Monte WON Part 2 Of the 3 Part HOH! “I guess we’re chilling until Sunday now” **updated**

HOH Part 1 Of 3: Monte Vs Turner Vs Taylor
Part 1 Winner: TURNER

HOH Part 2 Of 3: Monte Vs Taylor
Part 2 Winner: Monte

HOH Part 3 Of 3: Turner Vs Part 2 Winner
Final HOH Winner: ?

HOH part two happened before 11. When the feeds came back at 10:50 am we had Taylor, Turner and Monte in the living room.
Monte – what the hell are we supposed to do with ourselves.
Turner – that’s a good sleep I had.
Turner – I guess we’re chilling until Sunday now
Taylor – do you think they’ll give us more Alcohol? I guess not

4:26 pm Monte and Turner
Monte is going over the competition
Monte – each trip was 30 seconds. I made 6 trips with two competition tiles. I figured that should be 6 minutes of me doing that shit. That’s a you know a lot of fluff added. There were times when I went down and back in 15. I was like Okay add like 30 seconds for the mistake I made another 30 seconds for the thing. In my head 7 minutes should be the maximum time I spent doing it.
Turner – and you were close as f***
Monte – when I looked at Taylors time of 7.04 I was ‘Okay’.. I think I should be fine. My heart was beating through my chest. I had no idea it would be that close I knew that 7 minutes was the max time I could have possibly spent doing that. Lo and behold 21 seconds (Monte won part 2 by 21 seconds)
Feeds flip to the another room. We can vaguely hear them talk still.. (thanks BB)
Monte is going over the set up of the competition.

4:40 pm Monte and Turner
T – no matter what as far as I am concerned we’re both going to be at the end.
M – yeah man
T – we’ve been saying that since week 3. Holy shit.
M – it’s something I think that .. it makes sense..
T – I think so too. I’m so f***ing excited.
M – looking at how we both played.. it’s just that we both played… strong competitors both have had some sort of social game. We weren’t put on the block 50 million times. you know i think it makes sense.
T – big time. We talked before the first comp and nothing has changed on my end
M – same
T – I’m f***ing pumped.
M – I don’t know what we are doing in part three but they’re f***ing drilling
T – I know I usually thought it was an easy quick one.
M – I don’t know if that drilling has to do with them setting up or more maybe them taking things out. Maybe they are getting rid of shit because we’ll never see the yard again.
T – Taylor seems a little upset
M – yeah i can tell.. i mean mostly because she probably knows if brittany was here she would have a fighting chance both ways were now it’s like .. yeah.. she has not control of her destiny.
T – she knows I won’t take her I don’t know what she thinks of you because you two are closer..
M – yeah
T – I think she knows where I am at.
M – we haven’t had those types of conversations. Most of what I talked to her about last week was Brittany doesn’t deserve to be in the final 3.
Monte says he was pretty sure Brittany and her would have picked each other. He ads that Taylor was under a lot of pressure to win he wasn’t because he knew Taylor had his back.

They agree Taylor would have picked MOnte and so would turner so Monte was going to final 2 regardless.

5:05pm Kitchen – Monte and Turner
Monte – some times I feel like its fate playing itself out. Turner – Oh yeah, I think so 1000%! Monte – divine intervention. Turner – Mmmmhmmm… 100% Oh my god! The odd thing is that one of us is going to have 75K and the other is going to have 750K.. and either f**king one is a good deal to me. Monte – yeah. Turner – either way.. I mean one is more life changing but one is still f**king huge. Like 75k makes life easier. Monte – like it falling in your lap you know what I mean. I mean granted we earned it but.. Turner – yeah for sure but I thought that .. and maybe I am jumping the gun here .. yeah, no definitely. Monte – yeah. Taylor comes out of the diary room and asks if they’re down to play cards.

5:30 pm houseguests get a Friendship bracelet kit to play with
Big Brother – please go to the storage room
Taylor – Ciders?

5:40pm – 8:30pm Cards!
9:10pm Monte and Turner make coffee..
9:23pm The final 3 try to understand the instructions on how to make the bracelets.

10pm Turner cooking..

10:49pm Kitchen – Taylor, Turner and Monte
They talk about jury votes. Taylor – we all have one person in jury that will never vote for us. Turner – that is a fact! Mine is Jasmine. Monte – who is mine. Taylor – Brittany. Monte – yeah Brittany definitely won’t vote for me. Turner – I also feel that way about Indy. Taylor – Yeah, Indy 100% won’t vote for me. Turner – I bet she was mad when Michael got kicked off. Taylor – oh pissed! She would have been like who am I going to vote for now?! Monte in his best Indy vote – he was the most honest player. Taylor – oh my god and like literally not at all. He was the best person, the most honest player.. Baby girl!

11:39pm – 11:46pm Taylor and Monte.
Taylor – I just hope you’re studying. Monte – oh yeah. I mean you can quiz me. But there is only so much information and then when I repeat it.. I am like okay I know it. Is there anything else!? Taylor – yeah. Monte – if there is one thing I know how to do is study random information. Turner when we were sitting over there he was like what is the last competition like? What does part 3 usually consist of? I was like I don’t know. I am like its usually questions. I am curious if he even knows what they could be asking. Taylor – he did say that he was nervous going up against you in a mental comp. Monte – he did? Taylor – yeah. Monte – I would have loved to believe that I would have been really good at these physical comps but I am not. We will see how things play out.

1:12 am Monte, Taylor and Turner
Taylor is talking about her work schedule when she worked at TRUNK club. She worked Tuesday to Saturday starting between 9 and 12.
Taylor – I loved grocery shopping on a MOnday.. that’s when they got restocked everything just beautiful isles all shinny. I would go in the morning and no one was there
Taylor talks about how after she won her title she would have appearances to make at random times and it messed up her schedule.
Taylor – It was all hours but it was for a limited about of time. Then I came here and I never slept.
Turner – what do you think of a.. now I am very support of a 4 day work week.
Taylor – yes
Monte -Yes
Turner – that is way it should be
Taylor – we need to reorganize labour unions mobilize a demand shorter hours.
They go on with a 4 day work week conversation for awhile then go back to cards.. Right now it’s the game Fish
“Do you have any 4s?”
“Go fish”
“Do you have any 8’s ”
“Go fish”

2:00 am Still in the kitchen playing cards.
monte – Blackjack is too simple
Taylor – that is why it’s a nice brainless game. we need a brainless game right now. Do we not?
Turner – True
Taylor – unless you guys want to sit down and figure out those friendship bracelets
Monte – GOD NO
Turner – yeah
Monte- f*** no

2:24 am Turner tries to shuffle the cards.
Turner – check it out dude.. I call this the butterfly effect..

Everyone has a good laugh. Monte impersonates what Turner tried

2:40 am GO FISH

3:32 am lights out..

4:30 am Zzzzz
8:30 am zzzzzzz

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Yay — 2 thumbs up.
I like the idea of Turner & Monte in the last one-on-one competition. Taylor now powerless to determine her own fate.


Yes, the two of them and not Taylor in the competition mix anymore is going to make for a better finale.

Captain Kirk

” Taylor now powerless to determine her own fate”
No she’s not. She’ll pull her “power play move” between now and Wednesday. Maybe with Monte and Turner at the same time.


Haha! I wouldn’t be surprised!


Uhh cap don’t you mean Sunday since that finally night

Captain Kirk

Whichever. Not sure. I guess you are correct. 🙂


SO GLAD Monte not worthless Taylor won HOH 2!

And I hope to see Monte get the 750K. Begrudgingly approve of Turner getting 75K if he promises to get a shower installed!

Monte is the one I can feel happy for the win.

Captain Kirk

“SO GLAD Monte not worthless Taylor won HOH 2!”

But still enough time to worry about for Taylor to SPREAD THE WORD of the day…in an effort to sit in that 2nd spot.

What’s the word of the day???

“You know what I mean?'”

Captain Kirk

“Turner getting 75K if he promises to get a shower installed”

Honestly, I don’t really understand WHAT IS WRONG with that guy. lol

Let’s see: Showers every other day. Paints his finder nails (sometimes with different colors). Dresses hoboish. Steal other people’s belongings (let’s not forget the muffin). Has admitted he takes it from the rear with other guys. ETC. ETC. ETC.


Can we get Brittany to straighten him out post season?? But she better get her fees paid UP FRONT. OTHERWISE, she’ll have a collection matter on her hands because he won’t likely pay her.



Takes it from the rear? Really. Guess I missed that convo.


Why do you call Taylor worthless? She has been very strategic!! Do be a hater she has played this game for sure!! Sly as a fox!!!


I’m shocked I really thought Monte would just throw the comps knowing he was safe. Maybe he was afraid Taylor would win all the girls on Jury vote and feels he can beat Turner and will still throw part 3 but idk. After promising Taylor f2 last week if he wins part 3 and cuts her he’s definitely losing her vote if Turner wins and takes him he’s gonna win with Taylor jasmine Terrance joe all being locks to vote him over Turner I’m sure he can pull 1 more vote out of Britt Michael Alyssa Kyle and indy


One never throws the competition when it is down to the final competitions


Will, Tyler, and Nicole F threw part 3.


monte ideally wants more comp wins than turner heading into jury (i think they’re currently tied). much better resume that way.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

throwing a comp at this stage of the game is straight up idiotic.


Exactamundo !


No it’s not, if you play it right it’s a substantial play to get no blood on your hands making the last eviction. Had Ivette tossed part 3 to Janelle. Ivette wins big brother 6 over Janelle with all the friendship votes. Dr. Will gave part 3 to Nicole in order to vote out Monica. Come to think of it I’m pretty sure Derrick tossed it to Cody too!


Derrick looked scared shite-less waiting to hear Cody’s decision, as he knew it was the smart move for Cody to evict him. He absolutely did not throw that.

Dr Will is in a league of his own in terms of gaslighting others to give him what he wants, even after he’s railroaded them. This season’s F2 yo-yos are not even worthy of same breath mention to him.

Not sure about Yvette’s season, but it’s easier for us looking in from the outside to know when that F2 person will be loyal to take the other one to the end. That why even Derrick looked unsure of Cody, because you can rarely be completely certain.

That’s how Vanessa got cut. She did want to win that final comp, but she also trusted Steve way too much.

You also can’t rely on jury to vote based on bitterness or personal bias. Time and again, many of them come to reason and vote on game.


I disagree too, Turner told blatant lies to Michael and Alyssa. I’m sure others too. Both will put this as a point of social game on his character and I hope will be the reason Turner loses 750K.


Jun clearly threw part 3 to Alison.

Captain Kirk

Let’s see.(Hahahaha) 🙂

Should I even bother??



Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

still a pointless risk that can potentially land you in 3rd place. strongly disagree sorry.


Not a chance. You’re not seeing the point. At certain times you can do that and it’s not a risk at all. That’s the point looking at the magnitude of the house dynamics. Monte‘s case here lol if he was smart enough he would hand part 3 to Turner who point blank evicts Taylor no questions asked. Turner knows he gets beat Like a drum by Taylor! The risk you were talking about is Monte winning part three and taking Taylor to the end. That would be a monumental brain fart like Ivette not throwing it to Janelle just so Ivette takes Maggie and loses.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

I would highly recommend you never play Big Brother. Yes the Big Brother 6 example makes sense. But putting your chance of a final 2 chair in jeopardy and a guarantee of the 2nd place prize money is idiotic no matter what. You cannot win if you are not sitting there in the end. Nothing is guaranteed.


Janelle would’ve taken Ivette and Ivette wins. That’s why I’m telling you what you’re saying doesn’t equate to the concept and for that matter it isn’t pointless risk if it cost you the win which in the past it has done that! You’re a new fan it’s OK, but it’s silly to say that there’s no circumstance to throw it being a pointless risk. Jun gave it to Alison writing 1 million as a tiebreaker answer so Alison could evict Robert. Will also handed it to Nicole to evict Monica. The third place players gave their jury vote to the person who threw it. There is a time and place to do throw part 3. Not everytime, but in this case Monte can totally throw part 3 and it would be a good move bc he gets no blood on his hands. More importantly there is no shot Turner takes Taylor.


Throwing a comp (BB & on Survivor) is never a good idea, never !! Bad idea.

Monte + Turner = boys club. I don’t believe either one will take Taylor.


I’m not so sure. Turner can’t be trusted with anything he says. He may change his mind if he’s HOH 3. I dislike Turner and don’t want to see him win, but Taylor might effectively plant the thought that Monte is very likeable,

But we all know that Turner loses to Taylor in a F2. I hope they keep it as is and give it up to the jury.


Nah, there are a handful of times in both survivor and bb that throwing a comp has been correct. Hatch throwing the final 3 comp in survivor 1 was totally right, tons of players have thrown the wall comp in bb with no repercussions. Yes, sometimes throwing backfires, but it’s sometime correct. In fact, this very season turner would be in a much better spot with jury right now had he thrown the tweezer comp


There is no way that Turner is going to bring Taylor to f2 Monte winning final hoh is just going to hand him Taylor’s vote.


Monte and Turner final 2: no one could have predicted this.

Captain Kirk

Check the record.
I’m sure someone did


Hey Simon, if you were going to summarize tonight’s reminiscing episode with a gif it would be roast chicken with all of the roasting that is happening 🙂


For the most part. They made the talks with Kyle sound like an Afterschool special. As part of the Roasting they discussed Turner’s taking a shower every other day, Jasmine the Princess, and of course they referenced Turner’s and Jasmine’s dislike for each other. This episode featured DRs that should have been part of the regular episodes


Robert, I thought the conversations with Kyle, especially Terrance’s, were very educational and enlightening to Kyle. Many in the tv audience might have learned some things as well. As a white teacher of high school students for 38 years in predominately black schools, I can’t tell you the number of times my students educated me on the black culture. I loved them doing that, and they loved doing it. I suspect that Kyle has had very little interaction with black people and needed Terrance’s insight. What some perceived as racism, I saw as Kyle’s racial paranoia because of The Cookout on BB23. He handled it poorly and was unjustly crucified. Terrance’s comments to Kyle will help him the next time a similar situation arises.


Monte’s words are very careful and deliberate. I have heard him talk positively about final 2 with both of them. Both of them feel they have final 2 with Monte.


So Turner won HOH Part 1, Monte won HOH Part 2. I bet Taylor is pissed off, because she tried her best to get Monte to evict Turner and keep Brittany, she felt Brittany would have taken her to Final 2, Taylor also felt that she could beat Brittany.

Monte better not do something stupid and throw HOH Part 3 to Turner, so he does not have to stab Taylor in the back and evict her, and take Turner to Final 2.

If Monte throws Part 3, then he’s not as smart as I thought he was, I would not put my fate in Turner’s hands, Monte better give 100%, Michael already said that he does not respect Turner’s game play.

Turner was apologizing, and not owning Evicting Michael, so Michael knows Monte was the one who took control of Turner’s HOH.

I think it’s dangerous to take Taylor to Final 2, Jasmine, Alyssa, Indy, Brittany, Michael, Mike vote for Taylor, the girls wanted a Girl to win, Kyle, Terrance, Turner maybe Joseph would vote for Monte. Taylor would have 5 votes, Monte would have 4 votes.

I felt bad for Joesph when big mouth Alyssa told everyone Taylor slept in the HOH with Monte 3 straight nights, the look on Joseph’s face, he looked shocked.

Big mouth Alyssa did not tell Joseph how they told Taylor, Joseph bad mouthed Taylor, made Taylor think Joesph really did not like Taylor, and Taylor cried, she felt like crap because Taylor really did have feelings for Joesph.

I bet Alyssa is back to having Sex in the jury house with Kyle, Alyssa was all talk, she is going to be all over Kyle in the Jury house. Alyssa is one of those women who need a man, if she is not in a relationship, she feels lost.

Kyle messed up Alyssa’s game, told The leftover’s everything Alyssa said about the other side of the house. Alyssa will be all over Kyle, she has a low self esteem, she needs a man so she feels complete, Kyle should not give in, he should not have sex with her.

While Alyssa was telling everyone how Taylor was sleeping with Monte, I bet she’s not telling everyone that she had a man outside of the house, and she still pursued Kyle, Brittany should let Kyle know Alyssa has or had a man when she entered the house.

Brittany should also tell Joseph how Taylor cried when he did not come back, and how Terrance, Kyle, Alyssa all told Taylor Joseph didn’t care about Taylor, I felt bad for Joseph when he found out about Monte and Taylor, I think he was looking forward to seeing if he and Taylor had a chance outside of the house.


I don’t agree with your thoughts about Joe and Taylor. There was no chemistry there on his part. He was not into her, and I suspect he’s relieved at having a reason not to pursue anything further. He acted shocked cause the others were laughing and it was the thing to do, but don’t worry about him, he could care less about Taylor.

If Monte throws HOH 3 as you brought up, he does not deserve to win BB!

Evicting Taylor Not A Crime

Wow Big Mouth! People in your glass house shouldn’t throw stones.You’ve got mental issues with Alyssa.You forgot Taylor being entitled to backdoor Alyssa for a petty trip. Also being pushed by Joseph after he wanted Alyssa out for over a month. Alyssa owes them nothing other than the gum under her shoe. You probably also forgot this summer Taylor was trying to get with three guys in the house including Daniel yes Daniel! There is no doubt in your crazed world of a shell you think it’s a genius move for Monte to take Taylor to final 2 just so he could obviously lose. Listen space cadet there’s no way in the galaxy Turner takes Taylor so he can’t get blown out to Uranus. Monte doesn’t have to win! You don’t understand the situation other than hyper ventilating for a Monte and Taylor final 2.

Surf all day

You sound extremely foolish. You are the one that sounds like your medication is calling. That person has a right to their opinion. And yes, Alyssa (the the big mouth hypocrite) who gave up the booty on a plastic float, in a storage room, has zero room to try and drag Taylor. Now go take your meds and have a good night. Bye..

No Name

If Turner wins the final HOH is he really taking Monte?Does he think he has any chance to beat him with this jury?Not taking Monte would be seen as a bold,smart,winning move?Turners history suggests he’s not capable of making such a move.Thoughts?


i think it’s too late for turner to win over the jury. he screwed up royally with his the house wanted this good-bye message to alyssa and really made it look like he was so manipulated by monte that the jury would sooner give the victory to taylor than to him.


Michael said he will not vote for Turner.
Anyway, one or two times already, I’ve said Monte will clean up and win. lol


Yes, Michael dislikes Turner immensely for breaking his promise that he would never sabotage a fellow lgbtq. And he’s completely justified. Turner is scum, and I hope he doesn’t walk away rich scum!

I hope you’re right about Monte winning!

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

better chance than against taylor with that jury.


Indeed. Either Turner or Monte against Taylor is very iffy, I think both of them assume that.


That’s what has finally finally breathed a little life into this game since the Comp King left!


Neither Monte nor Turner will beat Taylor; however, Monte will beat Turner.


That’s it in a nutshell! Which is why they have no choice but to take each other.


can’t wait to see yet another d/r session from taylor talking like she’s a competitor and failing. i really wish alyssa had competed in that julie’s fashion comp. imagine if she won and thus tied taylor in comp wins.

un autre nom

stand on a platform that spins topsy fashion. multiple hand holds.
Description in the house sounded more rocket ship from last season.
Anything that helps winning? smaller feet? longer wing span to reach around the whole weiner?

The rest? Gonna be honest, I barely paid attention while I cooked dinner.
However… seemed quite Jasmine centric for fifteen minutes our of the hour. Got a good ten minutes of Kyle and Kylegate… and three of the tears segments are about that…. weren’t because he got called out but because the gameplans they’d made the day before were now out the window.
Daniel got a Daniel is an ass segment and an Alyssa sucks at geography section.
Basics: fifty seven minute waste of time with 2 minutes and 45 seconds of a comp starting.


Except for the Kyle segment there was a lot of roasting. The kid in me laughed at the “Hold onto your wiener” Looking at Turner again tonight on the feeds, part of me wants him to win so that he buys himself enough amount of iron to stop looking like a dehydrated vampire. The boy is getting very pale again

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

Great great news. If Monte or Turner have any clue they should know they need to take each other to the end to have a chance of winning. I really cannot wait to see how triggered the girls get in Jury when Taylor joins them as the final Juror. It will be more salt than a Pretzel Factory.


HAHAHAHA! Can you imagine Jasmine??

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

cant wait


Then the girls control who wins if they all vote the same way.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

But now they are forced to vote for Turner or Monte (Hopefully). Which makes it that much better.

un autre nom

History Lesson:
Season 10-23. fourteen season inclusive.
Number of times the final HOH took the one that won nothing to finals: 4 (always the easier win option).
Number of times the winner of stage one alone of HOH won: 0
Number of times the winner of stage two alone of HOH won: 2.
Number of times the winner of stage one and three of HOH won: 5
Number of times the winner of stage two and three of HOH won: 7
Number of female winners: 4
Number of male winners: 10
Lgbt finalists: 3 (up to 5 if rumor and post season declaration is to be believed)
Poc finalists: 4. 3 won. (Kaycee, Josh, Xavier).
Gender breakdown finalists: 19 male, 9 female.

The Beef

So deciphering what you wrote here, 12 times the F3 HOH won, and 2 times the person they picked to go WITH them to F2 won.

BB 16 Cody was the Final HOH and picked Derrick to go with him and LOST 7-2.

BB 18 Paul was the Final HOH and picked Nicole F to go with him and LOST 5-4.

All 12 other times the Final 3 HOH winner won the game. Seems to me you really want to win that final HOH.


That was the last season since this one that I watched and I never understood why he picked Nicole?


Paul lost regardless of who he picked. That jury was so starstruck any vet making it to the end was winning and vets were Paul’s only options


Thanks, I always thought Paul should have won.

un autre nom

I’ve got no dog in the race. I never picked a fave to win. I liked some more than others, but never figured they would win because the storyline pattern didn’t support any of them winning.
I’m a creature of pattern recognition, so I’m giving all of the information I can in case anyone else is as well.
How anyone applies that information is up to them.
The edit of the episodes told one story week one before Paloma left, a second edit line told a different story until week 6. The storyline shift after that wasn’t as major, but was recognizable. So Paloma leaving (and reaction to the Taylor shunning) altered storyline. The production team giving in to pressure and including the original Kyle thinks there might be a cookout (not the reveal, the original inclusion) shifted the storyline a second time. That’s where we got the Turner/Monte dynamic that didn’t really exist until that time as where the storyline shift led us.
As far as I can tell, the storyline always had Monte getting far. Taylor was originally fated to leave earlier, but production feared the blowback of that storyline. Turner was pulled into the spot that Kyle would have had.
If I sound like I believe the show is more of an unscripted but pre-planned investment, that’s because I do believe that it’s reality entertainment programming and not a gameshow. The prizes are more of a signing bonus to becoming an ambassador for the show as a brand in my vision. This is because of seasons like 18, 21, and every bbcan season since 6. I know that sounds Tinfoil hat. Still my opinion.


So do you think production gave Michael a rope that they knew would break?

un autre nom

Honest opinion about Michael’s character arc?
Complete Suppostion on my part by analyzing what was going on (so looking at what did happen and trying to see the pattern… but having to guess based on the facts we did have):
Production never wanted the reveal after the week six episode that made it sound like a realistic but erroneous thought process that Kyle was told wasn’t the case. That was supposed to be the end of it.
Meanwhile Michael and Britt were told they’d taken the hit in public scrutiny too, and wanted out of that. Hence Britt bringing up the idea multiple times, and each of Michael and Britt getting called to d/r when the discussion point would come up.
Wall yellers happened. Production said no wall yellers happened (meaning all houseguests were told, even the indoor houseguests, that they could not use wall yeller information for game). Joseph still leaves. Monte makes a final three with Kyle and Turner. Terrance is still in an alliance with Kyle even knowing what was yelled. (this is why the jury reveal makes no sense. If Monte knows, and Michael knows, then Joseph knows what the wall yellers yelled too).
All the while, Britt and Michael are sitting on the information production doesn’t want out. Michael decides the wall yellers can’t be used, but he has information that already existed. He meets with Production and legal. That is the 24 hour waiting period before the house was told. So, Michael has thrown a monkey wrench in the Kyle Monte as part of the final 4 plan that the storyline shifted to after the week one debacle.
Repercussions: Michael’s storyline is coming to an end but they negotiated that he would be able to get the veto record (with an Individually timed veto, meaning not head to head, not seen, production controls the times), but he wouldn’t get the overall and would be out of the story as soon as he won it. He could try to stay, and fight to stay, but production was going to make it as hard as possible to stay. A comp where the equipment might fail? in a double? REALLY? They test that shit before houseguests EVER start a comp. Weeks before. If there are comp failures for a live program, they fix them beforehand in testing or they don’t use that comp. The fact they used a comp where the warning was given: if it breaks, you figure it out? For a LIVE episode comp? That’s fucked up. And intent.
If you think about it, Michael negotiating the reveal also partially explains why he didn’t go after Turner or Monte. You could say he’s trying to save face publicly so that he’s not called out as bad, while at the same time he’s following the production negotiated terms of the reveal because Michael is not stupid enough to make that blunder.
He was sandbagged by production the moment he decided to make the reveal. but likely would have only made it to 5th or 4th anyway by the edit he was getting. Michael in turn sandbagging Britt? She was part of the reveal and pushed for it as well. She got the original image fix moment with the ‘you know this season they aren’t doing the cookout, right Kyle?’ moment, and still pushed for the reveal, more likely because she was afraid the wall yellers were going to be just as unkind to Michael and Britt. The indoor people KNEW about the wall yellers.
The reveal caused a rewrite to storyline. Suddenly Monte and Turner are closer than they EVER were. Michael and Britt have signed their game death warrants for necessitating a storyline and edit change late in the game. Production has a plan. The ;actors’ have a choice, follow the plan or go their own way. If they go their own way, it doesn’t end well for them.

IF you are someone that believes unscripted but pre-planned reality entertainment not a gameshow: that’s how the events could be viewed.


I am a great fan of Michael, I have been since the early when he was out up on the block and knew he would have to fight every day like crazy to stay in the game. As a result, we saw intellect, physical skill and strategy that we have not seen since Janelle.

And what a crazy honor as a result of this, for Michael to have broken a 16 year record and is now an iconic BB legend! I stopped watching years ago but, by luck, turned it on this summer and it was so much fun to see him astonish and plow through week after week.

One thing sticks in my mind – Michael is brilliant and is an attorney and if something broke in his game, he would have to know the legality of it. So what you’re saying, although far fetched, helps fit this puzzle piece , namely, how Michael could possibly accept a broken rope during especially a quick double eviction.

OTOH he really fought at elimination to stay in the game and was furious when good old lying Turner betrayed him. So this goes counter to your theory. He did not just sit back and let it happen.

And yet, here he is, a super fan who is now a BB legend! I was happy to see him happy and content in jury. And, after all the Terrance grief, Terrance gave Michael a big hug and they laughed it out over Michael’s dramatic departure!

I guess there are certain thing we will never know..


Agree wholeheartedly. And very sad. You can look back at earlier seasons and tell they were unscripted. Now it’s all about wannabe actors/influencers doing what they are told so they can further their careers.


It is a little tinfoil hat. Bb does definitely try to manipulate the outcome but they can’t outright rig competitions (at least in the us, not sure about canada) as any contest of skill, intelligence, or chance is illegal to manipulate. Now bb is free to choose competitions where an outcome might be more likely. That untangle comp certainly seemed to favor shorter contestants and Michael was the tallest contestant remaining at that point, but comps aren’t rigged beyond choosing comps that play to skill sets though maybe they can get away with asking trivia that they know certain contestants have been studying wrong. I think the best example of a comp not being rigged though was kraytlin’s inability to solve a five piece puzzle in a ludicrously long time window that she was even given the solution to at the start of the competition, but that’s an example of the major way bb can manipulate the outcome, twists. That season they had a mechanic allowing a player to reenter the game. Kraytlin was drama and they wanted her back so they gave her a crazy easy competition through which to reenter which she failed. They could’ve made the comp harder with a shorter time window or the puzzle not assembled at the start or more pieces but they went with something that really should have been easy. And you see other twists have similar impact on the game. The festie besties twist really eliminated putting up pawns as a strategy which indirectly benefited Taylor. The split house twist accelerated leftovers demise. This season didn’t need many twists to steer. For seasons where bb went crazy with the steering, watch any that included pandora’s box

un autre nom

I think our perspectives are incongruous in this matter for one reason:
(If i may be so bold to presume, please don’t be offended, no offense is intended):
This is where you still think of it as a gameshow.
I don’t. I think of it as a reality entertainment program.
As a creature of pattern recognition:
For seasons now there is a particular storyline episode edit that follows the eventual winner from week one to the end. Storyline for episode edit knows to follow the eventual winner in the same edit season after season. How?
This season the leaving of Paloma shifted their original arc of a female winner. What was the first alliance introduced after Paloma left? Pos pack but attributed to Paloma as creator followed two episodes later by the pound. At that point, who was the watch your back pair first mentioned after Paloma left? I believe that was Monte and Kyle (but I just gave my Kyle theory above). What I don’t remember: who was the first hg after Paloma left to say in d/r that they were going to win bb. Who was the person after Paloma left that was given the edit that they were possibly in danger that week… but there was no danger (it was either Turner or Monte… but I only remember on feeds they were possible renoms, I don’t remember which in episode got the no real danger but edited as in danger spot).
These are the patterns that the edit follows every season. Admittedly Paloma leaving tossed the original 3 episodes out the window, but the rework as of episode 4 follows the same patterning.


Us law doesn’t make a game show distinction. It’s any “contest” period. Maybe cbs could make the argument contestants are paid performers like wwe does but I think they’d lose as contestant compensation is way below minimum wage and overtime laws. Ultimately I highly doubt cbs wants to even risk it, so the comps are very likely genuine

And your own theory shows production adjusting on the fly. Do they influence? Yes. He’ll, yes. Do they rig it? No

un autre nom

Contest. Gameshow. My point is it’s neither. The comps are a vehicle, not a contest. They are a vehicle to provide drama and gravitas to the plotline to turn a profit through ad block sales.
It’s an unscripted but plotted and storylined in advance reality entertainment program.
By my theory, the big object of the show is actually about paying non professional non actors union represented people less money to produce something that sucks in viewership enough that the company and network can earn enough sponsorship dollars to turn a profit while selling the viewers on the idea that hey look, a regular person can make some money. That’s why they have to make adjustments. If the fans react negatively enough to their storyline that it affects those sponsor ad dollars, and therefore profit, they’re making changes. If someone checks out of their contract? If the ‘actor’ fears the negative reaction enough, and can propose a solution with the writers and legal department? We can see plotline changes there too.
Three winners, two US and one Canadian have mentioned that the real game is being able to play up with and play along with the production team interactively in order to get that ‘signing bonus’ money to become a brand ambassador (winner?) of a season.

Captain Kirk

“If I sound like I believe the show is more of an unscripted but pre-planned investment, that’s because I do believe that it’s reality entertainment programming and not a gameshow”

Not sure “reality entertainment” would be “unscripted” if the outcome is already determined (maybe I misread your comment).

But, nonetheless, the idea of enticing a group of contestants with a cash prize, giving an aura of hope to those who decide to engage and participate, seems on the surface
shady, misleading, deceptive in practice, and actionable in s court of law.

Again, I believe that in prior post you
noted that those behind the scene had made a delineation and distinction between “game show” and “reality entertainment”. I’m not sure such accommodation (in order to manipulate the outcome) would hold water in a court of law.

But, who knows. If contestants are given disclosures, and are asked to sign releases, and after all of that, they still are willing to submit themselves to this s*t, then to each his own.

un autre nom

A “game show” in which selected contestants (vs. members of the
public) participate is governed by Section 509 of Title 47 of the
United States Code (USC), and regulated by the Department of Justice.
However ”Big Brother” does not appear to meet the definition of a
“game show.” Rather, it is a ”for entertainment only” program,
somewhat similar to professional wrestling in that it is a
pseudo-contest in which the outcome is fully, or in some measure,

That was the determination of the FCC. I had to go back a few years to find the original post i wrote to see if i had the original inquiry number, I didn’t.


“Taylor-made BB Winners” are an unfortunate by-product of multimedia mega-merger monopolies for Paramount(CBS) National Entertainment Global NBC(Bravo)Universal and DisneyMarvelLucasFilmPixar(ABC)where Newrooms and Billionaire Ad Buyers generate their version of Reality Entertainment to achieve desired Engagement Purchase Responses by the general public.

Streaming subscriptions, confidence games and embedded marketing are their majors and starry-eyed MLM addiction, so Turner, Monte and Taylor vow to each other and “Followers” they’ll take a big bite of click-bait stardom wealth by taking over as Studio Heads after a brief stint as CBS game show contestants then Jeff, Julie & TJ’s replacements. The #BB24 Casting Directors & DR Handlers should cast themselves to play #BB25. THAT would be karma.


I remember when I considered Rummy an Old Person’s game 🙂


Funny one, they seem to love it. Boredom wins out.


Wouldn’t it be in Monte’s best interest to let Turner win? The reason I say this is because if Monte wins, he will have to betray one of them and losing a jury vote in the process.


No, it will not change jury votes because the jury likes Monte way more than Turner. Many see Turner as a chronic liar, which he is.

Captain Kirk

Ah, now Monte wearing his “hoodie” inside the “house”…..

May suggest just another visual affirmation of hoodlums in the house…..


Um, Michael constantly wore his hoodie and is anything but a hoodlum!

The Kats Meow

Why do I suspect you’re wearing a white hoodie?

Captain Kirk

Now now now….let’s be niiiiice…lol


Are you over eighty years old? Persnickety comment.

Captain Kirk

LOL…..HARD-LY….lol 🙂

Backseat Driver

My last post..I’m headed to the tip jar—thank you Simon and Dawg for keeping us informed!
I am not a “prude” or a hater…..I think this game is difficult, more than any of us watching from our comfy spots at home could know…… however I am so disappointed that Taylor turned to f**king Monte to further her game. He was a willing participant so I’m not giving him a free pass here. Women are strong….fierce….competitors….or at least we’re working on that….she is a disappointment.


Before Taylor used sex to get her closer to the money, I respected her. When I saw that maneuver, all respect went out the window.


My votes for AFP won’t go through. Am I only allowed to vote one time? I voted last night with 10 votes for one person.

No Name

You only have 10 votes per email address.In the past I recall you could vote once every day.


Thanks for the info, No Name. I was thinking I had 10 votes per day. Problem solved.

Captain Kirk

The real reason why voters have so many vote is to fabricate the illusion of a wider voter / viewer response.

In reality, the actual turnout is 1/10 of the total votes casts.


This year you only get ten votes total.


on twitter some say it is possible to vote numerous times by logging out and just logging back in with a made up new gmail by just entering it on proper line. Is that fake news or could it work that way??? anyone have s thought?

Captain Kirk



Poor Turner. What if Monte wins and takes Taylor?


Then he just lost $750,000.


First of all, there’s no poor Turner. He lied his way to where he is. Betrayed at least 2 promises, doesn’t deserve to even win 75K.

However if Monte is weak enough to take Taylor, Taylor wins BB.

Pat Fenton

I love the spoilers, have them every year and even for BBCAN. Let’s you know ahead of time what to expect when you watch the show. Thanks for all your time putting all this together for the fans it is appreciated big time.


Simon & Dawg, thanks for everything this season. I know you loved the chaos even though you had to put up with the Houseguests’ vampire-like schedule. I think you deserve a break so how about the both of you try to go on a vacation by becoming partners for the next season of Amazing Race (either the U.S. or Canadian version)


Apparently Monte literally thinks he was chosen by deity to be in the F2, for being such a good guy.

Cast out those baddies.

Idk if anyone is capable of having a more patriarchally punitive mindset than he does.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

stay salty.


You win #1 Misogynist of the Season here with no attempt at all to hide it. So threatened by women. Go chest thump in celebration.


All I am left with now is imagining how things would have been if Kyle had not foolishly made those racist comments.

Going through most likely scenarios, if Kyle had remained he would have lowered Monte’s odds of F2 to a degree. The impact would have been primarily dependent on winning some of the key HOHs or POVs over Monte.

I think Monte had the advantage there. I’m not clear on Kyle’s comp placements but it doesn’t seem likely he’d hold up to Monte in the mental components.

It seems by the time of Kylegate week, Monte was already really well positioned to make it to the end.

So this season’s game seems to boil down to one major factor.

Recall, many commenters were complaining that there was too much concern about Monte when he really did not seem to be great at comps and no clear indication he was throwing most of them. The LOs did seem to see him as an eventual threat, mostly in the back of their minds as they were too distracted by other happenings.

Well, it happened, as it usually does.

These alpha male types tend to pull it off in those final weeks of important comps, as long as they have laid low earlier in the season.

I’m not even sure that Monte intentionally or pointedly threw comps earlier on.

It’s more that when he really feels motivated and focused, he can pull it out and thrive under pressure.

Michael of course was also a threat of more urgency than Monte.

It’s one of those game confounds where these competitors are kept around to help their alliance, but then the timing becomes delayed for taking them out when it is still doable.

This compounds bc the game these days involves rhetoric and arbitrary criteria about dirty plays. So to go rouge or find others to join you in taking out the alphas once you are mostly down to the non-alliance floaters, then potentially creates a social game stain.

Last season with the mission loyalty of the Cookout, there was low chance of Xavier not making it to the end, and nil once it was down to just alliance members.

I will say that I was doubting Monte’s comp abilities through most of the season until he recently stepped up. He was a true sleeper of the season. There was no denying his physical potential, but he did not impress me as particularly intelligent. I think he has strong subset cognitive strengths that are well suited to the mental comps, in the visual-spatial/mathematical domain. I don’t think he’s nearly as sharp as Michael, Brit, Xavier, or actually much of last year’s Cookout.

I’m not sure what a HG can do to avoid this type of game trap where these type of players in one’s alliance stay around too long. For sure as a player I’d be talking to the HGs so as to uncover any non-apparent strengths and talents.

So, huge disappointment, FACTs.

I don’t think Turner deserves the win at all. He’s totally a follower. But I would rather he win than Monte. Monte’s personality traits are just too distasteful for me and it’s not like he was a master gamer.


I love Monte and Taylor!!!