Meech “I’m not myself any more. I’m worried about snapping on people!”

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 17-53-53-149
5:25pm Nicole and Corey. Nicole tells Corey that last night she told Michelle she was being weird. Michelle says she felt like we didn’t include her. We talk to her for 5 hours the other day. Plus she sleeps all the time. I said if you’re feeling some type a way I would prefer if you just came to me rather than go to other people. She said I don’t talk game to her. I said we haven’t talked game up to this point and what game is there to talk about. She said yeah you’re right. I told her you do understand that my gut tells me Da is coming after me, Corey and Paulie. She looks at me weird. She had a smile on her face and asked where did you hear that? I said I didn’t I just have a gut feeling. Corey asks why didn’t you tell her who. Nicole says because I don’t want to give her any information. This morning Da asked to talk to me … clearly because I just talked to those girls (Z and Michelle) last night. It literally just showed me. They said she (Da) isn’t going to do anything to upset the house. I said its crunch time. I told them I’m going to vote Bridgette out and how I’m taking a chance that Da wins HOH and puts me up. They are making me so mad. I don’t get why they lie. I basically told Da there is no mending our relationship. I’ve just heard too much. She said I hold on to things. I said I’ve just heard too much to not hold on to it. If I ever made it to final 2 it would be very hard for me to win.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 18-18-02-102

5:45pm Havenot room – Michelle and Paulie. Michelle is upset. She says I’m not myself any more. I’m so stressed out. Everyone is getting to me. I’m super annoyed. I’m not worried about you or double eviction. I’m worried about me snapping on people. Paul and James I can’t take them any more. Paulie suggests she have a conversation with them and just let them know. This is a pressure cooker environment. Michelle says people hate me and I’m not going to be able to get a job after this. Paulie says I wouldn’t worry about that. Michelle says people could be calling me a bully when I wasn’t. Paulie says I would fly you to my gym and you could give people nutrition advice. The term bullying gets thrown around way too much. Michelle says I just don’t want my family to be disappointed in me. Paulie says we’re in here and its a game that has to be played. You’re not yourself. If anyone wants to say I’m a sexist, racist, misogynist.. or whatever .. that’s not me. Not that I am those things but the people that really know you, know who you are. In here it is not real. I love everyone in here.. at the end of the day its a game. Z and Paul join them. Paul asks what is bugging you. Michelle says this game. Paul says you love this game. Paul says You’re going to look back and say god I was such a pu$$y. Even if I s**t on your chest you will look back and laugh at it. Michelle says I just need a break. Paul says there are no breaks. Paulie says yeah, I cry behind closed doors. Paul says yeah he’s a b***h! Michelle says Vic is annoying me. Paul says bone him. Na, don’t you’ll get boo’d. Michelle laughs and says the worst boo in history.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 18-16-57-811

6:15pm London bedroom – James and Natalie. Natalie says I miss having a best girlfriend. I’m having fun win you though. I’m definitely voting for Bridgette to stay. James asks oh you’re voting for Bridgette to stay, ok! Natalie says me winning this game is like a miracle happening. James says this is my make a wish. Nalalie says you can’t say that. Make a wish is for terminally ill children. James says I’m mentally ill.
Big-Brother-18- 2016-08-03 18-23-27-831

6:20pm – 6:50pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

7:50pm Still no feeds… they’re likely getting their half-way party… POW POW!

8:26pm NO

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 21-02-18-364

9:02pm Feeds back

Paul – Your boys wasted..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 21-06-37-028

9:06pm Storage room James and Natalie
Natalie – Why was she mad at you what did you do (Michelle)
James says they made up yesterday it’s cool. James told “Meech” the truth.
James wonders who is at the centre of this. Natalie says it’s Paulie, James agrees.
Natalie asks why Paulie told Michelle James told him that. James says Paulie threw him under the bus.
James says the truth was Michelle came into the have nots and said Nicole, Paulie and Corey were whispering, James ran to Paulie and Told him this than Paulie told MEECH what James did. She’s not denying it, “I fixed it”

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What would you rather see...

Thumbs up if you want to see Paulie win Big Brother.


Thumbs down if you want to see an animal get tortured.


Powder Puff Girl

Thumbs down for you stupid comment!


Thumbs up if you think this post is dumb


funny how these HG’s, that inflicted the most personal insults onto others are now trying to portray themselves as victims.


There’s a simple rule in sled dog racing. If your not the lead dog then all your doing is looking at assholes all day. So all the houseguests need to do is pull out a shotgun and shoot the lead dogs. Pretty simple to me. Maybe I should go by the nickname “Shotgun Jacket” for now on.

Yup Yup

Every woman wants to have Paulie’s Italian babies.


Can you call him Italian really?
That guy is seriously watered down.
That blood line has been stepped on many times.
How bout he give kudos to whatever else he is.


Should we discuss Da’s bloodline next?

Justin beaver

Me too.


As much as I dislike Paulie, AND do not want him to win – the thumbs down option is as disgusting as majority of the hg’s! You must approve of Corey and his college buddies attempting to light a goat on fire just for entertainment purposes!


So, to clarify – the people hitting the thumbs down button on my previous post in response to, “Thumbs down if you want to see an animal get tortured,” agree they prefer to see an animal tortured? That post is/was dumb, stupid and ignorant! Thumbs up if you agree putting animal torture as an option is disgusting!

Powder Puff Girl

thank you for the post I am in total agreement with you.

Hey Dirk!

There is a 300 pounder inside Michelle crying to be set free. Right, Dirk??




Hopefully its a big brother rewind or pandoras box some kind of twist please


Still bored
Hobby perhaps
Maybe a life

Captain Crunch

Nicole is an idiot, she really thinks shes with the guys. I hope she knows if her and Corey ever go up on the block together not only are the guys are gonna vote her out but the girls as well because she’s a rat.

Not 2 Da

At least she will have outlasted Da’Vonne. I hope she blows a gasket tomorrow night.

The Truth

Nicole is an unfunny, less attractive version of Britney. Paulie is a much louder Hayden. Paul is, well, Enzo, but not likable. Corey is from Texas, like Lane. James is more likable, less intelligent Matt.

The Brigade rides again.


Lane banged Brittney. Corey will bang Nicole. Lane wins. Oh, Brittney, I do miss your body on the live feeds!


Brittany is the hottest girl in BB history, hands down.


Corey is no where near comparable to Lane! There was no doubt Lane was a straight man! Corey would be probably have a crush


Rachel-Nicole thinks she’s sneaky and her game revolves around showmance
Brendan-Corey does what Nicole says and acts like he doesnt
Lane-James goofy southern guy
Matt -Victor thinks he’s in the loop
Enzo-Paul entertainer role
Hayden- Paulie Runs house
Britney- Meech thinks she’s the coolest thing since sliced bread and thinks she’s in the loop
Kathy-Davonne old, lazy, gossips
Ragan-Natalie bubbly and funny
Kristen – Bridge one of the better females at comps
Monet-Z will be that person nobody remembers


It is a GAME


Nicole is going to be the new Britney

Butters Mom

Nicole does not equal Britney in this universe or in any other. lol


Hey Mom. Where you been? BTW you’re right.

Motorboat Natalie

There are so many emotionally high maintenance girls in the house this year. It’s like they’re not in there to win. They’re in there for summer camp or to hook up. It’s so ridiculous. I really dislike all of these people but I hope like hell Paulie doesn’t steamroll this season. Unfortunately, that’s what it looks like will happen. This season has a plethora of shitty players unlike no season I’ve seen.


The girls are immature middle school brats except for Bridgette and Natalie. The boys ??? I just can’t ..
Waiting for something crazy to happen. Anything but this

Tig O'Bitties

…and I quit

Frank's Farts Are Juicy

You are a terrible horrible person Michelle. Game play is one thing but when you say nasty things about other people for no reason that’s your true self. You, Paul and Z suck balls! James and Nicole are just pu$$ys


Frank Eats His Farts is the biggest loser. Mentally and physically I bet he compares to Michael Moore. He fails at life so he just hates.

Michelle's eyebrows

I’m sick of seeing people cry about boys not liking them (zakiyah) and being perceived as a bully (Michelle). Y’all snitches brought this upon yourselves, but that’s besides the point. Play the damn game girls!! This has to be the weakest bunch of girls I’ve seen on a season in a while. Grow a backbone and make some moves!! As a super fan, Michelle should know how the men in this game have an illustrious history of screwing over women at the end (even bigger side eye to Nicole who played the game before and is getting played like a fooligan).


Someone needs to tell Bridgette that Paulie was the one running the house when Frank left. Davonne wanted him gone but she never did have any control they just humored her. Cant believe Bridgette is falling for what the guys are telling her. First it was frank and now Paulie. She would be the top of the totem pole if she worked with the girls cuz shes the stongest. Instead she lets the guys use her. Da told her the truth about nicole being a rat. Girl needs to look around and figure some shit out.


Sorry, accidently tapped post twice.


What’s she suppose to do? She’s on the block, her only chance right now is staying with Paulie and hope that they vote Da out. Who knows what happens after, but other than Nat, why go with the girls? They’re useless, can’t win comps, and belittled her like 13 year old girls. She’s on her own, sinat least she has a chance right now by going with the guys.


ur not sorry at all! u should be banned!


Natalie is such a sweetheart!! I like her

Mister pickles

Natalie does not exist. Everything you are seeing is made up, fictional. There is no one there. She is a lie, a product of Kardashian Industries. And you are a sucker.


You sure sound like a blast to hang out with.

Natalie has had her ups and downs just like everyone else, but she has largely remained decent and kind to the others….. and this is why she’s popular. Everyone’s true colors come to the surface at some point in the game – it’s impossible to “lie” 24/7 for weeks on end. And I’m sure Nat’s family and friends are proud of the way she’s handled herself to this point.


I would spit in Grodner’s face if i saw her in real life.


You’re way into this show……. seek help.

Wut Now

The one and only week the mega-alliance hasn’t been in power, Bridgette’s HOH, was controlled by Frank. What a chance he blew to make a move. What an absolute p*ssy! He wanted to hide within the big alliance, plus have the powder puff girls in his corner and hide behind them too. What an insane strategy.

Honestly, Frank takes the blame for ruining the season.


You’re right. Frank is a pu##y. And he probably blames Dan.

Franks fumes

I think you mean there would be a game worth watching if Frank was still in the house.


Can’t wait for Da to bounce.

Rooster Crow

On my cock-a-doodle-doo!




SAVE DA’! PLEASE LET HER HAVE THE RT TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not 2 Da

If she does have the round trip ticket I hope she opens it ahead of time and voids it. Da is a witch.



Are you saying you haven’t snapped already? Scary.


Michelle reminds me of Debra on Everybody loves Raymond the pms episode. So funny.


Haha Raymond “You’re like a monkey that’s going to jump on my back and rip a vein out of neck”

Franks fumes

Paulies gonna fly big meech out to his gym to give nutritional information…wtf! Bizzarro world!

Paulie won already

Michelle’s nutritional advice would be eat everything in sight all day long

Meech Sez

If you run a bag of chips thru a blender, you can eat the whole bag in 2 minutes.

Cabbage patch kid hater

Ugh how? Not just the house but viewers preferring bridg ( who has played Frank’s game now Pauline’s) over da ?!?!
I love da in the DR & hate Nicole’s Whiiiiiiine. Has everyone forgotten all the hateful/nasty faces Bridget made in the beginning days? Thumbs up for mama da even tho it looks like her time is up


Michelle is deathly afraid of her social justice warrior peers because she knows that she and they follow an evil ideology. May she burn at the stake she prepared for others.


Best comment yet!


Tell us how you really feel!! Yikes!!


Even better than watching Da get evicted will be watching her open her ticket to see she is on a one way trip. I hope the houseguests leave her the same style goodbye messages that she left for everyone else.


Everyone forgets the key to this game is to not say terrible things about people just because you are competing against them and don’t name enemies that “You” are gonna get out for the next 4 weeks, especially if you are a weak competitor.
James for the Win! Frank Eats His Juicy Farts.


so effin bored with these houseguests i started rewatching bb season 8.. smh now i remember why i love big brother

No Offense, But

S8 sucked. Rigged for the Donatos. S10 is where it’s at.


6, 8, 10, 14 were my favorite probably the only good ones

Princess Fraidy

Ladies, let’s not fight over who loves Paulie more. He’s man enough to please us all.


Nicole said “If I ever made it to final 2 it would be very hard for me to win”



I laugh at how people feel bad for Z now. Do you forget what she used to do to Bridgette from the beginning? She would throw out food that Bridgette just made for the house, she stole Bridgette’s bday cake and made it for her stupid Giraffe after Bridgette picked her to join them for the steak dinner comp because it was her bday. That’s how good of a person Bridgette is. She constantly called her horrible names behind her back. Too many to name. She threatened to take her other leg out after B hurt herself after the veto comp, and when B was crying because people were making fun of her Z told her she’s crazy and it’s all in her head. Z deserves everything she’s getting and more. Paulie is a total douche bag, but FUCK MAX-Z!!! What goes around comes around! If anyone is going to have a hard time keeping their job after this it’s going to be her.


WELL SAID! But I’m starting to enjoy Paulie but Z IS THE REAL MEAN GIRL

Bryn Mawr Mama

I don’t disagree with you, and ALL the girls, with the exception of Natalie, have all been bitches to the extreme, especially Z and Day. But that doesn’t erase the fact that Paulie cornered, badgered, interrogated and found her guilty without listening to what she was trying to say and it was brutal. Did she lie? Damned if I know, and I don’t really care. He’s still an asshole.


And how disgusting was MaxZ saying that she wants to fight Bridgette at the wrap party. First class lady right there.

Powder Puff Girl

Paul, Z, Da, Michelle have all been nasty. Paulie took it up a notch last night in so many ways,

Jimmy 64

Does anyone know which way the vote is going to give?

Not 2 Da

It is going to go down like this….Da does her best Chima impression.

Powder Puff Girl

I think Da’vonne will be leaving.

Willow Smith

Whippit!! Whippit good!

Tonight on 2020

I think I have figured out days Game plan is to talk in a monotone voice saying yeah yeah yeah yeah when she talks to people …. I wish she would have the balls to call everybody out on their crap … I think she’s going to stick with yeah yeah yeah ..

60 minutes

I think her yeah yeah’s is because she doesn’t have the votes or she just doesn’t believe anyone. Nice “kisses” she gave after the veto hahaha . If she stays she will just do the usual nothing and it will be just as lame as it is now. She cant be anyone’s anything because you cant trust her anymore. She puts out too many names. When they were in the HOH she was like, “what about so and so and so and so” well what about you then if you can say all those other people.

Call people out on what crap. She has already told everyone everything she could. Except that she wanted Nicole out for weeks now and that’s not a new thing. You’re right, she should just stick to Yeah Yeah….Game Over Bro!

Tonight on 2020

Love your post …OK maybe not call people out on there crap but just give everybody her opinion of them. tell the girls to pull there heads out of their butts and quit worrying about the relationships out of the house that they are going to lose the game. Call out the alliances are the so-called alliances I mean she can’t come off any worse to America and what she already has so just let it fly . She should do what Paul and Paulie always act like they’re going to do never cared !!!

Pauls Apple Bruise

That was weird Michelle’s reaction to the apple ball to Pauls back. I know she felt bad but holy shite. I wonder if its all black&blue and apple shaped now.


I’m no Da Fan, I wish she would have come back this season and played a completely different game than she played the last time she was on. I wish she would have learned to keep her mouth shut, find that one person she can confide in, plot and actually WIN some of the Comps.

Z and Michelle, are annoying as hell. Also I think it is wrong how Paulie is playing with Z’s feelings, and I also think it is very immature of Z to think that Paulie cannot be seen laughing and talking with any of the other girls in the house. She is here to try and win 500k, forget about Paulie, you can like him, but keep your head in the game, stop being so nasty, mean and annoying, stop trying to do things on the show to get more camera time.

Nicole, I cannot wait for her whining ass to be on the block, she is doing the same thing she did the last time she was on the show. Only this time she is being played by a man who is or may not be Bi-Sexual, or Gay. I’m not knocking Corey, nothing wrong with trying to figure out who you are, I just wish he would grow a pair and stop being so blinded by Paulie and Paul.

Some people are saying if Nicole and Corey are on the block together, the guys will vote out Nicole, I don’t agree with that, I think they would vote out Corey. The Guys know that Nicole would be a wreck, whining and crying after Corey is evicted.

I wish James, would actually put more time into playing the game, instead of spending all day and night snuggling and doing pranks with Natalie. Last time he was attached to Meg who did not win or do anything, and who was completely unaware of what was going on in the house, this year, he is so happy to actually say he is in a Showmance, and saying Paulie is his Leader ??? Wow, I am so disappointed in James, when is he going to wake up and see that his Leader Paulie is going to evict him and Natalie, but for some reason I think James will be fine with this, he can be with Natalie in Jury.

At this point, I am pulling for Bridgette. I hope she wins HOH and flips the house upside down. I am so tired of looking at Paulie trying to look and act like Paul, and please tell Paulie to put on a damn shirt, I am sick of Victory, he is just as blind as can be. He thinks he has been accepted in the group with the guys, they are going to kick him to the curb real soon, they already said he is annoying, he also talks too much, he keeps walking in when Paulie, Paul and Corey are talking, does he not notice, within less than 5 minutes, they all leave.


Michelle you are the defention of a bully. Stop whining you played a horrible game. You were part of the trio of mean girls. Your Vicious/Awful x100. You knew what you signed up for. You’re a spoiled brat craving attention no one wants to give you. You have been a nasty vile person since your introduction video. You know how vile you are? You could of worked with Frank and Bridget but you had to go all crazy with jealously. What the hell is wrong with you? Stop with the pity party. You are a nasty person. You didnt pick up that habit in the house. You brought it with you. So when you bring this sh$& up no one cares. Hope you join Da in Jury after James in a few weeks.

South CityCali

Friggin A! luv this comment I hope she gets a good look at all these comments!


Its soo boring and pathetic in that house that people watching are actually dillusional enough to think da’ played a good game and want her to have round trip ticket just to rewatch the same week all over again… NOT!!! Get over it da is leaving!!! She sunk her own boat! Bye Bye BAD ATTITUDE!!!


I really don’t have anyone that I am pulling for this season, it is hard to like most of the people in the house. I will be so happy to see Nicole, Z and Michelle be evicted, they are all very annoying and have not really done much in the game.

I am also tired of James and the Pranks, damn it James, plot, kick butt, shake things up in the house and stop running back and reporting everything to Paulie. You need to win HOH, put Paul & Paulie on the Block, if one of them comes off, Corey on the block, break up Paulie, Paul and Corey.

Paulie and Paul are just a couple of days away from putting your beloved Natalie up on the block, you are the low man on the totem pole, stop being Paulie’s little snitch. Where is the James from last year that was ready to make big moves, shake things up ???


Az, I agree with you that James has been playing too much pattycake with Natalie and not scheming like he should. But, I do think James is very aware of who is running the house and it’s not him of any of his close allies. That’s why he will make the big move by putting up Paulie and Corrinthea if he wins HOH. He will shake things up to see how the guys fall out and try to ferret out info. If someone comes off the block then Paul the Human Black Chest goes up and James cozies up with Z, Meech and Victator.


You have some good points, hope James gets it together and starts making some big moves.


Zakiyah is going to feel so stupid and used when she gets out and see how Paulie has been talking crap about her. She is always saying she is finished with him, and as soon as he smiles or hugs her, she just melts and everything is fine, she is really making herself look like a fool, and we all know she was lying when he told Da, that she would vote Paulie out if he was on the block. Z is under his spell, she cannot break away from Paulie, and he is wrong for the way he is playing her, he talks crap about her, then goes and cuddles and hugs her, I cannot wait to see Paulie and Paul on the block, hopefully they will be on the block together “Friendship”, never cared, Goodbye !!!!

Someone please hide the HOH robe from Paul, I will be so happy when Thursday is here, and he is no longer HOH. He is such a little Rat, and he thinks America as he says “Loves Your Boy”, well as for me, I cannot stand him, he is playing the game by being a little Rat.


That robe must wreak by now..ick


So Meech crying again sms getting COMFORT from the one she offended (Frank & now one kidney less Paul).

Z: “I still want to work with you Paulie. And by work, I mean DATE you.”

Paulie: So not Derrick. Confrontations are bad for game, and his ego winning comps will be his down fall. Maybe.

Me: Sound of Music IS the greatest musical if all time.


It is sad that Michelle thinks that she won’t be able to get a job because of how she has behaved on this show. First I doubt this is true and second she must have come into the show thinking that because no one else (Frankie, Amanda, Aaryn to name a few) has had a problem that I know of. If that is her thought process than she should have been more self aware earlier. I think her crying (sometimes I believe fake) and self degrading comments in order to backtrack make her look worse. Just stop the mean crap, start manipulating people to advance the game and not to make you feel better and win some more comps. No more pity party. That is how she can turn this around.

Just a question...

It’s OK for a black girl to say ‘you’ve got a black girl body – it’s thick’ but it wouldn’t be OK for a white guy or girl to say that? I can’t take the double standards of what is racist and what is not. What is a ‘black girl body’?
I’m asking on this forum, which may not be the best to get the most intellectual responses (no offence) but I find that offensive what Zakiyah said. Does Paulie have a black boy body?


There is no such thing as race. Therefore, racism doesn’t exist.

Cry Baby Meech

Good question. It’s like walking in a dang mine field knowing what we’re allowed and not allowed to say anymore. Almost everything Z says offends me, though.

Butters Mom

Maybe Miss Teen USA can answer that question for you…

Powder Puff Girl

That was not a racist comment and if a white person said it still would not be a racist comment. If you are interested in the physical differences there is plenty of literature out there to research.

An Italian American

So if my brother tells a friend that is not of Italian decent that the friend looks like ‘a guido’ we all laugh (including the friend). If someone of non-Italian decent tells my brother to stop being a guido we kick his a$$. If you talk about your ethnicity or sex or religion or sexual orientation or other unique attribute its OK. If someone else does its time to throw down. I’m shocked so many people in the world don’t get that.

Franks fumes

Typical Guido.


I think my favorite part of the season was when Bridgette crumbled under the pressure, dropped her girl-power play-acting, and submitted herself to the dominant male of the house (at the time), Frank. And like a widowed wife, she is still singing his praises and defending his name. What a man to hold that kind of power over a female mind in absentia!

Paulie controlling Z has been fun, too, I’m not going to lie. While Frank was slapping butts and barking at sluts, and really playing with no fear, Paulie was much more reserved in the beginning. But, then Paulie suckered Frank into his confidence and took his place as top dog in the mega-alliance. Paulie even brought in his own lieutenant, Paul, and now Victor and Bridgette.

It was a beautiful Alpha battle. The ladies of the house are lucky to share part of their lives with those two manly men.


how much of an idiot do you have to be to vote out someone who has won jack squat? at least getting frank out had its merits. you get da out, and then what??? okay okay, on the off chance she’d win hoh, we all know she would be going after paul, paul #2, nicole, and corey. The only person who really would have a dilemma in who to keep is natalie. But, Z, Michelle, James, if you guys were smart you’d be working on victor to drive a wedge between him and paul. like bro, you’re not as close as you think you are, especially if paul #2 stays! also, if it results in a tie, you force paul to play his hand. sheesh. what a bunch of wimps.


I think the mental stress is just getting to them. They’ve been stuck inside the house without much outside time as production is building sets. I’m sure I would get cabin fever as well, it’s easy to get irritated with friends when your driving 10 on a road trip, imagine being in there for 90 days! It would make you go crazy, or atleast make you question yourself for playing the game to begin with. It’s not the mountain that breaks you, it’s the pebble in your shoe.


I agree. It’s hard enough to go away for a weekend with some friends and everything at all times be peaches & cream. And those are your friends never mind a group of strangers with all different eating habits and bathroom habits and snoring/sleeping habits. With all that you have to stay happy and get along with everyone mostly and try not to let your bad habits annoy people while trying not to strangle others. PLUS, not getting nominated and voted out of the house.
I would be the first *Laughs*


I bet crazy Gina-Marie is pretty great in the sack. Nicole, though? Total starfish.


Not bad.


Dawg/Simon what do you think of the rumor going around that day has the return pass, because she has number 8? There is a picture on the wall with a cruise ship that says “ocho rios”, eight rivers.

I have this gut feeling BB is sending Da back in that house.

Plus,I will never forget Bridgette very early in the game saying randomly, she got the feeling from production they want Da to win the game. At the time Bridgette was irrelevant in the game, seemed like a very odd statement to make.


Dawg-the load times on the site have become so long that I’ve only visited twice this season. It’s worse than any click-bait site man….


It’s not the site. It’s your device. My laptop was doing that. My Kindle works fine.

Bye Da

It was great seeing her fake ass on the block with her sour face just made me smile:)
So happy to see you go
So happy to see you go
Bye bye Da’Ghetto
So happy to see u go!!!


Paulie isn’t an idiot for wanting Da out. True – she hasn’t won “jack squat” but u don’t have to win comps to win bb. And I’m not implying that Da has the social game to win the game because she does not. What I am saying though is that Da is a threat to Paulie’s game because she isn’t dumb. She sees that the hg’s are all sheep following Paulie. And he knows that she’s got a big mouth and that she might have some negative influence on many of the players. HE IS PROTECTING HIS OWN GAME BY INSISTING SHE GOES.

Same with Frank. Same with Tiffany.

Paulie was schooled by one of the best bb players ever and also by the one who single-handedly made sure Derrick got paid — his own brother.

If they say your name, you “clip” them. I believe that THAT is Paulie’s strategy. And he definitely has the potential to win.


this is true but the key point is that she threatens PAULIES game. da would have a short list of people to go after that doesn’t include james, natalie, z, or michelle. just like they didn’t want to do franks dirty work for him, voting out da is doing paulies dirty work for him. it’s not like i’m rooting for da to win it all, (like you said you don’t have to win comps to win bb but in a perfect world the winner would be a balanced competitor) but i have a gut feeling keeping bridgette will be a move like keeping tiffany. there will be time to get da out and this isn’t it. i’m not mad at paulie for protecting himself. im mad at the rest of the house for protecting him. who really knows where bridgettes head will be at if she stays


While Paulie isn’t playing a GREAT game, he’s playing better than most of them. He’s definitely putting a target on his back beating those comps. But looking at who he’s playing with … Da COULD have played this game but she can’t help herself. She is a threat because she’s a constant shit stirrer. She puts EVERY one’s name out there and can’t be trusted. If you can’t win comps, you need to kill it with social game/strategy. She can’t fix her resting bitch face and she can’t keep her mouth shut. Don’t under estimate the people flying under the radar and playing good social games. Cory doesn’t cause any drama, he doesn’t talk too much, he doesn’t win comps. He’s “no threat”. Until he’s one of the last few standing. Just saying.

Tonight on 2020

I don’t believe Paulie wants to ever have children because he wears the tightest pants I’ve ever seen on a man . the only reason to keep him around is to laugh at that most ridiculous haircut I have ever seen on a grown ass man in my life …that’s something that some 10-year-old from the wrong side of the tracks gets …


Exactly, you dont haveto win comps to be a threat. Da’ will always be a threat and annoyance in the house cuz she runs her mouth to everyone, look at veto episode tnite where she was using brig throwin nicoles name out which isnt new with her. Plus she got z and meech to hate nicole by lying n talkin trash abt nicole and others. She dsnt have a good social game but she knows how easy it is to trash talk and influence z, meech, natalie etc…She isnt worth keeping cuz she’s too paranoid and has a Stank attitude which annoys every1 including us viewers. Plus she just blows at big brother. She will go down as waste of space for not winning any comps in 2 seasons…Yikes!!!


Paullie’s diary room confessions in tonites episode were a series of nails of his coffin… America won’t ever vote for him as AFP… he better win the show! He said some cruel shit about Z to Paul. He wasn’t bothering me too much but now I was completely appalled by his behavior. Self entitled little f*ck! Get off your high horse…


The house guest are seriously so clueless to think that Da is a bigger threat than Bridgette
Da hasn’t been good at comps average at the most
& Bridgette is a beast if she stays I hope she forms her own alliance with the girls


Frank Ocean has a new album dropping on Friday after over a year of false release dates and there is currently a video stream on his website. People got really excited about it and went to his website to see what was up, thinking there was new music posted or something, and it’s basically just a video streaming of a warehouse/shop, empty but for a bunch of speakers intermittently playing instrumental ambient music and a couple of work benches with saws, tools and whatnot. Every now and then Frank, or someone resembling him, comes in and saws some wood, welds some things, checks his phone and then leaves. Wash, rinse, repeat. This has been going on since Monday. I have it up on my laptop while killing sh*t on XboxLive and it’s shown me that I get more enjoyment out of watching his carpentry skills on loop than I do watching these a$$holes on the feeds. No shit, the sound of a table saw is soothing compared to the voices of 90% of that damn house.

That was a really long winded way of saying “holy carp I can’t with these annoying as f*ck people.” I feel better now, thanks. I’ll see myself out.


5 star post by one of the ATGs. Thanx.

Insecure much

Just imagine the meltdown from Meech when another care package comes and it isn’t for her either. What I’m seeing. She is begging America to feel sorry for her and let her know they like her. I’m not sure who is more insecure. Z or Meech. Z needs Paulies reassurance and since Meech doesn’t have a guy she needs America. I just didn’t even get that episode Meech had over hitting Paul. It was strange.


I don’t care for Da’s game play at all! But….I want her to stay just a little longer to spice up this show!! Those other girls are so zzzzzzzzzzz


Tell us how u really feel! Yikes!!