Nick is the America’s Prankster “I love you America I needed that so bad thank you”

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole and Jess get punishments
America’s Prankster – Nick
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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9:47 am Tommy and Holly
Talking about America’s Prankster. They were told about all the details.
Holly – I think I will go with what I was originally thinking. You’re safe in my eyes. You’re not going up by my doing.
Tommy says he has no idea what will happen the game is unpredictable “Sis went home on Jackson’s HOH”
Holly- that was different
Tommy- love you
Holly – Love ya
Tommy – here for you

9:52 am Nick and Holly
Nick – Assuming you’re probably putting me up
Nick says if he was on the block with Jackson and he won the veto he would use it on Jackson.
Holly asks if he would still put Christie up.
Nick – we talked .. I asked do you have to go against me she said no.

10:00 am Jackson comes in to use the toilet
Jackson – I’m taking a sh1t I dropped my mic in the toilet .. I’m dead serious
Holly – are you pranking
Jackson – No
Holly well take it out
Jackson – I did
Nick agrees to vote her way. After Nick leaves
Holly – ohh trustworthy Nick

10:08 am Jessica and Holly
Holly going on about America’s Prankster
Jessica says they all know who her target is. Holly says their games are aligned.
Holly tries to prove her and Jackson are playing separate games. Says Sis was her closest friend and Jackson just sent her out.

Jess – I love you and Jackson he and you are two people that have something I don’t have and something I need in this game to elevate me. It will not be in my best interest to see him go on your HOH. If I become America’s prankster that will not be an option.
Jess in a roundabout route says Jackson is a big target in the house there’s a good chance he’ll go up because of the prankster.
Jess – if you put me up that will be a vote for him if you put me up .
Jess says if she wins the veto she’ll consult Holly before using it and not use it if necessary.
Jess says if she wins America’s prankster she wouldn’t put up Jackson

Holly says she’s thinking she might put up Nick and hopefully America’s prankster puts up a competitor that will beat him in the veto.
Holly says Nick and Christie are already making deals they did so before the HOH yesterday. The people he was considering putting up was you me and Christie.
Holly adds Christie made deals leaving Jess and Holly as targets, “Store that in the back of your mind”

Holly – Christie’s whole campaign was targeting Nick.. was she seriously going to make a deal with him?

11:00 am Christie and Holly
Holly says she’s thinking about going in the same direction she was headed last night and just pray that it goes smoothly. She goes on about how scary of a player Nick is.
Christie – you are a warrior you will figure it out.
They speculate about the prankster twist.

11:34 am Cliff and Holly
Holly – she already worries me a lot. She’s already backtracking a lot. She’s like ‘wait you don’t want to use me as a pawn already’
Holly – already backtracking
Holly brings up Christie now saying she’s fine with 3rd or 2nd place “It’s been 24 hours you were thanking your lucky stars getting 5th or 6th now you’re talking about 3rd or 2nd”
Cliff – she’s dangerous
Holly – I knew keeping her in here was very risky.
Holly – she backtracked pretty damn quickly on her deal, She swore on her sister’s life, a bible, she swore on everything use me for whatever
Holly – When I just mention the word pawn she’s like whoa whoa
Holly – when were you thinking of being used as a pawn this is perfect
Cliff – you got Michie, Nicole and Myself we’ll vote any way you want. Maybe Jess .. so that gives you four even if one of those go up that’s 3 people. You just need a backup.
Cliff wants to make a final 4 but not official because just saying the words can curse it.
Holly wants that final 4 as well it’s a situation she feels good about.

They both have noticed Nick and CHristie seem to be fine with each other again.
Cliff says the four of them plus Jess gives them 5 vs 3 people on the other side.

11:41 am Nick wins the America’s Prankster power.
Nick – I love you America thank you so much I needed that so bad thank you. I love you guys let’s f*ing go now it’s time to take a sh1t


12:37 pm Waiting around for the Noms

HOH lockdown called.

1:24 pm feeds still down

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We haven’t forgot how creepy you are Nick, we just want Christie out lol


Is he going to put her up though? They seem to be fine with each other now.


yeah… i didn’t trust nick, and really wanted nicole to get it.


I kind of wish Nick would go to Holly & make a deal. As prankster he’ll put up Jess if she’ll put up Christie. He’d have Jackson available as a replacement nominee.


I dont think it will be christie who goes. It could be jackson. It be nice to get all the boring people out like jess and nicole


Nick as America’s Prankster? BAD MOVE AMERICA, Bad MOVE! DOUBT he puts up Christie


Actually it’s a great move.


Denise I agree. We already know Holly wants Christie back on the block. So if she does that Nick can put either Jess, who wouldn’t be voted out over Christie, or Jackson and go from there

BB Casting Call

C vs Jess…remember when we all thought Sis would go over C…same week…


There’s too many people who ONLY watch the extremely EDITED tv show and don’t even read these amazing live feed updates or actually watch any live feeds. They haven’t shared his disgusting crude actions & remarks on the show (mostly because they’re Too crude


Well thats a waste. Bye jess

Jess's Left Boob

Would the remaining voting cast send Jess to jury now though.


i’m so confused by this cast. normally you want to take someone who sucks at the game to the end, but instead they might vote out sis and jess in back to back weeks? crazy.


With this voting w. The house bs i have no doubt


I am so happy Nick won… now lets play this game… lol


I’m hoping people see the brilliance of Christy by now. Years from now you’ll talk about her and this season.

She is a legend peeps.

Hair Today

Do |@sbi@ns have some sort of advantage at this game? It seems like the ones cast go pretty far most every season.


Ya we’ll be talking about it…referring to the worst season ever

BB Casting Call

Probably a rich, spoiled kid with great backstage connections….the only thing legendary about that is how many viewers are tuning out because of her and production….over/under = lost viewership vs new viewership for protecting her and keeping her on the show.


A legend at being the person with the most gross eating habits to every enter the BB house.


She is!!!!!!!!


Love Christie. She better win that veto.

BB Casting Call

If he knows or suspects that Holly will nom him (i.e. Production telling him this as they inform him that he is also the prankster), he will probably put Jackson up.

Christie is being taken care of, yet will be given credit as this “great player”… far this show has fallen over the years.


I kinda think that after the last americas vote, Nick has it figured out who we really wanted out, and he just might put Christie or even Jackson up (Christie if Holly doesnt), intel about him and Christie working together is all heresay…but guess we will see


Yet another twist screwed up before it ever leaves the gate. Why tell the house guests that the prankster gets one of the noms?
Remember when there was America’s Player where they would have to do things as a secret. No one could know. The house would be freaked out trying to figure who it was or what was going on? This prankster thing would have been way cooler if on Nomination Day Holly pulls the second key and instead of her nom, someone else’s face appeared. Then a weird joker laugh comes over the speakers and it’s announced “Prankster’s Twist”! Holly your nom has been hijacked by the Prankster!
That would have been great TV. The looks on every face.
Instead, production tells everyone the plan.
ARGHHHH!!!!!! This twist is just so… a pie in the face, you know.


which of her noms would be hijacked though? there’s no way to fairly do that, so she has to be told.


Ah but that’s what would make it so interesting.


Nick may have to tell the producers before Holly makes her key selection. Having one key already taken and Holly only picking one. It would be a good twist if Holly was able to play the prankster picked you, I wanted ::blank:: up instead. Although I doubt they’d let her play that.


personally i wish it was holly makes her nominees and then about half an hour later (or however long it takes to record contestant reactions to the nominees which is when the selection would occur) the prankster must (i say must, no keeping noms the same) remove one of the noms of the prankster’s choosing and replace it with someone else. but they didn’t phrase the power this way unfortunately.


Yeah, we should’ve been voting for “The Saboteur”. That’s what he was and it was great watching him sneak around like an invisible ninja while he did rotten stuff to people all around the house. Those were the days!


Way to go America ! Now do your job Nick and put up Christie you slimey weird piece of Sh**


The good thing about him getting prankster is 1) he will put up Christie 2) Once again Christie will know We all hate her !! Bad thing is, he’s going to think we love him, which makes me want to puke !!!


Me too. That’s all I could think about while he was being thankful. Ugghhhh!


And he may not even put Christie up

Bullies SUCK

He’s not going to nominate Christie. He will nominate Jess. By now, they see the value in working together again. It sucks, but the logic of Michie to switch his target to Sis because Christie and Nick would go after each other…lasted about 24 hours. The old, “They’d never expect the two of us are working together,” move.


Lets see what nick does. Jackson or christie isy guess. If he puts up jess thats just stupid

Danger Will Robinson

Man, something just tells me making Nick America’s Prankster was the wrong thing to do…..

J e t s jets jets jets

Couldn’t agree more!




I was seriously about to eat….sadly I have lost my appetite


LOL!!! That is soooo GROSS! Great GIFs Simon.


Crusty chewing that food up like a mama bird and going to drop it in all the HG’s mouth. LOL


And at this point they’d all gladly swallow her regurgitated food as they do with all of the ish that comes out of her mouth


Other day Tommy was eating chips without a sound. Christie was noisily eating a yogurt while blabbing. How does one loudly chew yogurt? Her other annoying habit that irritates me is the constant hair flipping.

J e t s jets jets jets

Thumbs down at her no you.

J e t s jets jets jets

How did her girlfriend survive 7 years of this.

another name

perhaps the way she moves her jaw is a universal magic rabbit in other activites?

Sally B

She probably attached herself to the girlfriend like an albatross, & then screamed, ranted, raved so much & for so long that the girlfriend finally said “Okay, okay, I’ll let you back in if you just stfu.”


Maybe she was deaf & blind?


My eyes can’t unsee that!!

Just me

I hope Zingbot says something about the gross way Christie eats…? I get grossed out every time!


Something like Tommy’s aunt must have loved the way you chew?


Yes! I wish Zingbot would Zing Christie about knowing Tommy before entering the house



g Love

Oh Simon, you’re so evil! Bahhhhh wahhhhaaaaa ya haaa

Another stupid twist made for Crusty by PTB

W. T. F


It’s like Chip and Dale’s horrible friend…


HAHAHAHAHAHA Seeeee….we did need 1 more week of nastiness :p


T and C talking about the loudspeaker and their discussion in the DR with production in which production said it was all taken care of and wouldn’t air on tv….


ARGH… and at the end, Christie tells Tommy “We made it to 8, we can make it to 2”.

Susan Corbridg

Why are they being protected? It makes no sense to me, and is so unfair.


Why do I have this sick, sinking feeling that Nick and Christy are being engineered as the final freaking 2……..wanna puke ? just thinking about it. Refuse to watch Simon’s gif of Christy cause that will send me over the edge……


I will stop watching. I’ve already cancelled the feeds. I have never missed a show, follow the feeds every single season, and this is the very first time I can’t even root for anyone! They are all either disgusting excuses of humans or incredibly Stupid and/or Boring. But it’s the production interference that have just put it over the top for me this summer.




Nick should of went to Holly and told her he has the power and made a deal with her that if she don’t nominate him he won’t nominate Jackson.

J e t s jets jets jets

That’s what I would do.

An ornery mouse

Damn, we could’ve had Nick vs. Christie on the block (if Nicole or Cliff got America’s Prankster). But we gave it to the house skeeze and I bet he puts Jackson up. I hope I’m wrong.


I actually dont mind if he puts Jackson up. In order though: Christie, Jackson, Tommy, Holly…bye bye


He’s already starting to deflect by saying he would never put up Jackson. So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Jackson and Kristy up together.


America is stupid

Southern Girl

Wait is this for sure?? I didn’t see the feeds but another site made it sound like he was joking.

Ah ok nevermind

SD Bird

Unless . . . Nick is pulling a prank on Viewers issued by the d/r
Remember, Viewers were not in on the Bird Calls

another name

Oh great. Now Nick thinks we like him, we really like him.
In the hysterical zeal to get rid of Crustie the cud chewing clown… we’ve just told Nick the d!ck that he’s liked.


Oops I hit the flag to this comment by accident!

Just me

Not sure Nick was the best choice, but let’s see if he can keep his mouth shut and drive the house mad thinking about it. They went all stupid with the Wacktivity thing so who knows.

Organic Peanut Butter Kind of Wealth

He should lose it if he reveals it.


Not the best cast big brother

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Oh yay… total BS. Not only does douchebag think America loves him, we don’t get to see Tommy otb. This will only ensure Jessica goes home. Totally don’t get this


An example of production interference: Just a few minutes ago, Tommy came out of the DR and said that the Diary Room feeds him lines that don’t match his feelings, but he reads them anyway to appease them. Cliff and Nicole say they do the same.


I don’t understand how this type of interference can be legal. This is ultimately a game show so can anyone explain how this type of interference can be legal? Guess I’m more naive than I thought.


BB is reality show with the tropes of a game show. All that legal stuff at the end of the show mentions that. That’s why you reads posts about production changing things. I don’t know everything about it but the standards of game show like for example THE PRICE IS RIGHT, or JEOPARDY are different. The legal rights are completely different.

It’s been discussed before but on something like BB the rules can fluctuate to mandate a narrative.


There is something in the hamsters contract that tells them ANYTHING can be changed by production (like the direction of the game) b/c it’s also an entertainment show. I remember there was a big to do over American Idol or another such show. In the show ending credits there was a long spiel about how they reserved the right to change outcomes – so in essence they could cancel out votes. They don’t tend to do it often but they had it in the credits and that was public knowledge.

BB is more smarmy in that they don’t acknowledge they do that. For example EVERY SINGLE poll I saw had Nicole leading by double the votes to win America’s Prankster. In some Nick was second, some had Cliff second so I guess Nick could’ve won but this once again feels like production picked who they wanted to have it.

Hey, at least they didn’t give it to Christie or Tommy, then everyone would know it was TPTB interference. lol


The only time production can’t legally alter a vote is if there is a fee charged for voting.


Thanks, I try to learn something new every day. That’s bullshit.

Franks fumes

They call it “soft scripted” in the business lol….


This season has had more production interference than any other season I have seen!


Ugh, Nick? Really…


ARGH! we know Nick wont put up Tommy. And now, Holly and Michie each told the other “OMG NO! I would NEVER take a shot at Tommy”. Awesome. Cliff would have. He should have won Prankster.


Looks like Michie is pushing Holly to try n blow up some game play between Nick n Christie


been off feeds for awhile, but yeh they are fighting again in the HOH


Anyone know how this twist is going to go down? Does Holly make 2 noms and then the prankster can change one? or does Holly know she only gets to name one and she knows the prankster gets to name the other? Can the prankster be nominated? (yes I know Nick is the prankster).


My understanding is the Prankster makes their nom first then Holly makes hers. I don’t know if Holly gets to see the nomination prior to picking or if by some chance she picks the same person they say “nope – pick again”. Either way she picks second.


for the love of god simon stop with the eating gifs lol


Here for my feed updates. Thanks Simon.
Crusty backing down from from her word. Hahahaha hahahaha


“A scorpion asks a frog to carry him over a river.
The frog is afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, both would
sink and the scorpion would drown. The frog
the agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming
the both. When asked why, the scorpion points that this is its nature.”

I hope Jackson somehow ends up on the block with Crusty and as much as I wanted Crusty to go Jackson should be voted out on Holly’ HOH for going back on his word to vote out Crusty. He wanted to lose against the best. Let him lose for being blind sided.


I CALL RIGGED!!!!!! Nick did not win… Christie DID!!!!!
PRODUCTION just would NEVER HAVE Given CHRISTIE THE HALF HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unless you’re trying to use sarcasm (and failing) you need help lol


You DO realize that just about everyone Hates Christie???

Southern Girl

If he wants to keep it anonymous he probably won’t put up Jess. That would be a dead giveaway of who has the power. Maybe as a renom though. I think it will be Christie or Jackson. If he assumes he will be on the block idk if he would put Jackson bc it lowers his chance at winning the Veto.


Christie and Nick arguing in the HOH room again, her “blaming” Nick for everything and never taking claim for things she has done (meaning lying her ass off) feeds been down


Nick saying he wanted to work with Christie has come back to bite him in the back. Christie is telling Holly n Jackson that she NEVER gave Nick ANY inkling she would work with him cause that means shes against Holly n Jackson and she claims to be married to them now!! Now there’s a another mini blow up Nick vs Christie in front of Holly and Jackson (instigated this)


Well if Nick was waffling on who to put up the fight up in the HOH should ensure him putting up Christie. Holly set the fight up so she would have a reason to nominate Nick.

So it seems it will be Christie (Nick’s nom) & Nick (Holly’s nom). If noms stay the same it’ll be a blood bath all week with both of them making promises. At this moment it would be Christie staying BUT —- I wonder who Tommy would prefer to play with long term since she’s put so much heat on him. With the 4-some of Holly/Jackson/Cliff/Nicole controlling the vote the key is getting that group on your side.

Personally I’m kind of hoping (although I can’t stand him) that Nick wins POV b/c that would ensure Christie leaving on Thursday against Jess. Well maybe I shouldn’t automatically say it ensures that vote since Jackson is suddenly so keen to keep Christie long term as a shield and to take out Nick. Holly meanwhile has Christie figured out & KNOWS she won’t honor their deal since she already balked at being a pawn. Holly is right b/c Christie already told Tommy she would go after whoever she wanted after this week.

Still, the Christie/Jess noms would offer some entertainment b/c Jess would FINALLY figure out how cut-throat Christie is – all the things she said about Nicole would come out too. I wonder if Christie shared with Jess she wasn’t going to honor the deal b/c that would be good ammunition to drop on Jackson/Holly.

My other reason for wanting Nick to stay over Christie is he’s likely to target Holly/Jackson over Cliff/Nicole whereas Christie will target Nicole & “maybe” Jackson in a back door move.

another name

The fight was after second diary calls to cover who would be the nominee. like crustie’s power, the prank had to be pulled an hour before the nomination ceremony.
Nick has already made his nomination by the time he and Crustie are with Beth and Jackal.


Ahh ok


Lol everyone who hates on nick and calls him a pervert cracks me up…. seems their is a double standard with the females in the house…. did nick force anal to cuddle? Does he force Tommy to cuddle? Did he force bella to have sex? No one calls these ppl perverts…. I guess I should believe nick is a demon succubus, or I’m just gonna say the obvious…. they are all sluts…. that’s what happens when u cast the millennial tinder generation

another name

did anyone ask him to rub his feet on their genitals? did anyone ask him to sniff people’s crotches? Did he ask permission before doing either?


Something that’s been annoying me = All these attacks on Nick about WHO ARE YOUR TARGETS? (and again I’m not a fan of his – just using this as an example) For as smart as this guy professes to be I don’t get why he doesn’t spin this around & ask Christie, Holly & Jackson the same questions: Something like —–

You want me to lay my game on the table & dissect it so YOU TELL ME – Who are your targets? Who is safe with you? I was under the impression we didn’t get asked to out our games unless we made F2 chairs. But, since you guys repeatedly keep putting me in this position fair is fair – lay your game on the table too & let’s dissect it. Have you gone back on any of your promises? Have you shifted direction in the game?

Christie has made over 10 different big alliances & that includes every single person in this house so when she calls me out for being perfectly aligned why is it no one is calling her out for the very same thing? The difference is I haven’t made any deals/promises with half the house & I was only forced to work with others b/c SHE decided to cut me from our original alliance & blindside me right? I mean didn’t she do the same thing to you Jackson? So if you’re concerned about someone being well positioned why aren’t we discussing the fact she’s aligned with ALL SEVEN OF US in one form or another! And why is it when Christie gets called to the mat she yells over top of people or cries and everyone just buys her rhetoric that she was just doing that to help her TRUE alliance which conveniently is only the one which is in power?

And moving forward if I’m gone I guarantee you she has NO INTENTION of honoring her deal. She already told someone she was going to burn you guys but I’m not going to name – names b/c unlike her I respect everyone has secrets in the game. The biggest difference here guys, is I keep getting called a liar but she swears on a sister’s life she’s being honest which means she did that with 3 different F5 groups last week meaning she either doesn’t have a sister or her family held a funeral the first week of the season!
Anyway, this is why I do think TPTB tell the hamsters to ignore certain aspects of the game. I highlighted the same thing regarding Jackson’s sudden shift and how the 48 hours prior to eviction went down last week. There was just too many logical things which were completely ignored that made no sense.


Well at least he did what we wanted – Christie is the nomination by Nick & he is the nomination by Holly

Both Jackson & Holly think the Prankster is Nicole & are happy she put up Christie. That’s good for Nicole as long as noms stay the same or Nick wins POV. BUT — if Christie comes down & Nick puts up Jackson not so good. I wonder if Nicole will convince them it wasn’t her or if they won’t believe her. She should tell them – that would’ve been my nomination but it wasn’t me just so she covers her ass. In fact, if I was Nicole I might even plant seeds that Tommy isn’t happy with Christie & this would be a good way (anonymous) to get rid of her. Get them thinking about how shady Tommy is.

In fact, I know it’s tricky BUT if I was Nicole I might tell them what Nick said (or Cliff could too) that Tommy told Nick he would vote for him over Christie (to keep) and then that might wake up the house to Tommy’s game.


America proves how misogynistic we are.
Hate on Christie for playing a game but vote for assholes to win safety and Power.