“I could sit down with anyone at this house right now.. [and] I could switch that shit like this”

Big Brother Canada Spoiler – Veto Players were Dane, Chelsea, Maki, Kyra, Adam. Host Was Eddie. Adam wins the Power of Veto

9:16am Mark and Kyra
Mark talking about how if a site upload a video of them doing something or saying something inappropriate they could always file a copyright (BOOO) Goes on about their “should only be one official upload”
Mark says he remembers something the comedian “Louis C.K.” would say .. he would go and Flag fan made content for copyright that included his content.

Dane and Anthony
They talk about Sam taking the “brunt” of Something (Not sure what it is but some truth came out that hurt Sam’s game)
They fist pound saying it worked out perfectly.
Dane about mark – He thinks he’s smart which he is
Goes on to explain that Mark watched a lot of seasons and is over thinking things “People like that they go home”
Anthony says “MA” told him Adam needs to go he’s too strong .
Anthony – I’m like all these competitions aren’t the same and Adam is a target he needs to stay ion this house as long as possible.
Dane mentions that “MA” told him about getting rid of Adam as well
Dane – I think we get Sam out first.. and she (MA) was like WHY?
Dane’s reasoning is Dam gets into Adam’s ear.

Eddie and Damien
Eddie saying after week one he see that Damien is a very trust worthy person
Eddie – we need number sin this game in case there’s a double or triple coming up..
Eddie – I like Kailyn.. you like Kailyn to?
D – she’s a nice person..
Eddie – I think she’ll go with us too..
Eddie like that they represent different minorities.
Eddie – I feel like the minorities never really work together in past seasons .. I think we should work together
D – mmmhmmm
Eddie – we just need numbers
D – lets keep numbers on our side..
Damien says the people that are sleep deprived are the ones that are worried they are the ones over thinking things.
Eddie says he feels it’s everyone against Kyra. “Right?”
D – mmmhmmm
Eddie mentions something about flipping then says they don’e have the numbers (to save Kyra)
Damien agrees.

Chelsea and Sam

Chelsea saying they need to work with Dane, Adam, Tiki, Eddie, esti (Estefania ) they have the numbers to take over the house.
Chelsea adds they need Kailyn to thin they are closer to her.
they talk about how Kailyn thinks she can read them.
Chelsea – you’re not a super hero Kailyn
C – She is dangerous .. you see what she did to Kyra this week.. she was the one that said Dane and Adam were a target and she pinned it on Kyra..
Sam – I know

Chelsea – she trying to run this house like she’s the puppet master.
They are both worried about Kailyn being able to control people in the game. They think Dane is easy to be manipulated.
Same – he’s so weak in that sense
Chelsea – I know it’s annoying it’s so annoying.
Chelsea says Kailyn wants “floaters out” like esti
Chelsea – it’ sucks to lose Kyra this week but we have no option right now .. I have no option than to distance myself..
Chelsea – I feel bad because I like Kyra I don’t want to looks like someone that was with someone and dropped them..

Adam, Maki and MOMMA
Adam saying they have to send Kyra home. “no one will be upset when she goes home”
Adam says that Sam/Chelsea, Damien are all going to vote to keep Maki
Adam – Me and ma that’s five.. we only need one more vote I’m pretty sure it’ll be unanimous

10:33am Dane’s Cheerios advantage. Dane goes on about Cory mentioning Cheerios to him.
Anthony – either she goes or we bring her into …
Dane – you talk to her..
Dane thinks it’s genius that Anthony will pull Cory in.

Rooms looks in good shape.

Anthony, Adam and Dane HOH
Anthony – yo we have the numbers.. I could sit down with anyone at this house right now and even if they’re like AWWWW okay Adam’s a beast.. you know Adam’s all that.. I could switch that shit like this.. (snaps fingers)
Adam – are we sticking with Kyra
Anthony – we’re sending Kyra home
Dane – Kyra’s going home..
Adam says he’s scared about Ma he’s going to try and pretend to be friends with maki
Dane – we can get her out next week.

Adam and Chelsea
Chelsea is worried if Kyra gets off the block Dane would put her up because she’s associated with Kyra
Adam – nope..
Adam – I don’t want you to go home and I will fight as hard as I can to make you not go home
Chelsea says if she wins the veto it’s in her best interest not to use it
Adam – if you did you would be going against the HOH … I know you will feel bad about it but it is what it is..

7:00pm Kiera and Damien

Kiera going on about how Cory gets called into the Diary room a lot more than the rest of them.
Kiera – she’s a secret agent that is why she hasn’t talked game with us
Kiera – she (Cory) gets called into the Diary room every 15 minutes … this might be overboard but someone noticed she wears a black tank top underneath her clothes all the time.. so.. I dunno..
Damien – watach out..

Esti and Kiera
Esti bringing up a conversation she had with Kyra warning her about Kailyn.
Esti – I literally trust the boys I actually trust them except for like Mark and Adam
Esti – I feel like I can trust everybody else but not about this.. at this point I don’t thin kailyn has the power to turn the boys against me.. I don’t think that can happen..
Esti – if the veto doesn’t get used Kyra is going to blow up Kailyn’s game.. that is fine next week Sam and adam if either of them win HOH we know what they are doing.. Kailyn brought up Sam’s name.
Esti – they are going to get her out for me anyways.

Kiera – at this point it’s


11:00pm Feeds come back and we find out Adam wins the POV.  (I don’t see the POV being used unless Dane implodes..  which could totally happen. )

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I can’t wait to se one of the bro’s eventually up on the Block with Sam or another Bro by his side. They will implode on each other and SECRETS will come spilling out. there won’t be enough prayer Circles in the world to save them. except maybe whatever STD ADAM Keeps trying to get rid of every 3 seconds he scratches his junk in that house !!!

another name

IF the new normal is the hoh doesn’t get to compete in the pov, I think they are limiting strategies. In a season promoted as intrigue and double agents and spycraft, why would production limit the strategic ability to pull any kind of from the top down preplanned back door or blindside? shrugs… okay, let’s make sure all of the intrigue and spycraft comes from the story line editors and limit the options and free will of the house guests. Just my thought.
I haven’t formed enough of an attachment to anyone to care who goes this week. I wouldn’t mind seeing some of them knocked down a peg or two in the ego department, but, not attached to anyone yet.
Last thought: dear Kailyn, telling people to let the primary target win the next hoh is the dumbest move you can be pushing.

Guy From Canada

I keep saying that to keep it interesting take out the back door somehow. Like the re nom has to be someone who played for POV, that would make it interesting and watch alliances implode

another name

i don’t mind back doors so much, really. I think if they truly want to change veto to curb the power of the head of household, perhaps the winner of the veto should get to name the replacement nom. That would be a chaos twist to the norms.


missing the feed clips