Big Brother Canada 4 April 15 Evening Live Feed update

POV Holder: ? Next POV April 16th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony April 18th
HOH Winner: The Brothers Next HOH: April 21st
Original Nominations: ? and ?
Current Nominations: ? and ?
Last Evicted Houseguest Paige, Sharry, Christine, Kelsey, Loveita, Dallas, Mitch, Raul
Have Nots Tim, Cassandra, Kelsey

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9:30pm Feeds cut for Nominations

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I’ve been reading everyone’s arguments. Yeah, I would like to see what would happen if Tim were on the block after veto, but hey, just knowing people have caught on to him is a start. Took them long enough. Who knew Nick had actual opinions.
I’ve read Maddy and Ramsey would be loyal to the brothers. What proof is there of that? Every alliance they’ve made they’ve stabbed. They almost nominated the brothers last week if not for Nikki’s well placed lie. With Ramsey saying why not go after Kelsey he’s showing the viewers he still wants Jared to be his ally. Doesn’t sound all that loyal. Maddy said Cass was her one and only target. A week later Jared and Kelsey are her one and only target. Doesn’t sound stable to me. Sounds like every week is a new target, how long before it’s the brothers again? She’s said was the brothers before it was Cass.
I’ve read Kelsey and Jared won’t be loyal. Probably true. 90% -99% it’s true. Jared won’t be loyal. Kelsey will be loyal as long as she can remember to be loyal. Not long.
Who is the bigger competitor? Jared was fed his hoh, and both povs. Maddy was fed one hoh and legitimately won the other with a poorly worded question. Kelsey. yeah. no. nope. Ramsey wins when he needs to, does well when he doesn’t. So one couple wins when they need to, the other couple can only win if other people help them. Neither couple are really trustworthy given their weekly track record this season.


This bitch is getting away with ‘me and Jared are just real’. You boys is not a moniker I would appreciate being known as by this bitch. You boys is so disrespectful they don’t even get it.
Fuck off Kelsey, exit is to the back and out the trash entrance and you girlfriend Jared can go put his hair up in a ponytail and not talk to any men. He’s not even good-looking enough to sacrifice anything for – imitation Emmett.


Well said anonymous! In all truth, the only loyal people in the game are the brothers. They don’t bad mouth anyone in the house, and athough immature (20-22 yr olds) appear to genuinely like everyone in the house. They were really sad to see Dallas go, who was after getting rid of them the whole time. It even put their own game in jeopardy. Unfortunately, they take people at their word, and this could get them evicted, because they think everyone likes them. I felt bad for Maddy/Ramsey going on the block for a “hot minute” but realized that they were going to work with Tim and hadn’t even mentioned it to the Brothers. Today the brothers said they weren’t in an alliance with Maddy/Ramsey and couldn’t jeopardize their own game, and Maddy/Ramsey didn’t bite. Maybe if they had said “lets be an alliance” they wouldn’t be where they are tonight. I loved what Phil said to Jared today about wanting to be part of Jared’s team, and that the name on the back of the jersey meant nothing, it was the name on the front of the jersey that counted. That Jared has been a brat about working with the brothers in the past, he might lay off for a week or so. After all, if Nick hadn’t saved him with the Veto, he would be watching the show from his couch right now. As far as I am concerned Nick has two Veto’s, and none of them were thrown to him, so he is as good a competitor and better than Jared.


I agree with your assessment. The brothers were a target no matter what and their HOH just showed they had no solid relationships. You can only play the middle for so long. They need to use the HOH to form something solid but I agree. I would not trust Maddy as far as I could throw her. She threw everyone she was working with under the bus. Jared for some reason refused to work with them. So now they’re in this icky situation. Either way they’re taking a chance.


When were Jared and Kelsey not loyal? The other idiots have been disloyal to everyone they said were safe. Ramsey is okay for a floater but stop portraying him to have so much game…Ya game for a floater. He couldn’t even get his “girlfriend” to vote his way. Meh

Nikki was totally fed the line about Jared from production or who ever is behind the scenes. Its pretty obvious because she has no idea what shes doing at all. Yet she can “plant a seed when needed” , pretty interesting. no?

It bugs me because I am sure there were a few Canadians that would have loved to have her spot and actually play the game and have fun with it. Not just be a winey little shite and act like a brat.

“I Just Cant Bare it” <—— best whine all show.


I’d never choose Ramsey as winner if I had the choice. But I think Ramsey throws every comp he doesn’t have to win. I think Ramsey is playing well at telling everyone what they want to hear and giving his word to both sides all of the time. Go back to week four when he gave his word to Joel and Loveita, then conspired with Maddy to cut Loveita. Gave his word to Dallas, conspired to cut Dallas. This is Ramsey’s game. tell everyone you are all about integrity and you are with them until they need your vote, then do what Maddy wants.
Jared and Kelsey’s disloyalty? Go back to week three. they said something very telling. When discussing Loveita and their deal they said we’ll go with it for now. once the week is over and we’re safe, we’ll be able to decide if we go with it. In week four Jared said he would work with the brothers in Kelsey’s absence, but at the same time told Raul and Mitch screw the brothers. In week five when the brothers saved him Jared said he owed the brothers his life in the game, but was unwilling to return the favor in getting out someone targetting them (Maddy) out of self interest of someone that was saying he’d target Jared (Dallas). The brothers proved their loyalty, Jared didn’t.


You have to much of a hard on for hating Jared. You should maybe try to switch it up a bit and hate some one else this week .;) I really don’t want to see Jared and Kelsey up every week…..NEXT. Maddy’s turn.
At least she’s not on the block and on slop.


I dislike just about all of them.
I actually dislike Maddy as much a I dislike Jared. Sometimes more.
I am part of the small minority that dislikes Tim more than anyone else in the house.
Maybe I’m missing the positives to Jared, I think I commented earlier that I liked that he was showing awareness of Tim’s duplicity in the game. Beyond that, what are the positives to Jared that I’m missing? I don’t think he’s a comp beast, because the comps he’s won, he’s been helped to win by others. On his own, he doesn’t seem to do overly well. The character he talks about exhibiting doesn’t match the character he expresses. His diary in episodes is far removed from what we see in feeds (like diametrically opposed). All of the charisma attached to him is actually better attributed to the brothers, Cassandra, Tim and Mitch for working behind the scenes because their goals were in alignment at the time. Without the people actually good at talking, his own attempts to sway people have only created division. How many people had to work over the brothers over the last 24 hours to get Maddy and Ramsey on the block? He needed Tim to go with him to get the brothers onside. His and Kelsey’s own brilliant plan was if you nominate us we won’t be your friends no more.
Even with all that said I was secretly hoping Tim would be evicted this week, but i’m happy to watch Maddy stew bubble and boil. When she gets ranting i hear the Elmira Gulch theme music from the wizard of Oz. It entertains the sadistic part of me to watch the girl that has done everything possible to be negative and miserable over nothing finally have something to actually be miserable about. I’d feel empathy for her if her social game wasn’t a complete trainwreck.


2 hours so far for a nomination ceremony.
Either the power’s that be in d/r are coaxing and coaching, or they can’t figure out the nomination tv, or there’s a big argument with lots of cursing and they have to redo the block party.
Or maybe they got booze.


Post nomination Maddy this week should have remembered and enacted what post nomination Maddy was told a couple of weeks ago. Stop being so mean to people, so negative and so horrible and be a better person. Instead she did that until she was off the block the first time, and went back to doing exactly what she did before.


I hope Canada gets to nominate


OMG Maddy STFU !! Cant stand to hear her talk anymore. What makes you so special not to go on the block?? The bros are doing the right thing Maddy is the strongest player in there ! Period. Maddy really has NO clue who is with who she thinks she knows everything…..NOT. Bye Bye Maddy