Big Brother 18 Week 12 Nominations Results “I’m not going to just hand them the 500K!”

POV Holder: ? POV Competition Sept 12th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Sept 12th
HOH Corey Next HOH Sept 15th
Original Nominations: Vic AND Paul
After POV Nominations: ? AND ?
Have Nots ?

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Corey Nominated: Paul & Victor

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 19-11-41-972

6pm – 6:10pm The live feeds return from nominations. Nicole, Corey and James in the HOH room. Nicole asks James you swear to god you’re not going to use the veto if you win it? James says hell no. I would rather cut my right arm off. Nicole tells Corey his speech was really good. Corey says come on guys I need a hug. They hug. Nicole says they’re hurt. Corey – they’re just hurt. Nicole – strategically it didn’t make sense to put James up. Corey – oh that didn’t even cross my mind. We need to study and we need to win that veto. Nicole – we need to win the veto but worst case we still send one of them home. Corey – we just have to win next HOH and veto regardless. It had to be done. Nicole – they would have done it to us. Corey – 100% I would have expected it. James – great move! Nicole – they’re going to try and pull you (James) now. James – I don’t think so. Nicole I would rather they be mad .. .than hurt. Corey – I’m not going to just hand them the 500,000! James says either way 1 of them are going this week. If I go up, you guys control the votes. Corey – I hope the eviction is Sunday… I don’t want to wait till Thursday. Nicole – Vic didn’t want to hug me at all. We’re down to final five .. what do they expect!? Once you talk to them they’ll be fine. They handled it better than I thought they would. I thought they would say something. Corey – I’m not going to turn my back on someone (James) that I’ve been cool with since day 1. They didn’t even talk to us until Nicole won HOH. James – The BB community will be happy you did it. Corey – my momma didn’t raise no b***h!

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 19-21-50-571

6:25pm HOH room – Nicole – strategically it didn’t make sense to keep them. James says they had to know. You’re not going to just set them up to win the game. Nicole – Third times the charm. James – I hope so. I have a feeling Corey is going to win the veto. James – they’re in the kitchen .. I want to go down and make my omelette but I’m scared. James – its hard when they didn’t do anything to you. Corey – Victor lied to me. Nicole – 6 times on the block, twice evicted .. One of them has to go. Nicole – they thought we were a final 4 deal. Corey – why would they think that… they went to everyone with deal.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 19-33-58-286

6:40pm – 6:50pm Paul comes up to the HOH room to talk. Corey says I was going to come down and talk to you after things cooled down. Paul – its all good. Vic is pissed. Corey – I hope ya’ll understand its strictly strategic. Paul – yeah, but I do want to bounce ideas around with you. I get it. But my question is… Vic is a great competitor. I’m not. I’m assuming James stays .. and one of us that remains. From a game perspective the out come would have been the same. Corey says if you both stayed .. you’re up against Nicole. Paul says but then there’s the veto. Corey – right but with both of you in the veto … my odds of winning are way down here. Paul – James is a good competitor too. Nicole – the way he thought of it was if James is up and one of you comes down .. then I go up. Paul – Vic plays emotionally .. he is sad. The only think he’s said so far is that he wouldn’t have done that to you guys. Corey – I would have expected it. Vic even said whoever sits next to me in the final 2 is screwed. Paul – I get it. And I get that we’re both strong competitors. Paul – he’s hurt .. he’s not mad .. he’s bummed. I just wanted to see if it was salvageable. None of us are mad. I figured it was an option that could happen. Don’t beat yourself up for it. Corey – I am. Vic lied straight to my face.. and I don’t care about that. Nicole – we literally saved each other for 5 weeks.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 19-45-11-964

7pm – 7:15pm Paul tells Corey to call Vic up here. Corey goes to call VIc up to the HOH room. Vic joins them. Corey – It wasn’t easy to do that. I know you’re hurting. It hurt me to do it. It was 100% strategic. If I didn’t put both of you up and one of you came down .. then Nicole would go up. It would be stupid not to vote her out to break us up. For my game I had to .. It would be stupid not to. Vic says I get where you’re coming from. I would have put one of you up with James. You two are mentally and physically the two best players in the house. In the double eviction I didn’t put you guys up. And she didn’t either. Vic says You can’t say that, I’ve been HOH 3 times and didn’t do that. That’s fine but going into the next HOH the odds are that whoever stays teams up win James. The end result is the same. You took the shot first. If I stay or he stays the shots are still coming back that way. When I leave things will be good but right now I can’t see you as friends. If I stay I am gunning hard and will be relentless and ruthless. I swear to god if we weren’t on the block we would have sent James home. Corey says I think it would have just been too tempting to send Nicole home. You said it to me .. anyone sitting in the final 2 with me (Vic) is screwed. Vic – you feel you have a better shot at sitting next to James and Nicole. Corey – Yes, I have no shot against you guys. Vic – I get it .. just know where we stand next week .. which ever one of us is here. You hit me with a blindside and that hurts. Corey – I haven’t even picked a target. Vic says oh I know if I’m sitting next up there I am going home… because of my comp wins. Unevictable. Corey – it hurts my heart. Vic – its okay .. we can hug. Vic hugs Nicole and Corey and then leaves. Paul tells Nicole and Corey – I’ll work on him.

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7:30pm HOH room Nicole & Corey – Nicole – hopefully I win HOH and you win Veto so that we can choose who we go up against. I can tell you’re just as hurt as Victor. There was no better move out there. I know Paul would have done the same thing. Vic plays with his heart and loyalty.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-09 20-15-36-094

8pm Corey, James and Vic are in the kitchen talking about random things. James talks about flirting with 21 year old girls in the bar. They’re old enough to get in .. its not on me if they have fake ids. Its pretty bad you have to start carding people. Vic – before you bring them home. James – yeah. One time could f**k your life up.

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132 thoughts on “Big Brother 18 Week 12 Nominations Results “I’m not going to just hand them the 500K!”

  1. I know that many people only cheer for those who win comps, but they forget that the everyday life in the house is a comp itself. So I don’t mind seeing James in the F2, and hopefully that he will win.

    1. James thinks the “bb community” is happy ratcole or slutcole (whichever you may prefer), and goat burner put up Paul and Vic….
      At least he came up with something that actually made me laugh for once. That guy is delusional on so many different levels.

        1. Vic told Corey that he was into guys. Then he started that whole Cuban/Puerto Rican thing by hanging all over Ratcole. Corey figured it out that Vic likes girls but he hasn’t told him yet. That’s what the confusion is all about.

      1. Nicole and Corey are flabbergasted (I couldn’t think of a better word) that Paul and Vic thought they had a final 4 deal with them! Corey-why would they even think that? Maybe the name of your alliance? Maybe because there’s all the 4 of you have talked about for 2 weeks? Idiots!!

        1. Nicole is already doing damage control on BBAD saying “Corey I know your hurting as much as Vic”…..uh your goatburner boyfriend could give a shit about Vic or you Nicole……please Paul/Vic rat out Coreys saying Nicole is just a warm v#gina to pass the time till he can get back to his boyfriend Dylan hes dreamy.

    2. James is probably a nice guy, but I don’t think he even deserves to be on this show. He is boring and so pathetic always begging for America to vote him AFP. I can’t understand what viewers see in him. I hope this is his ‘last rodeo’ on BB.

  2. Well, good game move. Not that I’m a Corey/Nic fan but they should have targerted Paul and Vic last week but luckily Corey won HOH so better late than never.

    1. corey and nicole just needed to stay off the radar last week. james/natalie were targeting paul/vic, and vice versa. if corey had actually won that comp they would have had to make a tough decision that had the potential to split the house 3-2 against them (similar to how it just broke for paul/vic).

    2. Nicole is a good player, and she is sweet. Give her credit. James is truly nice and liked by fans. Glad loud mouthed Paul and Vic got nominated. They became bullies a bit.

  3. No Corey, she raised a pu**y, who is going to hide and avoid Vic and Paul. Gonna hide behind Nicole, cuz your scared. Go kill another goat tuff guy

    1. To me its really is shitty to f#ck people you make a final 4 with then pretend you had to make this move because they would do same to you… Vic and Paul would have kept their word until final 4……Plus goatburner really didnt win the power to do so..without any doubt it was production who won the Veto and HOH for him to pull this move …..just sucks for those 2 guys which both played harder and entertained us as well…..that carries more weight with me than laying in bed all f#cking season playing finger hockey or James annoying needy bullshit with Nat…..PISSED!

      1. This is a season that has been outstanding for broken promises. One of the leaders in that regard was Vic, so I’m not weeping in my beer about this, should have happened earlier. Anything else would be handing them the game.

      2. Last week it was all “Nicole and Corey are idiots for not targeting Victor and Paul. They don’t deserve to win.”

        This week it’s all “How dare Corey and Nicole target Victor and Paul! Victor and Paul would have kept to their word! Corey and Nicole are snakes who don’t deserve to win!”

        But if they didn’t target Victor and Paul it would have been all “What idiots! If they were smart and deserved to win the game, they would have targeted the strongest duo in the house – Victor and Paul!”

        … Sighhh. :/

    1. Obviously she raised a big ol bitch who listens to Taylor Swift……that says a mouthful……something Corine knows a thing or 2 about!

    2. Oh, so you think Nicole is stronger than Victor & Paul and he’s a bitch for not nominating her? I thought everyone here thought she was an idiot. So if he put Nicole on the block he would be playing the best game and you wouldn’t be calling him an idiot for not nominating Victor & Paul, the strongest duo in the house, right?


      I like Victor & Paul just as much as the next guy, but the reasons people come up with to hate on Big Brother house guests are so utterly ridiculous.

  4. Victor has to win VETO or get James to keep him.
    James and Victor F2 = Victor wins


    Paul wins HOH next, James wins VETO, evict Corey
    James and Paul F2 = Paul wins


  5. Nicole is playing a smart game and deserves to win, even though I disliked her, she is in the best position to be in the finals.

    1. Its hilarious that people give credit to Nicole for this move or that move this season….,it is obviously rigged like no other season before for her and James……Do you really think Paul thought it was a good game move to keep James and sit back and not even argue or even threaten those 2 if they backstabbed them…..or ignore a megaphone revelation…….the only ones that thought that was a good move was production.

  6. It’s a good game move. And Vic and paul were just talking about taking nicory out. So to bad so sad. It’s a game, get over it. Cry babies. They got boned. That’s life. Win the veto save yourself. If not, oh well one of you are going home.

    1. Wasn’t it just last night Paul was saying he’s dying to bone after BB. Well your wish came true a little earlier. You’ve been boned by Ichorey.

      Time to rip off your nutsack and glue them to your forehead as you bang your head against the wall.

      Enjoying my glass of chianti. heh heh heh

  7. Corys mom didn’t raise no bitch …. She raised a dumb ass! Victor will win the veto and Paul will be evicted. Next HOH victor wins, as Cory can’t play, victor puts up Cory and Nicole. And guess what? James votes out Cory! He just handed Nicole a final two. WAY TO GO DUMB ASS!! CBS will make the final HOH for either James or Nicole to win. Soooooo sick of both of them.

  8. If you watched the McGuyver comp and still think this stuff is real, then I hope you have a life full of lollipops and moonbeams. Bless your heart.

  9. Are the Live Feeds on right now: 10:48pm EST / 7:48 PST / 7:48 Big Brother Time

    At CBS Live Feed link, I am getting the message:

    “Live Fees will air tonight 10:00 PST” Meaning, Live Feeds will air Midnight EST

    However, I see these update on Big Brother Online – so – it makes it looks as though Live Feeds are currently available.

    Thanks for anyone willing to take the time to explain if Live Feeds are currently available – or if Live Feeds are blocked until 10:00 PST / Big Brother Time and Midnight EST

  10. Corey: why would they think we have a final 4 deal?

    oh, i don’t know. The fact that you gave it a name, had a secret sign, hugged it out, kept referring to it, stuff like that sure must be confusing.

  11. What? Paul and Victor didn’t say anything. They should all be yelling right now with James standing off to the side with his eyes really wide trying not to get involved. James probably can’t believe he is going to be in a final 4 after all. Now if Victor and Paul can talk James into working with them if he wins veto. He could take one of them down, up goes nicole and they have the votes to get her out and James makes Nat very happy. It could happen.

    1. At this point Paul and Vic probably want to go to jury just to have something to do. There is nothing to do in the house but play yet another game of dominos. Nicole, Corey, and James are all boring and they both know that CBS isn’t going to let either of them win.

      Vic will be sadder to go then Paul, not because of loyalty but because he really thought that he and Corey were friends. I think he would have been less hurt if Paul put him up really, as their friendship has always been about surviving in the game more then actually liking each other.

      So Corey is an asshole, Nicole is a puppet, and James is just floating along and letting the producers play the game for him. The last few weeks will be spent with them napping, as none of them have ever had an original thought in their lives and they have no idea how to entertain themselves. Sounds like great TV. So excited to watch it (sigh).

  12. At this adds some drama to these late weeks.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if James won HOH next week he targets Corey.

    1. I appreciate your positivity but Production is completely running all houseguests games at this point……except maybe Victor……they just ignore him!

      1. James may try to 1-up Caleb on this upcoming Veto comp and actually lay down once it starts.
        It’s those competitive juices and drive to be the best that make him such a fan favorite!!

  13. I love it when u fuck some over and then spend the rest of the day justifying it. “They would have done it to us” wow nicole slither, slither, this is why i said to simon and dawg u don’t get credit for pulling the wool over morons who just watched bb in sequester

  14. Good game move to see Corey nominate Vic and Paul. BUT, I’m upset because Vic and Paul deserve to win more than the other floaters. Here’s to hoping for a miracle and neither go home.

    1. Annoyed,
      James is a floater? Who got out Frank? Who got out Paulie? Who got out Victor twice? James!
      Seems he has a pretty good resume to show if he makes F2.

      1. BigJacket,

        Oh please. Ratting (to Paulie and Nicorey) and pranking does not scream legendary BB player. He’s delusional think he going to win AFP because he “played the game that America wanted him to play.” Where’s Rachel when you need her so she can tell them to grab a life vest.

  15. You’re right, Nicole. Why would Paul and Victor think you had a final four deal with them? Other than the fact you were in an alliance called Final Four with them, there was no other compelling evidence of this final four deal of which you speak. Oh, you’re lying about it because James is there, and James is your best friend. Yeah, I lie to my best friend too (no I don’t).

    I’m looking forward to Paul having a hissy fit. They’re so funny. And I like Paul too. I just like watching him squirm for some reason. I imagine Bilbo Baggins would have a similar hissy fit if he missed his third breakfast, but with fewer swears.

  16. I’ll gain some respect for James if he wins the veto and uses it. That way he controls who goes home. Most likely he’ll throw it. Even if he wins I doubt he would use it. Worthless

    1. James would be dumb to throw it. Corey won’t put up Nicole if Paul or Vic wins and takes himself off. James would go up. Trusting Nic and Corey should be the last thing on his mind.

      1. True. If James were to win it, he could keep himself and one of them safe. Corey would be forced to put up RATCOLE and they could vote her out.

        Now that I would watch.

  17. Love the twists & turns & the emotional roller coaster in the house. Now the shoe is in the other foot. Vaul done f’cked up working with Nicorey.

    1. I’m disappointed that Paul just said he wasn’t going to do pots and pans cuz he didn’t want Corey and Nicole to feel uncomfortable. WTF! We have been waiting for this. Production needs to tell them to start fighting right now cuz thats what America wants. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want anyone to draw blood but they have insulting everyone why stop now. Corey and Nicole deserve to be confronted. They are like final 4 addicts they can’t stop making them.

  18. I could accept this as part of the game if I didn’t feel like production had influenced this. It was so clear that Corey was giving help in the last veto. I really hope Victor gets afp and Paul makes it to the final two.

  19. Its so obvious that Nicole and James had some sort of alliance beforehand. Ugh if those 3 (Corey, Nicole, James) are in the finals when they did nothing all summer but lay in bed and chased a showmance,it will be one of the worst Final 3 ever. The only reason they’re winning now is because of production and because there’s no one left in the house so eventually they had to win.

    1. i don’t think he was given help, i think he was given a fantastic edit. everyone else was shown confused and stumbling around. There is no way he was putting it together as fast as they make it seem. and i think he talked about it as well, because the only thing he knew at first was he needed to get water into where the key is because the thing on it would float.

      am hoping vic wins the veto, i figure it means paul will go, but paul is going to be OK with that. if vic is in the house, then he will be 90% likely to win the HOH, since his main competition is nicole. it will probably be a mental comp, but i can’t even think of what is the most likely HOH comp at this stage with only 4 playing. still at this point, best case scenario is vic wins. we know that james won’t be voted out because corey will have the tie breaker. maybe james wins the next HOH

      I think it is obvious vic would not have put up nicorey for one of nicorey to go. anyone who thinks otherwise has not been watching the BB, the feeds, the recaps or After Dark. he is a bit like James, in that he’ll believe what someone usually nicole tells him, and then just goes forward with that even tho it isn’t in his own best interest down the road. it is not in james best interest to go F3 with nicorey. It is in his best interest to break that pair up, but let’s face it, there are 2 pairs that need breaking, and right now he’s got easy access to breaking vic/paul so why mess with that.

      i wonder what vic and paul will be talking about tonight. I wonder if either one of them will be sincerely apologizing to natalie for the way they dismissed what she was saying, and how she apologized about it. I wonder if they will now see how easily nicole manipulated them into believing her, while they were sitting smugly thinking about how it would never happen to them, and had natalie not turned on them etc etc. well, just a reminder that had vic/paul not turned on jatalie, then neither of them would be on the block right now because corey would probably be out of the house while they work with natalie and james, two people they could probably easily beat to the finish line.

      1. How can you say Corey did not get help with that POV. Did you not see him enter the room, not even look at the manhole cover , just go straight for the right pipe. Even Nicole said that production tried to help her. Why do you think they had ear pieces. They had to help him or Nat would of won, production didn’t want that! Open your eyes!

  20. If Corey & Nicole were smart they would have gone to Vic & Paul before the ceremony and told them the noms. Corey should have explained he “can’t risk Nicole going on the block, she’s my ride or die just like you guys are ride or dies. I’m confident 1 of the 2 of you or Nic or I will win POV so we can take someone down & put James up. I have every intent of pulling 1 of you off if I get veto. I just know if 1 of you was up originally with James and the other 1 of you won, you’d save each other and I’d have to put Nic up. This is just the only way I can absolutely prevent Nicole going up.” Even if it’s not true, a) I think they would buy it & I think Vic would even understand it and maybe be cool with it since he seems to be loyal & a pretty decent human being and b) it would likely prevent a major blowup & possibly keep Paul & Vic from thinking they were flat out betrayed. Now Paul & Vic are going to be out for blood.

    1. This is almost what I was thinking word for word!! Sometimes the truth and common sense should be your game play in this game of lies and deception!! It is absolutely the only way for him to keep Nic safe as long as James plays nice!!

  21. Win that veto !!!!! Just like Frank in 14 it just bugs me when someone is so trusting and believes what people tell him. Then stab him in the back. I know it’s the game but I can’t help that I always root for that person. Paul and Vic to me deserve final 2. James and Nic and Corey’s game worked but I just can’t stand that type of game. It will be a disappointment if James Nicole or Corey are in final 2. They didn’t fight the entire game. Paul and Vic have. I’m not so sure Paul didn’t lose this HOH knowing Vic was the bigger target over him. And then he can still play next HOH.

    1. You’re right. Vic is very similar to season 14 Frank. I just watched that season, I’m actually about to watch the final episode. Can’t believe I didn’t see the similarities!

  22. I find it ridiculous that Nicole and Corey have been saying that they could beat victor in final 2 by saying the point of the game is never to be evicted. But yet they are targeting him instead of Paul, who like them has never been evicted so surely if they truly believe their logic then Paul should be the bigger threat!

    At the end of the day, everyone can win comps, especially in final 5 and later. For instance season 13. When Adam, worst competitor ever, managed to pull out a veto and HOH win against Rachel Reilly, comp beast.

    So by logic Paul should be the biggest threat to nicorey

  23. So they completely shit on Natalie and James for sending Vic home and Nicole and Corey put them up and Paul is all meh, whatever?

  24. That Corey boy makes me want to pull out my dentures and vomit! He’s a complete jerk talking about other girls as if Nicole doesn’t even exist.

    Wake up you dummy!

    Now don’t get me wrong. That Nicole girl is behaving like a little hussy right along with Corey under those sheets (none of us are in the dark CoCo), but, seriously? Corey could show a bit more respect or at least throw some appreciation her way.

    And he thinks his mama didn’t raise a little bitch???? Well, she sure raised a big ass****!

    Coco will likely be celebrating under the covers again tonight, too! God I wish James would tell Nicole what Corey’s been saying!

  25. This is such bullshit that your stupid site isn’t working, i’m $6 for these piece of shit feeds and you can’t even get your site to work properly for me to access it? Fuck this shit, has anyone else been having problems getting on the CBS site?

  26. Yes, backstabbing is part of game but these dishonest couple of James and Nicole have ruined this season. No Corey, you have not been a close bud with James since day 1. That is just what you have to say for production

  27. How stupid is Cory ?? Nicole already told him she can’t take him to final two as everyone likes him and hates her. She’s taking Paul or James. I really can’t stand watching nicole sucking on that straw. Looks like she’s practicing for tonight!

  28. would it have been better for v/p to work with nat and James the weaker players? Even keeping Michelle who would have targeted Nicole?

  29. Nicole…………..”one of us have to win veto” {another of Nicole’s Sherlock’s strategic moments}…………..I am sure production will come through for you again! This was my favorite Reality Show……but last several season have been too “much productions with favorites”. Giving people good edits who don’t deserve it, others crappy edits that don’t deserve it. When Paulie is in the house and Vic gets called a “douchebag” you know there is something seriously wrong
    I wish CBS would pull a Rachel and Jordan stunt and give Vic and Paul a chance to win and put Nicole and James on the block. Nicole, James nor Corey have a strategic bone in their body, however, they do have DR telling them what to do and say! So sad BB has come down to this!!

  30. BOO HOO…..all you Vic/Paul leeches!

    Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. Production fixes, they didn’t play the game the way I wanted them to, pre-game conspiracies…………STFU………….Never Cared! Why don’t you all just stop watching if you hate it so much.

    James for the win….or at least AFP!

    1. It’s very naive to think the returners did not contact each other to discuss the season before playing. Everyone that played All-Stars went in with a pre-alliance. Nicole’s mother has admitted talking to James on the phone prior to the start of this season. Now why would Nicole’s mother have reason to be on the phone with James? Does she need a good recipe for squirrel soup?

  31. Corey is not an idiot. In a final two with Vic or a final two with Paul, Corey would lose, but in a final two with either James or Nicole then Corey has a better chance. Nothing personal Paul and Vic. It is just a game.

    1. Then he shouldn’t be all “aww shucks” about it. “My momma didn’t raise no b*tch–” then who did?! Who even is this guy? He has no personality, no facial expressions or depth–he’s like Play-Doh..

  32. I wish I could be with each of them when they watch all the feeds after this is over and they realize how bad they look for the things they say and for how they acted (especially Z and Michelle), And to see their reaction when they realize who actually said what. I used to love it in the past when the pre jury people got to call out those on the jury during the finale but it seems that Production put a stop to that awhile ago. I wonder why they don’t have a reunion show a few months later so they can all call each other out after they find out what really went on in the house. You wanna talk about entertaining drama….that would be it!

    1. I agree, I think it would be so entertaining as well as high ratings for CBS if they had a two hour reunion show a couple f weeks after the finale…all cast members would have had to watch their full season…….it’d be interesting to see what they think about their misplaced trusts….

  33. I guess my biggest problem with Nicole and Corey is they made a Final Four deal and went against it. Nicole even flirted with Vic last few weeks and ribbed her fingers through his hair and giggled right back at him when he flirted with her. Her and Corey just laid in bed having sex acts under the covers and then floated to the place they are now. This ending kills me. I hope Vic wins every comp here on out. Just for my satisfaction, I don’t want to see Nicole or James get any money at all.

    1. That’s Nicole’s strategy — stroking a man’s hair and ego, giggling, flipping her hair. Then BOOM, the snake bites her victim with the sweetest venom. She’s already planning her strike against Corey if necessary — he won’t know what hit him. If the men don’t strike her first, they’re headed to the jury house.

  34. I definitely don’t want Nicole, Corey, or James to make it to the final 2 but the ultimate scenario at this point would be for Vic to win the veto and take himself off the block. I know that Corey will break the tie by sending Paul out. Then Vic wins the HOH, puts up Nicole and Corey…wins the veto and locks in the noms. James will vote out Corey. Then Vic wins the 1st and 3rd comps in the final HOH and picks James for his final 2. Ohhhh, what sweet revenge for Nicorey to get soooo close to the money only to lose it at the very end! Do I dare hope that Nicorey’s flip on Vic releases the beast in him to kill it in the end??? I hope, I hope I hope!!!

    1. Then maybe a AFP win for Paul or maybe Bridge just to spite James…..he always says AFP is worth more than second place! …….of course it will never happen….. production again.

  35. Since the last two competitions were heavily tilted in Corey’s favor, I think it’s only fair if the next veto competition involves Latin dancing.

    1. Nah I think it Will be a veto that’s who has the most accurate intimate knowledge of the width and depth of nicoles vulva.

    1. James has played a great game, He came into the game as a vet, so immediately is a target. What better way for him to play than to lay low, throw comps, don’t get attention, and be social. It might not be the game you want to watch, but it worked out perfectly for him. He is now final 4, probably final 3, and if he wins the remaining comps, final 2. Along the way, he got attached to Natalie…. But everyone attached to someone in the house. I would think that is the best way to play, to have at least one ally who will rally for you. He got a lot further in the game by the way he played. If he had come out winning comps, he would have been out a long time ago.

  36. I loved James in his previous season, but this season all he has done is been shoved up Natalie’s butt. Almost as much of a floater as she was. Why should he be in final anything? I like James but let’s get real…his head just hasn’t been in the game. The person who has done an astounding job this season is Victor and if he doesn’t get the win, well that’s proof that the game is rigged. Nichols is a snake and I am so sick of her and Cory…bleeds!!! They need to go too. Vic and Paul for final two (let’s see production pull THAT off) !!!!

  37. I’d never given much thought to why Big Brother is called “Big Brother” until last night. I finally realized, that Big Brother has less to do with the houseguests themselves, but how certain house guests listen to production (i.e. Big Brother). I’m so shocked by the happenings of this season and how blatant production has been about interfering with what these houseguests do, that my husband and I have already decided not to even begin watching next season because this is just wrong. James and Nicole had a final 2 agreement before they ever walked into the house and apparently, it was set up by the producers of the show because they certainly are making sure that that’s who makes it to final two. They didn’t even try to hide it this season (with the exception of the recording – “you are not allowed to talk about production”). CBS, you blew this one – and badly. No wonder no one wants to advertise during the show anymore and you have to fill advertising minutes with CBS “#1 New Shows” (yeah, you’ve canceled a LOT of #1 new shows, haven’t you?). CBS USED to be the best network on TV, now it’s just super sad. I hope the Big Bang Theory can save you.

  38. Paul and Vic could pull this off if they’ll quit being booty hurt. They need to approach James and say look if one of us three win the veto use it to pull the other down and get Nicole up. The remaining 2 vote Nicole out. It’s crazy for any of the 3 non showmance to think the showmance will take them to final 2.

    1. That only works if James wins and pulls down Victor or Paul. Then Corey would have to put up Nicole. If Victor or Paul wins, then Corey would put up James. I don’t see James’ incentive for forcing Nicole up on the block, other than trying to please Natalie, which is probably a lost cause at this point.

  39. There goes Corey’s chance to hook up with Victor.

    For the rest of the game James has a simple job. Stay out of everyone’s way and not say anything stupid. If he can manage that he’s set. Just in case he should practice nodding stupidly in the mirror.

    Last thing he should do is try to win veto. At this point everyone views him as a gimp which is to his advantage. He should be safe next week as well but should be sure to vote off either Nicole or preferably Corey to break up the last duo as then he’s guaranteed a ticket to the final 2.

      1. Simon! LMAO! that Nicole pic is priceless! It would be perfect if you could add fang marks to all the HG’s that have called her a snake ;)

  40. I really hope that which ever one stays between Paul/Victor….. team up with James, win the HOH & Veto and take Nicole or Corey Out…..

    It would be stupid, not to put Nicole/Corey on the block…..

  41. Wish you guys would do like Facebook and add additional buttons like laughing or tears or something like that. Some of the posts over the seasons are so funny I die laughing and just liking it seems like it doesn’t give the poster credit for their humor or whatever it is. I so enjoy most of the comments. Even if they don’t agree with me. I love the clever witty humor. You guys rock !!

  42. OMG! Corey is trying to justify backstabbing Vic by saying he blew up the guy’s alliance by putting Paulie up? So how do you forget that James had a huuuuggggee part in getting Paulie out AND he never gave Corey a heads up about it AND Paulie wanted James out. Just accept the fact that you lied to a person that had too much trust in you and hurt his feelings. One minute Corey says he doesn’t feel bad but then gets mad at Vic’s reaction and is trying to convince everyone that he was justified! Whatever Corey, you are an asshole and your conscience is going to keep reminding you of that!

    Paul…Vic….get your heads out of your ass and realize that Nicorey has been working with James all along! Sh!t! James just told you last week that they had a final four with them first! Why would you trust the final 4 deal with you if they already made one with Nat and James? That tells you they will make a deal and break it whether it be the first one or second!

  43. OMG!!!! Love Simon & Dash for replacing Ratcole’s pic with a snake! I “LITERALLY” laughed out loud. Hope for some weird miracle and Paul and Vic get saved. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again! NO ONE DESERVES IT MORE THAN THE #SITTINGDUCKS!

  44. Natalie’s been gone roughly 24 hours and it looks like James wasted no time slipping back into bar creeper mode. Glad he’s having such a splendid time talking about underage girls using fake ID’s to get into bars and how it’s not his fault if he sleeps with an underage female. Hah hah hah, sex with teenagers, what a laugh. James, you prankster you.

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