Corey to Paul “You see this here that means a 4 – 0 vote”

POV Holder: Nicole POV Competition Aug 27th
POV Used NO POV Ceremony Aug 29th
HOH Nicole Next HOH Sept 1st
Original Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
After POV Nominations: Paul AND Big Meech
Have Nots Corey and Victor
Care package Corey

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 20-25-22-619

8:11pm Pool Corey and Vic
Victor thinks they’re will be no more have nots on Thursday because it’ll be something they’ll want to say on the live show.
Vic asks Nicole if the final have nots on her season ended on Thursday.
Nicole says they did but their have nots ran thursday to thursday
Vic – that would be dope.. I wouldn’t bank on it
Corey is equally as happy.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 20-38-45-877
8:32pm Paul and Nicole join them..

Paul – I was up until 6 with Meech.. We talked about stupid sh1t but she did ask about what’s going on this week..
Paul adds that he said he hasn’t heard anything he thinks he’s going home. Meech was shocked by this and told him heshe wants to know who’s going home so she’ll know what dress to wear.
Nicole points out that nobody have asked her about what is going on. .
Paul says Michelle thinks in her gut that Nicole and James have a deal.
Nicole – that’s crap.. She’s trying to instigate things with me before she goes.
Paul says Meech is claiming that James and Natalie never talk to her about what’s going on
Nicole says “those three” talk all the time

Nicole is shocked that none of those three have talked to her.
Nicole – all James said to me was does Paul know you aren’t using the veto..
Nicole – I can’t believe he hasn’t asked Corey
Nicole – Paul, let me know if you’ve heard anything..

They talk about how Michelle has made it “Obvious as sh1t” that she’s targeting Nicole. She’s said it in 3 speeches called Nicole a snake.

Paul – If I win that HOH they’re done… if Vic wins they’re done..

Paul brings up Michelle telling him all he does is hang out with Nicole and Corey. Paul mentions how insane this is as that side of the house tried to get him out last week.

They both feel good about being “on top of the situation”
Nicole thinks James and Natalie aren’t talking to her because they know Michelle is going and they’re going to play dumb.
Victor and Corey having done their pool game sit with them.. They go over the reasons why James, Natalie and Michelle haven’t talked to anyone for votes.
They agree their (James/nat) votes don’t matter and if they all vote Meech out they’ll lose a bit of Respect for James and Natalie. .
Chit chat about the season having laughs..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 20-54-37-776
8:41pm Kitchen Natalie and Michelle
Eating a watermelon.. Talking about the tan Natalie got today etc..
Michelle – has everyone been up all day pretty much..
Natalie – I’ve been up all day..
Michelle – hopefully they go to sleep early..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 20-51-23-081

9:00pm Backyard FINAL 4
Talking about the season..


Victor impersonates Michelle when she was crying that Bridgette went home over her during the double eviction.
They talk about every jury member doesn’t like James.
Vic – and he doesn’t know it, that’s what’s funny

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 21-01-04-366
They tease Paul that if he sees this special hand signal he’s in trouble.
Corey – you see this here that means a 4 – 0 vote..
Nicole and Paul head inside for food.. Victor and Corey have a good laugh at paul saying he’s going to start campaigning to James and Natalie..
Paul comes back hears them teasing so teases back.. . “You better hope I don’t win HOH.. you’re going up next with James.. There’s a strategic move he’s trying to sell me”
Paul says if Natalie wins HOH he’ll just laugh and self evict save them all the drudgery of the week.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 21-03-08-946

9:07pm Corey leaves, Victor and Paul talk about trusting Nicole and Corey till final 4. They will be going after James and natalie, “Fuc** them”


Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 21-26-28-910

9:25pm Nataile and BIG MEECH
Michelle wishes she was a fly on the wall in the HOH.
Meech asks if Victor know what is goign on.
Natalie doesn’t think they are telling Victor anything.
Natalie says if Meech goes home it’s a waste of a HOH.
Natalie – the original plan with everyone has been to get Paul out.. you see hoe he chilled out so much..
Natalie about Paul – he hasn’t even campaigned for a vote..
Michelle says she’s not Going to bother with Victor..
Michelle says Paul is treating Thursday as he’s going home. she adds that Corey never talks to her anymore he’s always talkign to Paul.
Michelle says if Corey votes her out Nicole is the deciding vote. Natalie says Corey won’t vote her out.
Nicole and Corey join them in the backyard..
Meech starts claiming she can hear talking..

9:28pm Bathroom Nicole tells Corey that Michelle purposely sleeps all day to avoid her during the day.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 21-34-34-150
9:31pm Nicole and Corey
Nicole says Michelle is telling Paul she has a secrete alliance with James.
Corey says after James dropped off the wall he’s become a different person
Nicole – timid..
They cannot understand why James hasn’t talked to Corey about his vote.
Nicole doesn’t think they can work with James moving forward he’ll put them up if he wins.
Nicole is bothered by Michelle saying she’s got an alliance with James.
Corey is thinking about giving the bribe to Nicole.

Nicole says that James and Corey were best bros in the beginning.
Corey – he’s so far up Natalie’s butt..
Corey says James doesn’t go out of his way to hang out with anybody..
Nicole – I don’t either.. maybe it’s a vet thing..
Corey – hopefully they don’t win.. and hopefully if they do Vic or Paul go home.. as long as it ain’t us I’m fine..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 21-37-56-482

9:35pm James and Natalie
James is saying Victor is relaying back to them trying to get the target to swtich..
Natalie – it’s annoying not knowing.. If Paul stays that means Paul and Vic are coming after me and you..
James – mmmhmmm
james- I’ll ask Nicole tomorrow…

10:20pm London room Natalie, James and MEECH
James mentions Nicole might be close to Victor “She might be protecting him”
James says if him and Corey went to Victor and Pitched that the 3 of them need to stick together he would probably do it. James adds that Victor is a guys guy

James says the Nicole corey relationship won’t work when the show is over. Corey will be “heavily influenced” by other girls when he gets out.
James adds that Corey has a lot of roommates and he’s always talking about having girls over.
Michelle says Corey cheated on his girlfriend..
Feeds switch to the hammock.
When we’re back.. Natalie is saying that Paul said none of the showmances will work after the show.
James says Hayden and Nicole worked out for so long because of Nicole, “She’s like.. She’s like natalie.. Like she’s dedicated.. She’s a good girl”
Natalie – that’s how meech is too
James says HAyden got really athletic and got really fit. Girls really started hitting on him and he couldn’t resist..
James mentions how over the last 2 years Hayden changed..
Michelle – his dad is the head of CBS radio..
Natalie – really ..
Meech – yeah she told me that
James- Hayden didn’t want kids.. And she was talking about it..
James- she was talking about moving down .. and maybe he didn’t want that maybe..
Michelle – she said it was mutual.. I think she was the more hurt one.
Natalie can see Nicole and Corey lasting
Meech – I don’t Nat – I can see them getting married
Meech – Corey doesn’t seem like a long term guy… just from the stories I’ve heard about him.. I think Zakiyah and Paulie have a better chance.. Really!

Nat – the chances of me and James lasting, I dunno he lives in Texas I live in New York.
They agree Corey parties a lot .

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-30 22-56-37-616
10:38pm Kitchen Paul and Victor
Victor – we should popcorn before and afters (study)
Paul – do with everybody (Final4)
Vic – everytime we go study with them.. It’s later… later.. Later.. Later.. Lets popcorn in the safari..

10:55pm Kitchen Paul and Victor
Paul is saying if it’s true/false and they get to a question that they are totally screwed on guessing they should have a single so 1 goes true one goes false.
Victor says he has to go with his gut..

11:06pm London room Natalie, James and MEECCh
Michelle bragging that she hasn’t been up to Nicole’s HOH since she got the room.
Natalie – you should go up there
Michelle – I don’t like it
James – it feel awkward..
Michelle says Nicole never went up to her HOH or talked game to them
James agrees..

James brings up a past HOH when he did something strategically
James- smart games moves make smart futures..
Michelle says Nicole is lying she screwed Christine over Christine didn’t screw Nicole over.
Michelle says Nicole screwed her over with the “Whispering comment” Michelle made.
Michelle says James told Paulie
Natalie – Oh James.. you see how every was kissing Paulie’s butt..
Jame s- I thought we were all working together anyways..

James says he feels like something is up right now..
James- my gut feeling tells me if we don’t win this HOH on Thursday we’re f****D
James says his gut is telling him that Corey and Nicole are going to take Paul out.
James- I think they are goign to turn on us .. (the following week)
Meech – they are already turning on us..
James- no..
James – if Paul knew he wasn’t going home they would all be hanging out 24/7 with them (Corey/Nicole)
Meech – they are aren’t they
Jame and Natalie – NO
Natalie leaves to the wash room
James- hurry back babe so I can stare into your soul..
James asks if him and Nat have a shot.
Meech says they do because they are good people, she also sees Zakiyah and Paulie working out but not Corey and Nicole because of how Corey is towards Nicole.
Meech – whats your gut telling you about the bribe
James- I have no idea (The Oracle of Delphi AKA James’ gut falls silent )
Meech – I wonder why Corey got it

11:56pm Meech and Natalie London room
Meech says she’s seeing red she’s so pissed at Core and victor.
Nataie says they will win the HOH don’t worry
Meech – James should study too
Nat – he doesn’t have a goo memory
Meech – he should try.. OK..
Natalie says it’s dumb for Victor to study in front of everyone because it makes them want to study more

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Sung to the tune of “My Country Tis Of Thee”




Bolt Uprite

I can’t wait for your song about Nicole, how she’s been used by Corey all summer and how it will all be over on Finale night, but hey, unlike Natalie, at least she got f*cked multiple times on the live feeds.

Franks fumes

Samuel Francis Smith should be so talented!


I love it!!!! Very well done! You are very funny!????????


I hate all these fuckers.

Reality Check

I do not hate these houseguests. I hate them for not trying. Where is the strategy? Where is the fight? Where is the passion? Like Nicole, this is becoming a summer camp yawnfest.


Michelle James an nat nat are so dumb!!!! Like play the effing game.

I can not wait till Michelle leaves she does not deserve to be in this game anymore. All she does is sleep and complain about everything. She’s even crazy to think that cory or Victor would is going to save her hahahaha I just can’t.

Leave already


I had it up to here with meech constant bickering about Vic hanging out with Nicole & Corey. obviously Vic isn’t going to hang and talk game with the people who stabbed in the back and evicted him. also, James needs to stop with this no-mance with Nat. it’s embarrassing watching James getting no where begging Nat for puppy love moments.


Meech complains too much, especially about Nicole. Jealous much? She needs to go.


Did Corey finally get into Paulie’s shorts (from the endurance comp)?

Ian's Lament

At least now I know from the gif above what roles they will play when Corey and Vic hookup.

How Corey Likes It

I think that’s been pretty obvious for a while…Corey likes looking at what Victor brings to the table…


Hey Simon!

What’s happened to OBB?? Most of the posts on here have become vile, vicious & cruel (some are downright disgusting). Wish it hadn’t changed so much. Used to be fun reading the posts.

Thanks for doing a great job on the reporting!

Franks fumes

Yeah it used to be fun watching the feeds too… do you understand all the negativity.


I agree. I’ve been so bored with this season I went on YouTube and started watching season 10 (I didn’t start watching till 14).

All I know is big brother was so much better back then. The comps were good. Loved the food comps. I’m only on week 12 right now but that season, so far, isn’t bogged down with showmances. The way they do things, It’s just all around better. I wonder what changed? Production??

I stopped watching live feeds

After a few days the season started.. It’s THAT boringgggg..

I was uber glued on to BB uk n CBB uk instead, albeit those shows are severely rigged, they are fun n entertaining.

They should recruit better houseguests, and for heaven’s sakes, no more including old timers, especially those who are super boring n lack BB game play skills.

:: just saying, no drama ::


My problem is more with the comments this season. I love it when people get stuck into houseguests but the endless bashing of people like Corey is just so boring. Some days it seems 95 percent of the comments in every article are just whining about a certain player without any real effort for humor or strategy.


Corey should give the bribe to Nicole, that way they’ll have an excuse as to why Meech got evicted… Makes sense, because if she just flat out breaks the tie James and Natalie will realize it…

Another Anonymous

They will realize it as soon as there IS a tie, because Corey, Nicole’s slave, will have voted out Meech.


Here is the thing about being a “pawn” that Paul knows and Meech doesn’t…. you have to keep those lines of communication up so that they don’t forget you are the pawn…. that is really why pawns go home. It is safe when the other person has NO social game… but come on Meech you should be up Nicole’s ass.

James you need to remember you boned Vic and Paul… that just before that you boned Nicole and Corey by flipping on Paulie… James you put the target on Meech, you have to know that it is there, so if you want to be safe, set up a campaign office up Corey and Nicoles asses… campaign.

That is why Paul should stay, him and Vic are loyal and James is the target. Nicole strategy is actually correct. Paul and Vic are more loyal than James and Nat. Vic and Paul well go after James and Nat and James and Nat will go after Vic and Paul because they are the bigger threat. Nicole is actually being smart keeping Vic and Paul. The final four is days or a take out. If they get Paul vs Vic first then they can get one sitting down then they just have to get the other sitting down and they are golden. I think Corey hold out on physical challenges because that is what big fit guys targets… but like Lane he will win when it counts the most. The most important comps are HoH and veto. HoH nominates but the PoV means who decides go’s home. With a final three they have the best chance with Vic or Paul….. same thing for Vic and Paul.


Of course the most important comps are HoH and veto……duh, what other kind is there???

Morgan LaFay

I had to turn off AD. Michelle is laying in bed eating peanut butter crackers dipped in peanut butter, then she STICKS HER FINGER IN THE JAR after she just licked it. I got nauseous and hit the switch. Hope to God they screened for Hep A, B, and C on these people. I feel sorry for her, but she’s disgusting and gross.


I want her gone and thinks she’s bad at the game, but she kinda turns me on. I would take her out on a nice date if ya pick up what i’m puttin down.


I can’t help it. I eat when I’m stressed.

Ted Marie

Hi there Morgan LaFay! I wish I would have stopped watching After Dark after the disgusting display of Big Meech and her dunking and licking her fingers in the peanut butter. Believe me–part two of her chow time was even worse (if you can imagine that) with her smacking and crunching and talking and non-stop complaining all while shoving seaweed down her throat. I just had to stop watching because it was too much!! Be grateful you missed it! Her whining and the loud crunch and smacking with that seaweed was ten times worse than the PB. Glad somebody else feels the same way about it as me!!

TX rar

I fast forward BBAD while Michelle is eating. Yuk!

I fast forward Nic/Corey in bed whining too. They both make me sick at this point.

CBS Medical

Actually, we did screen. And she has them all.


She was also double dipping during Nat’s HOH and eating Nat’s salsa. Who sticks a finger in peanut butter shared in a house that is over the age of 8?

Bolt Uprite

Poor Nicole can’t see himbo Vic wants to punk her boytoy Corey and dimwit Corey is down for it. Forget Natalie and James, Corey is going to give Nicole the Heisman stiffarm the second he doesn’t need her and Nicole will be the one going home with the broken heart. I can’t wait until he gives her the “friend” speech and I hope we all get to see it.

Reality Check

They did the veto nomination on Monday afternoon and until now, James the savior, make that dummy has done nothing about finding out who is going to be evicted? Why are you here on Big Brother? Then the question of Big Meech, your life is on the line and yet playing dead is the way to go? Meech, you are way more passionate on your sister messing up your room OR talking about your appearance. This week suck because nobody is campaigning and I wish production would tell them to do something. First part of the season was great and now with the last 7 houseguests, it is becoming a yawnfest.


LeT everyone in the house sleep though the rest of the season, I don’t care! Vic and Paul have been working their butts off all summer they deserve to win!!!!! #VicAndPaulFtw

Not nat

Ugh it’s so annoying that James and Natalie leave their game talk for tomorrow — when you are in a time crunch you never leave sh!t for tomorrow you need to do it ASAP. Ugh they both need to go home and face the music — it’s also very presumptuous of James to think that he can bank on AFP like seriously! And it’s annoying how Natalie keeps saying a waste of an HOH like you didn’t have your evictee back in he game — Shut the F up!!

The Roach Coach

Does it strike anyone else as bizzare that P&V have literally spent an entire week attached N&C’s hip, and J,N,&M have yet to talk any game to N&C at all, ask where the vote is, or ask for Meech’s saftey?

I mean, we’re down to final 7. This is completely unacceptable at this point in the game. Meech hasn’t campaigned yet at all.

Just try to imagine Vannessa in a similar position to JN&M. Would she sleep all day? Would she spend all her time with 1 person and ignore the fact that the HoH is spending all their time with who she suspects the target is, the majority of the house? This is really pathetic.

How do James and Natalie feel so confident seeing “the final 4″ talking and hanging out as frequently as they openly do?

I’ve always said that Meech and Nat have 2 braincells between the 2 of them and Nat has them both… but James lacks a lot of common sense too… He seems to think he’s the only one capable of bouncing checks. I mean, none of them are the least bit paranoid.

For all you Nicole fans who continously say she shouldn’t work with P&V even after James openly talks about taking a shot at them, please get a clue. If you all are so worried about N&C”s saftey, why would you feel OK with her jeopardizing her game by working with 3 clueless players at this point in the game?

I’ve never seen anything like this. It’s blowing my mind. James Nat and Meech are the single most clueless players ever. I don’t expect them to know what we know. But I do expect them to observe their surroundings after a week passes.

Paul deserves to win 500k


I agree with you on your post, but think about last season when James was here, he has always lacked common sense. He was not aware of the groups that were all around him, James puts more effort and thought into playing pranks, than playing Big Brother, James is dumb enough to think he can talk with Corey and Victor, and think Victor will trust anything coming from James ? James you idiot, you voted Victory out, why would he trust you !

Please let Victor or Paul win the next HOH, I really do want to see James and Nicole on the block together, the way Natalie always plays the victim, she will blame James for her being on the block because he threw the wall comp to Nicole when he promised to keep her safe. I am so over James, Natalie, Michelle, and paranoid Nicole who changes her mind every five minutes.


Ditto. Paul and Victor have out-played them.
The remaining players are clueless and deserve to loose.
This will be a good season of bb if either of them win.
Never thought I’d want a new player to win, over returning players, but I do now.
AFP seems to be James/Natalie’s focus this entire season….. Done!


I think James’ theory is that he doesnt talk them to death like vic & Paul. He wanted to be the first to talk with nic, and the last. I slightly agree with that theory, Nic is getting drained with p/v cutting into her and corey time. Then if James can give her a good enough pitch in the zero hour, she may go with the original plan.

I admit, I am getting a little sheepish as the season continues on, its difficult defending the n/m/j camp… I may be giving them too much credit, but my fingers are crossed.


James has a very short sighted game view. He’s safe this week so he’s just about having fun until the next comp. Then he’ll play until he’s either safe again or he’s gone. He doesn’t try to better his spot which is why all his allies got evicted last year. It’s the same thing this year. Bronte would have worked with him, Bridgette, even Tiffany. James is about getting paid to be James.


How bout a thumbs up?????

I AGREE 100%

To the comment earlier about CBS should take a look at Victor.I AGREE!! I have always thought that too.He is marketable and the lets face it the boy can act . HEY, if that girl on the Survivor can do it Vic can too. I did hear CBS has a opening slot on Criminal Minds so there you go CBS

TX rar

Good idea!

James gives me the creeps

James is the creepiest guy ever! I can’t stand to look at him when they show him laying in the bed with nat. He’s doing his best to keep nat away from victor as he thinks victor will steal his girlfriend. He’s like a stalker that won’t let her out of his sight! He really thinks she’s his girlfriend. Nat better be carefull when the show is over, he will be moving next door. YIKES!

Reality Check

I am very curious if Nat Nat will turn on James when Meech is evicted on Thursday. Nat knows that James should have won the wall comp over Nicole.

Both Nicole and James are like complete stalkers. They would not leave Corey or Nat alone. Both Corey and Nat will be dumb to continue with their relationship outside of the house.

Bolt Uprite

Yes, James, that poor incurable romantic. Unlike Corey of course, laying around in bed with Nicole all the time, throwing the occasional mercy hump into her on the live feeds even though he has no use for her outside the game. She really thinks he’s her boyfriend. James should relax because Victor is more likely to steal Nicole’s make believe boyfriend than James’s make believe girlfriend.


I don’t think Lamesy Jamesy will be moving next door! It is more likely that Nat the brat will be held in his basement.

The Oracle of Delphi!!!!!!

Funniest sh!t I’ve heard all summer!!!!!!!!


So wow we have Victor’s agent here now? LOL Now that’s how you know you’re a fan favorite, when they out here in th streets lobbying to get you another acting job when the show is done. He’s probably the most likable out of the bunch I’ll give him that. But I am a bb purist and I can’t root for somebody to win the prize that has already been evicted twice. If he wins this will definitely be an asterisk season.


Vic was evicted twice because he is definitely a threat. The badass part about it is that he was given the opportunity to come back and KICKED ASS!!!!! He is a freaking comp beast!!! He’s definitely trying to play the game to the best of his abilities, which is waaaay more than I can say for everyone in the house with the exception of Paul. Vic definitely deserves to win something!!!! Give him first place, second place, America’s favorite house guest or the stipend of someone who doesn’t deserve it!! Anything!!!


OMG, James and Natalie said that Paul and Victor don’t spend a lot of time with Nicole & Corey. This is why I say James and his gut need to to go and have an over haul, his gut feelings mean nothing, he is always in the dark about why the hell is going on in the game.

The only thing that he said tonigh that is point on, you are so right, next week if you don’t win HOH, Nicole & Corey are going to turn on you and Natalie, which is great with me. I also cannot believe James had the nerve to say that Nicole and Corey will not make it outside of the house, News Flash James, neither will you and Natalie, you may not make it in the house next week if you and Natalie are on the block together..

I have been saying James is out of his league with a girl like Natalie, after seeing Natalie without any makeup on, Natalie is just a plain Jane run of the mill lady, when Natalie piles on the makeup, it changes her whole appearance.

Thursday cannot come fast enough, I’m so tired of watching Michelle eat and double dip, didn’t anyone ever tell her the rules about double dipping or sticking your hand in your mouth, then back in the cereal box ? That is so nasty. Michelle is no super fan, she has really not done much since they got Paulie out.


Vic and Corey in kitchen studying days… James enters to make sandwich. He asks Corey where his girl is and Corey says she’s sleeping.
James says, ” I guess you tired her out”.
Corey says “what?”
James says that she’s probably tired from what you do up there.
Corey says that he doesn’t know, she was just tired and he’s trying to let her rest.
Aggressive for James! Maybe too much bc he’s worried?


James doesn’t have the same kind of release as Corey does so James is a bit on edge.


So… James talking about Nicole being asleep because Corey wore her out?! Really, James?
Sinking that low?
And you think that you’re top three for AFP. I sincerely hope that you are wrong.

The journey

Every year is different. Every game is different. Victor played by the rules. He comped his way back in. Via the twists and turns. He is no less deserving than anyone left. He’s had to work the hardest and he’s still being used as target practice. If he manages to make it to the end, and I hope he does, he’s a winner in my book. These are different times. New ways, new plays. Old school might be fine for another time but even they didn’t do it all the same.

BB Curious

Well said!!!! Go Vic!!!

Who's farther up whose butt?

Corey: “James is so far up Natalie’s butt.”
Nicole is so far up Corey’s butt she can see out of his eye sockets.

Love victor!

Victor is HOT HOT HOT!!! Sign him up CBS. Hope he wins this season and gets a great gig so I can keep watching him. He’s a love machine. 🙂

Ian's Lament

I have a feeling alot of Kraken has been consumed this week.


Just checked on feeds and LMFAO…. James, Nat, big Meech think that Paul is a Disney child actor!

James fans are pussies just like him.

Paul and Vic are cute friends and I think it’s the ONLY relationship that is real and will continue in the real world.

I even feel bad that at final 3 Vic will take Paul to final 2. But if Paul gets to choose I think he takes Corey. Vic is only one of Corey Nicole and Vic that could get more jury votes than Paul. Paul wants to win and Vic will forgive him later.


Why would they do days if victor wasn’t there for some of them?

Another Anonymous

It would be fair only if production asks questions just about the days when Victor was in the house. That should limit what they need to study.

An Apple a Day

After Dark… Michelle is smart as far as memory and puzzles, bit her hatred completely blinds her intuition. James and Natalie just have NO intuition. Even MR. Jenkins gets that Nicory, Paul and Vic are clearly together. They are together 24/7, laughing, playing, strategizing. Also, Vic and Paul are funny and at least add some energy to an otherwise boring house. Time for Michelle to eat up all the Jury food and bitch about how much she hates Nicole. Epic Super Fan Fail!


I love that James is all worried now after hears vic n corey r studying days together, but hes been mia most the week thinking hes got this in the bag with nicole n corey…haha u dumb a**!!! I soo hope he leaves right after meech so he can freak out abt his precious Nat on jury that he thinks is his gf, NOT!!! Hes a stage 5 clinger and you can totally tell shes soo not into him!!! He deserves another round in jury asap!!! Sorry bud your not getting AFP either cuz you Suck!!! Even ur soo called gf is sick of your pranks chump cange….

Big stupid meech

Wants to date someone from NASA. Arent astronaughts very intelligent. I think theyd pass on you honey

Franks fumes

I want James to go next week then Nat left to shit herself the next week….that would help make this next few weeks more palatable.


Can you imagine being in that house at any point this summer and desperatley needing to try and work deals or talk strategy with natalie? You couldnt get stalker James off her for 2 seconds with a crowbar

Seasoned killer

Now that I think of it James killed last season when he decided it was a good idea to keep Vanessa. Now he’s got a choke old on season 18. He needs to change his nickname from the camo kid to the seasoned killer.


Simon! Stick to the bikini pics of your girl Nat the brat. In the above pic she looks like a pug. I never thought she was a 10 like many others (she did buy herself a pair of 5’s) and as time went on her needy whiney hurt heart dropped her down the scale even further. I stand by Bridgette as the cutest woman of this years cast. She was also the most feisty and loved to bake pies!


Help me out. Isn’t taking Meech out a waste of an HOH? She is weak and nobody cares if she leaves. Nicole should have gone after James or Vic or Paul. If they have all admitted that James is hated by the other jurors then wouldn’t it be the smartest game move to take James to final two? Since Nicole did not put him up?
Teaming up with Paul & Victor assures them they will win the money over Corey and Nicole. I think Corey and Nicole are wasting their HOH this week by not taking out Paul from a game players perspective. This is only playing right into the hands of Vic & Paul and giving them the money. I am just saying

Froot Loop Dingus

I really enjoyed BBAD last night when Vic, Paul, Corey and Nicole were hanging in the back yard talking about previous HGs. It was funny and not overly mean spirited.
Contrast that with every conversation between Nat and Meech. Nothing but smack about people.
And James is just such a creeper. The way he acts and talks with Nataile is like a high school weirdo who’s hanging out with a drunk chick who just broke up with her jock BF. He’s always hanging all over her.
I remember last season feeling he was stalkerish with Meg. She seemed so uncomfortable when he would make comments. To her credit she handled it very diplomatically.
Now I’m not the biggest Nicole fan, but she’s got a much better game awareness by far than James does.
I definitely think the elves told her and Corey to get out of bed and interact more, since I don’t recall seeing them out of bed as much as this week
And Corey has even shown some flashes of game play and has given Nicole some good advice.

It's a F*cking Pelican!

It’s getting difficult to watch and read about Michelle, Natalie, and James. Instead of “going with your gut,” talk to the people in power. Michelle is rolling over and dying, and Natalie and James are joining her. Is Michelle really worth ruining your game over? At the very least, James and Natalie should be helping Michelle enjoy her last few days in the house to the fullest. Michelle isn’t giving anyone a reason for her to stay.


Meech has to go sooner or later so now’s the time. That leaves Nicole with two sets of final fours since both pairs will take her and Corey. It also leaves Vic and Paul as shields who will protect her if Nat or James wins next HOH. This is a perfect set up for Nicole who now thinks she could win against everyone left and as far as I can tell is guaranteed final four at this point. The only people who need Meech are Nat and James, this damages them.


I think victor may pull out all the stops and make it to winning the whole thing! I love him and Paul together . Used to love James and nat but not so much any more! Too clingy! James needs to stop chasing nat it’s ruining his whole game and she needs to stop acting like she’s so sweet and innocent I’m not buying it! Why does she have to torcher James about a dumb kiss? They’re not in first grade! After all she says she really likes him!! I just don’t get it. She’s messing with James head . Give the man a kiss for gods sake!