Natalie “If you want Corey to go over him we can make that happen, just know that.”

POV Holder: Paul POV Competition Aug 20th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony Aug 22th
HOH Natalie, Meech Next HOH Aug 25th
Original Nomi1nations: Victor AND Paul
After POV Nominations: Victor AND Corey
Have Nots Victor and James

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 03-53-33-628

12am – 2:45am HOH room – James, Nat and Meech. Natalie says I love how he was like sabotage them, sabotage them, pots and pans … and then he was trying to be best friends with them. Michelle says he was like I want to be the one to do it. Nat says I was like its not a good idea to blow sh*t up right now. Michelle says I am all for blowing sh*t up but he wants to do it all the time. Like even with Nicole… that was a bad idea. Nat says I was not for it, I knew it was going to be bad. Then he starts blowing up everyone`s spot. Michelle heads downstairs. Nat tells James you better watch out for that boy Paul babe! Nat says if anyone wins Paul will pull himself down. There is a high probability I’m going home. Is Corey and Nicole still after him? James says yeah. Nat says I’m not as concerned.. Paul just can’t win. I love Meech! Meech gives me life. How funny is this girl. Meech joins them again. James tells Meech Paul was mad at how she acted when Paul touched her clothes. Meech asks when he dumped my clothes out? I don’t care. Meech leaves. James tells Nat if I win (HOH) I am going to be like Nat 10 back massages. Nat says I’ll give you a make out sess in the HOH room. James says don’t lie. Don’t lie to me all the time. Nat says I can spot a liar a mile a way. I can spot it on their face. I play dumb. James says I knew you were playing dumb. I was testing you. I was giving you tid bits of information to see if it would come back to me. Michelle and Vic join them. Michelle says Paul knew about Da .. and he still lies to my face about it. The conversation turns to talking about prisons, conjigal visits, Nat’s work and other random things.

1am – 1:20am Kitchen – Nicole and Corey are asking each other questions the Julie Chen might ask them during the live show. Nicole asks how do you feel being on the block for the second time? Corey says I’m not even sweating it … lets get honest no one in this house is voting me out. Being up on the block is a lot like a second home to me. Nicole says what her speech would be if she was sitting next to Vic. I don’t know why I am sitting on the block next to Vic? It would be absolutely crazy for you to vote me out, this dude has won what 8-9. Literally stupidest game move if you guys vote me out. Corey jokes what his speech would be if he was next to her. Guys, she’s a snake! She was coached by Derrick. She played with Derrick. She knows this game. Nicole says I was not coached by Derrick. Corey asks Are you really going to let her float all the way to the end?! Nicole says OOHHHHHHHhHhhaaa.. SHOTS FIRED! I am not a floater. Corey says she is very strategic, look she teamed up with the coolest guy in the house. He’s going to try and take her to the end, you’ve got to take her out. She is a floater. Corey said it himself she better win HOH or she is going home next week. Nicole says jerk.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 04-21-23-454

2am – 3:30am Nicole and Corey head to bed. They talk about scenarios. Corey says you get a text from your friend saying Corey’s at The Olive Garden with this chick right now. Are ya’ll okay!? Nicole asks what does this chick look like? It could be your sister. Corey says its not, its another chick. I’m on a bumble date right now. Nicole says you’re dead to me. Corey says but we’re just dating.. dating around. We’re not even official Nicole. Corey says this is us in an argument about it. Nicole I don’t even like that girl, I’m literally just dating around. I like you. Nicole says if you liked me, you never would have taken her out. Corey says but I’m single? Nicole says then be single BRA! Why do you even have bumble!? Corey says I want to meet new people. Nicole says you’re disgusting me right now. Nicole and Corey laugh about it.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 04-38-10-153

4:10am – 5am HOH room – Meech and Natalie. Meech says I feel bad about Victor. Natalie says me too.. it like hurts my heart. If you want Corey to go over him we can make that happen, just know that. Meech says I know. I can’t believe Paul is still mad at me about the clothes. Nat says Paul is a master manipulator if he is in the final 2 he is not getting my vote. Meech says me either. Nat says he knew Da was getting evicted. Meech says I know, he knew. Meech says I’m ready for Vic to go home. Like mentally prepared. He doesn’t seem nervous does he. He hides his emotions well. Nat says they both have an idea it could go the other way. Meech says I feel like they might try to take me out next. Nat says nope, they want Paul out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-24 04-43-21-593

5am All the house guests are sleeping..

Why no morning updates?
everyone but Paul was sleeping for a while. Paul did a 5 hours Friendship session in Safari room.. it’s 1:36pm in the big brother house and the feeds are on fish.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-24 13-57-44-224

2:00pm Kitchen Nicole, Paul and Corey

Nicole – do you know Corey’s favorite picture is
Paul – the one with the puppy..
Corey says he gets between 250 to 400 likes but this one got 900.
Paul says he had one picture that got 3000 but each picture averages about 2000.

Corey going on about going to “Dylan’s ranch” where they have a pool and diving board. they would do fun Instagram posts while diving..
Corey – pretty funny captions..

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WEEK 5 – August 25 to August 26th
The winner gets $5,000 to bribe one house guest. Bribes my influence voting, competitions, vetos or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one house guest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction.

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224 thoughts on “Natalie “If you want Corey to go over him we can make that happen, just know that.”

  1. PLEASE send Cory to Jury! Him and Nicole are THE most boring showmance in BB history. And he won’t win the Battleback comp.

    1. agree nicorey is suuuper boring but honestly so is everyone else left in the house who really cares at this point which order they go or who is left standing in the end.. its been said plenty but this is why it sucks when strong players get evicted and we end up having to watch a bunch of weak floaters play it out.. to all the haters who were crying to see these “hated” players evicted take note this game would NOT be so boring if the remaining hgs were frank tiff da paulie victor and paul so yeah..

          1. She’s great when she’s handed her lines. She’s only entertaining in the scripted portions of the show. The feeds show her very differently.

      1. There is no one to root for, they all suck…I miss the old days where almost everyone was playing the game, not just hanging out on summer bacay. Now if someone TRIES to play, they get voted out immediately. I don’t like paulie and davonne but at least they were playing the game..James is a useless wuss.

    2. Can we please have production call a previous contestant back into the house?? The jury members this year are terrible and if Vic comes back it’s déjà Vu all over again. I’m sure there’s somebody that would do it – although I wouldn’t blame them for not wanting to be stuck in this house of misfit toys!

        1. i wouldn’t trust america to vote
          – b/c of america we got big beech as co-hoh instead of the better player (paul / vic).
          – b/c of america we got trump for the gop and clinton for dems
          no, i wouldn’t trust america to use any sort of intelligence when it comes to decision making. Read the comments everybody wants vic to stay (now). Everybody agrees that vic and paul are the strongest players (now). Everyone thinks that giving paul the stupid bb bribe is a good thing. Where were you all last week? Why wouldn’t you save vic last week? Why would anyone with an ounce of intelligence vote for Big Beech? I h8 you all.
          Good luck in november morons
          thank god i live in canada

          1. we’ve also got corey leading the poll on the next ACP (i’ve seen on two sites) so no let’s not let america vote a returning juror. Not that it is a bad idea if all the evictees were going to fit into the current remaining HGs, but really only Vic and Bridge can give the remainders a run for the money, consider michelle and nat can’t play, whoever comes in is coming in competing against very few HGs for HOH i assume. if they are not playing for HOH, then what, they are going to be safe for the week? unlikely.

            best case for TV scenario is that they don’t flip who is being evicted, vic goes out, and comes right back in again. paul or vic win HOH, put up nicole/james, and replacement is corey. this ensures that the votes are split too, nat will vote against nicole, corey will vote against james, michelle and paulvic either split or agree who is going. if they split, HOH is the tie breaker. and most likely evicted would be james, but probably the better choice is nicole. if nicole is evicted, corey isn’t going to come after them. If james is, nat would. whether she is effective or not. corey probably would choose to work with paulvic to be honest, and get nat and michelle out and they go back to their F5 guy alliance, which i would bet was and is and will be corey’s number one preference.

          2. So Americans are all morons, yet your stupid a$$ is watching our show and wasting ur time reading spoilers and reading all our posts cause we got you so sprung on us! What?? No good shows to watch in Canada?!?!?
            And you bring politics into it too! What the hell do you care?? Oh, yeah, you don’t, cause Canada is the best and Canadians rule!! Hey, can you come get Justin Beever and take him home! I think our bad habits are rubbin of on him. Better save him before it’s too late! Have a great day Luv!

            1. what canada does have
              free healthcare
              paid maternity leave
              gun control laws
              same sex marriage in all 10 provinces (open-mindedness)
              theory of creationism denied in all public schools
              3 major political parties to give the illusion of democracy
              low obesity rate
              low rate of stupidity
              shall i go on?

              1. Did I hurt ur feelings?!?!?! Still, all that awesomeness and here you are…..all day….all nite….reading and weeping about good ol Americans and their good ol way of life! BTW, how much do Simon and Dog pay you to keep the conversation, or lack there of, going on here when things get slow and sponsers don’t see enough traffic etc etc. You have been spewing your same old garbage for AT LEAST 5 years now. Changing ur name and typing out long ol boring posts, crying about how mad you are at the world! Isn’t there anything good to do in Canada besides strip clubs, oh shit, that’s right, not ur cup of tea!! LMFAO!!

            2. The guys who run this site for your comments, Simon & Dawg, are Canadian

              according to jokers, nicole and corey did the sxxxing at midnight, last night. she sure has changed from her first season where she wouldn’t kiss hayden on tv

          3. I live in Canada too, won’t get into politics but think everyone would agree it’s been a weird election.

            How the hell are you defining strong players? Solely by their success at the competitions? Cause a player who sits down on the first day and tells one of the returnees that the returnees are the no. 1 target is not a strong player, which is why he got backdoored almost immediately at the beginning of the game. Since then, he’s been riding on whatever Paul says, has not really had one of his own original thoughts in the game, and the thing with Paul wouldn’t have worked out all that well except Paul became disenchanted (or chose that time to become disenchanted) with Paulie. I like Victor, think he’s basically a decent guy and he’s a monster at the physical comps, but it’s hard to imagine him doing dumber social game moves. He appears to be improving now but think that’s just cause he’s doing what Paul tells him to.

            1. It’s a horible election! But what the hell does that have to do with Big Brother!?!?! This troll has been spewing his garbage via long ranting posts for years under various names and the “I Hate You All” crap and the Bashing of “Americans” just shows what kind of IQ we are dealing with. Does he even know what an “American” is? It’s someone who comes here for a better life. Why else would you come. I don’t understand how here in America we have this awesome perception of Canada and its laws and way of life. But then someone like him opens his mouth and bursts that bubble. He represents Canadians, so why not make you and your country look even better. I never realized how much hate Canadians had for Americans. I don’t understand why. I especially don’t understand why such a person would interest themselves into watching American broadcasting, in fact not just watching, but obsessively involving themselves into this American way. There has got to be something over there that is more exciting than this ?!?

              1. I understand that it can be frustrating when someone does that. I would just say that most Canadians have fairly neighbourly feelings toward Americans and wish them well, so just remember that and ignore any haters.

        2. For those who are upset that Cory is winning ACP poll they should remember 2 things:
          1. the real voting won’t start until after HOH on Thursday.
          2. We will then know who the 3rd person is that may be available for the next ACP.
          Given better information the votes may not be split up as they are now. May not be split between Paul and Vick as they are now.

          3. politics doesn’t belong in this forum and its not just Americans that are voting here.

    3. The CP this week is worthless. They have essentially been bribing the HOH for weeks now, now 5K is involved. This should have been last weeks CP with Co-HOH this week. James and Natalie are just as, if not more annoying than Nicole and Corey. Nat wins one comp and suddenly thinks she’s a comp beast. In that respect at least Nicole is self aware enough to know she sucks and needs to leach on to a guy even if Corey is pretty much a bump on a log himself.

    4. I had to stop watching feeds and after dark. Looking up Nicole’s Coin Slot nostrils while her and Corey act ridiculous in bed just became too much to handle:(

  2. I think the reason Corey is leading in voter percentage for ACP is that the Paul and Vic fans are splitting their votes. They are essentially a couple so it doesn’t matter which one gets it so a group consensus should be reached. Maybe that should be a poll. I suspect that is how Big (stupid) Meech got it.

    1. look back and read the comments. People WANTED to vote big beech for co-hoh (so stupid). i made many posts telling people to save vic, vote vic. But, america being what it is, voted for the big mouth do nothing waste.

      BTW you’ll never have to split your votes if you vote for the best person for the job (in this case it was vic b/c he was the one who won hoh and couldn’t compete this week, i could go on, but, i’ve said it all before, your stupidity frustrates the hell out of me – f*ck i h8 all of you – you’re all so stupid
      good luck in november fools

      1. Neither Meech nor Natalie can play in the next HoH. My guess is Vic was not eligible for the co-HoH as he was the outgoing HoH. I wish CBS had made that clear.

      2. Troll much? I’d like to hate you too, but how can I hate when I have so much love in my heart! I’m praying for you…….and the children u have locked up in ur basement.

        1. did i hurt your feelings? too bad. After you ruined my show by voting big beech for co-hoh it’s on

          good luck in november, dummy

          1. I think someone missed their nap. That’s why you’re so cranky honey. Get your pillow and blankie and take a long nap and you’ll feel much better when you wake up. Nite Nite

      3. Wrong, you are right. Even I was all for it – this was based on everything going on the house with Paulie – and Z just purely sucking (that’s what she said?).
        I’m back to the Beech though – as soon as she said c-o-hoh – I was pretty much already done with her.

    1. As an AKC certified comfort companion wiener dog, my advice to you is: turn off the computer, go outside and bark at something or somebody, then drink some water and go pee. You’ll feel better. Don’t let these humans get to you. Good Boy!

    2. Some of the comments here make me think we are in the stands of the ancient Roman Colosseum.
      Thumbs up or down?
      Off with their heads.

  3. If CBS wants to save this season they should just order James to vote out Cory. They got plenty of drama by having Victor and Paul on the block this week. If they keep both Paul and Victor in the house plus a returning juror it with much more exciting. As it is going now it’s going to be a snooze fest all the way to the finale.

    1. Its gonna be a snooze fest either way. You keep vic then we all know paul and vic will take out james then they will be off to the final 2. I wish paul was the one going as he just gets on my nerves. Hes the worst lier on the show and he flips out or calls people out for doing the same thing. If corey stays vic or paulie will be coming back anyways if paulie comes back that would make for the best tv. Who knows who paulie goes after my guess is he will hook back up with nic and cory and he will bullshit paul in working together then evict him his 1st chance.

    2. It will be interesting if Paulie comes back. I don’t like him but I would love for him to go at Nat and Meech. If I see them change their minds back and forth one more time …. Paul will jump right up his butt. Will he have to make pies if he returns? Doubtful but I can hope

  4. I guess haters got to hate. Nat and Meech’s never ending Paul bashing just shows to me how empty and shallow they are. Meech is still a mean girl. Seems Nat is one too. Just agree you don’t trust him in the game and let it be. But what I refer to as French FryGate is just redic. What next? Paul said he doesn’t know much about laundry but I saw him separating his whites from his colors!!! That lying bastard!! Just STFU already.

    1. Michelle and Natalie know Paul is playing a very good game and they are mad. Now they are just nitpicking about little things on a personal level that don’t have anything to do with the game. I like the laundry comment(too funny).

    2. Isn’t Paul doing the same thing with them? He talks some of the worse sh!t in the house about the other house guests. He thinks he’s soooo funny and lovable, but then he trashes everyone…EVERYONE!

      1. They may be harping on some real stupid crap, but at least they aren’t calling everyone horrible names and say that they are going to punch him in the face.

        1. I’m not a Paul lover or hater but I’m pretty sure he’s just being stupid when he says that stuff. I doubt he’s ever punched anyone in his life tbh.

  5. So stupid. Being a master manipulator is a great reason for you TO vote for him, and Meech the “superfan” should know that. SMFH!

  6. Nicole -Hey Natalie, what’s up? Just thinking how paul is a master manipulator. He lied to my face, he knows how to make fries. That hurts my heart.
    Nicole- heeeee isssss weee haveeee too wiiiiin
    Meech- if I win hoh I’m putting him up, can’t believe he lied about Day going home.
    James- I’m going to try and win hoh with one of my pranks.
    Can these people be anymore pathetic? Can they not have normal conversations without repeating themselves all day. Paul is a crap talker but he is entertaining unlike most of the house guests.

  7. Munchie “Yea vote Corey out! He must have known something about those fries!!!! He is sketch.” Nat ” Yea and one time he touched my arm and that is not OK!” ” He said I was sucking Jamesy d*ck all the way to the finals and that hurt my heart” “Plus everyone knows I would never suck anything on my Jamesy Wamesy, not now or ever” These two gals are helpless and hopeless. Please give us some strong athletic WOMEN just once please. I would love to see that and them beating the guys in comps and controlling things for most of a season. Same tired old casting, same tired old predictable comps, same tired old house design never updated or changed besides the décor. As I said before if anyone watches that America Ninja Warrior they have some tough strong young women on there that would smoke these jellyfish guys. There are plenty of other strong competitive women out there but maybe they think a show like BB is too lame? It has gotten to that point with a lot of people I am sure.

    1. YES! Love your comment about getting some strong women on here. The casting sucks every year they get these women that just find a guy to drag them along. Meech is acting like she can’t win cuz she dont have a showmance to carry her. Theyou need some competitive women on here.

    2. Ummm, the girls this season are very athletic. In fact, most of the women cast are athletic. I dont think the bb demographic is wanting body builders. Comps are not the be all, end all of this game. Then you would be complaining all they do is work out, instead of lying in bed!
      What we need is smart independent women… These girls definitely are that (whatevs, haters), but unfortunately if you cast women in thier 20’s… Its going to be 90% the same thing… Body builder or not. Its not that paint all 20 year olds with the same brush, but its just the majority and that stage in life. Most are learning about themselves, they are looking for a mate, they usually care what people think, and are very hormonal… Same exact thing goes for the boys in the house.
      Give these people 10 years, and it would be a completely different game…. I am not saying that everyone matures after 35, but most do… They have that life experience, and confidence that we are looking for… Its just society doesnt want to watch 30/40 somethings, as they are too “old”. IMO

      1. I think we need competitive people, which doesn’t necessarily mean athletic. We need people with a drive to win and who will keep their heads in the game rather than pretend their at summer camp.

        1. they need to change the rules to be you only get paid for the time you are in the BB house . send them all home if they get evicted . bring them all back for the last vote . that way they can all watch the feeds and live show to make the best choice of the winner . if they want to bring people back on the show CBS can afford to fly them back to complete to get back in . the jury house shouldn’t be a consolation prize or as these idiots think a reward for making as far as they did . < everyone doesn't deserve a trophy !

      2. The girls are not athletic, they may be fit but they are not athletic. There is a difference. The guys are college athletes, personal trainers, and such because they want athletic guys. They look for attractive women, which means, generally low fat girls, fitness isn’t required.
        The problem with it is, the comps are becoming more physical, requiring a lot of running, speed, agility, and things the athletes tends to have a higher advantage. The “mental” comps are designed to be much quicker and they are usually true/false, higher/lower, or some other multiple choice type set up. A monkey could win those comps. If most of the power, is determined by these physical comps, they need to include women better able to compete in them. The American Ninja Warrior women would crush the guys in most seasons (I don’t know one I’d say could take one of those girls) but the women would most likely not be interested in losing nearly 4 months where they can’t compete in their contests.

        1. Wow, you guys are really hung up on American Ninja Warrior women!!
          The majority of the women on this cast are VERY fit and capable, and Nat was a professional cheerleader. Why is it that all the women need to be jacked up? Why cant you complain that the men be more average, like James?
          Why cant there be nerds that are competitive… wait a minute, there are? What? You don’t have to be competitive to be fit? Huh? You can be fit, but not athletic… You got to be kidden me?! I like to split hairs too.
          I think having older cast members would help, but there would be no showmances, since they usually have families and careers, plus people get grossed out when older people make out, so CBS would never go for it…
          Having all jacked up women discussing protein powder is not my thing, but I hope someone at CBS listens to your suggestions. Cause you know, Americans LOVE unattainable standards.

          1. You must have never seen the show. The women are not “all jacked up” or pumped up on steroids like weight lifters. Just fit and appear to be strong focused women. Heck that Casey girl is about 4’4″ and weighs like 90 lbs! I would still have her in there then these lazy ass do nothings. They also don’t seem to be these whiney airheads we have gotten stuck with lately. Besides that was just an as example type of thing. There are so many women who would be better at both the physical and mental comps then the nit-wits CBS casts

            1. You’re right, I have never seen the show. I had a mental image of American Ninja Warrior. Sorry, My bad. I was just getting defensive for women. I suppose I will google it sometime. I still think it all has to do with the age of the cast, however, maybe these American Ninja Warrior’s wouldn’t be so bad? I will slowly back away from the convo…

              1. LOL no worries! Yea check it out it is just like an obstacle course type of thing. They do have a few older people but it is pretty tough and most of them are about the same age as the HG which is why I thought of it as a good example of the type of woman I was talking about. That Casey girl is just the tiniest thing I was surprised she had that kind of strength. Definitely worth a peek it is actually pretty cool

      3. Well this viewer is tired of the shallow 20-something bunch we keep seeing on these shows. It can’t be that hard to find physically fit/attractive men & women in the 30- to 50-something range who can contribute intelligence, strategy, playfulness and a healthy dose of delightful deception.
        I don’t think Glenn was a good representative of the older game contestant. In fact, I suspect they were exploiting a stereotype and probably instructed him to lose early — both as a new HG and as a Battle Back contestant.
        As for the casting of at least one bimbo (male or female), that’s also a stereotype they like. And the stud/bombshell. And the thinker. And the entertainer.
        Perhaps something in the way viewers respond has convinced them that this old formula is the way to go.

        1. Generally speaking people in the demographic you just mentioned have a whole lot more to lose going on a show like BB. Most are established in their careers at that age and certainly don’t want to be seen on TV doing something that could tarnish their hard earned reputations, not to mention how difficult it would be to take that much time off from an actual career.

  8. Nat is like a broken record. She repeats the same things over and over. And they are literally the dumbest things. French fries? Omg who cares? I kinda wish she would just stop talking so much.

    1. My husband can’t cook but by god if he is hungry he can fry some taters or ft an egg or two but believe me, he cannot cook. I guess frying taters is ‘cooking’ to these girls. Get over it!!!

  9. Why is Meech so upset Paul knew about Da’vonne going home, is it because that week she was outside the loop and not in with the cool kids? She did that to so many people herself, hypocrite. Natalie should surprise everybody by voting out Corey and blame it on James, this way everybody gets mad at him instead of her and she doesn’t have to drag her “boyfriend” with her to the end just to lose the game to him. I would like to see a woman win this year even if I don’t like the women that are left.

    1. If Meech was smart, she would be making plans to team up with Paul in anticipation of Vic’s departure. She’s a third wheel in every other equation. Eat same brain food, Meech!

      1. Yes, I thought about that. However, her calculus probably tells her that she would be better off at the bottom of a lame and weak 3 way alliance than in an alliance with Paul, whom she knows everyone is gunning for. However, she would be smart to keep things cool between her and Paul – just in case it’s Victor or, possibly Paulie, who comes back into the house and partners back up with Paul. In which case, she would be at the bottom of a much stronger 3 person alliance.

      1. Nat thinks her little Jamesy Wamesy will vote how she wants. But I think Jamesy Wamesy is more loyal to Nicole and their pre-season alliance.

        1. You’re uncomfortable?! Should I feel some kind of way about that?

          My goldfish is dying of cancer and you tell me I make you uncomfortable?!

  10. Doesn’t Meech realize that James, Nat, Corey and Nicole all knew that Da was going? Didn’t she cry and unload on James and Nic afterward? So Paul knew and didn’t tell you but he was not close to you. These girls just cling to every petty nonsensical thing they can think of and throw a pity party every night. Poor Vic. His fate is in the hands of 2 morons and a douche.

    1. Not only did they all know, they are the ones that voted Da out. Paul didn’t have a vote that week. And although Paul has lied about a lot of things, he told the truth about the DaVonne situation. She was never his target. Paulie made sure to get the votes against Da after promising they would get Paul’s target out. Paul did try to fight for DaVonne to stay. Everyone followed Paulie’s wishes over what the HOH wanted.


      1. I personally don’t use caps, but I’m curious as to why this is a big deal to some people? I know a couple people on the feeds use them simply because they can’t see very well. So when someone types in all caps such as the OP did, I usually think it could be someone that can’t see very well (like my son who has stargardts disease). So maybe give someone the benefit of the doubt before you jump on them about using caps.

        1. Some people are unaware that All caps comes off as yelling or bad social etiquette. Saying Plz and Thank You is a long long way from jumping on smeone.

    1. Corey told her he’ll stop going out but wants her to tell him. He’s willing to do anything for her but she acts like it’s no big deal when it is. Corey doesn’t think she takes him serious and will drop him easily without really trying to smooth things over. His feelings get hurt when she brags about how great her ex is and having the best time of her life traveling around. Nicole Always talks about being content in Ubly giving him doubts that she’ll never be willing to move to Texas with him. Corey told her he’s 26 and is ready to start settling down. He’s committed to her but he wants reassurance from her. After talking things through, Nicole say yes to moving to Texas if he’s serious about living together. He called her cute and one of a kind. They’ve both been agitated so much lately with pressure of being cooped up and are stubborn both to admit their feelings.

  12. Good mornin’ y’all! I saw on Joker that Nicory hit it again last night….
    “12:05-12:11 Corey and Nicole having sex…Nicole on top. She asks if she is too heavy and if he can breathe.”
    Lawd…. And she’s worried about not getting a job because she called Paul a manipulator?! Sheesh. I feel HORRIBLE for her parents. There’s no taking back those videos once people capture and share. I wonder what Corey’s parents think, too.

    1. Omg! It’s just sex! Everybody’s parents have had it too! That’s how they become parents! My moms moms mom may have been mortified, but not mine. ( I’m the same age as her parents, I’m guessing) and as long as she didn’t flash her VJ to the cameras, moving under the sheets isn’t a big deal. Especially if they are hoping for her to find an athletic stud to breed with. And it’s keeping her fit and trim, unlike the other two who’s biggest excercise feat of each day consist of how many times they can lift food to their mouths. Watching Michelle eat that salad last nite almost had me hurling. Hey Simon. Wannabe really mean? Do a side by side pic of Nats belly with the first being as she leaned over Paulie while showing her boob wrinkles and the other being the night before last in the hot tub with James. How can someone who holds the have not record have gained that much weight? And I am not fat bashing because I am not the poster child of fitness myself, but geez, get up and move! Clean that freeking house!!

      1. You obviously don’t have a daughter… Yes it’s just sex- that’s how I got my kid. However I do not need the entirety of the Internet watching my daughter have sex even if it’s under covers.

        1. The young girls these days don’t leave anything to the imagination, thanx to me and mothers like me. And I smile with pride every time I look at my bank statement. I figure they are going to show the world their nasty bits on Instagram either way, so why not support it and cash in on it. Nicole hasn’t shown the camera any skin yet and is simply moving under the sheets. Who says they are even really having sex and not just bumpin and grinding? Ohhhh, I know who, all the perves who have it on repeat until they “finish”! Does anyone remember James from BB 9? Bet nobody was worried about what his parents thought! Double standard as usual

  13. OMG! How many times are they going to repeat the same conversations over and over. They are making my heart hurt. Not a sympathetic hurt. More like a stroke kind of hurt. Somebody, anybody crash your car into the big brother house. Anything to stop this monotony. Just kidding, but for real though.

    1. OMG, These comments are too funny!!!
      My heart hurts “Not from being sympathetic, but stroke like”. Now that was PRICELESS!!!

  14. Well, isn’t our little darling Nat becoming quite the snake? She’s got poor Michelle believing they are partners when she and James are secretly working with Corey/Nicole for final four. She runs around dissing the dishonesty of Paul way back on the Day vote but here she is lying through her teeth to her good buddy Meech. She’s also lying to James about how much she actually likes him so there ya go, the player of the season. She deserves to win as much as anyone and a ditzy playgirl winner is a fitting end to this dismal season.

  15. WOW Corey is telling the truth about how he feels about Nicole right to her face and she’s clueless. I just want to see them both on the block together for their true feelings to come out, but that might not happen, thanks Production. LOL

      1. Dear Nicole: We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected. A rhesus monkey who sorts the round pegs and square blocks into holes has scored higher on the entrance exams. Please try again next year.

  16. There are so many reasons that I don’t like Michelle and Natalie at this point. After last night I wish they could be cut completely and just go back to a 7 person jury.
    They discussed that if Paul was in final 2 they would never vote for him and called him a master manipulator. But isn’t that exactly what Dan was? And Derrick? And they are considered great players. They wouldn’t give him the money based on the fact that they don’t think he needs it. Michelle said that no one who was ‘loaded’ has ever won BB. Will is a doctor. Boogie had successful restaurants that were visited by Hollywood stars. They both won. They have both said the words that I despise: “I hope someone deserving of the money wins it.” Who is deserving? James, because he has kids? Or are the spoiled brat and the ex-cheerleader the only two who are deserving? These two girls should be nowhere near a jury. They are the self-entitled ones. Not Paul or Victor. Not even James, Corey or Nicole act like they are ‘owed’ the win the way that Natalie and Michelle have acted.
    Michelle also can’t believe that Paul is still mad about the incident with her clothes. Really? You act like a total bi**h and can’t believe he is upset. Yet Natalie and Michelle can’t let go of the fact that Paul lied about fries. I have seen cattiness and pettiness every season. It’s inevitable. But I don’t think I have ever seen two girls more emotionally or intellectually immature than these two. The fact that they may be winning the game or helping to decide the winner is so disappointing to me.
    The less people there are in the house, the more Natalie’s true personality emerges. She doesn’t have as many people to put on an act for now. Honestly, I don’t think there is a future for her and James. She has been treating him so differently that I really don’t think she even likes him at this point. I think he was her shield and now that she doesn’t need him as much she can’t fake the feelings anymore. (I would find it incredibly funny if James realized the truth about Nat, voted Corey out and teamed up with Victor and Paul to take out Michelle and Nat. As long as Nicole knew she wasn’t the target she wouldn’t do anything to help them and neither of them can play HOH. I know James isn’t going to do it but it would be the best episode ever.)
    As for Michelle-she does like Paul. He doesn’t like her back, at least not in the way she wants him to. That’s why she suddenly acts like she hates him. It all goes back to her own insecurities and jealousies. She didn’t like Nicole because she was jealous of Nicole/Corey. She was jealous of Bridgette and Frank, treated Bridgette like crap and didn’t use the POV on Frank even though she wanted to because she couldn’t handle him being closer to Bridgette than to her. I think she is jealous of Paul’s lifestyle, or at least the life she thinks he leads, and she is upset that he has never shown any interest in her as anything other than a friend or sister. I know she likes Paul. She had conversation about it. (I think it was with Nicole but I’m not sure) She said that she really, really liked Paul and asked if it was weird that she found him attractive. She then said, “He would never like me back. He’s too good for me. He dates Disney stars.”

    1. Look at it this way…just like regular programming, you have to have reruns to fill all the TV hours available. As momotonous as it is…they are just having reruns of the mouth to fill the time and break the boredom!!

    2. I think that is a fantastic and spot on post.
      I agree on pretty much every thing you said.
      I was a fan of Natalie because I thought could a pretty young lady like that be more interested in the inside of someone rather than the outside…. but her colors are showing, she’s petty, and she has become rather annoying. I’m a little embarrassed she is representing women. She is weak :(
      Meech, she is at least trying to be a strong female, but her only help is Natalie and to be honest, I think Natalie is bringing Meech down….
      I dislike Cory/Nicole. They are hypocrites. They complain about exactly what they do to everyone. They lie, they manipulate, and to be honest, what have they done? She uses her “I’m so sweet, I can’t win or hurt a fly, so carry me to the end”… all the while, she back stabs everyone. No longer a favorite.
      Paul, he’s actually playing the game… I would never like a person so arrogant and cocky, but he is playing the best BB game. His voice and why he’s always screaming in the diary room grates on my nerves and he’d be more liked if he would just stop yelling so damn much.
      Victor, I have to say… in the beginning, I thought he was an arrogant little piece of work, but he’s shown great colors. He’s very intelligent, he’s not a slob, he is well mannered (other than his rude HOH speech and throwing beads-whose stupid idea was that?)… Victor is the hardest working BB player this season. He’s had nothing handed to him and PRODUCTION has done nothing but sabotage him from the start and yet, he’s still standing.

      I really wish CBS and Production would LET THE GAME BE PLAYED and stop working it to benefit them and bring them ratings or someone respectable. You didn’t create a show for respect, this game is back stabbing, lying, and being completely ugly… Don’t try to manipulate it to be something it’s not.. No honest person has EVER won BB and no honest person will EVER win… KEEP YOUR GREEDY LITTLE HANDS OUT OF THE GAME and let them do it for themselves… A winner should be a person who did it all by themselves, not have PRODUCTION tell them what to do and make games for them to win or come back… TYPICAL… seems like they’re politicians! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE CORY OR NICOLE at the end.. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE JAMES AND NATALIE.. you’ve burned our bridge by helping them and coaching Meech and Natalie what to do… You’ve edited the shows to be catered to make certain people look good and others to look bad…
      The people who have EARNEd without your help, to be at the end are : Victor, Paul, Bridget, and Meech… you’ve made BB fans HATE Cory/Nicole/James/Natalie because you put your grubby hands in the game trying to control it. PS: your stupid memory lane carnival was SO out of Survivor’s book and they stopped doing it because it was stupid. (love how you made it look good for Nic/Cory GAG)
      SEND PAUL THE GIFT PACKAGE! He is going to need it to be break this bullshit up that production has created!!! You know they’re sending Victor out, SO STOP VOTING FOR VICTOR and VOTE PAUl: even if Victor stays in… HE AND PAUL ARE A TEAM…

      1. I agree. Everyone just vote Paul. We don’t know what Vic’s fate will be but if he comes back Paul will use it to help THEM BOTH. It will also send a strong message to Nat/Meech/James that we don’t like their game decisions. They think Meech got the package because we wanted her to be safe but I suspect she got it by default. Splitting the vote between Paul and Vic will more than guarantee that the a$$hat Corey will get it. Then once again they will think that they are loved.

      2. All of the guys knew about the nomination speech Victor intended to give (with the beads) and they all thought it was a great idea and encouraged him to do it. He actually thought it was going to be funny. I don’t think he realized it would come across so mean-spirited. I agree with you about Victor. On the pre-season interviews I picked him to be one of my top two favorites. When feeds went live, he did seem arrogant and rude. But as soon as Jozea was evicted he calmed down and, since his return, I think he is by far the nicest and hardest working person in the house. Strategically he may not be on par with Paul but he definitely isn’t stupid. He’s not afraid to make a move and he backs it up without turning into a total d-bag (which Paulie would have done if their roles had been flipped last week.) BTW-I thought James and Nicole completely trashing the bathroom last night after Victor worked so hard to clean it was a total asshole move. It had nothing to do with boredom or pranks or having fun. It was a typical mean-spirited high school move. They know that they are now the cool-kids club and they hold all the power and basically it was their way of saying, “F-U, what are you gonna do about it.”

        1. I think BB should have a surprise award at the finale this year. The Yellow Glove Award for neatness and cleanliness. Award goes to Victor along with $10,000 (I’m sure CBS has some extra $$$ laying around). Come next season I’m sure the house guests would keep that house clean in hopes there’d be another award.

    3. I think that is why Dr. Will usually makes an appearance with the jury at the end of the season. To talk some sense into petty jurors like those two and (frankly to steer the jury votes towards the person in the Final 2 that will be least embarrassing for CBS.

    4. Spot on Grendon; always enjoyed your posts! ( always wanted to say ‘Spot On’. lol ) How wonderful, that would be, if James caught on to Nat and voted for Victor to stay.

      I know girls like Nat. ( was one myself, but not as petty; have since gown up! ) No way in Hell, does she care for James, in a romantic way!! Why are some men so blind, when a pretty girl leads them on? ( This is not kind, but usually men like James. I apologize for saying this, but it’s damn well true! )
      I really hope the best for James…there will be a great woman, out there for him!

      Nat and Michelle are a piece of work!! ( and not in a good way! ) I’d love to see their azz kicked to the curb. Sad thing is, they wouldn’t know why! Cannot believe I’m going to say this, but Paulie had Nat down pat!! ( and that’s saying something! )
      Over and out!

      1. Thank you. I agree with you about Paulie. He was definitely lacking in manners and had he been just a little bit humble it would have went a long way but, in regards to Natalie, apparently he was speaking the truth.

  17. I’m in Canada, I have several email address and I will sign up and vote. I will even have my friends and family who don’t even watch the show sign up and vote for Paul to have the care package, as this time am unsure of Victor’s safety this week which will be over 500 votes as a bonus. I just can’t take Nat, Nic, James, Corey n Meech. I need entertainment not cry babies.

  18. Could really care less who wins … do agree that Paul and Victor are big threats and need to go for the other house guests to have a shot … however, like some have said, just say that and leave all the bs excuse making and whining out of it. Have not found this week to be entertaining with Natalie (James) and Michelle as HoH. The lame attempt by Nicole, Natalie and James to add entertainment value by throwing stuff on each other and Corey did not come off as entertaining to me but rather, more annoying than anything knowing that Victor had actually taken a lot of time to clean the disgusting areas in the house only to see them trashed yet again.

    Are you not entertained? … This week, not at all.

    1. I honestly think that Nicole does not know the feeds are on 24/7 because she said to Coery after his speech “now America knows that we cuddle”. He said they already do and she said no.

      1. She knows. She has talked to the live feeders and keeps telling them she only cuddles. She does the same thing when she gets caught in a lie with someone. Oh I never said that. Nicole is the queen of denial. She hangs on to the good girl image because that’s all she’s got.

      1. ::dons the jack boots::
        Your too is correct. Too means in excess or also, too funny, too soon, too dull. To is directional, to the store, to the sheets.

  19. Can’t say who I’m voting for until I see who comes back in and who is HOH. Only know I wont give it to Corey.

  20. Reading the comments at work right now and literally LOLing! Thanks Simon and Dawg for all your hard work bringing live feed updates to broke @ss BB fans like me! This blog is one of my favorite parts of the summer and some of the commenters on here are just really hilarious people!

  21. I don’t get what Michelle thinks is her end game. She has floated to power the whole season. She rode Paulie most of summer and since she has rode Vic and Nat because they were HOH.

    So she thinks if Paul wins HOH she can just then kiss his ass for a week and float on? Not going to work Michelle. Every time you have had a chance to make a move in this game you caved and did what you were told to do. Sure you talked about big moves all summer but never did shit.

    She seems to think it’s ok to get to final 5 with 2 couples. James and Nicole would be fine with final 2 together or with their partner. There is no scenerio where it could be you Michelle.

  22. What even is the fry thing? Paul has made fries several times in the house so yes he knows how to make them. So recently he said he didn’t know how to make them or what? That doesn’t make sense. Paul knows they know he knows how to make fries he wouldn’t lie about something so stupid.

    Someone please explain fry gate to me because I don’t feel Paul lied about this. He lies about a lot of things he claims in life outside the house but making fries in the house. No. He knows he did that and never said he doesn’t know how to make fries.

    1. Paul’s fry lie is the lie of the decade if not the century.
      Paul told everyone he could not cook. perhaps even told stories about how he can’t cook. Then Paul tells a story about making Fries for his friends.
      The shock, the horror, he LIED he said all season he couldn’t COOK and now he’s telling Natalie/Meech a story about Cooking fries for a friend..

      I have pictures of Paul making fries earlier in the season like when BRidgette was still around. I think he said he figured out how to make the fries in teh house which doesn’t jive with his previous story that he made them for his friends back home.. it’s stupid it’s BB18

    1. Lol I say that on the feeds sometimes (about cat ladies being Nicole’s fan base) and some people get so salty. I’m like come on, it’s a joke. It’s my only source of entertainment at this point.

      1. HAHA people love getting salty.. Heck, I’m a cat man. You can’t watch billions of hours of live feeds and not become one.

        Every time there’s poll that makes NO sense or a season that has become a deathmarch sure enough it’s the cat people with their 5000000 fake accounts skewing everything.

    2. IMO the Nicorey fan base is housewives, soccer moms and cat ladies…. I wish they would stop influencing ratings/viewership and thus CBS into dragging our beloved show down to what has become the Bachelor with a cash prize at the end.

      1. It could be the hamster people voting for Corey As someone who has had a gerbil removed from his rectum, I sense that Corey is still at the hamster level and has not graduated to gerbils. Oh, sorry, that’s not a hamster in his pants….it’s Nicole. You can understand my confusion — something about her facial features.

    3. cat lady’s vote maybe, certainly not the thinking man’s vote. Just perpetuates the idea that americans are stupid. i mean, why, why would anyone vote big beech?? i cna’t put my head around it. Why wouldn’t everyone vote for the best player? vic is clearly the best player next to paul and vic couldn’t play in hoh, yet, americans voted big beech – so dumb

      1. Just wanted to make sure you understand the CRAP. B!+CH SHUTUP was directed toward Nat, Meech and Nic. Would never say anything like that to someone named Fuzzy Numnums and Buttons.

  23. Except for Simon/Dawg, is anyone still watching the feeds as much as they used to? Last I watched was after veto ceremony for reactions, then used flash back to watch Victor clean. I’m surprised production hasn’t had James talk about maybe switching his vote to keep Victor in an attempt to keep interest up M-T.

    1. While I would love see production actually manipulate the game in a way that truly makes it better (getting Corey out / keeping Victor) – that’s not going to happen. Also, they could care less about if we watch the feeds from Monday to Thursday, since there are no commercials. With the game becoming a bore-fest, the only thing they risk losing is paid subscribers for the monthly access to the live feeds.

      To answer your first question, I do not watch nearly as much as I did before this week. Not only has it gotten boring, but I am sick of production meddling with the game and I am sick of production allowing James and Nicole to get away with their $10k money order / gift card deal-making – which is strictly against the rules. For their punishment, James and Nicole should not be allowed to vote this week. In which case, Paul would be the only one to cast a vote, and Corey would be gone!

  24. Reeeeeeeealllllllllyyyyyyy, Nichole! You deserve to be slut shamed just as much as Z. Can’t wait to hook up until you get off live feeds telecast everywhere? This immature Bi-guy is a frat boy ass who brags about hurting animals has said to you that he is a playa. Yet you continue the under the covers action. Thought you were so concerned with your image and what Mom, Pop and brother would think? Not! Of course, knowing how you operate…you’ll deny, deny and deny.

  25. The real reason why we are having these “showmances” on Big Brother is that each and every one of these couples want to be on the next Amazing Race or Survivor. They are not playing the game of Big Brother but the extended game of “I need to be on TV” to further my pitiful show career and delay me having to get a real job.

    Until you have true fans of the show and not those that just want to be considered for other TV programs, you will have these fake romances, etc.

  26. Lotsa people being down about the season but I’m not here’s last night Kraken vision with HD clarity

    Victor is evicted and comes back just barely beating out Bridgette and Paul. Victor doesn’t win the HOH but Paul does, it’s the slip n slide comp. Corey wins the care package uses the 5grand to keep himself safe.

    Paul takes a shot at James and Natalie for their betrayal.

    1. Let Paul take out James instead of Natalie and I’ll become a lover again :)
      P.S. thanks for this website, best website of big brother, Hands Down.

    2. I’d be ok with that scenario. Although, I’d hope they wiped the voted that occured before Thursday’s returned juror reveal.

    3. I wouldn’t mind that at all. Except I think it would be better if he puts up James and Natalie, James wins veto and saves himself and Michelle goes up in his place and is sent home! Michelle has skated by for way too long!! She has been a mean girl from the beginning and should have been gone a loooong time ago!!! Not to mention her inevitable melt down might make for good tv

  27. So funny, last night when Meech was fast chomping on cereal (I mean-she wasn’t even chewing, just spooning it in really fast and swallowing) Vic says ya know, they say… you should eat more slowly and let your brain realize you are full. It takes a while for your brain to receive the message. LMAO, this he has to say to a “nutritionist”.

    1. None of these ladies eat with any manners at all. I almost threw up watching Nicole eat her pasta the other night. Natalie acts like she is eating her last meal and Michelle is just gross too to watch eat.

    2. MIchelle is a bulimic…that is how they eat, they don’t chew so they can throw it all up. If you notice she went to the bathroom after she threw that meal down her throat.

    1. JMac fucking sucked. He was a joke of a houseguest, he had zero strategy, and just walked around grunted and laughed like an awkward introverted pre-teen dork.

  28. Well Paul, how does it feel to have the DA EVICTION come back to haunt you after all these weeks ????? True that Vic shouldn’t have to pay for Paul’s sins but like PP said many times before GUILTY BY ASSOCIATION.
    Michelle was really sour after DA got evicted and blamed Nat for not telling her.
    – Like I said before Nat is good at getting what she wants. You thought Paulie was a manipulator?? I beg to differ. – I think Nat is a great Manipulator and using everyone in the house right now to get everything she wants and it all starts with James.
    When Nat made that agreement to form the Spy club with the 3 girls it was like THE EXORCIST was lit inside her. All that needs to happen now is her head to spin around when her and James are cuddling in bed together !!!!
    Nat had no showmance, tried hooking up with Corey, Paulie before finally settling on James. Who then coaches her while she gathers info and spies on everyone in the house while she floats through protected.
    Next week she will watch Meech and James go up on the block and throw the Veto so she can be safe and one of them gets evicted. – ‘Cause she knows She is coming for Paul and Nicole next !!!
    Better get your Holy Water and Crosses ready Rat and Muffin Man.

    1. Correct. Heating up frozen food in an oven or nuking it in the microwave doesn’t really qualify as cooking. The way these young women are going on, I thought he was peeling a pile of Idaho potatoes to create pommes frites.

  29. BB is really a social experiment. You cut off Paulie, then Paul and Victor start to let the power get into their heads for a week, and now the power has gone to the heads of Natalie and Meech. It seems like pretty much whoever wins HoH suddenly becomes totally arrogant and unaware, and whoever is dethroned automatically cry foul and pity.

  30. I posted this as part of another reply, but I thought it might be worth a separate post:

    I am pissed at production for allowing James and Nicole to get away with their $10k money order / gift card deal making – which is strictly against the rules. For their punishment, James and Nicole should not be allowed to vote this week. In which case, Paul would be the only one to cast a vote, and Corey would be gone!

    It would be priceless to see James’ and Nicole’s face when Julie tells them they’re not allowed to vote this week due to their egregious rule breaking of making a cash deal for votes.

    If only…

    1. You are right. It’s BS. Even though Production made them say they aren’t gonna do it, I do not believe them. And if 3 people in Jury had one of the Final 2 tell them that he/she would give them each $10,000 if he/she wins, those 3 jurors are very likely to give that person those 3 votes. Even if then Production made you say on camera “no, nevermind”. 3 bribed votes is very hard to overcome out of a 9 person jury. Plus those 3 jurors will have influence on the other jury members. There should be repercussions.

  31. That grey blanket Corey and Nicole use. Enough said. Barf. Burn it.

    Michelle looks like she smells. Her disgusting greasey looking hair with bald spots grosses me out. Then she coats make up over her dirty face every five minutes. And picking globs of gunk out of her eye lashes all the time. I don’t want to think of her private parts hygiene. She literally makes me sick to my stomach every time she is on camera.

    Every guy thinks the same thing when they first see a girl. Would I? And all the women this season I’m a strong NO! I know some you think Nat is hot. To me she isn’t even cute. Gross.

    1. I am with you on that. I never saw the great beauty in Nat so many people saw. So many people were all drooling about how HOT she was. I personally thought this season Bridgette was the prettiest women. Very natural, not much make-up (I hate that over the top caked on fake look the Kar-trashians seem to love) She looked great when she came out of the shower and didn’t over do it when she did put on make-up. Munchie probably has bald spots from them damn extensions? Wasn’t it Victoria crying about them making he head bleed but wouldn’t be seen without them? I am not sure maybe the ladies here can say better what wearing those things constantly do. At least Ratcole’s rats nest is all hers!!!!

      1. Bridgette really is stunning. Her skin was flawless and her self confidence made her glow. Natalie had far too many wrinkles on her leathery face for her age. Nats personality and constant complaining, neediness, and mean girl makes her very unattractive. He fact that she is so petty towards Paul and embellishing the truth about him makes her look unattractive.

  32. I am so sick of people claiming they know when production does this or that. Or if so and so happens or doesn’t happen it was for sure production. Get over yourselves. This is a TV show.

    Yes they ask questions of players in the DR that gets the players thinking a certain way about the game and how they are playing. They tell some players not to give up. Big deal. This whole thought the whole thing is rigged and the comps are rigged and they tell players who to get out and who to work with week to week is bogus.

    Yes Natalie said Production wants her to work with Corey and Nicole. Does that not maybe mean they asked her what is your closeness to Corey and Nicole? And have you ever thought of working with them?

    Nope they forced her to work with them. And if the next comp is the wall it’s all rigged for James or Natalie to win! I knew it! It’s a Kraken season! The show is rigged I tell you rigged!

    Then all of you can turn off your computers and TV’s and phones and get a life. Maybe it’s for the best.:-)

    1. Nicole and Corey have basically ignored Natalie all summer. Natalie was set to nominate at least Corey and possibly Nicole (she didn’t want to nominate a girl) but the moment she comes out of the DR she’s all about Paul and Victor. Meech, who called Nicole a snake on live TV, is suddenly ok with Nicole staying. Logically, Nicole wouldn’t trust Meech so there’s zero reason for Meech to avoid putting her up. Meech has hated Nicole for weeks and the first time she can take a shot at her she puts up one of the two guys she was working with. This seems less like suggestion and more like this is what’s best for the show.
      It could be they want to be able to pit Paulie against Vic in the return comp to sell it as the two Goliaths going at it. Although it’ll probably be a crap shoot.

    2. I think you should have left out the last part you wrote Production Whining. These people hate when you make them face the reality of their lives or the fear of stepping away from their computer and phone and into the real world.

        1. No, if I had to sit and listen to these wind-bags and then type what they said………… I would be smokin’ the Kraken in no time. (or at least hitting the bong pretty hard :)

      1. Hey “It’s clear”, unless you’re typing your own BB blog perfectly with no mistakes free for anyone to access, then you need to lay off. Simon does a great job and doesn’t deserve to be disrespected by ungrateful dehays like you pal.

        1. Keyboard warriors. So funny. Never cared would you walk up to someone in person and say that to them? You probably would say you would. I doubt it keyboard warrior. Keep hiding behind that screen acting tough little tike.

          I like this season. Really a great season. I think many of you would say the same if Simon and Dawg said it was a good season. There are many that come to this site and like 4 that would agree with ANYTHING Simon and Dawg type. Because Simon and Dawg find it a boring season to report on. Don’t let that change your opinion of it. Some will complain every season. Last year was decent and some still said it was the worst ever. No matter the season some will say it sucks and worst ever.

          I find it a joy to follow this season. If you don’t and are not either Simon or Dawg why are you here?

          1. Ok now, cool your jets. I found this comment in the spam filter thought I would bring it to light.

            This season is boring right now C’mon nobody but the most die hard cat person would disagree with that. Has it been boring all along? NO it’s been a fun season and I think after Thursday it’ll be fun again

            I’m looking through your other comments and there’s a pattern developing, There’s a couple comments using different usernames but from the same IP commenting on your own comments. C’mon seriously, I may be the worst thing ever but I don’t even do that.

            My Kraken visions have foretold what will happen it’s all good.. If you have a problem with me or the site send us a email.

  33. My earlier post doesn’t appear here… But with I had said was that Nicole and Corey were hitting it again last night at around midnight I’m sure their families are so happy and proud. Heck, someday Nicole’s kids will be able to see her screw Corey on BB 18

  34. I thought it was hilarious when Paul told Nicole that she looked like a chicken from a cartoon. (She did)
    At that moment she did.
    She looked like the chick from an old
    Foghorn Leghorn cartoon.
    Nicole flipped him the bird after he said it.
    It struck me funny.
    I don’t know… Guess I’m bored. LOL

      1. Loved that chicken! “I say I say hey boy, what ya doin’ there boy” I now need to go to you tube and pull some of those up for the grand kids. Show them some real cartoons instead of all the weird stuff they have now that are not even funny. I don’t know what it is but my grand son runs around saying “super Gecko muscles” and “telling me he is going to “sticky splat me”

  35. First of all kudos to Dawg for posting these updates. I watched the live feeds last night and they are so BORING I could only watch for a few minutes and then stopped. Dawg you and your team have done an amazing job of watching and posting for me and others.

    Now, I know a lot of you are not fans of Corey, but I am so too bad. I hope he gets the next care package and wins the whole freaking game!

  36. I’m glad that the ACP votes are closed until we know who really will be in the house. I was ready to start voting for Corine (even though hes not a favorite of mine), but hes the best of the three evils left eligible for ACP, AND for what I want to happen in the game. I actually hope Corine is the one that gets evicted this week. I truly hope Bridgette is the one to come back from jury, and hope to God Pauline, the POS scum, is not the one to come back. It would be fun to watch Vic beat Pauline on a competition, as it would also be fun to watch Vic return to the house after being evicted twice… and see the rest of the house scramble around. My prayers though, will be for Bridge. I hope she pulls a win and gets in the house and teams up with… well… I won’t think that far ahead since this house has been a power roller coaster.

    With that said, I hope to see James, Vic, and Meech as F3 (in the event Vic wins the jury buyback), or James, Meech, and Bridgette for F3 (in the event Bridge wins the jury buyback). If either of those five people takes the 500k home, I’ll be happy – though it would be nice to see a female win.

    If Pauline comes back, my ACP votes will be for Corine.
    If Vic comes back, my ACP votes will be for Vic.
    If Bridgette comes back, my ACP votes will be for Bridgette.

    Let it roll!

    1. actually… I need to correct a my previous statement.

      *If Pauline comes back, my ACP votes will be for Paul (NOT Corine) – in the hopes that Paul gets paranoid about Pauline being back and wanting revenge and focuses on getting that manic animal out.

  37. The showmances suck. Natalie has bigger balls than James and Michelle is an ungrateful fatty that should’ve been gone before Zakiyah.

  38. Honestly, just wake me up when there is a winner. I’m over BBAD which happens around this time in the game every year anyway. Unfortunately there’s zzzzzzzzzz….. sorry dosed off already. Unfortunately there”s not much gaming to follow anyway at least until a member of jury returns… hopefully.

  39. These house guests are all idiots. I really hope Vic comes back and is eligible to be HOH. It’ll be so lame to let an evicted HG come back and either not be safe or not be able to win HOH… that’s just asking for them to get evicted again. Michelle is the biggest idiot in the whole house. She claims to know there is a jury member coming back yet STILL wants to vote out Vic…. why?? If she were smart she would try to get corey evicted. That way IF paulie does come back him, paul, vic and probably James will be battling it out. Also, she should be cozying up to Paul/Vic…. does the moron not realize she is with 2 showmances? Odds are they’re not going to take her to F2. Getting rid of Pauls bud makes him single too… she should be nice to him because unlike her he is playing in the HOH comp and is really the only person who MAY take her to F2.

    1. If she thinks a jury member is coming back, then she is better off evicting Vic. Vic and Paulie are good at competitions. It is better to have only one of them in the house than both of them. And, if Corey is evicted, I would not be surprised if Paulie wins the buy back competition and returns.

      1. The reason for getting rid of Corey would serve two purposes.
        If they get rid of Victor and he comes back he owes none of them anything. He can easily decide to let Nicorey slide for another week and instead target James/Nat/Michelle.
        If they get rid of Victor and Paulie comes back he will reteam with Nicorey making them the strongest group in the house. Basically they would be breaking up a strong duo but it would be replaced by a strong trio.
        Now that Paul and Victor know they can’t trust anyone I don’t know what would happen if he stayed. If they (Michelle and Jatalie) had stuck to the original plan and Corey had been evicted then Victor (if he won HOH) would have also stayed on plan and next week the target would have been Nicole and probably the returning juror, especially if it’s Paulie.

    2. Well if it’s a merged comp (HGs and jury) and Vic is the last one standing … I assume he obvi gets back in the house AND HOH for the week.

  40. Why do so many of you want Bridgette back in the game? She has admitted to being a gimp and would be just as worthless as Meech. As much as I would hate Paulie to come back in the game, unless Victor pulls off another win, he’s the best choice at least then Paul and he could call a truce and get that nutless wonder James out. Meech is an idiot, she can’t play HOH and torched the only bridge she could have teamed up with next week in Paul. She’s done and she deserves it, for once it will be hilarious watching that pig squeal!

  41. Paul should be screaming at the top of his lungs that Nicole and Corey were in the room with him and said they would work with him to get James out. Then make something up about them getting James trust so they could backdoor him. He’s a lone wolf at this point so he should just start destroying the others.

  42. So, Natalie had on her bucket list of things to do in the BB house this summer-‘Find a Showmance’.

    I guess that puts to rest any doubts about what her true intentions are. She liked Corey first but Nicole had dibs, she moved on to Victor but he didn’t return her affections, she flirted with Paulie but feared Zakiyah so she moved on to James because he was an easy target. I now believe there is not a shred of honesty in her feelings for James.

  43. How many times do you want to see the same GD houseguest come back regardless of your feelings towards them. Victor has already been back once and made it known to all that he and Paul are a final two. Isn’t that something he should have kept to himself? They play like a pair of twins. Not very good gameplay at all. They do everything but go to the bathroom together and play like the couples you are all so against. They kept Michelle basically locked in a room and took turns trying to turn her against everyone else, and I feel everyone should want them out. The two of them are a powerful duo. Getting one of the two out is a priority I would think. At this point in the game there is no one in that house that will believe a word that comes out of Pauls mouth. He can yell and scream all he wants, but there is nothing he can yell about that he hasn’t done himself. I say give someone else a chance to come back, and see how they can do. I am getting tired of looking at the pair of them. They feel they deserve to be there more than anyone else, and comp. wins aren’t everything in this game, as past winners have proven. Victor seems to think that brute strength is going to win him the game. Maybe it would if he is up against Paul, but it doesn’t seem like that is going to happen.

  44. Of the people to choose from I hope Victor wins his way back into the house. I could stand stand some of the others coming back into the house except Paulie. For those who disagree with that, I feel that if Paulie enters the house, the log named Corey will end up winning Big Brother.

  45. Do people here understand that the POLL HERE IS NOT THE REAL VOTING POLL? As in, it doesn’t matter what Simon and Dawg’s poll says on here, FOR YOUR VOTE TO COUNT you NEED TO GO TO CBS’ WEBSITE and vote there? I keep seeing comments here from people getting their panties in a bunch cause Corine is “winning” the care package. Well guess what, OFFICIAL VOTES START ON THE 25TH! CBS doesn’t care about random polls, but the ones on their website. So in reality, nobody’s winning ACP yet.

    Sorry for the caps to the ones that understand the difference between unofficial/fun voting (blog/social media polls), and official voting (CBS’ website), as my rant and annoyance due to people’s stupidity is not addressed to y’all.

    Keep on keeping on…

    Enjoy the show and have fun.

  46. Why are people voting for Corey to get the package. True fans of what big brother really is, should be giving it to Paul, because he’s gonna be all alone and that money might help or at the very least keep the show entertaining. Other wise we are gonna be stuck with all 3 of those girls high pitched nails on a chalkboard voices. So annoying, to each is own I guess. if Paul leaves, remember the final 5 as being the beginning of the end of big brother.

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