Monte plans to nominate Jason & Kryssie with Shelby as the replacement nom.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-09-30 23-18-46-361

7:10pm Shelby and Monte are in the HOH room talking. Shelby – you just got chosen by luck. Monte – I can tell that people already felt threatened or feel nervous around me. Which makes me think that people might be targeting me after this week. Which makes me nervous. Shelby – but you can also provide a huge asset if we have physical challenges. Monte – I could be a heck of an ally too. Shelby – we’re here but I get that you’re not the screw people over type. Monte – that’s what sucks for me is that I feel like that’s what people are going to think that’s what I’m doing. There are some people that I really like. And in my head I’m probably not going to put them up. I don’t think anyone had the balls to put anyone up. I feel like I took one for the team.

7:20pm Backyard – Shelby tells them her pick up like – Do you work out? How much can you bench? How much can you pick up and pin against the wall? Monte comes out and tells everyone .. don’t read into me bringing anyone up to the room. I’m just trying to talk to everyone one on one.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-09-30 23-20-09-333

Justin talks to Monte in the HOH room. Monte – I feel like I have a target on my back with some people. Justin – no. I think its really just to early to you know.. Monte – I got a good vibe with you. Even if I do feel good with someone I can’t tell people you’re safe, you know. Whoever does go up at least they can be like Monte gave me one on one time.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-09-30 23-31-45-216

7:30pm Monte tells Alex. – after the talk you me and Whitney had y’all should feel really good. Y’all are why I am up here. This week y’all are good. Alex – I talked to Whitney too and she said she really trusts you. Monte – I feel really good with Shane too. I’ve got a good thing with a few guys. I feel really good with Cornbread and Scott. Alex – I know we talked about targeting the really really loud people. Is that still your strategy? Monte – yeah. Jason was trying to get a read on me this morning. Jason told Scott that he told him he wanted me around because he felt I was a leader. He just wants me around as a bigger target. I don’t want to put him (Jason) up if he isn’t going to go. Alex – get out one of the big dogs now. Monte – lets say I put up Jason and Kryssie. Alex – I don’t think Kryssie can win comps. Monte – mental comps though. Monte – me and Shane have each other’s backs. Alex – Shane and Danielle are going to be a power couple. Monte – I hate to put up Kryssie because I like her. Alex – America wants a big move. Monte – I am thinking Jason. Alex – if you actually want to win this game.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-09-30 23-33-56-422

Scott talks to himself in the bedroom and says he tried to get Monte to take out Morgan but he wasn’t receptive to it. Even though it would be better to take out a girl this week. We’ll see though, things change on the dime in here.

8:30pm Backyard – Shelby talks to Jason. Jason I wanted to go up there and talk to him alone. Shelby – do you know who you were going to tell him. Jason – I was going to say that Cornbread makes me nervous.

11pm HOH room – Cornbread and Monte. Monte – I am probably going to put up Kryssie and Jason. Monte – my goal this week is to get Jason out. If I can get y’all to say you would vote him out. I would put him up. I want to start getting people behind my back. I told them I’m going after a big player. Kryssie talks with Montey. Then Morgan talks to Monte. Monte – you’re save, Whitney, Alex and Shane are safe. Monte asks if I put up Jason I need you to vote him out. Morgan – you have my word. Monte – he’s a second year vet and he hasn’t really tried to connect with me.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-09-30 23-59-29-373

Monte plans to nominate Jason and Kryssie with Shelby as the replacement nominee if one of them comes down.

12am – 12:45am Monte talks to Whitney. Monte explains why he is going after Jason and if he doesn’t take him out now he knows he will come after him. Whitney – just because you put someone up they still have the chance to play in the veto. Monte tells Shane and Whitney all you need after this week are 5 votes. We could ride this pretty far. Monte gets their opinion on the order of hows safe. Monte tell Shane that he thinks they would keep Shane and Scott close.

1am Whitney asks what do you think about Neeley? Shane and Monete say she is good. Whitney leaves. Monte says he’s worried about Justin.. he’s going to come out with some massive scheme. Shane – I like Jason. Monte – I do too. If Jason wasn’t a vet I wouldn’t put him up. Justin scares me a little bit. There has to be more to him than he’s playing. He’s smarter than he’s playing. Cornbread and Scott have our backs. Shane agrees that Cornbread is good. Monte – so we basically have two alliances. We might have to make a choice at some point. Whitney, Alex, Morgan… Or Cornbread & Scott. Shane – lets not think about that now.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-01 06-14-34-652

1:25am – 2am In the bedroom – Cornbread is reading the bible. Monte tells Cornbread that as long as Jason doesn’t win the POV he is going home. I’ll be playing in it so I’ll make sure he doesn’t. He blatantly said I was one of his targets and how he would keep me here as a bigger target. Monte – I think we’ve got a good group and we have Whitney and Alex too. Monte leaves. Cornbread continue to read the bible.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-01 06-19-54-477

2am Justin is lighting weights. Most of the house guests are in the hot tub laughing and joking around. The conversation turns to talking about “pu$$$y pumps”. Shane explains how it works and what it does. Shane – if you squirt or piss on me it’s okay. Its all wet. Kryssi talks about her vibrator. Its the best one out there. Its the one you see in all the p*rn*s. Kryssie talks about her threes0me.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-01 06-25-28-287

2:45am – 2:53am Alex and Whitney are talking in the bathroom. Alex – Jason was bashing me and you. Whitney – I’ll fake a smile in front of him but now he’s dead to me. Alex – I hadn’t even had a chance to talk to him so don’t judge me. Alex – if we want to keep Monte and Shane stressed I say we don’t tell them we’re in with Shelby. I don’t want to go talk to them and then them find out we were tight with them. Whitney – I’m curious to see what happens. Alex – if he (Jason) wins the veto, then Kryssie will definitely go home. I don’t think Monte will screw us over because of the whole HOH thing. …we gave it to him. Morgan joins them. Whitney – they pretty much told me he (Jason) was talking sh*t about me. He gave me the crabs and I pretty much asked them why and they said yeah he doesn’t like you.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-01 06-41-11-571

In the bedroom – the girls are sleeping and Cornbread is snoring up a storm.

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I can’t wait to see how our votes can shake up the game. I wonder when are they going to announce the third nominee to the HG’s. I’m assuming it’s at the same time as the other nominees before the veto comp, but it may not be until after. It could make people reevaluate who to vote out, and possibly save Jason, but we’ll see.

Right now Monte has the house locked up, but once America votes him as a have not next week and puts him on the block, he’s going to wish he had worked with Jason.


Oh no we don’t want Jason gone. Do we get to vote?


Monte is making himself a target…. Smh like “he is king of anything” he next to go!!!


Monte isn’t as smart as he “thinks”.he is. Have not chosen my faves yet but, a few are starting to get on my “get em’ out of there” list. Still liking this show a lot.

Senior crabs

The “get out” list will contain the same people as every other season… The people that are better looking and more popular than you.


I have not seen this program, and I will not be watching it. I have enjoyed the Big Brother broadcasts on tv. This venue does not interest me. Because it seems more like a marketing experiment to me by the show’s producers, I am just not interested. From the desert wasteland of comments, this seems to be true for other fans. Sorry Dawg.


Oh, I forgot to add that I thought that Frankie would be my least favorite ever, I was wrong. Jozea is my least favorite ever. Perhaps ever, anywhere, any place or time. Just saying.


I would love if they at least did broadcast shows with overviews – not necessary that it has to be done the same exact way just not having to search through the feeds to find out what’s going on. Going to have to rely on bigbrotheronline 100% for this – which sucks even though I love you guys that dedicate all this time for us but I love reading about the spoilers AFTER I’ve seen the episode :-). This is not catered to us on the East coast – that’s for sure.


Nearly fell out of my chair when it dawned on me that I’m reading 1 on 1s with the HOH.