Mark “The crazy thing is we just told Kyra about the Pretty Boys without actually saying the Pretty Boys.”

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10:40pm HOH room. Adam, Damien and Kyra. Adam – congrats to you man. Damien – thanks! I needed that big time! Adam – it was a well deserved f**king win. Damien – yeah. Adam – I thought kyra had you man. Damien – me too! Adam – I though kyra had you .. I was like oh sh*t! But I thought Mark had it at first because Mark put down his pallets like.. snap, snap, snap. Damien – I just want to make sure everything lines up for tomorrow so I don’t say anything stupid that doesn’t match up with what’s happening you know. Adam – We’ll probably have a day to talk about it. Kyra – theres usually one day of nothing. Damien – oh yeah, okay .. right. Kyra – there was only one week that was back to back. Adam – We’ll all talk about it tomorrow. They all leave the HOH room.

In the HOH bathroom the cameras zoom in on the bathroom stall door. The lock unlocks and then the door handle slowly turns downward. The door opens and Dane peeks his head out. He then sneaks out of the HOH room and heads down to the havenot room where Mark is. Dane – hey, I was just in the washroom and to make kyra feel really secure because they know that me and Adam are close… and they’re close with Adam, we can say lets make a final 3 deal between the three of us. So its a final 5 but to make them feel good and very secure we’ll go me, Adam and them. ..and then to make them secure we’ll take out Mark and Anthony along the way. Mark – oh you’re just letting me know. Dane – because if we don’t they’re going to be like what the f**k, you know. Right?! Mark double fist bumps Dane. Mark – the crazy thing is we just told Kyra about the Pretty Boys without actually saying the Pretty Boys. Dane – me Adam and them can sit down and make a final 3. So that they’re not like holy f**k! I’m going against 4 dudes .. right. Mark – right. Dane – so that they can have the strongest competitor in Adam and one of the strongest competitors in Dane. And they already know that me and Adam are tight. Mark – but they know that you’ll take Kyra and Adam will take Kyra. Dane – so that when we get to the final 3 .. they know that I will take them and Adam will also take them. So they won’t have any suspicions about the four. Mark – right. Dane – this is going to work. Mark hugs Dane. Dane – we will just tell Adam and Kyra to go meet up in that HOH. Mark – they would never go against Adam. They would gladly say the words ..I vote to evict Anthony. Mark – if its a double I should win (HOH) and then you win the next one. Dane – yeah, I really want to see a video of coco. Mark – you get an academy award.. I know you could have done a lot better in challenge. Dane – dude, I did nothing. Mark – on a scale what would you day you did .. 40? Dane – yeah.

1am Adam, Esti, Kyra, Dane, Mark and Damien chatting about random things.

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King Silva

God I hope Damien wins HOH and or Veto next week..

Guy From Canada

Come on Damien, win HOH In the double and take put Mark or Anthony. I know it’s a long shot, probably going to be a memory comp then a scramble, Mark is likely to win but Dane is doing his work to re assure Mark their f4 deal. The fact Dane brought up Mark’s name earlier in the week gives me hope, that maybe Dane will gun for it so there is a chance…… but like another name said Production has the true magic dust this season and is sprinkling it everywhere changing the house votes to their storyline….

Thea Pierrot

I think Dane is on the fence. He is a smart man. He is quite committed to his PB from start to finish storyline as it would make history but he also wants to win a million dollars. His word is not solid even when he swore on his father. He is able to rationalize decisions as necessary for the game. He knows that Anthony swayed Mark to not put up Cory and he mentioned to Adam that Mark is the clear leader on data/mental challenges. Dane knows that is part of the final competition. He wants to win. If Dane does what is best for his game he will convince Adam that Mark has to go up then vote out Mark instead of forcing Adam to be the tiebreaker so Adam doesn’t have to break his word. He could worry about jury but I don’t think Mark would be a problem there.


What happens this week with the vote will either confirm what Another Name is suggesting (the show is entirely controlled by production) or we’ll see a move to take out Mark (for each of Kyra/Damian/Adam & Dane is the best move). The only true deterrent at this point is that Kyra was pulled in to make a F5 with them.

Still, I can’t get past a few things which point to Thea Pierrot being correct about Dane. First of all, as soon s Adam won HOH Dane was pushing for Mark to go up. The fallout of Anthony/Mark pushing so hard for Mark to stay off the block showed how tight the two are & Dane isn’t dumb – he sees they are committed to one another.

Dane offering pre-noms to be the pawn as well as post POV for me wasn’t done without a reason. I don’t buy for one second Dane ever thought he was really going up. Rather, I think Dane did that to test Anthony (who has never been on the block) & Mark (who was always the more logical choice to go up). It was one thing for them to fight the first round of noms but the fact they pushed so hard after POV for Mark to stay off the block spoke volumes.

Today Este told Dane she never suggested Adam as the nominee – Mark did & she just agreed it would be a big move. More importantly, she told Dane how Mark told her WEEKS prior he wanted to win HOH to backdoor Adam. These facts will resonate as Dane thinks on them today.

I’m thinking Dane just wants to get Mark up on the block & then we’ll find out the true plan. Once he’s OTB Dane could then talk to Adam & say let’s look at these 2 guys (Mark/Anthony) & how neither wanted to go on the block to help you during your HOH by being the pawn & were more than happy for me to go up. Shouldn’t that be a warning sign for us? Plus, he can push the whole narrative of Kyra telling them Anthony was trying to turn her against them both & how Mark told Este about his plan to get out Adam weeks prior.

At this point, outside of the notoriety of getting the PBs to F4 the only reason I can think of why Dane would want to keep Mark is to take out Adam. The problem with that scenario is then Dane would be next. Whereas taking out Mark now with this shot means Anthony’s days would be numbered since 1) he never wins 2) he doesn’t know dates 3) he would blow a fuse over Mark leaving & once Dane outed a few things Anthony has said the floodgates would open with each of Damian/Kyra & Este outing all the back stabbing Anthony was doing toward him & Adam.

As mentioned, the fact they made the F5 with Kyra does give me pause. That said, if things are truly not hinky in the house then taking out Mark would be the smartest move this week. There have been so many fake alliances created & broken (think Sadam/Deste/Kiki the week Sam took Kiki out as an example) so it wouldn’t be hard to backtrack on this & get Damian & Kyra to go along with them. OR they could create a BB great TV moment & get the split vote & then have Adam stand to break the tie & say ” Well, I know this might surprise people (insert Mark/Anthony smiling) but this season has truly focused on storylines & mine aligns better to this move, so sorry buddy, but I vote to evict you Mark!” The crowd would erupt.

Tomorrow will be POV ceremony, so let’s keep an eye on Dane & see if he decides to change the direction.

another name

Are we supposed to be ignoring Adam talking about the doctors (d/r) ‘consulting’ him about his renom choices?
I get so confused about whether or not we’re acknowledging the production tomfoolery or we’re pretending it doesn’t happen.
Sure, this is a reality based program in the format of a game show, not a game show in the format of a reality program (huge difference), but i don’t want to actually see or hear the puppet strings being pulled.

another name

What i’m disliking about the season (it’s probably not what one would expect):
I’m disliking the difference between the personalities and attitudes we see on feeds vs. the personality and attitudes we see on the episode edit. While i don’t consider myself the politically correct police (given some things i write, that would be hypocritical), but i figure show them warts and all.
I’m disappointed in the women of the season. I’m disappointed in their lackluster performance, lackluster game, lackluster edit, and the general ‘need a man to protect me’ feel. Yeah, ‘all female’ alliances haven’t fared well in bb history. that’s a given. But the intentional self subordination of the women this season: yeesh.
There are 37.06 million people in Canada. So, why does the casting of many bbcan seasons seem like they just chose four people, went through their social media, and chose 11 more semi-telegenic people to make up the rest of the cast? I really really really hate the whole ‘oh i knew that one back home, made out with that ones second cousin’s bosses sister, and played little league with that one, and did i tell you i was employed by the parent company of the network’ aspect of casting in bbcan.
The last thing: while i’m a tinfoil hat conspiracy minded person when it comes to production… i don’t want it to be so damn easy to be tinfoil hat. I don’t want people to express a plan, or name a target, get called to d/r and come out with a completely different plan and target (going so far as saying the monkeys behind the curtain told them what they should do). I’ll suspend my disbelief… as long as i’m not beaten over the head with the obvious. I hate the insult.


This season has the stank of production all over it! And they also want Damien to make it to the end without a doubt! That with him is seriously sketchy, I wouldn’t be shocked if his family has ties to the show somehow. of course it’s a lose lose when it comes to how real the show is, ppl complain when the same ppl win ( think Emmett and Jillian season 1) what a snooze that was lol and when it seems “rigged” for competitions for the underdog to win people would complain. I agree it’s good to have things shaken up when they become to predictable BUT like someone else says we DONT want to blatantly see it or hear about it the producers calling the shots! Instead of them having control id like to see them offer cast money lol ? ? bring them into the diary room and say if you change your vote we’ll give you a prize of $xxxx amount! I think that’d be interesting, gives players a chance to make money or stay with their original plan.. at least that would be better than the cast being their puppets

Lolo is short for Louis

For every second Kyra is staying in the house , you know the production got their hands dirty in wanting to have him/her stay in the house .