Dane – it’s like talking about the kid in school that smells like piss right in front of them..

Big Brother Canada Spoilers –

12:25am Dane and Esti  (yeah from last night)
Esti – I want to make the competitions fair because if Adam’s still here…… they’re not fair
Dane – I don’t think I can beat that
Dane thinks he’s competitive against MACK but not Adam “that’ guy has long steps he’s . Jacked.. . F* he’s more shredded than I am.. ”
Esti – he takes one step that’s ten steps for me. ..
Dane – no chance you’ll beat him.. in that kinda competition… (a stride comp)
Dane says they’ll wait until double eviction night to take Adam out.
Esti says they don’t have to wait until double if they don’t have to they can take Adam out before, “I know a few people said they wouldn’t mind putting him and Sam up”

9:46am Eddie and MOMMA
Eddie says his type is Asian guys “tall wot dark hair”
Momma – I like black men.. I love black men…
Eddie – Black.. what kinda black mam
Momma -STRONG .. so you know how we have Anthony here he makes me so mad. he’s tall and he’s big but he doesn’t have that ARGH that I think a black man is supposed to have..

1:39pm Dane and Anthony
Anthony is worried is someone other than the pretty’s win HOH they will put Sam and Adam up. If that happens they have to move the target off Adam.
Anthony says Sam has gone to MOM, Chelsea Kiera Adam trying to form her own thing..
Dane – we need to get Sam out man…
Dane says last week the vote flipped between Damien and Laura because of Sam.
Anthony – I have a plan.. Adam has been getting very…. if you’ve watched how Sam acts with mark I can see in his eyes that he is jealous..
Anthony says they should get mark to pursue Sam out in the open and highlight that to Adma so he thinks “that girl isn’t worth it”
Dane says Adam mentioned to him “they need to get Maki out because Sam is losing numbers”
Anthony – who gives a f* about Sam … I’m going to talk to him
Anthony – Damien is on board
Dane – everyone is on board..
Anthony warns him that Esti loves maki
Dane – I know man I’m not saying much around her… I’m not stupid

2:22pm MOMMA and Cory
Cory saying that Damien would put up Adam and Sam because “they put him up”
Kailyn says she would put Sam up but wouldn’t put Adam up she would backdoor him..

Eddie joins them. Cory says the people taht haven’t talked game to her at all are “the twins” (Esti and Keira), Dane, Mark and Chelsea
Kailyn says Dane doesn’t trust Cory.
Eddie says the people that never talk to him must be the people targeting him, “right?”

3:45pm Dane and Kyra
Kyra – I’m going to ask you straight up if there’s a tie breaker are you keeping me over Maki
Dane – that’s a tough question and I’ll get back at you..
Kyra – I dohn’t think it’ll be a tie breaker
Kyra goes on about not putting Dane on the block for the nest 2 weeks.
Dane says he hasn’t mad any deals with Maki only Kyra.
Kyra lists off her nieces and nephews, her life etc etc she won’t go back on this.
Kyra asks her who she should work on for votes.
Dane – don’t work on KIKI don’t work on Kailyn


4:07pm Stef and Kiera
Stef – So Dane so me that thing
Kiera – he’s f*ing smart
Stef – I know, I think it’s so nice that we’re working with him
Kiera – I know
Stef – I trust Dane a lot
Kiera – yeah … it’s interesting how things ebb and flow
Stef – I’m still weird with mark
Jeira – Adam said something interesting when in the Have not room .. I think Adam is trying to stir the pot a little bit
Kaiera – he’s like yeah I’m sleeping in between because I don’t want anything weird to happen
Keira – he’s like I’m sleeping in the middle cause I don’t want it to be weird.. maki is like what are you talking about Adam looks at me and he’s like ohh you know like when They’re cuddling and all this stuff I think he would see how I react to it..
Keira – the thinkg is I don’t Feel anything
Stef – I think Sam is spending all that time with him because she wants to show people … she wants to make people think it’s her and Adam./

4:40pm Kiera and mark
Mark – every day in this game gets more and more mentally draining..
Kiera – yesterday was DAY 8 it was the POV …..
Kiera lists off what happened these last 8 days.

Mark says you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what is going to happen. (in this game_
Mark goes on about the cure for Polio…..

5:30pm Sam, Adam and Chelsea

Sam – we have to get Maki out
Chelsea – we have to get Maki out
Adam – Can I tell you something
Chelsea – I would like it if you did
Adam – it stays in this room … Damien.. is he’s just like I’m voting any way you guys want me to vote. Keep Kyra she’s with us
Adam – I’m thinking put f*ing kiki and MOMMA on the block..
Sam – that’s so f*ing smart cause MOMMa would go home


Dane joins them…
Sam – what are you thinking Dane
Adam – I feel like you’re stressed out…
Dane says he’s not stressed out..
Dane says he’s talked to Kyra… is “she” stays “she” won’t put him up
Dane – get this… Maki.. god bless that kids soul I’m like if you win HOH would you put me up… Potentially
Adam – solidified right there.,..

Dane going on about how he “swore” to Maki he wasn’t going home but if they can get the numbers he’s on board. Adam, Sam Chelsea all saying that they never swore they will vote him out.
Dane says he told Maki that the HOH doesn’t control the votes “it sucks because i’m covering my foot steps.. I brought to his attention this sucks… I can control who goes up abut I can’t control peoples votes”
Dane mentions this week is his resume builder for days to come
Dam and Chelsea – we have you

Sam – Maki is going to make BIG move I promise you
Chelsea says they have the votes to evict Maki, “Us three, Damien, Eddie, and Mark”
They don’t know about Cory suspect she not on their side.
Dane – I have Eddie .. he came up to me and said whatever you want I owe you everything
Sam jumps says says that Kailyn really wants Esti out
Sam – we need Esti to understand that
Dane – 6 is the number we don’t have to worry about anything other than 6

Sam says they’re worried there will be a tie.
Dane says he’ll work on Anthony to get his vote. “we have to keep this all hush hush”

Sam asks them why Kailyn is campaigning so hard for maki
Chelsea – she knows she needs that number if she has that number she can keep building something
Dane starts warning them that Cory is still in the game and she has “something”.. “They wouldn’t throw her in here”
Adam – we can’t count her out and we can’t go against her right now
Sam says that it was Maki that started the whole thing about getting Cory out.

5:40pm Dane and Adam
Dane says he’s “fully onboard” with getting maki out but if that happens they have to “get someone in this room out pretty quick” (SAM)
Dane starts warning him that someone is going to put Sam up . Adam says that Chelsea, the two of them and Mark won’t put her up. Adds Keira Won’t
Dane -Kiera isn’t going to win HOH
Dane says if someone from “that circle” wins HOH Adam and Sam are going up.
Dane stresses he wants Adam in the top four and he wants Sam in “as long as possible”
Dane – I’m look out for the four here man.. (Pretty boys)
Dane says he’s staying away from Esti because people were saying “SHOWMANCE” and he didn’t want it to mess up his game.
Dane says the two of them are going to go “back and forth” with the competitions.
Dane – I looked at this guy and I’m like I hope this guy’s a f*ing Bro
Adam – is Esti and KiKI legit in that 8 we keep talking about
Dane – they are
Adam – they’re not though
They confirm their loyalty to the pretty boys alliance..

6:00pm Adam and Cory
Adam says MOMMA wants Kyra gone. Adds that if Kyra stays she’ll want kailyn gone. Adam goes on about Maki being the poorer choice to keep this week. Says Kailyn will get in his ear and because Maki is a strong competitor he could win the HOH.
Cory says that Maki doesn’t seem to be the type of person to let someone get into his ear.
Cory – he’s strong
Adam – that’s just how I see it there’s pros and cons to keeping both people

7:09pm Dane and Kyra 
Kyra says Kailyn is campaigning hard to keep Maki. Adds they heard Kailyn talking about it in their own bedroom.
Dane – it’s like talking about the kid in school that smells like piss right in front of them.. it’s like you smell like piss man.. not saying you smell like piss…

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Juno's the best

Hoping that Mski goes.
Sam is Trouble!!!!


The cast is great BUT Kyra needs to go home. Her constant pouting and whining and pity-party is already annoying. Maki is one of my faves at the moment and I’d hate to see him leave 2nd. I don’t want this to turn into bbcan6 where all the interesting players leave in the first half.