Monte “I’m tired of him down grading women. I’ve got two sisters. F**K HIM!”

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-05 23-30-02-812


11:30pm After Alex wins Monte crowns her. Monte tells Alex congratulations! That was huge. I was nervous there for awhile, I thought Justin was going to get it. Danielle is up. Alex – she is done! Monte – her and Justin are UP! Alex – I’m so glad the head of household is mine!! That was literally my motivation. Big Brother blocks the feeds and then opens the door to let the house guests back in the house.

11:32pm In the bathroom – Justin congratulates Alex on winning. Justin leaves. Jason congratulates her. Alex – thanks, I hope my boyfriend is proud of me. I was thinking of him the whole time. Jason leaves. Shelby talks to Alex. Shelby asks if Alex made a deal with Neeley. Alex – I didn’t make a deal with her. She just said she would keep me safe if she won. Shelby – are you going to keep her safe? Alex – yeah. I’ve got bigger fish to fry! Morgan joins them. Alex asks are you proud of me? Then hug. Morgan jumps around all happy. Shelby – I don’t care about being secretive about it…. the lines are drawn. I don’t care. Monte – we need to. Power can change like this in this game. Screw all of them in there. They were so obvious they wanted Justin to win. I wanted to tell Justin to shut the hell up. Morgan – that’s what you get for dancing around. Monte – I freakin hate him. I want to see him out of this game. I’ve had enough. I’m tired of him down grading women. I’ve got two sisters. F**K HIM! Shelby – did you hear the b***h sucked my d**k story. Shut your f**king mouth! Neeley and Kryssie join them. Alex tells Neeley she is safe this week.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-05 23-46-11-550

11:35pm Storage room – Jason, Justin and Scott. Jason – its going to be us again. I’m cool with her but I know she’s going to do what the other girls want and what Monte wants to do.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-05 23-38-54-149

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11:40pm – 11:50pm Storage room – Shelby and Alex do a happy dance and Alex sings “THEY ARE SCREWED! THEY ARE SCREWED! THEY ARE SCREWED! THEY ARE SCREWED! THEY ARE SCREWED! THEY ARE SCREWED! THEY ARE SO SCREWED!! Like they are literally so screwed. They can come talk to me all they want but… Shelby – Neeley didn’t take the deal. She didn’t drop. Alex – she didn’t take the deal. She gets one night up there. Shelby – it will be so interesting to see how loyal Scott gets after this. Alex – I was listening to hear who people were cheering for. Shelby – you don’t have to let me sleep up there but I want to be up there .. I don’t even like anyone else in this house. Alex – you can sleep up there. Shelby – thanks, you were a beast!!! I’m excited for people to be nice to us. Shane was one of the first people to drop. Alex – I know.. he is obviously not that big of a threat. Shelby – GOD YOU ARE SUCH A F**KING BEAST!!! You have to tell her (Neeley) she didn’t take the deal. Alex – I will. I don’t even want to go talk to these people. Shelby – worst case is if America puts one of us up as America’s nom. Alex – please do not put Shelby, Morgan or Whitney! Shelby – Scott will vote with us I think. He told me he wants us. He is playing both sides. Right now you’ve got 5 votes. Alex – I think I can get Kryssie and Neeley to vote with us too. Shelby – at least half the stuff that Jason was yelling out I was whispering to him. Whitney joins them. Alex – please America don’t nominate one of us. We can KILL THIS GAME!! Whitney – Neeley is for us girls running this game.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-05 23-55-58-734

12:10am Storage room – Scott congratulates Alex. Scott – you can’t give her (Neeley) one of your nominations. Alex – no, she didn’t take the deal. Scott – good. Alex – That was a freaking good deal. Scott – it doesn’t even matter if America puts one of us up. We have the votes. Alex – so you’re voting with us? Scott – yes, I’m doing whatever you guys want. We have 5 of the 4 votes. Whoever you want out, we will get out. They high five. Scott – all you need is me, Monte and the three girls. The second person to win HOH has never won the game. They also say the first person to walk into the house never wins. I was the first person in the house. Curse breakers! Alex – no one cheered for Neeley until after Justin dropped which tells me she is at the bottom of the totem pole. I’m not here to float through the game. I’m here to make big moves. Scott – I’m just so proud of you.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-06 00-22-06-698

In the bathroom – Justin – I need to win the veto because I know they’re coming for me.

Storage room – Scott tells Monte – I’ve already run the numbers we can get out whoever we want this week. We have the numbers. Monte – its over! Scott – did you notice how I was cheering for Justin? Monte – yeah.. I was like dude you flippin? Scott – no, just in case Alex lost. I didn’t want her to get f**ked. But of my god! It’s so f**king good. I love this game! I’m willing to do whatever Alex wants. They leave the room.

12:15am – 12:30am Bedroom – Monte, Whitney, Shelby and Morgan are talking. Alex – Shane was eaves dropping on us. Monte – I don’t trust Shane. Alex – that group.. Danielle, Shane, Justin are the targets. I don’t know who in the group but the three need to be worried. Monte I hope all three get put up. Alex – can we start begging? (for America to put one of the three up.) Monte – Danielle is so conceited. I don’t find her attractive at all. Monte – I’m about to win that POV. If I’m in it I’m going to win it. Alex – we need to do this to turn this game around. Monte – Neeley likes me. Me and Morgan will work on Neeley. America thinks I’m the biggest genius right now. Justin and I are polar opposites. You can fool the girls but you can’t fool me. You’re playing a game .. running around listening and sh*t. He is the biggest brown noser. When I was HOH, he stole my jerky. I hated Justin the moment I started talking to him. Shane is feeling safe just because he talks to me. We have to be careful of Scott, I don’t trust him.
Alex – my gut instinct is to put up Shane and Danielle. Monte – Let America put up Danielle. They tell him America won’t do that. Monte – we could have gotten Danielle out.

Big-Brother-18- 2016-10-06 00-30-30-960

12:50am – 1am Scott explains to Shelby how they have the votes. Shelby – if you flip… Scott – I’m not flipping on you or Alex. Scott – we just have to make sure she doesn’t put up a big threat and then she go out next week. I’m not down with that. Scott – this is a fun a$$ game! You’re going to be a havenot probably eat a lot tonight. (First HGs to drop out of the HOH Competition)

Shelby tells Monte about how Scott was telling her about Cornbread fingering her and calling her a b***h when she left the room the other night. I want to ask Alex why she didn’t tell me about it. I don’t know Scott is just trying to plant a seed. Monte – I don’t trust him. Monte – as long as she puts up two people from the other side. Not Kryssie. As long as its someone like Danielle and Jason. America will probably put one of us up.

1:30pm Alex is in the diary room. All the other house guests are laying around chatting and joking around.

2:15am Bedroom – Alex – I want the food and the bed .. everything else I don’t care about.

3am – 4:40am Lounge room – Danielle, Shane, Justin, Jason, Scott and Kryssie are hanging out chatting about random things.

Big-Brother-Over-The-Top- 2016-10-06 04-43-59-732
4:40am All the house guests are now sleeping..

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Well it seems nothing has changed in the BB house. I knew before the comp. started, Shane would not be the winner. When you’re the HOH you can’t hide which side of the house you’re with. He’s not ready to let Monte know that. Did you hear what Monte said, SHE’s up, meaning Danielle of course. He is tickled pink, all along he’s had the feeling “If I could just get rid of HER, he would come back to me. What does that sound like? Neely did a great job, I believe she shook her own concentration by talking, at least she took the comp seriously.


Neely should’ve taken that deal seriously

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I thought she should of taked the deal too.

Botox Pelosi

Who do you think she will nominate?

Dirty Harry Reid

She mentioned Shane as her target.


Yah but America will be putting up Monte or wouldn’t it be funny if Morgan was put up. hmmmm


So you want another derailed HOH where none of the HOHs noms go home? How many weeks in a row would you like to see this happen? Should they change the rules so that there are no more HOH comps?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I hope Monte gets put up too.


I’m thinking America’s care package should go to Justin or Neely. They really tried hard for this hoh!

America will keep favoring Jason with every vote and bully the Alex crew into submission

I am stunned beyond belief the level of nastiness and hatred out there for these 4 gorgeous girls who seem like decent gamers(particularly the sisters) who are trying to do well in the game, team up and play the game together…but just because they arent aligned with Americas pet Jason and his cool kid crew apparantly they need to be punished and crushed into submission and put on slop every week so that Jasons side just steamrolls everything in its path

Alex and Morgan have great potential and really deserve a bit more respect from fans who know the game…but I can see the sheep mentality of the watching public and that is the majority are going to hate on and bully these girls for simply having Monte as a number on their side and for not being among the cool kids Jason crew? Give me a break – just watch, every vote will favor Jason and those he is close to and punish those he is targeting…why? not because he is playing the best game, but because he is the most known player in there having already played a season on bb17(he played poorly lets be honest)…but because he is known, funny and popular, every single vote will go his way…so its a popularity contest fan vote bs for the entire 10 weeks…i see alot of people saying its a great season, which really surprises me…the entire format this season revolves around protecting and favoring jason and his crew, and its even more unfair than elissa getting mvp each week in bb15, because jason will get 4 different voting categories go his way each week

Alex winning HOH will be derailed with someone on her side – likely Monte(as Americas 3rd nom) – going home 5-4 unless Monte is taken off the block(if he is taken off the block, Alex breaks the tie in a 5-5 vote unless Scott again has no balls and screws them over again to make it 6-4 Monte leaves)…so Jasons side will likely continue to control the vote almost every week, even if they dont win HOH, which is completely and utterly ridiculous…its not Big Brother

Basically the winner of the HOH is almost meaningless now…if an HOH is someone on Jasons side they will have all 3 noms from the other side due to Americas nom and they send home whoever they like from the Alex side…and if an HOH is not someone on Jasons side, they will only be able to send home someone from Jasons side if Americas 3rd nom comes off the block…so the odds are high that week after week America will keep nominating someone who Jason is targeting as 3rd nom, and as Jasons side has the numbers with Americas extra vote, Jasons side dont even need to win HOH and they get to send home someone from the other side every week until there is none left

Even if say Whitney, Morgan, Scott, Morgan won the next 4 HOHs…that entire Alex crew could be evicted without the other side winning a single HOH…sorry Jason is an ok player and nice guy but you cant have the rules slanted in someones favor to this extent

Last week Cornbread went home on Montes HOH(they were aligned), this week there is a high chance of Monte going home on Alex HOH(they are aligned), next week Shelby could go home on a Whitney HOH(they are aligned), then Alex could go home on a Morgan HOH(they are sisters and aligned), then Whitney could go home on a Scott HOH(they are aligned), then Scott could go home on a Morgan HOH(they are aligned)…then its Morgan who cant play HOH, all by herself against Jason, his minions and America…so she is then likely evicted…whilst this scenario has a low chance of happening it shows just how easy Jasons side has it even if they dont win an HOH, with only a combined Alex crew HOH win – and – veto win result going against them being able to prevent them from getting their way each week

the veto result each week is way more important than it usually is – no matter who is HOH, if 3rd nom doesnt come off the block, the Alex crew is screwed every time

Every care package will go to the Jason crew

Every have not voted on will be to weaken the Alex crew

Every Americas 3rd nom will be to put one of the Alex crew on the block

Every Americas vote to evict will be to evict someone who Jason is targeting

Im sorry but this is a f-cking joke

Yeah thats right keep bullying the Alex crew America until you have curbstomped all the life out of this game so its just Jasons crew of 6 cool kid minions remaining…keep favoring the same side all the time, ensuring almost all unpredictability and shifts of power are crushed and dont happen…its almost like the majority of fans only care about Jason winning the season rather than the season being great in terms of people from both sides going home in a balanced way, a back and forth unpredictable battle, with both sides having a decent chance

the only thing that will save the season – Alex crew having a decent amount of weeks where they win both the HOH and win veto to take Americas 3rd nom off the block – if this does not happen, its a Jason crew whitewash with a procession of Alex crew member going home almost every week culminating in high percentage of Jason crew in final 6 and the most one sided boring predictable season alltime

Sorry I burst an eyeball on the 32nd paragraph.


I am honored you read my post 4 times. Hope your eye improves.

Franks fumes

Somebody’s been in their adderal stash.


I dont take drugs. If you do, I hope they help you.


America is only one collective vote. We didn’t send cornbread home, the majority of the house did by a vote of 9-1. Right now, with so many people in the house, our vote could be meaningless. So I disagree that winning hoh means nothing.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

I liked your post Anon.


Scott screwed the Alex side over the first vote. Now the numbers are such that from this point onwards for the Alex side, HOH loses alot of power with Jasons side so easily able to derail it – each week if the Alex side dont win HOH – and also – take off Americas 3rd nom(will always be from Alex crew) off the block, then they lose someone, even on their own HOH. So rendering an HOH win meaningless from their point of view if the veto result is not also in their favor.

Monte will probably be 3rd nom this week – if he is not taken off the block, by himself or Alex or someone from Alex crew if they are picked to play veto, then the Alex crew lose a number on their own HOH. This will continue to happen as Jasons crew will likely always be in the majority, with Americas vote always on their side.

It makes things so easy for Jasons side and so difficult for the Alex side to overcome, because America will continue to help Jason and co and screw over those not aligned with him. The plastics side would have to have a very good to outstanding comp season for even one of their crew to reach final 2, but then they would lose the public vote anyway to someone from Jasons team.

So its clear with all the vote twists, production has slanted things in Jasons sides favor to a ridiculous extent. When one of Jasons side win HOH they will never have to worry about their HOH being derailed as someone from the Alex side will always be 3rd nom until there are none of Alex side left.

I have to disagree with this post even though I understand the point you are trying to make. America is not blindly voting for Jason’s side because he has played Big Brother before. Cornbread said several things that made America not like him and that’s why he was voted as the third nom. Monte is extremely full of himself and that is why America wants him as the third nom this week. America is typically going to vote in favor of the people that entertain them the most as long as they don’t say a bunch of things that are extremely irritating or offensive because keeping people around who are boring is incredibly difficult to watch on live feeds. Currently, all the funny people happen to be on Jason’s side but we all know things change with time in the house and that may not always be the case. To say that Jason will run the game all the way until the end because of America’s vote is an extremely premature prediction.


no Jason may not be his crew as a whole will likely run the game this season due to how much they will be favored by the voting public, its much more likely than not that this will happen


the majority of voters, including former players, will vote for Jasons side of the house not because they are more entertaining, its because Jason has by far the biggest fan base of the players in the house


Wow! Can we get rid of the plastics please!?


You want all 4 of those girls gone? Like right now? Leaving only 8 people left in the house with 60 something days left?




So you would end the season 4 weeks early or bring in 4 extra players to replace the plastics?


I agree, get rid of the plastics. Monte is the one I would like to nominate as a fan. He thinks pretty highly of himself, and just watch him this week. He will be running the show again.


He drives me crazy. He never lets anyone barely get a sentence out when people are talking. He ALWAYS talks about me, me, me. Ugh. And if someone brings up a name he’s like “oh they like me”, “I’ll get them to do this or that”.

He really needs to be brought down a notch or two. His narcissism is truly annoying.


Why does Alex not like Danielle? I must’ve missed something! I can’t watch that much so for some reason I feel like I’m out of the loop.

Just My Opinion

I watch everyday, and I can not figure it out. I truly believe it’s the relationship with Shane, plus she’s gorgeous, you know how some girls are. Seems these very southern people are very uncomfortable.

lol what?

Why wouldn’t Alex (a superfan / strategist) want to break up a showmance and get rid of Danielle who is a physical threat ( she plays football) and strategist ( she flipped the house on CB)?

” You know how girls are” , … F#@k off NOOB!

And No, that’s not your opinion, it’s your idiocy and ignorance


Well said.


This is a better group of players than we’re used to. Danielle and Shane are a potential showmance, and Alex and others want to squash it. Good basic BB play . The key player this week is Scott, the scurrying rat. Viewers will probably put up Monte, who will need to win POV. If he doesn’t, Scott’s vote will determine who goes out. Scott’s Rat Game could end already, as he has to pick a side. His only hope to continue ratting is for Monte to win POV.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Scott reminds me of Andy from BB15.


Scott is an Andy wannabee, but the scurrying rat game is very difficult. I don’t know if he is clever enough. Also, if he succeeds, the people on here will hate him. They hate smart players.


People on here hate smart players? wtf?

Pure Jealousy

She has no reason AT ALL to not like Danelle. She’s been talking sh!t about her and plotting against her since day 1. We know what it is. They just don’t want to hear it.

Uncle Teddy

I’m voting Morgan, Shelby and Whitney for have nots


I’m voting monte and Whitney. Those are the only two people I don’t like.


Thats it Uncle in the above post and Anon in the post below it, put them on slop every week until they get booted out of the house, that will teach them – how dare they not align with Jason and kiss his ass, right?


Hmmm, I just read my post back and I’m trying to figure out exactly how you came to the conclusion that I’m a “Jason fan”? I simply do not like Monte, he’s way too full of himself. In fact, he reminds me of Paulie. So yes, I’ll be voting Monte to be a have not and OTB till he’s gone. Sorry but that has absolutely zero to do with Jason or anyone else.

I also don’t care for Whitney. I just simply do not like her, haven’t since day 1. Are we not allowed to dislike a player because you like them?? Does that somehow make me a Jason fan? What a silly assumption.


Youre probably more of a Jasons cool kids group fan rather than Jason himself.


Lol I get it, you don’t like Jason but you think all of America does. I couldn’t stand Jason on his last season. He is much better this time around, however I haven’t been able to pick a player I want to see win yet. It’s way too early in the game.

The only thing I have determined are the players that annoy me to no end and cause me to switch cameras when they are on: Monte and Whitney. Everyone else I like so far. You need to stop projecting your Jason obsession onto everyone else. Sorry but he’s not my fav, I don’t even have a favorite at this time.


Almost everyone likes Jason, including myself. Nowhere did I say I dont like him. I just see an overwhelming amount of people on social media wanting every vote to go Jason sides way, or against those his side is not aligned with, including have nots. The amount of twists there are, if the majority of voters favor one side all the time its going to make for a boring season. I would like voters to at least consider voting to favor both sides of the house in the various votes for the sake of the quality of the season.

Dirty Harry Reid

There are some mean girls in the house but they do have game.


Alex doesn’t care for Danielle because she is always wanting to be tbe center of each conversation and makes it about herself (true) and never listens to others, plus she knows that she is running the other side of the house. As a true BB fan, she wants to end the showmance (yeah). Sorry but Danielle & Kryssie grate on ears–and yes Shelby sounds soooo much like Liz & Julia, same voice and expressions

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Her running the other side puts a huge target on her.

Franks fumes

Can’t stand Monte he is this seasons fun sucker……hope hes nominated by us and sent home before he sucks more fun outta this season.

White Iverson

Can someone direct me to the Youtube vids please!!!!


We’re not posting videos 🙁 CBS all access has them 🙂

Jake K.

Love Shelby, but her spilling the beans about Scott’s mistrustful actions right before the eviction may come back to bite the Plastics in the a$$


Super-happy that Alex won. She deserves it and i’m voting juatin as a have not. Can’t stand him, danielle and shane.


I was happy to see Alex win. She’s a early favorite.


I can’t wait to see Mr. Protein (Monte) on slop. Danielle too.
I love this season.

Morgan and Alex fan club

Simon thanks for sticking up for the plastics! I am in love with these 2 hot blonde gamer girls! Loved the hinkey vote from Alex and endurance HOH win. Just need them to win veto though to make sure they have the numbers to send their target home.

Some more fan club pics of them nat nat style by the pool would be great haha.

Your coverage is greatly appreciated.


I am gathering from Twitter that the consensus is to nominate Morgan, and Monte, Morgan, and Whitney for Have-Not.

I do think it would be pretty hilarious if Morgan goes home on Alex’s HoH. Considering Alex said she would have no problem turning on her sister, this is even better- gets rid of her without it really being on her. Then Alex can run the game without fear of exposing the secret, and America sends a message to Monte (who will probably not even remotely understand it), and Scott at the same time…

This is by far a better season than BB18.


Alex cant run the game if America keeps nominating and evicting her allies. The contingent of Alex fans who may dislike some or all of her allies need to smarten up if they want to see her do well.


The consensus on twitter? I am hoping people are voting based on what they would like to see happen rather than blindly following what twitter tells them to do.

Does anyone know if the same people are allowed to be have nots every week? If so its going to be the same people every week, losing alot of weight by seasons end. Or is it like the 3rd nominee where it cant be the same person in successive weeks?


Done hate because we’re beautiful.

Liz & Julia

We knoooow!


Serioulsly guys stop being bitter. I understand voting out Cornbread but now all this hate on Alex, Morgan and Whitney? Remember it’s a game and no one said anything hurtful. So, emotions aside, vote for who really deserves to be a have not and for who deserves to be nominated.


I don’t get the hate for the plastics. I like them.


I like them too. I am enjoying this season. Thanks Simon and Dawg for the updates. Love your site.


You’re welcome.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Haters going to hate Simon.


Morgan has said pretty rude comments about Danielle being a single mother. I like Alex, and even Shelby. I just like to watch the underdog come out ahead. After watching Justin in the comp last night, I am kind of irked at his antics. He does not seem to be taking this seriously. If I was in a fake alliance and watched him doing the tootsie roll during a precarious competition…. nope!

The plastics have had it out for Danielle before she flipped the whole house. Her showmance is short lived…. but all I am saying is lets put what both sisters said in the DR session to the test. Sisters are more threatening in the overall game than the current showmance!


I am not hating las Plasticas. I, like others, am hating Monte. They are allied with him, and will do his bidding. Alex is an interesting player, but until Monte is gone, I will be against her. No hate. Fair enough?


Guilt by association is what is wrong with the world today. I think the girls are smart enough to be using Monte.


I hope you’re right. I’m just biased against stupid alpha men.


The hate coming from the small group of fans on twitter against The Plastics is hypocritical and ridiculous. Alex, Shelby, Morgan & Whitney have not done anything bad. Just because they are not aligned with the twitter fan’s favorites, people are being catty and bitchy against them. I avoid twitter much these days, the loathing & bitterness against houseguests is boring to read. This season is very excitng go me, two sides at war. Loved that Alex through a hinkey vote. Made the game extra fun!! Enjoying this season big time! Thanks Simon & Dawg for providing an outlet for us fans 🙂


There’s 4 STRONG/Smart/Strategic women in the game that are joining up. Not sucking onto a guy and are all hotties to boot!

I’m loving the other side as well! It’s been fun and I’m thinking of increasing how much I watch.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

I agree Nikki and Simon. This season is looking good.


I absolutely love them! I was shocked to see so many people on here against them. Blows my mind. It makes me wonder about BB fans. Are you a true fan and like the game play? Or you just watch to judge people, people that you’re probably jealous of? It’s confusing. I’m a fan of real game play, strategic game play, ppl that are there to WIN!!!!!
As of right now, I really like; Alex, Shelby, Morgan, Monte, Neeley, and Scott. I don’t like Scott’s strategy, I hate the “rat” game. He needs to pick a side and stay! Then I’ll REALLY like him.
Justin………. I don’t understand why so many people like him. I watch him on the feeds too, but I don’t find him half as entertaining as everybody else. In fact, I think he’s vulgar and half the crap that comes out of his mouth is nasty.
Shane and Danielle are going to be a power couple, that’s why Alex and everybody else wants Danielle out. It’s smart to target Danielle. If they can get rid of her, Shane might(depends if he’s bitter or not) come back to their side. They also want Danielle out bc she’s running that side of the house. Initially Kryssie was going home…..then Danielle flipped the house to Cornbread. The last and final reason they want Danielle out is bc she’s conceited. Very conceited. She only talks about herself. Never asks anybody questions about themselves. It’s all about her, all the time.

Thanks Simon & Dawg for sticking with us this fall. Y’all deserve over time 🙂 I get paid this weekend I’ll donate:) And I’m ordering some stuff from Amazon tonight, I’ll use your link 🙂

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Two strong sides makes for a great game with hopefully several power shifts.


I don’t really like or dislike the so called plastics but I’m curious as to why you think someone would be “jealous” of someone on big brother? Jealous of what exactly?

I think it mainly has to do with Jason and/or underdog fans. You have Jason/Justin/kryssie side of the house vs. the “plastics”, so if you’re a fan of anyone on Jason’s side OR underdog fan, then your naturally going to root against Alex etc. I doubt anyone is “jealous” of any of them lmao.


All the twists are fan based…Jason has by far the biggest fan base…every voting twist will help him and those he is aligned with…he has the majority numbers now with America on his side…people are now fearful of targeting him due to this…please explain how Jason is an underdog? Its not possible to be any more of a favorite.


Hence the “Jason OR the underdog” sentence. No where did I state Jason is an underdog. I think Kryssie is absolutely an underdog. Probably the biggest of the cast. Some people will root for her simply because of that. And she is definitely on the “other side” of the house vs the plastics.


You said underdog fans would root against Alex? Alex and her side are the underdogs, being against the fan favorite Jason and his team. Krissy would be an underdog normally, but is not an underdog now if she has the protection of the fan favorite, his entire crew, and America,


Either you are related to one of the plastics or you have obsession with Jason. You need to relax! Maybe you shouldn’t watch the show if it’s getting you that upset.


I like everyone in the house. I think Jason is a great guy and really funny and enjoyed watching him on BB17. My only obsession is that its fair for all players so we get a decent season.


this is a fan discussion site, i really enjoy watching big brother and discussing it on here, which is what the comments are for, if you dont like any of my views its not my problem

Franks fumes

I think the church lady would agree where is all the negativity towards those lovely sweet girls coming from……………SATAN!!!!!

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

That was good.

chill this town

Alex has played a great game so far. But winning such an early hoh will show if she is a true contender. We have seen it derail a well played game in the past. Hopefully she doesn’t overplay.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Sometimes winning comps early puts a target on your back.


Simon, is it possible to do a poll for the care package?

Yet Another Hillary Lie

You have to think Jason having the built in fan base will get a care package.


im vote for Jason this America care packages
to save Justin and Danielle down the line


Stupid question, I have CBS all access, but I don’t see where we the viewers can vote on things. Where can we vote?


I know this will get negative responses but here we go.

CBS made a huge mistake when they put a vet in this game. They have given the fans a great amount of power by allowing them to vote for a nominee. That would have been OK if it wasn’t for the vet. Jason came in the house with a fan base that is solid, strong and vocal. Anyone who is against Jason is automatically someone they can and will target. They will also determine the eviction vote to be for whomever Jason wants out. This gives Jason an unfair advantage in the game.


I Agree, Even Jason has pointed out that he’ll be a favorite but he thinks that will rub off over time. I don’t think that will happen. I think Jason’s “Side” will dominate all the fan votes for the first 1/2 of the game.

Yet Another Hillary Lie

Great point and really not fair to the other houseguests.

Froot Loop Dingus

On the other hand Jason plays the game like he’s the love child of James and Da”vonne. He’s got Da’s bad attitude, non-stop mouth and piss poor comp record. And James’ gut -saying “She won’t target a showmance.” lol

I like Alex a lot. Currently my favorite by far. Neely seems like a good contender to go far as well.

As for Monte — he’s “pretty” but he can’t even read the cards with inflection. He sounds so dumb.


No negative response here. I completely agree with you. Everything you said is true! I like, Alex, Shelby, Morgan, and Whitney. Jason is ok. Lol, I’d like him more if he’d get off that damn couch more and socialize with more people. He just aligned with Kryssie and crew bc they sit out there why he smokes his nightly pack of cigarettes. Lol. Same thing he did last year!


can someone tell me how many replay episodes there have been so far Sept 29, Sept 30, Oct 3, Oct 4 and a full episode on Oct 5 or has it been less?



i like alex she real cool but i think she cheated last night hoh
i think Justin should be hoh 100 precent bb should dq her i say it be wrong
but that’s the rule in Justin not going to put her up anyway


I was watching last night and saw her hand in the pouch close to the bag but not holding the bag with it.


Seems like the vocal minority has it out for the Plastics! I guess they’re just pro-Jason?


I’m starting to think Shelby is a massive snot.


I love Shelbey. She is a loose cannon and fearless. She blew up Corndog’s game. Unpredictable players make for a good game. Team Shelbey, Kryssie, Danielle.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

I am already sick of Monte. I hope he doesn’t last long.

Lying Hillary Wipes the Server

I am sick of Monte already.