Nicole “If I go up and I go home, I will tear that jury up & not one person will vote for you!!”


POV Holder: ? POV Competition July 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH ? Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: ? AND ?
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 23-30-22-627

10:45pm Nicole and Corey are talking in the bedroom – Corey asks should I just volunteer? Nicole says no. Paulie or Vic should volunteer because they’re good at competitions. I don’t want to make Paul mad and act like I can’t go up on the block but my rule of thumb is I’m never going to volunteer to go up on the block. I just can’t to do it. Corey says if you’re up I would make sure I’m Paul’s best friend. You’re going to have to change your attitude if he does put you up because you have all the votes right now. Nicole says they’re going to flip. If I’m up against Da .. she is going to say a bunch of crap. All the girls will flip. Corey says you would have me, Paulie, James, Vic. All you need is 4 votes. That’s 4 guys that would keep you safe. You would have 5 with Natalie. Nicole says I don’t know why I would be a pawn for Da. Corey says because Da has been saying to put you up. Nicole says oh man. Corey asks does that piss you off? Nicole says I don’t want her to be satisfied. …oh yeah my blood is boiling. He did say he wanted to put up someone he trusts and he said he trusts me. Fine I’ll put my big brother life in your hands but if I freaking go home… I will tear that jury up and not one person will vote for you!! I just wouldn’t want to look like the fool that was okay to be put up and then be the plan to go home. OHHHhh.. man I want da out this week so bad. I want her out more than Frank!! Corey says that Bridgette will do what ever we say. Nicole says I completely trust you, Paulie and James to keep me in the house. I don’t really trust Natalie, Z or Michelle that they would keep me over Da. Corey says Vic will vote how we vote. Would you be nervous if I was on the block? Nicole says no, your boys have your back and me .. that’s like 5 people. Oh my gosh I can’t even believe that I’m considering this. I don’t want to agree to that though. I would rather know and be okay with it, than to just see my face pop up. I don’t want him to think its okay to put me up. Corey says I could make him feel bad about it, so that he won’t put you up. Nicole says they might be trying to secretly break us apart. Corey says no they wouldn’t do that.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 23-17-18-025

11:05pm In the bathroom – Paulie tells Z that Bridgette is not a threat to you or I because Frank told her the only person she should work with is me and Corey. Z says I’m just trying to put two and two together as to why he is asking either way it doesn’t matter if you’re up there. But I told him to put up Nicole because if Bridgette and her are up .. we can make decisions to split her and Corey up. I told him its in his best interest to keep Bridgette here and separate Nicole and Corey. If one of those two can go this week then I’m good and we can chill for a week. If we could convince Vic to go up that would be fine but he would be pissed and Paul doesn’t want to shoot himself in the foot. That’s the only reason why he’s not the obvious option. Z asks do you trust Corey? Paulie says I’ll trust him more if Nicole is out. Either way if Nicole is up there the only person that will vote for Bridgette is Michelle. If Da is up there the only person that will vote for Bridgette is Michelle. So either way .. whoever else is up there next to Bridgette is safe. Unless its Vic.
CBS All Access: Live feeds are only $5.99 per month – Try it FREE for 1 WEEK!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 23-24-19-542

11:10pm Nicole asks Paul .. I have some questions. Paul says yeah? Nicole says so you’re looking for a pawn … I would use somebody that doesn’t care about being a pawn. Someone that has done it before and can’t come back and get you. Can’t win a comp. Paul asks who is that? Nicole says Natalie. That’s what we did with Victoria in my season and it was perfect. Paul says that’s fine, if you can convince her. Nicole says last time she was doing cartwheels. Paul says she’s a havenot and I kind of feel bad. If you guys can talk to her and James. I just need the spot filled so that I don’t look like a di*k head. Nicole says I’ll try and if not I’ll figure it out. I figure whoever goes up has 4 votes. Paul says and I’m the tie breaker. Nicole says and I would promise to vote for her. That’s five. Nicole says I’ll talk to her.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 23-47-42-005

11:15pm Nicole goes to talk to Natalie in the havenot room. Nicole says Paul wants to put up Bridgette, the only thing is he needs a pawn. Are you willing, or no? Natalie says I won’t beat Bridgette. I’ve already been a pawn. Nicole says if Bridgette comes down there is a different person he wants out. If me, Corey, Paul, Paulie and Vic win the veto we would pull you down. And you would have 5 guaranteed votes I swear on my family. You are safe 100% plus you have James. Natalie says I just don’t want to keep getting used as a pawn. Nicole says that’s fine. I will just tell him you’re not okay doing it. I just wanted to test the waters. Natalie says I wouldn’t vote against you. Nicole says if I were to go up I would have yours and James’ vote? Big Brother switches the cams..

Safari room – James tells Paulie that he is probably going to ask Paul for a favour not to put up Natalie. She’s already been up as a pawn and I took a lot of blood last week. Paulie says he (Paul) is on board with the main target.

11:45pm Kitchen – Paul, Vic, James, Bridgette, Paulie and Nicole are playing their word guessing game.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-28 23-58-44-958

12am In the bathroom – James says why does Natalie have to go up? That just shows me there are ranks and I’m at the bottom. No one wants to put up Z because she has Paulie protecting her. No one wants to put Nicole up because of Corey. Why is it okay to put you up? Do they think I’m not going to do something about it? Does everyone forget I stood up for 5.5 hours in that endurance comp?! Natalie says if I keep getting put up as a pawn, they’re just going to keep doing it. I’m a havenot, I don’t want to be up as a pawn.. its not fun. This comp was easy for me and I should have just won it.

12:15am – 12:30am Paul comes out of the diary room and asks who whats to see my HOH room. They all head up to the HOH room. They all rush in to check out his HOH photos. Paulie asks is this your girlfriend dude? Paul says that’s my sister. Paul reads his HOH letter.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 00-18-25-594

12:50am – 1:15am HOH room – I just want to know who si going to step up and go on the block next to her (Brdigette). If you win, pull yourself off and we figure out who goes up at that point but I think the whole house will know what the plan is. Da says I think my name will get drawn for the veto and I will be battling right there with you. James says last week I get never damage to my hand. D asks how?! James says not nerve damage .. nerve trauma. Nicole telle Paul if you think I’m strong then put me up. I’m not that good ar comps. Paul says I respect that. That’s friendship. Nicole says I’m not good at comps though. Paul says Nicole offered and Da said as a last resort. I think we clip Da before we clip Nicole.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 00-53-57-449

Safari room – James says I think Nicole pretty much volunteered to go up. Da says he keeps saying he wants someone strong to play .. but then why am I an option, why is she (Z) and option. James heads to the bathroom and tells Natalie that he thinks he is going to put up Nicole.

Nicole joins Da in the Safari room and tells her that Frank told her a lot of stuff. Nicole says I didn’t come asks you because then you would think I thought it was true. I know he was feeding you stuff too. I figured until he (Frank) was gone we would never be able to talk. Da says you know if you’re up there, I’ve got you.

1:55am HOH room – Paul tells Nicole best case scenario is you’re getting off .. anyone that is playing pulls you off and Da goes up. Paul says if you really feel uncomfortable I will put Natalie up right now. Nicole says its just very frustrating to hear her excuses. Paul asks again do you want me to put her up.. I don’t care! Bring her and James in here.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 01-57-45-440

2am In the bathroom – Da tells James and Z that its just weird that Nicole is volunteering to go up. It doesn’t make sense why isn’t Vic going up? Da says we just need to win the veto and lock it up. So that no one comes down.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-07-29 02-01-26-094

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Who died and made paulie king of the house…Nicole shut up whining & whimpering like a damn puppy and play the game…I swear it’s been weeks and Nicole and zak are literally the most lost pathetic hg around…& yes James, you’re at the bottom…I think day told you that & you ratted her out to your leader paulie


smh @ these idiot HGs and their stupid strategies. now everyone in the house has been asked or has knowledge of the recruiting going on for someone to volunteer as the pawn. all we need now for this stupid season is the HOH winner Paul to volunteer himself as the pawn. I can’t no more with this cast.

Crazy Stuff


Frank's Fart's Are Juicy

I freaking love it!!! James says “Why does Nat have to go up? That just show’s me there are ranks and I’m at the bottom”. What dumb a$$ no getting pu$$y a$$hole! My eviction wish list. Paul would be #1 but he’s HOH.
Da, Paul, James, Michelle, Nicole, Z, Corey, Vic, Paulie, Nat, Bridgette.

Crazy Stuff

Why can’t they put Paulie up on the block. This is starting to get on my last nerves. He keep bring up what Derek said to him. He is playing Derek game. Why can’t they see that. I would put Paulie and Nicole up fast and a hurry. Day needs to stop all that talk she’s doing and win something.

Shell Belle

He’s not playing derricks game. Derrick did more listening than talking. People went to Derrick for his advice where as Paulie is forcing his opinion too hard. Derrick didn’t over play. Paulie is trying to play Derrick’s game but he’s doing it the wrong way. He has enough influence where he doesn’t have to be so opinionated but he doesn’t realize that.


Da can’t win crap! She’s the one that needs to go up! Paulie is nothing like his brother, he is a scumbag. They need to put him and Da up there together and get them both out.

TX rar

Why isnt Z going up? She has never been on the block and her name isnt even being mentioned.

Paul made Paulie a king

I mean isnt it a rule that is yout showmance wins you are basically also in power? so Paulie is again basically the king of the house coz his boy won HOH…

sunny dee

it’s zak’s turn to do something for a change. Natalie has done it, Nicole has been HOH for the ‘team’. zak has done nothing, she doesn’t even make an effort in comps at all. the least she could do is get on the block, plus she is far more likely to stay than anyone else. and far more likely to lose the veto. Day says ‘i’ll probably get pulled for the veto’ yah right, why would you know you are going to get pulled to play, that’s just a cop out. now she’s trying to make it look shady that nicole is volunteering to go on the block, something nicole is not actually doing, and i don’t see day jumping up to do it, so she wanted nicole on the block and she is going to try to make that look fishy?

she neeedsss to goooooooo

she is so much more annoying than nicole. plus i’d like to see zak on the block, and see how she flips out over it.


James is legitimately pissed. This might make things interesting.


James the little spineless bitch won’t do anything.


Oh shit we might finally get some resemblance of a game this week still too many floaters that don’t understand the bb house

Yabba dabba doo!

It’s already starting to come back to bite James just like I knew it would. The look on his face when Paulie told him Nat was going up as a pawn. Paulie is the real hoh and is controlling everyone in that house.


Haha…Go Natalie!! Tell that whiny pansy Nicole that you are not going up!!!


Put up Nicole and Corey please and thank you!


love seeing Nicole squirming. These are the times I wish we could call and evict HGs. I’d vote to evocr Nicole until my fingers were in a cast! I hate her whining. On a different note I am so glad Frank is gone. so many of yoi said he’d get a trip back into the game with help from producers… I’m glad that didn’t happen.


You’re only saying that because I’m white.


What’s Nicole talking about? It’s not jury yet, is it??


As if Nicole could get the jury members to do anything.

Crazy Stuff

Nicole is a dirty player that is in a nomance. I will be glad when she is out.


That’s what I want to know


I believe one of the house guest said earlier in the week that Jury started after Frank’s eviction. Not sure how true that is though because that would mean a nine person jury and it’s usually seven. But they have done nine person juries before.


JURY- If it is a 9 person jury, like it has been for quite a while now, then yes they all made it to jury. If it is back to 7 jurors then it will not start for 2 more weeks.


If Natalie doesn’t want to be put up then maybe she should try to win something and try to make friends in the house. Do she think that she is in Summer camp?


Z and Nicole haven’t won anything either. And Natalie has done plenty of trying to make friends. It’s just that most of the house is mean girls and douchebags,


Why not put up Michelle and Zak they hadn’t been on the block yet..


Put Nicole up like yesterday and send her out with a one way ticket


Nicole a$$ need to be on the block! Z and Nat are have not’s so it’s only fair, Nicole shouldn’t get her way all the time, I want to see her on the block!

Just Sayin

Everyone’s dropping the show because Paul won HOH?
It could be worse!
Paulie or Nicole could have won.


Paulie did win HOH, bi Paul winning. Same thing



July 28 – July 29
Never Not Pass
The winner of this care package cannot be named a Have Not for the rest of the season. So long slop!

July 31 – August 5
Eliminate Two
Eviction Votes
The winner of this care package could single-handedly flip the house by preventing two Houseguests of their choosing from voting in this week’s eviction.

August 7 – August 12
Super Safety
The good news is, the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is, this Houseguest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long.

August 14 – August 19
This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing one of the two nominees.

August 21 – August 26
BB Bribe
The winner gets $5K to bribe one Houseguest! Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetoes or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one Houseguest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.


Thx for posting this! My choices: have not pass: Paulie ( this means shit, no real power and will mess with his head thinking America likes him). Elimination vote: Bridgette ( if she still stands and not Hoh, this could mess up everyone’s game). Super safety: James ( at this point in the game timeline might have become a target). Co-Hoh : Nathalie ( curious to see what fireworks she could create , this needs backbone but she could pull it off). Bribe: Victor ( Because better than the rest of em and I think he could be decent with this power)…


While I do have some similar choices I selected Bridgette for the slop pass for 2 reasons:

1) I don’t want Paulie (or the house) thinking he is beloved
2) I want him on slop so he’s moody and weak

As for the next 4 care packages I’ll be selecting between Nat, James, Da (and I’m not sure on the last one YET) I’ll also wait to see who wins HOH each week before I determine who I select. For example should NiCorey win HOH I’d give the power to Da that week to ruin their options. Or if Da won next week and was set to put up NiCorey I’d also give Da the care package to ensure the right person went home.

Again depending on who wins HOH 3 weeks from now and who they want to put on the block it could dictate who I’d save. For example if Paulie won & said he was targeting Nat I’d vote for her to get safety.

Bottom line I’m not going to give Paulie, Nicole or Corey ANY POWER so they know how the masses feel about their dictatorship, rat whiny-ness or dumb ass let me just play under the covers games.

I’m holding out on my last choice b/c first I don’t like anyone else this season BUT once the hamsters see the in coming care packages maybe they’ll figure out they should be aligning with the people receiving them. In that event I’ll look at giving that final prize to someone willing to use it to save someone I like. or to get Paulie’s ass out the door if he’s still there!


Is there a care package that contains a box of shit? That’s the one I’d give to Da.


I hate that. America should not have that much influence in the game. That Co-HoH is almost as bad as the coup d’état. If that nominee goes home, then America essentially sent them home, which sucks! I don’t like super safety either. Those are both powers that should be WON!!! The houseguests shouldn’t get advantages like that just because America likes them. It’s unfair to someone who is in an okay or good spot but will get screwed by a twist. It’s unfair to a nominee who shouldn’t have been on the block. It’s unfair to a nominee who played the game and got the votes to stay, but still went home because someone who America liked got to eliminate two votes (hypothetical situation). It would be unfair for someone who doesn’t win anything to suddenly have safety. America’s love should not be enough to earn anything except AFP!

Sue in nh

But the packages should come after nominations, not before.

Fuzzy Num Num

If you are not ok being a pawn, don’t assume someone else will be. Nothing but pure dumbassery this week.

Jimmy 64

That’s right James keep protecting Natalie tell them to put
someone else up . Why don’t you step up Nicole and take one for the
team. Put up Michelle, mama day or hell Paulie ,why don’t you go up!!!!!!


I want Paulie to get that pass so he can’t get any of the good passes or no pass at all


Does anyone know if we’re going to have a 9 person or 7 person jury?


That’s what I’m wondering!! The houseguests seem to think they are in jury but Julie never mentioned anything about it tonight


AS I said before Tiff went home this season is nothing but BB16 all over again. with the vote with the house bs and put up who the house wants u to put up bs news flash the only difference is. in BB16 the house was Derrick, and this year the house is Paulie who ever he want up goes up and out. also if Nicole, James, da,or Mich can’t see he’s playing Derricks game mix with Cody flirting with the girls then they all dissever to lose. I mean he’s even given them clues he’s playing they game all he talks about on the feeds is how great the hitmen is and was and how they the greatest alliance ever. and when Mich called him out saying derricks not the best Will and Dan is he FLat out said he NEVER SAW BB before and he NEVER SAW DERRICK& CODY season.he saw a 5min video tribute of the hitmen on youtube and derrick told him wat to do and told him if Vanessa is on ur season or her sister get rid of her first.

The care package logic

I really hope people strategize on the care package votes. Looks like peoople are voting as if its a popularity contest right now. They are just going to end up giving eviction removals, or a veto, or whatnot to someone like Paulie, simply due to lack of names soon. I noticed Natalie was winning as of right now, but I have noticed some fire in her and James tonight, that I have not seen in a while. Fiesty. She is NO Victoria, but I think if given 2 free eviction removal votes or something, it would be more beneficial for her to use them, than say Da, or Paulie, Corey, or Nicole. As much as I hate to say it, Nicole should probably win the never have not, because that is really not going to help her later, and she is really not being very nice, while whiny. I am not one to say who should get what, but people should strategize on this, and help good players, rather than a popularity contest. /opinion

Stop Bandwagoning

You also need is realize that not everyone like the same people as you, why should Natalie get a eviction remover when she is not even playing the game?


I think Paulie should win the have not pass so he can get anything else


That’s it Paulie keep running around the house, you and your little lap dog Corey, barking orders at everyone, as to which people you think should be pawns for Paul’s HoH this Week. Meanwhile, Paulie and Corey continue to expose their games much like Frank did. I hope Paul sticks to his original plan and puts a boy up with Bridgette – Like say Corey ???? Would love to see the look on his and Nicole’s face when the nominations board comes up. And if one of those players wins the Veto they can replace with Nicole !!!! Take that and stick it in your Pipe, Paulie.
I hope everyone votes for Paulie to receive the 1ST Care Package – So he CAN’T get any of the Juicy ones that are remaining !!!! ….. Before his ass is evicted.


I woke up at 4am on purpose to fire up the laptop to see who won HOH. Once I saw that label across that a-holes name I immediately became nauseous! WTF! I am going to hate this whole week. Next to that glittery mess known as Frankie Grande, he is the worst HG to ever be in the BB house. He turns my stomach. Why doesn’t Paulie or Z be the pawn? Why is it always Natalie? I want Paul & Paulie/Z gone! I am shocked and somewhat upset AG didn’t save Frank, just to piss that side off. This season is fast going down the tubes. AG, you need to go as you have made a mess of this game. That OTEV character was disgusting and these comps are all re-hashed. She needs to start reading these sites and listen to the fans, but I suspect that will never happen!


Funny as hell watchingall the ladies freak out over which one to be a pawn… why does meech get a free pass? Cuz she won pov, please shes the one who shld be put up so she dnt vote for da… nic or z also have never been up same as meech. Funny how the girls arnt catching onto none of the guys are even a option. Hey paulie if its no big deal being a pawn in a reckloose house full of sketchy ppl who tell everything to each other and the whole plan n talk crap abt each other than why dont u go up bro?

The Fonz

Good for your ass James. I really don’t think you were on Franks hit list and maybe he would have went for other people and left you two alone. You should have known there were ranks in the house esp after Da said “we have to break up the showmances in the house” James: Hey I am in one of those showmances. Da “oh no not you the other ones” meaning you and Nat are not strong power like the other showmances are so you would be the last to pick apart. How did this not register with him right then and there.

Which one of them will be put in the corner and shunned this week.


Love the screen name! we are getting old. I called my son-in-law bucko the other day and he had no idea what I was talking about. I said bucko you know Happy Days and he still didn’t know what I was talking about. At least my daughter had a clue she was like yea Happy Days with the Fonz right? She says but he is old now! Yes, yes he is 🙁

ISIS for the Win

Paul please put up Nicole!


If Paulie only says that Pauls sister is pretty, it’s all over. lolol


If people in the house dont wake up soon, they wil all be out and we will be seeing paulie and paul in final 2. Or paulie and z final two. You can see paulie is getting rid of the vets one by one using his croanies to do it not suspecting a thing so he can ride easy to the end. Might wanna target him double eviction or its game over. He is totally playing dereks game and has been bragging abt it all game long.

Just a Thought

Give it to DaVonne. Cause confusion among the cast as to why she got rewarded. Causing her to have an extra target on her back. No one gets to use the reward. Hopefully Paul and Paulie don’t get anything blowing the swelled heads and feeble minds.

Corey's closet!

Corey’s wall pic totally screams ITS RAINING MEN, Hallauah song.

Michelle's eyebrows

Vote to give Nicole or Paulie the never not pass so they don’t get any good care packages!!

On a side note, ratcole is starting to show her fangs and I think it’s gonna bite her in the behind. She’s gonna be back at the jury house for a THIRD time. Just as bad as kaysar getting evicted three times before jury. Kaysar wasn’t a whiny rat tho so Nicole can suck it.

Franks fumes

Now that Franks gone and Bridge is probably gone very soon I have come to the conclusion…I am gonna have to root for…..Paul. Yes he really is a POS but whos really any better left. There is a little vomit in my throat…but they are such abysmal people all of them so why not root for the worst…am I wrong

Hide the chips

You’re wrong


500% wrong. Can’t wait to hear the boos when he walks out that door!


I know good and well that Nicole, James, and Day don’t actually believe that these Newbies are going to allow any Vet to go to the.end.

Natalie as a pawn

That could start up James s game…he s gonna be legit pissed if Nicole won t go up, but NatNat …which is what needs to happen if he wants to go far in the game…realize he s at the bottom and change it..tho i dont ahve any expectations, but if we want ny hope for James…NatNat needs to go up , coz if Nicole goes up then for James it will mean he s closer to Paulue then Nicory..which si false


James is an idiot. The only reason he got fan favorite last year was because everyone else from season 17 besides Johnny MAC sucked. That “big move” that he thought he made wasn’t a big move at all, it was probably one of the weakest moves he could have made. On top of losing a bigger target that was overshadowing him in Frank, he’s basically made his girl Natalie a weekly pawn for the first half of the jury phase of the game. One wrong event could easily mean she goes home. He’s basically set Varsity captain dipshit (Paulie) up to run away with this in about 3 weeks. All Paulie needs to do is get out Da’Vonne, Nicole and Michelle and he’s left with a bunch of people that collectively doesn’t have the mental capacity to form any sort of serious opposition to him. Thanks James, you did a great job.


Nicole saying she will tear the jury up, while being pushed to volnteer on the block and surrendering XD


I want damn Paulie to go up on the block. Why can’t these idiotic women realise that he is the biggest threat instead of targeting each other? Stupid. They should at least try to get Victor on the block.


hehe, apparently Paulie just volunteered to go up as a pawn. That would be freakin’ hilarious if he goes up and is actually evicted. I honestly don’t think any of these people would make a big move though and vote against the house.

he didn't mean it

It’s just so the house thinks he is compliant. Paul knows not to put him
up. Paulie bout to coast to the win. Why AG even pick him? Derek and Cody played phenomenal games, of course he would just follow suit.


With no power Paul has been insufferable. This could be a horrible week. Paul needs to think back to the very beginning and exact some revenge. Bridgette is playing wounded without Frank and is no threat to Paul. Guess his nominations will show us if he wants to win or just lay down under Paulie.
Maybe Da should get the have not pass so that she can’t get any unearned power. She sure won’t win anything on her own.


Da telling MAX-Z “we just need to win that veto and lock it up so nobody comes down” was too funny! These two have not won anything and I believe Da was only in the running in one comp which was holding you arm over your head! No surprise she would do well in a comp like that with all the hand/arm waving and finger pointing she does in the DR. A week late for James to figure out he is on the bottom of Con Corleone’s list of minions. Paul said he wanted to put a guy up there but not Vic until the Con told him what to do. In other weeks it was put up a weak player who can’t win veto, but Paul at first says put up a strong guy who can help him win. What and not take himself off for the Con’s game or to put up another woman because they can’t get it together and stop letting these guys pick them off

A Girl Has No Name

I liked Paulie in the beginning. Now…not so much. I’m waiting for his arrogance to bite him in the ass. Z, on the other hand, is a total disappointment. Quick to sell the girls out for a guy who is playing her like a fiddle. She deserves whatever she gets. I liked Nicole on her season, but turns out she is an entitled, self-righteous ass more concerned with locking in the attention of a guy who doesn’t even know what team he is swinging for. Ready for her to be on the next train smokin’ out of the house…so she can “tear the jury up”.


Paul get a little power and suddenly gets butt hurt because no one is bowing down to him…

WILL SOMEONE GIVE PAULIE A COUGH DROP, PLEASE……….yes, I meant to yell. Hopefully the BB gods will hear me. I can’t take the constant throat clearing.


Why don’t you guys include the timestamps on the feed pics as you did last season? Makes for far more efficient and precise flashback watching.



this guy seriously thinks someone needs to step up and volunteer for the block? get some implants and insert them into your empty ball sac Paul. what a mess this season is. it may just be the cure for those suffering from insomnia.

James is an idiot

I remember when Day warned James that he and Natalie were at the bottom rung of the Couples Alliance. What did James do with that information? He went and told Paulie that Day was targeting couples. Now James is upset, because it’s true.