Big Brother Nomination Spoilers “She’s going to bad mouth her so hard”

POV Holder: Next POV Aug 24th
POV Used POV Ceremony Aug 26th
HOH Winner: Elissa Next HOH: Aug 29th
Original Nominations: Aaryn and McCrae
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, Jessie. Helen
Have Nots


4:35pm Hot tub JUDD and Aaryn
A:” Did Elissa ask you to vote me out”
J:” I don’t even know who she is putting up”
Aaryn says her and Spencer or GM are going up.
A: “I’m so bored.. I’m surprised that nominations haven’t happened yet.. My hands still smell like onions”

4:38pm HOH JUDD ELissa

JUDD: “I’m going to stick with you.. I do trust Spencer.. he doesn’t have anybody”
E: “You and I are the only ones that have no one in this house”
Elissa says she trusts JUDD and wants to go to final 2 with him. They have to act like they are not close to throw the other players off. Elissa wants to take out Aaryn first then Amanda the following week. She says that McCrae use to be a very good liar but now you can tell when he lies because he looks all around the room. She points out that McCrae lies almost as much as Amanda.

Elissa tells him about Helen, Amanda and Aaryn having an alliance to get him out. She adds that they really wanted JUDD gone it was an obsession for them.
JUDD:” Do you think Spencer is with Amanda and McCrae”
Elissa: “They’ve been keeping him save for weeks”
JUDD: ‘MCCrae has rode her coattails and they’re worn out now”
JUDD: ‘I trust you 100% I trust you more than anybody”
JUDD says he was going to expose Amanda and McCrae when he got back in but is going to keep it cool right now. He was really worried during the competition that Amanda was going to win it.
Elissa is really glad JUDD is back in the game: “You are the best part of everyday.. everyday I looked forward to talking to you”
JUDD:” I swear to god I would rather go home than work with them. “ JUDD adds he completely dislikes Amanda and McCrae thinks they are horrible. He doesn’t believe a word they say and knows they only have loyalty for each other.
Elissa: “ I almost want to do the opposite”
JUDD: ”Do both of them.. “
Elissa: ”No everything they say I just think the opposite”
JUDD says it so hard for him to be nice to McCrae and Amanda. JUDD: ‘I don’t care that much about working with McCrae.. it’s not important at all.. “

JUDD: “I want to turn Spencer against them.. I need to wait for the next HOH”
E: “you need to work with them and act like you don’t like me.. we need to take out Amanda next week”
E: “We are together 100%.. they are such liars JUDD everything they say is a lie.. she is going to be on you guys.. she is nuts” (Amanda is going to me campaigning like a mofo)
JUDD: “I’m 100% down.. “
E: “we can totally beat Spencer and GM” (Elissa wants to take GM, Spencer, JUDD to final 4)
Elissa says Helen wanted to go against AManda and McCrae that is why they got her out yesterday. Amanda and McCrae try to turn whoever leaves against the rest of the house so they can get their jury votes.

Elissa:” What did I look like in the comps… did they show funny clips “

JUDD is certain he will go up if “They” win HOH. Elissa says he’ll be fine all they need is two votes and he has Elissa and GM. She says it’s important for him to also get Spencer just in case him and her both go up.
E: “You have to win HOH next week.. you or GM.. you have to convince Spencer they are bad for his game.”

They hug


4:57pm Kitchen JUDD and Spencer
JUDD says he knows SPencer is kinda working with Amanda and MCcrae
Spencer says he’s just trying to survive, “We’ll talk later.. “ Andy joins them.

5:12pm Trivia.. nomination ceremony

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6:19pm Feeds back

Aaryn and McCrae are nominated for Eviction

6:21pm Bedroom Gm and Spencer
GM talking about Amanda running Aaryn’s name through the mud “She’s going to bad mouth her so hard”
GM says if she wins the Veto Elissa might put up Andy/Spencer that is why she wants a Guarantee if GM doesn’t use the veto they do not vote Aaryn out. GM says both Spencer and Andy need to keep Aaryn.

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222 thoughts on “Big Brother Nomination Spoilers “She’s going to bad mouth her so hard”

      1. Thank you Elissa! I thought for sure Amanda was going to talk her out of putting any of them up! Why the hell do I care so much??? One day I’m not watching the damn show, the next time I have to watch the show so I can see what they said in the DR. It is pretty funny to see McCrae and Amanda scramble-did anyone see how quick they were on Judd when he got back in the house? I agree with Elissa on getting Aaryn out first-cause she is a beast in the competitions.

      2. I AM STILL OBSESSING OVER THE HELEN AND CANDICE CONTROVERSY. lol I do think Helen was pushed during the HOH competition Right before she was pushed she was on her toes for a few minutes (thats not easy) so even a little tap on her foot could have made her loose balance and fall off. Candice should have at least waited until the thing moved to “fake” a fall…. she blatantly threw the comp. Judd bribed her lol sje probably knew she wasnt going to win the comp and he said he would give her $5000 if she fell off.

        1. There is a video on fb thats zoomed in on Helen and u can blatantly see a hand appear in the black box at her feet and push her!.. it made me sick because it couldn’t be anything but a hand.. way to go production

        2. Helen intentionally jumped off because she realized going back into the house would result in her being put up and evicted again. All of the voting HGs would’ve been the same, and she just didn’t have the stomach to spend another week with resentful HGs who didn’t want her in there anyway. I wouldn’t be surprised though if production talked to the four evictees right before the competition and hinted that Judd would be the best one to return and that if the other three were to ‘drop out’ there would be some kind of incentive for them such as an exotic vacation or monetary prize. This is just my opinion. But the way things have been happening with the Botox fake always managing to pull a rabbit out her ass when her neck is about to be chopped off nothing would surprise me if CBS is rigging things.

    1. Stupid nomination…but no surprise from her..she play personnal with her obsession vendetta against Aaryn…she should have nominate Amanda MC straight up….Oh well…..she will follow Aaryn next week out the door ..Thanks for her stupid play

      1. I think Elissa is playing very personal!!! Although Aaron is a threat I think Amanda is the bigger threat. I hope that Elissa is just saying that Aaron is her target but she is really going to backdoor Amanda. I’m thinking she is not telling anyone yet to see where the loyalties lie. Although she’s doing what Helen told her, she’s playing smart. If she gets Amanda out and stays til the end, she will win for making the biggest move of the game.

        1. maybe she’s smarter than we give her credit for. Amanda can’t win anything so if Mcrae wins you just put up Amanda and if an act of god Amanda wins, put up Andy the rat. she might be able to get Spencer to go her way if she don’t put him up because he knows he’s on the outside the 3am. he would probably be good to his word because last week he could have lied to stay off the block and he didn’t. he knows Judd is with Elissa so he might have found himself a place in an alliance that won’t put him up.

      2. 100% agree. I know Elissa has all the Rachel fans, but she is one of the most annoying players ever. Her superiority complex blinds her to logic. She is obsessed with Aaryn and it will cost her the game. Mark my words, Elissa will be going next week.

  1. Although she should’ve went right for it, but then again, she doesn’t see what we see so this is like, the number 2 option.

    1. No, this is the best move. Amanda can’t win jack, so her winning and taking McCrae off is unlikely. Aaryn is working with the 3am (Amanda/McC) and will go after Elissa and Judd if she won HoH which, may I remind everyone here on this site, has won every HoH she has competed in since Kaitlin’s eviction. SHE is the bigger threat. If you honestly want Amanda/McC out, Aaryn has to go first and Judd can go for HoH next week and put McManda up.

      1. Best move given the situation between Aaryn and Elissa. I think if things were smoothed out between the two, they could easily make something big happen. You have seen Aaryn fight with Amanda, and her opinion of Amanda manipulating her. There is a wedge that can be placed in between them. It’s just not likely since Elissa absolutely hates Aaryn. Like i said before, Elissa has to either make nice with Aaryn or evict her, but she can’t afford to miss.

      2. That is kind of putting all your eggs in one basket. I think if you got McRae out Amanda would lose it and everyone would abandon her. Arryn promised you 3 weeks of safety and she keep her word to Helen.Andy next week then Arryn or Amanda the following week. Arryn promised Elissa 3 weeks but, Elissa doesn’t have to promise to do nothing but, not to get her voted out. If Arryn wins the POV then she has to worry about Arryn goings after her next week. It would have been better to back door her so she couldn’t get POV.

        1. @ Cajun

          You may be on to something. McCrae seems to be the glue that holds the McCranda army together. I wonder if Andy and Spencer would even talk to Amanda if McCrae were voted out of the game.

        2. Great move by Elissa. This move keeps Judd (who is also a big target for McCranda in the house). Also, if Judd and Elissa are nominated together next week, Elissa has a pretty good shot at staying. This move also keeps Amanda in the house, who will be a target for Gina Marie, Judd and possibly Spencer (with some convincing) next week, which will keep the target off Elissa when she can’t play in the HOH comp next week. If Aaryn goes home this week, then Elissa will only have to worry about McCranda winning HOH next week, (Gina Marie can be convinced not to go after Elissa for evicting Aaryn, especially if Elissa offers to work with her to get Amanda out, and we all know Gina Marie hates Amanda and wants her out). If McCranda (or should I say McCrae, because Amanda can’t win any comps) wins HOH next week, Elissa could possibly convince him to target Gina Marie or Judd. On the other hand, sending Amanda home this week would result in Elissa having two strong competitors (McCrae and Aaryn) after her next week. Andy and Spencer would stick with McCrae to target Elissa. This is why it is a smart move to get Aaryn out first. Once Aaryn is gone, the house will turn on McCranda. Judd, Gina Marie, Elissa and Spencer (who hates Amanda and is only working with them for safety) will target them. Andy will then go with the numbers and drop McCranda for his own survival.

      1. will all the brenchal sheep pls stand up, not sure you all are bright enough to stand up… you have enough problems writing anything legible, all most of you Brenchal sheep can do is down vote anything about the dutchess of botox. (kind of surprised you sheep can actually read it)

      2. @Fan – “Wow, now people like Elissa. (haha) Will all the Elissa fans please stand up?”

        I’m not a real fan of Elissa per se, but I’m definitely a HUGE fan of this game move.

        Go Elissa. YAAAAAAY Plan!!!!!!!!!

    2. I agree. I know lots of people think this is not a good nomination, but I don’t mind it. Look as I see it, Elissa is already on borrowed time. If she did not win HOH this week, she would be on the block alongside presumably judd. (mcranda worked hard to get everyone to agree to automatically vote out whomever was let back in). More than likely elissa is going home next week. Outside of judd (maybe) I seriously question any of the house guests and their “word” to keep her safe. She has nothing to lose at this point and everything to gain. If and this is a big if, she somehow manages to gather any kind of an alliance she is in a better position than she was. I just seriously doubt it is possible. So, knowing you are going out, I would blow up the house. The best way to blow it up is to remove Aaryn (or backdoor amanda). Aaryn has and will continue to target her. Aaryn is one of the few house guests who has demonstrated a proficiency at winning comps. Aaryn is a puppet for mcranda. Her HOH is in essence their HOH. In the event aaryn is removed, a major threat to win comps is removed from mcranda’s aresenal. That leaves andy, mccrae and amanda to play for future hoh’s. andy’s safety blanket would have to include someone else. (spencer more than likely) Certainly not as secure a position as with aaryn. Anyway, targeting aaryn is ok because it leaves the power couple intact in a week when elissa can NOT play for HOH. IMO the only situation that MAY allow elissa to stay. They remain a bigger target. If someone outside of mccrae and andy (amanda as well, lol) won hoh next week and foolishly did not target the power couple than they are idiots and deserve to lose the game. Next week is the week to target them. Even andy would seriously have to consider doing that in the event he won because after next week the votes to remove them would be difficult to obtain. Next week an hoh only needs 2 as they would be the tiebreaker. Now, will the houseguests see this. I have no idea. More than likely they will target elissa anyway. As I see it, she really has no choice but to try it this way.

  2. Smartest duo to be put up together this season. Elissa got some balls and teats!
    Perfect final 2: ELISSA and judd

      1. Of course she has balls. Ya know why?
        Because she does not give a fuck if she leaves. She has no fear of not winning the money.
        The money is life changing for everyone else, to Elissa it is just some extra padding in the
        bank account.
        If I was someones sister (Jeff, Dan, Rachel, etc.) and went into that house I would not be
        afraid to do anything either, because I would assume the cat peeps (and CBS) would love
        me just because of the genetics.

        Are all of you Elissa lovers the same ones who cheered when the PB saved Rachel in season 13?
        That would help me understand how you could actually support her at least. I am not getting it.

        1. Original – couldn’t agree with you more. It seems there are two types of people – those who “get it” and those who don’t. Elissa and those who say they like her (most of the time comment on clothes, hair, SUPERFICIAL substance), are rooting for arrogance, haughty, self-righteous, stuck up, vain, flesh praying people. She judges EVERYONE while reading the BIBLE, which is offensive enough, but then goes further and expresses her judgment on others (sometimes directly to them), literally has ZERO tolerance for anyone in that house because they are not of the same class (except Helen and Candace who came close in terms of annual income and travel education, and a career in politics which Elissa happens to think is “big enough” to keep company with)…then talks bad about people to other people about how (that person) talks bad about people?! Seriously? OMG! We are all human, and not always nice – but good people have remorse! The only ones playing this game, in true BB format (and in chat rooms you can tell they are the majority but due to shock that Elissa has ONE person that believes her that she doesn’t pass gas and her s**t don’t stink, tend to remark less about it), are McCrae, Amanda and Aaryn. None of the others understand strategy, how to read people, how to figure out who needs who, who to strategically put up or not put up on the block, to gain your objective. There are way more McCranda fans than Elissercise (if she was a truly educated in nutrition, she would never have done what she did to Amanda – see below) fans, and that at least helps me conclude that the majority of people “get it.” These three aren’t my favorite people in terms of who they are – but at least they are not absolutely vile in disdain for anyone not using a manduka mat, owning no less than 3 houses worldwide, and a minimum income! They are all regular young adults who have honed their social skills whose parents all make the average blue to white collar income, who want to win this money, because they understand the value in the dollars! OMG. One last thing…anyone who pretends to buy into Elissa’s comments about how she cannot condone people who are intolerant to different cultures, etc…LET ME TELL YOU THE EXACT MOMENT I SAW WHO ELISSA WAS…when she humiliated Amanda when she had her one piece swimsuit on, and continued on and on in her efforts to, IN FRONT OF EVERYONE, make Amanda feel fat, ugly, ridiculous, and un-beautiful!!!!. Any girl/woman with an eating disorder, or has someone they have known with one…would tell you that what Elissa did to Amanda could bring tragic results – and is UNFORGIVEABLE. Amanda was hurt, but THANK GOD she was confident enough through her years of therapy from what happened to her in childhood, was able to get through it. And here Elissa thought GM was SO MEAN for what she said to CANDACE? Seriously? Someone cannot BE that CLUELESS to themselves! I said I’d say only one last thing, so I will…but trust me, i could continue! It’s been a couple of months of being repulsed by this tacky person who actually will be raising children (OMG), so I apologize that when I see her with HOHitus (TO a WHOLE NEW LEVEL), and need to download my thoughts.

          1. Fuck that Amanda treated half the females in the house like shit and to me it’s worse to do it behind their back…if your going to run your mouth say it to my face

        2. It’s hard to like any of these people this year. So in a house full of zero’s, Elissa is a hero, or the closest thing to one. When you see a comp dynamo like Aaryn get jelly legged when Amanda comes in the room. It’s so nice to see Elissa tell Amanda who’s going up on the block, not who Amanda wants to go up. Finally someone stood up to her. Maybe Dudd can help Elissa shake things up, these sheep need to be herded in a different direction other than to the Amandaville slaughter house.

    1. I like Judd, but I like Elissa also and would like her to win. If both of them go to the final we all know that Judd would probably win since he is liked by all. I have noticed how people don’t say terrible things about him like they do about Elissa and the others. The only thing going against Judd is that he was voted out and he came back, and many people don’t like that.

    2. @ Aunt Nazeehba – “Smartest duo to be put up together this season. Elissa got some balls and teats!”

      I Agree Wholeheartedly!! Would have you given your comment 10 thumbs up if possible. :)

    1. Elissa has 50/50 odds for a
      classic backdoor on Amanda…

      this is sweet. this is poetic
      justice! JUDD knows Spencer…

      this is like a vintage version of
      a very real & actual BigBro episode…

    2. im happy with the team elissa/judd team up, but im kind of disgusted if they bring gm and spencer to final 4. i strongly think gm does not deserve final 4. even spencer, he’s been a pawn so long and hasn’t really been gaming.

    1. For the first time in weeks, I am looking forward to BBAD at 11 EST! I had about given up hope of BB15 being anything but a failure. I want to see Amanda self-destruct as she gets to experience what she put so many others through. Karma is a b****!! I would encourage whoever is in the audience on Thursday to be completely silent when either Aaryn or Amanda (praying for a backdoor!!) walk out the door! No false cheering, please! And Julie Chen, don’t wimp out on the interview with Aaryn if it is her!!

  3. THIS is AARYN game to lose right about now ….. IF aaryn wanted to stay in the big brother house she would put up a good fight not be nominated and not be backdoor and prove to elissa she can separate from amanda even if it means she is elissa shadow lol …. PRIDE is a serious thing pride will cause aaryn walk out that door thursday all because she refuse to humble…… she refuse to get from under that blanket playing the victim ….. I would fling amanda and macrea under the bus so fast they wouldnt know what hit them…. I would blow up everyone game ANDY ,, amanda ,, macrea just to survive but aaryn has to much loyalty and pride for the wrong people ….WHEN one door close a window open aaryn have alot of time to start telling elissa everything but she will be a day late and a dollar short if she waits too late …… TAKING on to much trying to please too many people mainly amanda , andy ,, macrea in the bbh is aaryn ‘s downfall ….. PRIDE will be the next downfall

    1. Elissa told Aaryn she has to work to stay in the house. She has to win POV and if she does and doesn’t lie or come after her they can work together but because Aaryn does whatever Demanda say Elissa can’t trust her. So let’s see if Aaryn has what it takes to win POV.

    2. Spicy- I don’t think its Pride- I think Aaeyn is just afraid as hell of Amanda, If she had Pride, she would play her own game and put Amanda up for real instead of just talking about it.

  4. Judissa! I don’t care how much riggage they have to make, but please production, Judd and Elissa for final two, please! It would be the best thing ever to happen to this season!

      1. Or she’s testing Judd to see if he’ll run back to McManda. Right now Elissa can’t trust anyone so mis-information is her best way to go.

    1. her real target is Aaryn, which is a good choice. Aaryn wins hohs and povs for Amanda. Take her power, make her freak out more.

    2. Am I dreaming. Could the perfect Final 2 with Judd/Elissa be happening? Please make it happen.

      I also can’t wait til Aaryn is gone this week. Once she is gone Elissa will strong hold the competitions. What is Amanda going to do? Cry behind more trash cans?

  5. The next HoH – hopefully either Judd, GM or Spencer – will have a pandora’s box which will re-activate MVP for one week. That means Amanda would be guaranteed to go on the block if she didn’t win the HoH.

    But even if team evil members McCrae or rat face get the next HoH, they won’t be able to save Amanda if Elissa, GM, Judd and Spencer team up against her.

    Here’s hoping.

    1. This is why Amanda feel so disappointed They really needed Elssia out She knew she had no controll over Elissia. She foolishly thought if she got Hlen out E would come to her side. E has cut the head off the snake.

  6. Amanda said…..”When Helen leaves, I will be able to control Elissa”.

    Who’s your daddy now!!!

  7. AARYN and KEYCHAIN are on the BLOCK!! Hopefully AARYN wins VETO and AMANDA gets picked as replacement and GOES HOME!! lol

      1. Onion Twat freaking out because she may lose her Keychain…Aryan oops I mean Aaryn….instead of talking all that smack couple days ago, should have ploting to get Big Ang aka Onion Twat or keychain out( I like that….keychain)

    1. I hope Mcrae goes first because I think the guys are loyal to MCrae not really Amanda She would go batshit with Mcrae in the jury house with Jessie. She would not ever get out the bed and stink worst than Mcrae. She would have no game and everyone would abandon her because she can’t win shit and she would be useless to them if she couldn’t even save Mcrae, I hope they can send him first and lets see how much of a smartass she is in the DR> I guess she won’t be able to say she had a hand in all the evictions in the house no more. Like the old saying, watch out for the toes you step on on the way up because they are attachedn to the ass you have to kiss on the way down. IT’S GOING TO BE A LONG WEEK HUH 3AM

  8. I would just like to say that during all the weeks that I came here and voted for Elissa as my favorite and read everyone complaining about her being the most voted… Well, that’s why.

  9. Hey McMinute is finally on the block and gets to taste what he’s been dishing out all summer (indirectly since he can’t win shit). As much as I dislike the little racsist I hope Aryan wins the Veto just to see Mcranda both up against each. Going to be a fun week!!! JUDD FTW!!!!

  10. Finallly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUDD AND ELISSA ARE PERFECT!!! They both realize that amanda n mccrea r dangerous and manipulative!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Go, Elissa, go! So proud of her. Here’s hoping McNoballs wins veto and Elissa nominates Amanda. As much as I detest Aaron, I would love, love, LOVE the sweet bliss of Amanda being evicted. I agree, Aunt Nazeehba – the perfect final two would definitely be Elissa and J U double D.

  12. I watched the gif like a thousand times .. Just that admission alone shows their is no conclusive evidence either conspiracy theory that’s chosen. That being said what I did notice was that before she moves her feet she pushes her left hand down on the ball collector before she jumps .. Makes me think its am intentional jump as she braced herself ….. So let’s hear it !!

    1. I also failed to hear any disappointment as she fell. Jessie was pissed off. Helen sounded pretty happy. I don’t want to say that production made some kind of deal with Helen, but something just doesn’t feel right.

      I’m still more pissed about Elissa having that picture frame behind her to hold on to. She should have been disqualified, as should have been Amanda.

      My opinion of BB is pretty low as of now.

  13. Well, I’m one that’s thrilled with this scenario, couldn’t be better, in fact. Any way you look at it, we lose a key unpopular-with-the-masses player. I hope the ultimate plan is to backdoor Demanda. Don’t the door hit you on the way out, and enjoy your time in Jury with Candice and Jessie, Helen will probably be nice to you. I have to say, |’m getting impressed with Elissa, plus (on a frivolous note), I love her clothes and style, she looks great. She’s being very methodical, bet you won’t catch her lying down in the HOH bed too much and I think she’s proved she can do well with certain comps, she’s far and away the most athletic HG, with Aaryn not too far behind. I’m pulling for her now, and certainly not because I’m a Brenchelite! I don’t think she’s dumb, that one, and she has some good confidence..

  14. So happy Elissa put those 2 up. Amanda isn’t going to know what to do with herself, hopefully she will be hiding behind trashcans all week! She’s so disgusting…

    1. Hahaha, right. Out of all the seasons of Big Brother, I think Amanda hiding behind a trashcan was the most pathetic thing I have ever seen.

        1. in sheer fury + anger + frustration… yep… thats Rachel’s style… she hates being doubted

          the garbage can incident was pure total fear driven cowardice on the part of ms. amanda

          1. No, it was the exact same thing. Both Demanda and Rachel were entitled and couldn’t handle things not going their way.

  15. It’s about time someone gets some guts and do something. Either one of those sucker will be going home. One of the 3(Aaryn, Amanda, or Mccrae). I’m hoping on Thursday night Julie Chen is asking Aaryn about her racist comments. If not, I wouldn’t mind seeing the worthless pizza boy or the big amazon woman in the seat being question by Julie Chen aka out of the game.

  16. Looks like Elissa has a mind of her own!!! Love Amanda and McCrea being so upset, karma is a bitch!
    Elissa has just laying low taking everything in, now she is going after the Dictators!!! Love it!

    1. I’ll be the first to admit I might be wrong about Elissa’s game play. Although I never posted she was not good at playing BB, I did privately think she wasn’t going to make a move. However I did for a brief movement feel she was waiting for her chance to get from under Rachael’s legacy. You can’t be related to Rachael without some bitch-attude flowing in the veins. Please continue to prove me wrong Elissa and clean house!!!! Please don’t trust Spencer aka Shrek

  17. Furthermore, I hope Bobsky is still reading this site and starts posting again. It’s starting to get very interesting. Oh, and I hope Jessie teams up with Judd, they’d be a great pair and they do seem to genuinely like each other.

    1. Sorry, I meant Elissa team up with Judd for F2, nothing to do with Jessie. One more thing: I want to see Amanda COMMMMMplEEEEEEEtely lose her Shiza and this should do it!

  18. Good Job Elissa. It Would’ve Been An Excellent Nom If She Didn’t Think Emotionally And Put Up Amanda And Mccrae Instead.

    1. I really don’t think she was stupid putting up who she did. Aaryn is the comp champ, so she’s the one to beat. Had she started with Amanda and MC Aaryn could have won and pulled Amanda off. I believe her first and second choice is Aaryn and Amanda and this almost certainly guarantees she gets one or the other.

      1. Putting up McCrae and Aaryn was actually pretty smart. No one really knows who she’s targeting. Everyone is scared. They all know that Elissa doesn’t owe anyone in the house a darn thing, so no one is off limits. This is the first time I’ve seen Andy concerned…and I’m liking it!

  19. Everyone called her stupid, I kinda felt like she was Ashley 2.0. I honestly have to say ellisa you deserve to win 500k as much as Rachel did. Honestly it’s a miracle that you got past the first 2 weeks because it was the I hate ellisa show. Honestly ellisa’s strat is best all the Amanda lovers can say what they want. If she didn’t put up McCrae or Amanda they’d go after her next week lol. This shakes the game up if aaryn wins the veto and Amanda goes up lol I kinda hope ellisa wins the veto too so she controls nominations leaving aaryn + one of mccranda is smarter than putting both up because if aaryn somehow stays it’ll show them what McCranda will do to stay, and people wont like their bus throwing.

    1. Never thought she was stupid, I felt Helen was a distraction for her. Causing E to not to get her thoughts out clearly. Now that Helen not there she speaks in a way that the Houseguest take her seriously. You heard Andy say he could not reason with her, that was a good thing. Amanda was want GM or Spencer or Judd to go up with Aaryn. Because they had the votes to keep her as long as a pond was up with one of them. They did not have any intentions of working with Elissa.

      1. Helen is not a bad person, but as long as she was in the game Elissa couldn’t let go of her mom role. Helen kept referring to them as the Mom-alliance and I think that kept Elissa from playing the game she wanted to play. How can you play a cut-throat game when your closest ally keeps talking about being a mom and setting a good example. The Big Brother game is brutal. You may have to lie, hide alliances, vote out your friends and pretend to be interested when people talk about ridiculous things like llamas and fake girlfriends (yes…I am talking to you Spencer!). It’s an emotionally exhausting game, so you need to leave that ‘Mom’ title at the door and prepare yourself for battle. Integrity and loyalty doesn’t pay the bills.

    2. “I honestly have to say ellisa you deserve to win 500k as much as Rachel did.”

      Soooo… not at all, then? Rachel needed a rigged Pandora’s Box for her to win, after all.

    1. I expect her diary room sessions to be a combination of tears and rambling about how unfair the game is….something about Elissa getting special treatment….more tears…something about how some people deserve to be in the house more than others….something about Elissa being stupid for putting up McCrae….more tears….

    1. yeah! this is the only time where I’m hoping Aaryn wins POV so Amanda will be put up alongside her rag doll McPussy! Ill be happy if either one of them goes home!!!! :D

  20. This veto comp is going to wild! Thanks for playing the game Elissa. At long last – the entertainment factor has entered the game!

  21. NOW we’ll have some action. Amanda/Mccrae in shock that Elissa is doing it her way. Lots of the lies are going to come out. Aaryn is not going to just lie down.

    Andy is going to be shown for the weasel he is. ( although he looks more like a ferret). Going to very ugly. Mccrae will not be yupping much..and I don’t think there’s going to be much sex either. Paranoia will take care of that.

    Good times….

  22. Please, Please, Please, Aaryn win VETO (not that I like you) just win so America can watch Amanda go crazy-ass nuts after Elissa replaces you with her. Then I’ll grab my popcorn and watch this broad with the sexy trucker mouth pop-off!!

  23. Let’s hope Judd sticks with the new reigning queen!
    The others will get what they deserve when they enter the real world again.

  24. Go Elissa! She knows exactly what she’s doing. If Amanda will ever win anything, it will be this week. She has completely exposed McCrAnda! Aaron, McCrae, Amanda….either way she wins!

      1. No she would not, I don’t think even McCrae would do it. he’s all-talk. Aaryn might, but that’s another story LOL

  25. you wont think its so well done if crappy wins veto. she should have nom’d Mc and crappy. now she better tell crappy to throw the veto or go up. THINK elissa. MANIPULATE. use rat boy to spread the word that amanda is not the target. LETS DO THIS. wish my tunnel was finished i’d sneak in and advise her.

    1. Again…Amanda? winning veto, without help? HAHAHAHAHA

      She had HOH thrown to her last week and she was too stupid to hit the buzzer.

      It’s easy to control sheep when they have no brains and is easily susceptible.

      I’d like to see her manipulate people who can think for themselves. I guarantee she won’t be able to do it.


  27. Aaryn’s biggest downfall was doing everything that Amanda told her. Wait what am i saying? That’s every houseguest this season. I am really hoping Elissa or McCrae wins the veto. Mostly McCrae because Amanda could be the replacement nomination. Then it could be a very close nomination, with Spencer being the swing vote. GM and Judd for evicting Amanda, McCrae and Andy for evicting Aaryn.

    Either way, it will be important for Elissa to either make nice with Aaryn or evict her. As far as i see it, if Aaryn stays, she has GM. 2 players together are dangerous at this stage of the game, but even more so with Aaryn winning so many competitions. There is a high chance that she will win HOH next week and Elissa will be a huge target after this week. And before anyone says anything, i am not so sure about everyone all of a sudden disliking Amanda. They change their mind with whoever is in power and running the show. So don’t be surprised if things drastically change next week when Elissa is out of power.

  28. Just an observation. Elissa brings to mind the girl Gwen from a Seinfeld episode. Gwen’s looks change radically, depending on how the light falls on her face. There are times when Elissa looks attractive, and at other times not so much. She is however stunning from the neck down. If that makes me a pig, then so be it. I can not fault her nominations. The only wildcard would be Amanda playing in the Veto, and winning because the competition was tailor made for her. That couldn’t happen, could it?

    1. ha David’s Fan, I thumbed up when I read that because I thought of Amanda. She does look like Gwen (the bad Gwen.) On another note, I would love to have Elissa’s body. Amanda’s-not so much! Also, Simon, we gotta get another drinking game. I noticed today instead of “Andy joins them” he walked in and Elissa turned him right back around.

  29. Finally the game is getting played and is interesting again. It took awhile to get here but it’s worth the wait, especially if any of the four members of 3 AM go home.

    Of course we know Elissa has just sealed her own fate. She’ll survive a short while before she’ll be joining whomever she sends to the Jury House. But its so worth it!

  30. The best move for Elissa this week is putting Amanda and McCrae up together (one would be guaranteed to be on the block). After that, the next best moves would be Andy and Amanda/McCrae, and then Aaryn and Amanda/McCrae. It looks like Elissa is going to vote Aaryn and McCrae, which isn’t bad, but I’m worried that if that happens, Amanda wins veto, uses it on McCrae, and Elissa is forced to put up Gina Marie or Spencer. There’s a decent chance the house could vote one of those two off rather than Aaryn, and it’s a complete waste of HOH.

    If she does put up McCrae and Aaryn, ideally Aaryn or Gina Marie win POV, take Aaryn off, and Elissa puts Amanda as a replacement. Judging by the live feeds today, Amanda seems to be her replacement nominee. One of 3 a.m. NEED to go home this week.

    1. If Amanda wins the veto, Andy could go up as a replacement nominee. He is still part of Amanda and McCrae and he still has a vote in the house. As the numbers fall, it doesn’t hurt having one less opponent. But i agree, i want to see Amanda go home. The best way i see that happening is by McCrae or Elissa winning the veto. McCrae would obviously use the veto on himself, leaving Amanda as a replacement nominee. If Elissa wins it, she could easily make a deal with Aaryn to vote out Amanda (I don’t see this happening though). The only thing i am unsure of is the result of Aaryn winning the veto, which would be worst case scenario for Elissa.

    2. Don’t forget if Demanda wins POV and takes McMinute off the block she can put up Andy. After all he’d just be a Rat Dog pawn.

    3. It is very smart of Elissa to keep everyone in the dark who the replacement will be. if she wants to backdoor either Amanda or Andy siNce she is keeping almost everyone in the dark except Judd and GinaMarie then she should make a deal with Aryan even thou she hates her as she is good in comps to keep her safe for three weeks which she first suggested and guarantee Aryan she is not going home. She needs to make sure that either Mccrea , Amanda or ANDY THE RAT,
      leaves now. She has to make sure that Spencer and GinaMarie will be solid since she already has Judd and if Aryan accepts the deal which I think she will then now she has the numbers to overthrow 3Am. ELISSA do not allow Mccranda to soil your HOH bed.

  31. I am so happy that a big move has been made… I’ve been waiting for this since week 3! So happy that Elissa shook the house a little bit so we can be entertained! So tired of the McManda Show!

    JUDD and Elissa pairing up to take out McManda and Rat Face… AWESOME!!! I really hope to see the two of them sitting in the final 2!!!

    If Elissa wins POV, nom is the same and McPussy goes home.
    If Aaryn wins POV, Amanda is the replacement and she goes home.
    If McCrae wins POV, Amanda is the replacement and she goes home.
    If GM wins POV, Aaryn is removed and Amanda get put up as replacement and she goes home
    If JUDD wins POV, nom is the same and Mc Pussy goes home.
    If Spencer wins POV, nom is the same and McPussy goes home.
    If Andy wins POV, takes off McCrae, Amanda becomes replacement and she goes home.
    If Amanda wins POV… uhm… who am i kidding… she can’t win anything if her life depends on it… literally!

    In the end… either McPussy or DeManda is going home!!! AMERICA = Happy

    1. or alternatively after BB feels like LETs MAKE A DEAL…
      if Elissa wins the PoV she then pulls Aaryn or McCrae off
      and then (((drumrolls))) puts dear sweet Amanda up…

      imagine Helen, Jessie + Candice upon seeing the rather nasty
      “wicked witch of the west” coming thru the door of the JURY house…
      unfortunately we loyal tru~fanz cannot see EVERYTHING 24/7

    1. There is definitely a wedge that can be placed between Aaryn and Amanda. They have been at each other’s throats for a while now. Aaryn is catching on that her whole game is being manipulated and could be in jeopardy because of Amanda. Aaryn is a prized free agent if she doesn’t work with 3 A.M. She has a partner in crime, which makes her 2 votes in a nomination decided by 3 (Obviously if she or GM isn’t on the block)

  32. I pick Judd & Elissa for F2 & Judd winning the $500k…just hope he doesn’t blow it and stay true to their alliance…Goooo team El & JU-double DD!!!

  33. I think CBS should just go ahead and write the check to Elissa……..that’s what they want to do…..write the check and call it a day ! This show is so biased ! ! ! The rich get richer and the poor just stay poor………it’s the American Way ! ! !

    1. Lol .You sound like Andy. I didn’t think winning depends on economic status in there. Reverse entitlement??Maybe some of them should get off their asses and get some ambition besides winning Big Brother and modeling etc. They are still young . Besides there is plenty of game left and a lot of work to do to get to the final two. It’s still anyone’s game.

    1. OMG! I need coffee. This is the 1st BBAD that I’ve actually wanted to watch. Could this be the BBAD that we don’t have to listen to Demanda talk about her crotch?

  34. It would be cool to think Elissa came up with plan but I believe it was hand fed to her by BB. In which case, means Aryn is truly the target. Let’s not forget Amanda was hand picked by the producer!

  35. Duck Lips’ slurpers are truly pathetic. Refusing to put up Demanda alongside McPussy is not a major move. Then again, Duck Lips could have put herself on the block and self-evicted and everyone on here would somehow spin it as a great game move.

      1. It’s not “hate for hate’s sake,” it’s honest criticism of an idiotic game move. Sorry, but not everybody is going to bow down to Rachel’s sister, you’re just going to have to accept that.

      2. LOL…. Aaryn, Demanda, and McPussy have already caught on to Duck Lips’ alliance with Judd and GM. Ducky is in deep shit once she’s no longer HOH. Production’s gonna have to hand her yet another rigged power to keep her safe.

        1. get off your hater-ade and quit talking about rigging. each comp elissa won, she won on her own. your hate apparently blinds you to that fact. blinded almost as bad as people rooting for demanda because she “plays a good game” when forgetting she’s literally a monster

          1. Ya better pray to all that is holy that Amanda doesn’t win tomorrow!! OMG, if she does will you still post under this handle tomorrow? PRETTY PAHHLEEASEEE ??? LOL

  36. I think andy is a pussy, I use to like him but not anymore. elissa she’s awesome, sometimes when Helen would talk to her I thought elissa was not too smart but she has fooled us all. that girls is no joke. love her, but could not stand her sister. Also I don’t care if everyone say’s she doesn’t need the money. you never really know what goes on behind people’s door’s. I love this season. go team elissa.

  37. NICE… Finally regaining my interest for this season!!!


    Loving the JUDD/ELISSA combo… McMANduh or Aaryn to go home…

    Here’s hoping for a good HOUSE CLEANING… TAKE OUT THE TRASH!!!

  38. I see why people want Amanda out but I see from a game perspective what Elissa is doing. Aaryn is her nemesis first and foremost. She also wins a lot. Out of the two. Aaryn can win Amanda only sleeps smokes and eats. She has not one anything so the next HOH comp when she, Eliisa can’t play in the HOH who better to play POV against. Aaryn or Amanda? She also left it open For Amanda to be back doored if McRae or Aaryn win POV. I know Amanda is who most people want out.

  39. Finally it gets interesting!!! Rooting for JUDD to win a F2 with Elissa. Wondering what will happen if Mccrae wins POV. If he uses it to take himself off Amanda will be put up and then wait for the fireworks to explode. She will go ballistic. Maybe she’ll do something that will get her tossed out of the house by production and then we could get rid of both her and Aaryn in one week. Wouldn’t that be something to see. I can always hope. When is the VETO comp??

  40. Aaahahaha man I love this! Everybody is just creaming their pants because they think that McRae or amanda is leaving this week… it’s not going to happen folks! that huge resounding THUD you will hear tomorrow evening will be the disappointment of Amanda winning Veto …You won’t be getting your wish. every macmanda hater in the world will have to look up the word crestfallen in the dictionary to aptly describe what they will be feeling after this veto competition is done. hahahahahaha! I’m waiting for people tomorrow to be throwing themselves out of open windows!

    Oh and the best part of it all is going to be on Thursday when 3 a.m. Boots out the replacement nominee and saves Aaryn!!! oh that is going to be sooo epic! And believe me, when it does go down, I’ll be right here giving out the double middle finger to all of you!

    1. Except that I’d bet that the replacement nominee would be Andy in that case. Elissa has already told JUDD, gm and spencer that they’re safe. 3am is making some serious miscalculations here banking on GM being the replacement if Amanda wins veto – and I’m sure Aaryn will sing like a canary when she figures that out. If push comes to shove, Andy is more important to McManda…and one of 3am is going home this week. I for one can’t wait!!

    2. Nothing would really surprise me, especially disappointment at this stage given that every week since Jeremy left has been disappointing. That said, Elissa would likely put up Andy if Amanda won POV and pulled Mc. A 3AMer is almost surely going no matter what. Elissa is in big trouble next week regardless. Whoever is left from 3AM will make eliminating Elissa their priority. If Judd or Spencer wins HOH, Elissa might be safe. GM is tough to predict, though if she has any capacity for logic at all she should understand that it is in her best interests to take down what is left of 3AM, as well. If Spencer or GM or Judd target Elissa next week, it is basically playing for 4th place. One side has an established alliance with a pecking order, the other side doesn’t. Your best bet if you aren’t in that alliance is to break it up.

  41. Great, so Elissa and Judd are now a team. Now we have 3 duos, GM/Aaryn, Amanda/McCrae, and Elissa/Judd. All i know is Elissa is actually playing the game, which i am happy for. But at the same time, she better do a good job at cleaning up the fallout that will come with it.

    1. What choice does she have but to go after Aaryn/McCrae/Amanda? Yes, there will be consequences, but she is likely to be evicted next week even if she nominated Judd/Spencer. She needs Judd or Spencer to win HOH next week to have a better than 50/50 shot of staying.

  42. In thinking this was Elissa strategy in the game. Play stupid like you don’t know anything when all along you ate one of the smartest and ate getting the job done this week…..Hopefully! She still is annoying as hell when she talks though.

  43. Duck Lips’ slurpers should consider working in public relations, because they’re experts at spin-doctoring. Up until today, you all wanted Demanda gone and complained about how vile and bossy she was. Now that your messiah isn’t putting her up, funny how that’s now changed to it being a “brilliant game move” to get Aaryn out instead. Will anyone ever be objective about the Botox Queen, or is it just going to be straight-up homerism until either she leaves or production rigs her to the win?

    1. You want objective—-hows this?

      Elissa is intelligent, personable (when she isn’t dealing with scum) beautiful. has a great body and OMG the positions she can work that body into, has the kind of lips that ought to be kissed, plus she knows how to play the BB game. Eat your heart out TSB.

    2. this is like IAN times IAN… its either very very evil or very very good…

      Elissa can backdoor Amanda very easily as she rallies the HGs!

      think of Janelle… think like Boogie… think of BigBro’s season’s past

      this is delectible becuz JUDD can be talked in2 plunking Amanda

      right next to Helen in the JURY house. Aaryn is 2B taught a lesson!

      if JUDD turns Spencer, as Amanda is evicted, the season will roar…

  44. Like the nominations, now Aaryn needs to win veto and back door Amanda. Forget Andy, he will flip once either McCrea or Amanda are gone. Andy thinks he is playing a great game, but he is the biggest flip flopper in the house.

  45. Elissa is feeling out the HGs. She knows Andy’s a rat and she will treat him as one until he proves different.

    She is running things now and will see how the other HGs react to that. Taking notes. She will keep the rat out of conversations and keep McCranda out of the HOH bed.

    She can’t put McCranda up together. One of them or a minion will take one down, save the other and all hells break lose for Elissa and Judd. Also this gives her a week to get a following, one that will nom and evict McCranda, and a week for these HGs to get out from under McCranda. This will be the first time that anyone has had to compete AGAINST the king and queen and not FOR. It creates a new dynamic. And scares the wits out of Andy because he is just floating out there by himself for now. He will have to change his M.O. or go down with the ship.

    She is not using power to get her way, she is using all that she knows about these people against them.

    She has told the HGs that they have to fight for POV and if someone doesn’t fight, they will be nom’d (although Andy asked her if she knew who would be replacement nom and she said she thinks so, she still wouldn’t tell him who so he couldn’t run to McCranda. I don’t know if that was a mistake, or on purpose. Andy could throw the comp now so he doesn’t have to be responsible for getting McCranda or even Aaryn out. But that would be a red flag for Elissa. Either way Andy is screwed now) So they have to fight for THEMSELVES, not McCranda for a change.

    She is alone now and because she never had a big need to get confirmation about anything from the rest of the house before, she doesn’t need it now. She is very willing to go it alone. She is putting out feelers and testing the remaining HGs for trustworthiness and reliability. IMHO

  46. That’s why this move is so big. Even if you go through all the possibilites 3AM is no more. And it could end with Demanda having to shave her head and still losing POV. And even we aren’t sure exactly what Elissa has in mind–will she or won’t she take Aaryn off the block if she can and make her indebted to her next week while putting up Demanda (shaved headed Demanda on the block with McMinute!!)

    1. Oh no that’s where you are wrong, hun. If Amanda wins tomorrow, 3 a.m. will all stay!!! Her Mcrae and either gm or andy will vote out the replacement nom. and aaryn will stay. Aaryn, Amanda and Mcrae…that’s the nucleus of 3 am. If they lose Andy, oh well, so be it. They will scoop up Spencer and Gm and steamroll. bet that.

        1. that’s cool if she does…but I don’t think she will b/c she knows gm will prob not vote for aaryn to go, so she will put her up alongside . and when gm walks out th door Thursday, she will be sooo blindsided, with a wasted hoh, thaqt she will probably self evict!!! Aaaahahahaaa God, I hope that happens!!!

  47. Maybe Elissa really is fixated with only getting Aaryn voted out, so if GM wins the VETO and uses it on Aaryn, then Elissa might put up Judd as a replacement thinking that an Aaryn, GM and Judd alliance might be a concerning possibility.

  48. Aaryn needs to go first. Mcmanda cannot win anything so now with Aaryn gone, they cannot bully anyone and will have to win HOH themselves to get people out. I don’t know why the house was always listening to Mcmanda. I would have said…Biotch…win HOH yourself! This is my MOFO HOH!

  49. E is giving everyone a taste of what it would be like if Demanda makes the final 4…a wake up call for all of them and E is doing shat secretly Spencer wants so she will have his vote.

  50. Why do I feel like this will be the one week Amanda wins the veto? If that happens hopefully Andy gets put up as the replacement. I wonder who would be more valuable to 3AM?

  51. If GM were to in veto and pull Aaryn off its no way E will put up Judd. Lol. She would put p Amanda She s wrong with Judd.

  52. Not gonna lie as much as I would love to see Amanda go on Thursday, Aaryn is the best to go for Elissa. They will NEVER ever work together. Aaryn is a beast in competition. (in a house mostly filled with people that either royally sucked or threw comps on purpose) Not to diminish Aaryn wins. (a win is a win)
    2 lessons future BB players should take from this week:
    1 – If you win HoH nominate who you want based on what’s best for your game
    (Aaryn letting Helen, Amanda and McCrae control 3 of her 4 HoH. Couple of opportunities to get your biggest rival out gone. How is that working for you this week Aaryn?)
    2 – Unanimous voting all the time every single week not always a good idea
    (How is that working for you at this stage of the game Amanda and McCrae? Got out Helen. But with Judd back in, ya’ll picked up a new enemy. No way to spin it and put all the blame on Helen. It was a unanimous vote. Could have played it smart by making it a tie where GM, Helen and Elissa vote for Judd & Amanda, McCrae and Andy vote for Spencer. With Aaryn being forced to send Judd out.)

  53. I am not sure anyone can let me know is it not that if Amanda wins the POV and takes off Mccrea then she can be a replacement since she she gave away her POV.?

  54. Simon/DAW
    we need a poll page to vote for the most racist/most beautiful/ugliest/most annoyng/best strategic player/most loved/the flip flopper etc etc etc….
    Thatd be so hilarious….esp if these HGs come visit this website and see the poll :D

  55. Just when I thought the game was over, it isn’t! I think the moms wer good. Aaryn is good at comps, get her out now, but wouldn’t be surprised if she comes off and Amanda goes up. Live that when Andy tried to squirm himself into Elissa’s mind as to who she would put up should Aaron come down, she would not tell him, TWICE!!!! Go Elissa!

  56. Aaryn has gotten a lot better not just in competitions but improving as a person, kudos to her. Although I don’t like her so much as a person I like her game. I would like to see Amanda gtfo of the Big Brother house though. Hahaha

  57. This couldn’t have gone any better all Amanda can do is threatan. Without mcrae shes nothing, and she wont have control without any one winning hoh good job elissa

    1. I just loved it when McMinute tried to threaten Elissa saying she’ll be the target next week and she just flat out told him “I don’t care about NEXT week”. He couldn’t believe it…he still can’t.

  58. McCrayFish’s old Pizza Shop is booming!

    2- Pizza Carry-Out “TOGO” Special:

    ? 1.) Thin Crust Anchovies Pizza
    ? 1.) Thick Crust Blooming Onion Pizza

  59. How would you rank the players you’d like to see win? Here are mine:

    Gina Marie

  60. Bring back the thermometer veto challenge from all stars!!!! It’s perfect timing for it. Nobody feels safe. Time for some real sacrifice.

  61. I was all excited for these nominations to cause a shit-storm. Thought 3 AM would turn on each other faster then aMANda blew McCrae. I guess I was wrong.

  62. If McCrae comes off the block the only replacement nom that will send Aaryn home is Andy. No one will vote Andy out. Aaryn promised Elissa the world not to be put up and Elissa declined. Later she tells Amanda and GM that it was a lie and she would nominate her and get her out next week. So for anyone saying she should go after Amanda this week, you would be wrong. Of course if Aaryn does win veto then Amanda goes up and out. Hopefully Judd wins HOH and hopefully Spencer drops Amanda and McCrae and goes with Judd, Elissa and GM.

  63. I am hoping that if Elissa gets Amanda out we will see a real Big Brother again. All the feeds say Amanda is going t Now I am watching ago win this. I for one hope this is not true! I was hoping someone would shake this show up again. So happy Judd is back.

  64. Why did someone hit Ellen’s foot while she was standing on the platform to catch the balls?
    Did anyone else see the hand, that was weird. that’s probably why she fell.

  65. Wow, just watched the Bridezilla segment on Anderson Cooper with Elissa…she looks entirely different, even sounds different…..funny how she look more like Rachel post plastic

  66. Bring back the thermometer veto challenge from all stars!!!! Its perfect timing nobody feels safe. Elissa has set up production for a perfect how far would you go to win this veto type competition.She has threatened pretty much everyone but spencer and judd and GM.Amanda would do anything to keep mccrae or so she says(lets find out). Mccrae would do anything to save himself because hes a paranoid twit. Aaryn is a drugged out freak so she would probably set herself on fire to win and we all know she would love to ruin any elissa HOH plans. And GM is a nutcase who will probably stay loyal to aaryn to the end to a fault. throw ratbag Andy in there who is afraid to even look at elissa in the eyes out of fear of being the replacement nom. You have a recipe for an epic veto challenge. I wasnt a fan of elissa because i felt like she was just skating through off perks and favors. But if shes gonna make big moves I don’t mind rooting for her or Judd. I want one of them to win. Anyone else i’d be dissapointed. Btw helen ruined this season with her politician lets all be unified friends for life BS. If i was production i wouldve sawed her right foot off forget just pushing her.

    1. I agree about Helen. She had the influence to lead the counter alliance to Amanda/McCrae, but wasted it on evicting everyone that might have helped her…all the while being delusionally confident about the game she was playing.

  67. I honestly believe that these were good nominations. Aaryn is a beast at comps and can probably win this POV and bam, up goes Amanda. However, if Amanda wins POV and takes Mccrae off ( which is unlikely because she hasn’t won sh*t ) Up goes Andy the rat! It’s obvious Elissa has a personal vendetta against Aaryn, but that isn’t a bad thing since Aaryn has won 5 competitions. Whatever happens will be a big game move. Hopefully Judd wins next HOH.

  68. It’s interesting how amanda’s mood affects the tone of the house…..the house has been quiet today because of amanda’s mood. It reminds me of growing up with an alcoholic!!

    1. I dislike Amanda as much as anyone, but I think the mood of the house has more to do with the fact that the people that have been in control of things for most of the season are now very worried about their safety. The balance of power has switched for the first time in almost two months, and everyone is reasonably on edge now that genuine uncertainty has finally entered the house.

  69. I’m shocked McCrae hasn’t tried to make a final two deal with Elissa. You’re on the block…now is the time to take action.

  70. WOW! Did anyone else here the rundown GM gave on Amanda and Aaryn’s perscriptions? Aaryn, who takes adderall, saying that Amanda takes too much of her adderall and GM saying that it’s no surprise that Amanda needs her xanax to sleep even though she’s not, and that Amanda had a coke problem (Adderall is akin to coke in pill form, btw. And too much adderall causes acute paranoia). As much as I loved it and was cracking up because it didn’t surprise me, it still struck me as innapropriate, doesn’t CBS have a responsibility to protect these people’s medical situations? Shouldn’t they have censored that conversation between Elissa and GM?

    1. Wow, it’s late out here on the east coast, you would think that I’ve never been any form of grammar school with my terrible spelling…. sorry folks!

  71. Why does everyone think that the veto holder won’t go up as a replacement nominee? Is that some rule that I have missed?

    1. Think about it. . .if the veto holder could go up as the replacement nominee, would anyone EVER use the veto?! I think not.

  72. amanda was set to win this “with help from cbs” ,but her mouth has gotten her into trouble where cbs will not let her win they “cbs ” goes to elissa “duck lips” to help her win it all…its nothing but bullsh!t…………duck lips is a snobby ass biotch she deserves NOTHING ,but a kick in the ass out the door……Cbs how about some house guest that arent friends with someone at cbs ,friends or family with any previous houseguest and let them play without any help ……..

  73. CBS: you look stupid and biased having amanda in 90% of the DR sessions. do you think your viewers are too stupid to realize this????

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