Neda tells Sabrina – The decision of who goes home will come down to what Jon and I decide.

POV Holder: HEATHER Next POV April 26th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 28th
HOH Winner: Jon Next HOH: May 1st
Original Nominations: Heather and Sabrina
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots None

BBCAn2-2014-04-27 11-58-29-963
3pm – 3:20pm In the kitchen – Adel tells Heather obviously I am the same as before. I don’t jump ahead and think about the final 4. I am not head of household or anything like that. Heather says plus it will be me you and Neds who wins HOH next week. Adel says I think it will be between you and Neds for sure. If its like anything like that spelling one I am done for sure.. its like my cryptonite. Heather says but your smart at other things. Adel says oh yeah I knew that coming into here. Adel says I know I’m playing for second place. I know for a fact that I can’t win, no way. Adel asks is Sabs still trying any game? Heather says a little but not really. Adel comments on how he (Andrew) thinks he can tell people not to come in a bar .. when he’s just a bartender working for minimum wage ya know! Do you think he would be happy for you? Heather says she doesn’t know.. Heather heads up to the HOH room.

In the bedroom – Neda tells Sabrina that the decision of who goes home will come down to what Jon and I decide. We will decide together. Neda tells Sabrina we will tell you what we decide. Sabrina says okay thanks. Neda and Sabrina head to the HOH room. Neda, Heather, Jon and Sabrina are hanging out in the HOH room talking about music.

BBCAN2-2014-04-27 12-02-48-452

lunch time bbcan2 april 27 2014

3:30pm – 4pm All the house guests head down to the kitchen to eat the meal that Adel prepared. Shortly after Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. When the feeds come back – Sabrina’s in the diary room. Adel comments on how someone will be on a mission today for sure so be on the look out.. Jon says we haven’t had an outright mission in a long time. Adel says it’s so amazing how you guys got the gremlins out and pulled a fast one on Allison. Jon says oh yeah it could have worked out a lot different. Jon and Neda head up to the HOH room. Neda comments on how everyone knows what Adel is doing trying to get everyone to take him to jury. Jon says no yeah but its good that everyone knows. Neda says I love now that there’s a threat of him going on the block he’s all about getting the gremlin out. Adel joins them. He comments on how if Sabrina gets a mission today she will fail for sure. Neda comments on how Sabrina hasn’t gotten one yet. Heather joins them. Jon says so everyone in the house has won a POV and HOH except Sabrina and Adel. Neda laughs everyone in the house.. there’s three of us.

BBCAn2-2014-04-27 12-56-06-070

4:15pm In bedroom – Adel has laid down between the wall and the bed to sleep. The camera zooms in on him and then he looks up and laughs. Big Brother then makes him sing Oh Canada. He says wake up Canada at the end. After he finishes he takes of the Big Brother Canada clothes and says I’m done with wearing this junk .. it’s back to real clothes. Adel then heads to the HOH room. Adel asks Jon did you just rise for the Canada anthem? Jon says no, did you? Adel says yeah, they caught me sleeping. Jon tells Adel that he’s going to rub one out in the shower. Adel leaves the bathroom.

4:30pm – 5pm Jon finishes his shower. He smells his shirt and almost throws up then put the shirt on. He then dresses in his baby outfit and gives the camera a thumbs up. Jon holds up the pillow and says get your beautiful bird pillow straight from the brick! It’s a beautiful bird pillow. It really is!! He then says maybe there’s a veto in it?! He looks and says nope. I thought everywhere you look was a veto. The conversation turns to talking about Allison using her veto. Jon says what a turd! Jon says that it was the reason she went home. It was stupid for her to use it. She was 100% safe and knew that Arlie was going home. Neda says that Allison said she used it just because she had it. Neda says bullsh*t it was to use it to gain trust in you. Jon laughs that she had a little bit of power and ultimitely decided if Arlie stayed or went .. And Arlie went and she went the very next week.

BBCAn2-2014-04-27 13-26-21-806

5pm – 5:15pmThe house guests laugh about Adel’s nomination speech when he nominated Sabrina and Rachelle..

5:35pm – 6pm Jon comments on the HOH lock down and says it wouldn’t be cool for me to invite a bunch of people over to my house and then lock them in a room. Neda says we signed up for this though. Adel says I didn’t even read the contract they got us to sign! Neda says there was some sketchy a$$ stuff in there. The house guests hear lots of noises coming from the rest of the house and they wonder what’s happening. Adel says I would rather be evicted third than go to jury house. Sabrina says what you don’t want to hangout with me, Rachelle and Allison. Adel says I can’t stand you three!! Neda asks why don’t you say what you really mean Adel. Sabrina says I was the nicest to you and you were the meanest to me. Adel says Rachelle never had the balls to say one mean thing to me or look at me before she left.

adel bbcan2 fingering jon

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More pitty-party from Adel. All season it’s been ‘I am a dummy, I can’t spell, I am weak compared to the other guys’ boo-hoo. There are plenty of self-taught language programs out there, or get a tutor, and get out and exercise. He also said ‘why couldn’t they wait one minute for me to finish praying and then run the video’. Production doesn’t have to stop for you Adel and you are not justified in getting pissed off at Production for that.


yep and same when he got pissed at Marsha the Moose. Poor sport he is for sure. I saw so many trying to justify his actions saying that Adel was only joking around. Oh no he wasn’t and he even commented at being pissed about it.

A Name

Okay you’re completely insane if you didn’t realize that Adel was joking with Marsha the Moose. He was upset when he thought he lost the challenge, not at the moose! ITS A MOOSE FOR GOD’S SAKE.
This fandom has to be the most pathetic one yet


OMG obviously know its not a real moose! He was pissed! And he even said so a few days later on the feeds.


Agreed. I recall Adel losing it on Paul early in the game and flipping the bird numerous times to both Paul and the cameras/BB. Adel is probably an ok guy but he does have some anger/respect issues and it has made it difficult for me to cheer for him continuously. In addition, I’m no longer buying what he is selling in the diary room because his ‘hustling’ tactics have become so blatent that it is insulting. I’m surprised so many are still duped.


Uhhhhh…so do you realize how hard it is to learn a new language? It’s not easy.
And production starting the video without him could have given the other players an unfair advantage….I think he is justified with his complaints.


how long has adel been in canada? was he born in canada?

John O'Neil

Adel was born in Edmonton, Alberta. his first language is English. Neda, on the other hand, was born in Iran and immigrated when she was 7


hi jjohn how is youre best friend amanda zuckerman doing? u still have a crush on her?


Just because he was born in Canada does not mean his first language was English. I was born in Canada and my first language was Greek because I was raised by my immigrant parents who were more comfortable speaking Greek than English. It is the way with most 1st generation CDNS. I too had trouble learning English as my second language but caught on fairly quick in elementary school. He could also have a learning disability as well.


Ummm Adel has said on many occasions that he was born and raised in Canada so he obviously didnt do well in school. He probably learned his con ways starting in his first English class in childhood.


Adel isn’t ESL, but he was in an ESL class anyways because his English was so poor. He’s talked about it. The only one who’s ESL is Neda.

People who are ESL often end up speaking better English than those who have it as their mother tongue, because they work harder at it and don’t pick up a lot of bad habits.


I know many parents that raise their children, born in Canada, in their mother tongue. It is not unusual, but it does mean their first language is not one of the official languages.

another name

the only opinion I can give on Adel’s issue with English: yes, his home life was most likely not in English predominantly… but so was his sister’s. he mentioned during his hoh that she is a doctor or a chiropractor and went to university in alberta. since she grew up in the same home, the home environment issue is moot imo.


Yes Adel sis is a dr and raised in the same household but some people have a harder time learning. He isn’t a stupid person what so ever. I don’t even know why this is a topic. Talk about the game not the persons speaking and reading abilities. That’s just rude


I assume Sabrina is ESL too?


Let me clarify. When Production does anything i.e puts the number on the screen for the 20,000,000 for the strategy session with Jemmet they don’t look through the entire house and say . . oh where is everyone . . lets wait till everybody is in the living room laying about on the couch so nobody missing anything. Production does what they need to do according to their schedule. its not like they started the HOH competition or the POV when he was praying! Lets keep this in perspective. Nobody is going to get evicted because they missed that video!


Adel is entertaining and if he leaves, the house will be boring. Don’t underestimate his capabilities……he has a strategy and is using it to his advantage. His whining is playing the game, the Del way!

another name

so…. would you also say that Sabrina’s disgusting behavior and inability to recognize it is a strategy? be horrible and people will take you to jury? wow… they’re both masterminds.


Sabrina doesnt have a strategic bone in her body. She is a whining manipulative bitch who likes to play the martyr. She is going to hell in a hand basket as far as this game is concerned and when she joins society after this show she is going to find a lot of hate thrown at her. She had better get ready to deal with that.

another name

lol. so, I take it you won’t be asking her on a date when the show wraps?
I’m sorry. I just felt like a tension breaking laugh was required.


And Adel was born in Canada! Neda was the immigrant, not him, and her english is fine!


They should have waited for him him to be done praying. If someone was on the toilet they would have waited for them. That wasn’t fair


I am really over adel tbh, i hope he stay though so he and heather can team up and get jon out, if sabrina stays i feel that she will side with jon and neda and heather will leave 🙁


I really hope adel gets evicted. Sabrina in F4 would add more drama and plus, Adel hasn’t done anything the entire game, he does not deserve to be in the final 2. If he goes, i will be at peace with whoever wins this season.


Sabrina has been on the block more times than anyone else and hasn’t really had any strategy since the first alliance. I think it’s time for her to go!

just an opinion

Oh, I agree with you Dani. Right after Adel leaves!


So hope they get rid of Neda next week to get her off the Queens Throne. The comments she makes now is so pompous and belittling just like she complained other house members were. Queen Neda must be dethroned.


Yeah she sucks. And if I hear her say ‘it’s not okay’ one more time I think my head is gonna explode.


Neda is making herself clear that she controls the game with Jon! I hope this will bring her down and packing. I would like Jon to play smart and on his own so that he puts up Neda and vote her out. If he wants to win BB, it’s the only way.


He shouldn’t have been riding coat-tails then! He should of demanded sabrina go when he was hoh! Would have been different circumstances and rachelle would have needed someone! (like him and heather!) enough with this jon/neda ruling the show! B.B. Screwed up 1st 5 so why let Jon and Neda half the last 3/4 of the game?? Not really fair—but Adel should have been trying to align and make moves against them with even Sabs!


The out of house voters screwed up the 1st 5. Had several of these alliance members not been so repulsive to viewers, at that time, someone else would have been screwed.


So what you’re saying is that the 1st 5 screwed the game of the 1st 5…


to me the “canada’s boy” thing was done when he became hoh and chose to do what jon/neda wanted! Also he didn’t even bring his Canada Flag to the HOH room! (that’s where he lost me!)


Don’t you think that it’s just game play? adel keeps talking bad about himself and his capabilities because he dosent want to be evicted this week !


Adel knows that if Joneda were so willing to evict Heather and keep Sabrina, that same willingness may evict him. He is playing to Heather as she is the most loyal to the sloppy seconds as F4. Perhaps hoping she will tell Neda and reassert the F4 deal.


Allison totally wrecked this last part of the game for not using the red veto on Arlie! She also would still be there and Jon/Neda would be split at least!


Using the secret veto on Sabrina was smart to gain numbers. Not following through on keeping Arlie and gaining control of the game was an error in strategy.

little mouse

i liked neda until she made the comment it is what her and jon decide. i wish he would scare the shit out of her and put her up.


it will be tho. if heather doesn’t vote the way neda does, jon will simply break the tie the way neda and jon want the eviction to play out. It is completely up to them


Look at all the Adel haters magically coming out of the woodwork because he didn’t put up Jon and Neda, and he is getting a bad edit on TV. This just goes to show that not only does production have full control of the house, but full control of the viewers, too.


Waiting on Convos………….

Jon/Neda- the convo where Jon tells Neda about the Adel plan to have Jon put her up. Neda will go bat shit crazy and Adel goes jury. Which is the argument why Jon shouldn’t tell her. I really hope he tells it all. We need ruthless Neda back for a few days! The one that makes little children cry about no Santa. Adel better know about Santa as he is going to get an ear full that the bully may not enjoy! That’s good Neda…. I hope. 😛

Heather/Jon/Neda- pure smoke being blown right up Heathers behind. “So great your off the block our F3 is strong”…….. and a whole lot of other BB sh*t pilled on top.

Heather/Jon/Neda(part 2)- May or may not happen. The convo about getting rid of Adel versus Sabby. Could be special as Heather is likely on board F4 original deal and Sabby goes. She jumped off quick last time I have no idea other than Neda has been her buddy socially and may have influence. Deli would need to blow up the Heather eviction plan then get Neda or Jon to save him as well. I think the convo happens. Heather stays firm on Sabs to jury. Neda/Jon decide it’s easier not to rock the boat and Sabby goes 2-0

Heather/Adel- I highly doubt these 2 talk until after veto ceremony and only if Adel does not think he is safe. Adel old boy your lucky your going to be up against Sabby because not talking game with Heather is just 1 of many bad BB moves since Arlie left. Heather might even rubber stamp your eviction instead of Sabby. 😛

team adel

You put down adel, and I will put down heather!!!!!


Wow. Team Adel I think you need a new hobby. Uttering ridiculous threats indicates you are taking this game waaaaay too seriously.


the threat team adel wrote is gone,,


Name, it is still there. And Team Adel’s threat is not that threatening. He’s just saying if someone can write smack about Adel, he can write smack about Heather.


No. The orginal threat is NOT still there. The threat from Team Adel was to cause Heather physical injury (i.e. travelling to Edmonton and breaking her knees) My comment had nothing to do with what Team Adel said regarding talking smack. It was in reference to the physical threat that was wisely removed because it obviously has no valid place on the comment boards.


I read that comment while it was up as well. No question the response referred to the “broken knee cap” suggestion.


lol chill out. teamadel was clearly kidding.

BB15 Howard's Fedora

Adel’s going to talk himself out of the house.


there is nothing more frustrating and annoying than a hg giving up like Adel has. This idiot can still have a chance of winning yet he doesn’t even want to try. He has no game play or common sense at all, and he can’t even throw a competition properly! He is making me not want to watch the show anymore even with 2 weeks left.


I don’t see him giving up but as trying to sell himself as a more viable option to take to F2….More than with Sabrina. He senses that Sabrina is being considered F2 with Joneda.


Weeks ago I mentioned how I wished Adel would leave and Sabrina would make it to Final 3 and people disliked the idea. I’m glad people are a little open to the idea now. I really like Sabrina, Jon, Neda and Heather. To me them 4 are deserving of at least 2nd place.

A Jon/Neda final wouldn’t be that fun. I have said it once and will say it again I want an all girl final 3. I don’t recall that happening since BB6.

The 3 girls all faced challenges and overcame them and seriously if Sabrina talks herself off of going home this week she deserves final 3. I mean come on, she never won a competition and she is still there? You can’t say ‘well she is weak.’ That may be true, but EVERYONE knows she has a few jury votes locked in already yet she uses her persuasiveness to escape unscathed, that HAS to count for something.

I understand this might not be a popular opinion, but don’t hate on a good game. For God’s sake she is 10x better than Allison and Rachelle combined (gamewise) so give credit where credit is due.

I’m rambling now :/ here’s hoping to an all girl final 3


Neda’s faced the least challenges of all the HG’s. The only challenge she’s faced is how to pretend to be nice to people.


I think they are hush hushing some of Ade’ls little tantrums. Just a feeling I have. Watch what he says about the BB clothes after they make him sing O Canada. That being said, I think he’s more entertaining than Heather. I just wish he played more game with the girls. He could have Neda really nervous today if he wanted to.


But a nervous Neda could mean Sabrina stays. Not what Adel wants.

just an opinion

I agree. He didn’t really want to work with any women – he just gave the concept lip service but no real effort. It is sad he can’t work with the opposite sex. It’s not as if they have cooties or something. I mean really!

A Name

What are you talking about? He’s worked very closely with Neda & Heather and more recently with Neda. If you haven’t noticed he was completely shunned by the whole house in the beginning (except by Paul and Kyle) so it’s not like he actively didn’t want to work with girls, he didn’t work with any of them! Jon and Arlie were his closest friends after Ika left (he was close with Heather too but she attached herself to Neda) so I don’t know where you’re getting at other than flat out LYING due to your own racist beliefs. All of this “Adel doesn’t like working with women” is coded language for “Adel’s Muslim so he must hate women” The jig is up! You can’t hide your disgusting racism!

just an opinion

OK – you need to cool it with throwing around the racist accusations – I am not one to back down because someone throws an accusation at me. There is no code unless you are trying to find one. He said at the very beginning he didn’t want to work with women and it was going to be bros. He was faced with getting stuck with having to work with women, but he never had any intention of having a true alliance – can you not see that? Are you so caught up in defending beliefs against imagined enemies that you can’t even dream of me taking my position from a reality I see (saw) in the GAME? Seriously – calm down and stop being so defensive.


Adel said in his opening intro on BB that he was all about “working with the boys, the boys, the boys”. There is no need to accuse anyone is using coded language here.


ummm….Muslim isn;t a race…just sayin


Muslim is not a race, dummy.


I like Neda, Jon, Adel, and Heather – NOT Sabrina. Don’t understand how much heat Neda and Adel are getting. Neda has played a great game, you hate her attitude? Hey, she’s no Sabs and Adel is a nice guy and has been entertaining all season long.


There was another statement posted earlier, way worst…. It’s good that it’s removed, because was going a little over the board….


Adel is a clown, cant stand the idiot. I just cant believe all of canada actually felt sorry for the turd


lol canadaz boy doesn’t know how to play the game——sabs does!
if he doesn’t do what he needs now—he will be done!

is bb fixing things so heather cant be alone with sabs ??? (is bb team jon/neda?)


I think Jon will stick with the plan and put Adele up beside Sabrina. With Jon not being able to compete in the next HoH it is in his best interest to keep his closest ally Neda in the house longer so she can compete and try to keep him safe. I do think Sabrina will go home this week. It’s to close to the end to let her go any further with taking a chance that she makes it to the F2 – because if that happens she may pull out a few jury votes with the work she did for the first 5 alliance. That being said, I also see Neda trying to get rid of Jon this next HoH no matter who it is in power – She is still sitting pretty. I still say Heather , Neda F2 – Neda wins.


As soon as Heather won POV,Sabrina told Jon don’t worry I wont tell Heather of the plan was to vote her out, I won’t snitch I’m not a rat. Something tells me the first sign that she feels she is going to be the one voted out, she will be a rat and sing like a canary….


She was talking to Heather by the pool and told her that she has something important to tell her when she(Sabrina) leaves. She said she would whisper it to her at eviction time.

I don’t know if she’ll hold her tongue for that long, but the problem is, Heather is expendable to everyone, so she has no power to act on the information right now. Adel may yet go home anyway. It’s all up to Neda, she can either convince Jon or Heather, and both will likely listen to her.

mark anthony

adel is a big brother legend. yall up in here hating on the man when he’s been nothing short of spectacular. give the man his dues and respect. adel will win this game.


I don’t particularly care why Adel does not talk more game to the girls. I don’t care about his religious beliefs or if his feelings were hurt earlier in the season or even if he just cant stand these women. This is Big Brother and I hope he can recreate some of the magic he had with Ika. Wake up Adel Canada is watching! !


If I hear Neda say sketchy one more time, Im gonna lose it!


I don’t get why you guys are hating on Neda for her comments. In her strategy session she was told that houseguests going to jury love it when people are honest to them, and what she said to sabs was completely honest.


TBH, I’m not a fan of Heather..
wait, hold on..
*prepares for negative comments and dislikes*

Proceed with your reply.