault Paulie “hit” Nat with due to implants.

Paulie never stopped talking about it. The more Paulie talked – the more Paulie embarrassed the male sex even more. Paulie started using the word “feminism” as a derogatory slur.

Nicole behaved horribly too. Nicole must be jealous of Nat and/or Nat must make Nicole jealous. However, Paulie behaved the worst — and for no reason (implants). Why? Why did Paulie care – why did Paulie put so much thought into Nat’s breasts?

The Live Feeds have shown Paulie having his way with Z – then going to his “bros” and bad mouthing Z. All of the HG knew this was happening. Da’Vonne told Z (trying to warn Z) – and the night Z put on a negligee type of outfit to straddle / hump Paulie in a public area of the house — Da’Vonne was the only HG to tell Z to put some clothes on (trying to help Z).

It seems as though Paulie enjoys talking poorly about females. Nat did not care that HGs knew that she had implants. Nat did not want — nor did not deserve to be verbally assaulted by Paulie. Paulie should not have been talking nonstop about a female’s breasts.

Men do not behave in the manner that Paulie has. Men are great. Men play an important role in the lives of females. Men want to “lift” women up, make women feel confident, make women feel safe. Men do not verbally attack females — men especially do not talk about a female’s breasts. It is just not done.

In 18 years of Big Brother has any male cared which female HG did or did not have implants? In 18 years of Big Brother has a male HGs made the choice to verbally assault a female over implants — with the male joyfully delighting in hurting, crushing, and breaking the female? I have never seen a male display such disturbing behavior as Paulie — over implants.

Paulie has made BB18 rudimentary. There was no reason for Paulie’s behavior. If Paulie behaves this way in a controlled environment that is monitored / recorded 24/7 – it is frightening to think of how Paulie behaves in the comfort of his own home without 24/7 monitoring and recording.


Well said!


Have to agree it’s nobody’s business whether there are real or fake. That is like asking the guys if they use steroids, have an implant or use Viagra.

An Apple a Day

In many instances, it’s called sexual harassment!


There was a time I thought Paulie was “a man”, but he’s given me reasons to reconsider. One of course being so stupidly outspoken about Nat’s breast. What’s with all this hugging and touching Corey? They can barely pass by each other without touching. Does Michelle see that. What’s with that feminine walk of Corey’s. I see two down low men having some fun.


Of course I meant to say does Nicole see that. Sorry.


Paulie was on course to win BB, but he blew up his own game. Mr. Cocky didn’t learn anything from Derrick, who could plant suggestions and steer players without them knowing it. Paulie’s strategy was to steamroll players – putting a target on his own back. I guess he’s is not as smart as he thinks he is.


BBViewer, thank you for taking the time to state my own sentiments regarding Paulie and his passive aggressive behavior with such clarity. You said everything that needed to be said, and Paulie is indeed disturbing in a 24/7 contained environment. He must behave infinitely worse when unleashed on the world unmonitored. Cody was a much nicer individual as compared to his brother. Hopefully, Paulie is evicted this week and possesses a one way ticket. That would be justice.


Holy crap I love this season, the last 2-3 season has been absolutely horrible. Honestly, I don’t even care who wins the veto or goes home, this shit is entertaining.


Victor for the win! He deserves it!


I hate Victor????


If you ask me, if he’s in the final two with someone who never got evicted, that person deserves to win. That means their game was good enough to never get evicted while Victor’s wasn’t.


So you’re saying Victor, who was evicted Week 2 (he’ s new to the game, everyone still getting to know each other and used to each other) and won 3 comps back to back to re-enter the game, won 2 HOHs (so far) and made the game changing move of the season should lose to someone like Nicole who hid behind men and got her butt fingered simply because she never got evicted?


I understand that, and I’m unbelievably excited that Paulie and Corey are up, but he was evicted. He won 3 comps that shouldn’t have even existed. Once you’re out, that should be it. And as much as I hate Nicole, she should win against him because if she makes it to the end, she put herself in a position to NOT BE EVICTED! Victor did not, and he may have learned from his mistakes, but he should get his redemption on another season, not the one he was already evicted from.


Who to give the co-hoh to… Victor or Michelle???




Being from Jersey I just love Nat and her F-U to Paulie who makes Jersey looks bad



This season is FINALLY getting good!!!! THANK YOU VICTOR


If there was a BB MVP Victor would be it.
He saved this season from being a steamroll.

The endless noise

I won’t be able to handle a whole week of Paulie. He goes around and around in circles. When will he stop? No one knows.

An Apple A Day

Who’s FAKE now? Paulie’s fake! He’s made fun of Natalie all season, called her fake… she never got personal like the girls did in making fun of people and being mean to their face and behind their back. That’s why she got the Care Package. He’s being fake now, kissing up to her because his goose is cooked! Using people for the game, and making fun of them behind their back are two different things. Doing things under the covers with Z and then telling the boys, that’s dirty! Speaking about the girls as in “I’ve got her trained” is demeaning and it makes him look like the D-hay that he is. That’s not “Game/Strategy”, that’s poor character. He’s a bully, a bad winner when he’s ahead, and a sore loser when he’s not. Put that in your Jersey pipe and smoke it!


Remember everyone! Vote Victor for Co-HOH and Paul for the 5K!!!!


Can they stop talkimg about breast implants. OMFG. its 2016. No one cares. I dont give a crap if Nat “lied” about them. Its her gd body. F OFF.
Theyre boobs. No one cares. Big boobs. Small boobs. Every chick has boobs. Hell. Plenty of men have boobs (usuallly hairy) but big ol boobies.
“Fake titties” have been around forever. Get over it kids. They sound like a bunch of little boys that just discovered the underwear section of the sears catalogue. (i guess nowadays boys find it online. Lol. Im old. Catalogues use to be where you “shopped online”)
I cant even believe they made breast implants and the fact Nat decided against announce or “confessing” to having breast implants a frickin thing to talk about.
What. The. Frick.
I cant handle it anymore.
Theyre probably the same people that would get grossed out or embaressed to see a woman breast feeding.
Get over it.
I feel really bad for Nat. Its such a non issue that they wont shut up about.

Enjoying the paulie pity party.
Meech is high on the next ACP poll. Im not sure how i feel about that. I keep running through scenarios of what will happen next week and i dont know who needs/will use it best.
Im totally cheering on paul vic and nat.
Theyve all annoyed me over the season. But at this point: never cared. Im sticlon with those three. They played the game enough they deserve it.


I have zero respect for anyone who makes up with someone, hugs them, then goes into the other room and begins to trash talks them all over again. VERY Fake! And you know full well James was laughing along with the boys.


What are you talking about, all of them trash talk.
Paulie trash talks about James. Paul has trash talked about Victor. Nicole has trash talked about Paulie. Even Zakiyah trash talked about Michelle and Paulie.

It would be stupid for Natalie to yell at Paulie and not accept his apology, at the end of the day he might win the veto and could win the HOH. However, it doesn’t really mean she truly accepts the apology


Zero respect for them?
Have you ever WATCHED big brother?
Literally every single person in that house has done that or something damn near similar to that at one or many points in the game.
Just this time ots a difderent “side” laughing.
Just like meech was all pissy ppl were friendly with people on the block. And she thought they should all ignore their existance. Then when she was on the block she was devistated people were avoiding her.
Its big brother.
It happens.
A lot.
Its always refreshing to see the tables turned. Thats why everyone always ends up cheering for the underdog. If one side dominates the entire season non stop its boring.
Its a game.
You can bounce checks.
You smile and play noce with your enemy before you boot them out the door.


Yes I have watched Big Brother, in fact I have watched it since the very first season (when it was about the game not being on TV, your goal was to win, not get to jury). So do not school me on how the game works. And you do not have to be FAKE and hug someone, simply because you are SCARED that they may win VETO then HOH. You stand up for yourself. So yes ZERO respect


James was not laughing about Natalie with the boys. They only slipped up recently and said FT’s in front of him and he had to ask what that meant. They explained, then quickly changed the subject.


Some people would have zero respect for someone who goes on a message board to call someone they don’t know fake.

Just giving a little perspective.


You do not speak for everyone, I have a lot of respect for someone who speaks their mind and is not afraid to say how they feel.


Show me where I claimed to speak for everyone and I’ll respond to that.


So she’s not allowed to play Big Brother?


so you are saying you can’t play the game without being fake?

Paul's Beard

Can somebody cue the ending song for “The Benny Hill Show” back in the 1970’s for Paulie please?

That music pretty sums up Paulie for the last three nights.

Powder Puff Girl

I hope they all check in daily with each other and discuss chat details they have with Paulie, Corey, Nicole so they are all on the same page. That the comments made are not twisted. Paulie will play them against each other by lies, half-truths, and truths.


paulie is a complete asshole; i hope to god he gets deleted this week


I’m rooting for Paulie to be eliminated, but I like your suggestion better — let’s delete him. Welcome to BB Hunger Games. LOL!


Paulie’s a rambling idiot (could sub a million other insults) who talks in circles. But the rest of the cast is no better shitting on him non-stop. BBAD should just be renamed Shit On Paulie.


So glad Nat’s not buying Paulina’s BS. Yeah, Paulie want some cheese to go with all of that ??!! – I have a feeling the Veto competition is going to be the trading up prizes one, for some reason. – Would love it if Paulie got stuck with wearing a diaper as one of the prizes, and not winning the Veto !!!
Also was wondering if Zingbot is coming on Friday, and if that’s why they are having the Special show that day ?


Watching BBAD…………Natalie and Michelle want to rub it into Paulie’s face if they win the veto…..they tried to talk Vic into doing it……….Vic said no, Paulie been pooped on enough………..Have to give Vic props!


After listening to Victor go back and forth with Paulie after the noms, he is A LOT smarter than I thought. He definitely knows what he’s doing & he made the perfect move for HIS game, like it or not. He deserves the co-hoh care package if you ask me.

Macho Man

“You know Frank, you’re being an idiot” you should stop, things are this way and that’s that”…Or something a long those lines is what Paulie said to Frank when he was trying to save his arse. Oh and then he walked out of the room of course saying sorry Bro just before. Interesting.


Paul is playing the best game, and his best chance to win is to go to the end with Victor. I don’t believe the jury will give it to someone who got a second chance to go back into the house. I know I wouldn’t.

Franks fumes

I swear I used to hate Paul so much…..his constant asshole ratting …his obsession with f#cking Frank ect. ect. But I am enjoying this guy so much. I used to want to hit him with a bag of hammers…..Now I hope he wins….MIND BLOWN!


Paulie is one of these people……….You can’t fire me…I QUIT!!! go ahead you pathetic loser cry baby!

Waaaah! Waaaah waaaah waaah! - Crying Baby

Paulie is nothing but a mean, narcissistic, spoiled child threatening to pick up his marbles and go home because he can’t win the game. When he speaks, all I hear is “Waaaah! Waaaah waaaah waaah!”

Powder Puff Girl

Paulie: “Paulie asks if I do end up leaving and I go to jury and I’m like f**k this.. how can they honestly stop me from leaving .. .. what I loose my stipend?” Big Brother blocks the feeds.


They sign contracts, he would be sued. But he is so self centered he will do it while saying he is trustworthy and stands by his word. I bet Cody is so embarrassed!


For a moment there I thought, wow, Natalie really is a genuine and caring person to talk like that with Paulie. I knew it wasn’t going to make her want to keep him. But then she immediately bashes him after that proving that she really is FAKE. There are worse things that Paulie could have called her given that she turned James against him and tried to with Z. She is no saint with the way she is playing James. I really liked her at first but I am no longer buying it. I know I’m in the minority though.


All the Nat hate posts read almost identical. I’m fairly convinced that it’s one person who somehow spams thumbs up at first before the thumbs down overtakes them.

Paulie not going home

Honestly I think it will be corey who gets the boot because paulie will most likely win veto. Corey going home will screw with nicoles head and paulie will be alone until someone takes him out. However it is.safe to.say that he will never win big brother now!!!!

Powder Puff Girl

CARE PACKAGE 3: I think the votes are going to be split between Victor and Michelle. Paulie could win over the split votes. I think we all need to get on the same page. The poll reads Meech but that could change as it new.

Who are you voting for?
Thumbs up Victor
Thumbs down for Meech


Us getting on the same page won’t matter. We account for a very small percentage of the votes. Our influence isn’t that powerful.


Victor! He needs the safety because he can’t play in HOH next week. Plus he will do what needs to be done & do it straight. Michelle is too unpredictable & wacky. Victor for Co-hoh care package.


Does the Co-HOH get to be safe as well? Having to pick a nominee and take away the other HOH nominee is kind of a perk by itself. Especially if they would get basket and letter from home to. And this late in the game having 2 people safe for the week dosn’t give much options to choose from. Say Corey and Victor are Co HOH. They put up Nicole and Natalie. James wins Veto pulls of Natural and only 2 left are Michelle and Paul (if Paulie leaves). But it would be funny to see Nicole PISSED that Michelle or Victor would be safe and probably put her on the block.


How about neither!!!!

Staaaahhhhp ittt

Yo. Sidenote. Nicole suuuuuuucks. She could not be more annoying to watch. Obviously America is not watching these feeds.

Main point. Honestly, Pauline is a super narcissist. He literally embodies so many qualities I can’t stand. No accountability, hateful towards women. Argues like a child. Who calls someone “programmed”? Gtfoh.

It will be interesting to see what they show from weds night on Sunday. What an absolute mess of a person. I just want him gone because he needs actual help. All of the defensiveness/deflecting he does on “uncomfortable” comments seriously make me wonder what went down in his personal life. You are way too keen on not being perceived like an aggro douche. It’s a total hot button for him. Hiding much? What waste.


Paulie begins to apologize to Nat now that he is has been nominated. How concerning! Can Paulie become more self absorbed, egotistical, and self seeking?

Hopefully Production is keeping both a vigilant and attentive “eye” on Paulie. How many times has Paulie said “me” and “I” in the last couple of hours?

Paulie is the definition of a egomaniacal prevaricator. Paulie appears to be cognizant of his lies. Paulie is the type of person that will use a female for s e x, talk poorly about the female, and when the female says “Paulie did you tell everyone that I broke your hips in the bumper cars and you would have loved to have had eight quarters to leave beside me as an insult to imply that I am as important to you as person you pick up on a street corner?” – Paulie’s reply would be “what’s wrong? Why are you acting so weird. I mean come on! Insult me this way and this conversation can be done because we ain’t being anyway.” After Paulie works to make the female to think she is crazy – Paulie will go and brag to “his boys,” “you should have seen it, bro. I made her think everything was her fault. I even got her to cry and apologize to me. How f_ _ ked up is that. Funny, right! I don’t have eight quarters but she isn’t even worth eight quarters. So, it works out. Heeee Heeee Haaaa Haaaa.”

As far as Nat, Nat never denied having implants. Nat told the people that she was comfortable details about her cosmetic procedure. Nat went into great detail with people that she was comfortable explaining her “before cosmetic procedure look.” Nat talked about working to save money to have the cosmetic procedure done.

Then around Day 50 – Paulie starts running around in a volatile, bemused, and atrociously tyrannical manner repeating “Nat’s FTs!” James had to ask, “what are FTs?”

Why was Paulie thinking about Nat’s breasts for 50 days?

What type of Big Brother Game Strategy includes the brutal, the barbarous, and the hateful yelling at a female regarding a private part of her body?

What type of Big Brother Game Strategy includes verbal scrutiny of a female’s body part?

The entire time Paulie was verbally assaulting Nat, Paulie showed that his nature is hubristic, egotistical, and presumptuous. Paulie showed that that he is a irrational dictator.

Men do not behave like Paulie. People like Paulie give men in general an incorrect reputation of being raunchy, dangerous, and defective.

Paulie needs to get counseling. It is unsettling that Paulie believes his own lies. It is equally unsettling that Paulie believes that he can feign a contrite apology that earns the trust, respect, and forgiveness of everyone around him.

The truth is – if Meanchelle would have been evicted and Paul, James, Nat, Vic had not teamed up — Paulie would still be yelling obscenities at Nat, laughing at crushing Nat’s spirit, and enjoying making females feel pain.

Watching Paulie is maddening! It is disappointing and regretful that Paulie was chosen to play Big Brother. Again, real men do not behave like Paulie. It is unfortunate that Paulie has been enabled with a large platform to give males in general a poor reputation.

I have never seen / heard a male care, react, or think about “I am going to “out” these FTs!” Men in general do not care. Some men may have a preference. However, men in general do not think about “outing FTs” for any amount of time – much less (roughly) 7 weeks.

Nicole has been very disappointing – especially during Paulie’s “FT” verbal assault on Nat. Nicole, in general, is disappointing.

Paulie is sickening. Unfortunately, sickening can sometimes be entertaining. However, Paulie’s sickening actions are far from entertaining. Perhaps Big Brother 18 can be used to teach and train females the type of male to stay away from, and, to inform and school males on the type of male NOT to be lie.


I like Paul and victor and I hope they get to the end together. Both have had to work a lot harder to get where they’re at.


Looking at Michele and Nathalie tonight, no makeup, they are beautiful. Makeup just enhances them. Both have great bodies. The doc that did Nats enhancements did a great job. They look fantastic.

Back on Nicole’s season, I thought she had a great face and body. This season she’s still lovely, but her need for a guy and lack of gameplay costs her points, but I still like her body. Maybe I’m just horny.


CO HoH to victor. Bribe/$ for Paul. I’m OK with that.


Unreal she is getting on my nerves now, she can’t think she is here because of her game play . U r at final 8 because everyone thinks u suck, vic is openly talking to u because he doesn’t think u can beat him at anything . Grow up Natalie get off your soap box people make comments about others for various reasons not just to be mean or bully u.


We got the point with the 5 other posts you made in this thread under different names.


Please go away Paulie. You’re full of it. And change your diaper because you stink.


If their were actually game players in this house there wouldn’t be such open talk in this house. Vic s convo with them should have been here I’ll tell u guys everything because u suck at this game and i can beat u at everything. Lmfao

Bridgette's Denim Jacket

Pride Goeth Before the Fall. Stop crying. You thought you were Paulie Corleone the other night going off on a little girl. Get a grip you crying bitch. Hello Pot, Meet Kettle. “I just need to catch my breath;” No, you need to catch a clue. Dish it, take it. What a bag-o-douche.