Maddy “I’m annoyed these f**k heads cheat, steal and lie.. and get only 3 days on slop!”


POV Holder: Jared Next POV April 9th
POV Used Yes POV Ceremony April 11th
HOH Winner: Maddy Next HOH: April 14th
Original Nominations: Jared and Kelsey
Current Nominations: Kelsey and Raul
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch
Have Nots Raul, Nikki, Kelsey

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-13 06-43-35-396
10am Big Brother has ended the havenots and Raul’s solitary punishment for eating food is now over as well. Nikki asks Rual how it was? Raul says it was horrible. He learned not to break the big brother rules. He says he could hear them having fun.

Big-Brother-Canada-4- 2016-04-13 07-09-36-117
10:25am Hot Tub – Nick, Phil, Cassandra and Tim are talking. Tim comments on how Maddy is the one that could win this with her resume. I don’t know if people would vote for her but she is good at speeches. Phil asks if its going to be unanimous tomorrow or not? Tim says I don’t know. I don’t know if Raul has changed his campaign or not. I don’t think Kelsey knows how to campaign. I think Raul has done enough anti-campaigning. Tim says that Raul helped Jared win the veto. Did he not know he might go up if Jared won it? Phil says he had an idea. Tim says if Raul had tried to make Jared not win it, Jared would be going home and Rual would could win this. That would have been a big move.

In the bathroom – Jared tells Raul and Kelsey that this morning Tim said he is going after the brothers. Kelsey says I feel like we’ve been a shield for everyone in this game. Everyone hides behind us. Kelsey says Jared and I are going to study really hard today. Yesterday we wrote a list of everything but it got taken away. Jared says I was thinking of making a deal with the brothers. Kelsey says you should.

10:50am In the bedroom – Nikki asks Tim who would you go after Maddy or the brothers. Tim says the brothers. I’m not too concerned with like this is my target, you work with what you’ve got. Tim says that Kelsey told him the brothers are wanting to put me and you up. I don’t know if she was telling me that so that I would save Jared. We just have to watch because people are going to try and turn people against each other to get the votes. Nikki says that Maddy was quite sour that we got off slop a day early. Tim says the brothers have gotten to a point where they can’t hide any more. Nikki says Maddy shared her Rye with the brothers. Tim says yeah that was quite revealing. Nikki says and she is just hanging out with Joel to use him. She never hangs out with Joel. Tim says I wouldn’t mind if Joel won it (HOH). Nikki says well I’m glad it was you and Cassandra that took my vodka because if it was one of the others I would have lost it. Like if the brothers had taken it. Nikki says how good would it be if it was a double eviction and Maddy got backdoored.

11:15am Hot Tub room – Joel says that at first he thought a good idea in a triple would be to get rid of one person from each side but now thinks it would be better to get Maddy and Ramsey out. Jared will always be a bigger target in front of us. Everyone is threatened by Jared but for me once Raul is out he’s not. Kelsey is not a threat at all. Cass says we need to get Maddy or Ramsey out. Or if Jared or Kelsey win they’ll go after them. Joel says I was happy when Jared won the POV. I don’t want them to go too too far but… Cass says yeah eventually we’ll get them out. Cass says I don’t think mathematically it won’t be a triple, it will be two doubles. Joel agrees. Maddy joins them. Cass asks her how she’s feeling. Maddy says she’s feeling annoyed because I had to do 6 days on slop with no breaks while these f**k heads cheat, steal and lie.. and get only 3 days on slop. Mind blowing to me. Cassandra says he (Raul) came out here with cookies. Maddy says yeah because he stole them. He walks around this house like he owns it.

11:50am – 1pm Big Brother tells the house guests they’ll be on a backyard lockdown. They think they’ll be outside for a while so they’ve packed day bags and they’re bringing food. Most of the house guests are in the hot tub room relaxing. Kelsey and Jared are studying days/competitions. Tim and Nikki are in the backyard working out.

1:10pm – 1:35pm In the backyard – Nikki is telling Tim if she won HOH he could make the decision. She just wants the bed and the letter. Tim says I don’t really want the decision. Nikki says we could do it together.

2:10pm Tim, Nikki, Ramsey and Maddy are talking about the goofing around last night that woke up Nikki. Nikki says it sounded like the fridge was picked up and slammed on the floor. It shook whole house. Tim tells them about how he poured water and a bit of nail polish remover in the cup to make it smell like alcohol. Nikki says the next time we get alcohol Tim and Cass are going to give me half of each of theirs. And this morning the melons were replaced … so everyone is happy.

3pm – 3:40pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds. Cassandra comes out and asks you guys know what I’m doing right? I’m pretending to hate you. Jared says yeah. Cass says next week we’re getting Maddy out and then the brothers. Okay. Cass heads back inside. Jared and Kelsey start studying dates/comps.

4pm – 5:05pm Big Brother blocks the feeds.

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Jared is a good player…for that reason he needs to go. Tim is much smarter…but I doubt he would win the game. If triple take Jared out hgs..if he makes it to the end he wins. Enough said.

Sunflare Protocol

I think Cassandra’s plan is to pretend to be pregnant with Tim’s baby.


Ramsey could win


Maddy is so petty. So what if they are off slop a day early? I think in the game there is so much more to think and worry about. I so hope she goes home. I still can’t figure out who Tim is siding with. Does anyone know?


Did Maddy exaggerate? Isn’t it five days instead of six? I’m not sure. I just know that any time a separate contract player (Nikki or Tim) is on slop it gets called off early.
IMO, Tim is with whoever he can snow and manipulate the longest. That way, anyone he goes up against in the end, he can say “I controlled their game and their moves, and manipulated all of you, now gimme.”
Every week he shifts slightly according to who he has been testing, and who has passed or failed in his opinion.
The only people on to Tim in any way shape or form have been Nikki, Nick, and Joel. Figures the three people nobody pays any attention to at all have had him somewhat pegged at some point in the game.


Wow, am I actually wanting a non-Canuck to win?! Never in a million years would I have thought!?! Maybe a couple of them winning would not be so bad but I tpreally like Tim. This is so not me!


Hmm Casandra is doing well at juggling many balls! Interesting that she can keep siding with everyone so convincingly. I admire her tenacity as a gamer but fear her in everyday life. Could be dangerous to be so good at this. She does it differently than other houseguests in the past but I can’t put my finger on how or what that is… I was not a fan of hers but I am somewhat impressed. Wonder what that says about me! LOL!


Right now Tim/Cass have a final 4 with Jared/Kelsey, but was told by Cass last night that Ramsey/Maddy want final 4 with them as well. They also supposedly have that middle alliance with Joel/Tim//Cass/Brothers. Which alliance Tim will go with I guess depends on who is in power that particular week




With the number of alliances deals or proposed alliance deals floating around, next week is going to see one very bitter jury member.
Well Maddy would be a bitter jury member no matter which way you cut it. So would Jared. Both would be very sit on your high horse jurors.
I sort of wouldn’t mind seeing Tim get evicted. I know he’s playing the psych manipulation game well, but part of me would get a kick out of seeing it regardless. But that’s not based on game, i’m being a little selfish. His antics have become boring to me. Show me something you didn’t do in BBAU. So far it’s just same formula. Honestly, He can take his monkey on a leash Cass with him. Again, playing the game well, but I’m very much over the suck-up for airtime. It’s not authentic in any way shape or form if you are checking camera movement before everything you do.
The sadistic part of me also wouldn’t mind seeing Ramsey evicted. Just because gummi votes made him cry and conduct an inquisition… imagine actual eviction. He’d be asking Arisa to run tape of the votes.
For this week both Kelsey and Raul annoy me. Honestly, Raul annoys me more (I have no reason, it’s all just cumulative annoyance levels and for me he’s become more annoying).
Hey, evict any of the others too. I’m not picky. I just figure those ones would be the most entertaining to watch leave. Would suck for the game on the feeds, and choosing a winner from the dregs, but I still wouldn’t mind seeing the why me’s on the jury house clips.


I tend to disagree about the “monkey on a leash” Cass. She has put in some hard hours juggling everyone. Socially I would say she is one of the best ones left. She is very good at siding with everyone. Let’s see if it bites her in the ass as hard as it did Mitch.

On a side note: I miss that muffin 🙂 Love should have killed that vote not Kelsey. I am still baffled at it. I wish they showed everyone the deliberations. Show me their reasonings because as of now, I am duped. Seeing as they pulled that move maybe they bring in a jury member? Wishful thinking, I know!! Anyhow onwards we go.


The monkey on a leash comment comes from Nikki saying Cass was monkey see monkey do and did what she was told. It was bad humor on my part. But it did really bother Cass and have her saying ‘you don’t think that’s not how i’m being portrayed on the show, do you?’
So it was not meant seriously. The mugging for the cameras and looking for camera movement part… that i did mean seriously. Just watch her. She checks for camera movement constantly.


Gosh that was funny! I knew what you meant! 🙂

Sterno Hardtack

I have nothing to say.


As much as we all poke fun at Cassandra for numerous reason she is however a very clever player ….. As for Tim he squashes Nikki comments about Kelsey and throwing the idea out how Raul is much more a threat for winning comps then Kelsey and that is why they should get rid of him…. Cassandra is definitely on Kelsey’s side why do you think she likes to be alone in the pink room to….. It is to do her thinking on how to win the game….. Maybe her and Ramsey are cousins and they are pretending to dislike each other to throw everyone off….. Who knows just me thinking outside the box or in this case the house. Would be interesting to have Tim and Nikki on the block together would make for an interesting week.


Ramsey’s lives in the same neighborhood as Loveita’s family and they share common friends according to the feeds.
Cassandra was friends with Jared’s cheating ex that cheated with the guy Kelsey dated at some point (according to the feeds).


Raul is kind of annoying


I wish Big Brother would give a punishment to the ones who hide the food……..example Cassandra hiding honey when others are have nots, have nots hidind food when they are have nots. They are have nots they should not be aloud to hide the food. Tim and Cassandra drinking Nikki’s vodka and smashing her melons. Big Brother should punish them and take something away from them.


Just catching up on BB today, thanks so much for this site and the updaters!
So I’m assuming there is no penalty vote for eating while a have not on purpose, just one night in the BB backyard. But accidently licking syrup or eating 1 grape causes a whole extra week of being a have not?

Crappy punishments!

I get that he can’t campaign but come on! He should also continue being a have not even though the others are haves!

Crappy punishments!

Wtf why not be a have not while others are haves ?!! Raul asked for it. I laughed like hell when Tim egged him on! Priceless! Raul’s face and grabbing the burger was priceless as well.


Sadly Tim has a good chance to win this


final episode revision moment #4:
They’ve already decided Raul is more than a replacement nominee. He’s a target before the veto ceremony. Maddy included.
Complete diary revision.


Nah prob Joel or jared


Yes I would love to see Tim and Nikki be on the block together would be for some interesting drama for sure….. Tim is like a Houdini can get himself out of any sticky situation at least talk his way out. Nikki would have a melt down and say “I can not take it anymore”. She would make a fantastic stand up comedian. Love watching her because you never know what will happen next.