Nick “You’re being that weird ex-boyfriend right now.” Phil “NO man, I’m studying.”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 30th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 25th
HOH Winner: Kelsey Next HOH: May 9th
Original Nominations: Cassandra and Tim
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul, Maddy, Jared, Nikki
Have Nots ?

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-30 06-00-31-287

8:50am – 9:10am Outside the high roller room – Kelsey and Nick are studying. Nick tells Kelsey that she should spend time with Joel today. Kelsey tells them to talk to him. Nick says they have a bunch of times. Kelsey leaves. The brothers start studying. Phil says I hope I get this. F**king Tim is already working Joel. Tim is such a f**king coward! He’s willing to like… I don’t know. And you know what I was thinking in the shower it wouldn’t have changed anything if we had nominated Cass and Tim. Cass pulls herself off and Nikki goes up. Then Joel and Cass save Tim. Nick says yup. Phil says it literally changes nothing. They had the plan the whole time. That’s why Tim was saying it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. Like I have the vote. So this is fate. This position right here. Nick says I don’t know if Tim would have stayed over Nikki. Joel would have probably kept Nikki over Tim. Phil says who cares. Going into the final 3, lets say Joel wins the veto and we’re sitting next to Cassandra to get taken. He very well could take us. And I think he would because that’s the point where do you choose if you have a heart or do you want to take a monster. What are you more proud of? And we tell him we’re promising you final 2 Joel. Look him in the eye .. do you see how honest we are? Nick says I said that to him yesterday. It comes down to … you’ve seen how honest we are and we mean it. Cassandra.. she’ll take Kelsey. Kelsey has like 3 votes. Cassandra would have all the rest. We still have a hard road.. we still have to win comps. Its nerve racking when you have to win comps. Nick says its a good thing we didn’t have to do it until now. Phil says he’s (Tim) f**ked .. literally all psychopaths… well him and Cass. Messed up in the brain. Nick says yeah that’s why they like each other. You shouldn’t get so worked up about it. Phil says I’m not, I’m in game mode! You’re being that weird ex-boyfriend right now. Phil says NO man, I’m studying. I’m fired up for the POV. Its because he was right there outside the door. Nick leaves.

9:40am In the bedroom – Cass is watching Tim workout. Meanwhile in the HOH room – Kelsey, Nick and Phil studying. Kelsey says she asked Joel if he would use the POV if he won it and he said no. Kelsey says you guys should say Cass is taking Tim and Tim is taking Cass… and you’ll take him.. but then that’s lying to him. Phil says it will be my one lie in this game. Joel sees the truth and heart in us and the snake in her. Kelsey says she thinks they’ve misunderstood Cass. Phil says Don’t fall for her sh*t! She’s a b***h in the real world .. I bet! She wanted you and Jared up too for weeks. Nick says then she probably came to you saying the brothers wanted you up. Phil says she’s fake! I’m done with that B***H!! I got mad because she called me a liar.. which is the one thing I’m not.

9:50am – 10:05am Joel tells Cass its pretty clear where I stand with them. Kelsey called Nick over to the bubble wall to study and I’m pretty sure that’s what they’re doing right now. Cass says lets study. Joel and Cass start studying. Nick joins them and sits down. He tells Cass that he’ll be in the same room with her only if someone else is there to fact check.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-30 06-51-50-565

HOH room – Tim tells Phil and Kelsey that if Cass and I are still on the block at the end of the day I would bow out so that she could stay. Kelsey says to just wait till after the veto. Tim says if he finds out Cass campaigns against him then he won’t bow out.

1:10pm The HOH lock down ends and the house guests head out of the room. The house guests are waiting around for the power of veto competition to start..

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-30 10-24-44-788

1:50pm – 2:10pm In the kitchen – Phil says that every single person in the jury will respect us for being real. You work for the government for a year you will make 100k .. 80K whatever. Phil says I am not mad at you for putting us on the block. I am still here and I have so much respect for you. Someone else deserves this opportunity to find themselves and grow because I sure as hell have. Nick says I didn’t know what big brother would do for me. Coming in here I said I would do a lot of things for 50K… changing my character and lying was not one of them. Joel says we wouldn’t compromise our morals or values. We would do it the right way. Phil says Mom told us to have fun, laugh, make friends. I’m doing what Mom told us to do! Mom and Dad are going to look at us and say you boys are the best boys in the world!

3:15pm In the bedroom – Joel talks to Cass about how if she or Tim are able to subtly throw the veto to them. Joel says its the only way this will work. Joel then heads to the storage room and crosses his finds in front of the camera.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-30 12-16-57-128

3:20pm HOH bathroom – Nick and Phil in the HOH room calling Cass a sociopath. Phil says we study people like her all the time. Its crazy to actually see someone like that. Nick says I would rather see a Canadian sociopath win the money than an Australian sociopath. I think Cass needs it more. Phil says he wants to build tree forts.

3:45pm HOH room – Phil and Kelsey are studying days/Comps. In the kitchen – Joel is practicing his aim throwing something into the trash.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-30 12-48-29-927

3:55pm Joel tells Tim if its an endurance POV and its down to you, me and Cassandra will you throw it to me. Tim says he will.

Live Feed Leak of the Power Of Veto competition costumes:
big brother canada 4 power of veto costumes

4:30pm The live feeds are blocked for the power of veto competition…

6:15pm Still blocked..

8:55pm Still nothing..

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Tim just win it Please!!!! I don’t trust that Joel will use it..if he wins & does that’s wonderful but I’m all for getting Joel out. I’m kinda sick of the “good boy” act..literally cries every time theirs confrontation in the house & it’s all b/c he knows if he gets involved he’s outed. Cass should just tell him they know b/c that way he will for sure use it. If he knows the Other side is on to him being the third then if I were him I would assume they are after me too..maybe not this week but next week they will be.


Joel will be loyal!!!


Cass told Joel this morning that Kelsey knows about the 3 of them working together, and Joel said that is why she doesn’t study or talk game to me anymore…then Cass tried to blame it on Joel and Tim for telling Kelsey lol


Lol typical Cass
Omg last nite when she was telling Kelsey how she’s always having to calm down Tim & Joel & saying they wouldn’t leave her HOH room & let her make any decisions..I just about died laughing! Cass was adamant about HER & HER ALONE deciding who went up b/c she wanted all the credit for taking out a big player but when she gets backed into a corner she says it was the boys..well I guess you can’t use that as your big winning game move now. She really does lie a almost too much for this game. She can’t keep track of them anymore.


I believe bringing tim to the final two would guarentee anyone else to win because id be personally embarrassed to vote for an international player to win when its a canadian show…i dont think the jury would actually vote for time even tho he played a good game, everyone else left in the house has played a good game to win over tim just to the fact they have pulled a big move and are canadian…


Bringing tim is the easy way to win this season with who is left, cause the jury wont vote for an international player to win, thatd be embarrassing!


the jury would vote for Tim. If they deem his gameplay the best he would get their vote. Mitch is in the jury and he will for sure advocate for best gameplay to win.


Most of these down-votes to Matt’s legitimate opinions and comments as a Canadian are from all of Tim’s international fan following. It was the same thing before: Tim’s following of people go online and harass on social media and comments anyone who has a negative opinion about Tim. I honestly do not think he played that great since the whole house was unto him weeks ago!


@ free opinion, I’m Canadian and think Tim deserves to win the game but I want Joel to as he’s Canadian and for me has played well as well.

Cas has played a good game, if I were the parents of Jared or the brothers I’d be hiding under a rock. They’re a bunch of self in titled arrogant twits that have a lot of growing to do. Kelsey is the biggest disappointment, she had a second chance to play her own game and all she did was continue being Jared’s pot to piss in.


@ Tootles: I can respect your opinion; it is true that Tim’s game play is better than most and he has an entertaining factor. I am talking about the repeated phenomenon over one australian from predominantly international participants, who dilute out individual opinions, including Canadian opinions.


@ freeopinions “phenomenon over one australian from predominantly international participants, who dilute out individual opinions, including Canadian opinions”..

What a non subtle way of expressing xenophobic views!


Oh man, this happens everytime Tim is on a reality show: supporters of Tim have bashed me and attacked me personally, including for being a woman and being a Canadian defending a woman from ignorant comments. They have been extremely aggressive and personal.

Just because I do not support Tim – and actually those aggressive commentors who are his supporters have put me off of Tim more – and I want to defend my freedom of opinions does NOT warrant you to call me xenophobic! Just because a Canadian supports a fellow Canadian player does not make them Xenophobic.
Nor does pointing out the aggressive behavior of these Tim supporters who have been supporters of his from before the show, who do this every time!
If you do not want to get to know these players for who they are and are already on a Tim band-wagon: there is something wrong with that. Do you call out Canadians for supporting fellow Canadians! Shame on you.


Stating the statistical fact that the vast majority of people who are also making mean comments on social media against anyone who is against Tim happen to be from where Tim is from.
This is what happened. This is a statistical fact. Not people who support anyone – but people being mean to people who support other people – on personal grounds, not even because they know anything about anyone else, and clearly support Tim fanatically.
But I can’t point out this fact – because my doing so (i.e. pointing out xenophobic behavior) would be Xenophobic?


I agree, I got jumped on live feeds and other social media for saying I think Tim is arrogant as hell and I’m tired of him saying I play with integrity. They all love to throw that word around i guess their idea of what integrity is is very different than mine. I don’t make any negative comments about them lying as I feel it is part of the game .. so when tim would try to call people out for it, all i thought many times was you hypocrite, you know cass has been lying since day 1 and you never said shit to her about it ….it wasn’t until recently and it was only cause both were on the block. I just don’t like him..mainly do to when he flipped on the brothers after they refused to do what tim wanted them to when they were HOH.

But want to get jumped on even worse, say anything negative about the ever hateful niki.. lol


@free opinion I don’t read all the comments but I agree I sometimes think I’m at a trump rally with all the ones I do see. Most of the bad ones I do see though are not from Tims side. The comments towards Cas are just despicable even commenting on her weight and looks, I feel bad for what she’s going to read when she gets out and she’s not who I’m hoping to win.

I never liked Phil and feel he’s domineering over Nick, Nick would have been a much better social player had his brother not been there.

Tim to me has truly played the best game and he and Joel I feel have played with far more integrity than any of the others. The edits on all of them have been horrible, They favor Kelsey and her flock and don’t expose the bullying that goes on on the live feeds,


Sadly it’s not just online comments about her weight that cass will have to read, when she watches the show back, she will have to hear all the weight comments that tim and nikki made about her. Where is this integrity that tim keeps talking about, in that? You would think with niki having such a severe eating disorder that she would never have made comments about anyones weight…i found nikki to most disgusting of them for all the comments and insults she made. All the HGs were at least trying, what did nikki do in the game? nothing!!

Do you really think only kelsey and her group have been ‘bullies”? I guess you missed where tim went after Phil when he told him ‘absolutely not’ regarding tim wanting phil to put jared on the block with maddy – at the pool. Tim told Phil, “I will never talk game with you again – don’t ever ask me for advice’..when Phil called him on always telling everyone I will never tell you what to do..Tim back tracked, “im not telling you what to do”.. Tim did try to ‘bully’ Phil into doing what he wanted them to. If that whole conversation was not tim telling Phil what to do, I don’t know what is. I didn’t like tim from day one, i found him to be arrogant and a hypocrite. I’m really not a fan of anyone that is left in the house…


I too am Canadian and would be super happy if Tim won. He’s played the best game. The only Australian people I have seen root for Tim are his former housemates. I haven’t seen a huge amount of support or backlash at all.


I have been personally attacked for simply expressing an opinion in favour of someone else or against Tim. Not everybody has to like Tim! And that doesn’t make someone racist or xenophobic! Suddenly people are calling the brothers racist! To have national pride and who support fellow Canadians and want them to succeed does NOT mean those people are racist. They just said a lot of Australian reality TV fans support Tim: then by the same logic they should be criticized for being racist and xenophobic?? people who support fellow Canadians are suddenly racist??


I’ve been saying since the Bros started this get the internationals out what Peter said in the side show. BBCAN has had many people on it over the past 4 years NOT BORN in Canada so it would be the same I suppose if Raul was still in the game I suppose he shouldn’t have had a chance either then!!!!!!


The only thing that’s embarrassing is your comments to most Canadians. To the non-Canadians out there, this guy does not represent us! Sounds like he could be the triplet of the dumb and dumber brothers. He’s Dumbest. These people and the bros are the type of guys that would vote for a guy like Trump.

Inclusive Canada!

I agree. These international players have every right to win based on their game play whether or not they are Canadians. It is discriminatory to say you would not vote for them to win based solely on their citizenship. This game is about strategy, social skills, and intellect. People should win based on their merits. As a multicultural, inclusive, and progressive country, it is discouraging to hear these comments.


There is a group of Tim-supporters on the internet who go about vilifying and attacking those who support other people.
This has NOTHING to do with anything else!


I guess you would vote for the socialist sanders so you can continue getting welfare, food stamps, etc on the taxpayers dime.


Man, what are you talking about??

heck yah!!!

By the way, if I was American, I would hands down vote Bernie Sanders over Donald Trump any day!!!! Without a single doubt!!! Ten times over!!!


I kind of find it sad how Nick was crying to Cassandra about his mental illness a little while ago and now he’s calling her a psychopath/sociopath. The brothers are having a hard time separating game from real life and I hope they realize the shit they’re saying to Cassandra is completely personal and unfair to her. I’d like to know one person who went through big brother and didn’t lie at any point lol.


Cassandra used the same words to trash Loveita so Cass is just as bad.


Cass and Tim were both gaslighting the brothers in that situation. That type of manipulation makes people go crazy. There’s a reason why we haven’t seen the brothers like that before. Don’t act like you couldn’t snap under certain circumstances. Maybe you don’t know yourself as well as you think.


You mustn’t have seen the brothers with each other during their HOH. Perhaps there is a reason for their 24 hour rule.


Joel for POV!!


What planet are these brothers on? Do they not know Big Brother is Lord of the Flies televised? Did they think they were all going to sit around the campfire making daisy chains and sing kumbaya?


they drank the Jared koolaid about playing as so called ‘honest game’


Phil is the biggest moron on this show. He is so angry and vicious with Cassandra for “lying” and with Tim because he’s a “manipulator” but then says himself that he would tell Joel he is taking him to final two and “that would be his only lie in the game”. How hippocritical. Where do you draw the line? He’s mad with Cass and Tim for playing the game and for being smarter than he is. I really hope the brothers go out soon but if they make it to final two I really don’t see them winning. The way they bullied Cassandra last night was disgusting. They will soon see what Canada really thinks of them…


They didn’t bully her, they were ignorant ..yes.. bullied? no. Cass and tim have said many ignorant things about the brothers as well..they all talked about each other.. Just because the brothers said it to cass’ face not behind her back doesn’t mean they bullied her. you say soon the brothers will now exactly what cass thinks of them..funny cause soon as they all watch the show they will see what everyone has said about others.. cass is no angel either. IMO she pushed for this ‘fight’..she needed to once again play the victim.. were the brothers out of line..absolutely but cass wasn’t exactly innocent .


I like Kelsey!


I feel most people like Kels because she seems less horrible when compared to Cass or Maddy. Or the people that like Kels don’t watch live feeds

An ornery mouse

Kelsey was certainly the voice of reason during and after the big argument last night and she hasn’t gloated or been spiteful in the least about winning HOH and putting Cass and Tim on block….. even with all that went down last week.

She’s even sympathizing with Cass to a degree today – telling the brothers that she believes Cass is “misunderstood”. Nice to see someone handle HOH with a level head.


Good Golly Miss Molly! The brothers are THE most naive, unaware, self-absorbed, narcissist, blind-as-bats
a-holes. I can only hope they don’t win. If they do I might have to say I’ll never watch again but that would be a lie so I won’t. Damn I just did. Shit. Now I’m caught between a rock and a piece of cheese.
Cass might be a lazy princess and shitty at comps but she sure is trying to win this. I give her the most kudos
at this point and she has my vote. It’ll probably come down to my vote when Canada breaks the tie. That’s a hell of a lot pressure. Cass or Joel. Cass was just more involved. I like Joel’s butt he just hasn’t shown that
he really wants the victory. Tim’s attempts to liven up the house have been a bit funny. Good on ‘im but I
don’t think he’ll make final two. Cheers


That’s crazy talk…if Tim makes it to f2 he wins! You underestimate his ability to shit talk the jury & he has been thinking end game the entire game..he even said in the DR that he was going to explain to Canada what his game plan was but then reneged & said no..they will find out when I want them to..that would be no fun. He is incredibly smart and when he wants to he can charm the pants off of pretty much anyone.


I can’t believe I was defending Phil at one point in this game. He’s so delusional and insecure and his cruelty and defence mechanisms the past few days really show his true colors. When you have to continuously assure yourself that you’re ‘a good person’, there’s an issue. As someone who claims to know the show well, he sure is shocked at the fact that people use lies to get ahead (even as he does the same but with less competence)…. the same goes for several posters here… IT’S BIG BROTHER. Lying, scheming, manipulating, and big moves is how you get ahead and what makes the game interesting. I hate to see people taking these things so seriously and so personally.

I’d love to see Cassandra win; she started out looking like a simple floater, and despite being annoying at times, she’s played a great game. She makes moves for HER game and she’s remained loyal to Tim and Joel while playing other sides. PLEASE JOEL, WIN THAT VETO!


In the words of Amanda BBUS16
Lmao this bros are idiots as Tim said multiple times. Would love to watch til finale but if the Bros don’t go im done.

sunny dee

i don’t know if joel would use it because he reacts so strongly to the bullying shouting brothers and that would be their tactic, shouting, arguing, two against one, and basically chest bumping, finger pointing, and yelling. cass knows how to talk to him, calmly and quietly.

question for kelsey is whether she’s going to allow them to do that to him, or if she has the heart she claims to have and tells joel to use it so she can put them up and get them out. I figure she does not want cass voted out


Wont happen. Kelsey would have to be an idiot to put up the brothers, whether she likes what they did or not..she knows that they are the basically the only ones on her side. if they go she knows the other 3 will be against her and will be out next if she didn’t win the POV. f the brothers stay, kelsey will make F3..they will want the brothers out over her…so her having a heart does not play into this. Since tim won pov…kelsey will put up joel..thinking he wont go home..then tim likely will vote out cass (doubt he would beat her) and th brothers will vote out cass as well. even if tied, kelsey if she is smart will vote out cass. I hope they get tim out before F3..i hate that he won POV.


Let me guess..a Brothers Fan?


Just another moron with the same IQ as the bros! I cringe listening to people like this and those moron brothers. Even when people put the bros down in post saying their mean and assholes and putting down their strategies gets me upset now. The bottom line is that they are unbelievably dumb, like I can’t even stress it enough. That’s all that should be said about them. Short bus, helmets, padded rooms, that’s the level these guys are on. Never, ever should they have been casted, it’s an insult to Canadians. I’m sure theres other countries watching this season more than usual cause of Tim and Nikki, and we have these two dumb, moronic, idiots that can’t put a sentence together between the both of them representing Canada. Wow! Production, I’m usually against this, but make up for putting those two dummies on the show and do what you have to do to get them out this week.


You need some fresh air buddy.


Thanks DAWG for keeping a close eye on the comments!
My God, comments like that are fu**in repulsive and unwelcome amongst us BB true fans of the Game!
Thanks for this site again and all urs and Simons hard work for all of us!
I am donating $ again for you guys and I hope everyone else is going to also..
BB18 is coming soon and we know you guys go round the clock ALL OUT for us to be completely up to the minute updated!
$$$*** so donate people ***$$$


Its okay to leave comments of people calling brothers Xenophobic? and racists?


i know everyone was so mean to me last year for loving jace !


wow …commenters like that DO NOT know the game at all…hate to say it but the Brothers seem like nice guys but THEM AND JARED…DO NOT KNOW the GAME!


I just read the comments again, nobody said they were racist or xenophobes, unless I missed it. Think people are just questioning their maturity and intelligence, which does have a direct impact on the game


some comments were deleted and rightfully so!


Joel should try and get rid of Tim. Cass will have no one else and Kels and the bros will try to get Cass out and not Joel. If bros go and Tim stays he’s taking Joel out next.


I want Joel to win so badly so he is 100% safe, I don’t trust Cass or Tim at all….leave them up and may the best manipulator keep themselves in the game..epic battle between Tim and Cass and Joel lives to play in next HOH and veto to get himself to final 3


Tim is a tired egotisical fake scum bag, people who truly know him back in OZ CANNOT STAND THE GUY, you guys think he’s some kind of genius, HA! Your gettin the wool pulled over your eyes. This is the worst season of BB ever, keep fooling yourselves by thinking otherwise. It’s a shit show and even the producers know it.

Quit being a troll

That’s so not true that Tim is hated in Australia! Quit making remarks you know nothing about Kris! I hate when people are so vengeful and spread bull! I may not like certain characters but I don’t go around saying their country hates them etc. Poor sportsmanship!


I have watched Big Brother USA, UK, Australia and Canada and unfortunately have to agree this is the worst season i have ever seen. worse than bbus 15 and 16, never thought i would say that can’t wait for bbus hope it doesn’t disappoint too.

Walter white says

Isn’t Cass’s dad a chemistry teacher? I hope when the brothers get out Cass’s dad Said is waiting for them and goes all Heisenberg on their delusional, imbecile arses.


Give it up..her dad isn’t going to do anything.

Thumb's game

Thumbs UP if you are team CASS – TIM – JOEL (RIP NIKKI)


Joel go win the POV Pleasee!!! I would love to see the brothers go home!


If Joel wins Veto he WILL use it !! He’s loyal to the Freak Show πŸ™‚ I love how Kelsey and the Bros believe he wont use it what Idiots! PLEASE PLEASE JOEL WIN VETO !! I want to see the Idiots faces when he does use it lmao


BBCANADA invited 4 international guests.If you have only races issue,don’t washe the show.


I’m feeling sort of dubious about TIm’s “I’ll bow out” reaction.
He’s already said that if his plan doesn’t go accordingly it means production is manipulating the game, so that will be why he or Nikki goes home.
Now he’s saying he’ll take the high road and bow out rather than fight to stay over Cassandra. In Tim’s mind he’ll be able to say those people didn’t defeat me, I walked away.
At the same time, sticking to the volounteer sacrifice line not only strokes his ego if he does leave, but also puts the remaining house guests into a mind set where they believe Tim is less of a threat because he doesn’t want to win. He’s manipulating perception. If Tim isn’t playing to win, and Cass is playing to win, isn’t it smarter to keep Tim is the logic he’s trying to impose in case the veto is not used.
When he says he won’t campaign unless Cassandra campaigns? Like Cassandra isn’t already campaigning.


He was the one who said to Joel & Cass that things were not going to go their way this week..he said it b4 the double..and he did say production would make it that way.


Tim got a copy of the rule book from production. Tim read through the rules. Tim said that production would work against them. Before the double.
What he’s failing to grasp is the same rules he is citing that would work against them this week, were the same rules that applied to get them where they are now. So while he’s crying fix now, he had no problem when the fix was benefitting him.
The show didn’t suddenly hand out a new rule book with an adendum. Those same rules have applied all season long.


Production helped Tim win 1 comp and Cass win 1 and they were spread out like 7 weeks apart! Give me a break…not the same thing a all! Production pulled this shit b/c they knew the show would get boring if we all just sat and watched the three skip their way to the finale..that’s the bottom line.


It’s exactly the same thing. Just because it means there is a little strife along the way to heighten the drama this week, don’t think for a second that it isn’t a 80/20 split in terms of what will happen this week. it’s 80% assured that for the sake of storyline the brothers will end up gone, it’s 20% Tim will end up gone. The entire season storyline edit has been set to heighten the drama of Cass and Joel in the final three. There is no chance either of them is going anywhere. It all comes down to whether the powers that be are aiming for Tim to leave so it’s a 2 on 2 fight, or the brothers to leave so it’s the dramatic will Kelsey win the power of veto and make her way to the final three dashing the hope of the Threekshow. The storyline hasn’t been overly Kelsey positive, whereas it has been completely Cass Joel and Tim golden edit.


Most of these down-votes to legitimate opinions and comments as a Canadian are from all of Tim’s international fan following. It was the same thing before: Tim’s following of people are known to go online and harass and intimidate en-masse on social media antagonizing someone who has a negative opinion about Tim and his allies. His followers have been known to do this and bombard negatively any commenters who have an opinions opposite to Tim + allies.So take the down-votes with a grain of salt.

The truth is that Tim did not play that great since the whole house has already been unto him.
The truth is that Cass’s game move to save Tim with the POV did hurt her game.

Please, let’s not get personal or mean.

It is a valid and legitimate opinion if as a Canadian they wish for one of the Canadians to win.


Why would Teem’s legions of minions (if they exist) have anything to do with this game?
Tim is ok and working his stuff to get this far. Whether or not he has fans has no bearing
unless he makes final two and Canada votes. HIGHLY unlikely. I don’t have feeds but read
a lot of updates and comments etc and so far I think Tim is a stand-up guy and I would sit
down and have a beer with him.


shmax: You’ve missed the point, and no one is saying otherwise. There is no reason not to think that he isn’t a standup guy with whom one would enjoy a beer – why bring it to a personal level once again? The point of my post was concerning negativity directed at anyone who has a different opinion concerning the game, and the resorting to bringing things to a personal level.
You posted: “Good Golly Miss Molly! The brothers are THE most naive, unaware, self-absorbed, narcissist, blind-as-bats
a-holes.” You seem to take it personally when I made a comment about the fact that there are large amounts of international commenters who are very agressive in a negative way. I simply stated that there is no reason to take things personally or be so aggressive when people are simply expressing opinions about the game and game play.


Lol, Good Golly Miss Molly was being polite calling them “naive, unaware, self absorbed, narcissist, blind as bats a-holes” even all that sounds too good for them. It’s so hard to listen to them speak! My skin crawls thinking that people can actually be that dumb. Every time I hear them it blows my mind that they can even function in everyday life. Cmon Joel! Win that Pov! Only thing that would be better is sending Dopey and Jareds secret admirer to Australia and we get to keep Tim in trade!


Shmax: That’s not the point. No one made any comments concerning Tim personally, and there is no reason not to believe that he isn’t a stand-up guy or not someone with whom one would enjoy a pint.


im so fucken tired of a canadian has to win
why does it matter !!!????


There is a group of Tim-supporters on the internet who go about vilifying and attacking those who support other people.
This has NOTHING to do with anything else!

No, a Canadian doesn’t have to win. But people who have national pride and support a fellow Canadian because they identify with them more or because they believe they deserve it more, that they fought more in the process to get on the show: so now those people are xenophobics and racists??


Omg how much longer do we have to look at those brothers especially Phil what a piece of s–t he really thinks he’s going to win,when you get home look at all the comments on you guys,should make you feel like the stupid idiots you are.Hoping for a miracle to get those two out the week.

G.I Jane

Out wit out last out play, how that goes down is any ones guess. I love all the comments about poor Cass getting yelled at by the brothers. Too bad isn’t it when you brought this shit to them. . She was trying to blow up their game(which is what you do to get the attention off you) regardless if they said it or not, I would deny it to, hello why would they admit that they said Kelsey’s name (don’t know if they did or didn’t and it doesn’t matter now). I wouldn’t either and have a fit about it just to shut Cass up.
Cass provokes people to yell at her and be annoyed. She will say things under her breath and then have this look on her face like “what I didn’t say anything” knowing exactly what shes doing. People should watch her opening video again to this show. She’s a total entitled jackass.(with good manipulative ways lol)
Tim with all his head shaking while trying to convince you what he’s saying is an old trick. The bedroom conversation with him and Kelsey he was doing it so much. Making that stupid face with his curled up lip to try to convince you that what he’s saying is true. Not bad and seems to work.

Who ever mentioned Evel Dick was right on. He was scary as hell haha. He would have had the brothers in the palm of his hand and just like Tim, would have thought they were idiots. He would use their wanting to be cool so bad and their “we don’t lie” integrity and he would have used it to his best advantage.



Outwit, Outplay and Outlast are from Survivor, not big brother.

G.I Jane

Are you for real. Its the same concept you clown.


Nawww Tim won’t bow out, he is very careful with his words..he said I won’t campaign but if I find out Cass is campaigning I will not just step aside..of course he knows there is no way in hell that Cass won’t campaign so he won’t be forced to ‘keep his word’ …I think they are finally catching onto his game and know what he is doing, it semantics

Meat Sweats

I find it funny with the comments sometimes. Most of these people cant even handle a different opinion then theirs. They are quick to wonder why people get worked up in a house these people have been in for 2 months with people you don’t know and cant get away from. IRL some one is annoying you walk away. Some one is lying you call them out ect ect. There’s usually sleep and food involved in your real life. Here, imagine you get up to the same people again whether you like them or not, knowing you have to eat slop for the day and smile about it and be joyful or you might upset some one if you show an emotion. Even if your not on slop. Most of you nit wits cant even handle a comment section with out getting nasty and bullying yourselves. Same people pointing the finger and calling Kelsey a “mean girl” and Cass a “bully”. HA look up both words please.
Would love to see you lot in a house setting like this. Im sure you all would keep it together. Im sure of it.

Yes they know what they are getting into when they want to be on BB…Even still though it has to be hard to live with strangers who want to put a knife in your back at some point. And those are your friends lol.


Cassandra could have gotten up from that table any time. She could have even told them to F Off….she didn’t because she knew what she was doing and she knew these two were going to explode. No their not very articulate with their words but she knew it would get a rise.
Well played evil doer, well played.

Kelsey and Cass final 2. (I cant believe I just said that but)….I also want a Canadian at the end because these Canadians I like better then Tim. If I liked him better, I would say Tim for the win and not care where hes from. This case, I do care and don’t think he is better then Kelsey who was evicted and came back playing and Cass who has been a very good manipulator.


omg watching the livefeeds from yesterday.. phil is acting like cass did something so bad to him it’s unforgivable like it’s a game Cass has her faults too, but he is honestly acting so immature about it. poor joel I hope he wins bb tbh


Early this morning I wrote on the overnight post that Cass has been strategically arguing with people and then going around the house saying she feels threatened to manipulate the house.
She’s done it almost weekly.
On the fourth feed at 78:17 or there abouts, she’s in the blue room telling Joel that the brothers are horrible to her and she feels unsafe in the house. Deja vu to Cassandra’s conversation with Joel in the pink bedroom in week three and four with Joel, only then it was about Loveita. It’s complete strategy and manipulation.
If there’s a new bully every week after having an argument with Cassandra, how has anyone failed to realize Cassandra is the common denominator? It isn’t that she haplessly walks into arguments every week. She intentionally starts fires so that she can cry about smoke inhalation. And every week, Joel falls for it.


I am Canadian thru and thru 100%!
I want the most deserving to win! I want Tim and Cass final 2! I would be happy with Tim winning this game!


Would like to see an All Stars with
BB US ,UK, AUS, and CAN !


So I’ve said a few times now that I think Cassandra hasn’t done anything the entire game. She hasn’t tricked anybody the way people say cause everyone has said don’t trust her for a while now. Finally I will say she has actually done something. The only person that has fallen for this is Joel.

It is sick what she’s doing. We’ve all seen this. The lazy girl that gets whatever she wants from her parents or if not she starts crying she’s mistreated. The girl who try’s to play the victim. She’s brought that in and uses it on him everyday. She has seen how he is(stuff he can’t help) and continues to exploit it. Just to get him feeling all bad and stick his neck out for her. It’s pretty sick cause that’s beyond “game”. Which she trys to use as an excuse to justify it. That’s what people like her do in the real world. Take advantage of someone even if they have their own problems.

That video with them in the bedroom says it all. I knew she was faking to get him worked up, again. Sick


I saw that & I so hope if Joel wins he takes Tim off! That would piss Cass off to no end but she deserves it after that. I think Joel is starting to get frustrated with her…she’s constantly yelling at them and telling them everything is their fault..and last nite she totally threw them both under the bus with Kelsey & then blamed them for all Kelsey knew.


Tim does not suck…if u watch BBAus you would know just how smart of a BB player he is.
I am embarrassed for these brothers..if anyone thinks they are good at this game..then you are idiots! lol
only thing good about the brothers is that Nick is good at competitions. That is it.


The problem I have with the bros is their constant boasting. If you’re really good, honest and talented, you don’t need to tell everyone. It just makes them look immature and insecure.


And what are you, a rocket scientist?

Who cares if they’re not smart? How is what you’re saying any more acceptable than calling them ugly, fat, homo, or anything like that? You think they woke up one day and decided not to be a genius like you are?

Say what you want about their personality, but you don’t look too good yourself.


Big Brother is a great game that should be played by socially mature individuals. Players like brothers are so young and immature to understand the difference between a liar and a strategic player. Drama is always good in BB house but this kinds of behavior is just a shame. Unfortunately in BB history book, Brothers will be recorded as two “dingus” players.

Skips mom

I think if Nick was alone without Phil he would be received in a good light. I think Phil is just an over the top bomb of emotion who is very DEFENSIVE all the time. I hope both boys look back and learn from what they see. Surely as they get older, their world view will expand and their respect for others. I hope people realize they are regular people, who do and say stupid stuff.


In terms of game, I would not be at all shocked if we learn that the majority of Joel’s behavior in the house is artifice.
Schooled in theatre in New York but acting like he just fell off the turnip truck on the big brother front lawn? Comes into the house looking like a young tall Les Nessman from WKRP in Cincinnatti (oh, shhh, don’t talk about Joel’s actual day job working for the Show’s parent company line of radio stations ched 630 am Corus radio). Oldest guy in the house and is consistently treated with kid gloves like a naive 12 year old. He pulls out the emotional discomfort and stand up loyalty card, while he’s been subtly doing the same as Cass all game long without being a spectacle for air time about it. Meanwhile in strategy sessions he’s one of the most emotionally detached analytically cut throat players in the house, while everyone around him takes the blame. Not surprised in the least if it comes out it’s absolutely calculated.
I just get the feeling we’re all taking a ride and most of it is completely fake.

Sofa Damnit

I thought this a while ago and every time I would write something about Joel not being as naΓ―ve as people thought the crowd went wild LOLS. Im thinking, are these people watching the same thing I am. He knows the game and has watched it in detail. I thought I was a fan JHC with this guy, its crazy. I would like to see him and Kelsey in the final 2.
I love the Les Nessman reference, totally showed your age, I love it. πŸ˜›


Watched the Thanksgiving turkey giveaway episode on youtube this week.
Had equated Joel to Nessman, Tim to Jonny Fever, Tarlek and Carlson (big guy an little guy) to the brothers releasing the turkeys from the helicopter…
long story short, don’t watch late 70’s sitcoms on 1/2 screen while you watch feeds on other half. The criss-cross correlations can get really disturbing.


remember that power britneee Blair got last season? I was hoping that would come back lol I doubt tho


There are no minorities left in the house so …


I just hope something out of the ordinary happens this week. Such as Joel winning the veto and taking Tim off or something like that

sunny dee

from the vids i watched here today with kelsey, i really get the impression she wants joel to go up and out. as a replacement nominee, she is obviously got a choice between the brothers which she probably will not do and joel, (assuming brothers, cass and/or tim win veto, as in she can be seriously considering making brothers use the veto so she can put joel up and make them keep their word to do as she says.

i just felt like she’s asking tim for his impression of joel, and maybe all it is is she wants to know will joel keep his word to not use the veto if he wins it, and would joel even consider voting out whoever kelsey decides she wants to be voted out so she doesn’t have to tie break. really tho, my impression on the conversation is she feels that between cass, tim and joel, she would want joel out first now.


I’m not a Phil fan. He’s that cocky, jockish short fuse that doesn’t see himself objectively.
But I’m not jumping on the bully bus either. I didn’t jump on the bully idea when Tim and Cass were regularly breaking down Phil’s self esteem a few weeks ago, he’d been behaving over the top, and his ego got checked. I’m not jumping on the bully idea when an argument happens between Cass and Phil either. I didn’t appreciate some of the language, but it’s not language I use, so I would be against it regardless.
The entire argument everyone seems to be reacting to was a set up, and Phil fell for it.
It’s been clear from week one that all that had to be done to get Phil’s short fuse to run out was to call him a liar. That has caused him to go on tirades before. Hours of stomping around beating the dead horse. It’s no surprise that the two emotion manipulators of the house had no problem winding up Phil. It’s hardly even sport, that’s how easy it is.
So, here’s the thing. Sure they’re in a supposedly sealed environment. But they aren’t. There are controls all over, the biggest being the production honchos manning the switches. If there were clear and present danger, the screens would have gone black, there would have been a d/r session, and steps would have been taken.
This situation that is getting so many people so upset, it’ not a first in big brother Canada history. Remember Bruno vs. Sarah (pick a round, it happened more than once). Remember Adel vs. Sabrina (happened more than once as well). If i remember correctly there were even a few Tom vs. Suzette rounds way back when.
Every alumnus of Big Brother talks about the emotional amplification process that happens in the environment. Highs feel higher, lows feel lower, and arguments that would be minor in the real world become major. It’s part of the nature of the social experiment.


I totally remember the Hockey comp with Tom and Sue she lost and said, I Guess your happy Tom you f8cking red neck”…The look on the faces of the people on the bench. I remember my face and the “wooooooowoooooo” that came out of my mouth.
I remember a shit ton of fights that people seem to forget. My god the brothers fight was light weight compared to some of them eh.
That little weasel Russell hanz brother whats his face . He got kicked out for his BS. How about the abuse that was shelled out by that Amanda psycho to Ellissa (I think was her name). She had the party blower and she was yelling up and down the house, went to her HOH door and banged on it while blowing that horn thing. OMG what a friggin nut.
Ronny stuck up in his HOH because bully ass Russell was down stairs yelling at him. Followed him around saying things in his ear when he would eventually leave the room. Russell and Jeff going at it and then Russell and Jordon, she even boob checked him hahaha. Oh man, one of the best was between Ragan and Rachel, him saying she was the horrible that was unleashed with the button lol. Oh man and then called her a witch and so on. She really deserved it though and begged for it.

The brothers, although were a little vulgar, had ever right to yell at Cass, She was begging for it just like Rachel was. She knew what was going to happen when she said what she said. That was very light weight for BB arguments and fights.The only thing about it that was scary, was people being loud. That makes it scarier then it really was.

*Dick pours drink over Jenn’s head*…Jenn cries over thinking picture on the wall they used of her was ugly.

I fucking love this game!!! Canada for the win.


Tim won POV


The brothers are making me sick they keep bullying Cassandra now & I’m so over it!!! Everyone turns really soft near the end forgetting it’s big brother and part of the game is to lie cheat and steal so I don’t know why their ostracizing Cassandra so much I think they’re just using that as part of their game to take the heat off them selves because they can and it’s really annoying they sound like too little brats calling her a bitch and all these names like I’m still trying to figure out why the brothers are still even in that house!!!! I really hope Kelsey puts the brothers up as a replacement because they’re so annoying everyone should see them as a target as they were a twist in the game and their two heads combined as one had them on an advantage all game so I don’t understand why people are falling for their lets hey Cassandra act when they are the real targets in the house right now next to Tim! and their two heads combined as one had them on an advantage all game so I don’t understand why people are falling for their let’s hate Cassandra act when they are the real targets in the house right now next to Tim !!!


The brothers are making me sick they keep bullying Cassandra now & I’m so over it!!! Everyone turns really soft near the end forgetting it’s big brother and part of the game is to lie cheat and steal so I don’t know why their ostracizing Cassandra so much I think they’re just using that as part of their game to take the heat off them selves because they can & it’s really annoying!!!!! They sound like too little brats calling her a bitch and all these names like I’m still trying to figure out why the brothers are still even in that house!!!!???? I really hope Kelsey puts the brothers up as a replacement because they’re so obnoxious & everyone should see them as a target as they were a twist in the game and their two heads combined as one had them on an advantage all game so I don’t understand why people are falling for their lets hey Cassandra act when they are the real targets in the house right now next to Tim! Get Those Two Headed Monsters Out Pleaseeeeee….Kelsey Tim Cass & Joel Final 4~CASSANDRA FOR THE WIN THO!!!!!!!!!!


The brothers are so annoying why are they still in this house


It’s funny to me that so many are attacking the brothers but yet defended maddy and all the crap she said..she’s young, she will grow up one day..can’t the exact same thing be said abut the brothers? Nick i believe it is said he’s 21 or will be ..maddy is 21…phil isn’t much older.. why is maddy defended, but the brothers are kicked over and over? it’s not just cause of what they said to cass in the kitchen argument, because people were kicking the brothers way before then. I just don’t get it.