“I can’t tell how much power he has in here.. is it Bruno running the show or is it Zach ” -Brit

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

Brittnee won the Have Not Power

Q) After the secret power is used, who picks the replacement nominee(s)? A) The secret power holder, not the HOH
Q) Does the secret power holder vote? A) Yes, as long as they are not a still nominee after making the switch(es)
Q) Can this week’s HOH play in the next HOH comp? A) No, as per usual
Q) Does the secret power HAVE to be used? A) Yes, on one OR two nominees
Q) Who is SAFE from the block when secret power is used? A) HOH and regular POV holder

8:50pm Zach and Brittnee
Talking about how the season has been a crap shoot they could have easily gone home earlier.. Sarah and Bruno join them they start talking about the evicted houseguests. Bruno and Graig were the only 3-‘s Risha the only 40’s the rest were in their 20’s.
Zach says Sarah and Heather were the best looking girls last season..

Godfrey and Peepee

9:25pm Everyone in the backyard.. Working out, playing godball, Stretching or laying around eating.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 18-42-57-768

9:42pm Backyard
Godfrey says a “double conjure” is two words that can mean the same thing
Ashleigh says she’s never heard of that before
Godfrey – you didn’t
ASheligh gets called into the Diary room
Godfrey tells her to ask them in the Diary if “Double Conjure” is real says for her to just throw it into a conversations see if they understand.
Godfrey – I always have my stuff packed yoo.. i just taek it from the top too lazy to pack it yo

AShleigh comes back says its “double entendre”
Godfrey – that’s what I said.. (LOL)
Godfrey defends he said the right thing it was his accent that made it sound different. the girls dispute say he said Conjure

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 18-48-35-386

9:47pm Bruno and Sarah Kitchen making cina-slops
Talking about taking out Zach. Sarah says if they don’t win the HOH it’s their last chance they’ve blown it.
Sarah – I hope you can trust me I know it’s hard.. you’ll see
Sarah – if he (Zach) wins this HOH he’s won the game as far as I’m concerned..

10:00pm Ashleigh is in the HOH watching her shomi movie. The rest of them are around the Pool chit chatting.. they want to go tot he hot tub but it’s raining heavily outside.

Pool bunch talking about first impressions and who sketched them out.
Godfrey – Bobby
Pili – Johnny
Zach – Bobby and Kevin
Bruno agrees says Kevin was really hard to read but he was also sketched out with Bobby
Godfrey – Kev was really weird he seemed happy to be nominated.. He didn’t seem much stressed.

Sarah joins them, they start talking about the evicted houseguests.. They agree Bobby was really nervous sometimes.
They start to suspect Bobby had a secret that is why he’s so nervous the first day. They think he was worried about getting noticed. They remember he could sing and play guitar they wonder if he’s a musician
Godfrey – Secret career.. dudes a male stripper.. he did say he won the best butt
Bruno brings up when Bobby told him after he left they were going to show a video about him that wasn’t game related.
Godfrey jokes that Bobby wasn’t a virgin he was a gigolo.

They all agree Bobby sketched them out the first night but after they got to know him he was super cool.

Big-Brother-Canada-3 2015-05-11 19-38-34-470

10:37pm Hot Tub..
Godfrey says he feel slike one of those Snow monkeys that go into the hot water
Zach – Monkeys are crazy I would like to own one
They start a conversation about Monkeys. Godfrey – Mokeys adn Apes yo.. apes will mess you up yo they’re strong..

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That “Special Power” is so much B.S… this H.O.H. is essentially worthless. Big Brother Canada is turning into Big Brother USA, which is not good at all…


OMG do we have to hear people whine about the special power all week or can we go back to enjoying the show. special powers are thrown all the time into the big brother house. if you’re not used to it by this time you can stop watching the show


I see that a nerve was touched there Spoiler. I enjoy the show; though I was just stating the obvious. Just that these “Special Powers” seem to be thrown to specific people, in order to placate the masses. Which in unfair to the other competitors who have been playing a good game. Don’t get me wrong, I like Sarah and Britnee, but their gameplay has not deserved two huge powers in back-to-back weeks.


It’s not you specifically that touched a nerve. I come here and I enjoy reading the comments to get a read on how people think the house guests will adjust to the power. To be honest, I have enjoyed all of Canada’s twists… putting up Andrew and Sabrina last year and shaking the game up this year. Although there are plenty of other twists her or in BB US that I have hated (reminds me of the duo saving twists in the season Rachel won). I understand that some people might not enjoy guests getting special powers because of Canada but given that we have known about this power for a week, at some point I would like the conversation to return back to gameplay and this twist just being accepted.

As for Brit and Sarah not deserving two huge powers back to back. I am not sure anyone expected B to win the triple eviction HOH so I am not sure that it was thrown to them. Good for her for winning it though.

lol what?

BB can is much worse. A special veto And essentially a coup d’etat in one season? And the triple was ridiculous! Willow was basically thrown out of the game. Brits been hoh twice. And gotten out three big players. She was in power last week, and now again this week with a coup d’etat!! What a circus show man. Production are idiots.

lol what?

Funny how i only state fact in my comment and ALL these surface dwellers thumb down it! I feel so sorry that you all are so lost!!

River de Nial

So sick of all the whiners who come on here and bitch and moan about a twist advertised from the first show. Only if the twist helped your favorite you might be happy. You had an equal chance to vote for your favorites too.

Ilene Ulich

This is so pathetic that production picks Sarah and Britnee to have power. What happened to the best competitors winning. Quit these bogus twists. And that side show with Annoying Gary and dickhead Peter is unwatchable


production didn’t choose anyone. This power was announced long time ago. And all HG were in the list. Canada voted for Sarah and Brit, get over it.
Plus Zack and Bruno cheated on few comps. THAT is production interference….


Well in all “fairness” they have stated that production allowed them to. If you recall it was many HG’s who cheated in the very first comp copying Kevin’s puzzle. Sarah has been cheating and getting special privilege all along – probably the reason why they let the others get away with it – it allows prod to keep helping their pet. Shes’ been pushing the “lets see what I can get with from production” and they keep obliging her. Lets not forget how Global gave Sarah her own commercial geared toward the largest demographic viewership suckin up to Toronto (& Ontario) while the vote was open. She asked for and got bottle of wine while on slop just so production could get her and Willow into an alliance. Shes also cheated then had the audacity to complain to DR that Zach did. She’s used production as her strategy a few times now and I noticed last night she told Britt that she’s about to use prod again & also Canada this week. Production is making sure their pet gets to the end at all costs unless a hg throws a wrench into their plans. If there ends up being a 3-person finale for Canada to vote on – guess who’s going to get the votes. Sarah & production are the REAL snake


I am of the Willow and wine and agree that was unfair to all the other HG’s on the season of sobriety. But I am unaware of the various cheating instances of Sara. Perhaps elaborate.


Well there is a sore loser if I ever saw one! I have no clue where you get that she has been cheating, I guess because you have such a hate on for her you twist things in you’re head so you can validate your reasoning for hating someone who has actually had to work hard to stay in the game, and not stoop so low as to suck Zach and Kevin’s D&#k. Stop blaming production for Sarah having enough fans to vote for her to have a shot!




Even if this twist saved someone I like (which there’s no one I like left anyways) it would still be dumb. Triple evictions and all this stuff are stupid. I like watching the show for game play and strategy. Not dumb twists. Over bbcan

lol what

Exactly! when I want to see all these crazy shenanigans, i go watch BB UK, and BB AU !


All moaners need to stop. secret power was revealed in the 1st episode and announced before the triple, so for all we know Sarah and B could’ve been evicted before the power was released

Everyone saying B doesn’t deserve the power and that it won’t be her move, that production gave it to her on a silver platter, etc. This is reality tv, and everyone knows being liked by Canada is part of the game. If your game is liked by Canada you get rewarded. Everyone had an equal opportunity to be voted by Canada, and Britt and Sarah won. They deserve it.

The game is about being social, manipulative, winning comps, throwing comps, making alliances, back stabbing, blind siding, jury management, luck, being liked by Canada, etc. Every player chooses whatever combination they think will get them to the end, so stop moaning that your favorite players chose a losing combination

Rank 1 Bruno

I’ve never had a problem with twists, but this twist is outright UNFAIR. I don’t mind secret veto’s, Canada saving you from the block, but to render an HoH essentially useless and fuck over the HoH and all her allies… Ashleigh struggled in that comp for 2 hours, is positioned perfectly in the house and is in the strongest alliance of the season. That sounds like strong game play. Same goes for Bruno, Zach and Pili. Now they are going to get fucked because some crybaby (Sarah) has complained all season and Canada is buying her tears. I just can’t believe that players who have been working hard all season are going to get screwed over by Sarah, who can’t win a single comp, has betrayed every single alliance she is a part of and was essentially next on the chopping block because she played a shitty game. But again, I guess you need to complain about being on the outs of a strong alliance and cry about not winning a single comp, and eventually Canada will give you a special power. Will take notes.


I fear the next few years when all we get are houseguests who play up to the camera (ala BB UK, BB AU).


Is it just me, or do the Dr sessions look extremely well scripted and rehearsed? Brit, Sarah, Zach and Bruno’s statements don’t look like natural reactions more like acting.


First, Sarah has been in only 1 alliance “the fembots” … The only other one was the alliance to get rid of jp and it was Bruno who betrayed her right after that.
Second, Sarah did no get saved by the secret veto but she ACTUALLY saved herself BY WINNING the POV comPOV
Your comment is totally bs


What about Willow? She had a final two with Willow, she said at least twice that she would vote Britt out. How is that being loyal the her Fembots alliance? She’s loyal just because Britt took out Willow.

Sarah understands the game, I have to give her that, but she’s not playing that good! What about trying to flip it wisely instead of crying and calling people idiots and liars, just because they don’t play for her? Hey really Sarah? People are lying in this house? NO SHIT SHERLOCK!! Like her or not, people have to admit she’s the most double stantard player this year.


I agree with your point regarding the HOH being allowed to compete in the next HOH competition.


I hope that when Brit uses that double veto, Arisa at least says that Ash can re-compete in the next HOH because otherwise that sucks haha. But whatever I liked the episode tonight and I’m so glad Britney is asking Sarah questions with the intent of ‘next week’ but it’s really what she’s gonna do wednesday. I’m so glad they see Zach is a bigger target, especially once Zach leaves, there would be no way that Pili would work with Bruno, she would have to go with Sarah/Britt and that would convince Ash to too and they would be 4 against Bruno and God, since these comps all seem like they’re gonna be physical/endurance from now on, I think the ladies would have a good shot of winning too. People call Brit the best pawn, but she’s sent 3 people home, and about to send a fourth person. She’s doing extremely well right now! Can not for Wednesday, just to see Zach’s expression when she nominates him :DDDDD


If Zach goes, they’re doing Ashley a favor. She’ll be fine next week.


I swear if this twist sends God home then that is some major bs.

Love God

I hope it don’t mess with God, he is the only reason I even watch right now, all my favorite players got kicked out by fat queen b, can’t wait till her or Sara go next week, they both make me sick, Canada only felt sorry for them because they been complaining all week long, so they felt sorry for them but not me i voted god and Bruno, if this twist messes with god i am done, he is the only funny like-able person left in the house, he is the only one with real personality too, love his DR sessions Lets go godfather love you

One Love

Its just Queen B, not Fat Queen B..

I like Godfrey too but I can’t help but wonder about my judgement if he is the one appealing to jokers like you. I hope your Mom slaps you upside the head for the way you speak about women.

I love my country but when I read some of the shit people post on here that is personal and completely unrelated to the game I seriously wonder if we need a major investment in education because some of these fools on here act very un-Canadian.

Yo, get all on up out of here with your hateful comments, BRO!


People are watching from all over the world. I wouldn’t assume the people posting are Canadians. I’m watching from Germany, so I’m sure there are a lot of US people, as well.

One Love

For the sake of my faith in my fellow Canucks thank you for reminding me of that!


Every country has some belligerent citizens. And many of those have access to social media.


What’s the point of answering someone’s post or giving your own opinion when you get people ridiculing what you wrote. Forums bring out comments from people that they would never say face to face with someone and hiding behind a nickname shouldn’t give you the right to be rude or belittle others.

True, you have a right to say what you want but common sense should tell you some things shouldn’t be written.

Thanks Simon and Dawg for the recaps and running the comments but so many in here just write hurtful comments that it isn’t interesting reading them any more because of having to wade through all that crap. I’ll just read the recaps from now on.

Shane S.

I gotta say, I’m fairly shocked that Ashley won’t get to play for the next HOH after her nominations are completely bulldozed. This is a bigger HOH screw-job than was pulled on Chima in BB USA……. at least she got to compete in the next comp. (To those who’ve never seen it, I highly recommend viewing Chima’s resulting tantrum – comedy gold.)

I’m sick of The Diapers in power week after week, and I’m looking forward to the shocked faces on Wednesday, but it’s excessively $hitty to still preclude the outgoing HOH from playing after wiping her noms.


Tbh I’d rather production interfere than watch a boring ass season where one side dominates (BB16 in a nut shell). it was SO BORING. Derrick literally apologized to the feeders for how boring it was. Good player but snooze fest. Even last season when canada nominated Sabrina and Andrew, what a great way to even things out and make it interesting. Brittany and Sarah are popular for a reason people need to stop bitching about this power. Jeff got one in BB11 as well for the same reason.


I like Sarah but even I was beginning to think production threw her a bone for the POV until I actually saw the comp and realized there’s no way they gave it to her. Zach even had an advantage, the first part was skill and the other half was luck! Great comp that was won fair and square by Sarah.

River de Nial

Yep, I think it was Zach who said on the feeds that it had been tailor made for Sarah. Yet I think Zach has travelled more than Sarah. Eg backpacking thru South America, and other trips. He simply hates losing to a female.


Is Sarah aware that Britt won the SP? I haven’t seen the episode so I only know that Britt has won it. It seemed like Sarah is still trying to figure out how to keep Britt this week.

At this point I don’t think anyone would beat Britt in the final 2. Two HOH, and she’s always taken shots at stronger players.

Everyone else has taken the easy eat out with their HOH’s, and to be honest that’s not winning gameplay. Playing a “good” game is not enough to win unless you’re sitting against someone who had no chance of winning.

Zack and Bruno have played good comp and social wise, but look at who’ve they have worked with. Zach has worked with Jordan, Ash, Pilar, and Kevin who all have really helped further his game over their own. If Zach could have pulled this off with smarter people like say Will, Dan, Jun, then that would be impressive, but none of the Diapers have been real mental threats (maybe Kevin, but he put his game on auto pilot.)

Bruno had Bobby… Need I say more? Godfrey, even though I love him, hasn’t done much expect manage to make people believe they can take him out whenever because he obviously throws comps.


Sarah and B competed head to head for the secret power, and after B won she was told she couldnt tell anyone. she then told Sarah she won it but cant talk about it. So yes, Sarah knows B has the SP but doesn’t know what it does.


I think Sarah threw the special V comp. B is now the biggest target in the house after this. No one can sit beside her in the finale.


Sarah was suffering from a serious headache during that period. You can sort of see she didn’t look to sparky. It is unlikely that Sara threw the comp…she may have had trouble processing the math.


I’d like to see Britt nominate Zach and Pili, and then to see a 2-2 vote to force Ash to send either Zach or Pili home.

Pilar with a P

I agree that the Super Power is contrived, but it should make for an entertaining show Wednesday. General Dumb and General Dumber are about to park their 4 star asses on the nominee’s couch, and I think Zach will be off to the Jury house, as the voting majority (Sarah ,Brit & God) want to dilute the Diapers. The good news for me is that unless Bruno can run the table on HOHs and POVs, he will be the next one off to Jury. Tough luck bro!


43 days till big brother 17
Hopefully there will be a brand new cast


and no relatives of a past player, or a sibling of a celebrity…

another name

Finished watching the hoh competition episode right before tonight’s episode (had to wait until it was made available I missed it due to power outage), and I found the competition set up strange. I expected that competition to start with 6 stakes, stand on them until you are down to 4. 4 do the stockades until 2 are left. 2 on the rack until winner? or some variation thereof? I was surprised that it wasn’t. I totally misunderstood the post comp feed discussions.
Having houseguests perform three separate endurance challenges under one umbrella for HOH where people could switch or not switch with other people… it’s not going to take long before someone says that was rigged for a large alliance to win if they already haven’t said it (no passive aggressive here, just making note).
Ashleigh did a great job winning that competition. don’t get me wrong. she deserved it. 2 hours and 39 minutes on the rack and stockade is impressive.
I just wondered why they didn’t do a standard elimination.
All of the recent talk of fair and unfair is making me be more analytical of all of the competitions. in pointing out things i’m not siding with either side in the who’s a fan of the best contestant debate, the day’s been long enough and I don’t want to today.
This was me noticing that that was three separate competitions with a trade off option and I’ve never seen that before on big brother, so i’m commenting on it. Has that happened before? Did it strike anyone else as strange? Yeah i’m a day late. Mother Nature and Karma went for drinks and tried to see who could be the bigger b!t@h.

lol what?

So it was a grueling endurance comp that lasted nearly 3 hours for nothing? Did Brit compete for a grueling 3 hours for this coup d’etat? Production are complete idiots. They’ve made a mockery out of the game.

another name

not every comment is about the stupid have not room power debate.
I didn’t mention it because it’s an unresolvable debate, you believe what you want about it others will believe what they want about it, and if a comment talks about it by all means go to town.
if the stupid have not room power and the twisto machine isn’t mentioned in a comment why bother dragging it into the equation?

another name

I honestly apologize for the snotty reply I put there. not a good reason, but as I said long day.

lol what?

i agree, that was a very snotty reply, i hadn’t seen the episode and had just learned from your comment that it was a grueling 3 hour endurance comp. So naturally any rational human being would question why production would make the player compete in an endurance comp for 3 hours only to render the results as meaningless with a twist! its masochistic on the part of production. They suck and should all be fired!!


Britt was denied the opportunity to play in the POV during the triple nominee eviction. No one cried foul when she could not protect her nominations.
However it does seem unfair to not allow Ash to compete in the next HOH as it leaves her quite vulnerable.

River de Nial

Yes I heard something about how nobody wanted to “trade” with Sarah, which apparently made it unfair to her. Something also about Godfrey dropping out so he wouldn’t have to trade with her, which signalled to her that he was working with them. I didn’t see it, so now I’m understanding more the context of those comments.


In the veto competition they were allowed to trade if someone wanted to trade with them. No one traded with Sarah but she also didn’t ask anyone if they would trade with her. I felt it was a weird competition to trade but having social connections is also apart of the game so it is what it is. Pilar didn’t trade with anyone either and she was doing the same one that Sarah was doing.
Godfrey only dropped out because he is still trying to throw competitions and fly under the radar.

another name

hey dawg
it’s a given that you are more knowledgeable than I when it comes to BB history (WAY MORE).
have us or can ever done a segmented hoh with social options before?


To be honest I feel like the more live feeds / seasons I watch, the more I forget. Information overload.

I’m not sure I know what you mean by segmented hoh with social options?

another name

by segmented I meant different tasks. some hg’s doing one task while another group of hg’s doing another task
by social I meant with the ability to trade off as a team in an event for a single winner.


There have been team HOH in pairs or a group (Coaches season BB14) and in those they had to trade off or work together to win the hoh.

another name

thank you for your reply dawg.
you and simon are the best.
much appreciation.


Of course 🙂 And thank you. We try!


In fairness we only saw clips so we don’t know if she asked to trade with someone else, right.


I admit I’ve become like you lately, analyzing competitions more than normal of late in regards to these ongoing BBCan fairness/unfairness debates.
The ability to swap aside (which in theory would favour alliances), I found the fact it was a timed endurance competition but with three wildly differing tasks really intriguing/unusual (not judging – just was intrigued).
I’m curious if BB Production tested and tweaked it out endlessly beforehand, because how on earth do you determine if being on a shaking rack for a hour vs balancing a ball on a spinning disk for an hour vs pole endurance with hissing steam(?) for an hour are all equal tasks(??). I guess it also added a total crapshoot element to who got what task (initially).
Visually though I gotta say it has to be one of my favourite comps from the past few years!! Made for great TV.

another name

well in all fairness, I saw something that should have been called by the Emmett rule, but didn’t bother pointing it out last night because I was commenting on comp strangeness not individual malfeasance. I didn’t think it was fair to see that when Godfrey, Zach and Ashleigh were on stockade they had tolean forward to balance the ball so that the piece of wood was away from resting on their legs, but in every shot of Bruno that bar is right up against his legs. that means until the podium started spinning faster, his body was a point of contact to stabilize the plank and keep the ball from falling off. there was no such easy advantage to the other two torture devices. Hey, big brother allowed it I guess. I do think hg’s talked about it and said he was told more than once by production that he couldn’t do that. If he had won, I wonder if they would have pulled out the Emmett rule. But as I said, I misunderstood how the comp actually worked from their conversations. I thought in was an elimination comp.
I did question why Britt was not allowed the chance to guarantee her nominations on triple eviction to myself, but was somewhat anxious to question it on here at the time.


Clear as day BBC wants to be the first I belive to have four girls as the last 4 house guests, right?
Could be wrong nothing wrong with that if it wasn’t handed to them.
So next week when the numbers are 4 to 2 and now Bruno and God are on the outs I’m assuming the’ll been a twisted twist for them….no?


I just caught the tell regarding why Godfrey is coming off the block….

In the kitchen conversation she had with Bruno and a couple times in her convo’s with Sarah, she keeps slipping talking about Godfrey possibly be the renom. Bruno said but he won’t be here in that scenario and Britt quickly corrected herself (same thing happened in convo with Sarah).

WHY… b/c Britt is putting Zach and Bruno up. All she is doing now and all she’ll do until Wednesday night is lure Bruno in more to get more details she can use against Bruno moving forward. They’ll pull Pili in immediately after Zach leaves and wait to see how Ash acts. God will play the middle.

I’ve thought God really wanted to work with Britt/Sarah ideally but then he kind of went after her today in convo’s with Zach/Bruno. This could be b/c he intends on partnering with Sarah so he’s putting a target on her back or it could be just to appease Zach/Bruno and have them think he’s truly in on the boys alliance.

Still I think he’ll want to go to the end with Britt/Sarah. We’ll see


It may have been a slip by Britt. Throughout all the discussions between all the HG’s they often make mistakes in their calculations for the following week by including one or both HG’s on the block. It seems they get confused with all the scenarios they run.


So disappointed in ash, she made the major mistake in just playing with one side. Zack got rid of jp, voted against Kevin, and made it do obvious he had nobody’s back. Didn’t ash pick up on this? People were so afraid to take a shot brcsuse they viewed him as a comp threat bad move. If B makes it to the end she so deserves to win. Thank you bbc for allowing canada to play. I really liked the comment on part of the game play is you have to play to canada. Canada balanced bbuk and bbus. Good job!! I also agree that last season of bbus was bad, to predictable and boring. Have us nothing to look forward too.


Wow, sorry shouldn’t comment at bed time on cell phone.


Nothing wrong with ur comments.

River de Nial

Bruno is surprising me, making slop cookies for SB just the way they like them. And he was hand delivering cookies and other items to them in the have not room before. Trying to get in good with them, or does he actually care?

lol what

Seriously? Its big brother. Sara brought Zach his burger while he was in the tub after Ash won HoH.

lol what?

Seriously? Its big brother!!, Sarah brought Zach his burger to the hoh room while he was in the tub with Ash, after Ash won hoh.

River de Nial

What a trite response. Guess you seriously, missed the part where Bruno almost beat up Sarah. She is half his size. Abusers often show remorse in similar ways later, by bringing gifts, flowers, apologizing profusely. Abusers often do care, but are extremely controlling. Bruno’s admitted to an extreme temper. To what extent we don’t know. I don’t think Sarah would go near him if she had a choice. She’ll rely on the producers to protect her. So does he care, and/or is trying to get in good with them for their jury vote?

lol what?

ok will look past the fact that you don’t know the definition of the word “trite” and how to use it properly in a sentence. You asked a rhetorical question whether Bruno cared about bring slop cookies to S & B. I gave you Facts on a scenario that happened before, that showed the exact same transparent gameplay at an even more extreme level,.. When Sarah hand delivered Zach a burger to the HoH room When he was in the tub with Ash after Ash won HoH and before noms!! When She had just previously been up ther and knew He was in the tub and his burger was waiting for him. We were’nt born yesterday De Nial!

BBCan Circus

Bruno didn’t almost “beat up” Sarah!!!!!! Are you fucking mental?


Two words: JURY VOTE


If britt mess up the havenot power she will mostly be the target next week and the potential going home if she piss bruno or pili she is going home and if zach stays britt will be consider the dumbest player.this power is dumb puts a bigger target.britt should have sarah win now she is a threat and not a pawn anymore she probably lost final 3 after this move


I’ve been trying to figure out why Britt is working so hard to get the vote to stay. We saw tonight that she knows she can change both noms. So, she knows she staying… I get trying to see where their heads were at, but why this big pow wow session on the plan to make the girls see the boys have formed an alliance?

Hmmm… It seems the only reason is to set up the house after the eviction. As of now both Pils and Ash told Sarah they want to work with her and both are talking with each other about the need to get out Zach/Bruno.

Perhaps Britt feels by pulling this move and trying to get the girls on board prior she can then say, Sarah didn’t know what I had and I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone, but I wanted to make you see what was going on so we would be set up strong as a F4 once I made the move to get out our biggest target. Ash I know you care about him, but did you hear the crowd? Now you know I was being real and he was using you.

I think Britt also recognized she had to adjust her game b/c she believed she had Sarah and Bruno taking her to F2 until this week. Not just that he gave Zach the veto, but more so how he acted with her once she went on the block. It highlighted how much he’s been lying to her. She now sees Zach has to go first then Bruno. She also (I think) recognizes God/Pils can’t be on the block against Zach b/c it doesn’t guarantee he’d go.

And Sarah FINALLY said we need to say to Pils you realize Bruno/Zach voted to keep Willow not you right? Further she pin pointed they need to say to the girls Bruno is telling us you say this and that. Funny part is she was dead on the money about the things they’ve been saying. LOL

I want to see this convo between the 4 of them b/c Zach literally has been pushing for Sarah to go next over Godfrey so when SB say the next thing they’ll do is push for Sarah to leave before God. Will that finally turn the light bulb on over Ash’s head? (b/c that is exactly what Zach has been saying, further he’s said if one comes down Pils goes up…. hello Ash… ding, ding, ding)

Ash/Pils as much as they complain about Sarah were both affected by her conversation with them, so much so that they are both keying in on the need to get out Bruno (both of them) and Zach (especially Pils). If this works it’s a smart play by Britt to target Bruno next BUT if he wins HOH it will probably move the target off Ash/Pils to Sarah/B.

The ONLY way it will work is if the girls don’t run to Zach and tell him what is said. And of course they all have to hope Bruno doesn’t win HOH. I’m not a fan of people who lie to everyone’s faces. It’s definitely a strategy but not my favorite. Bruno has a F4 with the diapers, a F3 with Zach/Ash F3 with Zach/God, a F2 with Zach, Britt, God and Ash and a F4 with the no-mances. He upped his game this week to play harder b/c Bobby left and he got desperate so he’s playing all sides and not very well. It appears to be working simply b/c God plays along and b/c Zach is not good at recognizing b.s. Plus he makes fundamental mistakes by lying about things people know to be true. His insistence the Chop Shop stopped when Graig left is ridiculous and annoying. Everyone knows it’s a lie and by not just fessing up it calls everything else he says into question.

The one person who is going to really screw his current plan is Britt. Once Zach leaves there will be pandemonium & that’s when God & the Goblins will out everything Bruno has been saying and he’ll replace Sarah as the one everyone says is scheming/telling lies.


Regarding Bruno’s assertions of the chop shop it seems that they are in hind sight. Bruno realizes that both Zach and Ash had formed other alliances outside of the chop shop prior to Graig leaving. He had also argued to Bobby (the biggest chop shop cheerleader) that the chop shop was dead when Zach had HOH. So while Sara believes it still exists…it doesn’t.


Okay, maybe I used a bad example but in fairness he initially told Bobby to say the Chop Shop was never real, then he said to say it ended after 2 weeks when Graig left (Graig left week 4, lol). To say it ended with Zach’s HOH is funny b/c that’s when they voted out JP.

Anyway, my point was he constantly lies about things and also uses the accusation of others lying as a strategy. He has been after Sarah since forever and especially when someone else is in power, yet he accuses her of going after him. She has apologized (even when she hasn’t said anything) but Bruno won’t even admit her name has ever come out of his mouth. It’s just ridiculous.

Look I really liked Bruno and actually felt he had a very good chance of going a long way, but how he reacted over Bobby leaving, the desperation he’s been playing with, trying to play all sides, the unnecessary lying, fakeness and the way he fought with Sarah to cover his guilt …. it all just turned me off.

Further his real ally was Britt and he threw her under the bus (as he has God/Sarah/Zach/Ash) I mean there is literally no one in that house immune to his arrows and it’s sad for a guy who at one point was considered the most loyal.

People can say Sarah only wants girls but look at how both Sarah/Britt continue to protect Godfrey. The reason? Because he has worked with them and been loyal… i.e. exactly what SB said was the type of person they wanted to work with. Bruno just can’t work with women, which is evidenced by how he wants to get Britt out this week now that he can’t get Sarah.


I’m interested to see how Godfrey manages if Zach/Bruno leave next. I have a feeling he’s set up to get to F3 quite easily. Something tells me he’s about ready to go on a run of HOH/POV wins.

If any of the girls win HOH combined with Bruno not winning POV then he’s out the door at F6. Then I think we could see a Godfrey HOH at F5 and F4 POV to get him into F3 where he’ll definitely win the physical portion to get to the part 3 questions.

I’m still not certain who he wants to take to F3, but if I had to guess I’d say Pils and Sarah (especially after Britt gets Zach out and he won’t want Ash around either b/c of how many friends she has in jury). Who he would pick to take to F2 is also up in the air. I’d normally lean towards Pils but b/c she has the showmance votes he might take Sarah (who I think is also who he likes the most in the house given their conversations).


After going though so much pain Ash did not deserve to be taking away all her Hoh power may be just veto power like sindy but not that B could name tje replacement nominee…


Zach is absolutely the worst player when he gets cocky. At this stage he believes he’s covered by everyone except Sarah. In his convo with Ash he keeps saying Sarah has to go next.

Because he feels he’s covered by the Diapers, the boys alliance and his F2 with Ash/Bruno he’s getting full of himself again…..JUST LIKE HE DID WHEN HE AND JP THOUGHT THEY HAD THE HOUSE ON LOCK.

He made repeated mistakes in this one conversation that even Ash can’t miss:

1) Telling Ash there is a possibility he would put up Sarah & Pils out of the gate was a warning sign. Then he backtracks & says Sarah/God

2) When Ash asks who is the re-nom he says Pils NOT BRUNO (second warning sign)

3) Going through the scenarios with Ash he keeps basically saying Sarah needs to leave & Pils is expendable & continuously protects Bruno in every scenario (and even God to an extent)

4) He says Bruno might take God or him to F2 which showcases Ash is bottom on that totem pole!

If S/B have that chat tomorrow with the girls everything they are planning to tell the girls Zach just told Ash. When they tell them the boys have been meeting and to watch for them pushing for Sarah to go or mentioning Pils as a renom as confirmation of that being true. Ashleigh has to see the light at that point. RIGHT???

Maybe Britt will be successful at reshaping Ash’s mind. Pils in my opinion is already on board given her chat with Ash saying “he” (Zach) may need to go sooner, rather than later. To that end, I wonder if Pils might vote out Zach over Bruno on Wednesday (how funny would that be!)

Bottom line Wednesday can’t come soon enough. But I will be interested to see how the convo’s go down tomorrow when each voter tells Britt she is leaving, especially the Bruno convo as he tries to sway her jury vote. How he explains she was his F2 but he’s voting her out over Godfrey b/c Zach/Pils are really making the decision will be interesting.

If I were Britt I’d say so make Ash make the call and put the blood on her hands. She said God was her target, if I’m really you’re F2 why not force her hand and keep me as your F2? And if she votes me out then fine she’s the one who got dirty not you.

He can’t say b/c I want you gone. He can’t say b/c I want to keep God over you b/c he’ll lose her jury vote (in his head), so how would Bruno get out of that?

Further Britt can question how genuine their F2 was b/c he went to bat hard core for Bobby but hasn’t for her. If he says but then they are coming after me? Britt can respond so next week they win and force you to vote out Godfrey will you vote him out b/c they tell you to or will you fight for him? If I’m in jury and hear you did then why wouldn’t I tell everyone you are just playing all sides?

She could make Bruno sweat big time (which I’d enjoy) especially knowing it’s only ammunition for Wednesday.


Whether or not this power is unfair (it’s not, btw) is a redic argument because we are not sure that Britt will even USE the power intelligently lol


Why? Because she’s just a “dumb girl” that needs some man to give her advice on what to do, like Pili or Ash? Britt has made intelligent” moves before and knows she holds a major power that Canada gave her. Since no one else knows she has this power and what it represents, she is feeling out the others on where they stand in the game, who is loyal to who and making up her own mind, without being bombarded and lied to about how to use the power.

To me, Britt is using her power “intelligently”.


Before anyone says anything about me saying I wouldn’t read any more comments, please forgive me this one lapse but implying that Britt might not use her power “intelligently” was pointed out to me by someone else reading the comments and I felt I had to reply.

Thanks, I can now put away my soapbox. 🙂


Britt screwed up the Triple Eviction nominations… instead of putting Zach, Kev, and Bruno up she put up Pili… and we saw how that turned out. If she nominated 3 men instead of nominating emotionally by putting up the people who nominated (a non-intelligent move, imo) we wouldn’t be having this convo.


If the game isn’t rigged for Sarah and brittnee why wasn’t the secret power announced a long time ago. Having the chance to veto 2 nominees with 7 players left is ridilious. And of course “canada” voted for them to have the power. You know what you sign up for. BB is a popularity contest on a lot of levels and neither player has done anything worth while. Sarah at least has a decent social game. And can someone please tell Brittnee there’s already a “Queen B”. Her DR sessions are so annoying.


It was announced that there is a special power of veto in the first episode. Did you not watch?


Ya and Bruno decided not to use it. Did you not watch?


The next twist will be Sarah and Brittnee each get $50,000.00!!!!! Boooooo.

Get Real

Yes, the power Veto was announced a long time ago, I agree. But when it comes into play was definitely a Production decision. So do not insult us all by saying that Production didn’t have a hand in WHEN it came into power for whomever they wanted to get it. They have total control over that. We have all watched for weeks the whining and crying by these girls take place. Well hang onto your hats when next week EVERYONE left in the house turns on Brittnee, because I don’t think there is any other way production can interfere to help the girls anymore. We’ll see, but in the meantime Brittnee is now the number one target to get out in the house, and the crying and whining about “poor me” will come to a crescendo and even Sarah will realize she cannot go to the end with her and win. The knives are about to come out people, and although Sarah may be kept in the house, Brittnee is gone. Ashleigh and Pili will know this as well, and she is on borrowed time.


well… There are 7 players left, they only had this week to play it? Next week I don’t think it would’ve worked.
Of course production has their hand in “it”, they create the show! The DR needs to coach these people as well, since none of them probably have much experience in front a camera. They are making TV… I have never watched a big brother, when big brother didn’t meddle….

the hulk

this bbc is such of bullshit . the us one is mutch better . just let the f#king players play themself and not the f#king twist or the f#king canada


You can really tell the difference between a game for 100k canadian (83k usd) and a game for 500k usd


Is Bruno losing it? Why would he tell Godfrey he feels safe if Sarah wins HOH? Zach and Bruno are primary targets number 1 and 2.


Are there any funny farting scences of the girls in a video?
What girl farts the most of all?


I think Bruno said he feels safe if Sarah wins HOH next week because he knew Sarah would go for Zach and Ashleigh. Unfortunately he doesn’t know about Brittnee’s secret power at this point.