DF – “Once you put Britini up I’m going to give you a BIG F*** you so get ready for it during the Veto Ceremony”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players:
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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Big Brother Spoilers – Hard to figure out exactly how the High Roller twist worked out. If the nominations stay the same Claire will be evicted but with so many powers/vetos potentially in play it’s anyone’s guess what the game will look like on Monday. Cookout appears solid until at least 7.

12:12 am BIGD and Kyland
BIGD – my game is in your hand. Do you want Noms to stay the same or do you want to take someone off the block
Ky – as of now I am fine with noms staying the same personally I know other people are split in the six
DF – Alyssa just sat downstairs.. saying ‘it’s interesting there are about 5 people that haven’t touched the block Xavier, Tiffany, Hannah Azah, and DerekX interesting.. ‘
Ky – Hannah touched the block that’s not even true

Ky – if you want Alyssa (on the block) you’ll have to talk to X. He’s open but here’s the valid argument. If Alyssa left this week and someone next week took a shot at X they would put me and X up. Right now I am associated with the King’s cause of what Britini did.. and Azah did picking me with teh kings
DF – Okay cause you put me on the block
Ky – that is why I am f*** I don’t know if I want Alyssa to go home. Alyss and SB both want Brit and DerekX. Brit and DerekX both want them. whereas Claire all of the people she’s open to anyone other than Hannah and Tiffany. Now she’ll put me up to.

Ky – Bacially DX and Brit, I’m definitely thinking more.. I don’t know here’s the thing my preference is Claire. Here’s the thing with Claire. I don’t have currently have a good reason for DX to vote out Claire.

Df – Of course I wanted Alyssa (NOMinated) of course whatever.. She can stay another week I guess FINE. You say you have SB in check
Ky – Nobody is targeting Claire that is the problem none of our Pawns are targeting Claire
DF – everybody wants one person
Ky – who has targets that aren’t us? every but Brit and Claire. That’s where I go down to
Ky – DerekX next, here’s the issue he will be confused why Claire went home whereas brit wouldn’t but at the end of the day we need to get him sooner so that is what I’m looking at.
Ky – we don’t have issues with votes this week
DF – we don’t know we have no issues.. you don’t know. If I look at that wall.. lets say things stay the same we stay on the block. Azah votes for me to stay, SB votes for me to go.
Ky – but she wouldn’t
DF – hold on.. DX vote for me to go, Brit vote for me to stay. Alyssa could be mad at me for not voting Christian to stay she could vote for me to go, X could vote for me to stay, Tiffany I would hope will vote for me to stay, Hannah would vote for me to stay. 5-3, That’s risky

DF says if he’s walking out the door he will look so dumb “it was my plan to do this even when I was talking.. what the point of that if you aren’t putting up a big target”
Ky – who do you think is a BIG target?
DF – DerekX
Ky – that is not untrue

Ky says there are 11 people in the house the Cookout is 6.
DF- Ky, there could be two vetos potentially
DF – Tiff works closely with DerekX, Hannah works Cleosly with DerekX I get worried that’s all.. It’s scary out of nowhere they can sit there and be like Mmmmmm. Lets flip this vote on BIGD we’ll still have the numbers moving forward
Ky – they wouldn’t because we would know it happened and it would break it up (Cookout)
Ky – we can have the votes go where we want

Ky – there are two people that potentially won’t use the veto and it is Alyssa or X. X feels he could get her to use it if we needed.. if she won but she’s not going to win it.

DF brings up DX saying the last few days were rough on Ky.
DF – he’s looking like Obama between this first term and his second term
DF – Dx was like look at his picture and look at him now.. I was like he’s definitely going through it.
DF – I’m just trying to take one for the team and cove rout a$$es I think if one of us didn’t go on the block this week everybody will be like what the F** is going on
Ky says if someone comes off the block Brit would go up. It could be Alyssa but his fear is if someone wins they could put him up against X instead of alyssa/X.
Ky – my ideal scenario is if we can get DX or a Alyssa to win HOH and hit the other

They bring up how much game Tiffany and Hannah talk. DF wonders if they talk about game like Ky and him talk about their final 2 or do they talk about game with the 6.
Ky – for sure Hannah
DF – I’m happy they can come together
Ky asks if Claire comes down and he puts up Brit how do they deal with Azah
DF – it is what it is. Azah will be a wreck because two people from her team are up.
DF – Azah will have to keep me she knows that.

DF says he is worried if Brti goes then people will put him and Azah up.
Ky says brit went up because they were in control of every HOH
DF – once you put Britini up I’m going to give you a BIG F*** you so get ready for it during the Veto Ceremony

Ky says the vote should be 5-3 just like last week they had it at 7-2, “we can get it done”
DF – I’m trying to stay confident at the end of the day if I go home I have no one to blame other than myself cause I executed the plan. I put myself up.

Ky says he can sleep in the HOH if he wants.
DF – not yet, I’ll do it later this week I’ll sneak up here. I don’t want anyone to think I like you cause I’ve been dragging your name through the dirt like you broke my heart and stuff like that.

Df if this week works out it’ll be EPIC
Ky – you’ll get another hundred
DF – people will be like did you guys really pull this off. I’ll tell Azah.. it was either
Ky – you were going up
Df – I don’t want to risk you going home because I need you here I also told them if they won the veto not to use it.
DF – please get some sleep lock the door.

12:20 am Xavier and Alyssa
Xavier says BabyD, BIGD and Brit got $100
Xavier says he was one of the $75’s says the other $75’s were maybe Hannah and Tiffany
Xavier – everyone else got $50
Alyssa says she will not throw the Veto.
Xavier – I will go for it and try to win it.
Alyss brings up last week Both Claire and BIGD told her it’s better for their personal games if Christian stayed but they voted him out and now both of them are on the block.

12:52 am Ky has a donkey swimming costume and donkey panjamas
Claire got a new hat.

12:59 am Tiff and Hannah
Tiff – I’ve had three emotional days I can’t take on anybody’s emotions

1:00 am Ky and Sb
Ky – go to bed..
SB – I was trying
Sb – how did it go with BIGD
SB – If I got one of the vetos would you be open to having me using it on Claire
Ky – absolutely.
Sb – I have not won a comp this whole season.. I don’t know why I’m getting so worked p I won’t get picked to play in this competition
Sb – I’m in a good mood this week I feel like I could win it
Ky – you better be in a good mood this week
SB – I really want the second veto to be played this week
They agree Alyssa will gun for the veto but X might throw it.

1:05 am DF and Azah
Azah – I must be doing something wrong in this game
DF – I don’t think you are
Azah – I’m working with Ky I’m working with her
DF – for her I don’t f** with her
Azah – I asked her about what she [tiff] said. she said it’s not about me she just has to accept things how they are.
Azah – I said ok but you don’t want to talk game. She said we can talk but I guess anything revolving around game she doesn’t feel comfortable expressing them to me because she doesn’t want them to be mischaracterized
DF – f** it, you don’t need her in this game you don’t.. you don’t
DF says over time she’ll be fine with Tiffany and Ky but right now she’s got X and DF.
DF – Like X said today you were his 10 (?)
DF – I have to rebuild my relationship with him to. If I end up going home that’s on me that’s not on anybody else.
Feeds cut when we’re back.
Azah – you can’t go you are my anchor
DF – you never know what can happen

DF – we know she is a problematic we know.. when the time comes.. plain and simple. the way you grew up as a black woman is different than the way she grew up.
DF – two different lifestyles that’s why I said someone like me who grew up in the same lifestyle that is why we don’t mesh. You are probably more privileged than her she feels like it’s hard to connect
Azah – Hannah is also Privileged and they get along fine
Df – she wants someone that will be loyal to her and she doesn’t like me
Azah – I fel t I was loyal to her
Df – I think you were.. I think she’s finding any reasons. you haven’t done anything I think just your facial expressions and how you come off when lsitneing. She’s child.. She’s petty we’re grown a$$ people
DF – not everyone is your f***ing friend here this is a competition show we’re here to compete you might make friends that you care about.
DF says every season when they have two black women on they disagree that’s because you have one “like her”
DF – STANK STANK that’s what I call it so now I am going to bed we have a long day tomorrow

1:10 am Hannah and Tiffany
Tiff – you [Azah] want to have conversations at 1 o’clock in the morning just because you can’t sleep you want to have these deep conversations you can’t keep pushing that sh1t on me (ZOMG. the queen of staying up till 4am with the chessboard)
Tiff – asking me to talk at f**ing midnight.. I got office hours that’s office sh1t Now that she feels like I’m separating she’s not going to like that.
Tiff – we’re different I choose what I say and how I say it cause I don’t want it to be mischaracterized
Tiff says Azah has taken her game play and strategy and has characterized it on a personal level.
Tiff – If you can’t separate Game and Personal. if it has you judging me I am going to adjust to that nature of how we interact because when she makes comments like ‘well I’m just not fake’
Tiff – this is a game.. in this game you have to be able to walk on parallel universes in this house. I’m transparent with everybody to a certain degree this is a game, not the real world.
Hanna h- we were having a conversation earlier today it seems like she gets very frustrated when people are lying to her in the game. I was like it is the nature of the game we’re playing Big Brother. She was like Yeah there are ways of playing this game.
They agree no given strategy is wrong (Cough cough Frenchie?)
Tiff – she’s going to end up looking at everybody as all them are the same I’m different I’m playing like this
Tiff says Azah won’t like any of their strategies because in this game you might have to pull something out that isn’t you just to go further (Good point)
Tiff – the last thing she said to me that reminded me I need to STFU is during the veto comp she was ‘I just don’t like the manipulation people use in this game’
TIFF – It’s Big Brother
Hannah – what did she think she signed up for
Tiff – she might not like it but when it works for her benefit
Tiff says outside of this house Azah will “be my Girl IF she decides to let our relationships go forward”
Tiff says Azah is like Family you love but you can’t do business with “Kyland had the same experience with her yesterday”
Hannah – I did get both sides it did seem like Kyland was being a bit of a Brent, Arrogant uses big words you know how Kyland gets. Tries to use his intelligence and Education as leverage to be intimidating
Tiff – condescending
Hannah – Condenscening and patronizing are two words I would use to describe him
Hannah says Kyland was Gaslighting Azah with the whole HOH thing on Thursday. He did say he would throw it to her.
Hannah – she [azah] confirmed with X
Tiff says she can’t take on Azah emotions they’re too heavy and consuming for her.
Tiff – he said do you want it I said I want to see my friend I don’t know iF I misheard him. He said don’t make me look like a fool
Tiff – he gave me the opportunity to win it but I answered wrong after the comp when we sat down to talk I said I got the answer wrong. I still don’t know what the answer was.
Tiff explains it’s one of two things either Kyland didn’t know the answer or he was giving her the chance to win the HOH.
Hannah thinks he didn’t know. they both agree he they believe him that he didn’t know

Tiff says Kyland is a little Sketchy
Hannah – right now I only talk full game to you and X
Tiff says Azah and DF are playing a personal game with her she knows when she does something wrong they attack her “Character” and are “exposing things I said in the past about things”
Tiff – I can’t even talk game with Azah without her looking at me like I’m the worst person in this house. I’ll tell you what you need to know
Tiff says DX, Claire, X, and Hannah are the people she trusts.
Tiffany says she trusts X with information but doesn’t trust him with making long-term decisions. Kyland reminds her of Derrick she can’t trust him with too much information.
Hannah – Derrick combined with Tyler he’s got so many final 2’s that’s what X said
Tiff says she helped Kyland with his first HOH “I laid it all out for him I helped him structure himself in this house to gain power he followed he did the talking”
Tiff – he’s very intelligent. Once he got into that power he didn’t pull me along with him he pulled Sarah Beth he lost me. My loyalty doesn’t work”
Tiff says she stopped talking game with Kyland and he should have been concerned about that but he’s not.
Tiff adds that Kyland is still an asset to the 6, “DF and Azah I love them like family but they’re not going to get me to give them everything I got in this game nobody is going to get that from me unless I know they’re giving me that to. And they’re not giving me much game they are giving me a lot of emotion and a lot of problems.
Hannah agrees about DF and Azah
Hannah says X isn’t a strategist he’s a peacekeeper.

Tiff says Kyland told Azah the 6 was considering Sb and Claire as targets.
Hannah – he said I’m not sending SB home so claire is the next best thing.. Nobody brought Claire up
Hannah says instead of Ky setting the “tone” for the 6 going into Jury he’s positioning himself better “it makes no sense for the 6 getting Claire out now” (LOL of course you would think this)
Hannah – Ky is thinking about Jury management.
Hannah says Ky is an overthinker “when you’re so prideful you miss things. Just like Brent”
Hanna – he said when brit chose Kyland and Sb first instead of X and Alyssa that told him the house was targeting him
Tiff – he’s just looking for something to use
Hannah says the plan was to target Ky and Sb during the HOH so that Sb could go home
Hannah – I don’t know how we’ll deal with Kyland these next 4 weeks. I do trust his full commitment to the 6 but him putting Claire on the block how does that benefit the 6.
They agree Kyland will put Brit on the block if veto is played and they’ll have to send Brit home.
They say Kyland potentially would have to nominate four people this week “that’s a lot of blood on his hands”
Hannah wants Alyssa or Sb gone next week.
Hannah says if she puts up Ky and Sb the worst case is two cookout members are up because of “the roulette” game
Hannah – there is a 67% chance the replacement nominee is one of us
Tiff – yeah because there’s so many of us
Hanna says SB and Kyland used all their money this week they might not have enough to even play next week, “Why would anyone play on their behalf? I don’t sede that happening”
They start going over scenarios.
Hannah – worst case is Kyland sits on the block next to someone else in the cookout.
Hannah says they should take Alyssa out this week, Dx immediately after, and then they take SB out. This is so they can avoid any of the pawns putting X and Tiff on the block together.
Hannah – she’s targeting three members of the cookout she’s gotta go (Azah, BIGD, and X based on what she told Ky)
Tiff – Claire was trying to think who he was working with she believe he has Britini and Alyssa
Hannah – she showed the wrong cards to Ky and now Ky has the ammo to send her home
Hannah – if we’re not keeping Brit to the very end I want to keep Claire.

They agree Azah and DF have contributed the least to the six. Hananh says her and Tiff have contributeed the most “up here” (yeah three HOH wins didn’t help)
Hannah – X is our physical competitor, X is our SHield, BIGD, and Azah I don’t know what they do

1:30 am – 2:15 am Kyland go to sleep!

2:15 am Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Can someone please explain the High Roller twist competition they played on Friday?

I heard Kyland got the most points (9) and Derek F got 6 but who else played and do we know their scores? How much did it cost to play and was it one shot or multiple chances at whatever game they had?

Apparently the scores will translate later on to how many times they can bet on someone to win the Veto after they find out who is picked later today (to then win a second Veto)?

If nobody bets correctly then the second Veto rolls over to the following week. Does that mean there would be two powers people could win next week?

I heard something about a roulette power. Did they all see the powers for the weeks to come as well in order to entice some to save for a different power up for grabs later?

I’m sure Sunday’s episode will explain but in the mean time I just find this High Roller twist to be very convoluted and I’m confused so please help a fellow fan out. :'(


Your understanding is better than mine, so thanks for this post! LOL.

My question with the second veto… Does it take place immediately after the first veto or after the renom? In other words, could the veto holder use the veto, then Ky renoms, then the second veto holder gets to use (or not use) the power of veto?

Tony Bologna

We probably won’t know until Wednesday because Sundays episode will likely end with the nominations.


From what they’ve discussed on feeds the first game they played cost $50 to participate – Ky (9), Big D (6), SB (?), Claire (?) & Tiff (0) played. The three I know the points for are in brackets. When the POV players are selected they get to bid on who they think will win the POV with Ky betting first since he has the most points and so on (not sure if Tiff gets to bet since she didn’t earn any points.

If the person wins the POV that they bet on they also win a veto. Conversely if the POV winner isn’t bet on this game rolls over to next week however, it sounded like only the same 5 players could play this game again. The Roulette game they’re speaking of is next week’s game.

Based on DX/Hannah chat that getting $50 in first two weeks wouldn’t be enough to play next week & X/Brit saying you could play this week AND next week but only if you got $100 this week & $75 next week — that means Roulette costs $125 to play The final prize is the Coup D’Etat & has something to do with a coin flip (assume that means replace both noms after POV is played) & my GUESS is will cost between $225 (3 weeks of $75) or $300 to play.

In terms of the fan votes what we know is $100 winners were Big D & Baby D, $75 Xavier & $50 was Azah, Ally, SB, Ky & Claire got $50. The trio of Tiff, Hannah & Brit all say they got $75 but one of them had to get $100 & the house believes it’s Brit although it’s feasible either Tiff or Hannah could be lying.

If you’re like me & in flabbergasted at the prospect of couch/Brit winning $100 we have to remember a ton of votes come from casual fans. Another Name broke down how Brit was given a contradictory edit from realty. As for couch – it’s still puzzling given episode aired him calling Tiff a b*tch repeatedly but his Dad was a famous boxer, lots of people in Philly voted for him, anti Tiff fans contingent & there was an active social media campaign for him as well (UGH – must’ve been IKEA sponsored).

I’m annoyed b/c it sends the message what he’s doing in the game is appreciated — anyone who believes that will have to share those thoughts with me. Granted, this week he is invested more offering to go OTB instead of Azah/Brit and playacting that he’s the target. I’m not sure how many are truly buying it — especially when his Joker teammate & BFF Brit didn’t even play in the comp so she clearly doesn’t think he’s in danger.

Hope that helps.


EDIT: Roulette probably costs $100 & what X/Brit meant is if you played this week ($50) you’d have $25 left over & would need to get $75 next week to play that game. THAT makes more sense b/c otherwise a hamster who only gets $50 every week would only be eligible to play the first game.

On the next page San Diego Gal notes the Coup D’Etat costs $250 so ONLY players who get the $100 all 3 weeks or no worse than two weeks of $75 & one week of $100 could play for it.


Thank you that helped a lot.

I hope someone good wins the Coup d’etat!


I think it’s absurd that DF got $100 in the twist that is an absolute joke. I mean the guy is a freaking COASTER AND has done nothing but sleep and threaten people while he sits on his ass!


I like him, and now I know I’m not alone. He is fun to watch on the episodes, no one knows what he is going to do next, and that keeps a certain degree of unpredictability in the game. I think he is one of the most valuable player in terms of entertainment.


Random thoughts:

#1 – As of now, X is in the best position to win this game.

#2 – Alyssa is already batting her eyelashes at X (to quote Another Name). Just wait until she finds out he’s a lawyer. Considering that Christian is still living with his parents, I give her 5 minutes after the finale to dump Christian and saunter over to X.

#3 – For the love of God (and Simon & Dawg), Ky needs to sleep. And lose the ability to speak.

#4 – I have a hard time believing DF won $100. The HGs keep saying he has great DRs, but is that really true? I can see the casuals voting for DX and even Brit, but DF?!

#5 – I will say that DF has been vertical more in the past 3 days than the first five weeks, so credit for that. Plus, he’s had several good reads.

#6 – Why is everyone afraid to p%ss-off X by putting up Alyssa? (Refer back to #1). X’s argument is that he would lose two people in a row. I’d argue that’s because he’s the only one who had two people.

Overall, I am happy to have a cast that is playing the game. We’ve made it into the jury phase with more game talk (and less IG followers or meet-and-greet talk) than the entire past two seasons combined.

Hopeful for a Good Season

I do like X’s game play. But I worry for him, his name has come out of DX and Kys mouth. Hope he wins tho.


I’m loving your sexist random thoughts btw


Correct me if I’m wrong HOH nominates, then if needed renominates. Then the house votes. So why do people think they can control HOH? DF needs realize Ky is in a tricky situation. If he gets off then he can vote to save and campaign for whoever. You never have total control. I thought Tiff’s game was awesome because she was a puppet master undercover but last week she was bossy. It weakened her game. Now her pawn is in n danger. X has been playing smart but need start winning competitions. Though some of his connections have been bad for his game(Kings) at least last week and this week has been interesting, Brit winning veto and today will depend on who wins today and second veto. What a season.


Boring season. Not watching anymore