Maddy “Honestly, I think you will have more backlash if you put us up on the block!”

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-15 11-47-07-412
Tim and Phil head up to the HOH room to listen to music. Tim asks if he can lay on the bed. Phil says you can do whatever you want, you can move in if you want.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-15 11-48-07-959
2:45pm The house guests are out in the hot tub room after their poutine and beer reward for Nikki & Tim correctly answering trivia questions about Canada. Kelsey, Jared and Joel are talking in the hot tub room. Kelsey tells Joel that one of the conditions with Loveita was that if I came back into the house I would keep you safe. I said I might put you up as a pawn though. Joel says that’s fair. Jared tells Joel they have his back. Joel says it bugs me that Nikki and Maddy have a thing against you. You’re the most real kind hearted girl in here. Kelsey says thank you.. my goal coming in here was to be nice, have fun and make friends. Cassandra joins them. Jared says I think we’ll be okay and if worst comes to worst we’ll figure something out. Joel says even if one of you guys were up, then we would have four to back you up.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-15 11-59-29-199
3pm By the pool table – Nick tells Maddy and Ramsey that no matter what happens whether you guys go up or not we’ll let you know before hand. Ramsey asks do we need to have another chat because they were up there talking to you all morning. Nick says its quality over quantity.

3:30pm Jared and Kelsey are out in the hot tub room. Kelsey says I just hope we’re not up on the block and I don’t have to play in the POV. Jared says no we want to play in the POV. I wouldn’t doubt there plan is to put Maddy and Ramsey up and then try and backdoor us. Jared tells Kelsey about his conversation with the brothers. I was just trying to pump their tires.

3:45pm Havenot room – Cassandra asks Kelsey if Jared and her kiss. Kelsey says no, it would be nice to do other stuff though but not in here. Cass asks you will when you get out of here though right? Kelsey says oh definitely. Cass says that will be a very quick ordeal. Kelsey agrees.
Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-15 12-48-31-608
In the bedroom – Phil tells Ramsey and Maddy that either way we’re going to get shat on. Maddy says honestly I think you will have more backlash if you put us up on the block. I just did it to them and I was the only person they were mad at. Honestly just tell me if you’re going to put me up. Phil says I don’t want to put up Ramsey. Maddy says fine put me up. I don’t care. Ramsey asks everyone has come in there and said they want us up? Phil says you know in the hot tub area if we do that the line is drawn. Maddy says do whatever you want Phil honestly. Ramsey says we respect you enough to not do that (threaten). I don’t know about Maddy but I am really hurt. Maddy says me too. If anything you’re losing a number on your side. And if I am on the block I will rebel! Maddy says I just did the same thing and no one was mad at me. Phil says if I do it there are 5 or 6 after me. Maddy asks so the whole house hates me?! Maddy storms out of the room. Ramsey asks so the whole house wants me up? Phil says not you. Ramsey says if it was my HOH we wouldn’t even be having this conversation because I thought we were good. Ramsey says I know your heart is telling you 110% to put up Jared and Kelsey and you’re scared to do it. Phil says I am. Ramsey says some times when you stand up for what you believe in people will respect you. Phil says because they have numbers. Ramsey says numbers are an illusion.

4pm Maddy tells Tim that apparently Phil is being told by every single person in the house that they want me and Ramsey up. Tim says the brothers can do whatever they want because I think the plan is to backdoor the other. I don’t know if its necessarily good to have Jared and Kelsey up. Tim says the problem is they’re not willing to make the decision because they’re afraid of the backlash. They’re trying to get me to say something so they can pin it back on me. Maddy asks do you think if I go up next to Jared .. I would have a chance? Tim says yeah.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-15 13-07-20-260
4pm Ramsey & Phil head to the HOH room. Phil and Nick tell Ramsey about how they walked into a shark tank this morning in the hot tub room. If we don’t put you up we’ll have 6 people after us. They tell Ramsey he’s not going home. Nick says I hate being strong armed. Phil says we’re not being strong armed. Ramsey says you are. It shouldn’t be me and Maddy up, it should just be one of us. Phil says then you could win the veto and take her off. Tim joins them. Tim says for me I don’t care what you guys do .. but those guys will turn against you ..Kelsey, Jared and the you’ve got the Cass and the Joel. Phil says it breaks my heart to have to put you up .. its just how close you are to Maddy. Tim says whoever you put up .. the veto will probably get played because there is a backdoor option. I think being on the block is safer. Tim leaves.

Havenot room – Tim comes and tells Jared/Kelsey/Cass that Phil & Nick don’t want to make a decision. They’re going around in circles. Tough t*tties, that’s the game!

4:35pm – 4:45pm HOH room – Phil asks what does your heart say? Nick says Who do I like more, Maddy and Ramsey. Phil says If Ramsey goes up and Maddy leaves… Ramsey will still be loyal to us. He’ll have no one. I would rather show loyalty to 6 than to 2. Nick and Phil start practicing their speech for nominating Maddy and Ramsey. Maddy you’re a strong mental and physical competitor and for to dinguses like us that’s bad news bears. They think they’ll beat anyone in the final 2 and by keeping the house happy it help them make it to the end. Ramsey you’re a stand up guy and guilty by association. Nick says Jared has no social skills. We have so much in common he just sucks socially. Nick says lets just do it. (Put up Maddy & Ramsey) Nick says I would rather see Jared win than Maddy.

In the storage room – Jared promises Ramsey two votes. Myself and Kelsey.

5pm HOH room – Tim comes up to the HOH room and says I’ve got an idea to end all this bullsh*t. What if I volunteer as a pawn and who is the target is next to me. If the veto is used I stay up on the block regardless. Phil says I wanted to use you as a pawn because Maddy said if you put me up just don’t put Ramsey up. Phil says we already know what we’re doing. Tim says Okay good, then we don’t need to do that but if the veto is used put me on the block. Phil says its a good idea but if I’m going to do the move I’m going to do the full move. Jared tells Tim its never a good idea to do that in this game (Volunteer as a pawn). Phil says it would be good if all of you tell Ramsey he is good and Maddy is the target. Jared says I already told him that in the pantry.

Big-Brother-canada-4- 2016-04-15 14-06-46-984

5:05pm Maddy tells Ramsey I think we should work alone. Ramsey asks why because I suggested that Tim maybe isn’t honest with us? Maddy says no, do you think one comment would make me do that. Ramsey says I still want to work with you and people can’t break us. Maddy says I just think if the brothers put me up then you would still respect them. I just think that I am going to get f**ked and you’re going to continue being friends with everyone. That’s not what allies do. Ramsey says we should go talk to them one more time. Maddy says I am done talking to Phil. I feel so betrayed. I could have sent his a$$ home last week.

Big-Brother-Canada-4 2016-04-15 14-57-33-334
Havenot room – Jared tells Kelsey that they’re good. He says that Tim almost messed it up though. Jared says that they’re not going up and the brothers won’t back door him either. Jared says I don’t even have it in me to go against them next week.

5:55pm Nikki says that she can’t wait to get the fat wench (Cassandra) out.

6:15pm – 6:25pm Kelsey, Cassandar and Phil all look at Tim’s pierced pen!s in the shower. Cassandra says she’s impressed. Cassandra asks to see Phil and Joel’s pen!s. They both say no. Cassandra says don’t make me go down on you. Kelsey says I liked it! It looked like a blonde guys d!ck. I think you should get an erection and then show us. Cass says she thought it would be small but its not.

6:50pm Joel is telling Cass, Tim and Nikki about his idol audition. Meanwhile in the kitchen, Kelsey is cooking for the boys.

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Big Brother is life

See Maddy and Ramsey gets it. No one will care if Jared and Kelsey goes up. If the brothers nominate them then what numbers do Jelsey have? They both are nominated so their “numbers” will have to choose which one to stay. If you don’t nominate Jelsey then you keep their numbers in the game with them and now they are a 5 person alliance (Cassandra, Tim, and Joel). These brothers are so scared. Its a game get some damn blood on your hands.


I think the part that scares them is what happens after.. The idea of the numbers is that say Jared goes home. Kelsey, and her numbers (Cass, Joel, maybe Tim) would all go after the Brothers in revenge, whereas if they go after Maddy, what is Ramsey gonna do by themselves. It’s a good move in the short run because it saves them another week, but horrible in the long run, unless those guys all sucking up to Jared and Kelsey turn on each other instead of attacking brothers.


Why do Ram and Mad think Tim and Cass want them in this game it is clear as day they want them out
Where is Cass now Maddy? She left you in the dust
Nikki is 33 grow up so annoying
Phil is an asshole he should listen to what Raul was saying b/c it was the truth Jared is coming for them
Who picked the brothers seriously????


I voted for the bros cause they said they would put up Nikki and Tim….(plus I did not want Joel on the block like I knew Nikki would do with Cass/Joel noms)…but he is just another stupid wimp like most in the house, and has to go to Tim to tell him what to do….jokes on you boys…Tim was pushing for you guys to go all last week, and Jared ain’t gonna take that deal bro…idiots! I don’t care for Mad/Ram but they would have had your back…oh and throwing Cass/Joel under the bus saying it was them that want you guys out, and protecting Tim/Jared, morons…..


hahah Maddy saying “Honestly just tell me if you’re going to put me up”. Interesting Maddy because that’s not the tune you were singing last week. What happened to I want everyone on the edge of their seats. I guess you just don’t believe in the “treat others as you want to be treated”


This cast is so petty and rude
I don’t remember any other cast being so disgusting and fake


Ugh, so sad… the brothers are basically handed a golden opportunity and they screw it up. So disappointed in them, especially Phil — all bark, no bite. So why not just hand Jared & Kelsey (and Cassandra) a trip to the final three and get this lame season over with. Although I am still holding onto hope that Joel takes it all, seems to be the only genuine person in there.


I don’t get why everyone think the brothers should have put up kelsey and Jared. Maddy is a bigger threat especially cuz she’s kinda psycho. It’s better to get her out of the house first before she has the chance to win hoh again threaten everyone. Just watching her gives me anxiety. She is a total bitch. Yes kelsey and Jared aren’t that great either, but they aren’t as big of a threat. Ramsey and maddy have both won comps, the comps that jared won were given to him. Also maddy has the mindset that she is running the house, I don’t see that in either jared or kelsey. I want to see her go home so bad.


As much as Phil thinks he has it figured out he is a dumbass. This will bite him in the ass. They are only doing this cause they have a crush on Kelsey. OMG!!!! Good point Big Brother is life …. keeping a 5 person alliance, duh in the brothers.

sunny dee

seriously tho, maddy can and is winning the mental comps, people would be really dumb to not put her up and get her out.

does anyone seriously think kelsey is winning any comps? she is supposed to be athletic, and says she is smart. she also (and jared) seem to think they are playing great social games, (which is obvious they aren’t if so many people want them gone, and didn’t really care which of the 3 stayed or went (obviously raul wins more than kelsey, no brainer to get him out).

the brothers can’t go wrong with either jelsey or ramaddy on the block, if one wins POV, put one from the other couple up there, and 1/2 of either couple is gone, that’s the main thing. they should get maddy out regardless, it would be a good move on their resumes.




Man i want ramsey to stay


It is funny that Jared has disliked the brothers since night one, and now thinks they are being shown favortism from big brother. He had no problem with favortism when his alliance was the beneficiary.
It is funny that Maddy has stabbed her own allies in the back more than once, and last week said everyone should be on the edge of their seat, she had no responsibility to inform them if they were going on the block, that’s big brother. The song has changed this week. She wants the respect of being told.
Are the brothers doing what is best for their game if they nominate either couple? From a social and alliance perspective, it shows their cards. They don’t have to be pro Kelsey/Jared not to nominate Kelsey Jared. They are being pro Cass/Joel by respecting their allies wishes is an argument that can be made. If they don’t nominate Maddy and Ramsey, they are not being pro Cass/Joel, they are not giving the illusion of being pro Kelsey/Jared. They are putting all of their eggs in the Maddy/Ramsey basket and tossing aside The Joel/Cass dynamic. Only one person leaves, so it would be remaining wheel Joel Cass and the possibility of Tim flipping to them, dragging along Nikki. So in a week they can’t play in HOH it would be 2:1 odds that a disgruntled former ally would win in a chance hoh situation. Last season there were multiple chance hoh competitions. As much as Jared and Kelsey should be sent out, so should Maddy and Ramsey. They are equally vile. They are equally entitled. They are equally hypocritical. They are equally “unbreakable.”

another name

Maddy enjoyed making everyone sweat last week. She’s been pretty nasty to most of them all season, unless she needed something from them. Now she’s asking if everybody hates her and storming out of a room.
Dallas liked her. Nick liked her. Look how she treated them when she was done with them.
I’m beyond shocked that Nick isn’t packing her bag for her.
How is she surprised?


I hope they put Ramsey and Jared up and say they have the opportunity to save themselves or the house can save either one. Then Maddy or Cassandra could be backdoored.


Who on earth voted for the bros to get HOH?!

Canada Votes

I think if big brother allows Canada to choose their 2 favorites for HOH, they should let this be a true All Canada voting week. Canada determines the nominees and they play the veto as usual (picking chips from the bag). Canada gets to decide if the veto is used and who the replacement nominee would be. And lastly Canada votes to evict!!


In that case there would be no need to even vote for an HOH, nor play the veto comp. In fact, there would be no need to have two people up for noms. If Canada votes then they would just vote out who they wanted from the very beginning instead of going through all the moments that mean NOTHING.


The Brothers have a golden opportunity to get the power couple out but instead are going to waste it and go after Maddy and Ramsey – what a waste! Not only has Cass embedded herself into that couple as the new Raoul
but Jared and Kelsey have now told Joel they are protecting him as per Loveita’s wishes so now they are a strong 4-some. The longer they let them go the more votes they accumulate to keep them in the house every time. Even if one of them wins the veto either Maddy or Ramsey and you throw Jared up they wouldn’t have the votes to get rid of Jared. Only if Kelsey was the replacement and we all know Phil will never throw her up as the replacement. The Brothers need to grow a pair each and step up to the plate!

Ariana Grande stinks!

The fact that the Brother Morons received the largest number of votes is a joke — fixed by the production to keep them longer in the game. They are utterly stupid, irrelevant, boring and annoying in a low way.
Whoever gets evicted next is a bad blow in the fairness of this Big Brother. #disgusted


Lol how could it be fixed? Even the polls here had Nikki and the Brothers as the top two most voted players. as did many other polls. Everyone wanted to see them actually do something in this game.


I would love to see Maddy and Jared put up and if Maddy wins POV and takes herself off she should be replaced by Ramsey; if Jared wins POV and takes himself off then Kelsey should replace him. This way the house decides which twosome they want to break up first. Pure genius.


Wow the brothers are idiots they already shakes the waters by making jared and Kelsey they could go up. Even though they don’t put them up jared and Kelsey won’t ever save them. They need to keep ramsey and maddy because it’s a solid alliance. And phil and jared aren’t even close. Your playing a sissy game by getting scared of the house. Practly it’s like the whole house gets the decision on who to put up. Wow just disappointed. This is why we needed Dallas and loveita they’re way more better game players.


So I just realized! Where happened to Marsha the moose we haven’t seen her since that one task with Joel.


LOL! Forgot about Marsha the Moose. Maybe shes annoyed of this cast too hahah


I feel like these two are being hypnotized like the Little Britain episode (if any are familiar). They dangle their supposed beauty or braun for only seconds and the trendy diq brothers go, yea we’re part of the cool crowd too.
Meanwhile, Ramsey is building on emotion (which means nothing in this game apparently).
Jared and Kelsey just have to go, “look over here, sparkly, shiny” and Kelsey touches her body a lot while she’s with these two dufuses to distract them.
This is all so very disgusting to watch.
I feel bad for Ramsey.


Don’t they get it? Jared is a dickless coward who had to be coaxed into talking to them? Ramsey comes in totally bares his soul and they still choose the ‘popular kids?’ This season is unlike a lot of others (more extreme) in this department. It reminds me of the movie Carrie and I want Maddy to spill pig’s blood all over these fools in the end. Here’s hoping.


Canada needs better twists so far they aren’t good

Toe Cutter

Yes Maddy, you feel betrayed by Phil and “could’ve put his ass up last week” but you were too busy betraying Jared after saying he was good and then putting his ass up instead! Karma is a biatch isn’t it.

Always be humble because you’re only in power for one week. Don’t gloat, some of those people might be a deciding vote for you in the end and even though you got them out, you want them to at least remember you were some what nice to them.

Its to bad about Ramsey being put up there too but its a vote for Maddy so forget that. He will breathe when he sees they don’t want him out at all and he is safe.


Definitely not a cast like past BBC’s. I haven’t invested much into this season and not watched any live feeds. Just don’t care to see what these people do on the live feeds.


I kinda think the Bros should’ve put up Jared and Kelsey. Jared is gunning for them…for whatever reason he doesnt trust them. I don’t know if Jared will stick to the deal they just made.

Maddy should’ve known from the past that Cass cannot be trusted…she was only buddy buddy with you last week because you were HOH dumbass. That’s Cass’s game…she kisses whoever ass is in power. The Only reason that bitch is still in the game…is because she can’t win a comp. Other than that Cass would’ve been gone a long time ago.


Nikki is a fruit loop and turning into a mean spirited woman … Tim a flip flop and telling everyone what they need to do ….Jared and Kelsey they are no worst then any other past couple of big brother….. Maddy is a user and a control freak… Ramsey is a cry baby ….Joel is a floater…. Cassandra is off her rocker and the brothers are trying to fit in somewhere.