New Julie Chen Big Brother 14 House Tour “Let the Games Begin!”

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Julie Chen gives another tour of the Big Brother 14 house from the colours used to the design of the rooms. She walks through the house talking about each room and its style. She comments on how young, energetic and alive the house colours are from the floor to the ceiling.

“It’s very modern, it’s very contemporary.”

The hallway to the diary room is shown where there are large robot cut outs on the walls. The first bedroom she tours is the “Sonic” or “Boom Boom” room where the theme is music, electronica, stereos. The next bedroom is the “Kicks” room that has sneakers all over the walls.

“This is the room where they will all bond, fight, strategize, ..everything you want to see them do in the big brother house.”

She then shows the table that has a skyline painted on it, which represents everyone coming together and living together in the big brother world. Next she tours the big brother kitchen and shows where the camera men catch the faces of the house guests washing dishes. She then heads into the carnival room and tries her luck at the carnival game. The bathroom is next where she discusses the paint colour. Then she heads upstairs to the chess table and the HOH bedroom. “Let the Games Begin!”

Here is the promo commercial of The Talk with Julie Chen and their experience in the Big Brother House:

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Won tickets to today’s Big Brother edition of The Talk. Off now to see Julie Chen live!



Let us know how it went.


Awesome to see Julie Chen live for the first time, especially when they started playing the Big Brother theme during her entrance. Great that CBS gave VIP seats to the contest winners, we were sitting right up front. I’m definitely trying now to get to a Live Eviction taping.

Been visiting this site for a few seasons, this will be the first where I join in the discussions here. I have the live feeds and Showtime, so I’ll be following the houseguests’ every move.


HEY Armando, sounds Awesome! it sucks when they give you free tickets and they are way off in the corner where you can’t see.

Don’t be shy jump into the discussion, this year is going to be CRAZY fun. Don’t hesitate to send me a email if something is messed up in the comments ruining your experience here.