Maddy “People personally & game wise don’t like me. Its hard to convince people to keep me.”

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: Tim and Maddy
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-20 07-03-51-459

10am Tim says he loves Canada and wants to come back and see it properly. Its like a dream I never asked for. I’d like to know how to get dual citizenship. Nikki says she would live in MontrĂ©al. The conversation turns to talking about vehicles and sports.

10:35am In the HOH room – Cassandra complains to Kelsey that Tim doesn’t stop talking. Cass says we’re the only normal people in this house. Tim won’t stop talking. Maddy has mad in her name she is so mad. Jared the control freak. The brothers are annoying .. they have an HOH room and won’t even sleep in it. These people get on our nerves. Cass leaves. She and Nikki talk about how annoying everyone is talking about the movie “Into the Wild”. Nikki tells Joel he can join their anti-film club. Nikki tells Nick not to follow the crowd and watch it. Joel tells him to watch “Walk the Line”. Nikki says they could start their own movie club.

10:50am Cass tells Nikki we just have to think about who is going to beat us in the end. If ever win HOH I would never get you out. Nikki says I would never get you out. At the end of the day Jared has Kelsey. The brothers have Joel .. I think. Cass says Joel is close with all of us. Nikki says he could win this. Nikki says she thinks the brothers should really go. Cass says I think everyone thinks that. Nikki says I think them against a pawn. If they get any further, they’ll win it because they’re likeable characters. Cass says Jared could win it too. I don’t give a sh*t about being phony to these people. Nobody care about that dumb movie. Nikki says they’ll get bored of it and then have nothing to say to each other.

11:20am In the kitchen – Cass tells Maddy this is going to be a hard week for her. Maddy says I have 24 hours to change it. I can’t decide if I should go to people and be like this week f**king sucked and I’m all alone. I could try to convince people Tim is stronger. People personally love Tim as a human being, game wise they also love him. Maddy says now lets look at me, people personally don’t like me and game wise they don’t like me. So its hard to convince people to keep me. If People didn’t like Tim on a personal level this would be easy… I could be f**k Tim is stronger. Cass says its difficult. You’ve got a battle.

12pm Cassandra tells Joel its hard in the house. I feel so sluggish. I’ve gained like 15 pounds. Kelsey asks Cass if she wants to paint her nails. Cass says I don’t know maybe we should ask Jared if its okay. I can’t do anything without him telling me how to do it. I can’t even breath right. Kelsey says I wish you guys could just get along. Just tell him to kiss your a$$. Suck your d!*k.

12:30pm – 1:25pm In the bedroom – Maddy says I have so much information that I could use to stay but what if I go and all these people are feuding. Cass asks what do you know that could help me? Cass says I think Tim would take me to the end. Maddy says she thinks Tim would take someone quite big .. like Jared. Maddy says at some point I am going to grab all the potential voters and bring them into a room. And say if you 100% are not going to sway then please leave the room. Maddy tells Cass that when her and Ramsey asked Tim to be in a four way he said he does not want to work with you. You have a big social game and you will lie and flip flop. That’s why the four way didn’t work. He doesn’t think you will ever go against him. If Tim drops you he has someone behind him that will vote to evict you. He will always have Nikki. Just like Jared, he will always, always have Kelsey behind him. Maddy reminds Cass that Tim voted her out. Cass says that she’ll vote him out to get him back. Cass asks who is better for my game to get out first Jared or the brothers. Maddy says she thinks either. Tim values your friendship but doesn’t care if you’re on the block. He told me several times he was happy for you to go that week he voted you out. Maddy says if I won HOH in a double I would put up the brothers and a pawn or Kelsey. Cass says that Kelsey doesn’t deserve to win. She’s been in summer camp. I think Joel’s been riding my coattails this whole game. Cass says that even a sh*tty player like Kelsey would beat me because of all her friends in jury. Maddy says as soon as I’m in jury I’ve given up and don’t give a f**k who wins. I’ll probably just go with the majority. Cass says I think we need to have an open forum. If you get two other votes I will vote for you. Maddy says Nikki is a write off. Maybe if I can get Jared, I can get Kelsey. Cass says Jared won’t.

1:30pm – 1:40pm Joel and Cass whisper about getting Jared out next week. Cass asks if Tim will come after her. Joel says no. Cass says she thinks Tim wants to win. Cass asks when do we get Nikki out? Joel says at 6 or 5 we get her out. Cass says I think we’re like the Jon and Neda. Tim joins them.

Phil dresses up as Alfalfa from the The Little Rascals.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-20 13-05-25-490

HOH room – Tim tells Cass that he’s bored. He says he asked Maddy if she was going to campaign so he would have something to do. He said he asked if she needed some pointers and a head start. Cass tells him that Maddy plans to call a house meeting.

4:20pm – 4:40pm In the high roller room – Maddy lets Phil know that she is going to call everyone to the living room later to talk to them. She says she wanted to warn him first because she’ll be saying something’s wants him to know where she stands with him. Maddy then heads to the bedroom and practices her house meeting speech.

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What a bitch cass is..she never stops complaining. In almost every update that girl is complaining.

The Watcher On The Wall

True, but I do believe her complaining is part of her strategy in planting seeds amongst the other houseguests. She’s been working overtime all weekend to get in final 4 and final 2 deals with everyone in the house because she is preparing for the possibility of a double or instant eviction. She has planted seeds about getting Jared out with Tim and for getting Tim out with Kelsey while also telling Kelsey & Jared she wants a final four with the two of them and Tim. She’s worked on Phil and Nick and then she went to work on Joel. This morning she’s working on Nikki. I’m not a big Cass fan but I have to give her credit for putting in the work toward and end game. I love watching Jared & Kelsey together for entertainment value (I’m always a sucker for a good showmance) but I’ve been frustrated with them just separating themselves away from everyone so they can whisper sweet nothings and give each other messages all week. Kelsey has been better at least making a few attempts to get her head in the game.


You had me with Cass but……………
Jared and Kelsey a good showmance LOLL HAHAAHAHAHAHA


It’s mind boggling how Cassandra has cut F2 deals with almost everybody and throws everybody under the buss, but except for Tim and maybe Nikki, nobody sees it.
Don’t they compare notes ? They don’t, because if they did, they would be able to see through all her BS. I do hope they will see through her fabric and will send her home until it’s not too late. Based on her social game play alone, if she makes to F2 she has huge chances to win.


I recall a conversation between Lovita and Kelsey when they were sequestered in the secret room where the focus was on Cass’ game and how she strikes deals with everyone….
Kelsey is not playing the game at all, others on this forum are correct, summer camp with her girlfriend Jarod.


Final three will be Cass, Kelsey and Nikki, with the final comp taking three weeks to determine there will not be a winner this year. Fourth place, realizing they will be in the house with those three will be the final HOH and self evict, but will be awarded the prizes.


Why would Joel want to keep Tim? hello he wants you out as well as the brothers OMG
This house is soo stupid keeping Maddy would actually be useful cause she can win stuff
Even Cass should realize she won’t win against Tim if he decides to take her to final 2 and Maddy trusts Cass and will help her


joel-cass and tim aka freak show alliancxe which isnt in the alliance guide!

Pay Attention

Cass has no plans to letting Tim or Jared make it to the final 2. She’s trying to get Tim to take out Jared or the brothers. She’s working on Kelsey and Jared to get Tim or the brothers. She wants it to be her choice of either Joel, Kelsey, or Nikki to take to final 2 because she thinks she can beat them for sure. Even if Jared & Raul were in jury and to vote for Kelsey, Cass believes everyone else would vote for her, including Maddy.


Pay Attention, you’re bang on, the game that Cass is playing is a little skeevy, but with out winning comps, it’s her best play. And lucky for her his years houseguests are idiots, (except Tim, which was smart of her to align with him) so she might actually be able to get away with it till the end. She’s always playing the game. She doesn’t have loyalties, nothing is blinding her, she’ll get rid of Tim tomorrow if she has to. She might be a little annoying to listen to all the time, but nevertheless, I have to give her credit for being a game player. And isn’t that all why we really want to see. Just to bad there weren’t a few more in there to make it interesting! #miss Mitch


Kelsey is so useless besides ruining Mitch’s game only b/c Love told her it’s not like she would have figured it out herself WHAT HAS SHE DONE THEN CATER TO JARED ASS????????????


Kelsey actually did figure out what Mitch was doing for herself, she watched him going back and forth to everyone for a week. Loveita only confirmed to Kelsey that she had a deal with Mitch too. Kelsey said he had deals with everyone. So, no, Mitchs’ game wasn’t ruined just because of Lov, BB played a part in it too by letting the 2 girls watch everyone for a week before one went back into the house. I was happy that they got Mitch out. Now if only they would get Tim


Kelsey and Jared would be better off going to Maddy and trying to make some sort of deal but then again, they know they can’t trust anything Maddy says. Everyone just needs to get Tim out, then Cass. I’m surprised that they can’t see what Cass is doing, nor can they see what Tim is doing. I really don’t want to see Tim or Nikki in F2…A Canadian needs to win. I don’t want a wild card taking even 2nd place. They need to go. To bad it’s not a triple, put Nikki/Tim/Joel up .. save Joel and out go Tim/Nikki. It frustrates me to no end, that these HGs didn’t get them out as soon as they came in. I have a feeling if Tim goes Nikki will walk out with him because no one else in there will want to babysit her. I don’t understand what the fascination is with these two. I must be missing what everyone sees in Tim..I find him annoying and arrogant. I don’t care what he did in his season to win BB..yes, I watched some of his season. Nikki just has tantrums like a 5 year old, her greatest moments on youtube were funny, in a whiny spoiled brat sort of way…but after the first week of her, i had enough. This may be their only chance to get Tim out, I hope they take it. GET THE WILD CARDS OUT!!! LOL

A Fly On The Wall in HOH

I’ve watched as Phil & Nick had a conversation about both Tim and Cassandra’s game style. They really do have them both figured out. They know Cass has floated around the house making deals with everyone. However, it doesn’t look like anything is going to line up for them to get an opportunity to take Cass out before she has Tim or Jared get them out first. The brothers were hoping Maddy would be the one to raise a big stink and spill all the beans on Tim’s gameplay after he went up as a renomination for Ramsey. But, ever since her crying fit the other night, she’s been mostly quiet and sulking. Maybe she’ll work up some drama today.


I don’t get why people are so concerned with it being a Canadian who wins. It’s a frickin game show, the prize is a measly $100,000. And never mind that, just sounds like such a petty stance. Waaaaaa!!!! I want a Canadian to win. I want the best player, or at least the most entertaining to win. I dont wanna see the Leafs win the Stanley Cup either this year cause they suck shit, and it would make the NHL look amateur having a shit team win. It’s the same for BB. Don’t wanna see boring, stupid players, that aren’t even playing strategic. It’ll make BBC look amateur. If Cassandra doesn’t win, I want Tim!


I get what you are saying but the house would be boring without Tim and Nikki. Just be Jelsey playing house, Phil bullying Nick and kissing up to Jared, Nick depressed, and not being allowed to talk game, Joel being weird, Maddy getting madder and Cass getting fatter and annoying the shit out of everyone.


Tim is an asshole he gets such a good edit on TV he is so rude to Joel and Phil
He is so full of himself when he shocked he wasn’t Canada’s Fav for HOH OMG


As much as I dislike Maddy I don’t want her to go the brothers were stupid to put her up in the first place she was a number for them and she could win HOH and done the dirty work


Brothers are sooo stupid they should have listened to Raul its Maddy then them
Why would they take out Maddy she would have been everyone #1 target still, now its them
Phil you idiot so desperate to be with the cool kids


Well, at least Maddy is starting to do a bit of campaigning. Starting your campaign with Cass though, when you’ve been in a room with Joel all week and not said a word? Joel is the one that makes up his mind and pretty much stays the course. Cass slithers from side to side.
Her major difficulty will be Jared and Kelsey. She’s broken two deals with them. Will telling them the three / four person deal with Tim idea have any effect on them? Only if she can then get them in a room with the brothers. Even then, downplaying her own place in the game vs. Tim’s place in the game will be difficult. She has directly targeted the twosome, he might.
I actually don’t think that Tim cares who goes next week. I think he believes he has the ducks rowed well enough that any of them can go and his standing won’t be in jeopardy. That might be Maddy’s strongest bargaining chip.


Personally I believe Joel is trying to find a way to still get Jared out of the house. He would rather go to the end with Tim and Nikki and sit F2 with Nikki because we all know people want to be F2 with her. I would love it if Joel won HoH this week. I could see him putting Kelsey up and the Brothers with the potential of getting Jared out. – Of course that just means he puts himself in the crossfire of everyone else and Tim is still in good shape. So I still like Tim’s chances no matter which way I look at it.
Cass is setting up all these deals but everyone knows it. So really it’s no good to anyone but her.
Tim hasn’t done anything but present different scenarios to people. Like who do you think can win or who do you think you can beat. He hasn’t really locked anyone down yet. Cass thinks she has him in her back pocket but she is in la la land. Tim and Nikki made a deal at the very beginning of the game to always have each others back and they have from day 1 no matter the fights or arguing – that says a lot. It also says a lot that Nikki never goes on the block as a pawn or otherwise from the outbursts and that everyone shares everything with her just as much as Tim. Plus she is a floater.
Jared and Kelsey – Still connected at the hips no matter what. Like glue. Like everyone said, the further they go the harder it gets to get rid of one or both of them.
This next HoH is very important for all of these very reasons because I see Cass , The Brothers, Jared and Kelsey as the primary targets right now.


For arguments sake, what could Maddy’s campaign be?
To Joel: Joel, you’re good with all of the couples. Welcome to third place. If you’re good with third, enjoy. If you aren’t good with third break up a couple when you have the chance.
To Kelsey: You hate me. I hate you. But everyone in jury is your friend and hates me. Sounds like the perfect person to keep in the game. You’re old news to me now, you didn’t put me on the block, the brothers did. Why waste my time getting you out when they targeted me?
To Jared: Tim was pushing for an alliance with me and Ramsey to get you on the block and out of the game. You think you can trust him? He’s lying to you. Who do you think convinced me to put you on the block instead of the brothers? I could care less about you and Kelsey, the brothers are my priority now.
To Cass: The only person that has brought up your name to be put on the block and voted out is Tim.
A house meeting won’t accomplish all of this unless she says look to your left, look to your right, look at me: we all have final deals with Tim. I have no final deals with any of you. I can’t win in jury, the jury likes any one of you more than me. Roll the dice and hope he means the deal with you or get him out because he’s a wildcard in deed as well as name. Don’t make yourself a laughing stock by letting a non-canadian win. He’s here to win and he can because he’s friends with everyone, I can’t win against all of your friends in jury.
Would she put this together?
What is Tim’s campaign: Maddy hates everyone and she can win comps and doesn’t deserve to be here. You need me coming up for my vote. But he can’t say that to the whole group because that brings up that he has too many deals.
Doubtful this will happen.

Maddy's fan club

If Maddy doesn’t Erin it will be obvious that the game is rigged. She has played the best game in BBC history. They just don’t want a blonde female to win

Marsha The Moose

Oh my! You’re just as delusional as Maddy!! LOL!!


Maddy’s fan club, that’s not a real post right? Your either super funny, or high out of your mind! I know it’s 4.20 but jeez.

Big Brother is life

Cassandra deep down I bet wants Tim out. Tim going means she still has Joel and Kelsey behind her. Nikki not having Tim would go to Cass and if Kelsey trust Cass then Jared just may too if he isn’t too stubborn. Cassandra needs to push Joel. Like Joel was a star early on now he is playing the Steve game. If he ends up winning HoH and does take out the strong players of the season or people going far. He will be exactly like Steve. (Steve got a twin and Vanessa out) Joel could get the Brothers, Kelsey, or Jared out. Then what go to the end and win cause he did this? If Cassandra can get Joel then she just may possibly be able to convince Kelsey and again if Jared isn’t too stubborn, he also would convinced. Like I don’t know what it is. Maybe Ramsey leaving but I am cheering harder than ever for Maddy to stay. Right now this house is about to be filled with stupid players who floated. We should’ve saw this coming when the beginning of the game was 3W vs. Love/Dallas/Mad/Rams and the rest was in the middle and we saw which the middle immediately drafted to the 3W side of things. Heck the first vote showed where this season was going. Maddy staying would be a player who can take out people needing to go before she goes. Tim is a threat. He has been once since he came in and immediately read what Christine was thinking making everyone like him. Also I think it will be a very sad Thursday when Nikki goes. But is it me or is it people who play like Nikki go extremely far before they get sent home and people are so sad when it happens, (Season 1: Talla, Season 2: Heather, Season 3 Pilar, Season 4:Nikki)

But anyway Cassandra is Maddy’s only hope. Maddy needs to also stop being caddy and talk to Kelsey.


dawg and simon-he Freak Show was an alliance in Big Brother Canada 4 who consisted of Joel Lefevre, Cassandra Shahinfar and Tim Dormer. They formed during week 7 as the middle group and are the ones who no one wanted to work with.


Kelsey is at summer camp – she even comes close to saying it every time she’s on the block: “if you want to keep me because I still want to stay and have some fun and make some friends,,,,,blah, blah, blah” She has not once stated she has something to offer in the way of usefulness to someone’s game.
She is the biggest floater since PILAR.
Don’t worry if you don’t remember; forgettable was the way she came in.
Nobody calls Kelsey a floater but she is. She is Victoria/Derrick (just that she’s actually pretty), trusting that her summer camp crush is going to give her the white horse ride into the sunset at the end.


Cassandra and Tim are floaters. Kelsey is a coattail rider.


Kelsey is not at all comparable to Victoria.

She did the Mitch thing effectively PLUS Jared would be on the block right now if it wasn’t for her this week. She not only got him to talk to the brothers, but she also got Tim to do the Shark tank meeting. Kelsey has a brain and she uses it, she is just not overplaying like Maddy or an absolute lying snake like Cass.

And Jared is not her shield, he is literally in love with her. They have a genuine connection and Kelsey does not flirt with him disingenuously at all. He appears to be literally in love with her and she does not go out of her way to make him feel that way. He just is. However, if anything she aids him in this game.


Maddy you just will waste your breath you will leave with a 6-0 vote. Bye Bye !!

sunny dee

easiest person to take to the end or at least F3 is Cassandra. she isn’t winning comps, so if you are even half way smart or competent physically, you can beat her at any challenge. that way you get to decide what is going to happen. i think she thinks she is playing a better game than she is, because most people seem to have her in their radar, especially at this stage of the game. I think Joel is solid with her, because he knows that about her. Kelsey is just as useless, but she has 2 built in votes so she isn’t someone you want to take with you.

really Nikki is similar in skill sets, but she may have more popularity than cass, or at least someone like joel might consider that. joel will also consider it better BB play to have made a connection early in the game (like he did with cass) to work with them all along the way in the game, and to be sitting beside them at the end.


bb gave sarah the game…maybe they will help maddie?
doubt it…only because of the swearing and guy jumping ….but…Maddie is most deseving of the girls


Let’s be cards on the table here: Inviting the person you are campaigning against to the meeting where you campaign against them is stupid.
You are giving them all the time in the world to counterpoint every one of your arguments, even while you are making them.
I’m shaking my head with a bit of an eyeroll happening.


Let me get this straight. Cass is not a good player…everyone is onto that girl in the house…everyone knows she has her pungy hands dipped in everyone’s cookie jar. Cass, to me, is like a smarter version of Sabrina, with a little Andy mixed in. If Mitch was not screwed by the production twist, he was still be there. He was playing the same game as Cass but smarter.

The most useless players this season are Kelsey and my girl Nikki(love you boo, but you are terrible at the game)

Tim is playing the best game…and everyone pretty much is playing mediocre games…not the best, but not the worst either.


Mitch and frankly most of the house had the opportunity to make the twist irrelevant.
They chose to bring back Kelsey.
Most of them didn’t want to. They wanted to bring back the hated one and revolving door her out of the game. They didn’t want to ruffle feathers with 2 to bring back the person 8 would have preferred to bring in and send packing again. They only stayed in segregation to decide for less than an hour.
Mitch even discussed such a twist with Loveita during the game, and how it would have to be played to revolving door someone if they had too much information coming back in and not to strengthen an alliance in the house.
He choked. And he was already on the radar of Tim, Joel, the brothers and Cassandra after his aggressive campaign for Maddy to stay. His time in the house was cut by two weeks max. by the twist when he went above the radar of half the house.
His overplay to get out Dallas and his underplay in allowing Kelsey back instead of revolving dooring Loveita killed Mitch’s game, not the twist.