“I’m not going to lie to you bro.. The one positive thing about the slop diet bro it definitely shreds you up.. “

POV Holder: PAulie POV Competition July 30th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony Aug 1st
HOH Paul Next HOH Aug 4th
Original Nominations: Bridgette AND Paulie
After POV Nominations: Bridgette AND Da’Vonne
Have Nots Natalie, Paulie, Corey, Zakiyah

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Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 14-41-51-171

2:30pm Da’Vonne and Nicole
Da saying she never said Corey’s name ever ever
Nicole – I’m worried if you eron Double you would put me up..
Da says she wouldn’t, she’s heard several things from several people about Nicole Da isn’t going to give names because they are close and Nicole will be upset.
Nicole – I thought after Frank left everything was going to be great/
Da says Frank told a lot of people not to trust Nicole
Nicole mentions how he told Corey not to trust her
Nicole says she’s being honest her gut is telling her that Da’Vonne is coming after her. Nicole adds that doesn’t mean if she wins during the double she’ll put her up.

Da’Vonne is blaming it on someone getting between them.
Nicole wonders if it’s false information or things are getting twisted..
Da’Vonne tells Nicole she has much bigger fish to fry, “I gave you my word I wouldn’t do it”
Nicole is claiming that this season is way more hard than her last season, “There is so much going on in here.. I just want to have fun”
Da’Vonne – There are a lot of game players in here
Nicole – It’s so hard”
Da’Vonne says it’s been awkward she walks in a house and Nicole walks out Nicole walks into a room and Da’Vonne walks out.
They agree it’s weird.

They hug “Thanks for talking.. I love you… “

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 14-36-49-236

2:35pm Victor and Corey crafting..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 15-08-31-633

3:08pm Victor says he’s been asked in the Diary what is up with his hat..
Victor – keeps my hair up..

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 15-21-58-542
Paulie- BRAH .. I’m not going to lie to you bro.. The one positive thing about the slop diet bro it definitely shreds you up.. .

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 15-32-12-003
3:33pm Zakiyah and Michelle.
Wondering if James and Paulie have a deal. Michelle mentions Da is saying that Nicole went to Bridgette and offered the Frank, Corey, Nicole, Bridgette alliance. Michelle is thinking she’ll just go to Bridgette and Nicole and find out the truth. Zakiyah mentions that everything Nicole was telling them last night was bullshit. They agree Paulie is in a good spot nobody in the house is going to put him up.
They don’t want Paul, Niucole,. Paulie or Corey to win.
Michelle – I want Me to win.. I would be OK with Da winning

Da joins them. Talks about her conversation with Nicole earlier.. Zakiyah says James was with Corey whispering she couldn’t make out what they said.

4:00pm feeding

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 16-29-03-751

4:31pm Cuddling
Paulie – I’m not going to gun for the HOH
Paulie saying Da’Vonne is dangerous to keep in the game. Adds that Da’Vonne panicked about being the 5th wheel of their alliance too soon.
Paulie says everything that Da’Vonne said about Frank was her putting on a front.. playing the game. He’s not putting any of that into consideration.
Zakiyah agrees..
Paulie says James is working everyone he’s all over the place.
Paulie – I said we both think he’s (James) is a social butterfly
Paulie adds that James’ will have to make a move sooner than later.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 16-50-09-722

4:43pm Paul – I’m going to get a friendship tattoo.. Big Brother memory.. probably on my butt.

Big-Brother-18 2016-08-03 16-46-32-839

4:46pm Michelle joins Z and Paulie in the bathroom . Paulie comments on how Michelle’s body is rocking.\
Paulie – Getting all that figure.. hourglass figure
Zakiyah says she’s looking good she’s got a “Black girl body.. she thick”

4:51pm Victor starts a prison workout


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Corey and Vic crafting matching a$$less chaps! Hope they are making them for all of the shirtless boy band or someone may get jealous

Corey's A$$hole

I personally requested them! Hey Vic easy peasy nice and squeezy!!!!


I’d pull for Da’Vonne staying if I felt she had a shot at winning a comp that wasn’t a crap shoot. That’s really the only reason I’m pulling for Bridgette staying. I’m hoping Bridgette is just laying low and knows Frank got tossed because of Paulie. Have the girls woken up? I think Nicole is a lost cause, Natalie seems to waffle between just trying to get America’s Favorite (that’s Glenn’s prize!) and testing the waters for game. She’s seeing she has no game with James so maybe she’ll play game with the girls and she can pimp James’ vote.. Bridgette has potential and Michelle has enough crazy to do something, I hope it’s against Paulie. Zakiyah…no, just no. They’d have to work together though and I’m skeptical.

I fear Paulie may get an easy cruise to the end with no entertainment.


Davonne is our only shot to save the season. I kind of hope she goes though because I can stop watching. This show takes up too much of my time.


I am glad that you think Glen should win AFP. That is who my friends and I are voting for. CBS needs a message….I hope others feel the same way! Save my BB, this would not be hard…. bring back the old style of cast. We the viewers enjoyed that type of players.


It’s never to late to get in the game , praying for Nat, Meech, Z or Day (I think she has the return ticket) win Hoh. The fact the girls are finally woke & ready to play. I am disappointed in James again. & I proud that Z still wants to go after Paulie.


Lol, you want them to win a HOH? You better pray harder!!!


Z, and Meech keep talking about winning the HoH. But in reality these women can’t win a comp even if there lives depended on it

Grandma G

Z no, but Meech did win the Otev comp which was pretty physical. I’d bet on her winning a comp over Bridget, Nicole or Natalie right now..


Michelle won a veto

Unsanitary Napkin

Z could win the “use a feminine hygiene product in public” competition. And of course, Michelle could win a competitive eating contest. COME ON!!!


This season sucks.


Big Brother hasn’t been great since season 11, honestly.


Slowly the ether is evaporating. Michelle is on the cusp of a eureka moment. Now if she could drag Z there. I really hope a surprise winner (anybody not in the PP camp) wins the HOH. Sadly, on the very slim chance Z wins, she’ll do whatever Paulie tells her because he’ll be attached to her for a change. Michelle might make her own decision. I have to hope a shake up comes. Otherwise the second season of the Derrick understudy(Paulie) will probably roll full steam ahead to a boring,predictable finale.

Chemistry Major

Ether actually evaporates really quickly, so I don’t quite understand the analogy you’re trying to make. On a side note, these twists are terrible. For how long must we endure the cliche of “the most twisted summer”, this seasons twist(s) have been a fail, just like the BB takeover twist of last year. For the number of times I have heard the word twist out of Julie Chen’s mouth to the number of time a twist has actually panned out, we are all getting duped by CBS.


The house is piecing things together. Sigh of relief somebody finally sees That Paulie is the one person in the house nobody is targeting.
Maybe this season isn’t all lost!

I want Paulie and Nicole out. Paulie because of his arrogance and how mean he was to Zak last night. Geesh, he took it too far. I can easily see him having domestic violence issues.
Nicole can get out for being a rat and making the guy alliance stronger all because Google eyes Corey fingered her.


And Corey went for where he is most familiar and Nicole said she is not comfortable with the “awkward stuff”

Gimme a break

Paulie was NOT over doing anything! Z just needs to GROW UP


Z has played games with Paulie for weeks. Last night was more than she told a lie. It was a boiling point for him. To say he has “domestic Violence” tendencies is a stretch. They had a heated discussion and she couldn’t handle it. He was angry and kept it together. She needs to really learn how to communicate. Men don’t get hints or clues, they need a woman to be direct. When he asks a question, he needs a direct answer.


Completely agree with you, “Awkward”. Her communication skills SUCK. You can’t straddle, pout, hump, stick your boobs out, whine, pick on “girls” who threaten you, and FLOAT the heck out of your game and cry “Abuse” when an immature, testosterone filled competitive fake boy friend calls “BS”.




My exact thoughts……


are you serious?

” She needs to really learn how to communicate. Men don’t get hints or clues, they need a woman to be direct. When he asks a question, he needs a direct answer.”

So let me guess you are one of those that thinks that if a woman gets raped she probably looked for it, she was flirting and the man cannot get hints and clues?

I’m truly shocked… ask yourself a question…. would you find it acceptable if your father was to treat your mum like that?


Nat actually figured Paulie out like 2 weeks ago. But James doesn’t listen.

Mike Tython

Domestic violence issues.? WOW a little over the top with that no. I can see him walking away before I can see that Carin.

Z is back up Paulie's butt today

No self respect.

judge judy

it would be great if they had a true/false HOH competition where they asked what the other houseguest said were really truth or lies. I bet that would stir it up.


Hi Simon , I usually order from Amazon through your site. I just clicked on a Amazon AD on OBB (not on the link) and placed a large order. Do you still get credit? Sorry if I screwed up.


Got the order cancelled in time:) Will reorder through link. Thanks


It’s really hard to tell if Nicole believes the bs that comes out her own mouth. Wish you could tell where she stands but she floats where ever she needs to be.

my pantsuit

Nicole you are becoming a world class liar just like the lady that wears the pantsuits . now start believing your own lies and keep telling everyone the same lie over and over until you think they believe its the truth too. then make sure you blame everyone else for the lies you told and call them liars when they call you out . Nicole your not worthy to have been brought back . YOU ARE USELESS AND CLUELESS !


Puero Rican sensation


Last week I despised Z and Michelle for the way they treated Bridgette.

Can’t say I’m not enjoying seeing them realize their true position on the totem pole. Only if this could happen to PP next week.


Omg I am so entertained right now! I’m flipping as much as these houseguests are and now I’m enjoying VICTOR and even PAULIE! Someone addmit it too!


I will admit it. I wasn’t a fan of Paulie at all in the beginning everyone else loved him…Meh. I am liking him more because every one of his moves is calculated as it should be. People want to make their own agendas about what he is doing but if you have been watching and actually paying attention. He has been playing since day one.
I am enjoying Victor also. He is annoying and makes an ass out of himself and I love it. Was so glad he was the one to come back in the house. He needs to keep his eyes and ears open though and remember who voted him out last time. He needs to win an HOH and I want to see what will happen.
I was glad to see Davonne back in the house because I liked her last time and just thought she went to hard to quick. This time she slowly got on my nerves and the whole Frank thing and all the behind the back mean stuff and pretends she doesn’t or hasn’t done that….She can go anytime. I am sad Frank didn’t get to make it to jury.

Franks fumes

I bet you enjoy sunburns and poison ivy too.


Poison ivy, mmm mmm sure is fun to scratch!


OMG i think i saw the Victor gif a hundred times ahahaahaahshhahaa. Still want him gone


What’s special about the Victor gif?


It was special because Victor’s humping the chair was hilarious. As silly as it looked, I laughed my a$$ off

Marvin Gaye

I got a feeling Da will get to the bottom of things TONIGHT! Should be the best night in a long time for the fans….. Da is about to corner James , Oaul n Paulie all one on one or pp together n James solo….


So wait, Z is back draping herself over Paulie again?!? This is just like the abused wife who keeps going back to her abuser. That said, I’m out of sympathy.


I’m not here to diagnose Z, but there’s definitely something wrong with her psychologically. Put aside her insecure and clingy behavior, look at how she’s always picking her left eye… anyway, good to know what type of girls Paulie attracts.

Paulie won already

looking at what is going on right now on the live feeds is truly making me sick to my stomach. Bridgette was rubbing Vic’s shoulders but at least it did not look at all sexual, and she’s trying to win friends in the house, I get it. Then move to a different camera and we have Paulie laying in Zakiyah’s lap looking like the King, and MaxZ caressing his hair and murmuring Uhuh to all the pearls falling from his bloated lips. UGGHHHHH.

Powder Puff Girl

I look at the photo up top of Paulie in Z arms and she totally looks depressed and defeated. I hope Z has vengeance on her mind and playing Paulie after last night. She is only aligned to Paulie and Da (maybe Michelle) has nowhere to turn at this point unless Michelle, James, Bridgette wins HOH and puts up PPs. If there is a double eviction not much time to plot and see who is with you to make this move.


Victor’s silly.

Marvin Gaye

I wonder what is James strategy… Just roll with the house until it’s time to go? Once they put up Natalie he has no votes to keep her….. Then he is stuck at the bottom of the bro alliance of Pp, Corey and Vic…. I think one of the girls will get carried to the end like Victoria..,, Paul and Corey would choose Paulie for final two over Girl Buf Paulie learned from Cody mistake and he will choose the girl over his bros…


James is a terrible player. IF he had a pair this season could be saved but… Paul is that guy who thought he was cool with the cool kids in high school but wasn’t and is trying to make up for it. Corey is team player but not an alpha (cough cough cough) Victor is an idiot, and James has always been too scared to make big moves. So there’s nothing.


Pauline says, James is going to make a move sooner or later…….you want to make a bet.


He was talking to Zee when he said it so you know it’s just BS as he wants Z and Miche out. Diary room sessions are about as close to the truth you will get in BB and Paulie twice has said he wants to take James to a final 5 guys alliance.

The Beef

The only move James will make, is the one somebody else tells him to make (probably Paulie), unless it’s his own decision to throw another competition. He could decide to reach down and play with his balls, only to discover that he doesn’t have any.

Kick Plate

It’s just a real pleasure to watch a badass like Paulie at work.


Make it awkward for Da Nicole. I don’t care. Don’t give her that drama free week she wants. She didnt grant that to others that she has harassed this season with her mean girls act with her non gameplay. Continue leaving rooms. Make it weird Nicole. Grow a freaking a spine Miss.Nasley flip flopping whoa is me showmancer. Make it weird for Da. Don’t give give her a unwerid week asshe goes home. You shouldn’t do what she wants.

Hey Michelle shut up. Stop acting like you are going do something. You ain’t Michelle.

Michelle you not winning anything either.

Da is the first to leave and I don’t care which order the rest of the house goes. Well James the Wuss can got next but after that I don’t care as long as Bridget is safe.

Michelle Stan

I just flikkin love Bridgette. She is forkin beautiful without makeup. She is flackin calm in the middle of this crapstorm. She is finklin smart, compare to these other Barbies. And she bakes!!! DAMM!! This one is a keeper.


I agree about Bridgette. I have a feeling she’s smarter than anyone gives her credit for. Watch her pull a rabbit out of the hat (Rocky)

Pinocchio Obama

I think I’m Team Bridgette too.


It’s so pathetic that Nicole and James don’t realize the newbies are taking out the vets. And they are using their desperate, want a showmace asses, to do it. Thats probably been Paulie’s plan from the jump and if he make it to f2, he will use that as the reason he should win. I’m not quite sure, he would be wrong.

The Roach Coach

is it just me or does that pink pig face on the wall paper look exactly like Nicole?
slap a blonde wig on that and wrap corey around it and doubt youd be able to tell the two apart


Random thoughts after a hard week (and it’s only Wednesday)….
What the hell is Victor doing to that chair??
Nicole just wants to have fun…somewhere, BB superfans who have auditioned 3 or more times and rejected every time are screaming in rage and frustration.
In that picture of Zaulie, my first thought was Paulie looks like some kind of cross eyed Jesus on the cross.
The round trip ticket twist would be better if the evicted houseguest returned but the other nominee had to leave.


LMBO I thought the same thing! He’s raping that chair! Oh my gosh, the testosterone must be real in that place. No WAY I’d take a shower without wearing my flip flops. God knows what those boys are doing in there.


I’d request soap-on-a-rope in my HOH basket.

Cross eyed Paulie

OMG victor’s hair in that veto comp! What a circus freak!


Nicole, “I just want to have fun” … Seriously..? She just openly and blatantly labelled herself a floater… However, at this point it works to her advantage – like she’s not playing anyone. I’m just not sure if that’s actually a tactic or she truly believes she’s just on a vacation.
Since seperating myself from Pauls nut sack early in the game, I’ve been hopeful someone else will claim me and make a ballsy move! And maybe, JUST MAYBE it’s going to happen. There’s a real chance these girls can put it together, but I’m worried the thought of all this possible excitement is just going to end in me being a dark shade of blue! Time is running out, someone needs to flip the power in this house. Unfortunately I think that means Da needs to stay/come back AND win HoH, which I don’t hold out much hope for.. It’s not in my nature to just let things lay low, I want to see someone rise to the occasion.


I think Bridgette has the balls to make a bold move. We shall see:)

Cross eyed Paulie

Dammit! That veto comp was definitely rigged for Paulie to win. He’s the only athlete in the group. So I get it now, CBS wants Paulie to win and make it a storybook ending (given Cody got shortchanged). A big F.U. to CBS.

These douchebags

I can’t wait for these guys to leave the house and catch shit for the “FT” comments. I don’t get people sometimes. How can they give a girl a crude nickname and taunt her with it and not expect to be hated?


Production will make sure a girl wins the next HOH. Bets?

Franks fumes

Yeah so they can do what Paulie says.


Did Corey ask for glitter?


Watching tonight’s episode and had to give up. Meech was shedding crocodile tears in the DR and while talking to Paul. The episode resembles a Grade 9 high school class when the teacher is called from the room. I am sure Glenn is home thanking his lucky stars.


Seriously, what is her problem?! She has done this several times. She literally just starts sobbing like a two year old. It always takes me back a little bit like what the hell! Lol and they all constantly talked about Tiffany crying? Holy crap.

Powder Puff Girl

Michelle pandering to the pubic in hopes of turning the #meangirl label around.


In hopes of getting a care package.

Butters Mom

She over reacts on impulse and then gets scared about the following consequences is what I think she is always crying about. If a guy threw that apple at her and made that bruise, he would probably be removed from the game. I think she was worried about being removed from the game over it… not worried about Paul.

TX rar

I’m happy they showed how Paulie is such a jerk to Z on BB tonight ! I was tired of seeing all his snatky behavior being edited OUT.


And that they showed Paul wearing the HOH robe all the time. They are both idiots and think they are popular with America.


I am very torn as to who I want to get the care package. I gave votes to Davonne in case she has the return ticket. Besides her and Paul I really don’t know who deserves that care package


And why does James being a shady non gamer mean that Natalie has to go?? “Once we get rid of Natalie he’ll have no one” .. ummmm, crazy thought.. just get rid of James, PLEASE! I never understood him being AFP last season, he creeps me out. He had no game then and he has no game now, how was he brought back as a vet?! It’s terrible that I need to rely on this guy to help BRING entertainment to the game, ugh.. That’s one p#$$y I won’t go near. Besides, I’m saving myself for Nat!


and the worst is that he will win again 50k….not fair he`s just floater…

Franks fumes

Frank for AFP!…just so Pussy James won’t get it.

Franken Berry

Did he make that p***y comment? Also what was the deal with the saran wrap “pie” comment, I missed it.
I think James win of AFP and likability came from him just as you said. Hanging around doing nothing making the audience (us) laugh with his antics and such while everyone else was conspiring about everyone lying cheating and stealing, he was a nice relief and break to watch amongst all of that house drama. I mean that’s what I figured happened because to me I don’t see him being anything special. Not saying anything mean about the guy but he really didn’t impress. Except of course him being a cowboy, that was a surprise first time round. He ‘s a man child. Not much has changed.


Zakiyah is not an innocent girl. She’s a grown woman who was warned not to
Do what she is doing. Yet she went for it anyway. I feel for her, but she sure has dished up a lot of shit in relation to other HGs. She’s been pretty mean herself. Not excusing Paulies behavior.


Listening to Michelle whining crying (no tears) to Paulie is driving me nuts. Can’t listen anymore. She is absolutely truly disturbing. All a big cry baby sympathy act because she’s very aware of her nasty hateful side. Her family must know her antics and behavior very well. She’s concerned they will be upset with her. Can’t wait until she’s gone!!!!


Da complains in the DR about how much she has been through with Frank, Tiff and B and now that 2 are gone she does not get a break. She wouldn’t need a break if she were not at the center of that sh*t storm. She started a lot of the Frank drama: he slapped my a$$ and called me a slut (after she called him a douche) and despite his apology she would not let it go. Now everyone sees she is a drama queen. She got the house to flip and keep Tiff and we know how that worked out. Now everyone sees she is a troublemaker. Frank is barely gone and Ms loose lips “lets get out the showmances” is trying to get everyone against Nicole. Now everyone sees she is a pot stirrer. I think she thought that her drama and crap talk had something to do with Frank and Tiff getting evicted but the truth is it was their bad game play with the others that got them the boot and Da was the least threatening so she is the last to go.

Das Boot

I also think their bad game play was because they thought they has Da at one point and she F ed both of them. I agree, she went on and on about the butt smack ,even though he shouldn’t have done it, simple. He did apologise for it and it seemed genuine. I don’t know, she can go.
Then Michelle needs to win or Victor and go for the two P’s, Pud and Puddles. If one of them wins the V, then you send out Z or Corey since he is just there right now. He’s nice and all but really, you fall in the race because the word said snow not go you egghead!


This is the first year I stopped recording POP after dark, I just don’t like any of these HG. I don’t have anyone to root for, I don’t care who does what next, I think this group has an amazing lack of intelligence and wit, plus they talk about the same things over and over and over. What a really bad year it is so far. Not to mention the completely uncool way the boys talk about the girls (where are the PC police when you need them?) and the very sad way the girls drape themselves all over the guys like fatal attraction bunny boilers. I’m just going to watch the show and keep up with the rest via this blog and a couple of others. Thanks for the work you do on this.

Fuzzy Num Num

Does Not-Cody ever have another expression on his face? He always looks faintly constipated w a hint of irritation.


Because he’s so full of his own BS

What would you rather see...

Thumbs up if you would like to see Paulie win Big Brother


Thumbs down if you would like to see an animal get tortured.


Powder Puff Girl

wtf? tortured animals? I would rather see your entire comment get the thumbs down!


Neither gosh.


lols @ prison workout. With out a hat even. Paul is a good player, lets be honest here. He has managed to be on the block a couple times and dodged the bullet. Pretty good. I cant stand the kid. Its just he is unlikable right now. It’s a different kind of arrogance that he has. Societies example: when a nerd or geek starts to get recognized by the cool kids and they take to him and he knows it and abuses it. (see what I did there). It’s the way he talks to people like “ya I got it covered man, Pissed, never cared” as if you never cared weasel! He is playing though. I wonder if he would have actually put Z on the block.

The Roach Coach

No one say “Zaulie”….
ZA’KAULIE or PAUKIA just feels more natural haah

Why do you watch?

Watching you nancy’s leave diatribes crying about how unfair the game is to your favorite player, and moaning about how terrible the show is every year, yet you continue to watch, and care what anonymous people on BB fansites like this one think of your opinion makes ZERO sense.

The show is great, this site is great, and if your whiney @ss ever stops watching, they will keep having new seasons without ya.

So please stop wasting all of our times sifting through your whiney, incoherent rants.

GTFO :))


Someone PLEASE tell Paulie he is NOT all of that!!! He is such a wannabe. If the house doesn’t wake up soon; the check can be written out to Paulie the Wannabe.