[Next Week] “I’m just going to say I got 50. I don’t want people to know if I’m getting close to the coup d’etat.”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Some Clairty on the High Roller twist. Lots of production work to do today, Pick veto, Place High Roller bets, Play Veto.

8:12 am Brit, DF, Azah
Brit – if neither one of us gets picked who you are betting on?
DF – DerekX
DF says he’s stressed and couldn’t sleep last night. He’s been trying to figure out how he’s getting the votes.
DF – the people that will vote for Claire to stay are Tiff, DerekX, Sarah Beth, Hannah, and that leaves me..
Brit – Me, Azah, X and Alyssa
DF – whos the swing vote?
Bruit – Ky
DF – Ky’s HOH
Brit – he would break the tie
DF doesn’t know if there is a master plan
Brit – if either one of us gets picked
DF – if DX plays and Ky doesn’t pick him Then I’m looking at Xavier.
DF thinks Xavier is going to fight for the veto “He’s just lost Christian… he wants the opportunity to play in one of these high roller games”
DF – for some reason I think it will be spelling.. or..
Brit – I want you to know if you bet on my I’ll be friggin gunning
Df – I hope DerekX don’t get picked I hope it’s hard for him to have to pick. I know SB is going to get picked to add to the drama.

8:48 am DX and Hannah
Hannah – I hope I get picked to play cause then you guys just wouldn’t bet on me and I would just throw it. Only four people can bet
DX – If no one bets on you then try to win
Hannah – then the power doesn’t get used this week
DX – I would rather the power doesn’t get used than BIGD gets the power
Hannah – if BIGD comes down…
DX – BIGD bets on me, I win, BIGD gets the power. He would take himself off. Ky would have to put up a replacement nom and then I could take down the replacement nom
Hannah – take down Claire then he would have to put up a second replacement
DX – yeah yeah
DX – worst case scenario Alyssa gets picked
Hannah – or X cause X would keep the noms the same
DX – I can’t tell if Ky is seriously considering. I think he’s considering getting out X but not seriously
Hannah – I don’t think he’s taking out X

Hannah says she’s pretty sure the 100 was BIGD, Brit, and DX. She’s not sure who all got the $75 though.
DX – you X, Tiff got the $75
Hannah – could have been X he actually hasn’t told anyone to my knowledge.. He hasn’t confirmed or denied anything, Kyland got $50
Hannah – BIGD played so he only has 50 so you and Brit have the most money. I have second most depending on who else got the $75 I feel like it’s either SB or X
Hannah – I think it’s X
Hannah – so in that case the second most money because Tiff Spent hers
DX – Be and Brit have 100, BIGD has 50, you have 75, X has 75
Hannah – Alyssa has 50
DX – have you told anyone Tiff spent her money?
Hannah – no
DX – let people continue to think she has 75.. no one knows she played

Hannah – Ky, Potentially SB and CLaire have Zero
Hannah – Azah?
Hannah – still has 50
DX – I’m going to keep saving for the coup d’etat
Hannah – the only two people that should consider playing roulette the next week
DX – nominees .. Unless Alyssa is a nominee X would use it on her.
Hannah – unless you put X and ALyssa on the block
DX – they would both try to win it
Hananh – yeah but would Alysas even have enough to play ? Depends on how much she gets next week.
DX – I would try to Backdoor Alyssa not put her on the block I would put up two people that don’t have money
Hannah – Ky and SB
Hanna says if SB is America’s player she would have gotten 100
DX – She’s not America’s player you guys need to stop saying this (LOL)
DX – this is America’s twist.. she’s not America’s player
Hannah – she’s sketchy
DX – everyone in this house is sketchy.. You’re sketchy Tiff’s Sketchy
Hannah – she’s extra Sketchy
DX – that’s because Tiff is the most influential
Hannah – she did start this rumour
DX – Once we get to the third week we have to figure out who actually has money to play coup d’etat though.
Hanahj – the coin fliop?
Dx – yeah
Hannah – we don’t know if it’s going to be offered to us
DX – next week I’m going to lie to everyone I’m not telling anyone Tiff or Claire what I get next week. I’m just going to say I got 50. I don’t want people to know if I’m getting close to the coup d’etat. That way If I do get it at least I want to stay anonymous.

Hannah says she doesn’t think Ky won’t get anything other than 50.

8:55 am Xavier and Brit
They mention today they pick players for veto, Place bets and play the veto.
X – only four people can place bets because only four people playing.
X – the best are placed after the veto competition
Brit – no the best are placed after the players are picked..
X – yeah yeah after the players are picked. it’ll be interesting because it’s public.
X – especially since we don’t know the type of competition
Xavier says with the safety power it can put them in a position where both nominees are replaced “if people wanted to do that they can to that easily force the HOH to nominate two people he didn’t plan on nominating”
X – everybody is lying about their money at this point I don’t care.
They agree next week they can figure out the money based on who plays.
X – if you have a 100 this week you can play this week and next week but you would have to get at least 75
Brit – correct
X – if you get 100 this week that’s the only way you are able to play in both competitions which again would be telling. If you are eligible next week like if you got 50 you’ll need to get at least 75 next week. Then you would lose all your money. This is assuming there’s not another incentive
X – the coil flip power has really got me… if you won the veto derby you’re good.. if you win the Roulette
Brit – you’re good..
X – that’s the one I’m thinking about if you win the roulette it has to be used?
Brit – you have to use it
X – whoever’s name drops into that thing has to be someone how’s Nominated that the person that has to go up as a nominee or is there a third nominee ?
Brit – if you’re not on the block and you win you take one of the nominees off and then somebody goes up in their place it can’t be the nominee that just came off or you.
X – ok so you take someone off the block then you do the roulette and whoever it lands on goes up
Brit – Correct
X – that would be after the veto ceremony?
brit – before Veto players are picked..
X – oh so that person would have the chance to play in the veto.. that’s not terrible.. give them a chance
X – the coin flip power is ohh sh1t.. I thought I was HOH this week but this person said tails I’m not longer HOH
brit – even at the coin flip the HOH will not know you are the HOH will never know who is challenging them. The coin flip is done anonymously the entire HOH is done anonymously.

Brit – my biggest thing with Roulette is you are guaranteed safety upon winning the roulette which sounds insane.. OH MY GOD
X – so now there are three opportunities to get safety. The consequences of these powers are significantly more impactful onto the game than the wildcard competitions
X – they laid out the next three weeks for us.
Brit – which means there will not be a double.
X – I anticipate a double at the end of the third week.

9:43 am Feeds cut to pound kitties

10:30 am Feeds return
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Sb bet on Azah.
Claire Bet on Ky.
DerekF Bed on Brit
Kyland Bet on Alyssa
If the person you bet on wins the veto you win the second veto. Nobody bet on Claire and DF so if they win veto no second veto.

Sounds like they were told it is OTEV

10:31 am Kyland and Tiffany
Kyland tells her that DerekX is concerned about X and wants him out.
Tiff says provided someone outside the six wins HOH “If I lose Claire I am probably going up with someone in the 6”
Kyland tells her nobody has her in their top 4 so she’s not going up.

Kyland I would rather Brit goes over Claire 1 thousand percent.
Says his worst-case scenario is if Brit wins the veto.
Ky – are you familiar with Claire’s targets? BIGD, X, Azah
Ky – and they don’t know that
Tiff – I don’t think that’s true
Tiff – I think her first choice is SB.. she’s not worried about X

Kyland asks when can get DX out if not this week.
Tiffany – double eviction
Kyland says he wants Claire to win the Veto so the second veto isn’t won. He will put up Brit in her place.
They wanted Claire to bet on Azah because in that case, Azah would throw the veto to prevent Claire from getting the second Veto.

Tiff says the three people that got the $75 are her, Hannah, and Xavier.

They talk about the best case this week is if the power isn’t won and they can try for it again next week. The best case is Claire wins Veto. second best case would be DF. The worst case is Britini winning.

Kyland gets called to the Diary room. Tiffany tells him Brit has a lot of energy and she know her “Shit” if she is stashing go mess her pile up (during OTEV)
Tiffany gets her hug.

10:46 am DX and Hannah
Hannah talks about how Kylan is playing and it’s like Derrick from Season 16. DX disagrees says X is the one playing like Derrick.
Hannah says DX is underestimating Kyland.
DX – you guys are paranoid about SB and paranoid about everyone
Claire joins them. They go over first, second veto Scenarios.
Hannah says “he {DX] trust Ky a alot do you trust ky?”
DX – I don’t trust Ky a lot I trust Ky’s ability to use logic to play this game
Tiff – Ky would want me out if he put me next to Tiff.

11:08 am Claire and DX
Claire says all the original captains have been alimented beside her.
They begin to study. Sb joins them while they study. Shorty after Kyland comes in on his way to the Diary room.
Kyland – Ideally we don’t want the power used
SB – NO I want the power used why would you not want to use it. Then you have to worry about it next week. There will be a smaller pool of people. There could be FOUR total nominees that’s terrifying. It’s going to be completely random
Kyland – Okay.. I’m indifferent to that..
Kyland leaves.
Claire – I want the power to be used.. F*** should I have picked Azah over Ky?
SB – I did Azah
Sb to Claire “you go for it. I do think it would be better if it was Azah”.
Claire asks her what she would do with teh second Veto.
SB – I take you off
Claire – and he does what puts up Brit.. And Azah takes Brit down and someone goes up (Messy)
Dx asks if Alyssa wins would Kyland use the second veto on Claire?
SB – he doesn’t tell me anything I would assume though

11:40 am DX and Tiff
DX – Ky doesn’t want to feel pressured to make a decision let him think for himself and then we can influence him. We’re already trying to pressure him and he’s stressed out. When he’s stressed out he doesn’t think logically. the best case is if Ky can think logically if he’s sleep-deprived and stressed he’s going to make a bad decision.
Tiff – ok you’re right
Claire joins them.
Claire – do you think it’s bad that I didn’t pick him (bet on him)
Dx – no it’s good
Tiff – why didn’t you pick Azah
Claire – cause I don’t know I don’t want Ky and Sb controlling the vetos I know SB would have to pick Azah.
DX – its a good thing you picked Ky he has perfect recall
Claire – the best memory Azah will throw it to Britini, Kyland wants to win it. if Ky wins I know I’m coming off. If Ky and Sb both have control they decide what happens.

Claire and DX don’t trust SB when she says she would use the second veto on Claire.
Tiff – she’ll do whatever he wants
Claire – what’s the strategy
Tiff – push those mother f**ers outta the way
Tiff – make sure you keep your eye on her (brit) see where she’s hiding her sh1t and destroy it if you can. make sure you have two piles and I will be yelling to you. it’s hard you have to keep your eye on her and Ky. Use your Strength push their a$$es outta the way. I don’t give a f** Claire
Tiff – lsiten and get teh asnwer right. Remember where you put stuff. Try to hide your stuff.
Tiff – I don’t think anyone is going to try to knock you out but if you see someone coming for you stuff get rid of them (Unless it’s DF then just run)
Tiff – the only person I can see doing that is Azah
Claire – Azah wouldn’t do that for me they might play defense I don’t know

11:55 am Claire and Brit
brit – you and [df] have to go for it
Claire – how do you think will go for the BB bucks
Brit – anyone who’s last..
brit doesn’t think Ky will go for the veto.
Claire – he goes for the BB bucks
Brit – we decided if its, Me, Bigd, Azah.. throw it to me (joker power)
Brit – this way WE as a collective have control over what he does.
(the second veto is played first. For example, if brit wins the OTEV she gets the first veto DF gets the second. DF would use it first)
Brit they’re going to tell Kyland he’s got to put a replacement up that is smart like DX
Brit says BIG told them if one of us wins the veto don’t use it.
Claire – he would rather be on the block against me than one of you against
Claire – SB could still do whatever Ky wants and Sb would go first.
brit – we can take control of this right now with just BEAST BEAST
Brit – you have to gun, he’s got to gun.. I gotta gun
Brit – I’m pretty sure BIGD strategy is to Blow (? maybe bull or push) Ky around
Claire – I’ll stay away from where they are

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Okay, here’s what I have on the twist (at least what I *think* is the twist):

There is a different high roller competition each week. The HGs can choose to play in the high roller competition for the given week, but only if they have enough money.

Week 1 – Costs $50 to play. The competition was something to do with a ball and a ramp (not sure about this). The person with the highest score (got their ball the farthest?) got to place their bet first on who would win veto, second highest score places their bet second, etc. If anyone places the correct bet, then they win a second POV. HGs who used $50 on this were SB, Claire, Ky, DF, and Tiff (I think).

Week 2 – Costs $100 to play? Not sure on the price, but my understanding is that the price increases each week. So, HGs who spent their $50 this week will only be able to play if they get $100. Tiff received $75 and spent $50 on the Week 1 comp, so she has $25. If she gets $75 again, then she’ll have $100 to play in Week 2. If it’s $100? Anyway, the second comp has something to do with balance. The winner gets to take down one of the nominees. Then, there is a random draw to decide who replaces the nominee (instead of the HOH nominating the replacement). The only people safe from potentially having their name drawn are the person that was taken down from the block and the HOH. Sounds like a good week to win HOH. I’m guessing this occurs before the POV, so POV could be used to take-down the randomly selected replacement nominee.

Week 3 – Costs $250 to play. So the only way to be able to play in the third week is if the HG has earned more than the $50 each week and has saved their money. This is what DX is talking about saving up for (too bad he told Hannah, who will tell X and Tiff; depending on who wins HOH, X might lead the crusade to preemptively take him out next week). This comp is something to do with a coin flip and the prize is the coup d’etat.

There has been some grumbling in the house (Tiff & Hannah last night) and on Twitter that production put in a coup d’etat this year to block the Cookout from steamrolling to the end. Hannah pointed out that production did not do this in BB22 to block the Committee or any of the other majority alliances in recent years. Some of the same grumblings on Twitter, but I only skim Twitter because that platform can suck the lifeblood out of a person.

Hope this is helpful!


Do you think DF should not use any of his money this week for bigger prizes unless the HOH is not a cookout member, although DF is on the block with Kyland as HOH?


DF played in comp & still has $50 but he’ll have to get $100 in each of the next two weeks to be eligible for that Coup d’Etat final comp based on San Diego Gal’s update that it costs $250 to play in.

Not quite getting it

Thank you for breaking this down as well as you did…even if it’s not 100% on the nose, it’s far more than I’ve been able to glean just from reading updates. I was completely lost as to what going on between the money, the betting and the veto players. So again, thank you! This is helpful!!


I misunderstood that Brit/X talk thinking next week was $125 but your explanation makes much more sense. Otherwise the people getting $50 every week ouldn’t play in any games except the first one.

Also of note — IF no one wins the second POV this week – they can play for it again next week although it sounds like ONLY the five who played this time can play again.

Some think Hannah will be telling Ky/X about DX’s plans but I’m not sure she wouldn’t want him to have that power since she’d be completely safe going into DE & could throw HOH the next 2 weeks. Then again – she’s been playing up DX has to go sooner to both so I’m not sure what her ultimate game plan is — I’m having a hard time believing she won’t see that Ky, X will be uber tough to beat & that they’ll prefer to bring Big D, Azah to F4 instead of her/Tiff (insert shrug)

another name

The grumbling. That’s a glass half empty perspective. (I’m reticent to call it victim mentality due to the social implication, but if i view things as 16 humans are playing big brother, and 6 humans formed a large alliance with one member kvetching about a twist being against their alliance I would say victim mentality. go figure).
for argument’s sake, the winner of week three HOH is non cookout.
If the cookout plan has been going swimmingly up to this point, there are three non cookout left in the house and one of them is the HOH. What are the chances statistically that the non cookout HOH just happens to put up both other non cookout members? The chances are far greater that 2 cookout members end up on the block.
A cookout member getting this power in the week where the cookout faces actual adversity, ensures that the cookout escapes adversity intact by production manipulation of a twist.
The third week coup d’etat is just as likely to be a production tool to make sure that the cookout remains intact.
More likely given the present edit.

Kid Rock

That was not one of your better takes on the situation! Victim mentality? SMH


No one should be grumbling. Production finally realized they put in too many guarantees with the teams, etc. and destroyed the game. It was no longer interesting to watch.


I hope Brit wins to stir up some feces.

Big Brother 23 Fan

I hope Brit wins because I hate it that Tiffany is telling people to hide her stuff and knock her out of the way. Ganging up on her in a previous veto was bad enough. This is really poor sportsmanship. Please Ky use Tiffany as a renom!


Lets say derek x compbeasts his way into f2 (yes ik, its VERY unlikely), but lets say it somehow happens… lets also say that derek F seats next to him in f2 by being dragged all the way there
Who would these hg’s vote for to win? Would all members of the cookout seriously give derek f the win, despite having 0 respect for his game and KNOWING derek x deserves the win??

It's me

Very interesting


I think one or more of the following The Cookout jury members would see the light and vote for the better players: Kyland, Tiffany, or Hannah.

So instead of 5-4 win for Derek F it would at least be 5-4 win for Derek X (or hopefully 6-3 win for Derek X) because he would totally deserve to win should he do that.

Of course his goose will be cooked in 1-3 weeks for sure.

It’s a shame his biggest allies are all in The Cookout. 🙁


Of course they would. Remember, they have a “mission”.


Yes they would! The only qualification to win this year is having black skin.