Meg “I am already out the door in my head.” James “Yeah I’ll pack your goodie drawer”

POV Holder: James POV Competition Aug 29th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 31st
HOH Vanessa Next HOH Sept 3rd
Original Nominations: Meg and James
After POV Nominations: Meg and Julia
Have Nots Johnny Mac, Julia, James, Meg

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 14-31-22-311

2:20pm In the havenot room – Meg and James are talking. James says that Vanessa has been saying you can’t trust James because of what he did to Jace but that was the first week when we didn’t know anybody. Meg says but look at who’s here now, you’re going to be the only one left that had any part of that. Meg says that she told Austin she didn’t want to walk out without any regrets. I said I know you’re feeling like you’re in an awkward position but you have a vote just like anyone else and you came in the house along. Then he said I know there’s going to be a time when I have to vote one of them out but I feel like its too early in the game. I feel like I am really worried what will happen with Liz and me after all of this. James asks if he votes Julia out? Meg nods and says after the show. James says sh*t. Meg says so I didn’t even go into it. James asks what do you think he meant. Meg says that he is more worried about their relationship after if he votes out Julia. James says oh sh*t. Meg says I said just looking at your game you’re going into next week with a huge target on your back. I said you have to realize that you’re part of a threesome and that Vanessa is seen as a part of that. Meg says you’ve got to win this week. James says yeah but its going to be a crap shoot. Meg says or you have to win veto. James says that is why I said to get a feel for it and if you get a bad feeling then pull out. Meg says I know either he was going to be down with it or not. Meg says I am already out the door in my head. I will talk to Steve because I feel like I deserve him the respect to do that. James says if Austin isn’t on board with it then there’s no point. It kind of pisses me off because I talk to Johnny Mac about it and now he has a piece of evidence. Meg says that doesn’t matter, you didn’t say anything bad about him. You just said it would be really smart for his game. You didn’t say that Austin said anything. James says yeah that’s true. I hope Vanessa doesn’t use it against me. Meg asks what does she think you’re going to do, sit back and let me go?!
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 14-21-59-481
2:25pm – 3pm James I am just going to lay low. I know I am probably going to get thrown up if the whole house is working together. If my face pops up, I’ll know what the deal is. Meg says I think they’re going to try and backdoor you. They know if you see your name on the wall you’re going to fight even harder. James says it depends on who is HOH. Johnny Mac won’t put me up. Steve will. James says I know Austin has just been trying to butter me up in case I win and if I don’t he won’t talk to me again. James starts packing his things in case there’s a double. Meg laughs you’re going to have your things packed for the next two weeks. There won’t be a double tomorrow. James says probably not. James says that Austin thinks he’s so safe with Johnny Mac… but from my talks with Vanessa she said there are going to be some big changes this week. Unless Julia, Austin or Liz win HOH. Meg says you’re really good under pressure. James says my whole life I’ve been under pressure. Meg asks you going to help me pack tonight? James says yeah I’ll pack your goodie drawer. What am I going to do when you leave? Meg says the good thing is there are many days left. Meg tells James he is screwed for the days comp. That’s why you need to win this crap shoot. James says I’ll need to make deals this week. James says Steve is not putting Johnny Mac up or the twins. I am going up for sure.
James tells Meg to say in her speech if you don’t want to sign that 500K check over to Austin & the twins y’all need to do the right thing. Meg says I can’t say that.

Meg says I think I’ll say:
“I lost a lot of friends in the game and it reminds me that you’re playing this game as an individual so when you go into vote today remember that you’re playing the game as an individual and it doesn’t matter… Some thing like that.

2:45pm – 3pm HOH room – Austin joins Vanessa & Johnny Mac in the HOH room. Vanessa says that he was good at it. Juju was too. James was but he throw too hard. Austin brings up his talk with Meg. She said if I was up on the block next to Julia it would be dangerous. That I would be a big target if she goes. Vanessa says its more like the twins would be targeted over you. She was even painting it like if one of them come down I would be the backdoor target. Vanessa says if its you or Julia you have my vote. Austin says thank you. If they go after the three of us I would be reasonable to work with the next week whereas either of them would not be. Vanessa agrees. Austin says its almost like she is leading what James might do. Vanessa says James is someone you don’t want to work with because he is going to win. James is the most likely to win of everyone here… he has a kid, he’s won the most comps, made the biggest moves in the game, the most likeable funny guy, he’s got it all .. and the most friends in jury. Wouldn’t Liz kill you. Austin says there is no way I would do it. I would look terrible on television when I don’t have to make the move. I’m not being forced to do it. It would ruin my relationship. If it was in the final 5 and it would help me win the game then maybe we could talk. Vanessa says I am willing to talk it out with you if you need someone to talk it out with. Steve joins them. Johnny mac leaves. Austin talks about his girlfriend outside the house and how they used to fight a lot about things that didn’t matter.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 14-47-59-577

3:05pm – 3:25pm Comic bedroom – Liz helps Julia create a speech for tomorrow night. They go over different points for her to say. Liz keeps correcting Julia.

“First of all I want to send love to my family – mom, dad, Angela, Nana. I love you guys so much and I miss you more than words could describe. And of course to my better half as mentioned by Zingbot .. Liz! I walked into this house 78 days ago pretending to be another person and that was the greatest challenge for me in this game. I won the minute I was able to come into the house as Julia and getting to know each and everyone of you as myself. I have a lot more fight left in me and I’ve got to prove ZingBot wrong. So I would truly appreciate your votes. Thank you..”

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 15-06-20-550

3:15pm – 3:30pm James and Meg are talking in the bathroom. They talk about the final veto and how you can save yourself and one other person. James says I could create some loyalty with that. I would never use it on Julia because she would never keep me. James says I think I would put up Johnny Mac again. Meg says he needs to go. James says Steve needs to go too. Everybody needs to go!! Meg laughs. They head to the kitchen.

Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 15-18-44-276

3:30pm – 4pm Austin is talking about having a girlfriend coming into the house. He says that her and I knew it wasn’t working but her family didn’t. So now they have to see this. Vanessa tells Austin what you can do for her is be the bad guy. Don’t try to come out of this squeaky clean. Austin says he wants to talk to her when he gets out but doesn’t know if she will want to. Austin says that no one understands what its like being in here. Being in here I became more self reliant and I decided I knew this is what I wanted to be with Liz. Vanessa says you’re going to have to come out and do a bit of a PR campaign. Austin says the best thing about Wrestling is it doesn’t matter if you’re loved or hated. Vanessa asks if his girlfriend signed a waiver. Austin says she did. Austin says that he hopes his relationship with Liz developed in a sweet nice way on the show and that we’re not hated. Vanessa asks did you live with her? Austin says no. Vanessa asks would you want to live with Liz? Austin says yes. Vanessa says that’s huge. That should tell you something. Austin says he’s never lived with a girlfriend before. Steve leaves.

They talk about the finals. Vanessa says that she think one of the twins will be at the end. One of the three of you for sure will be. Austin says it depends on what people are thinking in terms of the break up of the team thing. Vanessa says you can influence that a lot. If you can do that people will understand it because they don’t want to piss off 3 people. Austin says of the three of us I would be the one that wouldn’t still be pissed if we were put up. Vanessa says if I was off the block I could make good arguments for you to stay and I think I could make it happen. Austin says I don’t know what the twins would do without me or without your advice they would be lost. They are always shocked to find out someone lied to them. What do you expect we’re all here for the money. Vanessa tells Austin he needs to win HOH. Austin says I still have people to protect. Vanessa says its better for you if they’re still here. If we got to the top five and you threw it to Steve or I you could throw it to us and we could do it (take out a twin) for you. Austin says if he won HOH he would put up Steve and Johnny Mac with James as the backdoor if he didn’t win veto.

4:10pm In the bedroom – Julia starts packing her bag.
Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 16-07-53-339
4:05pm – 4:45pm James says hopefully people just suck at it (HOH comp)… everybody but me. I think a lot off people are going to throw their balls off the first time. Meg says thats why if its a knock out comp, just go safe. James says I just can’t crack under pressure. Meg says there is no way Steve will flip hes scared. James says everyone in this game is scared to make a move. Lets make a big move, lets make something happen. Its late in the game, you’ve got to make a big move. James says I guarantee you the first one to go out of their group .. it won’t be the twins. Meg says she thinks its going to be either Steve or Johnny Mac to make it to the final 2. James says and then me or Austin. James says if I was about to go out it would be a fight to the death. Meg says I don’t know what else to do. I feel like there isn’t anything else left to do. Meg says Julia hasn’t had to do any campaigning all week. James says everyone did it for her. Meg says I don’t want people to think I’m not fighting. James says people on the outside don’t see some times there’s no options left. If they knew I was going to win HOH .. things would be different. Meg says she hopes he wins. James says I would have reasons to put people up too.
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Big-Brother-17- 2015-09-02 16-08-49-957

4:35pm – 4:45pm Austin and Johnny Mac start a game of chess. Steve brings up his food to watch. Austin gets called to the diary room.

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  • “Goblins/Gremlins” = James and Meg
  • “The Generals” = anyone allied with Becky
  • “SOS” (Students of Sound) = Steve and Vanessa
  • Rockstars = Steve and Jmac
  • AUS-Twins = Austin, Julia and Liz
  • “Austin’s Angels” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Vanessa
  • “Brass Tacks” = Gobins and Austwins
  • The new “Brass Tacks” = Aus-Twins, Meg, James + Vanessa
  • “Freaks and Geeks” “The Scamper Squad” = Aus-Twins, Vanessa, Steve
  • “The new Freaks and Geeks minus Vanessa” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve, Johnny Mac
  • “The Authority” = Austin, Liz, Julia, Steve

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Countdown to the End of BB17 / Survivor Starts



Sounds like an eternity with this crew…


So Austin wants to live with Lizard after the show. Are they gonna move into his parents house or her parents house?


Gonna have to build a giant tank, get a few warm rocks to lay on all day…. Just like the one shes in now!

Canadian Kevin

Austin, you already look bad on national television. Yet too stupid to know it, mr Masters of history.

And you’re a piece of shit to boot.

Allison Grodner

Getting through door frames is harder than you think.


Pictures of Meg without lipstick or makeup…Pretty girl. WTF?

Justin Bieber

So where are these people anyway? Are they in Canada?


Evey time one of the Veloceraptors speaks I feel like I.m watching old Nanny reruns except these morons whine more than Fran did!! Makes my ears bleed. As fo the unlucky soul who received a couple of Justin Beiber tix in an envelope, He should thank his lucky stars.. I heard of one dude who got FOUR JB tickets in a similar fashion. Talk about bad luck!!!

Pinocchio Obama

Tomorrows double eviction is going to be great.

Steve's Teddy Bear Is Smarter

UnF*ckingBelievable! Meg days she’s out the door mentally…was she ever in? Meg says why even bother talking to Steve? B*tch doesn’t care about James game at all, or her campaign at all. What — She’s got something better to do like whine? Meg gives Jane’s nothing but bad advice and tells him he’s getting evicted right after?

Then theirs Steve asking Mommy Vans permission to get out Twin, because he can’t change his own diapers, let alone his mind. Vanessa just told you she’s taking dumb Julia to Finals, no one would vote for her, it’s the only way hated Vanessa would hey a vote. IDIOT Did you just hear she’s not taking you Steve! Why are you doing Van’s bidding? Dear Teddy Bear, what should I do? Van tells me not to work with James and Meg, should I believe her? I’m going to be the voice of BB17, I better start having something to say.

Whose the other biggest unpopular loser in the house? Why it’s do nothing Susquatch Austin! You mean you’re talking Austwits and not me Mommy? Jeeeezus, is that idiot for real? Keep giving her hugs and playing in her underwear drawer Steve while Van gives you you’re ego massaging hand jobs for votes. Do you see how irritated she is at him? She can’t stand him. But Austins another story. Give him GF advice, Liz is amazing, you are Adam & Eve, I’ve always done everything for you…It’s you and me F2.

Vanessa had spelled out doom for each of these zombies, and they’re so pathetic you don’t even flinch anymore while they’re bribed to their slaughter.

You heard Van say, she doesn’t care if Julia goes, Meg will get Jury Votes. No she won’t, she can’t win and won’t be in Finals, but Austwits and Van better go if they ever get in that chair.

If you gotta ask mommy and your teddy bear is smarter than you, you don’t deserve to win, or get a talking head job. Steve you’re disgusting. Unless you get your head out of Vanessa’s ass and flip votes with Austin, John, James while Van & Julia can’t vote.


ok so meg is going home like 99.99%
who is the most likely to go home in the double eviction
james, john, vanessa, or liz
austwins might want james out, if they can’t get to him they might go for john
james might want vanessa out
john and steve would want liz (twins) out
correct me if im wrong

Mini Me James

James is toast if he doesn’t win HOH because Vanessa wants him gone and she gets what she wants.

Jmac is an idiot

When you tell Julie Chen you are going after Meg and she responds with a confused Meg??!?, you might want to reconsider your target.


James and Meg fans have been super angry that john and steve are not voting out julia
but james is targeting john and steve (as shown above in this post) so shouldn’t the animosity go both ways or are you just looking for reasons not to like them. I think you may be thinking like van


I like Jmac, Meg has had jeff, jason ,Jackie, and James to shield her. If James were to leave and she were left she would team up with Van or Julia. The all either have kissed Vans or Austins Butt last 3 weeks Meg and James all up the Austwins. So how is Johnny game any different. He wanted to team up with Goblins they sent him out. Sorry but James has been listening to Meg and that is a bad game. Everyone of them have made mistakes. I also liked that Johnny took up for Jason a couple of weeks ago when Austin implied something gross about him. That shows he has character.


BOOOO!!! Done with this season, so f*ing predictable… seems like this is becoming the norm for Big Brother the last few seasons. Anyhow, I’ll be keeping up with this site, but I am done giving CBS my ratings, no more BB on TV. I especially hope James wins, if not him then Vanessa – although I really dislike her – they are the only ones actually playing the game.


someone is bitter
it hasn’t been predictable at all
i would’ve laughed if you told me meg was going home
cuz everyone thought that she would’ve gone to the final two
THAT would’ve been predictable


Not bitter, just dissapointed. The last 3 seasons of BB have been complete sh*t… looking back, the most memorable moments of these past 3 seasons, have been the evil Amanda and the racist comments from cast members, and that is very sad. What’s worse is most of these houseguests believe they are BB All-Stars… lol. Seems like they need to re-boot next year and change their casting staff (and maybe upgrade or change the actual house while they are at it)…


The only exciting things that happened this season was backdooring Audrey and James putting up Clay and Shelli. Everything else though has been meh. I think this season has been better than last year, but that’s not saying much.

Gabba Gabba Hey

Best part of this season was Jackie and the poolshark.

Mini Me James

The best part of the season is tomorrow when James gets to steppin.


Yes, there were a few great moments but its back to what the “house wants” or its too soon to make a move. Ugh!
New production team is desperately needed.


I’m ready for a quadruple double eviction…

Robot Chicken

Would like to see Mr. Pickles come into the house.


I think Jmac’s best chance is with Van and Steve. Everyone likes James. The whole jury is James’ crew. Plus James will probably get America’s favorite. The Austwits will take each other over him. I think that’s why he’s sticking with Van and Steve. Like he said he hates them the least. Lol

Mini Me James

I think Johnny Mac is going to win Americas Favorite.


It would be hilarious if he did. He doesn’t deserve AFP. Why would America vote for someone who’s done nothing but throw competitions, be a puppet for everyone, and be annoyingly goofy. Jmac is the most boring person in the house. I hope he gets evicted again tomorrow.


If Vanessa survives this double eviction. She deserves to win this season! Damn players in the house are such chickens.


Simon has passed Austin in the polls! Lol


as we say in the OBB bunker “POWPOW”


Ok so if DE is this week and Meg is leaving the way this season has gone:
Vanessa will follow her
JMac or Liz will be the HOH for the full week if Julia and Liz remain they will end up on the block together by Friday night


“super fans” or should i say “Jeg” fans have been crazy that john and steve are not voting out julia
but james is targeting john and steve (as shown above in this post) so shouldn’t the animosity go both ways?


I’m just so done with BB, I’ve been holding off on saying I won’t watch it anymore, but it is so hard. This and last season has got to be the worst HG in history. Everything is predictable, everyone votes the same, there is no element of surprise anymore, I mean what is the point. Why take up valuable TV space, and to pay to watch after dark is even more waste of money and time. So, I guess my addiction is not as bad as I thought, this season has weaned me well.


I tend to agree. I have removed bb and bbad from my dvr. I still love to come here so i guess im not quitting altogether but……

I loved the game/show but it needs a reboot.


I so disappoint in jmac for sending meg out. Bad gameplay. I will not give my afp vote to him. He is basically want vanessa to win the game because if she makes it to final 4 she will win the game because she is a very great mental competitor than steve and john. She won saved by the smell, the music comp, and face morph comp those are why she is a great mental comp. And also she could have won the comic book veto but she did not have her meds or something.


JMac’s vote won’t keep Meg. They need Austin or Steve to flip it. So why would he vote to keep her and piss off Austwins. Plus Meg didn’t help JMac last week. When he tried to stay. Meg did this to herself!!!!

James is our only hope...

It might not save Meg, but it will introduce chaos among Austwins and Van as they try to figure who the traitor is in their midst. It would make them suspicious of their alliance members, because when they deny it, obviously one of them is lying. It would be fun to watch, at least, as opposed to the auswits and psycho van.

Cindy Withanesse

Not sure what you ‘fans’ saw in the retarded dentist in the first place…


What an asshole remark to make.


Your parents should of used condoms


C’mon Steve! Vote Julia out and blame Austin….
Then sit back and watch the alliance fall apart.

freud's cigar

Sometimes as i’m watching boring conversations, I’ll start imagining those same people talking, but…..
James: I’m good with makin a big move, so first i’m gonna pull him in close and then i’ll evict his ass. But if i can’t i’ll keep mah back against the wall. If i learned one thing from corrections, it’s keep yur back against the wall.
Meg: Big moves… yesterday we moved all the way from the dentist’s chairs to the backyard. oh jamsey My peeps used to like the back yard. (crumbles in tears repeating my peeps between wails) Why is this happening to us James?
(Julia enters)
Julia: Jaaaaaamesuh, keep me and i’ll let you see some side boobbbbbah. Let me win and….
(Austin’s head pops in the door)
Austin: Liz, NO!
(from elsewhere in the house a shrill cry can be heard)
Liz: Awwwwstinah, That’s JUJU! Gawwwwwwwduh!
further in the background nonsensical mumbling
rrrawjajakaw….. jejeje… rrrrrawrawwwh
Austin: He’s in the d/r again????? (gets frustrated) Liiiiiiiiiiiz, We need a nap!!!!


I want James to win hoh and put up Vanessa and Liz. Julia for backdoor if needed. Vanessa following Meg to jury house. Of course James will need to win next veto and then hoh, but if anyone is left in game that can, it’s James.

Backseat Driver

As angry as JohnnyMac was last week it’s not going to surprise me if he doesn’t change things up Thursday…..I’m probably wrong but he’s been mighty quiet the last few days and there might be something brewing. (we can only hope….)
Thank god tomorrow is THURSDAY!!!


James and Meg was try to save John, but they only got 2 vote, so end of the day when they find out Vanessa is not on board, they decided to go with house. Steve and John need to realized vote out Julia is better choice than Meg.

freud's cigar

… Vanessa was somewhat on board for the possibility if James and Meg were on board. Meg then told James maybe Vanessa’s trying to trick us, we’ve got to cover our asses. James, Meg and Vanessa’s conversation was then a lot of well um and maybe uh but i don’t knows after which Vanessa said yeah it’s a really big risk.
They all caved. Vanessa went to Jmac and said fight to get back in i want you here. Meg went to Jmac and said sorry we can’t do it it’s too big a risk.


Meg went straight to Austin because she was blinded that she was in with him. I don’t feel sorry for Meg one bit. Yes, it would be better to get out Julua, but Meg screwed her and james last week.


Meg, she never fails to get it wrong, does she?

>>>>>Meg laughs you’re going to have your things packed for the next two weeks. There won’t be a double tomorrow. James says probably not. <<<<<

You'd think after all this time, the two of them would figure out how often what they think is happening or going to happen never does. they should think the exact opposite of what they believe will actually happen.


James big plan is to target JMac? Is that really what he is saying in the above conversation? That makes absolutely no sense to me. I hope that I am misinterpreting it. Please clarify for me if you have some insight.

We Can Dream

Man, it would be so awesome if they voted Julia out. Then got out Austank and Lizard in DE. Wouldn’t that be glorious, boys and girls??!


It would be great, but I order for that to happen you need Austin or Steve to flip. Austin won’t flip because he is more about Liz outside the house than the money, little does he know that relationship won’t last once he hears hiw Luz trashed him. And Steve doesn’t know hiw to make a big move without asking mommy

Semi Man

Gotta admit I’m getting an anticipation semi. Whats gonna happen tomorrow? It’s Good (James an them) vs Evil (Vanessa an them). Wait a minute that don’t make me gay do it?


sorry. but yes it does. hang in there.


“Austin says that he hopes his relationship with Liz developed in a sweet nice way on the show and that we’re not hated.”

You are both hated you dim wit! You’re a grown man! You fell for a young girl after living with her in a closed environment for the entire summer. That’s not real life. And you’re uttering words like marriage? No wonder you want to be on Bold and the Beautiful! Double eviction has just been revealed for the 3rd of Sept. I hope James doesn’t go.


What about if James DOES go up, wins the Veto AGAIN (YES!). Then James will be open to be a more important HOH


Austin hopes his relationship with Liztwit “was developed in a sweet way on the show”. OMG!!!! What the HELL- STFU


I can’t STAND watching Van Austin and twins think it is time stop watching and wait for the race to start


steve will be idiot if he does not flip. I mean it will be 4 vs 2 and vanessa can’t compete if she is mad she will not be able to compete for the hoh if she is not forgiving vote her out or blame it on austin and vote him out. Steve needs to have the balls to vote out julia. James and meg will be grateful to him and john. And that will give them a team. I hope Jmac convince steve about what he heard outside. Its suprising he has told anyone about the talk outside last night. I going to miss james and meg time together they are so cute together I have never seen a past season like them since jeff and jordan.


They really need to change the way nominations and voting are done cause it is almost painful watching. They should do it like UK and Australia do it everyone nominates the public evicts. It is so awesome to see the one you really hate that thinks they are loved go out.


That was a fun Veto comp to watch!! James had me laughing at his careless abandon when trashing the house!

BB Drafter

I have a bad feeling that one of the Austwits is going to win that ball rolling comp. I hope I am wrong.

another name

The episode edit reminds me that the show has writers.
weird. so weird.
James post veto conversations were cut and pasted to fit the d/r in a noticeably awkward way. the voice tone of anger when he says, “I’ll go right up and say it in her face!” was paired with the d/r hopeful toned “now i’m going to have find a way to smooth things over with Vanessa to try to keep Meg.” if i remember correctly he actually said ‘I’m going to put her up on the block and send her ass home. She’s done. I’ll go right up there and say it right in her face!” post veto win.
The edit makes it look like Julia was surprised. No mention of volunteering. that’s strange.
only last thought… why don’t they just have tinkly piano music every time Meg speaks no matter what the circumstance. Oh wait, they pretty much do in the episodes. Good thing they didn’t show Meg going to the hoh to offer a deal on James’ behalf that necessitated James finally going up to Vanessa. And good thing they didn’t show the deal he offered, even though she turned it down. Would have ruined the whole storyline they are pushing.
Sorry, I usually feel the need to write something after the episodes… because the episodes make me feel like the feeds are a completely different show.


James is making no sense what so ever! When him and Meg are talking about what the others will do if they win HOH he says ‘johnny mac won’t put me up’ then he goes onto say if he won he would put johnny mac back up… move!!! Johnny mac might be the only one left who wouldn’t put James up! He’s so obsessed with a final 2 deal with Austin he can’t think straight!


Why do people care so much about who austin is with or not. It’s his life, let HIM live it. Liz is 23, that is not a little girl. Although she does act like a child. I personally don’t see what he See’s in her. She’s pretty but beauty fades.

Gag me with a spoon

Austin Newsflash you and tramp screwed on national TV and u utter the words sweet nice too late America hates u and your tramp and her sister that looks like mr bean !!!!
I hope u and Liz gets boo’ed !!!!

You don't know that

You don’t know what they’ve done at all because you aren’t there; quit being so judgmental. Oh and watching is not required.

gag me with a spoon

oh yeah they did!!! anyboby that watched the feeds saw them too.. to late to try to take up for them 2 they are disgusting trash!!!!

Mini Me James

Tomorrow they vote James out and he can move in with Frankie Grande after the show.


I hope jmac sway to flip the votes. Steve should understand that vanessa and austin does not care about jmac from their conversation. And steve should know that vanessa and austin have final 2 because austin told steve once when he was hoh.

Mini Me James

Meg deserves to go. Everyone else left in the house is at least trying to play the game.

( Austin ) "I would look terrible on television"

Way 2 late to worry about that now,
may as well boot the twin, it might bring your popularity way up, like to 2%


They should call this show “big bullies and the cowards”. One person (vanessa) is a cheat, a liar, a bully, a big baby, a whiner and if you dare question her….she cries. There is no one that can not tell me she’s not exactly the same kind of person out of the house. I know if I played poker against her, I’d lose just so I can watch her “show”. I’m surprised she doesn’t lay on the floor and kick her feet I don’t know about the people who give the players advise but they should all be fired. People need to start picking fights with her. Let see her get out of the Web she’s created. What goes around comes around and I hope she gets her. If meg, James and Johnny mac get out then there’s nothing left to watch.


Twin whiners, Austin is creepy, steve is very odd, vanessa is pure/cold evil, Johnny mac needs to grow!!!!! Let see who has some guts to really win this and play!!


What is up with Vanessa’s makeup? She needs some serious help!