Claire “F**k maybe I should have picked myself so people would have an incentive to help me win.”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto:
Power of Veto Ceremony:

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12pm HOH room – Alyssa, Hannah and Kyland
They’re planning out their strategy for the upcoming OTEV competition. Hannah – Correct me if I am wrong but if you, (Alyssa), you (Ky) or Big D were to win this competition the outcome would be exactly the same but then the power would no longer be in play. That is why you two have to win but if Claire or Big D win ..its not the end of the world. Ky – exactly, if any of the four win we are okay but the top top preferred is us two. I am trying not to be selfish but I want to win it. Alyssa – if you want it go for it. Hannah – you two should just duke it out and let the best man win. ALyssa – obviously I would feel better winning it than throwing it. Like I would feel better if I won it fair and square. If you want to go for it, f**king go for it! They figure Big D will be following them for the right answer. Ky – if you find two .. me and Claire but if Claire and I are already up there you can give one to Big D too. Hannah and Ky disguise a plan for Hannah to signal the answers to the OTEV questions from the sidelines using her fingers to represent the evicted house guests.

12pm Bedroom – Claire and Tiffany.
Tiffany – They are tight, they are tight! You’ve got this Claire! This is your comp! GO out there and focus on you. Don’t focus on anyone else. Claire – you focus on what he (OTEV) says because that is always a question later in a vote. I’m sure SB will be doing that. Tiffany – Okay, I will. This game is so damn crazy Claire! Just go win it. Claire leaves. Tiff to the camera – Hi America, I don’t want to lose Claire not right now. Not when there are other people in there that can go out before her. Claire is working very closely with me. And I know I can stop her from putting any of the six on the block whereas the rest of the others I don’t know about. Ky is playing a very good game. He is trying to pull me back in closer. I am going to continue to work closely with him but I will still sleep with one eye open. I am not a fool. I know that Ky is going to play for what is best for his personal game. And he knows that I am best for his personal game. Big D is not in jeopardy of going home so the only person that is in jeopardy is Claire .. and with these powers I don’t know. This is hard. The reality is at some point all of our pawns have to go home. If I have to lose her, I have to lose her. Derek X, I love Derek X. I really want him in this game for as long as I can keep him. He is very smart and he is going to start catching on. He can never catch on to the fact that I know everything that is going on and that I am just not telling him. I don’t want to see him going on the block either. And X doesn’t want to lose Alyssa either. Brit joins them.

12:25pm HOH room – Britini and Kyland.
Brit – the only time you’re going to go for it is if you’re nominated. Kyland – I don’t think anyone beyond the noms would use it. Brit – I mean I am going to be honest with you .. it looks really appealing. Ky – well if you’re on the block. Brit – correct but the other part of it is if you win, you’re safe. Ky – oh you’re safe no matter what. Got it! That is a factor. I didn’t realize that. Brit – I am going to be honest with you I looked at the veto derby and then I looked at my left. You are guaranteed safety with that one. Because you’re not safe with the coin flip. Ky – yeah but no one knows you did the coin flip. Brit – correct. Even winning the coin of destiny does not mean you’re safe. Ky – I didn’t think about that.

12:30pm Bedroom – Tiff, Hannah and Claire.
Hannah tells Claire that ALyssa & Ky are thinking of handing pieces to each other and Azah so that Britini doesn’t win. Claire – okay. But not to me? Hannah – I think Kyland wants to pull you in on the plan so that you can also do it. Claire – yeah, okay. Hannah – Alyssa is going to hand her pieces to Ky to hand DF or Azah if she finds two. Claire – okay.. so not me. So they want the second veto to be used? Hannah – yes. Claire – so I am the only person going for myself.. fair! F**k maybe I should have picked myself so people would have an incentive to help me win. Hannah – but if Ky wins that good at the same time. Claire – it is. Hannah explains how the others will be gathering piles from back to front. If Alyssa wins, then Brit would have to go home.. its not like we could weigh out our options. Claire – Ky would rather her (Brit) go home than Azah? Hannah – yeah. Claire – So Ky’s best choice is Alyssa winning. Hannah – but then he has such a big ego he is going to try to win. Claire – I am going to try and win this.

1:15pm Bedroom. Xavier, Azah and Big D.
Big D is sleeping. Xavier ties Big D’s shoe laces together.

1:25pm Bathroom. Xavier and Hannah.
Hannah – I would prefer if Claire or Big D did not win because if Ky and Alyssa win .. same outcome and the power isn’t up for grabs next week. How do you feel about Ky? Because I stopped talking game with Ky .. I just talk game with you and Tiffany. Xavier – I feel like the whole house is growing more and more suspicious of him. Like people in the six are becoming more suspicious of him and people outside of the six are suspicious of him. I am like dude you are putting yourself in a really difficult spot. Hannah – but because of his ego he doesn’t realize that. Xavier – you giving him Derek was too much. Hannah – he is trying to play a Derek game but he is more of a Devin.. and he is also trying to play a Tyler game in the sense that he wants to be a okay with with every single person in the house. He said this morning that he thinks people would target you before they would target him. I just thought that was interesting. Xavier – do I think that is the reality .. probably not. He is bringing to much attention to himself. Hannah – he is a liability .. but on the other hand he is a shield because the longer he is in the house the less people are looking at you. Xavier – yeah. 100%!

1:40pm HOH room. Kyland, Derek X, Alyssa and Claire are going through very specific plans on what they will do in the OTEV competition.

2:08pm Living room – Alyssa, Brit
Brit – he can’t put me up after. If I win, I am off .. I am not a person. And unless he wanted me to use my veto it wouldn’t make any sense for Azah to go up if Big D came down. Alyssa – right. Brit – because he knows for a fact that I would take her off. Alyssa – right. Brit – so he wouldn’t want to piss off more people. Alyssa – right.. and then if I win it that means Kyland has the other one. Brit – yeah he goes the first one and then you would get the second. These two veto’s are confusing the sh*t out of me. Alyssa – I totally forgot that you couldn’t even go up .. if you have the other veto. Brit – correct. Alyssa – he would probably put up me. I am a lone wolf. Why wouldn’t he put me up. I don’t have anyone. Brit – but that is a reason not to put you up. Alyssa – but think about how much blood he’s gotten on his hands.

2:27pm HOH room. Derek X, Kyland and Claire.
Claire – okay, veto derby for next week. Okay there are two trains of thought for who people would put up next week. Put up people who don’t have money so they’re non-incentivized to do roulette right?! Who would want to do roulette… for sure the nominees. Or you can assume roulette is being played no matter what. In which case you would just put up two big threats. You would just put up two people that would just go home and that way the random doesn’t matter .. the person will always go home. Derek – Interesting thought.. do we have to big threats that we’re not working with though? Ky – you would put us up? Claire – potentially or you and X. Ky – I think me and X before us two. Claire – yeah I think probably. Derek – that is actually a good thought.

3:13pm Bedroom – Sarah and Kyland embracing..

3:34pm Bedroom – Tiffany and Hannah.
Tiffany – He wants to leads me to believe that we are close. He pretends that that he wants us closer than we are together. He is trying to position me to be his Victoria but its only because if I get close enough to him and anybody else .. he wants to make sure I feel close enough and bonded enough to choose him. But I know he would choose Derek X. He does not want to sit next to me in the final two even if he has won 7 HOH’s and 10 vetos. He doesn’t want to sit next to either one of us because the jury would be full of women and we would all vote for a woman and I didn’t think about that until Claire said that. He doesn’t want to take you, me or Azah. He would not take X. He would lose. He has already sealed his deal with Derek X. There is one thing he has not told me about and that is his deal with Derek F.. that is his true final two.

4:25pm Big Brother switches the feeds to the kitty cams. The Veto is starting now!

6:16pm Still blocked..

6:22pm The feeds return … KYLAND and ALYSSA won the vetos! (two)

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another name

Ky has pitched to both Tiff and Hannah that maybe Dx should go this week?
Ummmm. Mmm-kay.
That’s a curveball I didn’t quite expect him to throw.
I expected X to throw it at Kyland.
I expected Tiff to deflect the possibility. She did. Note: until a guy gives the same opinion, Ky really isn’t listening.
I didn’t expect Ky to throw it to anyone else.
Ky would throw away Dx? Sideye.
He’s now discussed the possibility with Alyssa.

Is he trying to prove to cookout that he isn’t putting himself over the cookout and trying to save SB… by throwing any other of his side allies on the block? Effect: he’s still shielding SB, and he’s looking shady as hell, and losing a jury vote at the same time.

They seem to be saying it’s Otev. the couch is going to Otev. I did not see that coming.
Brit is telling them not to do the pile method that has become the legit accepted game hack of Otev. Ugh.
If Ky wins, Claire wins veto 2. If either nom wins, no 2nd veto, it carries over. If Alyssa wins, Ky wins second veto. If Azah wins, SB wins second veto. Brit wins, Couch wins second veto.
If it is Otev? Couch and speed don’t go together. Claire has always stuck me as incredibly gangly and clumsy… like she went to sleep 5′ tall, and woke up 6′ tall and isn’t used to the length of her limbs. Brit is compact, but doesn’t feel the same desire to win. Azah throws EVERYthing like it is interfering with her bedsitting. I’m not sure what her capability actually is. Ky should not want to win, maybe, kinda, sorta… because if he moves forward with the please X by getting out X’s biggest threat while losing his own guaranteed jury vote? He’s a moron. It will look like Dx was always his bd target.

In making the High Roller so convoluted, they are leaving open the possibility to alter the rules on a dime. This is especially true of when / if the 2nd veto carries over. There is now some talk that the holder of the second veto doesn’t HAVE to use it this week, could hold it in their pocket for use over the next week. House was saying HAD to be used this week or it is dead yesterday. Whatcha doin Grod? Make up your mind.


If X encourages the DX backdoor, then Ky will likely go for it. You’re right that Ky listens to X, whereas he dismisses Tiff and Hannah. Ky won’t even put-up Alyssa for fear of making X mad. Since I’m a fan of DX (and I’m still a Tiff fan, despite her extra dose of crazy), I’m rooting for any combination that leads to the veto not being used.

If Ky does backdoor DX, then he needs to hand X the $750k check and call it a day. The CO will target Ky and nobody else can beat X in a physical or endurance comp.

another name

Alyssa has come to the conclusion that she could be the bd option if she doesn’t win veto.
For some reason she’s never considered herself a renom possibility because X has been telling her she is safe this week.


I haven’t seen the Ky chats with Tiff/Hannah about DX but I don’t know if I trust he’s going to take him out. Sure, I believe he’s contemplating it but my guess is this has more to do with him testing the ladies fealty to him. He might also be trying to set up Tiff to tell DX hoping he’ll run it back to him so he can put Tiff OTB.

It’s absolutely STUPID to take out DX this early especially since Baby D really does have this unnatural desire to be in a bromance with Ky & go at least F3 with him. IF Ky back doors DX it might offer initial incentives appeasing Big D, X & Ally but the negative impacts are far greater. It tells the Detectives/Hannah that his alliances don’t mean sh*t. He’s lost DX & Claire’s jury votes (which might not seem like a big deal atm but it will be if two Cookout members sit beside each other). And let’s not forget DX who would be devastated can BLOW UP Ky’s game BIG TIME.

He’s already looking super shady about wanting to dictate every move in the house. You can’t have these condescending discussions with your own allies (Tiff, Hannah, Azah) essentially demanding transparency & then operate in total secrecy.

I wonder if he cut the player America is most enamored with how that would impact the Cookout. I think it would result in three of Brit, Claire, SB & Ally winning $100 next week with the other getting $75 as fans rebel. That will be a message TC can’t ignore!

Only Big D of TC isn’t worried about Ky pushing his personal agenda b/c he’s still buying his F2 with him. The other four believe he’s willing to cut them to keep SB. The other factor we can’t ignore is what Big D has lamented since week 2 — gender. IF Baby D leaves this week the realignment will be SEVEN females, TWO male competitors & ONE couch! Could cutting DX result in an uprising? Certainly Hannah, Azah, Tiff, Ally & Claire already have issues with him. Would the ladies say hmm perhaps it’s time to cut the two powerful men down by one!

I could see them doing it with Hannah/Tiff/Azah doing damage control after the fact with Big D/X. They could even tell him Ky was already trying to set up X’s oust.

It’s probably not in the cards b/c of the Cookout – but you know the ladies have to be thinking about it.

another name

The improv holding the cards up in front of their faces.
Brit holds the Brit card up over her face.
That’s not the way this is played.


I’ve only watch four seasons of BB so I had to go to YouTube to remember Otev. That is a difficult competition and I don’t look forward to seeing DF compete. Ky, Claire and Brit probably stronger to win the competition. I hoping Claire

another name

The original Otev wasn’t nearly as difficult. No ramp. no water Just six people rooting through bushes and running back to kneel on pillows. It was potentially more strategic, where people could join together to make it like a knock out comp.


Yes, no water or ramp, but still a brutal battle. If my memory serves correctly, there was a knock-down, drag-out rumble with Janelle and James trying to get the tile from the other in OTEV.

another name

voodoo dolls i think, wasn’t it? They got into a shoving match over the wrong doll, resulting in him pushing her back and her kicking him while they were fighting over the same wrong answer (i think that was the order of actual physical part, it’s been a few years since I saw it). He was already crying foul, just like in their previous season. The two of them had a majorly disfunctional relationship from the jump a season earlier.
The way they attempted to play it as a knockout was two other people were telling her where the dolls were that they’d hidden because the plan was to throw the veto to her.


Oh yeah, I think you’re right that it was the voodoo dolls! Gosh, the comps have gotten more elaborate over the years, but I think the HGs have gotten softer. Some of the comps in the earlier seasons were brutal and the HGs were relentless.

Sir Kirby Williams

James was harmed. Look! Harm.


Have the hamsters finally woken up to the fact the Jokers trio is a problem? Having a voting block of three is concerning with 11 hamsters remaining but there are other considerations. Brit specifically, is becoming a major problem. First, there is her new developed negotiating ability to be safe. While everyone felt guilty about putting her through more block trauma – learning she was just acting has woken Tiff/X (who I’m guessing shared this intel with allies). Plus the unpredictable Brit appears to be one of the $100 recipients.

The funny part is Big D & Azah are her victims b/c they believe poor Brit is distraught so they cater to console her. I wonder how they would feel if they knew Brit volunteered for the block to help take out her F2 partner Christian and all of last week was an act! Question: if you’re Big D aren’t you pissed she didn’t play in this weeks comp to try to help save you?

All three Jokers are playing in OTEV today and that led to Ky developing a strategy to knock Brit out early. Ky, Ally, Big D (and later Claire was brought in ONLY b/c Hannah gave her the head’s up). If any of them find two name plates they are to pass it to Ally first, then Ky & DF so they can knock out the lady Jokers first. Umm Ky could you be more obvious?

Meanwhile Brit, Azah & Big D are also discussing using bodily force to knock out players – – HELLO this is OTEV not NFL lol. Besides — am I the only one who envisions the couch having a really tough time getting up that OTEV ramp?

Is Mr. Micromanager doing way too much & won’t it only have a negative impact? Sure, I get why he wants to own both POVs but all his extra plus lack of transparency is unnecessary. For sure he got SB to bet on Azah thinking that would get her to throw HOH in order to keep SB open as a renom option. But betting on Ally to win & then constructing the plan to help her win the POV gives the impression he made a deal with X/Ally. And if that’s the result with Claire remaining on the block he’s just lost DX as an ally, Claire’s jury vote & likely will piss off each of Tiff, Hannah & Azah who all would prefer someone other than Claire leaving this week.

It’s situations like this where I bemoan the Cookout. If it didn’t exist I could envision the quintet of Ally, Tiff, DX, SB, and even the unpredictable Brit banding together to vote out Big D as each has their own issues with him (except Brit – but she’s easily manipulated).

another name

I thought Couch and Azah and Brit discussed beforehand that neither Azah nor Brit should play in the High Roller.


I smell another Azah sucks at comps on Wednesday’s episode.

another name

Why did Gollum lie to Couch and Bedsitter?
She says that Horse’s Ass told her the Invisible man is the back door.
I don’t understand.
Tiff’s shadow and Dexter think of calling themselves the Young Tenders.
Not an alliance name that acronyms to yts
Grimace face.


Whose Gollum? I can’t figure it out?

another name

Sometimes when I’m annoyed with Brit I call her Gollum due to the level of animation in some of her story telling when she’s trying too hard.
In this case invisible man is X because realistically, no matter how much of a target he is, he’s never seriously in danger.


At this point of the game, the CO’s problem is that no one wants to sacrifice their own pawn. Ky would certainly prefer to keep SB and DX, while Tiff wants to save Claire, X wants Alyssa, Azah and Big D want Brit. There is going to be ongoing posturing going on, esp as the CO does not fully trust each other. They each also have to consider who will be hard to get out once it’s 6, and who is best to sit next to. It makes for a lot of paranoia and resentment amongst them.

Once it gets to 6, X, Tiff, X, Hannah and barely, Ky, are the only real contenders. Then they have to consider if each of the others would want to take Big D or Azah to the final as an easy win. Big D being first choice on that, but if he somehow gets evicted before Azah by happenstance. X is most likely to beast his way through the end.I feel that Hannah is at some disadvantage, as X and Tiff are the ones doing all the strategizing. What I see of her thus far is her full game. I don’t think she’s holding back on planning, and that will be her downfall if this is the best she’s got.

I’m all for supporting their bigger mission, but if Ky wants to win he really needs to consider taking out X at the start of final 6. Really, he should take him out at final 7. At that point there is only one CO member remaining, and most of them are not contenders. He’d then have Tiff and Hannah as true competition, and they may work together to plan his eviction. So he really he needs to start stacking things to his advantage, stepping up his social game with BigD and Azah and the other nonCO HGs. In the absence of all this (and seems unlikely), Tiff or x are the winner, with Hannah as a 3rd possibility.

X seems to be the best overall player. Tiff is solid but too sloppy, messy. No one else is playing at their level.


I agree that Ky, Tiff & Hannah need to take-out X before final 6. If they can bring DX to 7, then they have Ky, DX, Tiff, and Hannah that can all potentially beat X in HOH and Veto. They’d have to cut DX next, but then it’s a clear path to victory cutting Azah and DF. The final three – Ky, Tiff, Hannah – battle it out to see who sits in F2 chairs. Otherwise, if they don’t cut X before final 6, I can’t see any other outcome than him in one of the F2 chairs.


Tiffany talk with Hannah DING DING DING — Yes Ky’s true F2 is the couch!

And with her/Hannah dialing in on that fact it opens the door for the blindside I suggested could happen if Ky cut DX (he won’t IMHO). If one of Claire, Brit or Ally leave this week the house will realign to SIX females, THREE males & a couch.

If the ladies want to keep their advantage it would be best to make the move next week otherwise the men could knock out four women in a row (Claire/SB/Ally/Brit) & enter F7 with three males who can each win out if need be.

Next week would be the ideal date to do it especially if Claire won HOH b/c she wouldn’t be afraid to put Ky/X OTB from the start & if one came down put up Big D. Ky would get DX/SB & Big D’s votes (imagine how X would deal with that) while X would get Azah/Hannah/Ally & Tiff’s votes. (this with the assumption Brit leaves this week).

I know, I know — the Cookout — but I like to think of the alternative options for this game to veer in a direction that isn’t eight weeks set in stone.

another name

While I’m agreeing that a set in stone storyline is boring, let’s review the past 2 seasons.
Season 21 was bogusly and unrealistically set in stone from premier until finale. Season 22 was bogusly and unrealistically set in stone from before they even entered the house.
Experience has taught tptb that enough of the viewers are willing to completely suspend disbelief in order to cling to the game show part of reality entertainment programming in the format of a gameshow. It’s been determined that being classified as reality entertainment programming precludes them from strictly being accountable to the rules and laws regarding game shows….. but enough of the viewers will cling to the game show aspect and disregard the reality entertainment programming aspect no matter what.


Can you tell me who is on the block
it looks like Kylan won HOH but not sure
I think people need to pay more attention to miss Tiffany she seems to be playing a good game under the wire. I think


HOH Ky Block Claire and Big D. As for Tiff she has good game strategy but last week she was very sloppy. Whispering in people’s ears and spreading seeds can work but being bossy and talking down to your alliance members does not help.

another name

Ky threw the veto to Alyssa so that he has an ironclad reason not to nominate her.
Ky won the second veto because he bet on Alyssa to win the veto.
He plans, so far, to take Claire off the block and replace her with Brit. (subject to change).

He very obviously threw veto, which has everyone annoyed with him.


Pretty sure he has to stick with Brit b/c his reasoning to Claire ‘was to prove the loyalty/trust” he can’t very well turn around & backdoor DX & have any of the hamsters still believe anything he says.

Besides I do think Tiff got in his head today when she said if Claire leaves I’ll be going on the block with one of the 6. AND Claire inadvertently got in his head when they discussed next week’s power saying people will probably put up two big targets (the wheels were turning as Ky pondered if that means me & X – would I stay whereas if that’s me & DX I would). So yeah I think it’s definitely Brit going b/c he also told Big D that Brit just keeps lying to him (ummm – it’s also Ky so he’d rather take out a female is my guess).

AND finally we know right from the start it’s been a bad week for him by going back on throwing the comp — and then that uber awkward Azah chat. My guess is he’d rather have Azah mad at him than Tiff lol.

Hopeful for a Good Season

What will they do with the vetos


I hate that ky is making others say shit to cover his own ass pisses me off

Betty Stephens

Are Brit, Clair, SB and Alyssa ever in a room at the same time or they being kept separated.