“let’s just pin them against each other and see what happens. Light that match, toss it get the hell away from it”

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole and Jess get punishments
America’s Prankster – Nick
Nominations are:
Power of Veto Players are –
Power of Veto holder –
Power of Veto Ceremony –

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Smaller table..

2:20 pm Jackson and Holly
They don’t think the prankster is known. Jackson suspects it will be Nick. Holly agrees, Suggests it could be Christie or Jackson.
Holly – who would he put up next to him?
Jackson – you’re looking at it
Holly – you think though? because he would think you could beat him in the veto.
Jackson – he also thinks he can spin me as a bigger target. Whos he not going home against in this house? Best chance is against me to stay
Holly – you or Cliff
Jackson – is it stupid for me to think if I put myself up (Yes)
Holly – it’s risky
Jackson – it’s risky but f* .. it’s super high risk I love it
Jackso – this is fun I want to stir sh1t up
Holly – If you win it you should put Christie up. then we are guaranteed her or Nick goes home.
Holly says Nick told her that Christie was going to throw the HOH to Nick
Jackson – let’s expose that
Holly – I think Nick is lying
Holly hung up on CHrsitie and Nick not really being each other’s targets now.
Holly – I do believe Christie but I don’t put it past her to dave and start working with him. They both have no one really they could pair up and be literally a duo made of dynamite
Jackson – we need to expose that
Jackson – you need to put up Nick the safe bet is put Nick up
Holly – I don’t know if Nick would still gun for me if I put Christie up .. I lose my relationship with her
Holly – Christie might think I’m still one of her allies.
Jackson =- we know we can’t trust Nick we don’t know we cant’ Christie
Holly says she doesn’t trust either of them.
Holly – If I can’t get Nick out I’ll get Christie out
They gush about how much they love Tommy and could never put him up. Holly says Cliff would target Tommy.
Holly – should I put in people’s mind that Christie and Nick are working together
Jackson – no, Talk to Christie first tell her what Nick said and let her handle it. Light that match, toss it get the hell away from it.
Holly is worried Nick will be even more pissed at her.

Jackson – put heavy emphases on “he said you said you would toss it to him”
Jackson – then go watch the fireworks

2:46 pm Nicole and Nick
Nick – I hope I don’t go up this f*ing sucks
Nicole – I’m sorry
Nick – no it’s fine.
Nick – if I go up I go up if I get the power I get the power
Nick begins studying the birds.. Listing them off. Nicole “mmmhmmm… mmhhmmm ”
After he’s done
Nicole – Perfect
Nick – whos going to get it if it’s not me and you, Cliff probably
Tommy joins them they speculate about the prankster. Tommy thinks Cliff, Nick agrees “He’s a big prankster”
Nick – If I did win it wouldn’t be you guys, It wouldn’t be CLiff and It Couldn’t be Jackson. It leaves me two options.. Right that would be the only other two people right
Nick – at this point I hope I don’t get it just so I don’t have the blood I don’t have to deal with it

Nick leaves. They talk about last night getting pied. Tommy says he’s embarrassed about how he reacted in the middle of the night he was so scared, “I was petrified I really was” . (OMG it was funny)

Christie comes by lays were Nick was. “why is my bed soaking wet.. eww it’s wet .. ewww”

3:30 pm Holly and Jackson
Jackson – the best bet is to talk to Christie and try to get her to instigate it.
Jackson – No matter what I’ll do what you need me to do if you need me to kinda sugar coat it with Nick I will gladly do that (after he’s nominated)
Jackson – after noms
Holly – yeah

Holly says he should instigate with Nick and she will with Christie “it’s playing with fire and I don’t like fire in this game. I feel like I’m ”
Jackso – let’s just pin them against each other and see what happens
Holly – they’re already against each other

3:40 pm Jackson, Holly and Christie
Holly – he (Nick) said that.. he told me.. you approached him. Christie approached me used those words and asked me to or said she would throw the comp to me
Christie – bring him up here right now he’ a af*ing liar
Holly – he said you approached him and offered to throw the comp to him
Christie – What, Bring him in here..
Holly – he said you guys were both good.

Christie – he’s a f*ing liar.
Holly – he said you offered to throw it to him
Christie denies it. Goes on to explain her side.

Christie reenacts Nick telling her “I’m not coming for you”
Christie – on my life, on my sister I did not say that. I never said I would throw a comp never.
Christie says Nick has the biggest mouth in the house. She would never trust him with any information.
Christie says noms are in 30 minutes.
Christie – he’s a liar .. what is he going to say
Christie – he’s so dumb
Holly – he thinks he’s so smart

3:55 pm Nick joins them
Christie – I love you and you know I love you but I’m really upset right now you did you tell Michie and Holly I came to you to throw the HOH
Nick – I never said throw… I said we talked
Christie – we said we were good and I love you to death
Nick – I might have said if I got to this spot you might not be mad if I won
Christie – I’m sorry I love you but I didn’t believe you when you said you wouldn’t put me up

Christie – I literally do love you if I would win HOH I was going to put you up
Jackson – if Nick won and you weren’t going up
Holly – that means I am for sure going up
Nick – I didn’t say names. before that, you and Jess were going up if Sis stayed

Christie – I would never throw a comp
Nick – I didn’t mean it to make it sound like she would throw a comp
Nick explains he meant that if it came down to the two of them in the HOH she wouldn’t mind if he got it.
Nick – are you sure I said no replacement
Christie – I swear on her sister life.
Christie sticking to the story that Nick told her she wasn’t going up but wouldn’t tell her who he would put up.

Nick – I’m going to have to win the veto again. it’s either I win or go home so apparently, everyone thinks I’m playing an amazing game.

Nick – Good luck on your noms we’ll see who I’m sitting next to.

4:22 pm Nick and Nicole
Nick – I can’t win. Why is everything I say gets twisted
Nick brings up Christie telling him she’s not throwing the HOH but if it comes to them she might let him win.
Nick – Christie is denying she ever said that which is bullshit.. I never said Throw. Holly says Throw.

4:24 pm Feeds go down for noms.

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Farris Fanik

Okay is it possible Crusty goes home this week?

Nick is the prankster. Okay so maybe he puts up Jackson.

Holly puts up Crusty.

But if Holly wants to put up Nick wouldn’t she find out that Nick is the prankster…


No she wouldn’t have to know he’s the prankster because he’s not safe this week and is still eligible for eviction.

Change of Heart

I do not think so if Holly put up Nick then BB maybe step in and say the prankster put (Jess or Jackson our someone else) that is what I am thinking..I am loving the twist because Nick won the prank LoL. Can’t wait to see how all this unfolds. I am not a Nick fan.. but, I want some action moves from Nick just to see Christie face. I hope she goes this time around.

Franks fumes

When are these morons going to stop the “I love Tommy so much” $hit do they realize he wants the money too and is Crusty’s biggest ally. I hope Jackjaw and his Granny are put up on the block by wonderful Tommy next week…would serve them right lol.


Good Golly Miss Holly!

Make this some great nominations…..Nomination, that is….Please!

My ticker needs a reboot!



So glad you are back…..I have really missed your insightful/respectful and witty posts.

You always give something to think about.


Welcome back Granny!!!!


I’ve missed you Granny, welcome back!


haven’t seen you in awhile I always enjoy your post!!!!!!!!!!!!


Glad to see you back Granny!!

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Granny comeback! I’m down

Just me

Glad to see you back granny. Missed your insight this year.


Yay welcome back! Been looking for you! A


Welcome back! I’ve missed your insight!


Wow, this season blows! Worst cast!!! Who can you even cheer for its so bad.


If you look at it like a comedy….it’s pretty funny watching Tommy prance around, Christie is so easy to set off, even Jackson & Holly can’t help themselves…it’s pretty funny. Then there’s Nick the therapist for children, humping Tommy & saying things I will not repeat because they are so crude.
They aren’t a great group of people. They aren’t terribly smart, but I’ve been laughing a lot this week at their expense

Goodbye Jack

Can’t stand any of them but it has been very entertaining watching the stupidity. Please make it another week with Christie on the block. If Nick is smart he throws Tommy next to her.


Ok. At this point the prank is on America.
How is BB production going to twist this prankster thing with Nick?
Jackson instigating fights? Mr. Honest game???
Can’t wait to see what everyone is thinking about this


I agree. Jackson is bullying by proxy, he hasn’t changed and Holly has ALWAYS been a “mean girl”, or the “girl” that looks like she’s in her early 40’s


I’m sorry wolfwoman…I realize it’s trendy to call everything bullying…but how is hearing 2 diff things, from 2 diff people…then having a pow wow to get to the bottom of it, bullying?


Pow wow? WOW! They were instigating a full on fight!


I don’t believe it was as dramatic as you’re making it to be. Wait sorry…dramatic maybe…but a full on fight is a bit much. Of course they were trying to instigate drama…but who wouldn’t? You’re on a show that millions are watching..and once again, trying to uncover the truth from 2 people who are lying to your face.


It was like watching a middle school lunch table turn away the uncool kids. I can’t wait until they have to see the social media reaction and real life consequences of being immature punks on national television.


Probably not a popular opinion but, I want Holly and Jackson out ASAP. Jackson kept saying he wanted to play a clean game against competitors and now they both keep egging on these juvenile fights. Can’t stand people like that. Oh I have mentioned before…haven’t liked holly from day one


Once again…they are hearing 2 diff things from 2 diff targets. It makes sense to bring them up and have them go at it and find out what’s what. And who wouldn’t get excited about seeing that…doesn’t mean they’re not playing honestly. I understand since you’re not a fan of the 2 that are trying to get to the bottom of it, that they are bullies and playing dishonestly. I bet you don’t think they should have winners and losers in kids sports?


JR_TX_RI…I’m not a Millinial parent, I’m Baby Boomer…we worked for stuff and taught our kids to do the same…no hand out participation trophys. J/H could easily have just set them down alone and talked with them calmly, but that word isn’t in their vocabulary. No one, except maybe Nick has owned up to his game in front of everyone. Crusty doesn’t understand the definition of “truth”, and while it is well known the others “cower” around her, makes it well known she is a lying bully. Jordan won BB11 without being an a**hole, or Ian BB14.


I’m not going to go back and forth because I agree with a lot of your points, in your rebuttal. All I was trying to say, was I don’t think it’s dishonest or a full on fight…to pit 2 people, who are lying to you, against each other. Not only do you want to know the truth…but it’s also for tv.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Ick & Crusty are both easy coast shysters…..fast talking, skilled pathological liars with a little narcissism thrown in…..I think of a used car salesmen type of person……I’m kinda pissed that Ick got this power bc he’ll think he is popular with America and I view him as a perverted dickhead.


It’s OK because they are both up on the block.


Omg! You just wrote exactly what I was thinking. I love it!


Nick and Christie otb


Thank God! I didn’t think Nick had it in him..


wtf is the point of america voting for a prankster of the week if he or she wouldn’t be safe….I’m not one for production conspiracies, but this makes me wonder….if christie had won the prankster I guarantee she wouldn’t be aloud to be nominated, seemingly how production goes out of their way to protect her and tommy.

Just me

I’m just trying to envision how this week is going to be edited. Either Jackson and Holly will be the villains, or Nick will. I’m sure Christie will come off looking like an innocent bystander.


I wonder how Christie’s sister feels that she keeps swearing on her life. Does she really have a sister?