Big Brother Canada 5 – Episode 20 Recap

Demetres Won the HOH competiton
Bruno and Kevin Nominated

Kevin is the target

POV Challenge – 100 minutes of Heaven
6 HGs will participate – Demetre, Kevin, Bruno, Ika, William and Dre

Host: Jackie

Hit the buzzer once you think 100 minutes has gone by. Whoever is closest wins POV.

They are first blasted with loud Hallelujah music to try and get them to stop counting in their heads.

Then 2 angels bring out champagne and strawberries.

Rabbits are placed into the coffins, Ika loses her shit when a rabbit is placed in her coffin.

Each of the competitors hear the laughter of their loved ones to try and distract them.

Rats! Dre and Ika lose their minds.

Ika jumps out before they’re dumped into her coffin.

more Hallelujah music…

William buzzes in first followed by Kevin, Demetres, Bruno and Dre

Dre and Bruno – 27 minutes over

William 7:04 over 100 minutes but is the closest so he wins POV!

William has this POV plus the secret POV that he found.

POV Ceremony

William decided not to use his POV to take Kevin off the block

The alarm goes off as soon as William closes the POV box, Demetres is called to the Diary room.

See the next episode for what’s coming next.

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