Sarah “Its a good thing he pitched to you, that means he doesn’t have Godfrey’s vote.”

POV Holder: Ashleigh Next POV May 20th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 17th
HOH Winner Sarah Next HOH May 20th
Nominations: Zach and Ashleigh Pili
Have Nots Brittnee and Zach
POV Players Everyone participates

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-19 07-28-36-715

10:25am Brittnee says that Zach told her the two people that vote to keep me I would be loyal to and no one else. He said he didn’t think I would go against you (Sarah) but what do I want to be known for a good game player or a good friend. That’s probably the same line he said to Ashleigh too. Britt says its very apparent that you want to take Ash to the final 2. He says that they never made a deal and that Ash would take you over me. Sarah says Ash made fake a final 2 deal with Bobby but not with you? (Zach) Sarah says that if you and Ashleigh keep him safe and Godfrey then he is going to keep all of you safe? Sarah says its a good thing he pitched to you .. that means he doesn’t have Godfrey’s vote. Brittnee says it was nice that he campaigned to me and it showed that he wasn’t just going to roll over. A lot of his arguments are contradictory. He said that next week he either has to win HOH, POV or he is done. Sarah says you can’t protect people any more. Britt says I would rather chance not winning HOH or POV instead of making the mistake of taking a bigger target in the final week. He is good. Sarah says he might be right but if you compare the two ..I am going to take my chances with Godfrey. He said that Godfrey is playing for second. Sarah says there are some pretty good arguments for Godfrey. Brittnee agrees. Britt says he said this week isn’t the week to get rid of me, next week is. He said something about I won’t beat him. Sarah says that’s kind of the point!! Sarah says his whole campaign was very contradictory. Brittnee says in a accordance with his campaign I am just going to risk it. Brittnee says she thinks Ash would take Godfrey over Pili. Sarah says no her thing is I’ve got to play the loyal thing so I can say to them (jury) I’ve been loyal.

11:15am – 11:25am Out in the hot tub room – Zach and Godfrey are suntanning..

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-19 08-34-35-493

11:35am – 11:45am Bathroom – Brittnee and Sarah think he (Godfrey) is with them. He thinks he is safe with us so he isn’t going to try to win HOH. Ash says we want Sarah to go before B. Godfrey will not want to take B. He is more scared of B. That’s the order it has to be. There’s no other way. Ash says that week the HOH doesn’t mean anything. Its the POV. If you win it you say B – bye! I win it I say B – bye! Godfrey wins it he says B – bye! Pili and Ash head out to sun tan.

12pm Hot tub – Brittnee and Godfrey are talking about Zach campaigning to her last night. Godfrey says its super hard to believe the he (Zach) wouldn’t give Ash his vote in the end. Britt says we just have to get Zach out ..then Ash … then Pili. It sucks that she (Pili) gets carried all this way. Britt says I’ve given Pili my word that I’m voting him out. Britt says I am really grateful for that power. Godfrey says yeah it saved you. Brittnee says and I was able to show you I wanted you off the block.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-19 09-07-24-795

12:10pm – 1:20pm Sarah comes out of the diary room and says she got the camera. We’re going to recreate the best moments of the season. Sarah leaves to go get ready. Pili starts looking through the past photos on the camera. Godfrey says I forgot what these people looked like. They start recreating moments from the season. Ash tells Godfrey lets just get a photo of you laying down some where. That’s a great moment from the season. They continue going around the house re-enacting moments from the season. Sarah tells Ash she and Zach need to take the jam out to the hot tub room. (Re-enact the scene when Ash licked jam off Zach’s stomach) Godfrey says if Zach isn’t available I’ll stand in.

1:20pm Big Brother puts the house guests on a HOH lock down.

Hot tub room – Brittnee says that she is piss about the weight she has lost. Sarah says I am sorry.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-19 11-02-57-052
1:45pm – 2:15pm In the bathroom – Zach is talking to Ashleigh about his conversation with Brittnee last night. Zach says your risk factor is so high next week without me. You are literally going to have to put Pili on your back. Its not realistic to think you can haul Pili to the end. You guys would have to power trip it out to get to the end. Pili isn’t going to be able to win that final one. Its a mental one all about the days. If I stayed I would still be the target. If I am gone you will be the first person they kick out. Your chances are substantially higher with me in the game. Zach says I am going to throw you on my back and take you as far as I can. If I don’t win the next HOH I am out. If I don’t win that final POV I am out. I assume all the risk. Zach says if I stay you could literally walk to the final 3.

2:20pm Main bedroom – Godfrey and Pili are talking about tomorrows eviction. Godfrey tells her to to get too comfortable there could be a twist or something. Focus on winning the HOH. Some people could switch their vote last minute to you know man. I don’t think it will happen but its always a possibility.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-19 11-30-50-044
2:30pm – 2:55pm Brittnee tells Zach she is stressing. Sarah is sitting in a great position. Zach starts campaigning to her again. If I move on in this game I would have to win to stay. I expect if you win HOH for you to put me up. Zach says either you vote with your heart or your head. Britt says I am still voting with my head if I vote you out. Zach says I expect to get voted out next week. Ash even told me she would vote me out. Britt says she won’t. She said she wouldn’t this week and she won’t next week either. She’s playing the loyal game. Britt says I just feel screwed either way. Zach says if I win next week I will keep you safe. If Ash wins I will make sure you’re safe. This move right now puts Sarah in the best position. Sarah joins them. She tells them she could put on the headphones if they wanted to talk. Britt says no its okay. Zach says no we’re good.

3:25pm Zach and Brittnee are listening to Sarah’s music. Zach tells Britt to relax. She says she’s trying to..
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-19 12-21-16-045

3:30pm – 4:10pm Big Brother tells the house guests to report to the HOH room for a lock down. They hang out talking about their friends back home. Big Brother ends the lock down. Everyone but Britt and Pili leave the HOH. As Sarah leaves Britt says that he (Zach) is stressing me out.

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God & Ash vote to keep Zach……watch & see !!!


Now that Sarah/Brittnee are in power and have a little confidence in themselves, the real women come out. They walk around there like queens and the stuff coming out of their mouths?……wow!!! Last night was a typical bitch session and these so called “nice girls” ripped apart everyone. Noone was exempt and apparently production had to tell them to knock it off. Sarah is one foul mouthed piece of work. Out at the hottub every other word was the “F” word. Do not like what they have become. Confidence is one thing, but nastiness is completely another. Pilar is very immature, and not the smartest girl in the house, but she has an innocence and big heart that I find refreshing. Please don’t refer to her as a stupid idiot. Shows a total lack of respect for other human beings. Noone this year has referred to Brittnee as “fat” or gone to the levels these two have, and that is because whether we like them or not, the other houseguests RESPECT one another.


Did you see what Pili’s brother tweeted about Godf…that you could not see him in the dark….seems like it runs in the family

Hello McFly

God’s skin is Dark – FACT
You Can’t see God in the Dark – FACT
So stating FACTS now is RACIST!?!?!?!
You people, er,…i mean…You Sheeple are CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


ummm pili is not all that innocent…she made the same ‘Chinese’ speak like GM did on her season, and A did to Candice with her ‘black speak’…did you not see the comment that Pili’s brother tweeted about Godf…that you can’t see him in the dark…..


could not have said it better myself, this year the only ones that have been nasty are Britt,Sarah & Bruno.
I don’t think Britt started out this way but, hanging with a low life like Sarah (and yes she is one, she has no morals and is just nasty, maybe if she bathed more than once a week it wouldn’t be so bad) sure has changed her…..I have no favorite at this point but, as long as Sarah doesn’t win I will be very happy….
Each year I make a donation of $25 to Simon & Dawg (so well deserved) but, I faithfully promise that if Sarah is evicted on Wed’s double eviction I will double it this year….. it will be money well spent to see the end of her, I can go back to watching the live feeds again…..

PooGog McGee

Pilar IS an idiot.


And so are you for staying that poogog. I guess your life must really suck as you have to put down others to make you feel better. Go back to your cave.


OH you have said everything I’ve wanted to say. OMG! Sarah is such a bitch!!!!!! One minute saying how sweet Pili is and then the next calling her a idiot stupid backward girl. Im saying it the way it is. I’ve seen her on the live feeds saying this so there no denying it. She thinks she’s all that a bad of chips. I won’t stoop to her level and say mean things about her. I don’t care how many thumbs down I get for this post. It will just show that you all are just like her. Your not just used to the way nova scotian’s are. Were one of the most friendlniess provinces out there if not the most friendliness.


Ohhhh you won’t stoop to her level and call her names? Ahahhahaha you just called her b##ch . And just to let you know, it’s MUCH worse then calling someone stupid. ….

Hello McFly

She said she “won’t stoop to her level and say mean things about her”. Please READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1st if you’re quoting you should use ” … ”
2nd it does NOT make any better the comment. he still called Sarah a b##ch and complaining about name calling!

Hello Mcfly

Are you BLIND? I used quotes, and she wasn’t complaining about name calling. Hello Mcfly

The Truth

@candimonster- You’re kind of being a hypocrite. I understand the need to defend someone but you chastised PogGog Mcgee for calling Pili a name then proceeded to do the same thing yourself.


Your really have to stretch to criticize Sarah or Britt. What is this Victorian times, oh no she said the F word! If “idiot” and some F-bombs are all you can find this season. This must be nicest season ever, with the nicest cast. In between being frustrated with Pili, who is barely playing the game, they always compliment her. For goodness sake, she quit two comps this season. People should be commenting on that! Imagine if S or B quit a comp, you’re head would explode. BTW I didn’t hear them call her an idiot in that convo, but I did hear God say it, in his DR, during the show the other night. Is he a horrible person now too? Of course not.


Best case scenario, Pili wins the second HOH, puts up Sarah and Britnee, Godfrey wins veto uses it on Britnee then, Ashleigh is put on the block next to Sarah and is voted out. that would be pure entertainment.


There is a HUGE chance that Sarah leaves behind Zach on Wednesday. It will be Ash/Brit/Pilar/Godfrey in the HOH competition, and the odds are against her, with a HUGE chance of her going on the block.


I think Godfrey will still throw the comps in this DE and with Pilar’s recent performance in comps (seriously she thought that 100 minutes HOH was an endurance are you fing kidding me), I am doubtful either will win HOH. HOH is most likely a quiz. Less or More. Britt is gonna be good at those. Hopefully.


It looks like the jig is up for captain Canada.I’d have felt sorry for him if he had used the POV to save his best ally, JP.With JP in the game Zach would probably have done better .


I don’t think Godfrey would vote for Sarah though, he seems to be leaning towards them. Britt and God would vote Ashleigh out.

If Sarah were to leave best bet would be Ashleigh getting HOH with Britt and Sarah on the block. Britt wins HOH, God goes up as the renom, Pili votes Sarah, Britt votes God and Ash breaks the tie, sending Sarah packing.

I’m hoping Britt wins HOH. Would be funnier somehow God gets sent home in the double, then it’s the girls F4 and Ash wins HOH, puts S/B otb, B wins veto forcing Ash to put Pili as the renom then B voting Pili out. I’m sorry but that would be hilarious.

Hello McFly

There is so many flaws in this paragraph : “If Sarah were to leave best bet would be Ashleigh getting HOH with Britt and Sarah on the block. Britt wins HOH, God goes up as the renom, Pili votes Sarah, Britt votes God and Ash breaks the tie, sending Sarah packing.”
Do You even know how this Game works?


byew bye zach!

The Truth

So I saw this question on Pili’s twitter.
What is the difference between throwing a competition or quitting a competition?

My answer to that is strategy. Throwing a competition to appear weak and less of a target makes more sense to me then quitting for no good reason. It was acceptable when Pili quit The Brick Memory competition on the swing because she was nauseous but the POV puzzle, unacceptable. It did not appear to be a timed comp.


the Sons of Anarchy puzzle was a timed comp.

Godfrey was saying after that when he and Zach saw Ashleigh come back so soon (30 minutes or so) they assumed that she must have been disqualified because she had completed it so much faster than they had.

The Truth

Sorry I did not word it correctly. What I mean is that there was no time limit. Or was there?

another name

weren’t feeds down for the better part of 12 hours for that comp? who is to say that they didn’t get any sleep because pilar was out there for hours.
What goes through my head is the hg’s can roughly figure how long others have taken. if their time dwarfs the amount of time of others to point you know you can’t win…. not the thought process in this case according to d/r edit (but then according to d/r edit Zach’s only plan was to get godfrey nominated so maybe a grain of salt?).


@another name- I get what you are saying but even if you know for a fact that you cannot win you should still finish whatever you start. I’d rather take 6 hours to finish a puzzle then 4 hours and tell everyone I quit.

another name

yes, I think most people with self confidence and self determination would think finishing was better than giving up. I’m not sure I consider her to possess self confidence and self determination in abundance.
I’m not excusing her. i’m saying the most we’ve ever been told is best time or in one case best and worst time for a comp. Even then, it felt like the worst time was being told to make the best time look that much better. she could have been trying for hours. she could have given up after ten minutes. who knows.


dont forget bbcanad awill be on early anyways 7pm est start because survivor finale!


Indeed it will be 4 hours of fun, between the double eviction and then Survivor (here’s hoping Mike wins it all… if not then Mama C) plus seeing who will make it on the 2nd chances season during the reunion, it’s going to be a hoot indeed.


i think rodney will win it anyways and bye bye zach and ash


they have put 3 on the block vote 2 out on double eviction night!


why is everyone so mean to pili
like obviously she was oblivious to the fact that she was being racist
and she realized that she was being racist afterwards without needed being told
so if that isn’t enough realization and regret, i don’t know what is
and it’s also not pili’s fault for nick nemer making that racist comment either


why was kevin in pili ear 24hers a day when she won HOH!


Zack is really grasping at straws. He tried to guilt Ash into using the Veto on him but that didn’t work. I was so surprised to see his face after she said she was saving herself. He was so crestfallen! I really believe he thought that would work.

His “logic” might work on Ash, but Britt really actually IS logical and he has no chance of being taken seriously. Now that I typed that, I think Ash actually is somewhat logical as well, but maybe she just doesn’t call her best bud on his nonsensical manipulation.

River de Nial

I’d like to know where all the Brit stalkers are now. They were saying Brit was all over Zach before, but never gave proof. The pics up above tell a different story. Also the pic of Zach with his legs on B’s lap, and B telling Sarah that Zach is starting to stress her out, show that Zach will try almost anything to stay.