Maddy’s House Meeting! Tim “you made me feel better about my game now”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: Tim and Maddy
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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6:10pm Living room – Maddy tells Joel and Nick that she wants to call everyone to the living room but doesn’t want to interrupt anyone. Nick tells her to just go around and ask. Maddy lets people know that she wants to talk to them in the living room. Tim asks if she doesn’t want him there. Maddy tells him its fine, he can stay. Tim asks do you want Nikki, because she’s in the bath. Maddy says I don’t think it matters. I’ll just tell her after. Maddy says I’m obviously going to do a house wide campaign to show you guys that I’m not going to run to each and everyone of you saying different things and try and tell you stuff that I’m not telling this person or that person. So you can see that I am an open honest book and everything that I’m saying I’m saying to everyone. You can choose to be here or not I you think your vote will not be swayed, you can leave. So everyone here is saying there is opportunity for your vote to be swayed? Yes or No!? Jared says you’re not going to sway my vote I’m just curious what you’re going to say. Obviously this has been the week from hell for me. I’ve lost, alone, unmotivated, scared and just down. And not only have I been put on the block, I’ve lost someone that I care about a lot in this house.
Obviously most people in this house dislike me on a game level and on a personal level. And almost every single one of you dislike me on a game level, which is fair right?! But the person next to me, every single one of you like Tim on a personal level and every single one of you like Tim on a game level. So it will only benefit every single one of you at the same time in this house right now if you keep a constant target in this house. Because instead of Nick and Joel going up on the block it will be me and one. So you guys are all one step closer to getting to the end. I will always be a target. The brothers would probably put me up on the block again. Kelsey would put me on the block. Jared would put me on the block. Cassandra would and probably so would Joel. Tim will always have Cassandra and Nikki. ALWAYS! I will have no one. If you think you can beat me over Tim .. that would be your mistake this week because Tim is giving you the illusion that he doesn’t want to win this game. But I don’t think there is anyone in this world that could tell me if they have a chance to win $100,000 they’re not going to take it. Tim asks what if they’ve already got $250,000! Maddy says 100K would only benefit you at this point. Cass says I didn’t know you had that much? Maddy says Tim is the biggest social competitor in this game. He’s best friends with all of you. Tim says I’m a nice guy! Maddy says if he stays this week that will prove he is the ultimate pawn and he will never leave next to any of you. If you guys all want to play on a personal level then fine kick me out and you guys all look like the a$$holes.


Maddy says you know that Tim has gone around to several people including me and Ramsey, talking about all of you. And not necessarily in a bad way. Just for your information Cassandra .. Tim was willing to be in an alliance with Ramsey and I. Tim says I didn’t agree to it. Maddy says right but you were willing. But you also weren’t willing to work with Cassandra. Tim says as a four. Maddy says you said that you were routing for me to win. Tim says I’m routing for everyone to win and I think everyone knows that. Tim says I think I should give you some pointers or give you a head start or something. Like I would even work against my own self.

Maddy says That’s fine if you all think that I’m a horrible mean person and you want me to leave for that reason ..That’s fine! Tim says I don’t think that is the reason. I think you would beat anyone in this room more than I would. I think you’ve played a better game than I have. Maddy starts crying. I feel so isolated by you guys. Some people need to realize that this isn’t personal. Maddy says you guys can all leave I honestly don’t care. Tim says just let it simmer. Tim asks what is the risk .. .are you saying you’re a weaker social player than I am? Maddy says its that people aren’t willing to go against the house majority. Tim says I think you would have a better chance against anyone. Maddy says obviously you’re the ultimate pawn. Tim says if I go home who do I blame? Myself. I’m taking control of my own fate. That’s how I play, people know I’m going to give them an honest answer. It sucks that I’m on the block against you because I might buy this but I’m only one vote. Maddy says I know exactly who’s going to follow me into that jury house .. and I can’t f**king wait! Tim says you made me feel better about my game now. That’s nice because I was the opposite on game 1, everyone hated me. Maddy says welcome to my life.

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Maddy wins

Epic speech, better than Dan’s famous funeral. Go girl, we are waiting at home for you to win and bring home the money!


Sorry to disappoint, but the only money Maddy will be bringing home is her stipend.


Maddy wins, lmfao!!! Kk, that’s enough, your hilarious!!! We all love the sarcastic remarks but I think some people think you serious.


Don’t like Maddy but her points make sense… She’s just so unliked that no ones really hearing her out.
Brother realized they fucked up and now they’re trying to push for Tim to leave, so people will go after maddy next week and not them…. It’s not gonna work though and they’re 85% leaving next week probably.


I wish they would listen to her and vote Tim out that’d be amazing. Just for the drama really. I’m not a fan of Maddy or Tim.


Tim needs to goooooooooooooo
Maddy through him under bus LOL and everything she said was right
Kelsey is an idiot I can’t


You know how you sometimes end up disappointed when you finally get to watch a movie that all your friends have been raving about for weeks?

As I was watching Maddy’s House Meeting after her telling people for hours it was going to happen soon, and her rehearsing by herself what she was going to say, I was trying to come up with something that had been hyped up so much, and that had yet failed so miserably.
All I could come up with on the spot was the Hindenburg. And maybe the Titanic… But the Titanic at least had a few weeks of smooth sailing! 😉
Any other suggestions?


Frenchie that’s a great point. It wasn’t as EPIC as it could have been for sure. While I’m not a Maddy fan and in truth I’m not a fan of many in this season lol. In fact Cass was my least favorite, but it’s become harder to deny the fact she IS playing the game the best of the non internationals. The fact Cass seized this opportunity to gain as much intel from Maddy as she did to use to her advantage later was really savvy. Moreover she dose seem willing to cut Tim if Maddy can get 2 more votes (the reality is Maddy just needs one b/c Cass would get Joel to vote with her). For all those saying production is spinning the Cass story this was ALL CASS today. And I’d
argue that ousting Mitch and Raul was Cass too. At that time I still wasn’t in the Cass fan club, so I’m just calling what I saw.

As for Maddy I do credit her for not blowing up everyone like the Bros suggested and I like that she took this open forum approach to campaigning given this particular house is more prone to spin private conversations as lies. By calling out people in public (like telling the room Tim also was willing to work with her/Ramsay & threw Cass under the bus) it is less likely to be perceived as a lie. Still, in truth Maddy’s game was over in week 4 when she back doored Love.

So, how could she have utilized this session with a more positive outcome?

First I would have said to Tim as soon as he interrupted. You asked to be here and I said it was fine, but since I’m not going to be present in your private campaigning please give me the respect of not interrupting, besides it only serves to show your guilt.

Further the minute Kelsey interrupted with her personal shit about Maddy being a mean girl (and her own bonds with her “friends” Bros/Jared) I would have said. You see Kelsey it’s all about perspective because your not
allowing me to speak which could be derived as mean. I don’t deny I’ve been salty, yet I never interrupted your campaigning, nor did I tell people you HAD to go. Rather I was able to separate game from personal which
apparently you cannot.

Let’s face it Jared people wanted Kelsey to stay b/c they feel she has you by the balls & with her here you won’t use the right head and conduct yourself differently. For example, I doubt you would have be so cruel to me just after Ramsay left if Kelsey wasn’t in your ear. You inferred I was a slut for simply seeking some solace. Tell me should I have just gone and sat alone in a corner? Is that really who you are?

If Ramsay leaving proved anything to all of us in this room it’s that this is not our reality. Our family and friends on the outside are.

With great respect Kelsey, you get angry when people say you’ll never win. You think it’s because of comps and the fact you got a second chance. But the truth is it’s b/c you aren’t playing the game strategically. If you
honestly believe voting me out is a better game move for you then fine. But that’s not why you want me gone. Whether you can admit that or not now is the question. Trust me the story line surrounding you voting me out will be viewed as a vindictive personal move not what could have moved you closer to getting your hands on the money.

And while we know everyone lies in this game if we are to be completely honest with each other we all said that the Canadians should be in the final 2 chairs. If you keep Tim this week you do recognize they are both still here with only 7 players remaining, right? And if I leave you can be assured I will be pointing out the fact each of the Canadian jury members were ousted when you all had a chance to keep us. So who is really playing this game or more accurately is playing to win?

All I can do is appeal to your sense of reason everyone and you all know I’m an open book. So keep me and gain the loyalty I had with Ramsay: the benefit is I’ll always be ahead of you as a target and most importantly when I win HOH next I’ll take down your target without you getting any blood on your hands! At this stage in the game that alone is worth keeping me in the house.


Hi there. You alright Dan Ganseling!?


Wow! Yes! I was expecting something like that! 😀
I know Maddy was in a very difficult position going into that House Meeting, but I guess Tim’s praise over the last weeks on how “Maddy is the best player and deserves to win” must have had an effect on my expectation of her: she had some very valid arguments she could have made, but she didn’t even really go for it. Example: “Tim has been talking about all of you behind your backs. Not necessarily in a bad way”. Well, what a way to take the wind out of her own sails here. I remember Tim being very passionate when talking to Maddy/Ramsey on how Jared has changed from being the nice guy to being a jerk, that he can no longer be trusted, Kelsey is a mean girl, Nikki is a disposeable, spoiled brat, Joel will always float to where the power is, the brothers have no balls, etc. etc.
She wanted to point out that Tim had promised her, the brothers and Jared the same, mutually exclusive things: “you deserve to win, I want to go to the end with you, you have my vote if you’re in the F2”.
She could have used the interjections of Tim, Cass or Kelsey to her benefit, yet rather chose to revert to “you can all leave, I don’t even care”.


You nailed it. Ever think of applying on the show? You have a great outlook on the game.


Boo Hooks Maddy. Raul and Mitch are waiting for you in jury.


If nikki and kelsey get in the final 2 I vote NIKKI
Kelsey didn’t do anything and she came back doing the same thing So Nikki


If Nikki gets to the end I’m voting for her against anyone!!! God I love her!!!


Boo Hoo. I obviously can’t spell


Pack your bags Maddy. you’re a poor sport. your self pity party is not fooling anyone


So Kelsey sums up her summer camp mentality by saying ‘we’ want people that are fun to be around, positive and get along (paraphrasing).
Where did they find this girl? Oh yeah, I remember…the bar.
Anyway, does she think that the house, when full of positive, fun people, is what makes you win?
Please laugh when Arisa says and here’s Kelsey if you’re in the audience.
She’s a joke.


Kelsey is an effing bitch.


Response to ‘Stop’: what has Nikki done in this game? Anyone who would vote for her to win has something wrong with them! You can’t be serious.
Kelsey is a nice girl, she spends too much time with Jared but tries in comps and doesn’t whine and complain. From day one she has treated everyone well; that being said I think Tim and Cass are playing the best game – I’m sure they both would vote each other out if they had the opportunity though! haha

As for Maddy, I can’t wait until she leaves the house … this girl is mean, even when she tries to get others to change their vote she tells them if they don’t vote to keep her they will look like as*holes.


You are right on the money Bud. Yes they are all mostly there for the money but she is so thirsty. She’s mean and calling the girl a c**t for saying “it doesn’t feel good does it”…I mean come on. That wasn’t anything to be such a nasty child about.
I think Kelsey is handling things well to. Slop for two weeks straight, I would be ready to choke someone.


The only thing i … well…respect about Maddy, so to speak, is her desire of winning unlike others (i.e. Raul, Nikki etc) who came to Big Brother “just for the experience”. She’s sooo hungry for/obsessed about the money … but i think she should calm down a few notches.
Social game – wise, strategically though, she’s a total “disaster” .


I just finished watching tonight’s episode & just have to say what a class act Ramsey is. He made the right decision to leave & I have so much respect for him. My thoughts are with his family & hope his Dad has a speedy recovery.


The best part of maddys speech was when joel laughed out loud *awkward*……that made me Giggle hard.


I really got to like the brothers; they have more empathy than I thought.
It’s really a shame they did the ‘cool kids’ thing with their nominations.
I wish they stood up like she did and didn’t care what Jared the coward and his girlfriend thought.
These two having been playing house enough. I don’t watch big brother to see people staring into each others eyes.
Kelsey has no clue.
Maddy not needing to see a psychiatrist at this point says a lot about her fortitude. She does not apologize for her choices and I like that.
This was so painful to watch.

sunny dee

the brothers always make me laugh when they talk about how smart they are, or how much smarter they are than Kelsey. phil wants so bad to replace Kelsey in Jared’s affections it’s kind of sad. it’s like, look jared there are only 4 people left will you be my best friend now, please please please please, and jared says, yah, no, thanks, i think i can do better.

Moe Green

I cant believe most of you people are saying you would vote for Nikki. A useless tit on a bulls ass she is. How the hell you want a NON Canadian to win Big Brother Canada is unbelievable. BBUS would never allow that shite to happen.
I would like a Canadian to win Big Brother Canada.


Five people don’t want a Canadian to win BBCanada? Not from around here then eh.

Toe Cutter

I do want Maddy to leave. She brings nothing really to the table. I mean she is just the “target” for one week, then what? Its a stupid plea that will get her no where. The meeting was a waste of time. She doesn’t want people to play personal yet this is the only reason she hates Kelsey is on a personal level. Other wise WTF would Kelsey be such a threat if every one says she will never win? Soooo whats the threat of her then and why all the hate. Oh right jealous personal shit. I hope she cries a nice river to Mitch and Raul.

It would be funny if Tim left though. He’s playing all cool and smug but I love the desperate look on his face and in his voice when hes trying to convince people that he’s in control of his own game…haha

Ariana Grande stinks!

I am only waiting for the moment to see the Imbecile Brothers evicted. That level of stupidity, emptiness, shallowness, idiocy… it’s rare.

Failed HOH

This is getting unbearable to watch. It’s like amateur hour in there. Phil/Nick get voted HOH by the people expecting to see Jared or even Tim gone. They completely choke because they have some weird thing for Jared. Now they think they’re geniuses for having Tim up with Maddy. When they should of had him up in the first place with Nikki. Maddy and Jared/Kelsey could go at it.

They think they can pull votes now to get Tim out when they know good and well you got people like Kelsey who absolutely does not understand the game at all and votes personal(even though she keeps saying it’s not). It is better to vote Tim out, he’s the biggest player in the game! It’s so hard to listen to Kelsey talk game. It makes you cringe.

This is so simple, but since we’re dealing with recruits here it will never get done. Jared/Kelsey could make the deal to be safe if she won the next HOH and if she didn’t then she would be back on the block. Some how that idea never comes up. Better yet, Cassandra/Joel tell Nikki that Tim is going to get her out and those three vote him out. Maddy stays and if she wins she puts up Jared/Kelsey.

Just want to see one good game move. Instead Tim and Cassandra’s constant disloyalty and lying.


You’re watching the wrong season if you’re looking for even “one good game move”. Better luck with BB18. This house was not cast to showcase good gameplay.


I actually think they did cast some (very few) good BB players in Loveita, Mitch and even Dallas. The only problem was they talked game, played the game and were no fun to hang with.
Dallas upset Jarod’s feelings – so he had to go.
Mitch did not idolize Jarod and totally devote his life to Jarod – so he had to go.
Loveita, well she was just no fun, just game – so she had to go.
Christine might even have given some of them a run for the money but again, she was no fun – so she had to go.

Beatrix Kiddo

I don’t know why everyone thinks Nikki is such a great asset in the house. She’s not bad but she’s a whiney brat with barely an interesting personality and when she talks its like this dragged out speech that shes forcing out. I just don’t see how she was even one of the four picked. If they wanted drama I can think of at least 6 people from other BB’s around the world that would have been good. Playing the game while causing shit yet people still like them. Nikki was not a good fit in this house at all. People like her in the house but to watch her its like nails on a chalk board.

I don’t care what Maddy says, she will still go after Kelsey no matter what she blubbers. She is now saying, Oh you don’t know who my targets are”….Ummm yes we do ding dong you have said it was Kelsey for ever and said to people “every one knows that”…NOW all of a sudden it has changed in this one speech? ERMM okay then.
I love how the little biatch becomes the victim. She says “well I have no choice now to hang out with you guys” After Jared says that she has been actually fun and good this week and hanging out ect. This is what makes her a total jerk and her fake tears and words of “poor me” makes me want to Hork!

Canadian Bacon

“People are not willing to go against their partners” <—–Yes Maddy, it's called an alliance.
"Most of the time it is a "social player" who wins". WE KNOW. But people will remember how you treated them in the house also. That right there could cost you a vote.


I cannot stomach that Tim. He certainly thinks his shit don’t stink. I have been sitting here tonight reading over a lot of comments and my opinion is that I would love to see Cass be the next one out of the house. She runs around planning everyone’s demise while doing nothing to take care of it herself. Yes, she has all her bases covered up to about Monday of this past week, but everyone is on to her now. I wonder what will happen if Jared/Kelsey win the HOH this week or even Joel. Joel does not want the brothers to go before Jared, because he knows he and Cass are safe with them. Lets see what will happen if Cass and Tim push him to evict the brothers. He must know at this point he will be nothing better than 3rd if this happens no matter what side he plays for. Jared if he wins HOH will have to consider the fact that if the brothers go this week as the result of a Tim/Cass push, he will be next. I wonder how much of his talks with Phil this week have been true. Surely he knows Cass and Nikki are with Tim. He doesn’t know how close Joel is with Cass or does he? I guess we will see if these people figure out whether they are better off with the brothers in the game for another week or two, because both Jared and Joel need them at this point in my opinion.


Honestly I don’t hate Maddy I guess the game really changed her personality but who knows tbh. BUT she made good arguments and Kelsey is playing on a personal level its different when you tell someone I want don’t want you here because YOU are a good competitor than you telling someone you want them gone because they are mean and nasty….like everyone talks shit in this game Maddy is just very open about it and yes she can be really rude ive seen it multiple times, but it would be real good if Tim left, hes going to win the game and hes not even Canadian great.


I think if the votes switched to Tim this week then production would pull a switcheroo & say well Ramsey already left this week so we decided nobody goes home tonight!
Let’s be serious! Tim can’t go home…he is the only one in the house that is entertaining at all. It would be so bloody boring without him in there. This whole season would have been terrible!


Those brothers have got to be the stupidest players yet,they think Jared is taking them final three,wake up and smell the roses you guys are the next to go.Should’ve made a big move,just don’t know how much longer I can watch Kelsey and her side kick.


I am no Maddy fan, but you start to feel bad for her when she cried at her house campaign after Kelsey said she didn’t want to keep her because she is mean. But the sympathy went away when Maddy tried to demand that Cass tell her one time she was intentionally mean to anyone? Of course Cass didn’t give her an answer. I guess Maddy is mean so often that she doesn’t even know when she is doing it anymore. I understand why Kelsey said it. Maddy made comments about Kelsey the day they all entered the house, before anyone even really had a chance to talk to each-other. Disappointing that season was filled with nothing but a bunch of mean girls.

If Kelsey/Jared were smart they would go to Maddy and come up with some sort of deal. Granted, it’s risky with Maddy since she has proven she will go against an alliance member but Maddy knows this far into the game she needs someone to have her back if she wants to get any further. I believe that if K/J would switch their vote, so would Cass, she knows she can’t beat Tim at the end. Doing this would convince Cass that Jared/Kelsey/Maddy would have her back and if K/J/M won HOH they could just put up Cass, she would never see it coming. Maddy isn’t stupid, she knows what Tim told Ramsey about Cass is true…she would be smart to go after Cass next. Even Joel would vote Cass out.
TIM HAS TO GO……….NOW. get him out.

(side note) I thought it was disgusting when Nikki opened the shower door on Phil and on Joel then laughed about it. Wonder what would have happened if anyone opened the shower door on her? She flips out just for someone waking her up. You know she would be in the DR throwing a tantrum, calling them all sorts of names and demanding that BB brother kicks that person out of the house. I just didn’t find it funny at all and thought it was wrong that BB didn’t say anything about it.