“Getting rid of Meg is so dumb for long term.. but when will Meg go home”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: ?and ?
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 18-56-52-636_jpg

7:00pm HOh Vanessa and Steve
Van – terrible comp
Steve – I know.. I had no intention to game talk coming up here
vanessa – I’m going to have giant bruise, Steve I have 48 hours
Steve – you are Fine
Vanessa – Johnymac still hasn’t come up here to have a conversation with me
Steve – Really
Vanessa – yup I even told him Johnnymac come up
Vanessa – HIm, james and Meg are a thing .. .
Vanessa – I could put up a pawn, I could put up another target.. You’re not going up don’t worry
Vanessa – I could use Austin and the twins as a pawn.. if they don’t they will agree to vote who I want
Vanessa – JOhnny mac working with james is dangerous
Steve says he’s talked to john and he told him that he’s cool with Vanessa.
Steve believes him but has no confirmation that that is true
Steve recommends she takes the night off
Vanessa says Austin is pushing hard to put Johnny Mac
Vanessa – You will never go up .. you’ll never f*** me right
Steve – no
Vanessa – will Johnny mac ever put me up
Steve – I don’t think he would..
Steve again tell her not to think of Game tonight
Vanessa – why why don’t i get a easy HOH
Steve asks her to do him a favour and not think about the nominations tonight

Vanessa – You want to get drunk with me
Steve – No
Vanesa – why not it’s so safe, I’m not going to molest you
Steve – but game and us spending time together
Vanessa – I’ll tell everyone I’m getting you drunk
Steve – that would really raise some red flags
Vanessa – in what way
Steve – I also hate win
Vanessa – it’s sweet wine it’s dessert wine
Steve – I don’t like wine.. I don’t like any alcohol at all but shots do it the quickest

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 19-11-52-051_jpg

7:09pm Have nots Goblins
James – Vanessa know she f***d up she f*** up big time
James – I’m getting the vibe everyone thinks we got screwed over
James – I’m going to tell her straight up on the Veto meeting.. you better pray to whoever you pray to that I don’t win HOH because I’m coming for that A$$
James – I’m going to say it just like that A$$
Meg – the twins faces
James – I can’t wait.. you don’t understand how pissed i AMs
Meg – I’m so glad you won James
James – don’t worry we’ll get you off the block safe.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 19-50-52-243_jpg

7:22pm HOH Austin, Liz and Vanessa
Vanessa saying that JOhnnymac still hasn’t come up to talk to her
She thinks Steve told Jmac about their final 5
Vanessa tells them the people that cannot go up are Steve.

Vanessa – Steve wants Meg gone
Austin – He doesn’t want Johnny mac gone
Vanesa – right
Vannesa – you two cannot go on the block.. you are too big of targets..
Vanessa says she doesn’t trust Steve right now
Vanessa – the only one I can consider using as a pawn is Julia
Vanessa – I know you two would keep her and Johnny mac would vote out Meg

Vanessa – It’s Julia or Johnny mac to take out Meg
Austin – I’m already thinking we’ve already lost him
JUJU walks in
Vanessa says if she puts up Johnny Mac he’s gotta be the target. She goes to explain if she wants to send Meg home she has to put up Julia.
Vanessa – I know you have the votes
Vanessa – if the target is Meg the only solution is Julia, or I target Johnny Mac
Austin and the twins are not keen on JUJU going up.. they want Johnny Mac up .
Austin does a lot of talking but ultimately is trying to get Johnny Mac nominated.
Liz – Vanessa – who are you more afraid for next week Meg or Johnny Mac
Vanessa – Johnny Mac
Liz – there you go
Vanessa explains that JOhnny mac is her shield in this game
Austin understands this
Vanessa tells them Meg give james a vote which makes him powerful. Vanessa believes that JOhnnymac they can work with.
Austin and the twins warn that James has been in end for many HOH’s “He’s due” to win it.
Vanessa says if she puts up Julia she’ll be the pawn “100%, I don’t want to do that to you”
Vanessa – my only option is Johnnymac as the pawn.
Austin tells her James is going to put her up after this if Meg goes home.

Austin – I took Johnnymac out of the game and he came back.. he’s holding a grudge
Vanessa saying she thinks it’s best they maximise their chances toi win the next HOH and Meg can’t win those.

Vanessa – Getting rid of Meg is so dumb for long term.. but when will Meg go home.

Austin – Meg is the quintessential safety during the double eviction..
Austin says in his mind John is the only possibility
Austin recommends they put up Johnnymac the twins and him will get in good with the goblins so they can survive the next HOH.
They are all agreeing Meg is fake.
8:07pm Still in the HOH…
Austin – Meg is going to cry her way to top 5 or 6
Vanessa says she’s leaning towards taking out Johnnymac over Meg

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 19-41-27-332_jpg

7:30pm Have nots Goblins
Thinking about what Upcoming competitions James will do well at
James – I really put her in a tough Pickled huh
ajme s- She doesn’t know that the twins and Austin are talking
Meg – she thinks
James – I’m going to make a sweeter deal she’s a sitting duck… she’s last week flavour.. Austin and the twins know that..
Meg – just don’t mess your game up
james – I was supposed to go home this week.. I beat Donny

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 20-12-04-049_jpg

8:10pm HOH Twins, Austin, Vanessa and Steve
Steve saying thing have not been as good as they use to be with Johnny mac
Austin says there’s been some negative energy with Johnnymac.
Austin asking them who would they rather compete in competitions JOhnny mac or Meg. Austin adds at this point they need to win competitions to make it.
Steve really doesn’t have an answer for him

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 20-15-45-051_jpg

8:11pm Backyard JAmes, Meg and Johnny Mac
James pointing out that JOhnny mac is probably going up because the rest of the house is up in the HOH right now scheming.
Johnny Mac says after this there’s no more Backdoor it’s ‘Brass tacks”
James says he wants to run up to the HOH tell Vanessa she’s going up if he wins HOH.

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 20-34-12-147_jpg

8:23pm Pool table Meg and James
Meg – He’s a good guy
James- Johnny Mac
Meg – Yeah
James says he regrets not pulling Jmac in earlier on.. “now he’s damaged goods, everyone wants him out”
James – we’re just fighting for our lives in here that’s all
James says he wants to go up to Austin “No more lying”
James – I kinda feel like Clay and Shelli right now.. use.. not that we’re together. we’re being targeted
Meg – you knew we were going to be targeted

Meg wonders why they are all being babies with Vanessa
James thinks once one of them sticks up to Vanessa they will stop.
Meg – Vanessa is going to have zero votes in Jury
James – Oh my god the way she played the game.. she’s not playing it strategically she’ playing it I had to do it and I’m the victim.. I hate that

Julia peeks out the sliding doors says all they were talking about was how tough the competition was
Julia leaves
Meg – Yeah right that’s what you were talking about
James- do they really think we’re that naive .. that pisses me off
Meg – she didn’t have to say anything … about what they were talking about
James – were up they’re talking game I would have respected that more

Meg – I just want to see how they react on the block so badly
james- I’ll be Shitting real bricks if she puts Austin up they’re.. As a pawn.. to ensure you go home
Meg thinks Steve and JOhnnymac would take that chance to get Austin out.
James not thinking that maybe Austin is telling Vanessa to put up Johnnymac.
they agree Austin is hard to read. Meg points out how nervous Austin gets when talking game.
Meg points out how the twins and Austins are acting totally different to them now that James won POV.
James thinks it’s because they know they are safe this week

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 20-43-55-270_jpg

8:37pm Austin and the Goblins
Austin tells her he’s trying to convince Vanessa that Meg staying in the game is good for them. He’s thinking Johnnymac is going up .
Austin says once Johnnymac is on the block they can make the move to convince Vanessa that he’s the best play.
Austin tells them the best thing to do is stay close to Jmac so Vanessa puts him up.
James tell them one of them will have to take a shot at Vanessa sooner than later

Austin says Jmac is the scariest guy in the game to him he’s come in second in every HOH and Austin took him out.
Austin tells them they need to convince Vanessa Johnnymac is a threat
James – I might do taxicab to BANG BANG

Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 20-49-13-237_jpg

8:45pm HOH Steve, Jmac and Vanessa
Vanessa saying Austin and the twins don’t want to be the pawn.
Jmac says if he goes up they are going to get rid of him.
Vanessa says if she puts up one of “them” they will be pissed
Jmac says james is ticked off at Vanessa
Vanessa doesn’t understand she thought James understood it was a game move
Jmac- I think we can redirect him.. let him vent them we’ll work on him
Vanessa is tipsy from the port they decide to talk game later tomorrow.

Vanessa is worried about Austin and the twins pressuring her to not take out Meg.
Jmac says if he gets nominated he’s worried he’ll go
Vanessa – If I put Julia up the house will never flip
Steve – I’m voting Meg put 100%

Vanessa asks if any of them are volunteering going up as the pawn
Jmac laughs says the last time he volunteered he went home
Steve says he went to the stage and came back
Jmac says Austin made it sound like he was going up as the pawn last week.
Jmac – If I go up I think they will get rid of me
VAnessa – come with me tomorrow what you should think is the best option
Jmac leaves..
Vanessa says she wishes she could see a movie right now.
Vanessa – Steve can you tell me a movie
Vanessa – talk game with Johnny…
Steve says jmac isn’t coming after Vanessa
Vanessa – putting johnny up or you up what do you prefer… if he goes up he goes home if you go up you stay
Steve – I don’t want to go up
Vanessa – they are strong arming me..
Steve – they are not on your side they are on their side they are covering the three of them
Vanessa – there’s the three of them that’s the problem, next week I could be their pawn
Vanessa – If I put you up i’m pissing them off
Steve – Can I sit on it
Vanessa says keeping jmac benefits him more, “I can’t read him”

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Big-Brother-17 2015-08-29 20-54-13-275_jpg

8:52pm Backyard Goblins, Austin, LIz
James – I’m pissed at Vanessa everytime she’s been HOh she’s put me up

James and Meg tell them they have no beef with them
Liz – we love you …

The ridiculous ALLIANCES:

  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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after you get rid of Austwins.

Survey Says ??

Dawg in 4th place & climbing in the most recent polls !! YAY DAWG !!

Party's Over: James Wants to be Van's Best Friend

So if you want to be my best friend, what information do you have for me to sAve Meg. James turns on JMac, not Julia who threw the comp and said she doesn’t give af*ck, he says JMAC doesn’t care about her. James lies, apologizes for being born and totally let’s down everyone again. He could be backdooring anyone, he sacrifices his team mate again. This guy is same jerk who saved Van before, turned on Becky, and voted out Jackie & JMAC–and he does it again because he thinks they’ll take him to Final 4, crazy. Austin brio-mance wins again.


Vanessa is in for a treat if she thinks Steve and Jmac will vote out Meg over Julia.

Vanessa "Crybaby" Rousso

That’s what I’m waiting for LOL, the look on Vanessa’s face when she hears: “by a vote of 3-2, Julia, you are evicted”

You Insulted Me to My Face, You've Sealed Her Fate

Vanessa shouting at James! Get out of here now! How could you be mad at me? JaMrs says Austins been lying about him, her people talking in her ear. Your mahjong me really mad now. She’s about to blow. BOOM I have an exact memory! Are you calling me a liar? I’m not playing the game too hard! Unless you’ve won multiple seasons, you have no right to judge my game! You’ve Sealed Megs Fate! Sobbing, how she hates confrontation after screaming at him for half an hour.

James apologizes for making her sob and scream. Ridiculous! Great job James, you told her. Again, she’s done all the lying, she’s reneged on deals, because he broke trust, for not coming up with more info to help her game. Crazy kookoo excuses, James sucks her off. His revolution lasted 3 minutes. They’re back to doing Austins bidding, keep Julia, vote out your pal JMac.

Bored Silly

Mental illness is serious, Vanessa got to a doctor{Not Will} Speaking from a personal view
I have worked with a nut job like Vindictiva. It sounds strange but they intimidate you to such
a point that everyone gives up trying to reason with them. They thrive on the anger and trep-
idation they create in their lives. Every one keeps talking BIG moves. For the love of God
would someone say the the magic words.Vanessa have a seat. Becky not my fave, at the time, did it and the peanut gallery turned on her. October all these morons will be saying You know Becky was right as they cry in their beer.

Dawg > Liz, Austin, Julia, Vanessa AND Steve LMAO

Vanessa, strike a deal with James, Meg, JMac and Steve, put up Liz and get rid of herrrrrrrr nowwwwwwww -cant listen to twins talk anymore-


Liz has a sweet ass


Jackie’s ass is way better!


Jackie looks like a man with a wig on from behind.


Dude in bed she would be like OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh horrible


If Vanessa puts up JMAC her game will officially be close to over. The Austwins cans throw the next HOH and if James/Meg win(Meg winning lol) Vaneesa is another step closer to being in the jury house.

She better wise up and stop playing a pussy game and throw up an Austwin. Best case is Liz goes up and is voted out but that won’t happen.

If Vanessa puts up JMAC she is no better than Steve, James, Meg, Becky, Shelli, Clay, etc who have all been avoiding to target the Austwins.

This decision will decide the outlook of the last 3 weeks of BB17.


i dont undestand Vanessa saying get the kings queen out referring to james and meg them being couple. What about Austin and Liz they r a couple an official couple when it comes down to the three of them they aren’t taking her anywhere!! She is stupid how r the 3 of them still there i can’t stand those twins!! they r straight bitches!! johnny Mac is my guy!!

Liz – we love you …

Argh! Liz has to go!

Who's fake?

Yet again Liz has left me puzzled. Her and her twit have called Meg fake over and over. Then she prances her ass out there after talking some major shit and tells them they love them.
Hey Austin ya wanna know why jmac may be negative towards you…you convinced him to go up as a pawn and he was voted out! Ya..maybe he has trust issues with you and the dim wits now…

Ms Retta

Does any one else think that Austin has a very feminine ways?


He has said he’s bi


GIBO – please post proof of this if you’re going to state it as a fact in a message board. Thank you.


I’ve read it from a few sites

This is a snip of what was someone said from one about him.

I completely forgot about his earlier confessions about being open to getting butt fucked with a dildo and bi-curious! (Which I translate to mean he’s already done that stuff.) And remember he also said his GF was more worried about him hooking up with a guy in the house than a girl?

I have no idea if its true.


People on the internet dislike Austin, so I take what other people post about HGs they don’t like with a grain of salt. Until a reputable site, like the Onion, posts the information, I’ll just shrug.

I am aware of The Onion=)


Who gives a f***?


I don’t care if he is or not just saying maybe that’s why he’s being a bit girly.

James Last Chance

Hope Steve fights to keep James JMAC & himself together to beat Austwins & Vanessa. James should still pull JMAC in and talk to Steve better late than never. He shouldn’t be so focused on Austin or getting in Van’s face, but make deals, lie, act friendly, lie, deny working with Steve JMAC, lie.

Sacrificing Meg for JMAC who can win comps is thinking long term. She’s no way goin to win, so she should sacrifice her game, for James. Hopefully they won’t waste this last chance because no one will get past Austwins Van if they don’t start making moves now. Meg needs to fall on her sword.

Bunny Slipper

James, you handle that ass!


The twins are so fake! Liz said she loves James??? But behind his back she talks so much smack about him. James was so nice and playful with Julia. But all she does is talk crap about him too. I can’t stand these two!!!


There is a fine line between CLASS and CRASS, the twins are SO VEY FAR from being near that line! CRASS is what they are! Their parents must be SO proud of their behavior. Not sure I have ever been subjected to two more SPOIED BRATS!!!! Please V see the light and put up LIZZARD and vote her out ( and let Meg LAUGH as she leaves)! Sorry Liz NOT SORRY!


Whoever Vanessa puts up will go home… if she puts on JMac the twins will vote him out, if she puts up Steve the same thing will happen.

If she puts up Vanessa then Jmac and Steve will vote out Julia. Vanessa has to realize this, and realize who is better to keep in the game for HER.

I don’t understand why she has so much faith in Austin and the twins when they are always around the Goblins and refused to nominate them last week.

Ariana Grande licks donuts and hates Americans

This is a good week to get rid of Meg.

This is not a good week to get rid of Wahnessa, neither is next week, or the week after or the week following.

Johnny Depp

I feel so bad for James because his closest ally (MEG) is useless! My greatest fear was that it would be a repeat week and Johnny Mac would be sent home in the end but I have some hope that maybe with the slightest percent Vanessa puts up someone in the Austwins faction instead…..


Meg is super weak, but she’s playing a pretty good second place game…methinks if she was a physically stronger ally of James she would be gone by now ala Jackie and Becky.


She needs to put liz or austin on the block as the main target. Her second option would be julia as a pawn and send meg to jury. I wouldnt mind watching meg go because at some point weak players need to be evicted!


Damn Austin has some huge moobs no wonder his back hurts.


Liz-“we love you” to Meg. I literally spit out my drink when I read that.


Please please please put up Julia !! I can’t stand the skanky twins. Julia sits at the hot tub with her legs spread wide open and Liz spreads her legs for Austin Eeeeewwww!! So nasty and gross.


I was thinking that vanessa wants Julia to go up and she doesn’t mind if Julia goes home. She can play it off like she thought Julia was safe 100%. Will that benefit her game the best? Possibly, she will definitely move up on the target list without the big three.


blah blah blah seriously stevie wonder could see jmac is headed to jury this week


Vanessa needs to put up liz, jmac makes and Steve vote her out. Austin and Julia wouldn’t stay together with liz gone. It would shake up the whole house! Then James better win HOH and boot Vanessa. She needs to go.

Houka Inumuta

Steve for America’s Favorite player!!!!


I am sick and tired hearing “being HOH is so hard”.. That is a load of crap, every person Vanessa and Austin and the twins sent home, they degraded and talked crap about, they were more than happy to get rid of them.
Do any of these 4 realize that sooner or later they are going to have to go up on the block??? They all {including Austin} need to put their Big Girl’s pants on, and stop whining. Give us viewers a break!!

Straight Shooter

Liz – “We love you.” Puke. Insert Johnny mac gagging gif here.


How long will Vanessa play the gane for the Austwins. Wise up lady. They are not looking out for you. Best decision would be to put up Liz, which break the spirit of Julia who is not very fond of Austin and there that alliance is gone.


I hope Vanessa wins. She played the game from week one. She’s an awesome strategists. Very intelligent.


Or so we are told (by Vanessa herself)

King Austin Rules Noms

Everyone still letting Austin keep Julia, he’s never gone up either and won’t. He’s playing Derrick’s game with none of the work. Why aren’t Steve JMAC James pushing for Julia nom, fake Megs willingness to leave then flip at voting time? They could take the blame for getting Austwins number down, Van closer to the prize. James still let’s Meg do negotiating after he’s declared war? All bark no bite. They better not suggest a twin, Van will retaliate, they better not talk to each other Vanessa will retaliate.

James is still putting Meg before his daughter, trading JMACS ability to win for long term success for Megs tears and promise of sex. So Austin wins again, Vanessa fails again, her HOH gets out her assassin & meat shield. Why isn’t JMAC in her ear. promising future hits? Meg asks why James is afraid to talk to Vanessa? He says nothing? That was a short war James, back to gutting your alliance because your too afraid or lazy to get Julia out instead of JMac. Who’s the big winner this week? Austin gets his way, without lifting a finger, eeewww, that’s the only work he does, I mean because Vanessa is his b*tch.


Oh Yippy! I turned on the live feeds to Vanessa getting on her high horse to James, then crying. My day is complete……….A day would not be a day, unless Vanessa is crying, or telling everyone how honest, trustworthy, how she is so alone in the game, { hasn’t anyone in that house ever heard the saying “Thou dost protest too much} now I can go to bed, my day is complete.

oh well,

Steve is going home this week.
James will most likely go home next. This season will be a lesson.

If you have twins playing get rid of them. The only real question is does Julia strike 1st or does Austin.

Vanessa is clearly licking the back window on the short bus. Getting rid of one of the 3 is better than getting rid of a person that is by themselves.
Anyone that has ever watched this show knows that.


Vanessa isn’t thinking about the numbers. She’s thinking about that wack ass gambling deal she made with them. I’m still holding on to hope that she’ll put one of the twins up.


She’s a cheater, a liar, a bully and a crier, which does not a winner make.


That’s right Dawg! 4th in the polls!! The twins are running around one week saying how much they looooooooooooooooooooove one person one week and then the next week haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate them. They are the most immature, juvenile, delinquent girls I’ve seen on BB in a while. And, throwing around the words Bad Bitches, like they’re so gangsta!