Big Brother Canada 3 – The Fist Bumping “Generals” Bud! “Lets f**King do it man!”

POV Holder: Sarah Next POV May 15th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony May 10th
HOH Winner Ashleigh Next HOH May 13th
Nominations: Sarah Brittnee & Godfrey
Have Nots Canada voted for: Sarah & Brittnee (They will compete for the Secret Power)
POV Players VETO PLAYERS PICKED: ASH, Sarah, Godfrey, Zach, Brittnee, Bruno
HOST is Pili

ET Canada – Special Preview of Sarah and Brittnee discovering the secret in the havenot room

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 11-20-50-181

2:15pm Bruno and Zach are in the hot tub still talking. Brtuno says I am telling you day 1 .. night 1 when I walked in the door I knew this could be my guy. You know! Zach says when I was asked in pre-interviews ..bromance vs showmance which one would I pick.. It was always Bros! That’s how I am in real life. Bros have always come first. Me and my guys at home don’t let guys get swooped by chicks. That’s how I was when I came in here. If I am going to invest my heart into something its in a bro. You’ve got to be in here like how you are in real life. Bruno says we’ve got to do this man! We can do this! I f**king love this bro! Bruno says I feel good about this… not about .. but about us. You can’t be too comfortable in here. Zach says “The Gernerals” Bruno asks “The Generals?” Zach asks you like that? Bruno says done, done!! The fist Bump. Zach says I like that! I think that’s the right name. Bruno says The Generals lets do it! Zach says I was thinking what’s a term we’ve been using.. we’ve been making a lot of generals. Bruno says The Generals ..I like that BUD! I’m in! The fist bum again. Lets f**King do it man! Sarah and Brittnee join them. They talk about how the final 3 part HOH plays out.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 11-30-51-857

2:35pm – 3pm In the hammock – Sarah says I don’t really know what I would do because I don’t know who is going to stay. I just know it wouldn’t be you or Ash. Pili says if I won next week I wouldn’t put up a girl. I need you next week. Sarah says I need you. Sarah says I think you and me if we were to win we would do the same thing. I need Ash too but I need you more.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 11-47-16-117

3:15pm – 3:45pm Backyard – Sarah, Brittnee, Godfrey are talking. Brittnee tells Godfrey good luck getting Zach out. Brittnee tells Godfrey you’ve got to win this HOH. You’ve got to! If not you two will be up. Sarah says if we don’t win HOH we can bet Zach will win HOH. Godfrey heads inside. Sarah says Pili has been really buddy buddy with me. Britt says good because she knows she’s not safe with them. Sarah says that this shows that Ashleigh isn’t playing for herself. Brittnee asks what possible argument could she have sitting at the end with him? Other than they did it to the end. Brittnee asks how am I the logical argument over Godfrey? Sarah says you can’t tell God that we don’t trust Bruno. Britt asks why? Sarah says because it will go right back to Bruno. Britt says who cares. Sarah says because there’s a chance he could go after Zach. He will automatically think we’re going after him ..which isn’t true we’re going after Zach. Britt says I just need to talk to him. Britt says its so sad these girls can’t think for themselves. Sarah says well they are.. but they’re not playing their individual game. Sarah says doesn’t think anyone would vote for Ash in the end. Britt disagrees. Sarah says I’m voting for the person that got the most blood on their hands. Britt says I’m not calling you foolish but I wouldn’t want to sit next to her. Sarah wonders what the order of who to get out should be: Zach, Bruno, Ashleigh or Zach, Ashleigh, Bruno. Britt says we see how Ash acts after we get Zach out. Britt says what a joke. Love really is blind. Britt and Sarah start studying. Sarah says I’m going to win (the HOH). I can feel it. I want that letter

3:50pm Godfrey joins them. Britt asks him who he’s putting up if he wins HOH. Godfrey says the same two people you’re putting up. I’m obviously putting up Zach. The only thing I am worried about is who to put up next to him. You have to think about who would use the veto on him. Sarah says she wouldn’t put up Bruno. Godfrey says Bruno might use it on him again he already did it. Sarah says but Ash would use it on Zach too. Godfrey says you could deter her by saying if she uses it you’d put up P.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 12-51-52-099

4pm Hot Tub – Sarah tells Pili .. I think Ash would put me up if she won next week ..even though I know she can’t win next week. Pili says no you’re not a target for us. I don’t want to speak for her but we’re not coming after you. Sarah says I trust you. Pili says Godfrey’s been throwing comps. Well I don’t know for sure. Sarah asks so is Godfrey going tomorrow? Pili says I don’t know for sure. I probably won’t know until tomorrow.
Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 13-09-41-324
4:05pm Up in the HOH room – Zach and Ashleigh are talking. Zach says I think she (Britt) knows she’s going. Usually by the time people tell you .. you already know you’re going. Ash agrees she thinks Britt knows she’s going. Zach says I’ve got to win this next HOH. I think I would do God and Sarah. I just think the risk of Godfrey and Bruno coming together is more likely than not you know. Zach says it will be nice to get out of here and hang out with other people. Sarah explains what happened during the triple eviction and how B didn’t want Pili out. You’re considered less of a threat. Sarah says all I care about is that you trust me. Pili says I am not after you next week. Sarah says I do not want you gone .. I want to work with you as a partner.. especially if B goes because then I would have no one. Sarah says I have to do some work here and then maybe I’ll have a shot.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 13-25-37-823

4:25pm HOH room. Pili walks in and goes off about Sarah campaigning to her. Pili comes up and says fricking fricking frick! Sh*t! Sarah just came up to me. It’s like she’s on the block! The only thing Britt said to me was that she’s nervous. She tried to tell me that I have a better shot in the final 2 with B as a posed to Godfrey. Pili reiterates the conversation with Sarah. She’s not giving up.. like I went out there for air.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 13-44-14-433
4:45pm In the kitchen – Bruno says its kind of out of my hands at this point. Britt says you can just tell me. Bruno says It either comes down to Zach and Pili. Britt says if Godfrey stays you have him and Sarah … or do you not trust her. Bruno says I just hope she doesn’t turn. Brittnee says she doesn’t have an option at this point. We know who is working with who and who is set up. Ideally if I stayed .. say Godfrey goes that leaves you, me and Sarah against Zach, Ash and Pili. And Ash can’t play for HOH. I hope any concerns about an all girls thing is out the window at this point. Bruno says this next HOH is make or break. Britt says it comes down to who has friends in the jury, numbers in here and who you can beat in competitions. Bruno says both options suck and I don’t want to feed you crap. Britt asks who is more beneficial to your game me or Godfrey. Britt asks what are the pros of keeping me? Bruno says pro I know I can trust you 100%. Bruno says Sarah is not taking me to the finals. She is taking me out as soon as Zach goes. Bruno its not even about me .. they control the vote. Its out of my hands. Britt says actions speak louder than words .. you haven’t talked game with me in two days so that means you’ve already counted me out. Bruno says that’s not what it means at all.

5pm – 5:45pm Backyard – Godrey and Sarah are talking. Sarah says you know what I think it is. Chop Show to the end. Godfrey says that’s why they wanted to keep Willow so bad. I am just going to concentrate on winning next week if I stay. Sarah says me too. Bruno and Brittnee join them. Sarah says God and her were just talking about how every single week has gone how Zach wanted it to except for when he won HOH.

5:55pm – 6:10pm In the bathroom – Bruno, Godfrey and Zach are talking about how Sarah is campaigning like she’s on the block. Godfrey says even though she’s campaigning against me she is campaigning for me just in the slightest chance that I stay. Bruno says if everything goes to plan after the veto then I would just tell her don’t bother because I can’t listen to her.

Big-Brother-Canada-3-2015-05-11 15-29-15-082
6:35pm Hot tub room – Sarah and Brittnee are talking game. Sarah says if one of wins HOH can we please have a bath together and talk to every one as they come in.

6:45pm – 7:15pm Sarah and Godfrey play god ball and beats him. She asks who wants to play the champ and Godfrey says he’ll play her again to redeem himself. The other house guests are lazing around in the backyard chatting about random things.

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I like Godfrey but the guy has to stop throwing comps! Or at least throw the comps in a more believable way. He’s a smart guy but in between the smartness and humor does some pretty dumb stuff. Get it together, bro yo!


Godfrey needs to KEEP throwing the hohs for now he is riding the middle losing comps makes him look weak and he doesn’t have to show his cards let the others take swings at each other and just coast to final 3. winning hoh is a death sentence in this game 90% of the time.


Godfrey need to win competitions because now he is on everyone’s radar. The only way he is not going on block next week is if Sarah, Britt or to some extent Bruno wins the HOH. He is either a nominee or replacement nominee for most house guests.

To the Curb

I wouldn’t be to proud of Zack or be proud to say we can from the same province. I have never been in Sask and i really don’t know anyone from Sask, but if that is how the men are raised I am glad I


Yes if the low life complaining and anoying pothead represent great city like Toronto you will never come here as well???


Takes a low life to know one! And the great city Toronto?? Oh its so great with the shootings, stabbings and other violent crimes. Ya represent , your a dirt!


I get you really really like ZACH because he’s from whatever you are, but I have to remind you that Sarah and Brittnee won an HoH (they had to pick who will be HoH from the pair) soon after Naeha left.

Brittnee is playing one of the most great games I’ve ever seen, winning HOHs and taking big threats out of this house, also I have to remind you that Sarah won this weeks PoV.

If Canada/people from outside Canada picked them and not your favorite it’s maybe because they are likeable, fun, social and not douchebags that get cocky on their own HoH.

Oh, friendly reminder at the end… Zach got his OWN CLOSEST ALLY voted out of the house because he crumbled like a baby when he could make a big move. I guess that he bashing Peter was just fake hopes because the both of them are playing the SAME AWFUL GAMES.


B played a great game your right, until production saved her, she would have been gone this week…so her good game is now over, cause she should be gone…however Sarah did win veto she still has a chance although don’t act like production didn’t help her keeping her only number B in the game……Anyone who thinks that was a fair veto keep dreaming bud…..everyone knew who was winning…..and edits are huge anyone who’s seen live feeds know Sarah can be a whiny witch with a B…yo If everyone in Canada has ever seen a live feed no doubt in my mind pillar would win….only houseguest who isn’t a complete c u next Tuesday most of the time… Joke but for reals all of them but ash, God and Lillie have been dicks, a$$ or full of themselves who are left in the game.

To the Curb

I wouldn’t be to proud of Zack or be proud to say we can from the same province. I have never been in Sask and i really don’t know anyone from Sask.If Zack is a representation of the male population and how they treat people,especially women, i would bury my head in shame.


I wouldn’t be so quick to judge the entirety of a province based on one person… if that were the case (and I’m not sure where you are from) your province would come off as very judgmental based on your comment alone.


Winning comps does NOT make you a worthy winner. Zach and Bruno have won comps, and Zach has had influence in multiple people’s HOH’s and he and Bruno have literally done nothing.

Britt has taken out power players everytime she’s won HOH. That is getting blood in your hands, and that is why she’s popular in Canada and beyond.

Sarah has played the strongest social game this season, and has been considered a threat for weeks, and yet she still remains in the house. She’s not needed to win competitions because she’s been able to persuade people to her side, or to target other people.

Strategy and social game, typically always overcome comp wins.


Dr Will and Dan Gheesling agree
these people thinking comp wins make a great players are just ridiculous


I Hate Bruno.




welll…Sarah haters are morons


I hate people that hate things!


So, do you hate yourself too? 🙂

Habs Rule

AAA…….I have a been asking my self why these people like sarah so much and the only thing i could think of is that their probably just like her, so dont hate on them to much they dont know any different Their the type of people you would see at the grocery store or bank with their children and their children would be running around screaming and kicking people and making a ruckus and they would be oblivious to it…..and if they were aware of it probably do nothing but blame the other people in the store for disturbing their children……it seems that could be the only reason to be a fan of such immature bratty woman who acts like a 5 year old.if you sarah lovers dont like it well too bad it all fact and the fact has been on tv and posted videos for the last month and a half.


Habs rule: how do you have any right to comment about people you’ve never met. You’re a complete moron and you deserve to be choked


Chill man, chill, I bet Sarah will share her joint with you when it’s over!
And she’s out of 100k!!!

Habs Rule

The same way you sarah lovers do the same with bruno accusing him of being gay and sucking zachs dick …….what i say about sarah is fact and what you queen sarah lovers say about bruno is assumption based….and what i said about sarah followers is my opinion and i do have a right to it!!…….and you threaten me with violence…hmmmm does the truth hurt their blair!!….oh and what gives you the right to threaten someone with violence for stating an opinion…..Whos the real moron here?????


Habs rule:
1. You’re just a fool saying foolish things
2. Who cares if Bruno’s gay or not. Stop using gay as an insult.
3. If you ever bring up my kid again I’m going to slip your throat peel your face back and wear it as a mask.
4. Go suck your mother 🙂

Habs Rule

Typical……….LOL!!! The truth is really eating away at yoiu isnt!!!!seek help there cause you really need some …… a strangers opinion can rile you up in that manner just goes to show you that you have mental problems. oh and im the fool saying foolish things…thats too funny coming from someone who just said they wanna peel my skin off and use it as a mask…..Wow…I have no problems with gays…its the people who use it as a derogatory assumption that have a problem with it!! ……anyway please seek help for your sake and your childrens….violence is not the answer !Oh A MY mOTHER SAYS hELLO!!!

Just sayin'

It’s hard to take any of your comments seriously since you are a habs fan. :S

Habs Rule

YEAH YEAH!!…LOL…are you a leafs fan??


Habs fan: tell that bitch I said heyyyyy xo <3

Habs Rule

LOL!!……..Hey mom the bitch says heyyy!!……there done!!


You’re allowed to cheer on whomever you please. And so is everyone else.


WOW, my favorites have nothing to do with where they are from. It’s about who they are and how they play. I admire Sara she has had to manage in a house with no big alliance to depend on. Most of the others have been on vacation. Right now I think God is in such a good position. Everyone really sees him as being alone, not to bright or a comp threat. He knows what’s going on. Doesn’t say too much, and plays based on who wins next week and not on “if ___ wins”. A/P – S/B & G will all be trying to pull him in next week. He will naturally go with the side that is winning and may even be the pawn? Pretty dam good if you ask me. Sara screwed herself when Sara pitched to her last week and she ran to Zack. She should have kept that info to herself. I don’t see 2 pairs going to end together. I think it will be one from whoever survives. Glad, God, Bruno & Ash are the targets.

Ms Anthrope

Good lord! If Bruno says ‘bro’ one more time i think my head may explode! Generals, what a joke! Maybe they should call their alliance ‘The Junior Miss Department’ because they are just a couple of little pussys!


Fist-pumping Generals? *gags* More like Private Brojobs…


Oops…didn’t think it went through the first time. Sorry…didn’t mean to pull a Bruno and repeat myself brover and brover again. Maybe his new nickname should be “Brono”…


More like the fist bumping neaderthals!

River de Nial

It’s so bad with the Brono that even the bro who doesn’t let ho’s near his bro gang in Sask. can’t wait to get away from him to hang out with other people. They both seem to be afraid of women.


how many physical comps have Zack won ? Which won did he win…oh yeah a very intelligent one…HA ! Without Ash’s vote, he might of been gone long ago. Let’s have a physical and brain comp mixed together. Maybe then we can see who has what in their tank.


“All the breaks that Sarah and B have been given”!?!?! What are you talking about??? They have been the underdogs against a massive chop shop/diapers alliance the entire game! The first instant eviction twist totally screwed their side (when Naeha was evicted). Brittnee has now SET A NEW RECORD for how long she’s been a have-not! Again, what breaks are you talking about? Brittnee won TWO HOHs now, fair and square. She knew all the right answers, she didn’t guess. Sarah also won a POV this week, saving herself. I understand that you want to root for your boy Zach, but there is no reason to undermine the other side’s legitimate wins.
As for the vote, Canada always has a huge influence on the game each season (remember Gary?), and this season Canada voted to help out Sarah and Brittnee to get the chance to compete for a power. They still have to suffer the whole week on have-not and only 1 of them gets this power… Sorry that your fave didn’t get the votes.
When Zach had power, he was too cocky and wound up evicting his boy Jordan… Zach would have been evicted this week if Bruno hadn’t saved him, he was on a life line. Also, you mention that houseguests should “win shit on their own”, well when Bruno won HOH, he only did so because he got help in the competition (some even accused him of cheating). Also, Bruno won the twist POV that week (if you’re worried about “breaks”), but he didn’t end up using it. I think you need to reconsider how you’re perceiving the game and who is getting “breaks”.


Fist-pumping Generals? *gags*…more like Private-3rd Class Brojobs.


Convos between Bruno and Zach or anyove involving Bruno and/or Pili are UNBEARABLE!


another name

I applaud you for supporting a contestant from your province. Cool!
No disrespect intended, but saying britt won a 50/50 shot to get hoh as a way of devaluing her win is counter productive to your argument. Zach won hoh on a 50/50 shot as well (before after). guess he’s just lucky?


Just throwing this out there… I’m pretty sure that the re-noms will be Zach and Bruno… BUT if it was Zach vs Pilar this could make for some epic TV… Sarah, Brittnee vote out Zach and Bruno, Godfrey vote out Pilar therefore making Ashleigh break the tie… Who the hell would she choose?!? I’d love to watch her crumble… But it’s probably not going to happen…but it would make great TV!


Would God really give up the chance to get rid of Zach though? Really?


No I know in all likelihood this would never happen…but it would be awesome to see Ashleigh crumble and have to choose between Zach and Pilar!!! Who she really evict Zach?!? That would be epic!!!




The generals fist bump alliacne will be the shortest lived alliance in bbcan history lel. n00bs.


My only issue with Sarah is that she cries. A lot. She has a great social game and a great concept of how to play the game (save for the triple eviction vote). I can see why people see her and dangerous, she is great with her words and the fact that all the guys are afraid of her should say something.

If you think she is trash because she smokes pot, well, that’s sad.


….Yes and admitting in DR taking shower once a week speaks itself…

another name

I dislike sarah’s whining and complaining. I’ve said that before. I appreciate that she vents it out, picks herself up, and keeps trying. Determination is a positive trait.
The only people we’ve seen, in this game, knowingly behind the 8 ball for a prolonged period of time are Sarah and Britt. We have no idea how most of the house would react to being the outsider targets week after week, or to being chumped by not one, but two alliances. I say this because the purple cobra hexagon was crap to Zach Jordan and Kevin from it’s inception. Sarah and Britt did believe the alliance with Bruno Godfrey and Bobby could work, until Bruno bought his own propaganda and threw Sarah under the bus repeatedly starting the next day, saying it was to throw off the others, but decided she was shifty when she did the same. In order for their to be a Girls Alliance, Bruno would have to believe that Zach and Kevin didn’t have control of Ashleigh and Pilar. He knows they did. Everything else is smoke and mirrors that he himself bought into. He stockholmed himself.
Part of what I like about watching the show is seeing how players adjust strategy when they are imperiled. Bruno jumps from ship to ship making someone else the target each time, Zach falls out of touch with the house, then resumes his old plan. Sarah vents, then tries to change her own circumstances. Godfrey falls under radar, then pops up to each group to say lets be friends. Ashleigh takes a bubble bath with Zach and ‘one time at band camps’ with pilar (so far).


Maybe Sarah cries because of frustration and the fact that she has to constantly be on her toes, thinking 3 steps ahead of the others. Pilar and Ashley don’t worry about safety, thinking Zach is keeping them safe and telling them what to do. Brittnee and Sarah just have each other and both resort to tears to let some steam off since they are trying to get to the end by themselves.


Wow. what a reaction I got for having my opinions. I am proud to be from Saskatchewan and am happy to cheer for the contestant on the show who is from here a well. I am going to just post my reply to all of the swear-filled replies I got in this one post.

– I haven’t found him to be degrading of women in the house, if anything he is threatened by them.
– I fully agree that playing a good social game is a huge part of Big Brother and is certainly a necessity to win.
– Yes, Zach looks like a clown for nominating Jordan (at Jordans request) and then ultimately sending his closest ally out the door after a very persuasive Sindy convinced the house evicting him was the right choice. With that said, Sarah (who has said that both Britnee and Willow were her bestfriends in the house) voted to evict Britnee… and then didn’t save Willow.
– Britnee did use her triple eviction HOH to full potential by nominating Zack, Kevin and Pilar… and ultimately getting Kevin and Willow evicted (I don’t think any of us thought Bruno would use the POV on Zack). So Kudos for her doing that… and Graig?! as well.
– Bruno was not voted to receive the power he did, that became his as he was the HOH that week.
– To the person that called Zack a glorified pussy and a cunt… I have no reply for you, I think your post speaks volumes about the person you are.
– I agree that it is fair to say that Sarah/Britnee have had their backs up against the wall many times throughout the game, but to say Zack hasn’t would be unfair also. The minute Zack walked into the house, before even talking to him I’m sure most of the other contestants found him to be a threat… and I do believe that him aligning with who he did has kept him in the game thus far… and if he wants to stay in the game; he’ll have to start winning competitions.
– I do think that production assists Canada on the vote when it comes to twists and such (but as is the rest of my post) that is just my opinion. I think giving the twist to either one of those girls makes for better television.
– I certainly didn’t mean to undermine any other competitors wins in this house (good for Sarah for getting POV this week to put a win in her column) – and the triple eviction competition that Britnee won was certainly her best shot at winning… lets face it, she should have won that competition, she has been on the block plenty of times as a pawn… it probably makes it a little easier to know the answers pertaining to the block if you are constantly nominated as a pawn.

I believe that is it… I look forward to being attacked again regarding my opinions. Have a great day everyone.


Yeah, you did get some nasty venomous replies. Just wow! Surprised me they actually allowed that one to get published, but hey, I guess freedom of “speech” rules.
Suffice it to say all cities and all Provinces have their good and bad people and situations. I can’t imagine that one person’s quirks are entirely representative of an entire region. None of us are perfect.


Just a correction. The double power of veto was voted on by Canada to the veto holder. Bruno had that power to utilize because he won the POV comp and not because he was HOH.

Habs Rule

Hey i 100% agree with you!…….i find it funny how the guys try and make a move in the game and there assholes and monsters but when Sarah and britt do the same thing there loved and called strategic players….lol…….talk about double standards………yeah and canada voting for them just goes to show you that Canada loves whiners and cry babies….good way to show a good example there Canada! Look i dont hate the girls playing this game i just hate the way their playing it……if whinning and bitching was a olympic sport sarah takes home the gold for sure!!!


Completely Agree! Love the double standards of some of these people. It makes me laugh that Sarah goes around the house with her arsenal of knives ready to stab everyone in the back and then as soon as things don’t go her way she’s ballin to the cameras at the injustice of it all and the worst part is the viewers are falling for it! Poor B and Sarah fighting the big uphill battle against all the meanies in the house. Let me call you a Waambulance. Soooooo frustrating! Oh and pretty sure Sarah was ready to cut B when it looked like it was good for her game! How can people root for these 2???? I just don’t get it.


The hoh should at least get a chance to compete with Britt and Sarah for the SP now that would have been fair!


WHY? So Zach could manipulate Ashley again?


Manipulating people is part of the game, always has been….why are so many people offended Zach manipulates people….you’re supposed to, that’s why Sarah is the number two social player this season after Zach.

Yo Bro

Zach has had quite the career so far.
Quarterback to Captain Canada to HOH FAIL.
Now a couple of ladies he’s scared of have to sleep on the floor and eat slop, so he skips all that in-between BS and promotes himself straight to frickin General. That’s the way you do it bud, Sask Proud!


Wow 102 dislikes…shows where Canada’s brains are…I agree they shouldn’t have been handed everything…like the SP Veto! Ashley should at least be included in the comp. for it! By giving the game to Sarah and Britt it makes ashley and her Hoh useless and not fair at all! Too many Sarah lovers…ridiculous and plain stupid! Canada doesn’t know big brother at all. It’s embarrassing and the states are laughing. You don’t just hand the game to someone!


That is a pretty rude comment Jeff Wallace, don’t you think? ‘Shows where Canada’s brains are’…. Hmmmm, really?


Found this sneak peak of what happened when the feeds went down and this would explain why Brit was all smiles right after when Bruno came in..

Based on what Ive been able to piece together and what peter brown has insinuated they know there is some sort of power but they haven’t unlocked it yet and they haven’t competed for it yet. Both Sarah and B are unaware that they could save both noms and put up replacements. The twist will be revealed on Wed probably right before the live eviction they will compete the winner will get the code punch it in and go into the vault once in the vault they will make a quick decision on whether they want to replace one or both noms and who the replacements will be.

This is why both Sarah and Brit are campaigning to save Brit because they don’t know about the power yet just that something is there. Brit is not as stressed out as she normally is because of the power possibly saving her but she is still campaigning because she doesn’t know yet if it will possibly save her or not.


Thanks for the analysis. The video is included at the top of this post.


Cool … that solves the mystery of the Secret Tile …
Hopefully epic Eviction coming up …


That video of b and Sarah finding the hidden power thoughhhhhh :):):):):) 😀

probably a stupid question sorry

I have a question, I hope someone has an answer.
i read here this twist is like a coup d’etat. Is that from early seasons of the American Big Brother? Did the head of household get to compete for the power in those seasons?
was it voted?
If it’s a question I should already know the answer for, sorry.


I wonder will havenots power needs to reveal herself or not like the coup d edat like mike or jeff because honestly if they do the whole house are after britt and sarah they are the only ones who made the big power moves. They should not reveal themselves it makes a bigger target


After production helped Sarah and b out this week like big time…..only people who deserve to win are Zach and Godfrey…Zach is a huge target and has survived this long dudes manipulated everyone at one point in this game other than God…they deserve the money.
I get it makes good tv but throwing someone back in the game and powerful vetos are unfair but good tv…I just think with seven people left that veto is beyond ridiculous production got Zach out…… Instant evictions and this veto are ridiculous…you should always can’t a chance to save yourself in this game when on the block other than a backdoof and the fact Nay and Zach left the game with no chance to fight for veto is absurd…t might have even been fine if bbc told the houseguest canada was voting for one of them to get a magic veto that is essentially a new Hoh…then Zach would actually have fought for a veto. Dude got screwed royally best player production has ever gotten out like him or not guy has played a great game manipulated everybody even still with Bruno….I actually believe Bruno thinks him, and zach to at least final three…lol Yo


For BB Canada I have found it best to just try and enjoy the game up until the final 5 or 6. Then try to not worry about your favorites as there is too much manipulation by production towards the end of the game.

After all, the final few weeks are normally boring anyway. All the big moves in BB & survivor get done between 12 – 6 people.


If Dan G was in big brother Canada dude would have never won, cause apparently in big brother canada the production can’t stand good gameplay and try to get that person out with absurd powers that late in the game… even put Sidney in the house to flip Zachs game, triple eviction, absurd veto….BBC canada would have made sure Dan G never even came close to the end..


I CANNOT stand the houseguests who say “I don’t want to hear them campaign.” First of all, that is unbelievably rude and insensitive. Second of all, it’s like I’m sorry to bother you… I can tell you guys are all busy sitting, eating, laying down, sitting in the hot tub, taking a bath. Like what the hell are these people doing all day that they can’t listen to someone plea to save their own life in the game. Even if you’re not gonna save them, you’ll probably get some information out of them.

Just Saying

Posters: I hate how Sarah whines and cries so much…let me tell you by whining on the internet, and replying to each post I get.
I’m not a Sarah fan, (I am a fan of Britnee) but I think anyone who hasn’t spent time secluded, without any outside interaction surrounded by a group of strangers who’s sole goal is to eliminate you…should not decide how a person should or shouldn’t react. Throw in the fact that occasionally they may be forced into less than ideal sleeping compartments and fed “slop”, I imagine emotions run high. Some people internalize, some people let it out. Yes, it gets annoying (Very much so)- I can agree with that, but it shouldn’t get people nearly as worked up as these comments seem to indicate.