“My mission since day one is to go after Zach/Ashleigh and the showmances” -Godfrey

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Brittnee won the Have Not Power

7:10pm backyard Chit chat about napolean Dynamite

Sarah and Ash

7:30pm Ash and Sarah Hot Tub
AShleigh says regardless of what happens this week she wants Sarah to know she’s good with her next week, “You’re not alone.. I’m not kidding” . Explains she couldn’t put Bruno up this week because he wasn’t targeting her, “Didn’t make sense.. we’ve had a past earlier in the game and that’s always been there”
Ashleigh says if brittnee goes it would make sense for Sarah, Ash and Pili to join up.
Ashleigh – I know I can’t beat Zach in the end and I know I can’t beat bruno at the end.
Ashleigh says Bruno thinks he can beat Godfrey and that

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 16-43-04-603

7:40pm Bruno and Ashleigh
Talking about them having only 2 weeks left. Bruno is looking forward to it he misses his family.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 16-45-02-073

7:43pm Backyard Chit chat
Sarah says Vancouver is called the “No fun city” adds that it costs too much to live in the city, Transit is poor, Lots of bylaws and it rains all the time.
Sarah adds that Vancouver is the last on her list of places to live in Canada.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 16-51-34-675

7:48pm Bruno and Godfrey
Bruno – Sarah is going after Zach and Ashleigh.. we’re going after Zach and Ashleigh.. ASheligh doesn’t get to play
Godfrey- one of us three have got to win.. I’m going super hard yo
They agree they have to win the Veto because the other side controls the votes.
Bruno – this is our shot.. this is why I was setting us up with him..
Bruno explains if he never used the Veto on Zach Godfrey would be going home over Brittnee this week.
Godfrey knows
Bruno – This is the one.. this is our shot..
Bruno – you win next week take out Zach I’ll win the following week put up the two Goblins..
Bruno – I’m telling you straight up I’m not going for Sarah..
Bruno hopes Sarah doesn’t go for him. Godfrey doesn’t think she will be, Ashleigh/Zach will be the targets, 100%.
Godfrey says Sarah thinks he’s pissed at bruno for using the veto.
Godfrey mentions Sarah is Campaigning too hard she needs to chill out.
Godfrey – My mission since day one is to go after Zach/Ashleigh and the showmances
Bruno – team Black and bru baby.. just gotta keep focused

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 17-01-30-478

8:00pm HOH Pili and Ashleigh
Talking about how they need to keep Sarah in teh game next week so she can win the HOH and put Zach/Bruno on the block. That way they can vote out Bruno.
They agree getting rid of Godfrey is a waste right now becuase he won’t win anything.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 17-22-56-519
8:22pm Backyard everyone
Sarah – “Hostels really aren’t my thing”
Zach goes on about backpacking throughout South America

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all these people making plans for next week etc.. everything is gonna get flipped upside down come weds.


Better watch out Zach n Bruno you’re about to get blown up ! Brits got the power Ash n her defunct hoh in for a rude awakening.. Wake up Canada..shits about to get real

Excited for Wed

It’s going to be a great episode! Finally getting Zach out of the house! I liked him in the beginning but the last little while, he has been getting on my nerves. Plus I always have a soft spot for the underdogs!!!


I understand that they’re trying to make this a dramatic surprise for Wed, but it’s making me rather nervous that there seems to be no comprehension of what this veto thing is. Are we just suddenly going to have a “surprise I got a veto” on the live show or will they give some sort of indication.


Actually ignore this, I just watched the episode hahha :p


I cannot stand Pilli.. She makes me question my humanity.. Do I really hate people this much? I actually thought she was cute when the season started. Everytime she’s on screen I wanna break my TV 🙁


Pili is the epitome of the word “retard”


She just has mild autism.


What is wrong with you? Is your life so boring that you have to make fun of someone who stutters and call them retarded. Well let me just tell you I’ve stuttered for my whole life and im not a retard. Get a life! People like you make me sick.


Defensive much? Maybe you are retarded…or your reading comprehension isn’t quite up to snuff. No one said anything about stuttering. Pili is incredibley insecure and since English is not her native language she is not exactly a master of expressing herself through spoken words. Therefore all she can do is laugh obnoxiously at everything, it’s like her habit or default action, really it’s all she knows, and it is incredibley annoying and sad, and that is why I want to break my T.V when she is on. Not because she stutters…….


So now your calling me retarded. NICE! This forum isn’t here to make fun of anyone. Its here to talk about big brother and the houseguests and how there playing the game. I wasn’t even talking to you, so why do YOU feel like you need to respond? Yes Pili’s speech isn’t all that great as she is Spanish. But to call her retarded is just so mean. I come on here to read about the game not to read all the mean comments about all the houseguests. I just have to wonder how old all you people are. Grow up.


Calling someone retarded in this context is a validation of your own insecurity and is just proves to people the kind of person you are, not the person whom you speak of. Pili may not be able to speak english as well, but that does not make her “retarded”. Please save yourself from yourself. Cheers.


I know this isn’t the right storyline ….BUT… I am SO excited that Britt won this SP! (Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!!!!). I am such a wimp, I was actually tearing up when I saw S & B DR sessions after they got voted have nots. Now this TOTALLY makes up for it I am SO HAPPY for them both.


B found the veto! Time for more big moves to be made!


B found it? So is Sarah crying not fair now? Lol


I give up! I am flipping sides! I love Sarah now…
I am “TEAR SARAH” all the way!
I am waving a white flag!
Now give me a thumbs up lol
S A R A H ……S A R A H……..S A R A H ! ! !

Habs Rule

NO NO!!! Anonymous dont go we need you!!!!…..OH F*ck it!!…..seeya!!…..LOL!!! dont blame ya man!!


HABS FAN….Lol I was being sarcastic! I am a anonymous there

See Tear Sarah? Lol (not Team)
I am just shocked at the people that think she’s good at this game…maybe she could of been…don’t like her since she got rid of Willow who would have had her back to the end.

Habs Rule

LOL!!….ah ok well then good to have you back on our side!!……its funny to see how we all get so riled up and try to protect the people we root for in this crazy game of BB…..and say so much shit about the people we dont root for…..and in reality out of the house there probably all good people….at least i think anyway…lol


Willow was useless! And as annoying as pili. Sarah is totally playing a great game! She actually gets it, she’s the only girl who does! She is incredibly smart, and has talked her way out of being evicted, she sees through Bruno who is a total moron, he is a dick to woman. Sarah has had the best game this season. She deserves to be there, its not her fault everyone else is too stupid to listen to her.

another name

britt is no longer the dark horse to win. if she makes it to top 2 she wins. used 2 hoh’s, took out three players others were unable or unwilling to target, survived being a pawn 4 times. without the have not power that’s a strong argument. now? wouldn’t want to sit next to her on finale night if she’s top 2.


I’m pretty sure if you gave anyone that ridiculous power they too could make “Big Moves”. This bogus power and whoever is eliminated as a result isn’t a big move. Its merely a network fix.


Bruno was given a similar power and did absolutely nothing with it. A true player wouldn’t just waste such a powerful advantage in the game.


Special powers in the Big Brother house are few and far between. If you are lucky enough to have one fall into your lap, you need to jump at the chance to possibly clear a path to the final 2. I spent a full 3 minutes of my life voting that special power into the game, and Bruno didn’t use it. Am I bitter? A little.

Will saving Zach benefit Bruno in the long run? Not sure. We will have to wait to see how the game plays out. Bruno is going to feel like a fool if he’s evicted before Zach. He will feel like a complete chump if he is evicted this week and Zach somehow makes it to the final 2, leaving the game with some money.


My comment really isn’t directed to yours, Simon. I just want to say that I too was pretty disappointed that Bruno didn’t use the power we voted for him to have. I get that people think if you are given a power, you should use it. At the same time, and people overlook this in their disappointment, it takes a lot of courage (balls) to actually decide against using a power. I bet production was pissed at him, lol. I don’t think Bruno will win, and I’m rooting for the Queen right now, just wanted to put that idea forward since so much time has passed.


Its funny that people are using the term ” someone has the balls” to signify courage in this game when the men, this season, have been the biggest wimps. They’ve spent the whole season scared of a tiny beauty queen and skinny blonde that has 1 1/2 wins. Maybe being called a PU$$Y should mean you’re playing hard.


Oh please. This is such an obvious network fix and the sheeple like yourself are just eating it up.

another name

I said she had a good argument for winning in a final two situation before getting the whatever its being called power.
You jumped right on the fair not fair production fix, that’s not my point.
What i’m implying is if someone else won final hoh and took Britt to final 2, they’d be foolish.


Anyone who uses the word sheeple is the living embodiment of the word. Get real.


I didn’t think the day would ever come where I would hate a player more than Frankie, but Sarah did it.



Habs Rule

Im right there with ya bro!!!

Ms Anthrope

Y’all are a bunch of bitter bettys! No one could even come close to being as vile as Frankie, Andy, Boogie and numerous other classic BB villains. You’re just mad because Sarah bitchslapped your asses with her veto tonight!


Does nobody think the current HOH..Ashley should have been at least included and had a chance to win that power too? I don’t care who the HOH is …whoever- should at least been given the chance too no? Wouldn’t that make it more fairer? Really in all reality. That would have made it justifiable instead of just giving it to them.


Obviously everyone should have a chance but they pretty much ruined this season by fixing it in favour of sarah and britt, which is what the sheeple want.


Like when Bruno got the special power should Britt (the outgoing HOH) had a shot at winning that, but couldn’t because she didn’t play in HOH?


Everyone but Ashley had a chance at the power, which is no different than the power Bruno got b/c everyone but the previous HOH had a chance at winning that power. Same with Kevin, I’m sure he’d rather not have been put in that situation to have to make his noms as soon as he won (and everyone but the outgoing HOH) could have been put in that situation.

We knew going into Triple Evict anyone but Kevin could win it and Bruno was right behind Britt. It could just as easily have been Britt, Sarah and Ashley on the block. Further, it could have been any of them that won HOH as only God threw it. If Zach or “please give me the HOH so I can see my kids” had won they would be safe this week.

The best player ever (in my opinion) Dr. Will never won anything but he always said winning the title requires some luck. Dan, Ian and Derrick also said the same thing.

It’s a game and the truth is when the majority of the POV’s are physical it gives the men a better chance, but the women know that coming in.

Bottom line, people who get on Big Brother know they are being watched 24/7 so they recognize WHO they are is equally important to how they perform in comps. I’d say maybe it’s more important. Give the producers something to show on TV and make big moves … you’re guaranteed TV time and along with that you’re more likely to be a favorite who’ll win a power.

Last season Canada hated the first 5 and I’d argue (as much as I enjoyed it) allowing us to put Sabrina and Andrew on the block was an even greater advantage.

At the end of the day, it’s a game where anything can happen. I think the producers made too many quick twists this season which took out Naeha and gave the Chop Shop/Zach an edge to take power. Then they ended up doing additional twists hoping to create balance but Bruno chose not to use his.

When you look at the seasons someone is always going to be favorited and usually that’s the underdog. Name me one player (first timers only) who had the majority power out of the gate who everyone loved right through to the end? There might be one or two, but I bet you had a hard time coming up with more than two. I think we are conditioned to root for the underdog and usually the underdogs are players who didn’t luck into some early (or big) alliance, but they want to play the game.

Personally I like a lot of different aspects to the game and each has players we can all recall standing out:

Strategists: Dr. Will, Dan, Derrick, Daniel Reyes (who got robbed), Neda, Nakomis, Matt Hoffman, Ian
Comp Beasts: Janey (who I loved), Frank, James, Cody, Rachel, Gillian
Social Players: Andy, Shelly, Judd, Boogie, Jun, Britney, Jordan, Gary
Combo Threats: Evil Dick, Dani D, Hayden, Jon, Nicole, Jeff, Emmett, Eric Stein (perhaps the best ever but killed by being America’s Player)

Regardless of whether you liked any of these people or not, if you watched the seasons these people stood out and many of them were under dogs who we came to love. I remember when Kaysar came back into the BB6 house I was thrilled b/c I loved Janelle but she needed a good strategist to work with. Unfortunately he took someone at their word and walked right back out the door.

The Truth

Well said!


Ashleigh did have a chance……just like everyone else in the house. She didn’t receive enough votes.


i am actually not that happy britt won the sp because she has made bad decisions. hopefully she wont be stupid and leave godfrey up. and hopefully is bruno is telling the trth to godf now….he had better start telling that all to sarah. his series of mistakes is taking him to the block as far as both brit and sarah tihnk now. i am pretty sur trhey might not care if zach or bruno go home lol…..but if he says something would make interesting things happen

Habs Rule

Bruno and Godfrey have been working together almost since the beginning….This zach bromance was a sham …..Just a ploy to get zach thinking that he could trust bruno which worked obviously and using the veto on him which everyone started hating bruno for was a good move for bruno meaning the target would still be on zach this week and not bruno but with this new power bruno may be screwed……if sarah and britt are smart they get rid of zach cause if not and zach stays he goes after sarah and britt with bells on and his alliance stays in tact. i think bruno knows zach is a bigger threat because theirs 3 still in the diapers alliance and just sarah and britt on the other side and him and godfrey.if zach goes i do think he would work with sarah to try and get the rest of the diapers but the bigger question is would sarah be willing to work with him????at this moment im not sure……who knows things change every minute in this house.


From BRUNO’s perspective he can’t give Sarah to much info since B is on the block. He knows Sarah would reveal any info to the Diaper’s in an attempt to save Britt.

Don't care

Finally are we seeing true targets?! I can’t believe anything that comes out of Bromos mouth! Also, Ash talking about getting Zak out? What is going on? Are these Canucks ready to play big brother finally?


it seems the only one making any BIG MOVES .. is Queen B… like Bruno has said over and over again .. I cant wait till Wed… gonna be awesome …. would be nice to have a split screen on everyones faces when B pulls herself off… wondering what her 😉 save me message will be … lol


Anyone can make a big move when they hand out such a ridiculous power. I love how its a big move when Britt gets a network fix, but when people target Sarah it isn’t a big move.


WOW you just don’t get it do you …the viewers watching the show knows who took out big players .. the viewers knows who hides behind skirts …. and the viewers know who fight with dignity and not slander anyone or name call or start fights and act like its the other persons fault .. what I am saying for the BETTER part Canadians know ..


Having watched the last episode and seeing Godfrey throwing the POV competition while being up on the block, i can say he deserves to get evicted just as much as JP did. I don’t know how smart he really is or he thinks he is, but throwing the POV while being on the block is pure poor strategy. If you know you need to win and don’t win, at least you did your best.But when you need to win and throw it on purpose , it’s simply bad game play … ” to say the least”. I’m afraid he’ll be lucky this week due to the special power Brittnee has just won.

Yo Bro

I hope Brittnee is paying very close attention to how these people are treating her right now.
I hope she pushes them as hard as possible and makes them show their hands.


Wow I can’t believe Ash and Pili still think it’s too early in the game to make any moves. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?!!! You need to keep your numbers? What numbers??? So clueless.

Also Pili said she would tell B she’s voting for her to leave because “you’re going after couple(s) and i’m with them” Plural -S?? What other couple are you with besides Ash and Zach?


Zach and Godfrey would be a bad choice bc I think Bruno and Pili would vote to evict Godfrey and Sarah and B vote to evict Zach which leaves Ash as the tie break.


Putting up Zach and Pili would be interesting, because it would show everyone where Ashleigh’s loyalty lies. The only way to ensure that Zach goes home this week would be to put him up on the block with Bruno. Godfrey won’t keep Zach over Bruno. He knows that he will be completely alone if Bruno left and that Zach/Ashleigh/Pili alliance is left intact. If Bruno & Zach go up on the block – Sarah, Brittnee & Godfrey will vote to keep Bruno. I’m not sure if Ashleigh will be allowed to play in the next HOH. It would kind of suck for her if she couldn’t.


Did they say that Brit can remove BOTH noms but can only replace ONE of Ash’s noms?

Sarah's weed stash

yesss my baby girls and the Godfather are safe this week and will now coast to F3. I love BBCAN because the underdogs always come out on top 🙂


Then you’d love WWE because it to is scripted like this garbage. Oh well, at least Survivor is still an honest show that doesn’t compromise itself to please the sheeple.

Rank 1 Bruno

I love BBCAN because the useless people who can’t do shit just have to wait until a twist comes rolling around for them to win the whole season.


We being Trolled … wake up CANADA! hehehe Never saw that coming production. B winning changes nothing as to results. It’s better for Sarah short term. But after the SP is played how does anyone argue F2 they made more big moves than B. she’s becoming one of those gotta get her out she can’t be beat. I’m feeling Neda versus Jon bubbling to the surface. Which of those 2 takes a shot at the other. B is not stupid the trolls better starting celebrating less and hope it’s not B/GOD F2 YO.

Be careful what you wish for it might not end the way you thought it would.


Well it’s official Canada found a way to ruin a good show I have enjoyed since the beginning. I have never missed an episode of US or Canada BB shows. I have not always liked some of the twist but, this one takes the cake. A power like that should be played for by all players and may the best house guest win. This was tailor made for Sarah & Britt, production has made a joke of the show. I don’t have a favorite so I don’t care who wins but, when it’s scripted so that only their favorites have a chance it’s beyond over. As much as I love the idea that Zach & Bruno will be nominated I don’t like the way it’s gone down. So to all you future house guest remember the production crew decides who wins not the voter! Thanks Simon & Dawg you do such a great job every year. I’m done with the Canadian show. To all you Sarah & Britt fans congrats!


People seem to forget that the secret power was set into the floor well before the HGs came into the house. Remember when Kevin was trying to pry up the tiles and was told to STOP THAT! ?

Also, If we are to believe that Canada voted for the 2 HGs to be have nots, then production would not have had a clue when installing the special power, that Sarah and Brittnee would be Canada’s favourites . That power was there and anyone had a chance to get it.

Maybe this show is scripted but how many of you would be watching if this was played out that Zach, (or any other HG), rode to the end because there were no twists or special powers. This is a show. This is a reality show. This is entertainment that gives the winner money and prizes. The HGs know what they sign up for and, after watching other years, we know why we are watching.

I have my favourites. I get upset at what I watch but I watch and read Simon and Dawg’s recaps. I am entertained and that’s what the producers give me.


Exactly. I can’t say I’ve watched every episode, but have been rather loyal. This ridiculous twist that only two people, who are in the same alliance, compete in is the most obvious fix in the history of the show. It officially ruins any credibility this show had.

are you kidding me?

Yes the season as a whole, lagged. But Canada was given the power to vote. If Bruno and Zach were well liked, they would have been given the power.


To me it doesn’t matter who got the power, especially when two people in the same alliance are the only ones who can compete. How is that not a production fix?


BBFan17, have you watched every season of Big Brother US? Ashleigh will not be the first houseguest to have her HOH voided. The same thing happened to Chima during season 11 of Big Brother US.


Told Ya Sarah lovers! Americans are laughing at us! I am embarrassed youz have supported her sh*t sucky. play and are happy with her just being GIVEN surety. To make it to finals!


I wouldn’t put much stock into what anyone is saying. It’s all going to change on Wednesday.

Sarah's weed stash

I think the Queen will mom Zach and Bruno. Brittnee is hands down the smartest player this season, I don’t get why she is so underestimated.


She isn’t anywhere near the smartest player. She proved that last week. She’s been a pawn and coasted. Now she’s given the most outrageous power and that somehow makes her the player of the season? Thats an even bigger joke then this season.


Maybe this $ will fund getting Britt a bathing suit that fits?


Completely uncalled for. You sir, are making yourself come off like an ass with that comment. Check yo self.


Brittnee deciding to nominate Willow over Ashleigh was not a bad game move. She saw how close Willow was getting to Sarah and decided to put a stop to that relationship. She could have put up Ashley, but Ashley is not a threat to her relationship with Sarah. It would be hard for her to continue to confide in Sarah knowing that she could be sharing information with Willow.


Yes it was. If she didn’t get this power, she’d be out the door. How can you not see that?


It was mistake to take out Willow. As soon as Zack was staying, you must take his closest ally. He keeps Ash and Ash keeps Pilar. He also has Bruno at that point. If Willow is even a possible number for sarah then for now she’s a number for Britt and they desperately need any numbers they can get, even after the SP this week. If Ash goes, Pilar is up for grabs and having Willow there pulls her away from Zach sooner. Also, I wouldn’t have been surprised if Willow had won that next HOH. Their backs will likely remain against the wall next week.

That said, Britt has played a good game overall, and thank goodness or we’d be bored to tears.


@SarahIsABaby & Alliancewiththewall:

There is a quote: “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. Let me be clear, I am not calling Willow or Ashleigh the devil. Bottom line, Brittnee knew where she stood with Ashleigh. Ashleigh was never going to be a possible ally, and Brittnee was well aware of this. Brittnee didn’t know for certain if Willow would have her back if she needed her. Many past BB houseguests have been undone by people they thought were allies, but were really snakes in the grass.

Sarah's weed stash

have you been watching this season?! Brittnee got Graig out which was a very smart move early on. she won 2 HOH’s one being the triple eviction and even though many think her nominating Williow was a mistake. for Britt’s game, it was not. Sarah was more loyal to Willow and Willow was already gunning for Britt so that was actually a very beneficial move. this power does not contribute to how great of a player Brittnee is at all. her and Sarah have always had a great understanding of the game and where they lie with other houseguests. if you feel like its rigged, stop watching. think its boring? stop watching. this is big fucking brother. expect the unexpected. don’t come on this forum pointing out every negative of the show if you’re just going to continue to watch. you should have much better things to do with your time 😉


Are you people serious? Wow it was such a brilliant move. Well if eliminating Willow was such a smart move, then tell me where Britnee would have ended up had she not gotten this ridiculous power? OUT THE DOOR! Brilliant move! Player of the season! She’s right up there with Dr. Will and Dan G. What a joke


How about I post whatever I like and if you don’t like it, you can abandon the forum. Now go cry in a corner just like your hero Sarah.


Keep posting! How would the Sarah lovers like if they gave Zach a power to save him now? The would all cry and piss their pants and threaten to stop watching lol…idiots


I agree, you should be able to post all the moronic opinions you like.


For someone who is constantly bitching about Sarah being a baby, you sure are doing quite a bit of crying in this forum about perceived unfairness #whosthebabynow


I want to see these big guys taken down a peg or two, but not this way. This is totally unfair. Noone can justify this to me in any way, shape or form. I wouldn’t want to see the girls leave like this either. I have no favourites this season at all but hate to see one side or the other given this type of huge advantage at this point in the game. Production has decided to save this duo and I am ok with that, but to take out other players in their place cannot be justified. Ashleigh won her HOH fair and square, and it was an extremely hard one as well. To have it nullified also is not fair. Top that off with the fact she cannot play for HOH next week, and as far as I am concerned this constitutes a fix for Sarah and Brittnee to go to the end.

Tired of the twists now

At this point of the game there should be no more twists bb couldn’t make it more clear there want Brit and Sarah as final 2 unless there announced bb wants Brit and Sarah as final 2 on the website and at the start of the tv shows.


I said this in an early post, but I will say it again: Ashleigh will not be the first houseguest to have her HOH voided. The same thing happened to Chima during season 11 of Big Brother US.


Lol it’s like talking to a bunch of babies where the argument does not get through! it does not matter that it has happened before or that the twist was set at the beginning of the season… all they can think about is mommy this was so unfair why did B get the special power.”..


I wish people would understand that this is what the houseguests signed up for. Sometimes things go in your favour (you get a secret power) and sometimes they don’t (you get backdoored).


I agree. Whether you love Sarah or Zach or whoever, it would’ve been much more exciting to watch the diapers slowly turn on each other and all the other natural house dynamics.


It was announced on day 1 that there was a secret power that would be revealed sometime in the season, and it was announced for this week even before the HOH was played, before B even won her HOH for the triple. She could have been eliminated last week along with Sarah if she hadn’t have won her HOH and the power still would have come in to play this week, so all the people saying that the game is fixed for Sarah and B are exaggerating just a little.

That being said, I hope she doesn’t go stupid and put up Bruno and Pili.


True. Watched the first episode and they did reveal about the secret power in the have not room that would flip the house down … This is good TV. Now, I’m looking forward to Wednesday’s episode.


So true…If any of B or Sarah try to use the I got the best player Zach out of the house….a jury member should be like you mean bbc production got Zach out….that was their move




I cannot believe B got power again, hopefully she does not mess up with it because if she leaves God or something goes wrong it could hurt her game and sarah. Honestly the best way for Zach to go she knows she does not have a chance he needs to go. But this puts a bigger target on her know even if she was pawn with whomever because she had too much blood on her hands and will never trust her as much now. But it obvious that the other houseguest does not know but when they do sarah and b are targets again. God and Bruno should have gotten the power, but the way it play out means they could be safe. God cannot throw comps because the next hoh will reveal his true colors working with the goblins or saran and b. And one side will be pissed at him. I like his idea of throwing comps but when you reach mid point or less than 6 there is no point of doing that. Because if he is the final 4 throwing the hoh or pov will be dumb because you are leaving your fate in someone else hands.


No time left…they gave Sarah the game and 100k
Yep Canada just loves pot smokers and poor sport cry babies….. Way to represent!

are you kidding me?

what do you mean they gave sarah the game? I am sick and tired of people complaining about the twists. What if this season didn’t have any? No secret veto, no double/triple/instant evictions, no one coming back….Obviously then the season would have been given to Zach/Kevin…..

Besides it saves B and Sarah for 1 week….there are still 4 other people that could potentially get them out…


So you would be fine if another twist comes and saves Zach then?
I seriously doubt it! Lol

are you kidding me?

Yeah why not? Especially if canada voted for him then I would be fine. Canada doesn’t reward douchebags On bbcan. Why do you think the first 5 died? They would have won the season…


I 150000% agree with you! If Zach had the votes from Canada and even if he wasn’t my favorite I would be ok with him winning the power because it is what Canada wanted. CLEARLY he comes off a a bit of a dbag and we all know everyone loves an underdog, so that is the way the votes went. Wish the trolls would put on their big girl panties and quit crying production interference. Have they never watched BB before?????

Queen confused

Can someone explain to me how this super power will be used ? What’s the part that Brit read out saying that she has to keep at least 1 of Ashleigh nomination the same ? Does this mean she still has to keep Godfrey up ?


She is forced to chance one nomination (obviously herself) or change both nominations which is most likely what she will do. Bye Zach or Bruno!


The sarah/ britt hater comments here have different nicknames and posts so many comments. The favorite poll and the result of the Canada vote says it all, so you can spew all your hate against those 2 and you still can’t deny they are the majority’s favorite. PS are you by any chance the teen age sister of Asheligh?


Oh did we hurt your feelings? Go cry in a corner like your hero Sarah.


Ooooh Burn!! Get some new material, this is the 3rd time I have seen this comment from your


Are you by chance jealous of Ash ? Probably!


IF Sarah and Brittnee didn’t whine and complain about their jealousies towards all of the people they have been sucking up to all season, maybe they deserved this power BUT they have been the most annoying, negative losers (until they get things to go their way) and I find them as arrogant as Zach and as manipulative as Godfrey. I miss my favorite Kevin, whom also got cheated out by Brittnee and another special power. Enough of the twistos Twists already.


Did you see B’s disgusting behaviour when she was told about the triple eviction? Talk about cocky, yuck ..


No I didnt, I saw shock, excitement, and celebration with her alliance member (just as ANYONE else who would have won HOH at that time would have done) It is no different that Pili and Ash doing their little celebration dance in the room every time they or an alliance member won something. No name calling, no insulting, no coldness…please explain to me what you perceived as disgusting here..

The Truth

Kevin got cheated out of nothing. The season has to end and there were way too many people in the house. Not to mention that many of the things happening this season are very similar to the last season of BB Australia.


Bruno is annoying, Zach an ass, sorry but Ashleigh, Sarah and b are annoying as well….if canada really saw the feeds or these spoilers they’d know pillar and Godfrey might be the only legitimate nice people in the house and most popular….because apparently that’s what wins you BBC popularity what’s the point of startegy when BBC production just gives you things…..after this week I’d be surprised if Sarah strategizes at all she now knows BBC production will bring her to final 2. B played a good game emphasis on the played she hS no legitimate argument to win BBC now she was gone this week….you only get one life in big brother B see Ya…one love.
I don’t get the hate for Zach gMe wise, you’re supposed to manipulate people…dude manipulated everyone in the house at some point…..any BBC canada players next year should know going I. That you don’t need to out statgize, out manipulate people in the house to win big brother, you need to manipulate big brother Canada production to win big brother.

The Truth

I have certain favorites in the house but I don’t find any of the contestants to be despicable. It’s just a game. People take this way too seriously. Godfrey just happens to be more entertaining and Pilli who while sweet has gotten a very accurate edit on the t.v show. There isn’t much to show except that she does squeal a lot. Zach and Sarah are equally manipulative. They many not be the most exciting bunch and yes they have character flaws but overall they are good people. I’m positive that nothing they have done is this game thus far has impacted your life in any way whatsoever. It’s t.v.


So many trolls. Seriously, this is big brother! Look at the building blocks of the game… Its a mind blowing premise and add these unforeseen twists (I mean foreseen twists), it adds some flavor; because really, nobody wants one side to completely dominate the entire game. Its boring! Everyone loves an underdog. Especially me.

This season has been a real treat imo. I cant wait till Wed!


Bad marketing campaign for Twistos Twists. Every time I see them at the grocery store I think of how they represent this fixed season of big brother.


Canada’s twists are stupid. I miss when big brother was real and people had to play in the game. Not get it rigged by “Canada” voting. It’s all just random chance now. What’s the point of winning hoh Etc anymore. This is why all these house guests have no strategy because there’s no point when it all comes down to who production wants to win. Soooooooo sick of Sarah and britnee stop crying and whining. Hate everyone on this season. Kevin was the only good person


What’s the point of answering someone’s post or giving your own opinion when you get people ridiculing what you wrote. Forums bring out comments from people that they would never say face to face with someone and hiding behind a nickname shouldn’t give you the right to be rude or belittle others.

True, you have a right to say what you want but common sense should tell you some things shouldn’t be written.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for the recaps and running the comments but so many in here just write hurtful comments that it isn’t interesting reading them any more because of having to wade through all that crap. I’ll just read the recaps from now on.

Ms Anthrope

I 100% agree with you but this is the internet. Trolls be a trolling. Unfortunately that’s just way it is.


I agree too, it’s easy enough to spot the trolls at this point… I don’t entertain them for a second, I don’t reply to their nonsense nor do I rate their comments. I just ignore them because if they get 0 thumbs up or 0 downs and no responses then the reactions they are aiming to get are null and void, deflecting what they set out to do…. back on to them.


With all of that Godfrey is just just slipping his way threw the finale lol


He’ll become a target soon enough.