Big Brother 24 Final Four Eviction

Almost done! This has been a fun ride no matter who wins out of Taylor, Monte or Turner I was thoroughly entertained this season. No Kraken this time.

The week was pretty simple. Taylor won head of household and nominates Turner and Brittany. Monte wins veto and will vote out Brittany.

Jury segment.

Joe gets the news about Taylor and Monte.

Final vote. Monte evicts Brittany.

The Cookout makes an appearance.

America’s Favorite player is getting more than just money.
The winner gets 50K and a cruise for two on the love boat..


Final 3 celebrate.

9:05pm feeds are blocked for part 1 of the 3 part HOH…
11:14pm Still nothing ..

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un autre nom

recap: blah blah blah what will Monte do?
They weren’t so slick. The God daughter excuse. It’s more looking for reason and control.
Taylor wants Britt to feel comfortable? Uhm. Okay.
Monte thinks Taylor is insensitive (more like Monte looking for reasons)
Turner asks about showmance. Does the final 2 still exist?
2 guys that said women should line up to leave week one are upset a woman spoke her mind. He thinks power trip…
ED. He’s going back to Daniel talks… that happened because M. set her up. I’m actually sick of his intolerance. Starting to hit my like hypersensitive bitch-boy more than Alpha bro.
EVICTION PRELUDE. Cookout prelude. ED. part of me doesn’t care at all what some of the Cookout think… The ones I Noped last year… that still stands.
Double. Terrance and Michael. Michael is surprising. Showing video.
Turner won his third HOH. Jasmine compliments Turner. Turner took no role in gbm.
They like the Leaving with no hugs from Terrance and love it more when it was Micheal.
Monte won over Britt by 9 seconds. Kyle is complimenting Monte. Britt uses veto on self.
Taylor was nom’d. Alyssa is pissed at Turner. He’s broken a promise.
Joseph finds out Taylor and Monte slept in HOH for 3 days. Shock face.
ED. Don’t believe the compliments and disses. It’s production fed like D/R. They’ve got to push drama. But they are promoting a Turner/Monte final 2. Nobody talking about Taylor’s game in a compliment clip.
Taylor’s Mom, grandmother. Monte Father. Turner Mother (?) Megan, Britt Stephan.
Everyone talks about fighting to the end.
They shared game. Turner made the moves though. Britt thinks they are comparable mentally, Turner is better physically. Monte is bullshitting. Turner has the stronger resume.
Britt would be easy to beat.
Britt: Love. Monte change the game. Increase probablility. 11/13 vs. 4/9 record. Fight for you.
Turner: Love. I’m loyal Britt isn’t. Bam.
Hugs and no scene.
Britt Julie talk.
Not in his favor to keep Britt. The Alyssa vote. She wanted to shake things up. Michael final 2. Michael was in the know, so what was his deal. The two were the bottom of the barrel. Being on the show was a dream. ED. Britt: actually trying not to spiral when she isn’t talking to Julie. You can see it.
Three Days to Finale.
Alliances. Loyalty… ED. they didn’t consider 2 of them full Cookout members and didn’t tell one of them the name of the alliance until week 5. and she’s talking about unity. mmhmm. revisionist history.
They don’t realize the leftovers was always a fake mission to cover for the Pound.
Kyle? Tiff’s not giving her Twitter opinions. Interesting.
Couch is rooting for Taylor and Turner…. kiss. of. death.
X? He’s rooting for Taylor.
Ky? Everyone has their qualities? Taking a stand… it was always FAKE.
Hey they did push the company line Production has been pushing with the edit and got the last 10 seconds of their fifteen minutes. COOKOUT PUSING TAYLOR? IS THAT WHY JURY VISIT NEVER MENTIONED HER GAME WHILE COMPLIMENTING MONTE AND TURNER?
Winner gets a cruise. Did covid teach them nothing? Kidding…?Maybe??
SEASON RECAP TOMORROW. PART ONE OF FINAL HOH. Probably happening tonight. Taylor sprays champagne everywhere. Has Taylor ever mopped this season?
Should have kept Britt, she’s used the mop. Turner doesn’t even know where it is.

BB24 WEEK 11.jpg

Why do the new COVID issue when we can arrange for an old classic: The Bermuda Triangle

un autre nom

Maybe the bermuda triangle took my ability to spell. I really should have looked down at what i was typing during commercials. Yeesh. Sorry about that.

The Kats Meow

Thank you for the episode recaps this season and always having a great read on things.


oof, that jury segment. turner botched his jury management so bad. lotta talk about voting for monte as winner, not much for the taylor simps.


We can only hope Turner gets no votes, he’s scum. Taylor sex trick might cost her BB. I would feel good Monte getting the check. They’re all essentially worthless but Monte is at least likeable.

Backseat Driver

Why is Turner “scum”? Sorry L C I don’t get that comment!


Because his game is full of lies. He promised Michael he woukd never sabotage a fellow lgbtq, and he did. He promised Alyssa he woukd not evict her, and he did. Lying chronically throughout the game when it served his best interest.


Wait, isn’t that the game?

Mo lissa

That’s called playing bb.

Christime Ahrens

Thus was a game they do that every season.


This seems a good time to review my prediction from August 19th “Monte for the win! Boot list: Kyle-Terrance-Alyssa-Taylor-Michael. Final 3 Brit-Monte-Turner – Final 2: Turner/Monte Votes for Monte 6 to 3”. And America’s Favourite Player is: Michael!


Julie: I need you to get a lot of rest. The live feeders: They have been getting a lot of that already 🙂 🙂


I was grinning from ear to ear while watching Brit’s interview. I love her fight and energy. So endearing. She apparently has a full life at home with her husband and friends.

She also looked wonderful.

Haters gonna hate, bug off!

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

are you her mom or something?


No substance, as usual.


I respect that you liked her, and I’m sure that she and Michael will talk things out and be friends.


It was never clear to me if Brit was just trying to get info for M that week when she went to Turner, or mostly just looking to set up her next step if M were to be evicted, or some level of active opportunism to have someone else take him out for her further down the line.

I suspect there were multiple elements, but given how she unraveled without him I do think that she really did want M in the game as long as possible as he was her emotional and social anchor.

I don’t think she ever truly turned on him, especially as she was always satisfied to just get second place.

I think M did end up getting paranoid and fully believing what Turner and Monte were spinning about her.

That to me was a flaw in his game. To not work to extract the actual truth.

But I can see Brit and N talk it out as that sort of misinterpretation on both their parts.

Brit also should have been communicating better with him that week. Maybe she had some guilt bc she knew it would be hard for M to comp beast to the end at that point.

No Name

I don’t think Michael ever though Britt turned on him,he was just doing anything he could to stay over her.


Yes, she did turn on him. She spoke with Monte the prior week about getting Michael out.


She actually did turn on him, Michael was accurate in realizing Brittany was talking into Monte’s ear about evicting Michael.


We’re not haters — don’t throw that word around. We have opinions, we criticize, we make negative comments…is that o.k. with you ? If not stay away from these threads.


Oh please.

Some of the comments here against her are full of vitriol.

Don’t like that I said that? Then follow the prompt and bug off.


Eat shyt. They can use whatever word they want. You want to eliminate usage of a word? How about you fight to remove RACIST or KAREN or DOUCHECANOE. Yet you fight about the word… hater…. lol d’oh.


America’s Favorite Houseguest vote is open Now! Only 10 votes per email

It's me

Michael still bitter!

Didn’t really care about the Cookouts thoughts.


i thought it was interesting when it was said they stayed together due to uniting under a common goal then said the leftovers formed to stand up to bullying (bit of a stretch). interesting because the leftovers basically crumbled when taylor refused to nominate the biggest bully in the house.


What’s the difference between the cookout and what Kyle said? Quite the double standard is what I’m seeing!


Last year was the first year ever that a poc actually had a chance to win. Big brother had to put more poc in the house in order for a black person to win. So hell yeah the cookout TOOK advantage of something they were denied for 21 or 22 seasons. I’m all for it ! And by the way, a Person of color will WIN again this year. Thank you Monte for taking Taylor to the end. They are sticking together like the whites have done ever other season in the past

The Beef

Actually didn’t Azah say the Leftovers “formed to benefit Taylor” and then fell apart when “everybody started going after their own agenda” or something to that effect? Has she even been watching the show as a casual viewer this season, much less an informed former player?

I found the whole Cookout segment amusing, especially Hannah’s part where she said the whole thing was based on “unity, love and” whatever the third one was she said their mission was. Let’s be clear, their mission was to have a black winner of Big Brother, and they were all scared shitless if they broke from the group and tried to do it differently, they would be castigated as traitors to that cause by the outside world, so they stuck together.

Now they’re seen as the best alliance ever by many, but the white guy who questioned whether or not it may be happening again this season is called out in front of the house and summarily evicted for his bias and prejudice just for raising that question! Isn’t it ironic Kyle is ejected from the game for THAT, while the Cookout is brought back as conquering HERO’S just before finale night and loudly applauded? What the actual Hell is going on here? Can the standard be more warped than that?


Oh shut up! It’s our time and yall just mad. And by the way another BLACK person will win this year!


also michael didn’t seem that bitter. he indicated he viewed his eviction as monte’s move, indicating he’d vote monte, and disparaged turner not owning the move in his good-bye message. seeing the jury’s reaction to his exit, i think it might have been a play to look good to them to be more easily able to encourage them to vote brittany.


Nah, in a post interview interview Michael said he loves drama, thus explaining his iconic exit.


Why do you say Michael is bitter? He was never bitter and didn’t look that way at all.

It's me

His face said it all.


Cookout not loving Monte. They totally avoided any mention. I imagine they’ve discussed what a poor representation he is.


they seemed to be following twitter moreso than watching the show. taylor’s done next to nothing and they should know that an underdog story means squat to a jury.


They are independent thinkers with solid cores. But you can think what you wish.


You forgot that she had sex with Monte. That will be her BB claim to fame and the sex might have earned her 750K!


I dunno, they seem to like her. Now once they learn she sold herself for the 750K they might change their minds,


their seeming to like her implies they’re listening to twitter. cuz there’s no one likeable in the house atm.

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

its a game not a cause. keep crying.


We cheer the progress that marches on, leaving behind those who are bitter.


Taylor’s the worst of all to represent them and she’ll win BB!


I wish you’d stop slut shaming her. She has a lot of value and far superior to Monte.


i used to like and respect Taylor. Then when she realized sex was the only thing left to keep her from being evicted by Monte, I saw her for what she really is. 750K is a lot of money and Taylor used the only thing she had. Maybe you think that’s good game play..


Good gosh, can’t she just be horny? I mean women have needs too, not just men. If she were just having sex with Monte so he wouldn’t vote her out, wouldn’t she kick him to the curb and not sleep with him again once she was HOH? Did she do that? No. Monte sucks, he’s the one bashing her to turner and stating he had needs that he needed satisfied, and Taylor was not someone he could see himself with. He was looking for any little thing to pounce on to distance himself from Taylor, and decided to take that comment about his goddaughter (which was ridiculous and overblown) and run with it as the excuse to cut ties. It’s funny how he keeps going back when he’s horny though, what a stand up dude. Look, I hate that Taylor slept with Monte, she deserves better. I can understand that she has been on an emotional rollercoaster since week one, she had real feelings for Joseph and then the Dyrefest people came in and told her all this BS about him not liking her, she was devastated, hurt and felt betrayed, I can understand that she felt vulnerable and when Monte showed interest, she showed interest back. She’s been talking about how horny she was for weeks, she also stated early on that Monte looked like her ex, so I can forgive her moment of weakness and her succumbing to her desires. You didn’t see Taylor going around and bashing Monte afterwards, but Monte felt he could bash Taylor, it’s just so gross on his part. F him, I do not want him to win. I’d rather Turner or Taylor win over him.

Mo lissa

She was hateful and mean to monte! If anyone had done that to Taylor?? I was team Taylor until that HOH scene. She is a mean girl. And why can Monte not be “horney” but Taylor can?


Because Monte is an asshole bashing her afterwards, didn’t you read what I wrote

Mo lissa

?????? she is hateful and FULL of herself!! Literally the ones that brought her in to their alliance to protect her…she bangs monte, tells him to vote out his final two for the other hateful girl that called Kyle racist and then pledges her loyalty to Brittney?? Hahahahahahahaha…monte finally woke up and realized she is what the other guests saw in her from day one.


I don’t know much about the cookout because this is the first season I’ve watched in ten years when I saw Michael would salvage a Ho hum show. But from what I’ve read, they sound like reverse racism.


Reverse racism isn’t a thing.

It’s not hard to educate oneself on these matters.

Same goes with slut shaming and misogyny. The info is out there if people want to make the effort to learn.

The Beef

You’re right. It’s just straight up racism. Discriminating against someone on the basis of their race is what it is, no matter the color of the person doing it. No reason to say reverse.


So, does this mean Brittany will remain childless?


Brittany is smart enough to know about adoption! It was a ploy.

Mo lissa

Worst reasoning ever

Don't Shoot the Messenger

Hopefully. hehe…

Turner or Monte Win this season to save the season

thank lord she’s out


Apparently Monte overreacted to Taylor’s comment about his goddaughter. That was totally benign and something that many other couples would have laughed about. It was strictly a wry observation on their circumstances.

That is incredibly low of him to weaponize the bullying narrative to tell her she is known to rub people the wrong way.

Classic gaslighting.

I can understand why the headphones thing could be off-putting, but I did not need Taylor’s explanation to realize she felt uncomfortable with the dynamic once Brit walked into the room.

There is also the issue that Monte is very dominating and assuming on ownership of space, person and property. Taylor seemed to also be reacting to that. She did not care for his Beyonce comment as if it belongs to him.

They’ve been together all of a few days and he’s already acting like it’s his lion’s den.

Turner was fanning those flames bc of course he wants strife between Monte and Taylor.


I loved that production showed it the way it happened and made Monte look like the petty person he is. There wasn’t one bit positive concerning him. Then combine that with what the cookout apparently thought of him and maybe the casual viewer has a more accurate view of him. It was stupid to make a big deal about an innocent remark by Taylor and who needs headphones when he was snoring so loud he couldn’t hear the music anyway. Besides, they were Taylor’s.


Chances are that they are filming the retrospective part of tomorrow’s episode now so the feed will be down for hours

un autre nom

Last season the feeds returned somewhere between 145 and 230 am eastern time (so between 1045 and 1130 on the west coast), and the memory lane crap as well as part one of HOH was finished.
Gee, one of the final three doesn’t view his dirty game as dirty, and only has a reaction when someone calls him out on his shit. The second only owns what other people did when he instigated shit, but doesn’t own the instigation. The third spent about three weeks straight in bed and barely had indepth conversations with half the cast.
Memory Lane? It’s all going to be new to them.


HA! AN – you made you laugh out loud on that one (but soooooooooooo true lol).


This has actually been a good season TBH. It always gets like almost every season, SLOW but it’s okay. I’m team Double T both kinda equally I go back and fourth.

Monte was growing on me. I was even starting to root for him a bit but then didn’t take the shot! Good or bad for his game we will see. But damn I wanted him to take the shot and I would have bet on Monte for 1st all the way!

The whole T and M convo was weird vibes. Made me realize why looking back he was one of the players I kinda wanted to see go the first few weeks. Just bad vibes. AND DIDN’T TAKE THE SHOT! If your going to be an a hole own it and be an a hole.

Really thought B could have pulled an out of the blue winner. And if she could have mad respect. Her fight and logic. Is so that. I kinda enjoyed B out side of Michael.

I really thought, without reading feeds and stuff it would be Brittany, Monte, Taylor. But my guy Turner got out of line of fire and so has Taylor so I’m TEAM DOUBLE T!

It's me

Let’s Face It, Joseph is HAPPY Taylor is with Monte. He never was interested in her. That was part of CBS productions script. Even at Joseph’s exit interview, Julie asked, will you and Taylor hook up? Joseph said cringingly “I hope she reaches out to me”. Meaning, I am NOT reaching out yo her !


I’m tired of this show being about race it use to be fun to watch now I’m just disgusted with it . There’s enough black and white stuff in this world now which is bs , I want to set down and enjoy a show just for the fun of it but we can’t do that anymore. I’m seventy-one been watching BB sense it came in and now I don’t get through half the season and I stop watching it because it’s not fun anymore.


I agree, Dawn and maybe it’s our age & what we have seen & experienced in our 71 years. BB used to be my favorite reality show, but I have to say that I almost didn’t even watch last night. I recorded it because I had other things to do & almost deleted it. I don’t want a fun show to become a chore to watch. The retrospective tonight, nope not gonna.