Nikki “3 people will put them up for eviction next week & they’ve got no veto.”

POV Holder: Brothers Next POV April 23rd
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Cassandra’s Dad Next HOH: April 28th
Original Nominations: Brothers and Niki
Current Nominations: Jared and Nikki
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy
Have Nots Family members decided no have nots

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-26 07-28-44-243

10:20am HOH room – Nikki complains to Tim and Cassandra about Kelsey and Phil. Nikki says if I win HOH I am going to put you up Kelsey because you keep staring at me and you up Phil because you stare at me and it makes me uncomfortable. Cass tells Nikki that everyone avoids her like the plague. You’re the only one that hangs out with me. Kelsey only comes in here to sh*t and leave. Nikki says yeah she just did a big stinky sh*t. Nikki says if I win HOH I won’t let people do that. Cass tells Nikki I hope you win HOH next. Everyone is just so phony. Cass tells Nikki that Joel won’t sway. Nikki says but Jared is down there talking to him. Cass says that she isn’t even going to tell Joel she is just going to tell Big Brother that she is taking his slop. I’ll then just give him a plate of food and tell him to eat it. I don’t want anything in return. Cass says the brothers were laughing at her last night. Nikki says what they don’t understand is that 3 people will put them up for eviction next week and they’ve got no veto. They’ve got till next Thursday and then they’re going home. Let them laugh all they want, they’ve got a joke hair cut and skunk outfit. They’re being smug and they’re not going to be smug on Monday or whatever it is. Cass says Thursday. Nikki leaves. Tim joins Cass. Tim says they’re putrid. The brothers are being absolute turds.

11:40am Kelsey is coaching Jared what to say to Tim to try and get his vote. They then start studying.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-26 13-11-06-207
4pm Joel after his conversation with Kelsey he says to the camera ..this is really going to break Jared’s heart when he finds out I turned on him.

4:50pm – 5:10pm Cass says its just hard when people are your friends and you find them talking crap. Joel says that he just had an hour long talk with Kelsey. He says he was saying yeah, yeah, yeah to her. But in his head thinking the opposite. Cass complains how Kelsey came in and used her bathroom and then left. Cass says the biggest mistake in the game is people thinking they’re better than people. Joel says he wants to talk Nick into throwing HOH. Joel says if they threw it to me, I would put them right up on the block. There’s nothing that would persuade me not to. Cass says I think its hilarious that Kelsey and Jared actually think they’re fooling you. Its funny how the first couple days I was HOH Kelsey was tied to my hip and now she just uses my bathroom and leaves.

5:45pm Tim, Cass, Phil, Nick, Jared and Kelsey are all out in the hot tub room hanging out / chatting about random things.

Watch the Big Brother Canada 4 Live Feeds anywhere in the world with HideMyAss VPN.

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ya theree should have been 3 people on the blocfvk this week anyways with double eviction!


That is not how it works. They will have a quick HOH and Veto after the first eviction and the second will go the same night.

BB Canada Circus

It worked that way last year, 3 on the block , 2 went home!!


haha i hope instant eviction come real soon right aftyer the 1st eviction


no not really cuz that would tip them off to the double


Nikki shouldn’t be complaining so much, what has she ever done to deserve her spot in this game?

BB Canada Circus

Shes BB Royalty, a legend


Um, what have any of them done to “deserve” their spot on the show except be chosen by production?


Only thing Nikki is good in is playing it up for the camera. At first she was loved in the BB UK house so when she was evicted the producers made sure to put her back in. Well then she showed her true colours being a controlling jealous piece of shit but she thought she was still popular. Her face when they announced she was evicted. last 4 was priceless. She expected to win.

Nikki did nothing in the BB Can house. The others at least tried to win competitions


I hoping for a Brothers or kelsey hoh on the double, it would just flip the house. And cass will try to get back in kelseys head and it wont work. Do you think if brothers or kelsey win hoh its tim and cass on the block?


Jared is going leaving Kelsey and the bros…2 votes
Joel, Tim, Nikki and Cass….4 votes plus no veto play for bros
Kelsey and the bros are GONE after Jared

go Nikki go


so if things go right
this week double should see the brothers and jared out the door
go tim nikki for final 2 !


Jesus Jared and Kelsey need to chill out. They went to far when they were telling all that stuff to Joel. They knew that would hurt his feelings so much but they didn’t care about his feelings. And then Jared saying Cass would be an embarrassment to Winnipeg if she puts him up haha Im pretty sure he’s an embarrassment enough already All Jared thinks about is himself where Kelsey does everything for him game wise. It confuses me when the players get so upset when they get nominated. It’s a game, someone has to go up. What makes Jared think he’s anymore special to deserve to not go up? Cass has been with Tim this whole game and now with Joel and Nikki yet Jared and Kelsey think she should dump them and put her trust in those two. Jared and Kelsey are playing for themselves and will never take cass to final two. How do they not see its best for her to go with Tim, Joel and Nikki. I’m thinking everyone will want a Canadian to win so Cass’s only problem is Joel. It’s a toss up who will win between those two right now. As for those arrogant brothers I can’t even handle them. Canada giving them HOH really went to their head. They need to come down a few levels and thinking they are so great. GO CASS OR JOEL!!!!!!


No matter what Jared says to anyone he is going home this week. That was his downfall in the game. He didn’t make an effort to other hgs to form relationship. A big part of the game is social. Like someone said, all he did was spoon Kelsey in the corner. So love Cass for not letting him intimidate her!!! Love the way Joel is playing them. His problem is the only time he gives you the time of day is when he needs something from somebody. Kelsey had to force him to mingle with the other house guests. And why do other think they deserve to be there more than others. I believe they are on an even playing field, this included the internationals. I think they saved the season.

Pinocchio Obama

Great points Marie.


Agreed. That makes jared come off phoney. He was “protecting” Cass plz you were trying to get her ass out all season…it’s that she got you before you could get her. Let it rest Jared and be cordial for the time being.


OMG how disgusting is Jared. He won’t let Kelsey talk at all. I can’t stand people like that.


I hope Nick wins Thursday. Want to see all their plans get messed up. Can’t stand group of people start to get arrogant when they get HOH. Never fails, they start making things up out of thin air to justify their actions. Nikki says “They’re staring at me.” haha What? What a whack job.

Fussy Britches

“she’s staring at me, and um…so is Phil ya Phil is staring at me too and making me uncomfortable”….Something is seriously wrong with this bird.


shawshank Kelsey N Phil
dying in their own Glory


Seriously, Nikki is such a waste. She’s pissed about something every two minutes. Usually, it’s over the most stupid things and then she decides she hates the person and wants them out of the house. The other day she and Tim were in the kitchen and they were each fixing themselves something to eat. When Tim moved something and it only happened to pass directly over her empty plate, she had a mini meltdown and grabbed the plate to wash it again while cursing him under her breath!! Her moods and logic change with the wind. Watching her suck up to Cassandra was making me ill.


Nikki is like that because she has OCD germs. Not sure if you ever noticed her wash her hands but she washes them quite abit and for a long time. I googled her and read a bunch of stuff about her life. When she says they are staring at her i believe her because she is a little odd and her facial expressions seem weird. I find myself starring at her when I watch. It’s like a car wreck, you don’t wanna watch but you can’t turn away lol


Try reading if you can Nikki’s book then you’ll understand why she is like she is. She was in hospital for 8 years πŸ™ she has a story just like Joel and the rest of them. If you have an ounce of humanity in you or intelligence to understand. Read it and then judge.


Please don’t hate on Nikki she was voted in. Anyone who watched her knew what they were getting. Way better than when Canada voted for Allison who became a big disappointment. Nikki has made me laugh. It’s her brand.


It’s Cuz she has severe anxiety. It’s not under her control so let up on her. I applaud her for fighting that everyday and hang the courage to be on the show.


Kelsy’s boot at Jared’s face is Amazing! Lol


I completely forgot that Kelsey has some sort of social anxiety about using the toilet! She’s mentioned it before and other HOH’s have mentioned how she insists on using that Bathroom instead of the one everyone else uses. Hilarious.


When Joel has his social anxiety its all “poor Joel” but when Kelsey has it what….its amusing? Going to the bathroom in a public setting and having anxiety about it is a real thing. But poor Joel eh.


I could be wrong, BUT…. I think the reason people aren’t impressed has nothing to do with her anxiety. It’s more to do with how she was “besties” with Cass prior to the re-nom and now ALL she does is use Cass’ loo to poop. She doesn’t even speak to Cass. It’s the mean girl thing again and Cass is finally getting a taste of this other side of Kelsey. The sad part is, if it weren’t for Cass (not her beloved, I’ll throw my game away for you boy toy Jared) Kelsey would likely have left the game under Maddy’s reign.

Further, if Cass had leaned in the direction Maddy/Ramsay were to take out one of Jared/Kelsey then the Bro’s would likely have put them up instead.

The fact Kelsey & Jared expect people to help them win the game is why so many BB fans aren’t impressed. The couple have played the game with their sole social strategy being “you can part of the cool group”. Case in point Jared’s campaign strategy is to ALLOW Joel to be his friend. Hey, Jared is a good looking kid who has likely been popular his entire life.

From my perspective, the reason people who weren’t in the popular crowd growing up tend to perform better on BB. They are used to having to integrate into social setting based on their experiences of not necessarily fitting in at some point in their life. For people like Jared and Kelsey it’s the opposite, they haven’t had to make those efforts to fit in, so when they try to (rarely) it comes across as fake… BECAUSE IT IS.


Talk the Talk

“I could be wrong, BUT…. I think the reason people aren’t impressed has nothing to do with her anxiety”<<— I think you are wrong. The reason I addressed the comment had everything to do with them laughing at her anxiety about the bathroom. Long winded know it all.


She is a Stinker with
Eyes Wide Open….wait
Noses shut here!!!


I just absolutely can not stand Nikki. So her new targets of hate this week is Kelsey and Phil. This person is a friggin bug in this house. One that needs some raid to get rid of her. Pesky whiney lil biatch.

“She cant come and use my bathroom blah blah blah”. But its ok for you to use everyones HOH room when you need to. You just put on that whiney child with no food voice and get what you need. My Word I just don’t like her personality at all. She’s the kind of girl I don’t like. (rant done πŸ™‚ )


How come the brothers are being cocky? Because they won veto or are they just being irritating?


Seriously, I’d rather watch paint dry then watch Kelsey/Jared campaign to Joel or watch the bros stroke their egos over and over again. Their egos are blinding them to the Freak Show alliance..buffoons the whole lot of them.


What does Kelsey and Jared have to do with my comment.?


They believe their own hype.


Only if the HOH is given to her will Nikki win any HOH. Useless. Boggles my mind they got rid of Dallas before Nikki.


Dallas was annoying and a stronger competitor…. two reasons he went out the door long before Nikki.


I didn’t ask WHY Dallas was kicked out. I said it boggled my mind. Fuck man go troll someone else pest.


Dallas was kicked out because he was a strong competitor


I always thought that maybe 3 days was good enough for the wearing of the silly suits. Unitard, Superhero, Skunk haha. Only because I get bored of looking at it for that long and it loses its…..Funniness and punishment.


I don’t care who likes Jared or doesn’t. He deserves to be in this house more then this Nikki. Just get his ass out next week and get her out while you can now. People will want to bring her to the end thinking she cant win….Don’t be to sure.


I’m probably in the minority with this opinion, but every time one of the house guests in any season says,’ that’s it, I want to go home’, or ‘I want to quit’ my gut reaction is don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
Didn’t like it week two with Loveita, didn’t like it week four with Kelsey, didn’t like it week eight with Maddy, haven’t liked it week two through nine from Nikki. Maybe it’s my work ethic.
If they were complaining of being home sick but just venting to marshall their strength to continue fighting, that’s one thing. Complaining they want to leave for constant attention, or because the game isn’t going the way they wanted? Too bad. Suck it up, stop being such a whining quitter and change things.
What does Nikki have to whine about? She’s been given contractual special treatment, she’s been pampered at the drop of a hat, and nobody has turned to her mid tantrum and said, ‘if you insist on behaving like a two year old that missed their nap, go to the time out corner until you can behave like an adult.’ I’ve been entertained by Nikki in the past, but the entire act has worn thin now that she’s beginning to reproduce past rants from her bbuk seasons with a change in pronoun. I’ve actually been hoping for two weeks that somebody would finally throw a tantrum on her and show her what it feels like. Not going to happen, but just once I’d like to see somebody break the production don’t disturb Nikki edict and let her have it.
Hmmm, maybe that last coffee was a bad idea. End rant.


i bet the split the brothers this week! just to throw a monkey wrench in there!


I agree with the comments above regarding Nikki. She was cute and funny in the beginning when DRUNK only. Now she is a complete waste of space. The only way she will win an HOH is if no one else shows up to play. Her attitude of entitlement pisses me off. Cassandra jumping on the bandwagon is annoying as well. Last night she lay outside with each brother and had a good conversation with them both, and today is ranting and raving about them being nasty to her. WTF!!! Now Tim on the same bandwagon. Nikki wants the brothers vote, and cannot understand why she won’t get it, so has a tantrum. She isn’t going anywhere, and what difference does them voting for her make. She intends to vote them out. She won’t be giving them her vote, but her pea brain doesn’t comprehend anything that doesn’t involve her. Tim calling them little turds just shows his need to be top dog. He has stated that they turned on him for Jared and he cannot understand why. Him saying that he was just throwing around the idea to Phil about backdooring Jared is an out-and-out lie. He was pushing it and didn’t like it when Phil told him to piss off! I don’t care who you are rooting for in this game, but Tim and Nikki have screwed up this years show with their antics. Yes, they are entertaining and Tim is very, very smart, but cannot stand once again what Production has done to screw up this season. Big Brother Canada has become a joke. The constant interference is so blatant it is laughable.


I agree with your comment. I don’t think it is a joke (yet) but I think its on its way to becoming the tom foolery that the other BB’s around the world are. I like BBC & BBUS and the way they do things. The insane antics from the other BB’s is way more intense and way less emotional player involved and more self involved. (does that make sense?) Regardless of the friends they made in their seasons and all the foolishness and snide shade and what not..I don’t think Tim expected the house guests to be as nice as they are. Even the ones we don’t like are actually nice some what. (Canadians sorry lol)

I don’t mind the twist, putting internationals in the house, but I also don’t like the way it seems that diary room sessions are always swayed and its not right. Think about how easy it is for one of the people asking the questions to say “Hey Nikki, we don’t think it was nice when (insert name) said or did this to you, what do you think about that” BANG she hates that person that week. (just an example)
I have enjoyed Tim also but don’t want him to win and never liked his game of “Im just here to have fun I don’t care if I go up”….You are here to play and win Tim my dear. I hope you get tossed out on your ass by the same people you laugh at.
Whoever that shall be.


if bbcan does this a again to us…i am done and hope everyone else is too.
last year when britney and sarah were pretty well down and out…bbcan gave them an ultimate power..saved them..therefore handed the game to sarah when she didnt deserve to be the winner!


Not quite…. It was Canada that voted for a special power for Britney and Sarah.


is the general opinion that this is a miserable season still? It’s not very thrilling is it? This endgame with two wildcards/celebrities involved isn’t doing it for me at all. There is no fire, no exciting campaigning, no nothing really The big names with strategy sessions, and storylines Dallas, Loveita, Mitch will be more memorable than this lot i feel afterwards.


I am curious as to what everyone thinks about Kelsey striking out at Jared in a state of anger. She laughed it off, but it is a serious infraction. Thumbs up for Kelsey should be punished. Thumbs down for Big Brother should just ignore what happened.


I’m gonna make you some cookies later, love you. Kelsey and Jared are so transparent. It makes me sick that they haven’t been removed yet because their ‘game’ is weak.
Joel is way smarter than they think. The sparkly pretty people with the ‘hair’ think they can seduce Joel somehow. Uh uh – he’s ten steps ahead of you J and K. You dumbasses have not been doing anything but touching eachother and flaunting your hair.

Bbcan fan in Houston

The brothers are truly delusional and very self unaware. Do they really think they are going to go down as the best bb players of all time? They talk about Dan and Derrick and dr will but I haven’t seen even the remotest good gameplay from them. What narcissist. They are in for a rude awakening when they get out and see how ignorant most viewers think they are. The brothers, Jared and Kelsey have no strategy and have not had one real strategic and thought provoking conversation like Cassandra, Tim and Joel have. It cracks me up too that Kelsey thinks her girly ways can really get someone as smart as Joel to be fooled. It only works on Jared and Phil because they are the worst bob players of all time.


Joel is a coward in my opinion. He knows he isn’t voting for Jared to stay but doesn’t have the balls to tell him. That is just plain nasty, and indicative of the type of play he and Cassandra have been playing lately. Cassandra saying she will call people out on being nasty and lying. There is no nastier, lying person in that house than her. If she’s talking, she is lying.


I don’t think that Joel is a coward. I think he likes Jared but when you are in that kind of position you don’t really want to tell that person “Hey friend, im voting against you so….see ya”. He (Joel) doesn’t have that kind of personality and he is a little socially awkward (So much better then when he first came in the house and I think that’s great for him) that he doesn’t know how to handle that emotion people will feel after being put on the block or being voted out by his hand. People will be angry, sad or not know how to feel because no one likes to be put on the block. I don’t think he likes the feeling of being a part of that. Regardless if he knew how BB is played it doesn’t mean he has to like that part about it.

Cass for some reason is pretty gross this week and apparently so are the brothers. She just seems lazy and I cant help but think she didn’t wash those clothes until she won HOH and they were washed for her. When its the other HOH’s it doesn’t bother me. Her for some reason, with the entitlement and no cooking or washing or cleaning (besides sweeping chips) she just grinds my gears.


It’s very standard practice not to tell someone you are voting them out. I’ve only seen people say it once or twice and it backfired every time. The person on the block went into a rage and tried to turn the whole house against them.


Joel has already said he’ll tell Jared he is not voting for him to stay prior to the show

The reason Joel is playing along is twofold:
1) even prior to Jared being the re-nom Jared/Kelsey/Phil went at him and told him he was the brunt of jokes. They upset Joel who isn’t naturally inclined to fit in (read: socially awkward). J/K/P went at him hard and hurt his feelings. Like Joel said whether what was said was true or not you still don’t want to hear people are
laughing at you or making fun of you.

The day after when Joel was seen in tears it was the people J/K/P said were making fun of him that went out of their way to see if he was okay. Meanwhile J/K/P never even bothered to apologize for upsetting him. They thought their ploy to turn Joel against Nikki/Cass/Tim worked b/c why would Joel want to be friends with people like that when they were allowing him entry into the cool kids club. For the record: when Raul was still in the house J/K/R were constantly making fun of Joel and even said they couldn’t stand being around him.

Further, if J/K/P truly cared about Joel why did they not let him know this info in private and why wait until they need his vote to tell him these things?

2) Joel is playing the game. He doesn’t want the Bros/Kelsey to pick up he is tight with the Freak Show or that he and Cass are F2. By allowing them to perceive he is closer to them and cont to think he is a floater it means in the event one of them win Dbl Evict HOH they’ll nominate Tim over him beside Cass thus ensuring his safety. It’s strategic.

Bottom line Joel is actually playing the game including playing a BETTER social game whereas J/K/P are
playing their social game as “we’ll ALLOW you to hang out with us”

IMO Jared is the coward b/c he never liked the Bros and only acquiesced to working with them once they got power and they were clamoring to join “the club”. Moreover, he’s been deemed the house nice guy (Emmett like) but the truth is he’s nothing like Emmett and has gone out of his way lie and be cruel to others. His rant about Cass’ family being embarrassed b/c she didn’t save him or turning Winnipeg against her is just one of many examples. Jared expected to be able to lie, align with whoever he wanted and then change that choice whenever he wanted, and speak badly about others with having to answer for it. He’s repeatedly called the others in the house disgusting, stupid, and that they (he and Kelsey) are the nice, honest, “good people” in the house. Unfortunately, his actions have proven otherwise.

Again, I’m sure he’s a great guy out of the house. Unfortunately I’m not sure he’s (or Kelsey) learned anything from the experience which would allow him to grow personally. JMHO


Am I the only one who will be disappointed if Joel wins the show? I feel like we have seen the nerdy type win over and over again. I just think it will be such a boring way to end the season. Plus he has honestly been such a floater and keeps flaunting that he was the only one to make a big move early on. I mean getting out Kelsey the recruit who was just here for the experience is a big move?


The season is fast losing me. I need a bit of encouragement because for the first time I’m thinking I just don’t care about this season at all. Even last year, I tried to be the ‘maybe the twists were in place before the season began, because plotting for advertising dollars and plotting for creation of challenges and costuming isn’t an overnight endeavor’ type of viewer.
I’ve lost the will to attempt to be that commenter. There’s really too much revealed on feeds at this point to think that this season isn’t an unscripted but pre-plotted endeavor. well… forgot about the scripted diary room sessions. okay, not completely scripted. Heck, last episode when Tim was describing his attraction to Cassandra his face was someone reading a ransom note.
I don’t know if I care anymore. Yeah, the then quit watching people… I know. I’m not invested in the cast. I’m feeling like the storyline is forced. I’m thinking the episode edits are way too forced. Am I interested enough to watch prod. and story editors push this lemon across the finish line just to see how they do it? Taking the rest of the day away to think about this.
In case I decide that I’m done with this season, Thanks SImon and Dawg for all that you do!


There really is one of you every year isn’t there. Boo hoo you will stop watching and reading. If you were going to, you just would. πŸ™‚

Quit the theatrics and we will see you in the next round of comments wont we dude. πŸ™‚


I’ve watched nearly ever seasons of BBUS and BBC to the end and enjoyed most of them. This season I just can’t do it anymore. Still come here for updates though.

I know it gets said every season, but for my personal taste these remaining houseguest are truly unlikable.


I’m with you! TBH I’ve stopped watching the show because I can’t stomach listening to ANY of the HG any more. I’m frustrated by productions constant interference without even an attempt to make it look like they are not interfering. The best players were thrown out early and although I initially enjoyed the internationals I’m tiring of them as well. I come here to catch up to see what’s happening because I can’t take another minute of any of the HGs.

The tantrums and nastiness these players show when they are on the block blows my mind. When did BB become a “group game” where you had to think, or do what the others want you to or you get bullied! It’s the absolute worst season of BB ever and the first time where I don’t like most of the entire cast and don’t want ANY of the remaining HGs to win.

Do me a favour BB, bring back Mitch or maybe Paige or Sharry and set them up for the win like you did Gary! Production’s interference has become so obvious and annoying it’s destroying the game.


Can you imagined the conversation if cass didn’t put up Jared. That would be an embarrassment and the dumbest move this season besides the brothers saving Jared and matty voting love out. Go cass and Joel!!!


Kelsey looks more and more like a rat every day. What is the finger in the mouth deal that she does? Is that supposed to look cute? Her and Jared both have stubby little legs.


Take the chicken wing out of your mouth and take a picture and lets see what you look like.




Lmao, I’ve always thought she looked like something. You got it. She does look like a rat

Ariana Grande stinks!

And yes, I detest the Imbecile Brothers and Kelsey is quite despicable.


I hope the brothers win next week and put Cass and Joel up with Joel going home. Then him and his grandmommom can share some pizza and milk together while he reminds her of who won which award which year for which movie.

Castle Rock

Go Nick! Break from this brother stuff and kick Cass out on her broom stick.


The Brothers haven’t acted any different then they always do. Annoying and desperate. Yall just need a new target and they happened to be it. Last week everyone wanted them at the end. Talk about wishy washy.


So jealous Jared has pimped his whore to go cuddle with the brothers to ensure their vote. Interesting.


No she’s being herself, creating bonds…yeah right. She’s been flirting with every guy since the beginning but Jared stopped it – briefly. She’s looking for a rich guy she said so she better keep Jared and the bros close because one of them might win $100,000. She is creating bonds but quickly drops them when they don’t do as she pleases. Now trashing Cass behind her back and was the cattiest woman in the house.


Oh my goodness. Im sure the brothers don’t mind.


Time for Jared to leave and next out the door should be Kelsey or the bros. It should almost a sweep vote to get rid of J, of course K will vote Nikki. If he stays, shame on the house!


OK I’ve had enough of Jared and Kelsey and they’re hating sore loser attitudes they are the most annoying showmance ever!!!!! both of them are selfish & emotional & they don’t have any game all they do is lie down and cuddle instead of spreading themselves around the house & trying to actually play the game! Kelsey is one of those I’m Miss popular the girl next-door I’m the coolest thing so I should win just because I’m cool~like whatever get over yourself you suck as a person and as a player she is like that cockroach that won’t die, people were complaining about Maddie but I would take Maddie over Kelsey any day because Maddie kept it real Kelsey is just a fake piece of shit!!!! Jared is a big suck acting like a pussy he can’t even handle losing or being on the block I don’t like the way they are taking it so personal it’s a game at the end of the day there can only be one winner so i don’t get why the house guests act so shocked when they get put on the block that’s part of the game that’s the way it works!!!! Kelsey has interrupted Jared’s potential in this game anyway she’s been a distraction to him the whole time she’s like a bottle of poiso & she thinks her shit doesn’t stink but according to Nikki it actually really does ha ha !!!! can’t stand Kelsey and Jared I hope they get kicked out ASAP losers and tim Cassandra Joel final three I have a feeling tim is going to win but Cassandra has a really good chance too either way i’ll be happy if one of those three win hands down they played the best game !!!