Big Brother Canada 4 April 20 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: Ramsey Next POV April 16th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: Ramsey and Maddy
Current Nominations: Tim and Maddy
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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Jamal C

Is Cassandra really wanting Maddy to stay or is this just a butt-kiss for a jury vote?


So let me get this straight, Maddy spends the whole season shouting from the rooftops and complaining and honestly, being a complete terror. The one chance she gets to justifiably do all of those things…. and that’s the best she came up with?
I hoped for fireworks. I got one sad little sparkler that fizzled.


after watching tonights show.. is anyone else besides myself feeling like production is making this year the TIM show .. I liked him at the beginning but one can only take so much of him .. and come on .. almost ALL the diary sessions they show are of TIM .. enough already .. if he stays after tomorrow .. want to call it quits on this year so called BIG BROTHER .. ooops the TIM SHOW ..


ikr!!! like i do like Tim and think he is hilarious but he is basically narrating the entire season!


feed vs. episode incongruencies:
Ramsey’s initial d/r (we would have had the bros backs to the end: contrasts them as target until 1 hour before the ceremony last week. contrasts Ramsey throwing the veto to Jared saying they were going to get Rual to renom the brothers.
Time tossing: from the feed blackouts we know Ramsey left and came back to say goodbye. We know Ramsey was there the night of Tim’s talk with Phil by the pool. We know Maddy’s talk at the pool table happened after Ramsey left. All kinds of edit and out of order and out of context happening there. dr. who level rearrangement.
Have Jared and Phil compared notes on Tim this week episodically? No, they haven’t even had the triple handshake deal. oh.
I can see where this is going.


What if the show isn’t telling the house guests, but with Ramsey gone, there will be no eviction? What if they are making them sweat?


Here goes.
It’s not because they aren’t Canadian, but I don’t want Tim or Nikki to win.
It’s not because Tim annoys me (he does), it’s not because Nikki is Nikki (she is).
I can’t get past the separate contract paid for the season pay or play thing Tim and Nikki discussed a couple of weeks ago before the feed went zzzzzzz.
If their contract stipulates that they are paid for the term of the show as they suggested, whether they are in the house or evicted, it is to production’s advantage to get the most for their money by ensuring that they make it to at least jury.
This explains why no talk of evicting them was ever in episodes pre-jury. This explains why talk against either of them was often interrupted by d/r calls, and then dropped until after jury started.
The two have been plants this season. They get called to d/r and when they come back they run right to the nominees each week either to be that friendly ear to get the nominee showing emotion clip, or to get them to start campaigning. This was the job of the d/r elves in season 2 and 3. Tim and Nikki (moreso Tim) has taken on that role this year.
When Tim whispers to Cassandra (points to the ceiling) they will most likely make it hard for us to get rid of the brothers now (thinking they are Canada’s favorites), I tend to believe that is because Tim is aware that production has done the same for him.
The Mitch Joel and Loveita talks about Tim seemed to dissipate pretty quickly after a couple of d/r calls. I found it interesting that many topics of discussion seem to fizzle when d/r calls happen, or when feed screens go black for about thirty seconds.
If the two internationals had the same contract and the same stipend as the other house guests, I would say okay, fair game. It isn’t.
The fact that the house isn’t getting rid of Tim now is mostly because the house is full of “this will make me a star” types and a couple pretty foolhardy “don’t rock the boat” folks. After all, Cassandra says to Maddy “f**king Tim making me look like sh*t on tv. he’s on the Cassandra tv show and trying to f**k with me.” and even she isn’t going to vote him out? Instead she’s cuddling with him before bed for more air time.


Omg I can’t stand maddy. Last week she was all cocky and acting like she owned the game now she’s acting like a little baby cause she’s potentially going home. It always amazes me how upset people get when they are on the block. Like sure ypure upset but it’s a goddam game and someone has to be nominated. Why does she think she deserves to there anymore than anyone else. Maddy getting all upset because Kelsey said she’s been mean and nasty is a joke. Maddy HAS been mean and nasty this whole game. She has shit talked Kelsey so much. Clearly they don’t like each other and have both shit talked about each other. Get over it Maddy cause Kelsey only spoke the truth. Also if you were looking for some pity by calling that meeting you did a shitty job. You were so rude and acted like an idiot and insulted everyone. Not smart when trying to get people on your side. Gahhhhhhhhh please send this nail biting, lip licking, fake ass orange tan, eye goo picking mean girl home!!!!!


Kelsey acted the exact same way when she went from the top of the totem pole to the bottom.


So hope the brothers are up on the block this week. Who do I think will pull the trigger … IDK. For all Tim’s talk I’d hope it was him. I agree the edits suck but Tim is entertaining. Has anyone given us an entertaining DR? No, I’d rather see his DR sessions than anyone else. Maybe that’s why Tim is in there. Last week what was said about Thursday’s show? Something about family? I hope it’s a rewind!!! This week is a right off.


maybe, just maybe, there will be a major move made by little nikki…she has flown under the radar through the whole game with her tantrums and unthreatening rants…she makes sure she is seen as a weak to non-threat to anyone…she may be a whole lot sharper than anyone is giving her credit for….she did win this game once….same formula????…like they say, this is not her or tim’s first rodeo….they have experienced this game before AND WON>>>


Tim is a caniving, narcistic 30 year old momma’s boy whose only claim to fame is playing a reality game…AND WHY is an aussie and a brit in a Canadian reality show…..try using some Canadian celebrity personalities …
This is the first big brother that doesn’t have it..not close to the last one for sure