McCrae tells Elissa if I go home this week, Amanda will be pissed and who knows what she will do!

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HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
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Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots

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1:15pm Judd leaves the lounge room and Spencer tells Andy that Judd was just talking trash about Amanda just now before you came in. Spencer says that Judd knows that there were two people that didn’t want him out. He knows I was one of them and he wanted to know who the other person was. Andy and Spencer laugh about how Elissa said her husband was so sexy. Spencer says he’s ugly he looks like Mr. Bean. Andy laughs. I am so glad you are here so I can laugh at these things. Andy tells Spencer that we could vote out McCrae and keep her (Aaryn). Aaryn joins them and the conversation ends.

1:20pm In the kitchen – Elissa tells Judd just please if you, me, Spencer and Ginamarie can work together we can go far and get out Amanda and McCrae. Judd says yeah. Judd talks about ever since Julie said that the jury members weren’t out of the game, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. Elissa tells Judd that she was the only one that was excited for someone to come back. Everyone else was freaking out. Judd comments that he likes Candice she is fun and always up to do stuff. He says but she really does like Howard, like really likes him. Elissa asks still even in jury. Judd says yeah.


1:30pm – 1:55pm Up in the HOH room – McCrae is talking to Elissa. He says that Aaryn controls Ginamarie. Putting me up against Aaryn gives her too much of an opportunity to get off. If Aaryn get house guest choice or gets picked then Aaryn has two people voting for her. Elissa says if Gina uses it then she knows she will be the target next week for everyone. McCrae says I took the heat for you for the MVP that one week and I didn’t even have to do that. Elissa says if I win the veto I would take you off. McCrae says Gina has a better chance of winning the veto than I do. Elissa asks so what should I do? McCrae says put up Ginamarie up with Aaryn and if she wins the veto, then you can put me up as the replacement. McCrae says if you put me up first you are risking me. Elissa says you have risked me every week. I know Amanda was convincing Aaryn to put me up. Elissa says Aaryn is way more dangerous than you are. I just can’t risk a pawn going home. McCrae says we don’t want that either. Elissa asks if Andy was a part of wanting me to go home. McCrae says no. Elissa says you have Amanda and Judd. McCrae says I don’t have Judd, I voted him out. Elissa says Judd would vote out Amanda but not you. McCrae says that Spencer wants to break up me and Amanda too. Elissa says it doesn’t matter I am putting you up against Aaryn. I can’t risk Aayrn not going home. McCrae says that Gina talked mad sh*t about you last week. Elissa asks like what? McCrae says I don’t want to get into specifics but they wanted you out bad. They hated you for voting out Nick and David. They talked sh*t about you having the blanket in the havenot room. McCrae sasy I am not trying to talk sh*t about Gina because she is a great person. McCrae says you need Gina up against Aaryn so that they are fighting for themselves and not each other. It’s likely that the veto will be luxury were we don’t know who takes them so they aren’t going to play hard for it. If you don’t put me up I am going to fight hard for it because I have volunteered to go up as the replacement so I will want to win it to not go up. If I go home this week, Amanda will be pissed and who knows what she will do. If she doesn’t go up against Gina, then there is a really good chance she will stay and she is your target. Elissa says I don’t know, I just.. I want to work with you. I just want a chance to play the game how I want to play it. McCrae says with me, you and Amanda we have the numbers, we just don’t want to sacrifice that. Elissa says you’re really smart McCrae and I will take what you say into consideration. McCrae says I am not really smart I think we just made good moves in the beginning getting out David and stuff. McCrae says okay I just wanted to talk to you, I just want her (Aaryn) gone really bad. Elissa says you’ll get an opportunity to play in the veto. McCrae leaves.


2pm – 2:10pm In the storage room – Spencer, Andy and McCrae talk. McCrae comments that he needs to upload new code into Elissa to get her not to put him up on the block. McCrae says that he tried to talk her out of putting him up there is no convincing her. Andy says that he was terrified being up there that if he looked at her weird or didn’t compliment her yoga mat he was going to be put up on the block. Spencer brings up how Elissa said they bought a hockey rink and how their 12 year old has a car and can’t even drive yet. They talk about how Elissa talked about her husband being hot but not in the same way that Brendon is hot. McCrae says he wanted to swallow a bunch of pills while talking to Elissa up there last night. McCrae says that Elissa wont even entertain the idea of putting you up. Spencer says why were you bringing my name up. McCrae says he wasn’t, there is just no way she will put up anyone else. Judd joins them and they talk about the period blood sheets that he has to sleep in and how gross it is. You need to wash those sheets. Judd and McCrae leave. Spencer tells Andy that Aaryn is scared sh*tless. I still don’t think that she is the target, I will know more after Monday when the veto is used. I think it is a plan for her to get closer to Aaryn to get out Amanda. Andy says that he is worried if he plays in the veto and has the chance to get a $10,000 luxury prize .. I don’t want her to think I didn’t play hard enough for the veto but that’s half a years salary to me. Spencer agrees. Andy says to Elissa that is nothing.


2:10pm In the rainbow room – Aayrn, Andy and Gina are talking. Aaryn says that anyone that I have stayed loyal to and protected doesn’t vote for me to stay I will not vote for them in jury. I will pull a keeping a real with Candi. I don’t care how many competitions they win, they can go f**k themselves. Andy leaves. Gina says well you got me and I tried to win the HOH. Gina says Spencer owes us after we kept him here over Helen. Aayrn says then tell him that, he needs to hear it. Gina says Amanda and McCrae need to go I am tired of them. I like them I am just tired of them kissing everyone’s a$$. If this is the veto where we have to wake up in the middle of the night .. Gina asks oh like wake up and run out side to answer questions. I hate that sh*t. Aayrn says if she doesn’t put me up and I don’t get a chance to play in the veto and I get put up as the replacement, that makes me even more sick just thinking about it. Aaryn says it’s amazing that I have 4 HOH and a veto under my belt. I don’t blame people for going against me because if I make it to the end I would win. Gina says that’s good. Aaryn says but I am not going to make it. Aaryn says the only thing I have going against me is that Candice and Elissa would never vote for me. If people vote to evict me I will take it as a compliment that they can’t beat me.


2:20pm – 2:55pm In the other bedroom – Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Spencer are talking. Amanda says I have never felt so defeated as I do right now. I was playing such a great game until now. I just want to lay in bed and never get up. The conversation turns to talking about past competitions and laughing about how Helens campaigning was that America loves moms! They continue to laugh and talk about past big brother players and seasons. Like Jodi who got evicted day one last season. Judd comments that its weird being here now because there were 3 more people here when he was here last. Spencer asks does anyone remember if I told Marilyn I loved her yesterday. Amanda says yeah you did. Spencer says good I am trying to stack up those booty points. Andy says that he is going to go shower. Judd goes into the rainbow room and says he is going to take a nap in the period blood bed. Aaryn questions why there’s period blood in it. Judd tells her that is why he is sleeping with another sheet over it.



3pm Andy heads up to the HOH room to use Elissa’s shower. He tells her that McCrae was mad about being put up and saying that he didn’t understand it but that was about it. Elissa asks but you understand right? Andy says Oh yeah I totally understand. I am scared of Amanda because she will say and do anything to stay. Andy says Helen would be so pissed if we went against each other. Elissa tells Andy that he just needs to stay strong and not be so easily influenced. Andy says I am not. You will see when you watch that I am a thinker and I think weeks ahead. Elissa says we just need to make sure she (Amanda) goes, so if she doesn’t go this week then she has to go next week because she is a manipulator. Andy agrees and goes to shower.

3pm – 3:15pm Big Brother ends the lock down and Andy/Elissa are curious if anything is different in the backyard. The go and check and realize that they have a canopy. Judd wonders why. Aaryn says maybe so that we can’t see banners flying over head. They comment that it’s like a sweat box out there now and cant understand why BB put in up. They hope it’s not staying. Judd says you don’t know how awesome it is to be back in here. Judd says people probably think it’s not fair. Aaryn says you fought hard to get back in here, if it was a vote it would be unfair. Judd tells Aaryn that he isn’t mad at her. I just don’t understand why you said I lied to you. Aaryn says I have been manipulated by everyone in here like Helen. Aayrn says I was left in the dark about it till the last minute. Aaryn says it did nothing because now I am the target. Judd says I am just going to be playing for myself now. Aaryn says it was only Spencer and Gina that didn’t want to go with getting you out. Spencer was on the block and Gina didn’t want to vote you out but had to. Judd says it was like beating on a glass window and no one seeing you, you know. Aaryn says it was the most painful thing I’ve done in this house. Gina joins them and decide to go back inside.


3:15pm – 3:55pm Gina, Aaryn and Judd are in the kitchen talk about how hard its been to get to this point. Judd leaves. Aaryn says that Amanda has been manipulating everyone. Gina says she sucks, so does McCrae they can’t win anything. Elissa joins them and they talk about the canopy out in the backyard. Aaryn says it’s like a bio-dome. Aaryn heads outside and Andy joins her. Andy wonders if the canopy has to do with Pandora’s box since they like to have sh*t flying down from above (So they put the canopy up to protect the backyard couch?).


3:55pm – 4:13pm Elissa comes into the rainbow room and asks Judd if he wants to go outside an lay out. Judd says yeah. Elissa and Judd head out to put their feet in the hot tub. Elissa says so I am going to put up Aaryn and McCrae, do you think that’s good? Judd says yeah. Elissa says once Aaryn is gone we can get rid of Amanda because she can’t win anything. Elissa says Aaryn is so easily influenced. She put you up in an instant and talked bad about you once you were gone. Judd says that Amanda is so pissed that I am back, she tries to hid it but can’t. Elissa says I am so happy you are here, it’s best for my game. They wanted me to put you up. Judd asks McCrae wanted that? Elissa says that’s their plan next week, to put you up. Elissa says Aaryn just offends me and she doesn’t respect people unless they look like her. Judd says I feel like she lies to me. Elissa says oh definitely. Elissa says they said I was your number 1 target. Judd says never, you never were. Elissa says McCrae is starting to lie just as bad as Amanda. Gina joins them. The conversation turns to talking about random things.


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“McCrae tells Elissa if I go home this week, Amanda will be pissed and who knows what she will do!”

Gee, let me think.

Cry behind a trashcan, bully,cry, sleep, bully, eat, cry, threaten, oh and continue to lose in competitions.

Yup, that’s about right. So, nothing.


You mean everything she’s done since the moment she stepped into the BB house?


I agree, she has qualities of manipulating Howard, Candace, Judd, Jessie and now Helen. She is female Dr. Will!


theres no comparrason to the morons shes manipulating vs dr will.


Elissa is the best HOH in this season… holy shish kabobs. She also is doing what SHE wants instead of what the HOUSE wants – FINALLY. I really hope Judd convinces Elissa to get rid of Amanda. Although getting Aaryn out would be HUGE, its exactly what Amanda and McCrae want (it is good for their game and they would be thrilled). Amanda is a disgusting individual but there aint no denying that she is smarter then Aaryn. Aaryn is Amanda`s bitch, she is great at comps but without Amanda`s brain and backup she is a ticking time bomb. When she wasn`t aligned with Amanda and was not getting Amanda`s constant advice and support she was digging a grave and was the number 1 target, but Amanda`s support and brain cells will only take her further. Without Amanda she will screw up. Kicking Amanda out will ruin McCrae, Aaryn, and Andys game completely. If everyone keeps procrastinating on taking Amanda out cause they think she can`t win comps, she will eventually make her way to the end. Rule number 1 NEVER let a showmance stay in the game. Break em apart! They are too powerful.

Evict in this order:


Final 2: Elissa & GM – Elissa wins easily with 5 votes (Candice, Jessie, Helen, Judd, Spencer)


Yeah except Dr. Will actually won this game surviving eviction 4 times and was a huge target in the house in BOTH his seasons. Amanda has never been targeted because everyone this season (except Elissa) is spineless and can’t think for themselves. Comparing Amanda to Dr. Will is like comparing a record player to an iPod — they both try and do the same things but one of them does it way better.


Works for her…


Hmmm…..watching Amanda go crazy at the thought that McCrae will be in the jury house with 3 women….and she won’t be there….and Jessie is one of those women.

I wouldn’t mind seeing Amanda go nuts before her eviction.


PRICELESS. She will self evict by the second week


omg Hilarious! lol and to think these fools were counting on Elissa to self evict. now she has them on the fences.


I don’t know why ya’ll are giving Elissa so much credit! Helen told her what to do before she left!!!!!! I will give Elissa credit for actually doing it and not listening to the bull that the other houseguest are giving her. But then again, Helen told her not to listen to anything they said and trust no one especially McRae, Amanda and Andy!!!!!


Helen being evicted was the best thing that could have happened to Elissa’s game. Now, she actually has a game. Notice how Helen got evicted, and not Elissa.

Elissa isn't smart, just a good fembot puppet

Uh, the gold digging Botox duck lips didn’t get evicted bc production rigged the veto competition and the stuck-up snob won. And had the elitist phony not won HOH thanks again to production’s help, her fake boobs/eye lashes/duck lips/hair extensions would be on the block right now and she would be going to jury house on Thursday. Fortunately she cannot compete for HOH next week. And she will be going home at the hands of Aaryn in two weeks. That is unless production rigs it and gives her a special power keeping her immune from eviction. Which I fully expect.


I didn’t really want Elissa in the game at the start, but I’m enjoying her HOH. When she talks to people she says one thing, then contradicts herself, then finally just tells the person what she is actually thinking of doing. She’s so calm/spacey while she talks in circles. They’re so flabbergasted, they don’t know what to say. It’s a nice change from people screaming and talking in such a vulgar way. She has a unique way of looking at things… kind of otherworldly.

Amanda's Therapist

OMG! :-) You are so right! Who would want McPussy after being with “IT” ¿¡¿. . . she reminds me of ” cousin IT ” from the Addams Family!

OMG! Amanda is actually in ~ A ~ p. a. n. i. c!! :-) LMFAO!

Double the “Adderall” and throw in some “XANAX”!

WTF? She will become ballistic and destroy the BB house
when…she… has to pack her bags! Oh well! she will GET
over it … in a few … maybe – 10 (ten) years!?!


If MCrae goes this week, his balls will grow back. This might be good for him.


Or get ripped off and pt by Amanda as a keepsake.


Amanda may implode and try to screw Andy!


Maybe Spenser will finally get some it won’t smell like butterscotch I’ll smell like onions but he don’t look like he’d care.




Too damn funny Judy!!! I bet after a round of nasty under the covers it will smell like Korean Kimchi!!!


As much as I’d like to see Amanda’s response when McCrae heads out, I think Gina Marie will always take the cake.


Okay, I at least thought Elissa had the balls to get Amanda out but um no she is going to let that skank stay. So it is now OFFICIAL BIG BROTHER IS RIGGED FOR AMANDA TO WIN. Done watching.


Have you ever heard of backdooring someone, I bet Aryaning wins the Veto and they backdoor the crazy ass Bitch! either way one of them is gone!


I still do believe that this season has been scripted. But, Elissa planning to to take Aaryan out is a good move considering that she keeps winning HOH. Also, Elissa just isn’t letting her off the hook for the prejudiced comments, lest we forget.


You can seriously see this back door a mile away. That’s the best way to get someone out like Amanda.


Amanda has a relative in production so of course that’s why that bi*** is still in the house. She can’t win a comp if her life depended on it, she sucks at them & then cries all the time she loses. Boo-hoo bully ! McCrae is one goofy individual. They deserve each other but Amanda can beat the pulp out of him hands down. LMAO !! Another one that cries ALOT is Andy, grow balls, oh yeah I 4got he doesn’t have any. Every time someone was evicted, throw Andy a tissue. What a liar too, or should I say tattle-tail, and that’s the only reason he’s still there, sucking up 2 the 2 useless players in the house, the McDoodles


I read it as McCrea saying, my mommy will get you for that!! I am back…FINALLY something to watch!!!


Elissa getting rid of Amanda is the wort thing she can do. She can’t win shit. All she can do is manipulat e people who can win stuff. Get rid of Amanda and she has a bunch of people who can still in the house. Arryn in Amanda’s puppet and can win completions, MC has the ability to win and a very good social game( some how) no one really likes Amanda, and she sucks at comps. Without a body the head is useless!


Lol…very true…. McCrea reminds me of some character Johnny Depp played where he was a salamander or something… very odd

Amanda's Therapist

CRY ME A RIVER….McPussy! OMG! WTF? Your slimy ass WHORE sent you to Elissa with this pitiful excuse of a STORY!
boo hoo! You are an even “bigger” suck-up! than…anticipated!


I am officially convinced BB wants Amanda to win. This image shows Helen being pushed off the comp yesterday by a hand! Helen would have extended Elissa’s stay in the house. I also noticed Judd and Amanda was less sprayed than the other HG! I’m not a Helen fan but it really is unfair for her!!!!! Messed up!

Amanda the Dominatrix

Holy crap, good eye there Name…. There difinately is a hand at her right ankle. I’m thinking every one of the HG’s is told what to do, how to do it, when to do it and how much extra cash they’ll get for throwing a comp, blurting out stipidity, flipping over a bed, crying, lying, whatever production needs to make this years show a bloody bore fest.

Having said that I’m still watching and CBS still raking in the viewers… and profits.


What the hell is that. I thought you were joking, but then I clicked on your gif.

The person either pushed Helen’s foot (which moves a little before she jumps off) or tapped her to jump off. In fact, it looks like she simply jumped off. Does not look like she lost her balance.

I’m almost at a point where I quit being a fan of this show.


I knew that big brother was rigged back when Elissa’s sister Rachael was on and was very obviously kept in the game by the producers. The hand pushing Helen off in the last competition was just more proof. I honestly think it is Elissa who they are taking care of not Amanda. IMO, the person who gets second place is the real winner.


The hand was there to remove that flap that was giving Helen such a hard time. Every time the platform moved out (was extended) the flap was caught and followed it out. Helen kept using her foot to push it back. When the platform went back into the wall Helen still used her foot and kept using her foot to push it back in, although she had already pushed it in (at this time). She had her feet too far back on the platform, they were practically behind the wall, she was on her tippy toes (slightly) If she had brought her feet out a bit instead of having them “tucked under” the hole in the wall, she could have stayed on. I was watching her (got the feeds last night thru this site).

And later when the comp was between Elissa, Amanda, and GM the same thing was happening with those flaps. Eventually someone came behind the wall and pulled out Elissa’s first (cuz she was having the same kind of trouble helen was having). Then there was Trivia screen. When it came back all three girls had their flaps removed (or pulled back or whatever). Not too long after, Elissa won


Exactly Melanie. You can see the hand did not touch her foot. OBVIOUSLY there are people back there just for that very reason, in case something goes wrong with the props.

For real

Don’t forget to add in ‘have sex’ in between the eat, sleep,cry, bully…

Oh Ya

Amanda might do anything—-How about adding…jump Spencer or Judd since McNuts will be gone.

Who knows

There once was disdain for anyone who threatened another person in the game…I guess now, not so much given that McCrae may be on the block. Whats good for the goose, is good for the gander or is it what goes around, comes around.

Its about time the power couple were taken down. It will really open up the game and make it interesting.

Elissa isn't smart, just a good fembot puppet

Elissa won’t last beyond next week because she has no game. She is playing Helen’s game right now, seeking revenge for putting the poor dictator bully out. She conveniently forgets that it was Aaryn who put them on the block and Andy who was the deciding vote to evict. But why let reason get in the way of pure hatred. Helen is jacked that she got outplayed by Amanda by being ousted by her before she could oust Amanda. That is Helen’s sole motivation for wanting Amanda out and kudos to her for being able to manipulate the Botox duck lips one last time before leaving. Elissa is so stuuuuuupid. She could have cultivated relationships all along for this very moment but instead chose to be stuck up and ride Helen’s coat tails. Look where it’s got her. The old digging fake may be successful in getting out Amanda or McCrae this week but she is finished after Thursday, no matter who leaves. She can then go bake to her stuck-up phony lifestyle and sugar daddy man…. unless production gives her a lifeline this week that keeps her safe til the end. This season blows from all the rigging and favoritism.


And a day later she wins the VETO. You and the 600+ upvoters I’m sure are really happy.
Blind love for Elissa, who the game is rigged for, who has done nothing in the game but be a hypocrite bully jealous of Aaryn.
I wish BB had a different fanbase. One that was actually intelligent.


If McCrae is sent to the jury house with Jessie alone (anyone remember her reaction when all McCrae did was sit next to Jessie on a couch? she pouted for hours) I will worship Elissa for the rest of time. I’m pretty sure Amanda will lose her shit and her thoughts will run away with her destroying any “game play” she has left. If she can’t handle her bf sitting next to a girl on a couch, I’m not sure how she’ll handle him being alone in a jury house with “such a slut.” PLEASE DO THIS FOR ME BIG BROTHER JUST GIVE ME THIS.


If Mcrae goes to jury she will go crazy,she will have no game. The little weasel aand Spencer will abandon her in a minute, to try to get the target off them. She will want to self evict knowing that fine ass Jessie is aroundn her man alone. Send Andy home the following week cause Amanda and Spencer can’t win shi-. Make her stay with no allies so she can see how everyone she had something mean to say to when they the house felt. She has no class, call heR out about her sitting her nasty ass on the furniture in her drawers.( It’s really isn’t a very pleasing sight) let her feel like sshe has the plague so that she will self evict. Then she can be known as the one who couldn’t cut it rather than the one who wins without ever winning HOH> DON’T BE STUPID ELISSA< LEARN FROM HELENS MISTAKES OR YOU WILL SEE HER NEXT WEEK !!!!!!!!!!


So McCrea is threatening Elissa… I bet he will call that game play.


Regarding Andy – I dislike this guy soooooo much that whenever I see his face, his name, his ugly gob chewing like a cow my brain automatically says ‘YOU RED WEASEL RAT BASTARD’. Andy will forever be associated with YOU RED WEASEL RAT BASTARD. Can’t stand this kid.

Regarding Scumanda and McPussyWussy – these two have been living like two freeloading squatters in a televised bed in. Can’t win any competitions, always in the horizontal position, never feeling any heat and using the HOH room as if they owned it, never cooking or cleaning after themselves, clothes all over the floor, lazy fucktards that they are. So, it is delightful to see these two squirming, gnawing fingers and knuckles, crying, stressing, fretting about what is going to happen to them. They can dish it out but can’t take it. I hope Scumanda has a nervous breakdown and McPussyWussy shits his pants and doesn’t take a shower.

I want all three of them gone baby, gone.


You got that right BrewHaHa (about them being able to dish ot ywt they can’t take it when it comes their way) this is so hilarious watching freak out! They act like they own the HOH room & the entire damn house & it’s sickening! I PRAY these douchebags are broken up this week! I’m 31 & Amanda make me sick that she shares the same name as me


the only thing that would give me more pleasure is if they had to wait 2 or 3 weeks to eviction. put up Amanda & Mcrae and tell them it is because Mcrae threatened you. Backdoor Andy. If anyone goes home but these three, it will be a wasted HOH at this point inthe game. i just hope she’s stringing Amanda along just to blindside her. Give her a little taste of her own medicine. (They get all indignent that Elissa is lying to them) The pot calling the kettle black.


I’ve notice Elissa have not told anyone exactly what she is planning……YOU GO GIRL!!!!! Mean while rest of those idiots should have done the same, keep your game plan from the enemy, while keeping the tattle-tells running scared. Ha ha ha I can’t stop laughing, the house guest are curling up in a fetal position, crying, snot dripping, screaming, sweating, hiding, begging with a nervous twitch lol

Oh Ya

Elissa’s done very well at not informing the informant.


It seems like the freak show circus is leaving town, MC the human flee, Amanda the bearded lady aka Chewbacca and Andy their pet rat.

I really enjoyed the conversation Ellissa had with GM, about how Aaryn treat others and when she told Andy not to come in they are talking. She is the first person to let Andy know you can’t come in because you run and tell……..Andy’s new name “run and tell it”. I really hope Elissa stick to her plan, and the entire house will need a full dose of their medication after Elissa is finished with them lol……this gonna be a good week.


And do you know how Aaryn treats others? You don’t watch the feeds. In fact, I’m convinced half the people who write on this site do not watch the feeds and have no clue what’s going on. Elissa is talking purely out of her ass when it comes to Aaryn. It’s pure hatred and it’s one-sided hatred because until these last couple days with all the drama, Aaryn hasn’t said a thing about Elissa for about a month.

I wish there was some requirement for posting here, because it’s senseless talking with people who don’t know what they’re talking about.


Yes GOOFY I have seen how Aaryn treat others, and I have heard every racist word she has spoken, and I agree with you, there should be some type of requirement to post, to keep out folks who assume and attack folks who has a right to post whatever the hell they want, as long as they are not intentionally offending others who read and post. You don’t know if I watch the show, after dark, if I attend some classes with her, the feeds or if I’m apart of production……You know what they say about folks who assume?



“freeloading squatters” (in the BB house) I think you found a new BB fanatic term to add to our vocabulary. I couldn’t stop laughing when I read it. Hope you don’t mind but I’m using that gold nugget from now on! If you think about it there are HGs every season we can describe using those 2 words




Hey Stan777, sounds like a plan. Just as Adam gave us ‘Piggyback Player’, denoting a new way of being a Floater, ‘Freeloading Squatter’ can be added to our collective lexicon. It most certainly fits these two lazy asses who insist on playing the game entirely from a horizontal position while contributing very little else in the BB House competition-wise and otherwise. These two are no John & Yoko.


Exactly C! They’re ALL a bunch of damn hypocrites! McCrae doesn’t like the tables being turned now does he? It’s ok for Spencer to go up on the block 20 times bc “he’s safe” so then why is McCrae acting like a biggity bitch about going on the block? This is so hilarious! I HOPE Elissa breaks McCranda up!


I wish she would have called him on it and made a big deal about it like Andy. She should of said, then maybe I should put her up with you and let the house decide.


They didn’t think about that last week not knowing what Elissa would do once Helen is gone why should she care now.

They had actually thought out a scenario of Elissa getting HOH, but only thought about her going after Aaryn and they naturally thought Aaryn /Gm and assumed they would o control her , deploying Andy and Amanda to make sure they got hooks in her.

But with Andy’s threatening me stunts, and Amanda’s Amanda, am surprised they actually expected to control that HOH, Andy is lucky he is smaller target but he would be up and out. its frustrating them that Elissa is like a wall.


she puts up aaryn and mccrae they still control her they got 3 votes and that’s total control spencer wont change


I think she is really counting on someone winning pov and taking themselves off, whether or not Amanda is picked to play. She has told everyone to play hard for the pov. so if Aaryn is a beast she will do what she does best. in the mean time that camp (3am tears itself out).

Every time I think about it I see this is the best move that can be. Amanda’s social games are over, by the end of the week there wont be 3am no more.
Mind you, Elissa expects to go up all the time but if 3am gets dissolved her chances get even better without one of the best two physical competitors on board.

3am will turn on each other at some point as 3 of them will go up this week and all four a likely candidates. if its a dpov Amanda and Andy go up, if that alliance gets outed out then Spencer Judd and Gm will realize that they are the outsides and public enemy ordering may then change. I like how Aaryn talks about not voting anyone for the 500k, who she has been loyal to and votes against her, and Andy saying nothing but gets up and leaves.

Elissa in a pov comp against Spencer, GM Amanda Andy or Judd she has better chances going forward. getting rid of Aaryn or Mcpussy is huge, Amanda’s days of influence should be done. its about time for people to start thinking of end games even Andy has woken up. info sharing is now less frequent, hgs are now holding cards a lot closer to their chests. Its harder to make deals as a couple so even if they(Amanda and her toy dick) stayed whoever is Hoh(unless its Amanda or Mcpussy) next will have them to worry about and not necessarily Elissa, while Elissa has gotten rid of her main threat game wise and broken the 3am.

lol Mcpussy telling Spencer how Elissa would not even consider putting him up and the convo that followed and that did not ring any bells in that man’s head.

Elissa the shallow fembot

The only difference you dumb twit is that McCrae has the heft (HGs) to back it up where Dictator Helen and Botox duck lips did not. And besides the ‘threat’ from the Helen/gold digger was directed at Andy. He followed through with his vote but the stuck-up phony didn’t act on her threat. Just demonstrates again how shallow and stooooopid she is. I also find it amusing that for all the politically correct haters on this blog that poor Elissa can do no wrong but if any other HG does the same thing they are vilified, ridiculed, called names, etc. The asswipes who do that are just as phony as Elissa. So are you part of her country club friends or just a member of her shadow Rachel’s army?


Elissa needs to put Amanda and McCrae up! OMG I’m dying! This show is killing me!!! How can people be so dumb week after week!!!!!!!


ugh its kinda of a no brainer right and very few post say that unless both are up they still have the votes for control guess elissa is stupid


Elissa is completely alone in the house, so unless she thinks of something, she’ll be out next week.

What I would suggest is the unthinkable. She could make an alliance with Aaryn, Gina, and Judd to go against the rest of the people. Probably won’t happen since Elissa’s hatred for Aaryn is on the insanity-level, but that would be one way of taking on Amanda/McCrae/Spencer/Andy. If any of them win next week, Elissa’s out of the house.

I am surprised at how alone Judd is feeling. I think Aaryn is the only one he’s close to. They all like him, but he’s like the 5th wheel now.


Yeah Amanda, do you think Elissa is scare of you? She not afraid of you.


The only thing better would be if Elissa got the Diamond Power of Veto this week and then next week when they put her up, she pulls it out and says “grab your life vests bitches”.


McCrae…is that a threat…we shouldn’t threaten people…isn’t that what you guys told Elissa just a few days ago??? I’m sure she is shaking in her boots!


Poor Elissa….I really feel that no matter who she puts up or who goes home…She will be the target next week. Noone in that house has any loyalty except for Amanda and McCrae to each other. I hope she puts up Amanda & Andy or Amanda and Aaryn….That would be ideal.


Elissa is not going anywhere!! She already have many deals so don’t be so sure about that.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I agree. Elissa isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I don’t think anyone will put Elissa up on the block next week, out of fear that she will win the veto…stay in the game and win the next HOH. I love how Elissa is not even willing to consider what Amanda and McCrae are saying.


if she gets Arryn out(which will happen(Spencer,Amanda,Andy) then all she did was Amanda’s dirty work.She works with Arryn(which she is probably open to about now) Judd and GM> GET out Amanda,Mcrae, or Andy and they will be running for cover next week. Their alliance can’t win shit! Elissa’s alliance would rule the house till final 4


Absolutely. But I would prefer it be Amanda going rather than MC. If anybody BUT Demanda or her keychain goes to jury this week, it’ll be a hohum HOH. I hopehopehope she can see that and listen to Helen on this – it’s the only thing Helen has been right on, with the exception of not listening to Howard Waaaaaaay back when she shouldcouldawoulda.


Can you imagine Aaryn/Amanda/Mcpussy in the jury house next to Candice Jessie Helen. Am almost happy already. just like i wasn’t sad about Helen leaving but was sad about Jessie falling off when she was way ahead of the pack. she would have comeback and also been hoh if she had not lost concentration.


Don’t fall for it elissa!!!!! Put McCrea up!!!!!!!


McCrae pulls out the big guns. “If I go home this week, Amanda will be pissed, and who knows what she will do.” Elissa is not worried. It is pretty hard to win an HOH when you are hiding behind a garbage can.


THIS is getting tiresome can we have the nomination ceremony already befor they mind f#uck elissa please


spencer and andy needs to go

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I agree, Spencer and Andy DO need to go. The way the game is unravelling, one of these guys might actually make it to the final two. Scary thought.


MORON they are just foot soldiers Why not get a GENERAL(if you know what that is)


Spencer is disgusting to talk about someone’s husband being ugly as if he’s some handsome man, LMAO! Barffff. I’ve seen Elissa’s husband on twitter and he looks older but he’s definately better looking than Spencer the perv.


I just saw a picture of Elissa’s husband and he is not bad looking at all. Spencer on the other hand ugh disgusting.


I know, it amuses me that last week he’s complaining about how elissa never talks about her family to him and how she thinks she’s so much better, yet as soon as she opens up a bit and says some stuff about her famy that’s his responce.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

At least Elissa has been able to produce proof (in the form of a picture) that she has a spouse. Who is this Marilyn that Spencer is always talking about? And does she even exist? HMMMMM


Of course she exists. Spencer will just have to re-inflate her once he gets home.

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

Spencer, MC and Andy are cattier than any of the girls talking personnel stuff about Elissa. Hope all three go, one after the other.


They’re definitely not cattier than most of the people on this website. You people are completely
disgusting. Can’t we just talk BB game – and please stop blending names. So irritating.
This website was so awesome before Rachel’s season. Now it’s just sad.

The Black Fish

It might be good TV to evict MC, and watch Amanda fall to pieces the next week.


I would love to have Elissa get Aryn to hide in the hoh bathroom then pull Amanda and McCrae up and get them to start throwing Aryn under the bus like they have been. Then make a deal with Aryn GM and Judd to take out Amanda and McCrae. One of them wins POV and uses it and Amanda goes up with McCrae. One goes home and maybe the other next week.


That would be great, to show aryn how Amanda and McCrae really feels about her, that they were just using her to win competitions because they can’t do it.


mccrae and amanda are scambling and its so much fun to watch. TIME TO FEEL THE WRATH OF ELISSA.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

I am loving it! This is the first week where no one really feels safe. That is what the game should be about. Everyone should always be on high alert. None of this laying about, making out with your showmance 20 hours a day because you know you’re safe. You should always be scrambling….you should always be plotting.


Big floaters this season : McPizza and the amazon. Both are useless

Big Jim

Finally someone who can’t be controlled or bullied by Amanda/Helen/McRae. This is why I would never vote for Aaryn in the end (unless up against Spencer or GM) she has won a lot but all of her HOH’s were run by someone else


People are attacking Elissa’s character for not immediately targeting Amanda instead of Aaryn but look at the facts in her view: Aaryn hates her more than anyone and was targetting her, Aaryn was convinced to get out Helen (Elissa’s biggest ally) even when Helen hasn’t come after Aaryn, Aaryn is the Comp Queen of BB15. Then there’s Amanda who is beatable in a competition like veto when she’s fighting for her life. We just hate Amanda and want her out more than Amanda, I would rather she got rid of Amanda but Aaryn might be the better target for Elissa’s personal game. Maybe. That being said I still prefer Amanda goes home.


Mccrae trying to intimidate Elissa xD No fucks are being given

Team Elissa

Go Elissa!!!!

Roisin Dubh

I love it. El put the people that deserved it on blast. She building in roads with Judd, Spencer and GM by telling them outright they’re safe. I hope they form a final 4 alliance. Keychain threw his steady pump under the bus bigtime. He basically out the 3am out of unfounded paranoia. You’re on the block dude, deal. But if I were you I’d be scared too, knowing all your strength was pumped out of you by Ahandjob rendering you useless in all the comps. I now agree with her that Aaryn should go, she’s just too dangerous to El’s game and cannot be trusted. Keychain turned out to be a disappointment, what a petulant little child that one is. Ahandjob ruined your game, live with it.


” Elissa says you’ll get an opportunity to play in the veto. ” LOL After McCrae’s long cowardly speech (throwing people under the bus left and right), Elissa basically says “Okay. I hear what you’re saying but you’re still going on the block.” I love Elissa because she is so sharp with her replies. She is rude but does it with so much conviction and class. Her rude-ness is not personal, and is a nice juxtaposition to Aaryn’s evil character. She is anything but scared.


Can Elissa please put McCrae up against Amanda! PLEASE!


Is it just me or does McMinute come across as a whiney limp-dicked cry-baby? He has tried all of the tried and true tactics that have worked in the past. I do not like her one little bit but one has to hand it to Elissa for sticking to her guns. And for letting everyone watch as panic ripples through Queen Demanda’s Royal Court. The Court is shaking to the foundations. This week anyways it will be operating blind for the first time as RatBastardAny seems to outlived his usefulness as an intelligence gatherer. Just so you know this was set up by Helen, executed by Elissa.

Roisin Dubh

I hope Judd wins HOH next week, you think they’re scared now, just wait and see the meltdown if that scenario plays out. The only thing that scares me is that it seems ratboy has Judd’s ear.


Elissa is doing great. I hope it works out. At least she is not racist, dirty and is showing she can stand up for herself!!!!!!!!!


Gee Name bringing up racism. I thought you were the expert at what racism is. You wrote over and over how there was no racism in the house. At least I don’t see your typical 200 messages. Don’t forget this weekend is the 50th aniversary of the March on Washington and the great speech “I have. A DreamK given by the greatest American, Martin Luther King Jr. or as Aaryan would state Martin Luther


You have to wonder if Aaryn even knows that Martin Luther (the German Protestant that MLK is named after) existed.


A plan by Helen is nothing if you can’t execute it. America gave her the plan weeks ago, she could have executed it, but Noooooo. One more week. To soon ok ok ok. I don’t want o here Helen’s plan. Everyone knew what to do but were to scared of Amanda. Not Elssa!


Hahaha so MC play is to use a threat of Amanda attacking here.

BB Newbie

I have only been watching for 3 seasons so have not commented before. Can anyone help me understand why all of the houseguests are so terrifed of Amanda? She is just agressive but it is just bark and nothing to back it up?


Good question! I still have not figured it out. It’s mind boggling because she’s got nothin’.

Roisin Dubh

Dan had his mist and sprayed it like a can of Axe. Ahandjob’s mist comes from her onion smelling cooter.

Ians Beer

OMG….I just spewed my beverage all over when I read that LOLOL

Big Brother Fan from Canada

People are not really afraid of Amanda, they are afraid of her influence. She is good at talking people into things, and in the BB house that is a dangerous skill for someone to have.

Disappointing Season..maybe not

So many ‘Buses’ parked in the BB house right many HG’s arms and legs digging to get out from under!!!

Nice play E!


Is GM telling Aaryn the truth about her conversation with Elissa?????? I don’t remember her saying the things she told Aaryn she said to Elissa, did I miss something????


I love how Elisa is talking all tough and that she is going to make this big power move by taking out the big bad Aaryn. EVERYONE knows the big move would be to take out McCrae or Amanda. And she knows that is what Helen would want but she is cowering to Amanda just like everyone else does. Her HOH will mean nothing. Just like everyone before her. Then next week Elisa will be out of power and on the block sitting in the diary room going “Doh!

Roisin Dubh

Who’s won more comps in that alliance? You might want to rethink that one. She putting up a huge target, destroying and alliance and getting people to rat each other out in one fell swoop. And nominations haven’t even gone down yet.


You don’t have to win comps to be the biggest threat Roisin. That has been proven time and time again. The difference between Amanda and Aaryn is Aaryn is an enemy that can’t hold her emotions. She is super easy to read and if you push the right buttons she will sing like a bird. Amanda is very manipulative and doesn’t have to win comps to get her way. If you are saying that Aaryn is a bigger overall threat than Amanda that I think you need to rethink that one.

Roisin Dubh

In case you haven’t noticed, Amanda’s powers are wearing off at an amazingly alarming rate. Aaryn winning enabled her. Judd, GM, Aaryn, and Spencer want Amanda gone. MC knows this and doesn’t even try to talk them out of it anymore, hell he even made a case to El to put her on the block today. So, you take out the person that can win comps and give her that protection as opposed to a loudmouth that can’t win to save her life and everybody now hates. So who’s the bigger threat at this point in the game?


I think you both need to rethink your ideas that you need to rethink the idea of rethinking the subject of rethinking about who is a threat when it comes to rethinking things the HG’s rethink in the Rethinker House. AAANNNDDDD BOOoom goes the dynomite!

This Season Blows

Demanda won’t do shit. She should try winning something before she talks trash.


Finally! A week worth watching! The only way this could be any better is if it turned out to be a Double Eviction week. I’d love to see an Aaryn/Amanda or an Amanda/McRae combo walk out the door.

Spud Dumpster

I hope to god she isn’t stupid enough to put up two pawns with the idea of backdooring someone. It’s too late in the game to pussyfoot around. Put up two people you want out. If one comes down put another up. The worst would be a ginamarie and aayrn noms or ginamarie replacement. Means Gina goes home cause they control the votes and I officially stop watching this garbage.

Roisin Dubh

Aaryn now waking up but it’s too late. Watcha gonna do guurrrl? It seems that everyone but ratboy now realize that Keychain and Ahandjob have been playing them like a violin. Who knows where Spencer’s head is at? He’s been playing a dead man’s game for so long he just doesn’t care and will trash anyone at this point. This is gonna be a great weekend for the live feeds. Old alliances will crumble and new ones will be formed. It’s about damn time it became a game.


Best case scenario. Elissa nominates Aaryn and McRae. Then McRae wins the POV. We will be treated to Amanda bulling McCrae not to use the veto, because she is sure she would be the replacement nominee. It would be Big Brother gold.

voting for elissa and judd

I think elissa’s target is amanda. she’s just saying aaryn to keep peace. if everyone fights for the veto, it will be used to take down aaryn to backdoor amanda.

Roisin Dubh

No way, she wants Aaryn, Aaryn can win comps and Aaryn’s targeted her for how long? The divide and conquer is pure profit. The best part is Judd is taking all of this in and I think he aligns with Elissa.


Even when he’s trying to get off the block, he’s still hiding behind Amanda, “if I go home amanda is going to go after you”. Be a frickin man and play your own game. Amanda is carrying you through this game and its time you step up and start playing the game like the BB fan that you claim to be. His cowardness really bothers me. Mcpu$$y for sure.


It reminds me of Helen using Elissa as a threat if she went home. They laughed at her behind her back. Does he really think the same tactic that got helen evicted would work for him?


Spencer has some damn nerve calling Elissa’s husband ugly when he’s the ugliest bitch in the Big Brother house!!!!!


Can someone please tell me why disgusting GM didn’t wash the blood stained sheets ? These people are pigs !


To call Amanda and MC pigs is just not fair to a pig.

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Unbelievable! They could have at least tried to soak the sheets in soapy water until they had the chance to put it in the washer. I mean…come on! Really?!


Amanda is too damn old to not know how to properly plug her hole when on her period. She got blood on the couch, she walks around in blood stained paints and now she’s bloodied up the sheets. That’s disgusting!!

Jack Daniels

Aaryn put herself in this spot. Elissa tried last week to see if Aaryn had any interest in working together, Aaryn refused, due to fear of Amanda, and the house. If I were her, I would be singing like a canary all about 3am & Andy. I would be fighting to stay. Aaryn has great insider knowledge on 3am Andy and his shady rat dealings. She could pull Judd, GM, and Elissa together, instead she seems to just expect to go up. Elissa is making to most impactful and smart move for her game. If Aaryn does not want to work with her, then Aaryn is a huge comp threat more so then Amanda, and directly coming for Elissa. Also of the two McCrae and Amanda, McCrae is a much bigger threat to Elissas game longterm. These nominations will split the house regardless of the conclusion. No matter what Elissa is a target next week, she only would be safe from GM and Judd. I like the way Elissa conducts her HOH. For one, you know she is in control and it therefore makes the others turn on each other. Andy has already turned, and Spencer is trying to float all the way to finals.

This Season Blows

The revisionist history from Duck Lips’ fans is getting really old. Duck Lips didn’t even try to convince Aaryn, unless you think that saying things like….

“You’re not a threat”
“All your HOH wins were flukes”
“I’m Rachel’s sister, you think production isn’t getting me far?”

….is supposed to convince Aaryn to work with her. She was flat-out rude and confrontational to Aaryn when SHE was the one who needed Aaryn, not the other way around.


Not a real smart one are ya TSB ??

This Season Blows

Oh sorry, I forgot, Aaryn was supposed to just sit there while Duck Lips was berating her, and then drop down and kiss her feet because she’s Rachel’s sister. My bad.

It’s amazing how no matter what Duck Lips does, she gets nothing but blind praise.

VA Vet

Not at all. Aaryn should have defended herself if it wasn’t true. Unfortunately, Aaryn had no defense because she is guilty as charged!


I’m just glad someone finally doesn’t give 2 sh*ts what amanda and Mc say. Elissa is a target whether she puts them up or not,so get one of them out, and hopefully win veto next week! Although its been less than a day, this looks like this may be the best HOH this season

Real Scandals Phony President

i didn’t like Helen but at least she passed on enough information to Elissa that she knows that Amanda, McCrae, and Andy need to go.
Please put Amanda on her broom out of here.


She so right Arran first not Amanda get rid of Mcpussy if she comes down. Amanda sucks at all comps take her or Arran if possible next week and hope Judd gets the HOH next


Like what a waste the HOH room is! I would tell everyone get the hell out! It seems like Amanda has one HOH how many weeks in a row now? (Without physically/mentally doing a darn thing) GET AND MCCRAE OUT!

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Letting people use her HOH room is actually a good idea. Elissa knows that she needs to do a lot of relationship building this week. It will be very hard to do this if everyone is always hanging out together. Giving people access to her HOH room means that at any given time, the houseguests are separated into smaller groups. It gives her the chance to build long-term alliances or at least make two or three week deals.


Elissa needs to just put Amanda and mcCrea on the block and if one wins, then put up Aaryn. We all know Amanda will never win a comp. she will however try to bully McCrea to use the veto on her if both are in the block and he wins veto…. Would love to see her face then…


I can’t believe that Andy said that 10,000 dollars was like half a years salary for him that’s a joke I mean he probably makes times 10 of that being a college professor and all I hope he takes the money and then that have a reason to get him out

Big Brother Fan from Canada

Some college/university instructors are sessional, so they only teach one or two classes a term. Tenured professors are the faculty that pull in the big salary. They have job security and some kick-butt benefits.

Pick a better cast CBS

I swear Elisa if you fuck this up..


Amanda is such a badass. What she was able to accomplish from when the game started to now is amazing. Even if people know she can’t win shit they are still scared of her! She has played them all well and that diserves props. Hopefully she doesn’t give up!


Agree with you Elly.
Confounds me that people here who claim to be BB fans just do not seem to be able to appreciate what she has done.
They just whine about her being a bully. She played the game, she played it well. Hopefully she keeps playing it.
That being said though, she needs to get off her whiney ass and work it now, this is the time.

PS- I know Helen told Rachel 2.0 to get Amanda out, but I think a lot are forgetting Elissa actually LIKES Amanda.
She claims of all the girls Amanda is the only one she likes having around (she thinks she is funny). And also, Elissa
wants all girls to finish this game out. I actually think she is gonna blindside MC if it can’t be Aaryn.


Ugh, I wish I could afford the feeds!


You can get the feeds free for 48 hours. I tried them but I only kept them a day. Their talk for the most part was so vile, putrid, hate-filled and off-putting that my stomach couldn’t tolerate it and I cancelled the freebee. But looks like things are heating up now. I’d rather just read about it here. Dawg and Simon do such a great job.


Am i the only one gross out at judd for sleeping. On them period. Blood sheet. Why dont they wash them


No, you are not alone. I think MC and Amanda should be booted based on the fact they left period bloody stained sheets for others to lie on. Nice. Could they be any worse?


McCrea dude you have done shit so you should be on the block and Elissa pls put Amanda on the block and get her hungry ass out the house….Pls do it for America babe…

They kill me they want u to vote along with them, but when their backs are against the wall they turn all scared…Aaryn from last wk thought about getting rid of Amanda, Helen finally got a clue after Jessie and Howard told her to get rid of Amanda. Now they all of a suddenly figure Mandy is boss bitch. Elissa I know you not feeling Aaryn but work with her to get out Amanda and make McCrea do something in the house for the love of the game…

McRib talks shit but don’t have a game play in him. Boy go suck on your dogs tits


I was just about to give you a thumbs up till I got to the part about the dog tits (lol).

VA Vet

Actually, they are teats.